Today is National Be Humble Day.

Naturally, I will not be celebrating.

You know, there are a lot of things that bother me in this world: war, injustice, man’s inhumanity to man. But I find that nothing quite provokes me more than the brain-bursting fury of a ringing, unattended cell phone. Let me be clear. The whole point of having a cell phone is so that people can get in touch with you wherever, whenever. Leaving your phone at home or, in this case, sitting in your office while you’re off running photocopies, kind of defeats the purpose. Especially when, very clearly, someone is trying to get in touch with you and just won’t take no – or being directed to voice mail – for an answer. Compounding the problem (read: my annoyance) is the prospect of my having to listen to a wacky ring tune, played endlessly over the course of an afternoon. It got so bad last year that we actually forced Alex to change his. Unfortunately, Martin Gero’s cell phone still play’s Enrique Iglesias’s Hero whenever his buddy from Toronto calls.

My advice: keep your cell phone with you at all times and make sure it plays a pleasant or novel ring tune like, say, The Monday Night Football Theme (Rob Cooper) or the ring of one of those old rotary dialers (John Smith) or the sound of a clucking chicken (Andy Mikita). In my case, I have a ring tone for most any occasion, sure to delight and entertain all within earshot, mostly made up of South Park sound files including little Jimmy’s uplifting rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas and Cartman’s holiday classic: Kyle’s Mother’s a Bitch. In the event the call originates from my house it plays, appropriately enough, the theme to House.

Please, no rock ballads or gangsta rap or crooning pop divas. Thanks for your time.

Let’s check the mailbag –

Anonymous #1 writes: “Could you also let me know if the dead-but-not-quite-gone Apophis will make an appearance in Continuum?”

Answer: To the best of my knowledge, and given the information I have now, he will not be making a return appearance in the second SG-1 movie.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Trying to change Stargate into one of those other shows is fundamentally altering the premise upon which the franchise is based.”

Answer: I’d argue that Stargate isn’t being fundamentally altered and that it has, in fact, always been that type of show. Stargate fans have mourned the loss of much-loved characters in the past and, while I agree that scifi is very different from procedurals or dramas, I consider our show more than pure escapism. The reason we care about these characters is because they are presented as real people in at times, yes, fantastic situations. Fantastic yet unarguably dangerous as evidenced by past episodes. I realize that may fans would prefer to keep the status quo and remain secure in the knowledge that, at the end of the day, everything will turn out okay for everyone. But then that doesn’t make for particularly effective drama.

Anonymous #2 also writes: “Also, you’re argument that the decisions that have been made are the ones the producers wanted to make also rings a bit false.”

Answer: Obviously we don’t write in a vacuum. We must be aware of what viewers like and don’t like, and the individual preferences of the various entities involved in the show’s production. As writers, there are times when we’ll agree. And there are other times, we’ll respectfully disagree. And it’s in striking the appropriate balance that a successful show gets produced.

Cole J. writes: “Where in Vancouver were the Abydos outdoor sequences filmed in seasons 1-6 or were they entirely CGI?”

Answer: Those sequences were shot at the Richmond sand dunes.

Arctic Goddess writes: “So, where is your Ba’al action figure then? BTW, I’ll check on the pot and let you know. Do you want to split it?”

Answer: Do they have a Baal action figure? When they put one out, I’ll certainly pick one up. As for the pot – let me know what it gets up to.

Jenny Robin writes: “Where can I find, or do you know someone who can make for me, a model of a stargate which I can place in a 20 gallon fish tank?”

Answer: Hmmmm. I think it would probably be easier to find someone who can make one than actually find a fish tank-worthy pre-made stargate. That said…I haven’t a clue.

Peter writes: “Come Season 4, will Amanda Tapping be seen in the Opening Credits?”

Answer: Yup.

Shawna writes: “How many hours are in a day on Atlantis? Also, is there any chance of seeing more AUs in the future?”

Answer: We’ve always operated under the assumption that it was, uh, approximately 24 hours. As for an AU story in the future – it’s very possible. They’ve always been among my favorites.

Prior_of-the-Ori writes: “Was wondering though that if there are any plans in season 4 to expand more on the backstory of the Wraith and Asurans? Will we see any stories on the Asgard or Hermiod? Oh and any more interesting information about the new third series of stargate that you know about? Also, what other tv shows have you gotten into and enjoyed recently?”

Answer: Some interesting revelations regarding both the Wraith and the Asurans to come. No Asgard stories being planned. And no word on that third series. As for what t.v. shows I’m watching – well, I’ve dropped a few more of late. Still in the regular rotation: Friday Night Lights (the best written drama on television), House (because he reminds me of Rob Cooper), Boston Legal, The Office, My Name is Earl, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and – because my wife loves it – Grey’s Anatomy.

Lyn writes: “But Joe, at the end of the day, are you truly satisfied with killing Carson and relegating Torri’s role to a less than recurring role? I’m not saying those were your decisions, but were you happy with them? Can you understand or empathize with the fans’ displeasure over Carson’s demise?”

Answer: Of course I understand the fans’ displeasure and I do sympathize. And, as I already said, in the world of science fiction the door is never closed on any character. My relative happiness is beside the point. I am looking forward to season four and strongly believe in the stories we have planned and in the direction we’re headed.

Anonymous #3 writes: “One, will Baal be in full Gouald form in Continuum? As in deep voice, big ego, threatening like Apophis? And two, can Atlantis keep the next ship they find?”

Answer: Again, don’t know the gritty details regarding Contiuum so I can’t really answer the question. As for Atlantis keeping the next ship they find…it’s possible.

Nathaniel writes: “If you miss writing for SG-1 so much, any thoughts of writing an SG-1 novel or two?”

Answer: Alas, I possess neither the skills nor the infinite patience required to write a novel.

Abkar Fazil writes: “Speaking of British TV, do you watch Life on Mars?”

Answer: Haven’t seen it yet but will definitely check it out when the first season comes out on DVD. Presently, I’m working my way through the second season of Dr. Who.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Are you guys planning on having either Gen. Landry or Gen. Hammond in Atlantis season four at all? Woolsey? Gen. O’Neill?”

Answer: At least one out of four for now.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Mallozzi: “The heartache and the anger – fans would save themselves a lot of that if they would wait and watch the episodes. I’m sure they are already starting their letter-writing campaigns. But in our case, to be brutally honest, they don’t really have any impact on creative decisions.” Say it ain’t so, Joe,

Answer: I’m afraid it is so. With regard to the first part of my statement: Of course some fans will be upset but I would argue that there have been many instances in the past where fans have reacted negatively to spoilers and then tuned in and been, if not pleasantly surprised, then not quite so enraged as they expected. As for the second part of my statement: Like I said, I was being brutally honest which, obviously, can be an extremely unpopular position to take. Letter writing campaigns are great in that they are an expression of fan passion and they offer us insights into what fans want to see, but they are not going to cause us to unmake a major decision at this stage and it would be disingenuous to lead you on and make you believe otherwise. While I could say that I’d like nothing better than to craft every step of Atlantis’s fourth season in response to fan requests and demands, developing relationships and storylines based on the most recent online polls, that’s not the way t.v. works. And Stargate isn’t the exception in this regard. There is a big difference between producing a show for our viewers (which we all do), and allowing online fan critiques and letter-writing campaigns to determine how a series progresses. In all fairness, a decision that may prove incredibly unpopular with one section of fandom may prove popular with another. Ultimately, rather than having it come down to which faction makes the most noise, we are basing our creative decisions on what is best for the show. Believe it or not.

TheOldOne writes: “Are you going to put these restaurant reviews into some kind of formal document?”

Answer: Wasn’t planning on it. Unless…you just happen to be a publisher looking to release The Gluttonous Adventures of Joseph Mallozzi.

SueKay writes: “ I’ve got a lot of food allergies (anything spicy, lime, ginger, seafood, some sauces and dressings etc (none too severe other than the first two))so any recommendations for a new dish I could try that wouldn’t make me ill?”

Answer: Can’t go wrong with a good burger. Unless you’re allergic to gluten. In which case you can just have the meat. Unless you’re allergic meat.

Shipperahoy writes: “As a dedicated foodie have you ever considered going to the annual Masters of Food and Wine at the Highlands Inn in Carmel?”

Answer: Oooh, I’m intrigued. More information, please.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Other than the movies what fate Daniel, Mitchell and Vala?”

Answer: At present, that remains to be seen.

57 thoughts on “February 22, 2007

  1. If you miss writing for SG-1, have you ever considered taking up SG-1 fanfiction writing? There’s a bit of a community for script-based fanfiction.

  2. Since you answered the question about Amanda, could you answer a question to this Torri fan?.
    Will Torri be in season 4 opening credits?.

  3. I don’t know, Joe, I think this latest entry read as relatively humble. I think you’ve done National Be Humble Day proud. Is that a Canadian thing or is it pan-national?

    Let’s try to whittle this down a bit:

    Will Gen. O’niell, Gen. Hammond, or Gen. Landry be making an appearance in season four?

  4. What if anything can the fans do let TPTB know that we would like a bloopers included on a season set? Beings as the tv series is finished and the season 10 set will be the last chance to include bloopers from the series. Who makes those decisions?

  5. Speaking of cell phone rings, in order to be able to distinguish mine out here, I changed it to the Stargate theme because nobody I ran into out here had it. But I forgot to change it when we went on location for the Star Trek episode we shot, and I can’t tell you how many times on set I got asked, “Why is that playing the Stargate theme?” It was nice to hear that so many people recognized it but it was embarrassing to be called on it, especially when I had no nice politic answer for them and no internet access to download something else. And since I had one of the few working cellphones in upstate rural New York, thanks to being on Cingular rather then Verizon or T-mobile, my phone got used a lot.

  6. As I wrote yesterday, I’m afraid that all these comments do is continue to demonstrate just how far the gap between the producers and the fans has become. Despite your protestations, the shows you guys are producing are NOT in line with the franchise’s past character. And that’s what accounted for the huge loss in viewers this past year, and it’s what is going to continue to lose you guys fans.

  7. That 4th picture from the top is thoroughly disgusting….mmmm, tasty.

    Also, I spoke with 2 people today who have read Dan Simmons’ ‘Terror’. They both said is was ‘really spooky’ and ‘great’, which, while being very general statements are still thumbs-up in nature. Have you had a chance to read it yet? It is selling quite well, so people are either reading it or using it in a free weights workout.

    There has also been a lot of interest in Joe Hill’s (Stephen King’s son’s) newest work titled ‘Heart Shaped Box’. You might want to take a look at it next time you go book browsing to see if it interests you.

    I have no big question for you tonight; I used up my daily allotment of silliness and creativity earlier today, so there’s nothing left for here, I’m afraid.

    Until tomorrow…

  8. Joe,

    Like with season nine of SG-1, do you think all the changes in season four will hurt the ratings? Or do you think Atlantis’ ratings will pick up back to “safe” rage?


  9. Oh oh oh, I got one!

    My question for today is: If your writing staff were to challenge each other to a series of arm wrestling matches, who would emerge victorious?

  10. I wish there is an episode with nobody but McKay. McKay going offworld by himself, he’d fly a jumper too.

    Anyway, thats all

  11. I’m a devoted viewer of both SG1 and SGA, and always love the spoilers and hints you drop. But I never let it influence my viewing pleasure of what you guys have got in store for me with each episode. I don’t have the talent or motivation to decide what should happen, and I depend on the creative talent behind each show I watch to entertain me, which is why I tune in to watch. Although not always thrilled with every decision (Carson Beckett!?), I remain interested in what new plots and surprises await us in the new season. I look forward to what sounds like an exciting 4th season, but am still waiting impatiently to see the end of Season 3.
    Can a person hope you might stop in at the Gateworld party on Thursday night, I would love to meet you. In case you don’t remember me, I used to send e-mails your way critiquing the weekly episode and you replied on occasion, which was always fun.

  12. Love the set design drawings and pictures.

    Now, to quote you: “There is a big difference between producing a show for our viewers (which we all do), and allowing online fan critiques and letter-writing campaigns to determine how a series progresses.”

    If you wish to entertain your viewiers but do something that the vast majority of viewers think is terrible, how can you not try to correct that? The critiques and letter-writing are a reflection of your audience’s strong belief that Beckett’s death was a tremendous waste. While you can’t steer this way and that with every wind that blows its disapproval, the resounding response to the final act of “Sunday” has been grief, sadness and outrage. No one is asking you to change everything that they don’t like. All they want is Carson Beckett back on the show, plain and simple.

  13. I double dare ya to kill off Sheppard or McKay in season 4 and leave him dead.

    I triple dares ya.

  14. Will we get a real Sheppard/Weir kiss this season before she dies/disappears/goes back to earth/is never seen again?

  15. Thankfully, at university, only the forgetful leave their cellphones on during class, and usually the annoyances are quickly dispelled. That, coupled with the fact that I never recieve any calls from anybody, means that my life is fairly cellphone free.

    Noise pollution is still not out of my world though, due to snoring and babies crying.

    Ok, enough poetic-waxing. Hmmm…that sandwich looks pretty good.

    Well, since you seem to be answering a lot of my questions, I might as well ask another, if you don’t mind:

    Will the midway station be featured in Season 4? Also, will Caldwell be returning? And while I’m at it, a lot of fans point to the fact that the cast was fairly, uh, “stagnant” during the first 5 years of SG1, and that this was one of the reasons why the show went on for so long. Do you believe this to be true? If so, then why isn’t Atlantis trying the same thing?


  16. Shawna asked “How many hours are in a day on Atlantis?”, and you answered “We’ve always operated under the assumption that it was, uh, approximately 24 hours”.

    Check season 2’s Runner. When Lorne is reporting over radio to Elizabeth, he says: “We haven’t heard from them since 26:30 Atlantis Standard Time.”

    So isn’t it canon that Atlantis days are at LEAST 26 hours and 30 minutes long? 😉

  17. Sorry for posting twice, but another question just popped into my head.

    Just because us fans are a tad obsessive…yes, a tad…where is Amanda Tapping on the credits? Basically, where in the placement is she? After Joe Flanigan? Where Paul McGillion used to be?

    Again, thanks.

  18. Perhaps this has been asked already, and if so I apologize, but how does one go about getting a job working for you guys?

  19. So Amanda Tapping will be in the opening credits. You have no idea how angry that’s going to make a lot of Atlantis fans. Where will Torri be? Relegated to 2 or 3 episodes like the good little sacrificial lamb that she is, making room for Amanda?

    Have you looked at the comments on the Chicago Tribune site? Do you realise how many people are going to stop watching because of what you’re doing with Torri’s character? By losing her and Paul, you’ve lost the heart and soul of this show.

    I’d tell you to pass on to Torri that we love her and her character, but I’m sure your interpretation (as someone who wants what’s ‘best’ for the show) would be to tell her the exact opposite.

    I might watch the episodes that she’s in, but to be honest, my desire to watch anything with Stargate in its name ever again is pretty much zero right now. And it’s not going to change while she’s out of the picture.

  20. You say you want to create a show that entertains. You’ve been doing that UP TO THIS POINT. Why do you feel the need to kill off what people find entertaining by losing two of the most loved characters? That will not make people continue to watch. It will drive them away. Can you not see the cause and effect in this case?

    Also, you have no idea how many Atlantis fans don’t watch SG1. How many of them will simply roll their eyes when they see the intrusion of Sam Carter. And that’s what is is to a lot of people. An intrusion. If any character from SG1 belongs on SGA, it’s Daniel. Not Sam.

    The fact that Sam comes at the loss of Torri makes it even worse. If any of us doubted that Torri was being ‘shafted’ to make way for Amanda, the fact that Amanda’s in the opening credits with 14 episodes while you still can’t come up with a number for Torri basically confirms it.

    Why dump such a wonderful, talented actress in favour of someone who’s already had a very good run on another show and has two movies to keep her busy? I don’t understand the logic.

    Why get rid of a fan favourite from SGA, purely to keep SG1 alive?

    I’m not saying this to be bitchy or nasty. Just help us understand your logic here, because to a huge number of us there seems to be no logic at all, other than a quick, cheap grab for SG1 fans and shock value.

    Please, please use Torri to her full potential. She and her fans deserve nothing less.

    I watched Trinity last night, and was impressed all over again with her, especially her interaction with McKay and Sheppard. Those three ARE Atlantis. They are your ‘big three’. They’re the ones the fans love the most. You can see it in all aspects of fandom. Why you’re voluntarily getting rid of one of them is beyond me. It defies all logic.

  21. AGREED!!!! But, you’re lucky if you aren’t constantly hearing “Smack that” and “Irreplaceable – To the left”….

    Everyone in my office has those songs. Mine is the rotary phone ringtone.

  22. Ringtones: You okay with “This is Radio Clash” by The Clash? 80’s British Punk all the way!

    Novels: I have to disagree you obviously have some sort of writing talent, or you wouldn’t have a job. You also seem to have a great deal of patience, at least how it seems on the blog.

    Out of curiosity, what do the higher ups at MGM, Sci-fi, think of the access you give fans?


  23. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your honesty recently about the fan input to the show. I never once thought we should dictate anything about creative decisions, and honestly don’t know how fans could be arrogant enough to think they know anything about running a tv show. People seem to forget SG1 has run for ten years, so I think you guys know something about running a show, and I say that as someone who hasn’t always enjoyed where the path the show has taken!
    As for Torri and Paul’s characters being the heart of the show – I just don’t agree, they’re much more minor and unimportant characters to the majority of fans from what online fandom polls show. Sheppard and McKay are that for most people, from what I can see.
    I didn’t want Beckett to go, but I actually haven’t missed him when he’s not been on screen, and his exit was wonderful drama.
    My question:
    If you wanted to kill off a character and the network was against it, who would win the battle? The show runners or the network? Just curious….

  24. wich set will be mostly used In the 4. season sga? medieval, forrest, In-ship, In-city, nasty village or will there be kinda whole new ones? and how many further seasons do you see/expect In the future?

  25. Now, I’m not normally one to nitpick about technical things like this, but I’m a big fan of continuity, and this is bugging me now. So…in “Runner”, Lorne says to Weir, the first line of the second act, “We haven’t heard from them since 26:30 Atlantis Standard Time.” Which, of course, suggests a day of longer than 24 hours. Is this a mistake, something you guys haven’t set in stone, or what?

    BTW, my ringtone is the theme for the X-Men cartoon from the 90’s. Is that un-irritating enough?

  26. Yay to what Anonymous#?? said about Weir/McKay/Sheppard being the Atlantis “big three”. To me, they’re the core of the show. Atlantis won’t be the same without her, the greatest interactions will be lost.
    I seriously hope you’re not intending to kill her…

    And about Sam…
    I think it would be interesting to see that her and Shep/Rodney/etc. don’t see things the same way… She has experience, but they have an understanding of the Pegasus Galaxy she doesn’t have…
    That leads me to..
    Any chance there’ll be strong disagreements and arguments between her and the Atlantis Team? (and I’m not just talking about technobable fights with Rodney à la Redemption/Pegasus Project…)

  27. Hi Joe.

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog every morning but I think it will be the last time. Not because of you! But because I try to stay spoiler free for SGA and it’s getting more and more difficult each day with all the questions asked by the fans.
    I might come back in summer though to see if you post some of your ice cream recipes 😉

    Thank you for the time you give to interact with the fans. You’ve always been honest with us and said what you really thought. Some might not like it, but I for one like it a lot.

    Good luck with Season Four! I’ll be there, no matter what I’d like to see, no matter if I don’t understand some of the decisions made. I care too much for that show to stop watching it right now… and I want to know what’s going to happen FCOL!!!

  28. I finally had the chance to partake of some skate. Thanks for the recommendation it was absolutely delicious. I have caught a few when fishing over the years but always threw them back. Now I know better! I had mine poached in a lemony broth but I convinced my boyfriend to try it and he had his pan fried with a butter and caper sauce. Mmmmmmmm.


  29. Is still “Stargate: Atlantis”? Balls predict like is going away to call “Sam Carter: Atlantis”?

  30. “Obviously we don’t write in a vacuum. We must be aware of what viewers like and don’t like, and the individual preferences of the various entities involved in the show’s production.”

    So you don’t write in a vacuum, but you make casting decisions in a vacuum, obviously. Because if you didn’t, you would be taking notice of the things that are being said by so many people in support of Elizabeth.

    With Beckett, obviously we were too late by the time someone leaked information from the set (it came from an extra)

    With Elizabeth, there were rumors late last year that you were going to off her. That Torri was history.

    We’ve told you how we feel about this. Despite that, you live in a vacuum where you choose not to even acknowledge our concerns, or the fact that we love this character that you writers have created for us.

  31. So, Amanda will be in Opening Credits, OK. Does it mean that she will have her own episode? And doesn´t it mean that you will write it in “Pegaus Project” style that Rodney will be an idiot and Carter that too smart girl? Did you find any balance between them?

  32. “As for Sheppard/Teyla, that’s just nauseating. Please don’t go there.”

    I agree 100% with this post–gosh please no…Sheppard and Teyla are like brother and sister; and as for Sheppard and Kellar they already have a father daughter feel about them;
    Sheppard having anything beyond those relationships with both would be ridiculously foolish.

    As I’ve written many a time here before, it should be a Weir and Sheppard pairing all the way or no way with anybody else at all. They are realistically the only logical pairing and in my opinion are who make SGA.

  33. Love your blog.. by what I read in your blog you seem to be a very interesting, perceptive man with a great sense of humour.. Of course there has to be genius involved with the production of Stargate over the years.. Truly enjoyable and I think we can trust you and Rob Cooper and the other writers to provide us with great entertainment regardless who you kill off. ( although I would love to see more of the Mitchell/Vala/Jackson storyline continue.) How’s does being a Canadian affect the show? Or is that too general?

  34. Hiya again Joe,

    I think I know of an amusing story regarding cellphone ring tones when someone had a Starwars one running in a hospital and someone was annoyed telling them to shut that phone off with whatever ringtone was running. I wasnt there personally but was told it was very amusing.

    Anyway, on to some questions! Apologies for asking again but couldnt resist. There was that mention of a ‘new race’ in Atlantis, anything else you can say about them or is it a ‘wait and see’ type thing? And is there any mythology (Egyptian, Norse etc) that you wish to explore on the show?

    Oh and of all the ‘bad guys’ (Adria, Kolya, ‘Steve’, ‘Micheal’, Anubis, Apophis) which one did you like the most?

    Thanks for answering my last question would you a cookiee if I could but I think I ate them all, keep safe Joe.

  35. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Luckily I’m not gluten intolerant (at least I hope not given the amount of pastries I eat lol!)

    Hmm…I’ve heard the pub down the road does nice lamb burgers…I’m hungry now!

    There’s a lot of new Sci Fi shows about now, and some more in the works. What’s your favourite new show this year, and can you tell us anything about Sanctuary?

  36. If you haven’t already, check out Dan Simmon’s book, “Ilium” which is science fiction meets the Trojan War in the far future. Incredible stuff. My husband has already finished the sequel, “Olympos” and says its even better.

    As for SGA, I’m very disappointed in the loss of Beckett and Weir. I’ll give season 4 a chance, but you better hook me 100% by episode 2, or I’m off to another channel. Please no more kirking or romance for Sheppard. The whole babe magnet thing has totally ruined the character for me.

  37. Isn’t killing off ‘Beckett’ actually LESSENING the realism? He was truely the ‘everyman’ and a very human character. As sited by Martin Gero and others. Removing him just leaves us with geniuses, action heros and alien caricatures. As much as I enjoy those characters, they dont work as well without the grounding and balance of a character like Carson brings. Plus, using the example of ‘Spooks’ seems very foolish, as the whole point of this show and others like it, is NO ONE is safe. SG has already killed one doctor previously (so it smacks of unoriginality and lack of guts..heck give them red shirts why dont you) and no one is foolish enough to believe anyone would EVER kill off the leads, aka Sheppard and McKay PERIOD. Straight yes or no (no maybes or ‘it could happen’ or yes in the final episode), would you ever have the guts to straight out, no longer main cast or even recurring, KILL Sheppard or McKay? If the answers no, then your previous arguements are mute and pointless.

  38. Um, Rodney was written as dumber in Peg Proj. because he is. He always has been. That is how he was created.

  39. Hi Joe,

    Two questions.
    1. Do you wish that the proposed rebranding of SG1 went ahead after season 8? Do you think it would have made a difference to the life of series?

    2. Can you tell us of any deleted scenes or bits from the script that didn’t make it into your best SG1 ep (and best SG1 ep period) Window of Opportunity?

  40. Thanks for the reply JM, you made my day on Teyla. Now I would recommend you watch ‘The Time Machine” 2002 version to see what I mean, of course if you haven’t.
    As for similarities, originally they were human but were pushed underground and became a new race—or evovled human race; same as Wraith. They feed on humans as cattle. They have an heirarchy system by the second film, with leaders who have mental control over the “drones” who are mainly brawn, and can communicate mentally. They like SM Leather–:D Physically, they are characterized with white hair (long), either blueish/greenish skin, and sharp teeth. They super strong—with the drones stocky but largely muscular and the ones in power tall and lanky. Oh in the second one they use paralysing darts to get their prey rather than stunners. 😀

    Now on to some questions…
    Are we going to see a mix up in the team, like Lorne/Teyla/Zelenka or Lorne/Ronon/McKay on off world missions? Just to shake up the look a bit (although the main teams are intact).

    Is there a possibility of seeing Ronon use his “specialist” skills? I’ve been hankering for an episode where Ronon leads a rescue, using strategic assault. This would be cool to also see Teyla do, we weren’t given enough from The Siege I/II.

    Lastly, who is the actress of african descent that works on Zelenka’s team? We see her in Critical Mass and First Strike. Do you think there might be a chance of her in S4 (at least in background)?

  41. Hi, Joe.

    I’ve been following your blog for a quite some time, but never before dropped you a line. Thank you for all the small spoilers and news and explanations about SGA and SG1, that you give us. You don’t have to tell us anything, so thank you for replying all those questions.
    So Amanda Tapping will be in the opening credits in Season 4? So then maybe Sam will have more important role in Atlantis than what I expected . That’s great! Now I hope for a Sam-episode in season 4.
    I don’t have a question for you, just wanted to say thank you, and keep posting pictures of food, please 🙂

  42. Since you are such a foodie, have you seen either season of ‘Top Chef’ on Bravo? I’m thinking you might make an interesting guest judge on the next season.

  43. Hi Joe,

    What is your favourite episode of the first half of season 10 and why? 🙂

  44. Joe I hate to say this, and I’m not trying to be unpleasent or cruel just realistic but you are in a service industry and you are not making the grade. A service industry depends 100% on keeping the customer satisfied – Can you honestly say that yes the fans are satisfied?
    I hear what you arre saying about changing things but that doesn’t matter one iota if that is not what the fans want to watch. You say what’s done is done and you’re right but if you continue to ignore this it is going to get worse. The end of season 3 has aired in several areas, it’s still to air in America, but is there wide spread enthusiasm and excitement about what’s coming next? No there’s disappointment, disallusionment and frankly for those who still care there is anger. And assuming that the new series doesn’t air till September there is 7 months for this to continue.
    You are not producing high art, you are producing entertainment, and does it look like people are being entertained? No, people are unhappy and that means they won’t watch the show. And while none of us know whether your changes will work – and for those fans who will still watch the show and are excited about the changes, and I’m sure there are many of them as well, yourself and the production team i sincerely hope they do but I and a lot of others won’t be.
    Let’s put it another way. Can you tell us why the many people who hate these changes – and honestly i don’t think that’s too strong to put it – should watch the show next year? What will they get out of a show they no longer recognise?
    I am sorry if i’ve gone on a bit but I wanted to try and give a reasoned and level headed explanation as to why I think this is a poor decision (and I’m too cheap to write!) and also why there will be many fans not tuning in next year. You can still change this, the fans will go with you and it won’t lose you respect it might even gain you some.

  45. So…Amanda will be in the opening credits? Cool. 🙂 Are you all keeping that really neat icy blue look to them this year or are you planning something different?

    Completely unrelated now…I do have one pretty big complaint that you more than likely have no control over whatsoever but have to vent about it.


    SciFi won’t start SGA up until FALL???

    I’m just saying…that sucks. A LOT. I hate the fact that the rest of the world gets the last half of Season 3 and the series finale of SG-1 before we do.

    And now to learn they’re putting off SGA til “FALL” sometime…*groan*

    Now if they’re talking August/September kinda Fall that’s one thing…but are they talking October/November???

    Do you know why they’re doing this?

    Thank you,
    Mary Beth

  46. Oh, on the basis of ring tones, I know what you mean. I hate the standard motorola tone. I’ve been known to threaten the life of those phones. My ring tones are between two, Knight Rider or MacGyver(die hard Mac lover here!). They were worth every penny.

  47. Okay Joe, you don’t produce the show for one faction of fans but what happens when the VAST majority of fans hate what you’ve done – check it out, the standard response to killing Carson is that it’s the biggest mistake you’ve made this year (and that includes Lucius and that’s saying something!) and that it’s going to hurt the show. Read the notice boards, the polls, the letters. This isn’t one or two fans, or even a few. Now I can’t say for certain but the majority seems to hate this. You either address that or you live with the consequences and I don’t think they’ll be good for the show. As for his replacement, the standard seems to be “She’s okay but she’s no Beckett” Ouch.

  48. Popping in to say thank you for the reply to my questions (couldn’t yesterday… damn midnight shift =p) and for continuing to blog despite the people who are getting slightly rude.

    A new (non-stargate) question:

    What authors/screenwriters, past or modern, do you feel have had the greatest influence on you personally and as a writer?

  49. Hey Joe,
    Can a buy you dinner sometime on one of my passes through Vancouver?

    Skully (JV)

    Has Hamlet ever been a consideration for the show?

  50. hey Joe,
    just wanted to let you know that i really enjoy your blog. and i am greatful for your incites into food and life in the SG universe. I even broke the mold and tried dark chocalate for you. I also wanted to let you know that i also really appreciate all the hard work that you and the writing staff do in making good quality entertainment. Recently I took a trip with several teens from my church for a getting away at a winter retreat. we had a projector and my brought my laptop and a couple of season 9 dvd’s. On the last night i set it up in the lodge main room and started watching Avalon again. slowly several of the teens came in and sat down and started watching. They were thrilled what they were seeing. Several of the young ladies had never seen Stargate and really really started getting into it. They never thought of SG-1 being what it was (I asked them later what they thought it was about and they said they thought it was something like a Star Trek or Star Wars–something techy). So most of these guys watched all three eps and were thrilled with what they saw. they wanted to watch more. enough with this story, but i wanted to really thank you guys for all that you do. you make this show so much fun! and fun to introduce to new people.
    i just have two quick questions for you (if you don’t or can’t answer thats cool). I know that your really not envolved in the movies that are coming out, but you said that you have read the script/story for them. What does the lenght look like? Is it going to be like a 2 parter episode or something like Avalon and Origin? i mean each episode is roughly 44 min without commercials so could the movie be something like 120min.
    and second i was watching Threads the otherday and something stuck out at me and has been nagging at me since i really got into this show. When Jacob Carter is about to die and Jack and Sam are talking about her father. Sam says something like she thought she lost her father 4 years ago. But wasn’t Jacob Carter blended in season 2 (almost six years earlier). Was this a goof or is time different between seasons?
    Thanks so much, looking so much forward to what you guys have in store for us.

  51. “There is a big difference between producing a show for our viewers (which we all do), and allowing online fan critiques and letter-writing campaigns to determine how a series progresses.”

    So it’s just online fans who are angry about the changes? I don’t think so. You might want to ask David Hewlett about the boos he got when he mentioned that Amanda was going to be in 14 episodes at a recent con in the UK. That’s right. People booed. I bet not all of them were online fans, either.

    You need to recognise when a decision is unpopular. Where is the logic in getting rid of two Atlantis fan favourites and risking losing their fans, just in the hope of getting a few people from SG1 to watch. How many do you think will watch purely for Amanda? SG1 died at the end because RDA was gone. It’s as simple as that.

    Atlantis is going to tank because you’re deliberately going against what the fans want. No matter what you think of online fans and letter writing campaigns, at least you can’t say we didn’t tell you so.

    No Torri, No Atlantis as far as I’m concerned. My friends (and not all of them are online!) feel the same way. I hope you can find enough new viewers to replace us.

  52. Any chance we’ll see Ronon and Teyla share a kiss? Those two really belong together! 😀

  53. Dear Mr Mallozi, will we have Lucius Wraith Hybrid clones in the near future that have a battle cry “Bring back Carson” just to please lucius and carson fans alike

    P.S your a great writer

  54. If you want to shock the viewers you could kill McKay, imagine the “shake up” that would cause. And noone would see it coming.

  55. Boy, it’s a good thing you’re providing this outlet – a few people sound close to suicidal 😉

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Amanda Tapping in SGA. Do you know yet how many episodes Torri will be in?

  56. Amanda said in a recent interview that she laments the fact that Carter and Daniel didn’t really interact in Season 10. I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding that. What does the crystal ball say about the chances of Daniel and Carter having better interaction in either of the two DVD films?

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