Got a call from the lovely Maureen Ryan over at the Chicago Tribune today. The SciFi press release on season 4 went out and, naturally, she had a few questions. Unfortunately, I find myself in a bit of a bind. While news is already out regarding certain aspects of the show’s fourth season, the back half of the third season has yet to air – on SciFi – and so, I find myself having to walk a fine line – clarifying points that have already become public knowledge while avoiding direct commentary on major developments from episodes that have yet to air. On SciFi. Poor Maureen. As a result, her interview had a lot of: “Mallozzi didn’t want to be specific”, “Mallozzi would not confirm”, and “Mallozzi would neither confirm nor deny”. All in all, suitably vague although I’m sure the more determined of anti-season 4 fans will find something in it to grouse about.

Well, we’re finally in prep. Rob is up first – writing, directing, and producing Doppleganger. I also hear he’ll be working the catering truck every second day while the episode is in production. Doppleganger shoots first but will air sometime after the opening Adrift-Lifeline-Reunion triumvirate. Once he’s done, he’ll be moving over to SG-1 and start prepping Ark of Truth which, incidentally, he’ll again be writing/directing/producing. Show off. Brad, meanwhile, got the scenes written for the “location” shoot later in March. The rest of us started tossing around ideas for the mid-season two-parter. Big happenings in the Pegasus Galaxy ahead.

Oh, and Carl swung by my office this afternoon and I gave him notes on his script – while Alex snapped some pics. Yeah, I have a feeling this year is going to be a lot of fun.

Okay, playing catch-up with the mail –

Ses110 writes: “What does the magic 8 ball say regarding RDA appearing on Atlantis in Season 4?”

Answer: I feel I can speak for the Magic 8 Ball in replying “Anything is possible.”

Stargate writes: “ An entry today in our forums has wagered a $10.00 bet that Elizabeth Weir will meet an untimely end, ie she’ll be killed, others have heard the same thing. We wonder if you could confirm or deny the ‘rumour’.”

Answer: No problem. What I’ll do is write up a detailed list of everything that will happen in season 4 and save everyone the trouble of having to actually watch. I’m on it!

Pattirose4 writes: “ Any chance of including some out-takes on the season sets?”

Answer: Provided Ivon Bartok is willing to organize the special feature, I have no objections to providing outtakes in a future DVD release.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Is there any chance that there’ll be another Earth-based scenario simliar to what we saw with Return Part 1?”

Magic 8 Ball says: Signs point to yes.

ChaosIsBeauty writes: “Will the sets, secondary characters, and props from SG-1 still be available for the 4th season of Atlantis?”

Answer: For now, we’re keeping them. But that could change once the movies wrap.

Anonymous #2 writes: “I’m wondering with all the food talk what do you like to wash it all down with? Do you have a favourite drink?”

Answer: To be honest, I’m not much of a drinker – although I do like to top my ice cream with Advokaat. I usually accompany my meal with a fine bottle of Evian or a similar spring water.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Have there been any scripts in the air involving Ford?”

Magic 8 Ball says: Not as of yet.

Jenny Robin: “Regarding grape soda, which you mentioned some time in the past, what is your preferred brand?”

Answer: I’ve always been partial to Crush.

Llyrellin writes: “How do you all come up with the titles for the episodes?”

Answer: We’ll throw out crappy ideas until, hours later, we’re so mentally exhausted that we’ll agree to anything.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Upon episodes you have written : which one you like the most ? The less ? Why?”

Answer: My favorite is probably Ripple Effect – a nice mix of humor, action, science, and back-references. My least favorite is Irresponsible – an episode where anything that could have gone wrong did.

33 thoughts on “February 20, 2007

  1. “Brad, meanwhile, got the scenes written for the “location” shoot later in March. “

    Wait, wait. I thought that Brad Wright wasn’t writing any Atlantis this year. Is this shoot for Ark of Truth or Continuum? Or maybe Brad is writing for Atlantis?


  2. Joe,

    I just saw Talion today! Bratac rocks in so many ways it’s not even funny. He’s far and away my favorite guest character. What does the magic 8 ball say for the chances of Bra’tac appearing in the SG-1 movies?

  3. Joe, I come in tonight to read your blog and when the page refreshed and I saw the pictures I was like OMG, this is just so funny… Joe knows how to have fun and I love that… Thanks for sharing the craziness, the fun! I love that you are willing to play and crazy that others follow you, are you the leader of the pack?… Oh and PS: Do I have to say? Nice suit! please insert here flirty whistling from me :p

  4. What’s that? Midseason twoparter? I smell giant SG-1 crossover!! Come on, who’s with me? Jack and Shep! Teal’c messing with Mckay!! It’d be so bitchin.

  5. Genius. Pure, unadulterated Genius.

    Are you sure you can’t act Joe (I’ve heard you say that)? I beg to differ. I think I would like to see the REAL Dr. Mallozzi in Season 4.

    Just make sure he’s evil, ok?

    Oh oh! And don’t forget Dr. Binder, for whom that Binder prize in Physics was named after! He’ll make an excellent assistant to Dr. Mallozzi.

  6. How about an episode of SGA without Sheppard and McKay? Give everyone else a chance to do something interesting. Let Weir and Teyla save the universe for once.

  7. Joe,

    Have you gotten a sneak peek of Sanctuary (, the internet project that Damien Kindler, Martin Wood, Amanda Tapping, and Dan Payne (to name a few members of the Stargate Family) are involved with? What do you think of the concept?

  8. Hi Joe,

    If it was your call how would you like to see the Sam/Jack Ship be resolved? Thank You

  9. Hiya Joe,
    First off, thanks for the reply on the Sateda question, really loved that ep, one of my favorites next to a variety more. This season is definitely pushing S2 off it’s pedestal, which I adored. I’m a wraith and Ronon fan (not based on looks). I just liked the flow and intensity it had.

    Now as for the upcoming surprises in S4, I can’t tell you how excited I am; and don’t bother with the lemmings, me love what you and the other writers are doing. This season is great, despite my problems with Weir (any and all) seasons or lack of Teyla usage.:(

    On with a question that might have been asked before in another vein. I noticed a lot of comparison between the Wraith and Vampires; What do you think of the Wraith and Morlocks from The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, similarity wise?!
    I mean even the second film adaptation(cause the first was a disaster on all fronts) sort of fits the mold of the story—with the look of the wraith and the established heirarchy.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen the similarities between the two. Although I find the wraith to have better table manners. The Morlocks were messy eaters. 😀

    Oh, can you give us some hints on what you have in store for Teyla, if anything?

  10. “My favorite is probably Ripple Effect – a nice mix of humor, action, science, and back-references. My least favorite is Irresponsible – an episode where anything that could have gone wrong did.”

    Okay, what went wrong? I’m dying to know.

    BTW – there is a growing bet that a certain Joe Mallozzi will not show up at a certain fan party on March 22nd.

    Have a great day,


  11. You all can poke fun at me, but I just today deduced what is meant by ‘ship’. And to explain why I don’t know, here’s the very short backstory to my immersion in the Stargate universe:

    I haven’t had cable or satellite in over 5 years, but I Netflixed SG-1 and was so entralled with it that I purchased all the available boxed sets as well as SSN 1 of Atlantis. I have downloaded on iTunes the first halves of the most recent seasons of both shows, but since Season 2 of Atlantis isn’t released on DVD until March 6, I’m quite behind on that show, at least until the first week of March. I am, however, finally all caught up on SG-1.

    Resultingly, I come from a perspective of watching 10+ years of episodes in just a few months. I’m not sure yet of the full advantages/disadvantages of that reality, but I do know that I am feeling greatly influenced to now get satellite tv service so that I can watch the upcoming episodes on a nice big screen in my living room rather than on my computer.

    All this leads me to my question, which anyone/everyone is welcome to answer:

    Do you recomment Direct TV or Dish Network?

    And this question is for Joe:

    While you are dining out with friends and family, how often do you find yourself asking them to wait a second so that you can take some quick pictures of your food for your blog?

  12. Too bad I didn’t know about you when I was doing my article on whether there were hidden dress codes for women writers for the WGA magazine. None of the men writers I interviewed wore anything but jeans, except for the occasional one that put nice slacks on and took off the sneakers to meet the Network or Studio execs. You would have made a nice contrast.

  13. Just on your comment recently that basically no amount of mail is going to influence your decisions, does that mean that you didn’t appreciate all the “Save SG1” people? Because they were writing letters.

    Or is it just that you don’t like people writing letters when they disagree with your casting decisions? Because the number of people who are angry about Torri and Paul being dumped is huge. We’re just trying to let you see that so you can’t say later “well, how were we to know it wasn’t going to work? The fans didn’t say anything!”

  14. i have watched pretty much all of both sg1 and atlantis who is your favourite and could you turn Horizon into series.

    Prettyplease can you get mgm to update

  15. I’ve always noticed a brother/sister kinship between Ronon and Teyla, could it be possible that Ronon was fostered on Sateda instead? It’s been established in Letters from Pegasus that families have been known to adopt outside kids, could he be a long lost relation?

  16. *looks at previous comments* Actually, I think Teyla and Weir saving the universe all by their lonesomes is a nice idea. I also heard someone mention once the idea of Ronon saving the day through his lack of understanding of science. Don’t quite know what that means, but I like it.

    Now, we’ve got lots of people suggesting ways that Carson could be brought back (“maybe he ascended”, etc.), but you know what I think would be cool? Don’t bring him back. Just have him be back. In the last episode of next season, in the last moments, have some situation where Carson would pop up if he were still alive, then have him just pop up. Then don’t explain it. Let us all go “WTF?” for the summer. Then when the fifth season starts, continue to not explain it. Just insinuate him into the current storyline as if he had never left, with neither him nor the other characters knowing he’d been gone. Then at the end of the fifth season, just as everyone’s stopped asking why he’s back, have the big ep where it’s explained why/how he’s back (possibly involving time travel and/or some malevolent force that thinks bringing him back to life will somehow further its evil plot). Then everyone’s like, “Oh, that’s right! We never found that out!” And everyone’s happy.

  17. Exactly how do you know matter can travel only one way through a wormhole? Can you be specific and provide documentation, etc? I’ll need it to cite you in my PhD dissertatation. Thanks.

  18. Did you license the Ewoks for the 200th ep, or did you just steal them, change them a smidge, and hope for the best?

  19. Where abouts in Vancouver would you say has the most flexible/eclectic menu? In a few weeks we’ll be having friends to stay and the food ‘allergies’ range from lactose intolerant to wheat allergies, not including nut and citrus issues. Needless to say, finding a place to go is becoming a bit of a nightmare.

  20. I understand completely that you don’t want to give away too many details regarding the upcoming season but could you tell us if this new powerful race that will be introduced next season will be a human-race or an alien race. And by alien I mean alien I mean alien-alien a-la the Wraith, not alien-human a-la Teyla. Cheers dude.

  21. From anonymous: “How about an episode of SGA without Sheppard and McKay? Give everyone else a chance to do something interesting. Let Weir and Teyla save the universe for once.

    February 20, 2007 8:04:00 PM PST”
    I just had to say to the above post –
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!sob, sob…
    An episode without Shep and McKay? I feel faint and nauseated at the thought, and definite withdrawal symptoms starting…
    Which brings me nicely to my question. I adore the Sheppard/McKay interaction and snark, can I hope for more of it in season 4? I’ve enjoyed what we’ve been given in season 3 and really hope it continues!!!
    May I add that the only letter writing this fan has been doing is to say how much I’m looking forward to seeing season 4 and how excited I am by the changes I know about. I can’t wait!!!

  22. Please, whatever happens with Carter, whaever position you put her in, whoever she may replace, just don’t let Seasn Four become another Pegasus Project. Please. And I’m referring to the bashing of Mckay, making him look bad in front of Carter, the unnecessary rudeness shown towards him by everyone around him. I DON’T want to see that in Season Four.

  23. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I read in Variety that Beau Bridges is going to be starring in a new show for Fox. Does this mean General Landry won’t be in the movies? Can you perhaps tell us if you know if Beau Bridges will do the movies? Thanks.


  24. Is it just me Joe, or are all of the figures on your shelves bad guys? Is there a story behind that? Or do you just draw from their evil power to intimidate those who come into your office?

    Just to let you know, there are those of us who are saddened by the loss of Doctor Beckett and the unknown future of Doctor Weir but will be tuning in for season 4 because we are excited for the future story.

  25. is there any chance that MGM might release a soundtrack cd of stargate sg1 with the scores from the series itself like a Ori theme or Replicarter theme and ascension theme? That sort of things.
    The WB did it with Angel after it was cancelled in its fifth season and I think many fans enjoyed it.
    Can’t wait for season 4 of Atlantis and the SG-1 movies.

  26. Re: Beau Bridges being in a new series.

    Does that mean that Don S Davis and General Hammond comes back in the movies?

    Landry is pretty decent as the commander of the SGC and he has his own style no doubt about that and his interesting moments, but my loyalty still belongs to Gen. Hammond. I would take having Hammond back in a heart beat:)


  27. I’ve got to stop reading all these spoilers — but I just can’t tear myself away! I just started watching season 2 on Space and now, because of my complete lack of willpower, I know plot details of future eps, who’s leaving the show and who’s coming in. I suppose it doesn’t help that I work in the industry and have friends on the Stargate production team. Perhaps I should just go live in a cave (or a Fortress of Solitude) and stay offline for the next 3 or 4 years.

    Yeah, like that’s going to happen.


  28. Out of curiosity, the Battlestar Galactica people have had no problem dropping whoppers of spoilers to the Chicago Tribune, which uses appropriate spoiler space, so why do you avoid questions regarding SGA spoilers that virtually every Stargate fan knows because those episodes aired in Canada (and probably spread like wildfire via ‘alternate sources’ on the web)??

  29. hi, joe,

    with literally every question being an atlantis themed one, do you miss sg1 questions? do you think you’ll miss writing for sg1? (well, you’ve still got sam to write for *yay!*, but… )

    sally 🙂

  30. So.. Torri’s out of contract and you’ve offered her four episodes, right?


    Please tell me that you’re not going to kill her character off. You will need her later.

  31. I have no question or astounding observation at this time. I just wanted to say I’ve noticed you’ve taken a beating from fandom lately and I’m glad you have such thick skin.

    Thanks for keeping me entertained for diety-knows-how-long-now.

  32. Wow. There are some feisty people writing in comments at the Chicago Tribune article. I enjoy Weir and her character immensely. However, the Stargate franchise is a business, as such I am contenting myself with the hope that there is something behind the scenes that we’re not seeing that led to this. I know that in the places where I work decisions are made that customers would not understand without a deeper knowledge of the business and the circumstances behind the decision. (/end rant)

    Anyways, a kind of left field question for you… On Sg-1, did you ever suffer from an overload of familiarity with the characters? Did knowing and writing them for 10 seasons make plotlines and character development harder?

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