There are a lot of things I like to do with my free time – reading, writing, watching t.v. on DVD – but, personally, I find nothing quite equals the deep satisfaction I experience while working on my taxes. And it’s not just the joyous hours spent checking, double-checking, and triple-checking numbers, or the ever thrilling quest for misfiled documents, or even the sudden sinus-clearing rush of exhilaration that comes with realizing I’ve made an erroneous assumption that will necessitate my starting over. No. The best part of working on my taxes is knowing that, at the end of the day, my hard-earned tax dollars are contributing to worthy causes like Canadian t.v. shows that nobody watches (Hey, why is Falcon Beach always so overcast?) , questionable art projects, leaky submarines and, best of all, the 2010 Games! Well, I suppose there are worse things they could be spending the money on.

Crack, is one.

I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

Well, if things go your way and you end up scoring a tax refund, why not celebrate with a trip down to the Yaohan Mall in Richmond where you can enjoy a veritable Asian feast for under ten dollars. The greatest food court in Vancouver offers a wide variety of dishes, from dumplings to congee, barbecued meats to bubble tea. Whenever I go, I usually pay a visit to the Supra BBQ. On our last visit, I went all meat: tender, nicely marbled cha siu (barbecued pork), sweet and savory lap cheung (pork sausage), and some salty cured duck. Fondy did the cha siu and soy chicken on rice. Next time you’re in town, check it out, especially if you happen to be in the Richmond area for a science fiction convention.

By the way, special thanks to Patricia for offering wonderfully villainous advice.

And, oh yeah, Superbowl Sunday tomorrow. I know, I know. The Colts look like a shoe-in and it could be a cake-walk but…remember that old saying: “Offense wins games but defense wins championships”. The Bears defense is truly awesome and if Grossman can keep it together, they have a good shot.

Question, questions, questions…

Peter writes: “By the way, how do you pronounce “gnocchi”? Is the “g” silent?”

Answer: Nyoki!

Majorsal writes: “What do you think you’d be doing now if you weren’t a writer?”

Answer: Probably speculating in comic futures. Or maybe a food tester for European royalty.

Bugguy writes: “…Heroes has made a splash for N.B.C. […] Have you seen it and what do you think?”

Answer: I’m always pleased when I hear that genre shows are doing well. And Heroes is doing exceptionally well. But to be perfectly honest, it isn’t a show I was able to get into.

Mary Beth writes: “Why isn’t there an audio commentary for Threads?”

Answer: Search me. And I didn’t even need the Magic 8 Ball for that one.

Sally writes: “How do you balance writing what ‘you’ (stargate writers) want to happen on the show vrs what you know the fans want?”

Answer: Uh, balance? Hmmm. To be perfectly honest, we write the types of stories that resonate with us. Some the fans love, some they don‘t love so much. Variety is key. By telling different types of stories, we try to keep the series fresh not only for the audience, but ourselves as writers.

Shipperahoy writes: “I was just wondering, do you think that writing for t.v. is something in which you actually have to like the genre you’re writing for or can you still write quality scripts if you could care less about the arena in which you work?”

Answer: I don’t think you could work in an area in which you “cared less” about the genre. And, of course, having an interest and background in a genre like science fiction certainly helps. That said, I don’t think it’s necessary. Take Carl Binder for example. He doesn’t come from a scifi background and yet he has produced consistently solid scripts for Atlantis.

Kiwigater writes: “I feel your office is missing something… perhaps one or two stuffed lemmings on the wall …”

Answer: It’s funny you should say that. When Lawren brought the box into my office, all I could see what the white fur and I automatically thought: Lemming!

Pattirose4 writes: “You mentioned the other day about a script going over the network and I was curious what kind of changes do they usually request? And do you always do as they request? Do you pretty much have to? Is the network the reason we see scantily clad large breasted women?”

Answer: First off, it’s only natural that a network would desire input into a show they have purchased. In the case of SciFi, and specifically my dealings with Nora O’Brien, script notes center on suggestions or requests intended to strengthen the story: clarification, dialogue tweaks, points of logic. While we don’t take dictation, we are open to any issues the network may have with a given script and always willing to talk things through. If need be, we’ll state our case for why we feel something should remain as is. But, more often than not, the notes we receive are the kind we tend to agree with when all is said and done. Finally, the network has never put in a request for scantily clad large breasted women. We’re still talking about the show, right?

NowIWillDestroyAbydos writes: “With the exception of Gero, what other Stargate cast and crew members have MySpace profiles?”

Answer: As far as I know, none. But Rob Cooper will be starting a blog over on the MGM Stargate site. I’m sure he’d love to hear from the fans, and is eager to field any questions they may have regarding the first SG-1 movie. If you head on over, ask him if the Ori are really dead and whether we’ll ever find out about that ninth chevron. I’m too shy to ask.

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  1. I myself am a diehard Jets fan but loke all of us I will be on the tube Sunday watching the Game go COLTS!! Are you a Marvel comics fan I could not help but notice the statues on your self

  2. Hi Mr Mallozzi !

    Thanks for your time, writing this blog and answering fans !

    I’m Miss E., 24, Stargate french fan (not french fries, don’t let your food obsession fool you 😉 ok that was a bad one, sorry). I apologise in advance for all my english mistakes in this message, oops !

    You often make me laugh we your food adventures. Mallozi + food = Big love !

    Well, let’s talk a litlle about stargate

    Anyway, I’m not the first nor the last but I wanted personally to thank you for 10 years of this great great show, in my opinion, the best ever ! Although I’m sad the serie is over, I’m glad you succeeded to pursue SG1 adventures in another way ! Hope there will be more than 2 feature films, it’s depend on us, I know !

    You certainly already know that, but in france we’re huge fans of the stargate franchise, and we’re a great community on the net too. Sometimes our latino side want to curse you and your co-workers over 50 generations for de non resolution of Sam and Jack romance. But you know, french people, romantism … 😀 (I sensed a great sens of humour in your previous messages, hope you won’t take it wrong lol). And personnally I don’t watch the sow for this, it’s more more more than just a relationship between two characthers. (romance is just a bonus)

    In brief (yes, i’m a Chatterbox, just like a normal girl !) my question for you today will be :

    – In the first season, what’s your favorite episode, and why ? and same question for the episode you less love !

    As French good cook, there would be so much to say about our gastronomy, specialities … I bet you’d have a great great food-time in France.

    « En espérant avoir été compréhensible… »

    Miss E.

  3. Joe:

    Thanks for sharing that information about the foodcourt in Richmond in Vancouver. Sounds like the kind of place I would like to check out.

    Yes, tax time is soo much fun, isn’t it. Maybe all of the ‘fun’ will lead you to write a very satisfying SGA episode where the Atlantis team soundly trounces a group of nasty villian who have come to take over half of what the team on Atlantis owns as some sort of due to them.

    Thanks for the comments on how the note process works with scifi. It was very interesting and helps a lot in understanding the process we as the viewer see the end release of.

    I’n glad to here that the outlook for Teal’c being on SGA this coming season is good. Can you tell us if it might entail something where Teal’c and Ronan Dex have interation? I would like an episode were they are featured as each is a strong warrior in his own right.

    So have you seen Supernatural at all? If so what do you think. This is currently my ‘must see’ show. However for some strange reason, I’ve also become attached to ‘Friday Night Lights’. Can’t figure that out because football is not something I’ve ever had a strong interest in (unless you count my thinking Mark Malone of the Pittsburgh Steelers was very sexy back in the early 80’s).


  4. Joe:

    Thanks for telling us about the deleted scenes. I’m thinking maybe the one I saw filmed was not the same one you said was cut from the opening. I saw something that only had Vala and Mitchell walking and talking. I could not hear the dialog as I was off to the side watching and they were a ways a way from me.

    So maybe two scenes got edited out.

    I realise that some sacrifices have to be made in editing for time so I’m wondering if MGM has any plans to release DVD versions of the episodes with the deleted scenes put back in. That would be awesome.


  5. Joe, have to admit I’m enjoying the food comments and pics. Maybe it will inspire me to get more adventurous in my culinary pursuits. 🙂 You are truly fearless with a fork.

    I have a question about your (and Paul’s) new showrunning gig.

    1) I read that you guys talked to AT about what you had in mind for Sam’s involvement in S4 of Atlantis. I’m curious if you, as new showrunner, have talked to any of the other Atlantis cast members about your – or perhaps their – ideas for character development in S4? Do you like input from the actors as to what aspects of their character they want to see developed or explored?

    2) Is there a type of episode you’ve always wanted to do that you’d like to see on Atlantis? – perhaps something that never quite made it out of the writer’s room in the past? (a la RCC always wanting to do a “spaceship race” on SG-1, thus “Space Race” in S7 after he became showrunner.)


  6. LOL, I’ll be the fool:

    Can you tell us anything more about if RDA will be in the movies?

  7. Ahhh, “Nyoki” it is. Thanks Joe!

    Ok, been hitting the Gateworld juices again, and I think the fans would really like to know some of the specifics of Weir’s status on Atlantis next season (I’ll pretend this isn’t obvious).

    So, of the stories written/outlined/broken/thought of so far, how many does Weir appear in?

  8. Wow Joe, ya start to like something and really get into watching it and then the darn network goes and stops airing it!

    A fresh release from NBC, cementing the plans to shelve Studio 60 as well as 30 Rock, to make room for two new series:

    “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will return later this season on a date to be determined. 30 Rock will return… with original episodes on April 19.

  9. Rumour has it that you were the creator of Ba’al. If that is so, you have my eternal gratitude. What an amazing character. Of course, Cliff Simon does deserve some credit for his job of making the character so sinister. What say you, Joe? Was Ba’al your brainchild? How much input do you have in giving the characters the personalities that they have or is that all up to the actors?

    Thanks for answering my questions. Although you must have missed my question about recommending a good sea food restaurant in Vancouver.
    Have a great day.


  10. Grr, it deleted my rather lengthy comment. Well, it’s me again; I had a couple questions regarding season 4.

    1. I know you mentioned ‘Travellers’ was going to be a Sheppard-whumping episode, but is it going to be Sheppard-centric, or is the whumping just an aside?

    2. In relation to question one: while many fans enjoyed all the Rodney-centric episodes, and I personally loved McKay and Mrs. Miller and Tao of Rodney; I think this is due largely to the growth we see Rodney go through and the information we get about his past. That being said, it seems that we know much more about Rodney than we do about the other characters, and I was wondering if we would get to see other character-centric episodes in season four that gave us backstory for, for example, Teyla? I know plenty of people who would love a show that dealt with (or just gave us some more info on) John’s marriage or why he has such a strong ATA gene, Ronon’s life on the run or why the Wraith can’t feed on him, or Teyla’s life or other relationships she might have had prior to moving to Atlantis, to name just a few examples, or episodes that simply dealt with character growth that wouldn’t be fixed with the reset button.

  11. Hi, Mr Mallozzi,

    I think that Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 are great, but I have been trying to find someone to suggest a storyline for an episode but haven’t got any answer from MGM can you help ? It could provide a greater flexibility in the storylines and also abilities for the third series coming. My email address is

  12. Hiya again Joe,

    I remember you reading that you werent happy with how the Lucian Alliance turned out. So, if you could go back, what would you do to change them? Tweak them more or replace them with something entirely different or just scrap the idea all together?

    Take care Joe!

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