In the event I’m ever in the passenger seat of your car and you happen to lose your way, do not count on me to render any sort of practical assistance. Get me to recommend a good restaurant or to reach back and grab that Kleenex box sitting on the back seat, but do not, under any circumstances, ask me to read a map, or consult the written directions, or even venture a guess as to which way is North. Granted, I’m not as bad as that guy we used to know who would stick post-it note directions onto his NAV screen for quick and easy reference (That’s what it’s for, isn’t it?), but I am the type of person who can actually do more harm than good in such situations. If “more lost” is a hypothetical possibility, I can get you there. And so it was, yesterday, as we were driving to Port Moody, a journey that took us through parts unknown, up derelict alleyways, down winding back country-like roads, across two-lane traffic, past a local strip mall not once but twice, and, finally, to our destination: one of Vancouver’s top breeders of French Bulldogs.

A couple actually – very friendly, very informative, eager to educate us about the breed regardless of whether we eventually purchased from them or not. All their dogs are show material, with bloodlines traced back to European champions. And they’re darn cute (check out the pics). Ultimately, however, I don’t think we’re ready for a new addition to the household. More to the point, I don’t think Maximus, Bubba, and especially Jelly are ready for a sidekick. They’re already mighty needy as it is, and extremely jealous of one another. Today, for instance, our dog walker came by to take them for an outing. Because Maximus can only walk half as long as Bubba, and Jelly can only walk half as long as Maximus, she decided to walk Bubba and Jelly first, then drop off Jelly and take Maximus and Bubba for a second walk. As I later learned from Fondy, Maximus was so outraged at being left out that he howled and barked in protest, then marched over to the landing outside our bedroom and promptly took a dump. How’s that for a temper tantrum? Reminds me of one of our former freelance writers.

Let’s catch up on your mail –

Anonymous writes: “Yeah, but we’re not going to see Lorne or Zelenka in a massive 14 episodes next season, nor are either one of them the huge, franchise behemoth that is Sam Carter. (…) It’s her show now, and everyone knows it.”

Answer: Everyone knows it? And you base this on what exactly? The time machine you used to pop into the future to actually watch season four so that you could base your bold statement on actual fact? Massive 14 episodes? Really? Zelenka was in a massive 10 episodes last year. Sick of him yet?

Anonymous #2 writes: “… why did you get rid of Carson. I’ve heard that Sunday wasn’t supposed to be Carsons end that the episode had to be rewritten. Canadians aired his death. So does that mean that there are more Sg1 and Atlantis episodes that have never been aired ?”

Answer: I won’t go into the reasoning behind certain decisions, but I will say that the nice thing about scifi is that it offers an out for pretty much any situation no matter how dire – even death. As for the rumor that ending to Sunday was changed or rewritten – untrue.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Just *what* will Carter be doing on Atlantis that McKay or Zelenka can’t do, or any of the other scientists, for that matter?”

Answer: You’ll have to tune in to find out. Or ask a friend to tune in and, if you like what you hear, tune in yourself.

Sprinkles writes: “Is there anything more you can tell fans about the 6 episode Daniel prior arc that was cut to one?”

Answer: Since The Shroud has yet to air, I can’t shed too much light on this arc. However, I can say that there was some early discussion of making it a fairly lengthy arc – having things kick off with the end of Quest II, a two episode disappearance, and then three subsequent episodes that would build to a climax and hopefully satisfying conclusion. In the end, it was decided to roll the three-episode story into one: The Shroud.

Stillhere writes: “So who is your favorite comic book character?”

Answer: Doctor Doom. I’m thinking of getting myself a cape for the start of production.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Since you had dinner with Carl, I was hoping you could tell us which writers will be writing for season 4 of Atlantis.”

Answer: Sure. Rob Cooper, Martin Gero, Carl Binder, Alan McCullough, Paul Mullie, and yours truly.

Whew. I think I’ll let my Magic 8 Ball answer the next few questions…

Stillhere also writes: “Any possiblility that Daniel Jackson will make a guest appearance in Atlantis season 4.”

The Magic 8 Ball says: “Cannot predict now.”

Schweinsty writes: “…just popped in to ask if we’ll be seeing more of Lorne next season?”

The Magic 8 Ball says: “Outlook good.”

Anonymous #4 writes: “So when you say “the last time I checked McKay was already in a happy relationship” does that mean that we’ll be seeing Katie Brown again in the future?”

The Magic 8 Ball says: “Signs points to yes.”.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Should Sheppard be with Teyla or with Weir?”

The Magic 8 Ball says: “Reply hazy, try again.”

34 thoughts on “January 28, 2007

  1. Ah finally signed in!

    Lol, first blog entry so far (I think) without food. But, in having the complete inability to give/read/understand directions you are much like my husband.

    Aren’t temper-tantrums just awful? Dog’s do have a sense of humor about the whole thing though. I doubt you leave him next time.

    Love the Magic 8ball replys. I believe, reading back, you’ve answered many of those questions…mulitple times.

    Your Mail:
    Oh, and I don’t anyone even that anon is tired of Zelenka. D. Nykl is quite the character!

    Doc Doom! Good one! Favorite here was always (Hank McCoy) Beast from X-Men.

  2. Joe,

    Sounds like you are directionally challenged just like Sheppard, is that modeled after you?

    Thanks for answering my question regarding the writers. I noticed that Damian Kindler is not among the writers for season 4, do you know what he will be doing in the future?

    Also, do you know who will be directing next year? I am a fan of all the directors but especially Martin Wood, Peter Deluise and Andy Mikita. I heard from Martin’s and Andy’s interviews that they will be back but what about Peter?

    Thanks for the info.


  3. Magc 8 ball told me to try again 😉

    So what do you thik Joe? Should Sheppard be with Teyla or with Weir?

  4. Hi! No questions this time, just wanted to say I’m glad to hear that Lorne and Katie Brown (:)!) are going to get more time onscreen, and thanks for coming online and answering fan questions; I’m sure plenty of us appreciate it.

  5. Did you guys ever consider having SG-1 be Carter, Teal’c, Daniel, and Lorne? I think he fit really well in The ROad Not Taken, and I sort of wish that that’s how season nine had played out.

  6. Aww, how come Teal’c never gets any love? Joe, what does your magic 8-ball say about Chris Judge’s chances of guest starring on Atlantis in season four?

  7. Hi!!

    Will we know soon in how many episodes Torri will appear in season 4 ? (at least approximately?)

    (it’s killing me not to know because I’m scared for my favorite character)

    PS : the dogs are really cute !!

  8. French Bull !!! YEAH !!!!! best dogs ever !! very friendly and affectionate…ok, I have to admit they can be…smelly at times so I don’t recommend staying in the same room with them after they eat ;)they loose hair and look like ugly little pigs when they’re puppies but they are so worth it…
    uh by the way you’re sure your dogs don’t need therapy or something ?!!

    (I had to delurk for this one…been reading your blog since almost the beginning and have been enjoying every little pic 😉 )

    ps: has Carl called you yet ??

  9. Hey Joe!

    So if no-one ever dies in Sci Fi, what are the chances of us seeing Carson Beckett in s4, cos I’m really gonna miss him and it’s been said that there may be a way to bring him back!

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Hello Joe,

    I was wondering with the current enemy arc in SGA being Earth Vs. Pegasus Replicators, is there any chance that we may see Wraith Vs. Replicators?

  11. Ask that 8 ball if I’ll ever win the lottery so I can retire in a hut with a glass floor over the lagoon in Bora Bora. 😉

  12. Will there be any episodes written by Ken Cuperus next year? I realise he is no longer part of the team because of the surplus of writers that was created with SG-1’s cancellation but i thoroughly enjoyed 2 of his episodes in Season 3. I think that “Common Ground” and “Submersion” are 2 of the best Atlantis episodes since the show started.

  13. Those little faces are so cute. what adorable dogs. I admire your powers of resistance to cute puppy faces.

    My dog has separation anxiety disorder and he shreds things. On the bright side it makes him the perfect way to destroy sensitive documents which cuts down on the possibility of identity theft from stuff in the trash.

    My friends have this saying about me, ‘Marla’s sense of direction is so bad she could get lost going out her own driveway.’

    I just tell them my daddy was Jedi Knight, not a navigator on a spice freighter.

    Dr Doom is cool, he is the father of Wanda The Scarlet Witch and her brother Pietro. I got really upset when after it taking so long for Wanda and The Vison to finally get together, the writers went and ruined it:(

    Well when that Magic 8 Ball can predict, you’ll let me know right:)

    Speaking of things that get cut out of episodes, imagine my disappointment upon finding out that the scene in Line In The Sand that I saw being filmed was not aired in the episode (or at least when it was shown in the UK). I asked some UK Fans if they saw the scene and they said no:(

    Who knows, maybe on the extended DVD director’s cut someday!


  14. As for the question as to whether Sheppard should be with Teyla or Weir, just go watch the “ship” mess that is ruining BSG. No shippy stuff, ever on SGA!

  15. Is there a possibility that one of the characters will be form Slovenia? A Slovenian flag on the uniform of one of the extras would be enough. 😀
    I also wondering, do you have any plans on stories happening on the Atlantis mainland?

  16. Oh wise and magic eight ball, oracle of things to come, will the Asgaard be seen in Atlantis’ season four?

    And why have they been ignored on SG-1 since RDA left?

  17. OK, Joe, I know you don’t like to answer questions about creative decisions, and I understand. But I just asw The Road Not Taken, um, a friend sent to me, and I can’t figure out why you didn’t have Sam ask about Jack. When Lorne asks her if there’s anyone else she would liek to take a crack at, whynot have her say Jack?

    THis isnt’ a ship thing, its an SG-1 thing. RDA is even going to be in the next episode. I don’t understnad why you guys are so afraid of mentioning Jack…you’ll never excise him out of the Sg1 universe no matter regardless of how hard you try to. So, why? What was the thinking there? I know it must have come up b/c you’re not studpid. Why no Jack ask?


  18. It must have taken a lot of will to walk away from those cute as hell puppies! The white one is especially adorable *wants* Don’t think my puss cat would appreciate it though.

  19. As far as comparing SGA to BSG and ship stuff goes, I think that’s a ludacris comparison. Different show, different feel, different characters. I like what I see as I see it on SGA. Please, don’t change a thing.

  20. If you ever get bored of writing for Stargate you could always publish your own cook book. Your food reviews are excellent, everyone’s going to flock to Vancouver to start sampling restaurants.

    When does the weather gets better in Vancouver, so that you can feel like writing about ice cream again ?

  21. Hello, Do you tell us if Elizabeth Weir will has a relation ship in the next season ?

  22. Let’s talk about something important: when will we see your new ice cream creations? 🙂
    And has Carl called you yet??? Please tell us, the suspense is unbearable!

  23. stillhere,

    Wanda and Pietro are the daughter and son of Magneto, not Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom did raise Kristoff Vernard though.


    Will our SG:A heroes still get to utilize the sets of SG-1 thanks to the Midway Station? Will we still get to see old friends like Dr. Lee, Siler, and Walter from time to time?

    And will the SG:A characters be stirring up some trouble in the Milky Way galaxy this year or will it all be Pegasus based?

  24. As far as comparing SGA to BSG and ship stuff goes, I think that’s a ludacris comparison. Different show, different feel, different characters. I like what I see as I see it on SGA. Please, don’t change a thing.

    I don’t watch BSG but I HATE ship things on tv and the whole thing between Jack and Sam really made me dislike watching them interact together which is sad because I really liked their friendship in S1-3 before the ship stuff. I prefer watching the friendships among the team and I think their connections lose something when romance is pushed in. It tended to make them awkward together and that’s just not fun to me. I prefer to think of them all as just friends. I wish I had some reassurance that SG-1 would end with the team still all remaining single (and I’m also hoping that they don’t put any ship stuff in the movies).

    I haven’t minded it as much on SGA because it’s been in the background and at least so far, it’s not among members on the same team. As soon as you start pairing up people on the same team though, it really messes up the dynamics (negatively usually IMO) and so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen on SGA either.

  25. Little old me again…

    So I was watching that Stargate Saved My Life thing again (paying a bit more attention this time) and laughed when during your bit it displayed your name on screen as Jo Mazzolli. Good to see they did their research thoroughly 😀

  26. I just wanted to say that I love your blog, it is great to get some information about Stargate, and the food commentary is always interesting.

    I am sure that you know it, but despite all the complaints most people that watch the Stargates love them and are confident in the decisions that are made concerning the show. (There would be no value to complaining much about a show that you actually hate, if that was the case people would not watch them at all.)

    Also, I do not think that anyone can ever get tired of Zelenka, here is one vote for having him in every episode next season.

  27. This may have been asked before – too lazy to check. Season 4 = 20 episodes? 22 would be nice… Also will the new spinoff be spun off Atlantis by any chance?

  28. hi Joe! I’ve got few questions to ask you:
    -why there is no loveship between sam and rodney in SGA season 4? After all, they are like Daniel and Vala, I mean the “I love you, I love you not” thing.
    -Will we see a more intimate relationship between Cam and Sam (they are so cute!!!)for tv movies or in the future?
    -Will Daniel finally admit that he has feelings for Vala?
    -As a Paul Mc Gillion fan, I’ve been very angry and disgusted to learn that Beckett dies in Sunday, will we have a chance to see him again in Atlantis season 4(in credits, please!!!!!!)?

    thanks for your answers!

  29. PalmerEldritch said…
    Wanda and Pietro are the daughter and son of Magneto, not Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom did raise Kristoff Vernard though.


    Ya know I always get those two mixed up, Doom and Magneto..I think it’s the helmets! Must remember that Doom is the one in the green cape.

    I’m still ticked about the whole Wanda and the Vision breakup thing, though. I think that’s pretty much when I stopped reading The Avengers. Stopped watching The Young and The Restless for the same reason too..after finally getting Paul and Lauren together, they ruined it:(

    Now I just don’t want romance mixed in with stuff because some writers never seem to be satisfied with leaving well enough alone!


  30. Hi Joe,

    as a big Cliff Simon fan I would be happy if we could see Baal in Atlantis. Is the a chance for ???

    Thanks for answer.

  31. Can you please introduce the Furlings and the ‘Crystal Skull’ aliens?! How can you leave out those two races? The ‘Crystal Skull’ aliens posed as gods on Earth, yet we only see them once even though Daniel’s grandfather said he will share what he learns. I would think a race who posed as gods on Earth would be as well known as the Goa’uld, Asgard and the Ancients. Will we ever see an episode based on them, who they are, why they were posing as gods, etc?

    Then the Furlings, the 4th race in the alliance. What is wrong with you people! We’ve waited 10 seasons hoping to finally see the Furlings, but all you give us is those ridiculous koalas… We want to see who the Furlings are, the storyline behind them, their technological level/ships, etc!!! It has been FAR TOO LONG!!! When will we see the Furlings?

    Also, regarding the ‘Grace’ ship. They were described as “The Shippers”, so I assume there is meant to be a story line behind them, are you guys ever going to expand on that? That ship was huge! It might even put up a fight against an Ori warship!

    Thank-you in advance for your answers, they will be much appreciated.

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