The diecast models of the Doctor Who 40th Anniversary Gift Set received an lowly 6/10 while the Lost promotional towel fared much better, garnering an impressive 9/10. So any guesses as to what Dreamwatch will award the Swiss-made, aluminum Young People F*cking: promotional water bottle for young Martin Gero’s upcoming first feature foray? Personally, I’d give it an 8. It’s certainly lightweight and practical, but it doesn’t afford much leeway as a possible re-gift (my measuring rod for promotional material) unlike, say, the Doctor Who 40th Anniversary diecast models that mom really adored. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful memento of Martin’s labor of love that will hopefully be hitting the festival circuit sometime soon.

Speaking of labors of love hitting the fest circuit, I finally checked out David’s Hewlett’s directorial debut, A Dog’s Breakfast, and greatly enjoyed it. Lots of laugh out loud moments in this one and if you didn’t manage to snag a ticket for the London premiere, don’t fret. I’m sure it too will find it’s way to a theater (and eventually DVD store) near you.

It’s been a grueling couple of days at work as I set up the new office. Al…most…there. This year, in keeping with my online personality, I’m going with a villain theme.

Well, Fondy informs me that she’s made an appointment for us to visit a local breeder of French Bulldogs tomorrow. Coincidentally, the other day Marty G. was discussing the possibility of getting a dog of his own and mentioned an online quiz he had taken that selected the perfect breed for participants based on their particular lifestyles. Apparently, the Frenchie is the idea dog for him – a pooch that doesn’t like to get out much and exercise, preferring more laidback pursuits like lounging around the house and snacking all day. Yes, a dog after my own heart as well, but I’ve already got three of them. Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to just go take a look…

Catching up on some of the mail…

Skully writes: “Joe, its been a long time since BHS. I really enjoy your work and am so happy to see the success you have had. Well deserved.”

Answer: J.V.? That wouldn’t happen to stand for John V., would it?

Anonymous writes: “I think what has a lot of people worried (and maybe we don’t need to be) is the fear that [Carter] will TAKE OVER and be in charge while Sheppard and Rodney get shoved to the sidelines because she thinks she is “better” than they are in both military and science areas. Yeah probably won’t happen since she is a guest character but I think a little reassurance is needed for some of us.”

Answer: Consider yourself reassured.

Trini writes: “…many SGA fans fear that the enormous growth Rodney has shown over the seasons will be nullified; they fear that, since Rodney is rather smitten with Sam, he would have eyes only for her and care only about her, instead of about Sheppard and his team. Are there any reassurances you could offer us? Will the friendship between the members of Sheppard’s team still be developed once Carter has joined Atlantis?”

Answer: Carter’s entering the mix will certainly make for some fun interactions between the two, but the last time I checked McKay was already in a happy relationship. As for the friendship between Sheppard’s team – we already have some stories in the works.

GateGipsy: “ On the flipside, doesn’t the character of Sam actually duplicate many of the skills and special attributes of existing characters?”

Answer: If you look at it that way, Zelenka duplicates many of McKay’s skills and special attributes and the same could be said with regard to Lorne vis-à-vis Sheppard.

Anonymous writes: “Can you at least tell us if Carter being on Atlantis is going to reduce her participation in the SG-1 movies?”

Answer: Nope. Carter will be a very active participant in both SG-1 movies.

Anonymous writes: “ Is there any chance of Jack O’neill visiting Atlantis again in season four?”

Answer: There’s a chance, sure.

Anonymous writes: “Sometimes one line comes out of a movie or series that brings the whole episode/series back to one’s memory. (…) When you are writing the script do you ever think that this is line that will live in the jargon long after the episode has played?”

Answer: Never, except for this latest script. But, ultimately, I was voted down and had to lose the line: “Who’s Hootie now?!”

Arctic Goddess writes: “What is the hardest part about writing a script for Stargate?”

Answer: Hmmm. I’d say the most unpleasant part about writing a script is definitely the rewrite – which is what I’m working on now.

UberSG-1Fan writes: “What makes the chocolate cake “molten”?”

Answer: Its liquid center.

UberSG-1Fan also writes: “Will we get to see much or any of Jeannie Miller, Colonel Caldwell and Radek Zelenka?”

Probably, hopefully, and for sure.

Anonymous writes: “Joe, on the subject of books, who is your favorite writer, and what is your all-time favorite novel? On a side note, it looks like you’ve got some competition in the blog department. Rob Cooper is starting one on the MGM Stargate site.”

Answer: Favorite writer? Hmmm. I’ll have to give this some thought and get back to you. As for the news about Rob – well, let the blog wars begin!

20 thoughts on “January 27, 2007

  1. “If you look at it that way, Zelenka duplicates many of McKay’s skills and special attributes and the same could be said with regard to Lorne vis-à-vis Sheppard.”

    Yeah, but we’re not going to see Lorne or Zelenka in a massive 14 episodes next season, nor are either one of them the huge, franchise behemoth that is Sam Carter. Since RDA left the show Tapping is the face of Stargate. When she goes to Atlantis, she’s automatically going to become the biggest character there. No matter who gets the most screentime or who has been the favorite before, none of the Atlantis characters can fight Carter’s TEN YEARS of experience and growth. It’s her show now, and everyone knows it.

  2. Hi Joe:

    Are we going to see any of those promotional gifts (pictured) on E-Bay any time soon? Or would certain people then have you, “swimming with the fishes”, as payback?

  3. A lot of fans are worried that Torri’s character is effectively being dumped in favour of the Carter character.

    I know this is the kind of comment that resulted in the whole lemming comment to begin with, and you’ve done everything possible to avoid all reference to Torri, but can you give us any idea how many episodes she’ll be in?

    I don’t know if you guys realise just how popular the character Elizabeth Weir is. Yes, a lot of people are jumping up and down and threatening to boycott, but you should see that as a compliment because it shows how much people love a character this franchise has created.

  4. Hi, good luck on Stargate Atlantis season 4 this year. I also hope that Jack O’neill will be coming back for a few episodes to remember good times with him at the SG1 show. I also hope that he’ll be yoining SG1 movies this year so that we see the entire original team once again.

    Oh and by the way, I don’t know if anyone asked here this, it is too much to read all at once but why did you get rid of Carson. I’ve heard that Sunday wasn’t supposed to be Carsons end that the episode had to be rewritten. Canadians aired his death. So does that mean that there are more Sg1 and Atlantis episodes that have never been aired ?

  5. A dog’s breakfast? Ah, I really want to see that, but unfortunately I’m not sure that Croatian DVD stores will have that… or SG movies… I’m stuck on Amazon shop. Nice toys tough, mr. Mallozzi. I’ve read about Young People Fuc*ing, seems like good project, intresting. How come there are so many pictures of food, your blog always makes me hungry!

  6. A quick question after reading your replies to some questions. Just *what* will Carter be doing on Atlantis that McKay or Zelenka can’t do, or any of the other scientists, for that matter?

  7. Hi Joe, This is a question in regards to one of yur earlier blog entires but I thought you would spot this easier if I posted here 🙂 Is there anything more you can tell fans about the 6 episode Daniel prior arc that was cut to one? Especially with the eager anticipation of ‘The Shroud’ to be aired in the UK on te 30th of Jan. Would be grateful if there is anything you could share :D, many thanks!

  8. Love your figures! I confess I had to ask my boyfriend (who used to own a comic store) what the name of one villian was (Ultron) He follows the Avengers closer than I do. Just have to admire McFarlan figures.

    I see that your poster of Mars is a little different than David’s original “Have you seen this dog?” one. It’s very nice and David has mentioned a possible film festival screening coming soon. I’m glad. He has worked hard for it.

    The water bottle…interesting.

    It will take me a day or two to catch up on all of your entries. But I’ll be here. Not a threat, buy the way.

  9. Just wanted to throw one more vote in for Jack O’neill. I’d love to see him make another appearance on Atlantis, and his participation in the movies is a must. Can’t wait to see those movies!

    William Betterston

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions about Sam on Atlantis! I admit to still being a little nervous but not as much as I was. Either way I look forward to season 4 of Atlantis – as long as it continues, I’m happy!

  11. Hey Joe:

    Love the action figures. So do you have the Stargate ones now two. Are the Carters arguing and Danie’s finding it all fascinating Does Teal’c feel left out because there only seems to be one of him?

    So who is your favorite comic book character?

    Mine has always been Iron Man (when he was Tony Stark). I’m have to admit I’ve got some major trepidation about what the movie version of the character is going to be like. However I am really pleased with the choice of Robert Downey Jr to play the role.

    I’m really looking forward to Ghost Rider. The trailers look really good and Nicolas Cage has always been one of my favorites.

    I am also really looking forward to seeing ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’. It sounds great.

    Any possiblility that Daniel Jackson will make a guest appearance in Atlantis season 4. I mean the poor thing deserves a chance to actually explore the city instead of just hanging out in one room.

    I see alot of people expressing their concerns about what they fear will happen when Carter comes to Atlantis. I understand those kinds of issues and wanting answers or assurances. But sometimes I think for show runners and writers it must be hard to address issues and concerns when a lot of what a fan will or won’t see when things air is based on perception.

    What one fan might see as a character ‘taking over’ another might see as a character being a perfect fit in the story. Trying to anticipate what will or won’t be interpreted in the events or dialog of an episode or story, I think, would be an impossible task for anyone.

    Thanks for making real effort to try and address the concerns and issues fans have and not just turning a blind eye.


  12. Joe, here you go with a suggestion for book and author. I’m sure you have already read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but it is my absolute favorite book of all time. I’ve read it about 10 times. Any other book by Douglas is great too. What do you think?

  13. Hey, the villains are always more fun. Revel in your villainous side.

    And speaking of collectibles…when do we get to see the die cast chess set with the Atlantis cast for white and the Wraith for black?

  14. You said there’s a chance for Jack to show up in S4 Atlantis, so is there also a chance for Daniel to show up? Because Sam and Daniel are the ones that, to me, make the most sense in having turn up on Atlantis sometimes.

    Plus I do miss seeing Daniel and Sam hang out since we so rarely get to see that anymore in S10 of SG-1. Sadly, Daniel always seems to be paired off with Vala and because of that, I really miss his interactions with Sam and Teal’c (and Jack of course). So I wouldn’t mind seeing Sam and Daniel hang out in Atlantis in a S4 episode.

  15. Hello; just popped in to ask if we’ll be seeing more of Lorne next season? He definitely has a devoted following who would love to see him…:P.

  16. First time commenting, hope I do it right!

    So when you say “the last time I checked McKay was already in a happy relationship” does that mean that we’ll be seeing Katie Brown again in the future? I really hope so- she and Rodney were so cute together and I’d love to see that explored.

  17. Carter won’t be taking any screen time away from Zelenka will she? I love Radek and hope he isn’t short changed by Carter.

  18. Just remember, this is Stargate – ATLANTIS, not Stargate – Shep’s Team. Characters like Lorne, Zelenka, even Kavanagh, are just as important, and sometimes more interesting than the Babe Magnet.

  19. Hey Joe,
    I figured you would put it together with the “Skully” and the JV to come up with the right name from the past! I’m loving your restaurant reviews. I will likely be doing business in Vancouver in the near future and will need to know the good places to take them. I have lost touch with most people from the old days but still chat with a few. Hope your family is well.


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