All too often, we allow our passions to overtake us. We become caught up in the heat of the moment, saying, sometimes writing things we honestly believe to be true at the time – only to later sit back and realize no, I was wrong. I should have taken a deep breath and thought long and hard before posting. This is, after all, the internet and once you’ve voiced something as fact, it’s almost impossible to take back. Still, I’m going to try. It takes a big man to realize he has made a mistake, and an even bigger man to apologize for that mistake. And so… I made a mistake. And I’d like to apologize for something I posted on this blog.

Specifically, I’d like to say sorry to Martin Gero for stating he owned an X-Box game console. In fact, Martin owns BOTH a Wii AND an X-Box game console.

Okay, okay. Sometimes, I use humor to deflect from the seriousness of a situation. Obviously, Martin is not the only one who’s owed an apology.

I’m referring, of course, to Bob Picardo’s wife Linda and her mother. As it turns out, what I assumed to be fruit cake was, in fact, date and nut bread. High praise to Linda’s mother for the truly fantastic creation, and, again, equally high praise to Linda for her incredible creations.

Well, I feel better already. Of course, it could have something to do with the final mix we watched today. First Strike, the Atlantis season three finale, is one of the biggest and most ambitious episodes we’ve ever produced. A big congratulations to everyone involved, especially our visual effects team, director Martin Wood, and pretty-boy Martin Gero.

Some of you have complained about the recent dearth of food pics. To be fair, it has been two long food photo free days. Alas, my wife is taking some evening fitness classes which have seriously cut into our dine-out time. Nevertheless, a guy has got to eat – even if it means grilling up some barley-fed pork from Niku-ya Meats compliments of David Nykl who also dropped off a box of sour candy for the writers with the note: “Whenever you eat one, think of Radek”. Far be it for me to criticize a gift but, in the future, David may want to consider having his character associated with something sweet and pleasant rather than something sour and distressing.

And while I’m discussing sweet gifts, a belated thanks to my accountant, Al, and the gang at his office for the magnificent gift basket.

Finally, and on a genuinely serious note, I would like to extend my sincerest sympathies to “foodfan in Denver” on her recent loss.

Mail –

Anonymous writes: “Can you tell us anything more about Richard Dean Anderson being in the movies?”

Answer: At the moment, no.

Anonymous also writes: “… do you think there’s any chance that Scifi will ask for more SG-1…?”

Answer: It’s very hard to say at this point. The fact that we’re one of their top-ranked shows gives me hope. Then again, I’m the guy who thought SG-1 would get picked up for an eleventh season.

Another Anonymous writes: “Have any stories that involved series attempts at suicide for any of the characters ever come up?”

Answer: Sure. Check out a SG-1 season 4’s “The Light”.

Ivona writes: “…how do you in between all that work you succeed to write blog every day! and have something interesting to write!”

Answer: I suppose it really depends on how you define “interesting”.

Grace writes: “…do you ever go vegetarian, or is that an insult to your culinary sensibilities?”

Answer: I have no problems with vegetarian food in principle. But, like pogs and Baltic fashion, it isn’t something I usually seek out.

Sarahzilla writes: “What kind of advice would you give a current ‘student who was interested in pursuing a career in screen writing? Would a degree that focuses on primarily producing scripts for television be better in the long run, or would a degree in English or theater be more valuable?”

Answer: If I had to choose, I’d go with the former since it would teach you the basic mechanics, force you to write, and hopefully help you improve your craft. But, ultimately, genuine talent trumps a degree any day.

13 thoughts on “January 23, 2007

  1. Hello Joe,

    Just found this. And Im loving it already, though it may take a few days to get through all the posts. 🙂

    Stargate’s been a huge inspiration to me, and Im hoping to soon launch my own writing career. Definately want to get into television.
    I’ve been thinking about Vancouver Film School for the writing program. Do you have any advice to give on it? Thanks in advance either way!

    Wow, all this food is making me hungry.

  2. Being the culinary connoisseur that you are, have you ever tried any honest to goodness Southern cuisine? And I don’t just mean stereotypical stuff like grits or bacon…I mean like Memphis dry rub barbeque or fried green tomatoes or collard greens? Because if you haven’t, Joe, man, you don’t know what you’re missing.

    And a fandom related question: Would you ever consider attending a convention other than Comic Con…like DragonCon say? Because there was MUCH discussion of inviting someone from the writing/production team at our DragonCon wrap up last year. (And this in no way reflects my own personal fangirling reasons for wanting you to be at D*Con…and I won’t even mention how much Kavan and Torri and Rachel and Cliff and Bill and Gary and Don had last year…)

    Thanks again for blogging…I personally am fascinated by your culinary commentary. (My dad’s a chef. *grin*)


    PS. You never “write” anymore…kidding!! I swear I wanna be like you when I grow up. But seriously, thank you…between your blog and all your hard work on Stargate…well…since you got my package, I hope you read my letter so you know what Stargate has meant to me this past 14 months.

  3. Hey Joe…I have a question for you about what you wrote yesterday which I intended to ask yesterday…but alas, life has been crazy busy on this end and I’m not caught up on your blog this week. Is it okay if I comment on a past post here?

    If you choose not to respond I’ll totally understand but it’s something that’s been bugging me for a long while.

    It has to do with the creative process.

    Firstly…and this is just because the story you told was too rich…did your boss at that time ever figure out or was ever told she praised the same work she previously deemed to be “a mess”?

    Secondly…and really what I hope you answer…how much interference does the creative process receive from outside influences? This has been a conversation on Gateworld off and on. I feel as do others that a lot of the issues we gripe about as fans…whatever specific nit the collective “we” are picking at that time regarding whatever storyline or character(s)…is born of some “suit” coming in and giving you “notes”…telling you to change things that you know in your heart would ruin the intent of your work or would make character X look bad or whatever.

    Is this true? What kind of influence/notes/whatever comes from Brad or Rob (who I don’t perceive as negative influences btw but influences nonetheless) vs. SciFi vs. MGM vs. whoever else has the power to comment or request/demand changes and do they interfere a lot?

    I could be completely misguided but a part of me believes that “suits” in general…people who don’t get the shows or the characters…make a lot of decisions and effect a lot of changes that work for whatever agenda they have but sometimes (if not often) clash with the shows.

    Thank you and yay! food pics.

    Mary Beth 🙂
    (still waiting for ice cream)

    P.S…What became of “Annette”? *ducks for cover*

  4. OOh, those olives look good. I love your blog, Joe, it always makes me laugh. And trust me, your food adventures are interesting!

    When is Scifi planning on airing Atlantis’ season four? Will it be in the summer again, or will their be another six month break? If there is a longer break again, will it effect the movies/Stargate Universe timeline?


  5. This is a mistery I’ve always wanted to know about the entire stargate franchize. Two things actually. Fits, are you planing to make a Stargate movie in the future that includes the real live actual furlings ? Or maybe in Atlantis or the new series ?
    The second thing that most intriges me is that the gate has 9 chevrons but only 8th of them were used. Do you ever plan to tell us what does the 9th chevron is for ? Maybve make a movie about some distant galaxy or something about it ?

  6. Joe,
    You mentioned that Gero has a Wii, do you know what games has? Does he own Zelda: Twilight Princess?


  7. Joe:

    Thanks for sharing your stories about the process of being a script writer and how many ‘cooks’ are in the kitchen trying to get their two cents in.

    Writing on any level can be difficult from script writing to entertainment reporting. Critism is part of the process as you say of becoming a better writer. Sometimes I think the hardest part in all of it is sorting out the valid critisms from the ones made with other agendas in mind or just out of pettiness, spite or jealousy.

    When I interviewed Ben Browder he said something very interesting about storytelling and being on the production side of the camera vs the audience side of the equation. He said that to him it’s just a total mistery when it comes to what works and what doesn’t for the audience. That stories the actors and the writers have thought were gems, have fallen flat with the audience and then there were ones that the actors and writers felt could have used more time to polish and the fans hailed them as the best ever.

    That all you can do is the best you can and keep learning and keep going. It sounded like pretty good advice to me.

    Oh and I still think Cadet Hailey was a great character (but then I liked Freya/Anise too).

    To Foodfan in Denver:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of one of your dogs. I’m sending a hug your way.

  8. Joe:

    In an update to her website,, Amanda Tapping has revealed that it was you and Paul who came up with the idea of Sam Carter going to Alantis and approached her about it.

    Would you mind elaborating on how this concept came to be something you wanted to pursue as showrunners? Maybe a bit of insight into envisioning Carter in the Atlantis series?

    If not..well I’ll just pout a bit then move on;)

    Also a hug to Amanda Tapping on the two losses she has had so close together and a huge wish for success for her new adventures..the one in Atlantis and the brand new project she is the EP of.


  9. Oooh yummy! Are those brussel sprouts or olives? I can’t tell!

    I’m a big fan of all kinds of cuisine – being Asian, I gotta admit I enjoy a wide range of stuff. Plus living in Sydney Australia where we have such a wide variety of multicultural cuisine, I appreciate all the various food.

    I love your pictures. Heck, they make me hungry!

    Re: SGA – again – clueless. Although I gotta admit that I read “summaries” of your blog or on-goings sometimes because I just can’t be bothered to follow everything myself.

    Pretty boy Gero? Hah! He should know that he does have a fanclub (I think…) of people who do think he’s cute. Now don’t go telling him that though…

  10. After your comments about Boston Legal, I decided to watch my DVDs of BL before I tackle the last season of Deadwood (which I can only see on DVD because I don’t have HBO). I’m sure you’re done with the whole set by now, but I’ve just started the second season of BL… however, I just finished what’s always been one of my favorite episodes, the fishing one… Now that’s how to do fishing!!!! My favorite Denny line being: “I’m here to enjoy nature, don’t talk to me about the environment.”

  11. Waves hello from across the mountains in Alberta:

    I have a question and an observation. First the question: Are you ever irritated when people say cul-in-ary rather than the appropriately pronounced, que-lin-ary, or am I being anal? Because it seriously bothers me.

    The observation is regarding your previous blog. Have you ever heard the story of the boss who received a man’s final draft. The boss asked, “is that the best you can do”? The man took the draft back and worked on it then turned it in. The boss asked, “Can you improve on this”? The man took it back and worked on it some more. He brought it back one more time. The boss asked, “is this your best work”? The man said, “yes, sir, it’s the best that I can do.” The boss then replied, “Great, now I’ll read it.” So, never feel guilty about getting away with less work. Life is too short. Have a great day.

  12. Hi, Joe!

    I hope that Rick will appear in one of MGM’s DVD’s. I hate that ORI storyline!


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