My traveling is done and I can finally sit back and relax, just as soon as I – finish my script, give Rob notes on his movie outline and his Atlantis script, call the electrician to come in and check out the disconcerting PING! emanating from my sump pump ever forty seconds or so, find a tailor and have all of my suits taken in as I’ve lost an inch off my waist since Hong Kong, work out, walk the dogs, forward that Tokyo itinerary to the nice girl who contacted me asking for suggestions, send off that payment to London Life, do my GST, watch the Dominion Day 2 mix, update my library, and write my latest blog entry.

Well, no electrician or tailors today, but I did read Rob’s outline. Whooowheee! It is going to be huge! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. By now, he’s had plenty of practice writing series finales. I’d drop some hints but, having seen my poem, Rob has requested the right to perform a Stargate rap in which he will cleverly offer up hints to the upcoming movie. Brad, given his acting background, has opted to go with a one man all-mimed stage show. Keep watching YouTube for the release of both videos.

Tonight, we stopped by Prima Taste for another excellent dinner. We went with some old favorites (the curry chicken and springrolls for Fondy, and the chicken satay for myself) and decided to go off-book with a few other selections. I ordered the ikin bilis, tiny crispy anchovies with peanuts, a dish that was very different from the ones I’ve tried elsewhere (usually served with a very spicy chili sauce). Tonight’s was good, but I prefer the fiery version. I also had a nice flavorful fishball soup. We split a dish of (what the menu referred to as) “water spinach” – a hollow root vegetable served in a nicely spiced sauce. We’ve had the same vegetable at Long’s Noodle House where you can have it either sauteed with garlic or made with a terrific soybean taste.

And, finally, to answer some of your questions (in no particular order): yes, no, no, yes, no way, 14, eaten by a bear?, of course, they hate to dress up, Extra Scoop Pate, no, yes, of course I always think of the poor Chefs, papillote sounds great, and you’ll have to ask my sister.

5 thoughts on “January 4, 2007

  1. Well, as long as someone does 😉 One of the things I miss the most about living in a major centre is the ability to eat at a new place as often as I want. After two years in the same place, I’ve eaten everywhere in this town (and the one over). Fortionately it’s a rather high class town so there are lots of good eateries.

  2. Hey joe,just discovered the blog and i gotta say,Im very hungry now

  3. Does Rob Cooper have a clever ‘rapper’ name? Will Brad Wright reveal that he took mime lessons from RDA?

    All this and more to come right?:)

    Pinging in the sump pump? Isn’t that that first sign of an alien invasion?

    Looking forward to more updates on how the pugs are progressing with their diets and weight loss. Are they plotting mass rebellion yet?


  4. This is a great blog. I really enjoy reading it. It gets me hungry as well.

    Maybe see you and Fondy in the Summer. We miss the pugs.

    Brother-in-law in TO.

  5. Crema di Pisticcio, made by DiStefano can be found at: Deli La Trattoria – 514-694-0595
    19787, chemin Sainte-Marie, Kirkland, QC H9J 3L8
    This stuff is best eaten with a spoon… skip the bread.

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