The dawn of each season brings ideas galore
Some which survive, others shown the door,
Like that time travel story, or the love romp not done,
Or the Dark Daniel arc trimmed from six tales to one.

We begin each new year with the best of intentions,
Seeking to craft our inspired inventions.
But conditions are altered, storylines change,
From the original notion so far may they range.

So as we look forward to two thousand and seven,
I can’t help but think it would truly be heaven,
To see the ideas pitched out, some produced,
Make it as finals, not crossed out or reduced.

Atlantis assailed by the stuff of nightmares,
While the team will explore that dark sunken lair.

For one player worship, adoration and fame,
As he and his rival find it’s more than a game.

Receive a grand gift from an all-seeing shaman.
Find the wraith and our allies have something in common.

A tech-savvy group who progress via pillage.
A wild west High Noon in an inapt Dutch village.

Too late the value of that friendship he’ll learn.
A strange disappearance feeds another’s dark turn.

Find survivors concealed in an orbiting rock,
While the thinker receives an enlightening shock.

Mutations discovered, O’Neill is all wet.
With a change of location all will forget.

Hyperion’s wrath threatens total destruction.
Our hand will be forced by ominous construction.

Carter arrives; a reunion of sorts.
One of our own the enemy courts.

Isolation imposed and a grand battle looms,
While an alien contact this player dooms.

Self-doubt for one, parenthood for another,
And that brilliant young mom may be needing her brother.

From innocents lost he’ll produce strict adherence
While the late fallen one makes a surprised reappearance

Scheduling conflicts, production demands,
Changes necessitate all won’t go as planned.
But let’s hope these ideas do well find their way,
And all see the light of a t.v. one day.

20 thoughts on “December 31, 2006

  1. Interesting hints for the second half of seasons 10 and 3. Some were immediately recognizable, some more obscure. A little mystery is a good thing.

  2. Actually, they’re all hints for the back half of Atlantis season 3 and into season 4.

  3. Hi Joe!

    Any idea on how many episodes Amanda Tapping will be guesting in? How about O’neill? Daniel? Teal’c? Vala?

    Thanks for the hints!


  4. Joe, Happy New Year, I love what you did with this post, it’s very you and suddenly I can’t stop putting you together with the song “My Way” LOL

    “For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught.
    To say the things he truly feels;
    And not the words of one who kneels.
    The record shows I took the blows –
    And did it my way!”

    PS: No need to unscreen my comment

  5. Happy New Year, Joe!

    So, any chances of waxing poetic about the back half of season 10 for SG-1? And, maybe if you bribe Joe and Brad with ice cream they’ll write a poem about the two movies.


  6. Very, very nicely done. As I’m not English, I didn’t get the whole thing, some words are still obscure, but I did find this very nicely written.

  7. Season 3 was a blast,
    With season 4 on the way,
    I hope SGA will last,
    And not been blown away,
    Like Sg-1 was last year!

    So unless you get eaten by a bear,
    It’s on you to take care,
    And make us a show,
    At which we will all stare.

    Cheers from Slovenia.

  8. Very enjoyable, fun read without really giving anything away. And to quote what nolamom said here “a little mystery is a good thing”.

    Thank you for taking the time to post it.

  9. Someone (else) is doomed? Someone is going to become a parent? With your love of kids, I can only imagine how that will go 😉

    I hope the reappearance of the fallen one is Carson and that it’s for more than a token ep or 2!

  10. John Denver may haven given us “Rhymes & Reasons”, but you give us hints in rhyme, and thusly plentiful reasons to stare deeper into the Atlantian Stargate.

    (And rhyming shaman with common?
    C’mon, man… that’s bold!)

  11. You evil person 😉 Very well done. Can’t wait to slowly unravel it as the season goes on.

  12. Welcome to Atlantis’ crew
    It must all seem quite new
    May you get your wish and more
    For a good Season Four
    Good luck to you, Joe.
    So, get on with the show!

  13. I’m desperately hoping that the returning one is Carson too, as I’ve already turned off my cable and have zero plans to watch season four unless he comes back.

  14. Joe what a great poem. Thanks for sharing it here with us on your blog.

    What do you mean they trimmed it down to only one episode. That kind of arc deserved six episodes to do it justice.

    Ok done whining about that.

    Are you saying that McKay’s sister is going to become a new mom? If so, kewl cause I think it would be fun to see Rodney dealing with a niece or nephew.


  15. Hello,
    thanks for the poem, I tried the whole afternoon to figure it out. Some stuff is really obvious, other is harder to determine and some doesn’t make sense at all – yet 🙂
    It feels a little of those Nostradamus prophecies, and some of the stanzas are quiet appropriate for more than one episode.
    I even tried to translate the poem into german (for some members on the PMGFans Online), but because most of the stanzas are in rhyme, it isn’t just that simple. We are discussing it too in our board (german/english) at

    Best wishes
    Halessa (

  16. Great poem 😀
    It’s taken me most of the day to get through your 2006 blog (you have the most exotic appetite I have ever encountered, I don’t know how you do it) so roll on 2007! 😀 *changes caffeine IV drip*

  17. A very tasty foretelling. Makes me wish I had started watching Atlantis sooner. Great job.

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