February 10, 2018: The Stargate Concept Art of James Robbins!

So the other day, I came across an old hard drive containing a slew of Stargate-related visuals: concept art, designs, previs.  It’s actually about 0.5% of the library of BTS pics and vids sitting in my storage unit, much of it somewhat inaccessible due to the fact that the technology is incredibly old and lacking the proper connectors.  Over the next month or so, I’m going to see what I have and call on your technical assistance in an effort to source the proper, delightfully antiquated, tech that will yield that veritable goldmine of goodies.

Anyway, I posted some of the amazing Atlantis (actually Stargate: SG-1 “Lost City) concept art the other day.

Art by Stargate Production Designer James Robbins.

Here’s more…

City of the Ancients.

On the rise.

The Ancient chair.  To be honest – not exactly built for comfort.

The ice cavern.

Big Trouble in Little Cavern.

Drone portal.

Drone design.

Release the drones!