8 thoughts on “April 25, 2023: Stargate Universe – Behind the Scenes!

  1. Love it! The sets were amazing and the cast/crew seem happy. I’d say it was a pleasant experience for all pictured.

  2. I Tim Doust like Stargate I have SG1 ATLANTIS AND STARGATE UNIVERSE all of the seasons I’d personally appreciate it if you would finish universe they can’t stay in stasis chambers

  3. Our tortoiseshell Misty passed away this morning at the age of 19. It’s particularly hard for Mom.

      1. Thank you. As a pet parent, I know you can understand what we’re going through. Mom looked after Misty very closely these past two years after she (Misty) had a health scare, but Misty was still walking and eating and making her presence known and it was quite sudden.

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