5 thoughts on “November 5, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. I’m avoiding any movies made in 2022. So, we been watching a few old Classics. I can see why they are classics, now. Here’s out list: Ice Station Zebra, The Great Escape, The Bridge on the River Kwai and The Dirty Dozen. I’d forgotten how much I liked Charles Bronson.
    I’m going to search for Where Eagles Dare, too. That one looks good.

  2. Daddy Daughter time always precious.

    Hey gang. Hope everyone is doing ok.
    Some changes coming up here.

    Our NS101 open access twitter classroom is expanding to Mastodon.social
    If you are seeking an alternative to twitter you can join us via
    New posts will begin there November 15th.

    Our ed team volunteers will of course also continue to post on twitter for those who choose to remain -so long as nothing prevents it. The nice thing about Mastodon is the 500 character limit. The Edit button. (Finally you can say bye bye to having to delete and repost when you make a typo). The service is 100% free. Completely non profit. (No targeted advertisers or big concentrated effort to push crypto just so Elon can pay his bank loans on time and appease his handful of overly opportunistic billionaire investors seeking high profit return). All voices/ideologies are welcome but must be reasonably civilized. Harassment/intimidation and misinformation not tolerated.

    Thanks so much to everyone that pitched in to medical fund to help out in October.
    I have had to close PayPal 10/31 as it no longer accepts transactions from outside U.S.
    and some of the educators I work with, as well as some cancer fund contributors, are in other countries. I Found a service called Wise.com. I will open a new account there as soon as I get the chance. In the meantime I’m still on Venmo. via dreacrysel@gmail.com for anyone who can pitch in for November.

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