Today’s lunch or ikura (salmon roe) and uni (sea urchin) on rice was far superior to the last time we ordered this from our local seafood vendor, anxiously awaiting its lunch time arrival only to have it delivered with an attached note informing us that the uni wasn’t available after all.  Oishikatta!


Akemi has signed up for another 8 weeks of pottery courses in The Junction, meaning I get another eight lunches at my favorite Toronto deli – When the Pig Came Home.  Having apparently worked my way through the entire official menu, I am now exploring the intriguing off-menu items.  This past Thursday, it was a sandwich called The Ben that included peameal bacon, pork belly, egg and cheese on milk bun.  Maybe a tomato in there too.  With a side of the city’s best spicy beef pattie.  I slept VERY well that night.


My neighbor dropped this off for me and it is now my new favorite beer (despite the dismissals of the brew crew).  Taaaaaasty!

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Checked out The Lobster Burger Bar with my friend Carolyn Hinds the other day. 2 lobster burgers, 1 lobster roll, 1 crispy shrimp roll, 2 chicken tacos, and a stack of onion rings. I feel we accomplished a lot.


I like my cheese so runny that I have to chase it around the plate with a spoon.  We usually pick up some Monforte every Saturday at our local farmer’s market.  They have a wonderful selection (aged, soft, and spreadable) but this one is my favorite, the Rose d;Amour, a water buffalo milk cheese studded with pink peppercorns.

Img_2070 Img_2072 Img_2075 Img_2076 Img_2077

Last week’s double farmer’s market trip saw Akemi pack us a Japanese-style (bento) picnic lunch complete with onigiri and chicken balls.


My possession with the humble tomato sandwich continues.

Img_2059 Img_2061

A couple of my very favorite hot sauces.  I lean towards habanero-based with fruit and a thicker consistency.


The umamirrific cheese ramen from Toronto’s best ramen shop – Midori Ramen.

Today’s Yes/No…

4 thoughts on “September 2, 2022: The Foodly Updates!

  1. All that food looks amazing! (except for one dish, but I won’t point fingers and scream).

    You should request your cheese be served in a bowl with a spoon. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Would they?

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