The plan was to be in Montreal for my sister’s birthday weekend, but mom coming down with covid has forced me to switch things up.  Looks like it’ll be a birthday call instead and a rescheduled visit next weekend.

So rather than traveling, I spent the better part of yesterday and today rewriting that feature script that my American agent feels will have a hard time finding a home.  Given that’ the case, I’ve decided to give it a home myself.  I have a director, a lead, a line producer, and a crew in mind.  I’m going to go down the self-financing route and see if I can produce this small film myself.  Will keep you posted!

Also took time today to see  my buddy, Steve Bacic (of Stargate, Big Love and, apparently, Supernatural fame) who was in town doing a convention and MC’ing a karaoke event.


Great catch-up over sushi and salad.

Meanwhile, on the investment front…

Today’s Yes/No…

This is my favorite preparation of this dish –


A chef with absolutely no fucks to give.  “You want ice cream in your ramen?!  HERE’S your fucking ice cream ramen!”

10 thoughts on “July 30, 2022: Montreal will have to wait!

  1. What!!!! What is all this “mom’s with covid”? I have been extremely busy this week overseeing as estate sale at my parent’s house. I’ve been casually reading posts but missed Tam and Joe’s and …. Angela’s? announcement about your family members. It has been over 100 degrees for more than a month here and last week I came home and crashed each day with heat stroke!. So much work! I will never be an Executor again!

    Joe how do you think your your mom got covid? Is she still working? I pray everyone has a mild case and recovers quickly. I need to be more careful. I still mask up in stores but during our estate sale with a billion people coming through I didn’t wear one.

    It is so hot here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. No rain in forever. Fires are burning because everything is so dry. The other day a grass fire caught 26 homes on fire, burning 9 to the ground. Terrible conditions!

    Well, best wishes to all of our ill family members. Get well soon! Happy birthday to Andria! I bet she is Nurse Andria now. Stay safe out there everyone!

  2. Hope your mum makes a speedy recovery! I’ve managed to dodge the Covid bullet so far but it’s only a matter of time!

    If you go the crowdfunding route for your feature then put me down for some cash! If I won the $1.2 billion or whatever the lottery is worth this weekend I’d slap down whatever you needed for your feature and another season or two of Dark Matter.

    Bullshit renewables that might actually work like tidal power and fusion? Or totally out there bullshit renewables like perpetual motors and cold fusion?

    Adding cream to curry dishes is not abnormal so I can make the leap to adding ice cream. I’m on board.

  3. Your feature project sounds great especially given you will have more control over the process. I’ll be eager to get your updates. Hope it turns out to be an amazing success!

  4. Re-scheduled visit? That means she’s feeling better, yes! Please tell her Happy Birthday from all of us (I feel confident the others are in agreement on this without a vote. 😉 )

    My Mom is feeling so much better that she is back to canning peaches. Apparently, the peaches are juicy and delectable this year. I’m running by there Thursday to take her kitten to the vet and Mom to lunch.

    Yay, on catching up with old friends!

    Hells to the NO on Ice Cream Curry & Ramen.

  5. Best well wishes to your Mom, again! My stepsisters and their children and a couple of my aunts came down with Covid, but thankfully it worked its way quickly and they recovered.

    Steve also did a good job as Rhade on Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, given the hot mess that show devolved into after the original showrunner Robert Hewitt Wolfe was replaced and his plan abandoned.

    He also a memorable if short-lived role in the Battlestar Galactica movie “Razor” as the original first officer of the Battlestar Pegasus before being shot in the head by Admiral Cain for refusing one of her more reckless orders, and a cameo in an erotic dream of Max’s in an episode of Dark Angel when her trace amounts of feline DNA put her in heat (note to anyone genetically engineering perfect human supersoldiers with partial cat genes: try to avoid that problem).

  6. Hope your lovely mom has a swift recovery, and that you’ll get to venture to Montreal soon.

    Loved seing Steve on the blog, and I hope you will also do Kickstarter so we can support your project.

  7. I hope that your mother is doing OK and that she gets to feeling much much better real real soon.

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