This was the (mostly) all-Japanese lineup for Wednesday’s Whiskey night, ultimately just a portion of my vast booze library.  Akemi thinks there’s a teachable moment in the tale of how I amassed my collection, a powerful lesson for kids everywhere.  When Dark Matter went into production, Paul and I were each gifted a bottle of high-end whiskey.  Paul brought his back to his hotel and drank it over the course of a week in the spirit of the cliche anguished artist while I elected to share my bottle with the gang in the office.  Line Producer Norman Denver reciprocated the gesture by bringing in his own contribution – a Lagavulin 16.  Soon, others began to contribute as well – directors, AD’s, cast and guest stars.  We would gather every day at the sound of the Wolf Call (so-named because Norman would signal the daily gathering of the Whiskey club with a wolf howl over the office speakers).  We averaged 13 bottles of whiskey a season, one for each episode produced.  Even so, when the show was unceremoniously turfed by Syfy, the library had grown to almost a hundred bottles – that I ended up inheriting, bringing them back to my place for safekeeping in preparation for the possible Dark Matter miniseries that would see our modest club reconvene once again.

It’s sort of like the classic Stone Soup folk tale, but with more drinking.  Inspiring, no?

Ah, this takes me back.  “Who’s Hootie now?”


Speaking of Stargate –


I’ve completed a rewrite of the re-re-re-revision of the pilot for my SF/Kpop mash-up.  Will do another pass this weekend, get some notes and do another pass before sending it on its way for notes – and possibly another pass.  Meanwhile, Episode 2 awaits.

Today’s Yes/No…

5 thoughts on “July 22, 2022: Like the Stone Soup folk tale but with more drinking!

  1. We’re I still imbibing, I would find your collection endlessly fascinating.

    Kotsudon? Yes,please.

    Lovely bit of concept artwork. Thanks for taking the time to share it!

    I’m still intrigued by your k-pop series. I hope that it finds a home. Good luck with it! You’ve put a lot of hard work into it, so perhaps your diligence will be rewarded.

  2. “Ah, this takes me back. ‘Who’s Hootie now?'”

    Funny you should ask. Hootie is now the worm-like demon with an owl face who animates the titular Owl House where Eda the Owl Lady lives in the excellent Disney cartoon The Owl House (which can be appreciated by all ages despite having a young target audience).

    “I’ve completed a rewrite of the re-re-re-revision of the pilot for my SF/Kpop mash-up.”

    Still very interested in seeing what this will be like!

  3. BTW, the Stone Soup story was one of my favorite episodes of Jim Henson’s The StoryTeller (“A Story Short”). I also came across a picture book version in the waiting room at a doctor’s office.

    I was really glad when The StoryTeller came back as a comic series from Boom! Studios, now with stories from all over the world.

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