I’ll be dropping by.  Hope to see you there!

Some goodies from the Stargate vault….









Today’s Yes/No…




5 thoughts on “July 16, 2022: Another tweetstorm brewing!

  1. I put the Tweetstorm on my calendar. Thank you for posting more of the incredible concept artwork!

  2. Hey, what’s the purpose for the Tweet storm this time? Last time I took part in one of these was for Dark Matter years ago after it got cancelled, when I discovered your blog. In relation to Stargate news, last I heard, a new series was in development from Dean Devlin and one of the guys behind SG-1, and the premise was to be set in the future on a damaged colony ship. If this is still the case….I don’t like the premise, because it’s juyst an excuse to ignore all the established lore from the movie(s) and the 3 series, and all of us fans want the opposite, something that dives headlong into in to said lore instead (or brings it up, refers to it, uses it enough to please us all, while tackling a new plot/antagonist, etc). SSoooooo…….JoMallo, fill me in??? What’s going on this time that requires a Tweet storm? Or Tweet Nuke, where/when applicable???

  3. Hey JoMallo, all this artwork you show off to us in your blog. Ever think about collecting it all into a “The Art of Stargate” book and selling it to us? ‘Cuz you knew we’d happily go broke buying that, right? Broke was joke, but buy will fly!

  4. #tweetstorm2022!

    How’s your weekend going? I had a nap and it was wonderful!

  5. I couldn’t believe it when all the Stargate shows and planned movies just… disappeared. It was a big thing for so many years.

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