The Devil’s Backbone (2001)

Soon after his arrival at an ominous orphanage, a young boy uncovers the secrets of the school, including the youthful ghost that wanders its grounds.

Thoughts: Wonderfully atmospheric, poetic and poignant. It’s a ghost story that leans into artfulness of its narrative over scares, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Great.



Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

An Englishman is hired to create sound effects for a horror film studio in 1970s Rome, but the job ends up taking a heavy toll on his mental health.

Thoughts: An at times intense and unnerving tribute to the Italian giallo films of the 70’s that employs sound to great effect, ultimately in service of a meta wank that goes off the rails in its final act.



Thelma (2017)

A college student starts to experience extreme seizures while studying at a university in Oslo, Norway. She soon learns that the violent episodes are a symptom of inexplicable, and often dangerous, supernatural abilities.

Thoughts: Incredible performances in this character-driven coming-of-age tale that proves both haunting and heartbreaking.  The horror is a slow build, more surreal than visceral, but some of the imagery is shockingly inventive.  Ultimately ambiguous, but satisfying nevertheless.


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2 thoughts on “July 14, 2022: The Horror Marathon continues!

  1. Sounds like three winning movies! I’ve never heard of them but I’ll check them out.

    The mom visit went well yesterday. Her new kitten, Silo is vaxxed/dewormed/de-fleaed and I’ll make another appointment for the next set of shots. Plus, I gathered all of my cat’s reject toys/scratching posts and took over there. It’s a win win because Silo went crazy for the stuff and I don’t have to vacuum around these items anymore. 🙂

    It was a bit embarrassing to see how much stuff we’d bought our cat that she ignored. Our cat is so spoiled. My hubby calls it’s “first world cat problems”.

  2. I got the Devil’s Backbone soundtrack from a third party on Amazon recently. Very hard to find.

    The boys show up again in Pan’s Labyrinth.

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