Big week ahead.  Going out for pizza Wednesday night and jerk chicken on Thursday!  May try to squeeze some writing.

The horror marathon continues with…


Final Destination (2000)

The survivors of a plane crash have briefly cheated death, but they will not be able to evade their fate for long. One by one, these fugitives from fate fall victim to the grim reaper

Thoughts: A terrific premise, expertly executed.



Bug (2006)

An unhinged war veteran holes up with a lonely woman in a spooky Oklahoma motel room. The line between reality and delusion is blurred as they discover a bug infestation.

Thoughts: A well-acted, unnerving, psychological thriller whose paranoia-fueled slow burn progresses to a ludicrously over-the-top final act.


Some news of note….

Today’s Yes/No…

What would you put this on?  Pancakes?  Ice cream?  Steak?

7 thoughts on “July 11, 2022: Horror! Space news! And a little Yes/No!

  1. Why would you not put the Fruity Pebbles syrup on all three? At the same time? It’s like diabetes in a bottle!

    I might have to try out that Final Destination movie. The trailers for those have never really grabbed me.

    The REAL science news I’m excited for is the release of the first data from the James Webb Space Telescope tomorrow. Maybe we really will find what the crew of the Destiny was after and see how the universe started.

    Oh wait, they already released a teaser image! Incredible. Complete with gravitational lensing effects!!

  2. Actually that space bubbles idea isn’t really so far fetched. From an engineering, materials and mechanics standpoint we already have the necessary tech, know how, and equipment. Several years ago Bigelow Aerospace came up with an idea to create inflatable space habitats that can’t be breached by solar radiation or micro meteoroids. The habitats are transported in zipped/compacted mode and deploy after reaching their destination. NASA is currently using Bigelow’s inflatables on ISS.
    The proposed space bubbles could be engineered with similar, albeit reinforced, materials.

    What will be an extremely difficult challenge is proper logistics, coordination and synchronizations so it does not negatively affect enough light getting through to earth or have inadvertent negative side effects on temps, plant growth, drought, etc. There are also orbiting satelites, floating space junk/debris, solar winds, flares, and coronal mass ejection events to consider. Unlike Bigelows inflatable habitats attached to the space station, you would not simply be able to quickly deflate and move the assembled chain linked bubbles out of the way if something dangerous were coming at them. There are also maintenance and repair mechanics to contend with. With so many variables to examine it will likely take several years to properly resolve all potentially problematic issues even if AI is used to run all scenarios and potential solutions. Tack on another few years to engineer and deploy a functioning prototype for testing. And likely several more years after that to construct the full size final product.

    On slightly more promising progress news that won’t take decades to achieve.
    I had my first midway evaluation this past Friday. The targeted combo therapies are working.
    The cancer is in retreat. I may need one more cycle after this but for the first time since this nightmare began I have genuine hope of achieving full remission.

  3. @Gforce Any luck yet at getting PEI specialist appointment rescheduled?

    @Joe Is Suji able to do carpet walk without wheels yet?

    BTW: Speaking of Flintstone delights …
    Check this out. Wilma aint got nothing on this gal!

  4. Ah now, I’m going to have to watch horror movies. You make Final Destination seem pretty good. I’ve only seen parts of it.

    Didn’t Futurama do a “Space Bubble”? 🤯

    Oh, my son’s Bday is coming up and I found a nice Bender shirt. Last year, I found a Hypnotoad t-shirt that rocked! I have a theme going. We’ve bonded over Futurama.

  5. That last image is the most shudder-worthy. I can’t imagine it has any nutritional value at all.

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