5 thoughts on “June 26, 2022: Suji Sunday!

  1. She is sooo adorable! Glad to hear she’s doing well with the hydrotherapy. Yay!

  2. 16 minutes! Yay! Go Suji! My hero! XO

    Can’t wait to see what new creations Akemi makes in her pottery class.
    Also look forward to the unveiling of your brand new tattoo?
    Here’s hoping you decided to go with Cookie Monster on your belly button.

    Completed 2nd session of 1st cycle Friday. Was a bit tougher than the first.
    Albeit, nothing beats premium homegrown for pain and sleep.
    Three short hits a fellow cancer patient gifted me upon returning home
    and I slept peacefully for 6 hours. Sooooh much better than those
    low quality gummies at the nearest dispensary more than four miles travel from here.

    Love the King Arthur sculpture.
    Reminds me of the amazing ghostly sculptures of Bruno Catalano.
    I cannot even begin to imagine the true depth of precision planning that must go in to
    creating one of these absolutely amazing pieces!

    Check this one out at page top in link that was part of the Catalano Travelers series.


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