Over the past couple of years, my social media patience has waned – to the point that my block/mute list on twitter now roughly rivals the population of Djibouti.  Instead, I’ve shifted focus to far more interesting fare.

Here are a few of my new favorite follows…












6 thoughts on “June 25, 2022: Top 10 Recent Fun Twitter Follows!

  1. Husband’s curious /concerned about sunspots and “space weather”. Thanks for the link.

  2. Thanks! I’m always look for light twitter content. Here’s a few I’ll suggest: @ElifKervanci, @Foodaporn, @buitengebieden, @TheFigen, @NaturelsFlit, @HumanSkiIIs, @Fact and @InterestingsAsF are a few. I hope you can find something you like.

    It’s been a hot and busy weekend. After finding out my mom’s house had very little insulation, I had to arrange someone to come and give estimates on blowing in the foam stuff. Yesterday, we finally got the insulation installed! Turns out the original insulation installed had mostly disintegrated. Fifty plus years takes a toll. 😉

    Plus, the installer was the brother of my high school classmates. I’d say small world but it is a small town. This all probably sounds routine to you but my mom doesn’t like change. It was a battle to get her to agree to this. The fact I knew the installer’s family helped smooth the way. Since, it reached 103F yesterday, this comes at a good time. The installer recommend a few more improvements to help with the energy efficiency. So, I’ll have to get a handy man out there to go through the list. Another battle for another day! 😉

    At my home, I have to recut a few pieces on that stain glass window I’ve been taking apart. I’m waiting on an order of equipment to do that. After the cuts, I’ll tweak a few pieces on the grinder and can start to reassemble. Which involves, wrapping each piece in copper foil and then soldering them all together (the big finish). It will take a while but it’s not difficult or as frustrating. Progress all around, yes? I’m not sure if you’re interested in the process but you seem to have endless curiosity about a lot of things, so I thought I would share. I hope you don’t mind.

    I wish everyone out there has a great weekend! I’m grilling chicken for the boys later and then holding down the couch. 🙂

    Oh and we watched “Operation Mincemeat” on Netflix last night. That was good one.

  3. This has been a thoroughly weird three years; ufo briefings in Congress, Everything Everywhere melting my brain in a good way, NASA launching a UFO study, so many multiverses in my fave movies and shows, so many heartbreaking things and so many wonderful little things.

    The past few months have been high stress so now that I have a short period of relative calm I’ll be checking out the Downton movie, people in tiaras sipping tea is what I need right now, that and to explore the new map in Fortnite.

  4. Thanks for posting! I retweeted the blanket octopus and King Arthur statue in particular.

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