I want to kick off today’s blog entry with an apology to user “weight loss recovery” whose comment was inadvertently flagged as spam and ended up in the trash folder –


Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated as I strive to ensure this website live up to its awful potential.

I’d also like to acknowledge David McCalman’s intriguing proposition that also erroneously ended up binned amongst the sketchy online offers and boner pill ads –


If this is an idea for another Stargate spinoff, then you’ve come to the right guy, one utterly devoid of the creative capacity to come up with his own idea for a new series, despite the fact that he spent 12 years of his life writing for the franchise.  Rather than support producer Brad Wright, who co-created the existing Stargate shows and showed confidence in me by giving me my first big opportunity in this business, I think I’d prefer to hitch my wagon to your unproven vision.  Is your idea a prequel that focuses on the Ancients?  Even better!  Next to chocolate mint and stage musicals, there are no two things I hate more!

Finally, I’d like to extend my warmest regards to the following grievously ill individuals who reached out to me from their respective death beds in search of a good-hearted individual who can ensure their money ended up in the hands of “orphans, widows, physically challenged people, elderly and children”: Melinda Cruz. Allura Warenka. Elizabeth George, Magdic Tomislav, and Arturo Genk.   Hang in there!  or You will be missed! depending on how this message finds you.

9 thoughts on “June 18, 2022: Apologies and deathbed well-wishes!

  1. Wait, in regards to your sarcastic remark to that bogus offer, why do you not like the idea of a show that explores more about the Ancients? That is something that actually is quite an intriguing thing to look at, having a show explore more of their history and lore that previously only had the previous shows and unofficial books touching on.

  2. Hello! Was wondering if you had any thoughts on Joshua Dalzelle’s Jackson Wolf series of books? If so do you think they would make a good space opera TV show seeing as how it encompasses 3 trilogies? Thanks. Also Dark Matter is awesome!

  3. That first one from Weight Loss Recovery is pretty funny.
    But why?? are you even reading stuff in your spam box from screen names you do not recognize.
    Akemi doesn’t have you on one of those yucky looking green drink cleanses again, does she??
    They never fail to make you feel grumpy. Sounds like you might benefit from getting yourself out of the house this weekend. When’s the last time you had a pistachio treat? Or a really good chocolate chip cookie? Or maybe you can call on Ivon or your foodie friend Dr. Black Jack
    to go hunt some tasty chicken wings? or a decent pastrami sandwich?
    Or maybe? A nice rare beef steak cooked in a log of butter might be in order this time around, eh?!!

  4. @Gforce Hope things go well at the specialist tomorrow and they are able to find something
    to help Zoie. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya that it proves a simple dry skin or allergy problem.
    Have there been any changes in her diet? Or new toys and comfort items? Or fluctuations in household temperature?

    Joe, Hope Suji is doing better and you’ll keep us updated on her physical therapy progress.

  5. This comment sponsored by Not Just For Grateful Dead Heads Inc.

    Feeling a bit better today. Finally got at least some questions answered and was granted a small sampling of decent jane to help me get a more peaceful nights sleep last night. Albeit, had a really strange dream.
    I was at some sort of formal ballroom type gathering and walked around the room interviewing people.
    Questions included Do you still eat Aspic at Christmas? If so, Why? If you knew long term daily consumption of pumpkin rind would significantly improve hair growth but turn your skin bright orange would you do it? Have you ever allowed your toe nails to grow long enough to be mistaken for claws? 😀

    Still have some questions about navigating retail world. Anyone with fair amount of knowledge about home grown marijuana plants. Associated costs. Premium smoking jane vs a dispensary’s concentrated liquid products, etc. etc., please email me as soon as you can. dreacrysel@gmail.com

    Starting first (and hopefully only) round of new therapies Tuesday. As difficult a time my body has given me post surgery, can’t say I’m looking forward to what fresh hell might be in store even though I know these long sought after and hard fought for higher quality targeted therapies are key to achieving full remission. Kay, a fellow cancer patient and new friend, thought a jaunt to the forest might cheer me up. So, yesterday I went with her to visit her sister an hours drive north of here. Got to have my first bites of home made ice cream in what feels like forever ago. Orange with Vanilla and chocolate covered almond slices. Delicious!

  6. Stage musicals can be corny, but I enjoyed The Addams Family Musical in New York City with Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane as Morticia and Gomez. Bought a compilation of Charles Addams’s sketches while I was there.

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