Finally started work on the pitch for the Dark Matter miniseries.  I’ve spent the past week or so running through the basic story and structure, ultimately landing on a six episode arc that will cover the alien chapter originally planned for the show’s fourth season.

Set three years after the events of Episode 313, a missing player returns with the key to thwarting a massive alien invasion.  In order to defeat this formidable enemy, unlikely alliances will be forged, long-held secrets will be revealed, and the seeds of an even greater threat will be sown.


And, yes, the plan is to bring back the entire cast along with all relevant guest stars.

Meanwhile, two more projects on the horizon brings the grand development total to ten.  10!  Can’t wait to land a show so that I can finally lessen my workload.

Today’s Yes/No…

A little something from the Stargate vault…

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22 thoughts on “August 9, 2021: The Dark Matter Miniseries!

  1. I have every phalangeal appendage crossed that the pitch for DM goes well and lands somewhere!

  2. Very cool that you are working on the DM mini series, Joe. xo

    Corrected link to the med fund on the new platform.

    Currently raising money for a better prosthetic and a foldable/portable, lightweight, motorized bicycle to help me get around easier, as soon as possible. A fellow cancer patient and lifelong artist/sculptor invented a unique solution for a prosthesis that is lighter, more comfortable, much more natural looking and feeling, with easier maintenence, than the best silicon prosthetics available. Because it is labor intensive, she has only been willing to do it for a select few. I’ve already tried the prototype. It’s wonderful and I am incredibly honored and humbled by her offering a labor of love and compassion.
    Venmo: DreaCrysel (if it asks for user email addy it’s my name at gmail).

    In a few months my nighmarsh struggle in Florida will be behind me. It will be a great relief. I’ve already prequaled for full medical coverage, rental assistance, and am on the targeted oral chemo at home candidate list, pending a full evaluation, In Massachussetts.

    I posted a detailed update in the comments section of Joe’s August 7th entry for anyone who missed it.

    Hope everyone is hanging in there.

    Hugs, love and gratitude to all, always, for the kind notes and words.

  3. What wonderful news! I have missed those people AND The Android most of all!

  4. Sounds too good to be true. Best of wishes to a positive conclusion. My sister and her family will be interested in this news as well. I was at Barnes and Nobel and ended talking about you and your shows.

  5. This blog entry makes my heart happy, Joe. And on a (Dark Matter) Monday too. Thanks for the update.

  6. Wonderful news on Dark Matter!

    And, yes, the plan is to bring back the entire cast along with all relevant guest stars

    Is Marc’s character relevant?

    Yes, on the chicken burger. Although, I don’t eat at McDonald’s unless there’s nothing else available. They gave me raw/frozen chicken mc nuggets once.

  7. Best entertainment news I’ve heard in years…art and science commingle in your work,,,thanks…

  8. I’m feeling optimistic about this! Although I wonder if pitching six episodes might not result in the execs wanting to haggle it to four, whereas pitching eight would result in them wanting to haggle it to six; in other words, that perhaps it’s a good idea to start by aiming higher than your comfortable median, in anticipation?

    I have a couple of questions about Derrick Moss, if you have time:
    (1) When did you decide that was One’s real given name? While making the comics, while making the show, or sometime inbetween?
    (2) What is the Perseus Arm Cup that his bio says he won?

    Thanks so much for continuing to try to breath new life into Dark Matter!

    1. It doesn’t make sense to suggest 8 episodes as a mere bargaining tool. I need to go in knowing how the entire arc will break down over multiple episodes.

      1) I decided on Derrick Moss’s name before we even started production.
      2) No idea. That was something the art department came up with.

      1. That makes sense. I didn’t think you should pitch eight just for that reason, of course, if eight wouldn’t be ideal for the story you have in mind. But if it would, then it would be the best case scenario if they actually said yes to it.

        You know better than we do how the creative process works. I just got worried about execs interfering and wanting to take a bite out of the resources they want to devote to whatever you pitch them, based on past executive interference making me distrust them in general, and how it didn’t work out with Syfy, Netflix or Stargate Command before. But maybe there’s no need to worry because six is a respectable, moderate number it’d be hard to find a valid objection to.

        1) Before production of the comic, or after that but before production of the show? I thought those were both called production, so I’m still not quite clear.
        2) Do you know who was in the department that I could ask, please?

        I’ll definitely be contacting Netflix about continuing the series using the forms being linked around on Reddit by Mr. x13579! ( )

        1. 1) Before production of the show.

          2) Alas, I don’t know who in the art department was responsible for that particular contribution.

          1. Thanks. Could ask art director Kim Zaharko. Of course, even if they they had it in mind as a trophy for, say, baseball, rugby, basketball or tennis, that was before you wrote in Season 3 that the sports of the future are E-sports and Quidditch. Derrick Moss winning at one of those two is a funnier image than at something more typically athletic (or semi-elitist, like tennis).

            I’m assuming it is a sports trophy and not an award for charity or good business, since unless things have changed in the future, nothing else is called a “cup”. I just wondered what they thought Derrick Moss’s favorite sport was. I guess that makes me one of those people in-universe who follow galactic celebrities, lol.

            I also wonder idly sometimes if he had never even aimed a gun pre-series, or if his family were one of those rich families that have their own shooting ranges. And how much if any physical/weapons training he actually gave himself in order to fake being Jace Corso.

            Take it as a compliment that people wonder about the quirks of your characters and galaxy as if they were all real to us years later. That’s why the fanfic, although less than it was, is still being written too.

      2. By “that makes sense”, I meant that what you said about needing to know how the arc breaks down over multiple episodes makes sense. Not contradicting what you said about a mere bargaining tool not making sense.

  9. Oooh that 6 episode miniseries arc sounds so tantalizing! I can’t wait!

  10. I hope the miniseries for season four is successful enough that a pie-in-the-sky dream of a second miniseries covering season 5 would be possible too! (I’m not getting a head of myself too much, am I?)

  11. Fantastic news, we miss that universe and its incredible characters, thank you for those unforgettable stories.
    Greetings from Peru

  12. Yeeeeesssss!! So damned excited, really hope it works out and is picked up. I’ve always felt Dark Matter was the spiritual successor to Firefly. It was such a bad move by SyFy to cancel. Any updates for 2022 by chance?

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