Hey, remember when candy cigarettes were a thing?

In case you missed it, here’s last night’s raucous Dark Matter Monday with the gang at Orville Nation and the always entertaining (Director) Peter DeLuise.  A wild time was had by all.

Also Episode 1 of Gaters Gonna Gate has landed.  Subscribe, 5 star rate and review if you want to hear more…

Gaters Gonna Gate – Episode 1

And, since we’re on the subject, how about some goodies from the Stargate vault – Img_3159 Img_3161 Sg1_1_ep11-12 Sg1_2_ep11-12 Sg1_3_ep11-12 Sg1_4_ep11-12 Sg1_5_ep11-12 Sg1_6_ep11-12 Sg1_11_ep11

3 thoughts on “March 9, 2021: Peter DeLuise! Pandemonium! Podcasts! And more from the Stargate Vault!

  1. Loved this episode. The apple doesn’t seem to fall far from the tree in this case. Leave it to Peter DeLuise to make us laugh out loud. I remember when Joel, Billy Crystal’s brother, first started teaching at our school, growing up. While he may not have had the professional comedic chops his brother did, he always managed to make the whole class laugh out loud and always made it fun.

    Okay, so … Getting more responses today from the script kiddies, as Line Noise has so endearingly nicknamed ’em. They all unanimously seem to think updating and usage should be effortless and seamless and you should switch to an alternate company and service. “I Drive” still comes in as the number one recommendation from them. I checked out the https://www.idrive.com site. They have a customer service phone number posted directly on the front page you can call and get a live person to help you Monday-Friday. This is always a good sign.

    Of course, I’m sure you realize, these external devices are simply a matter of convenience to back up all your devices into one account and are far from truly necessary. Your phone likely does its own automatic back up to the cloud and you did not have to pay anything extra for it. The same goes for ones laptop if you subscribe to any free or low cost back up service. You can also sync your phone and tablet to your lap top, without needing an external device and service, so it’ll all back up to the cloud in one simple account.
    Thus, why? let yourself become “annoyed” with My Cloud or any other company.

    Albeit, I’m a baby boomer. I did not grow up using all this tech … so i fail to see ‘the necessity’ of most of it. My POV is likely different than the majority of modern users.

  2. I love those interviews. I haven’t gone to bed yet and I’m hoping too any minute now so I’ll listen to it later when I’m working on my taxes.

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