As promised, we’ve planned a Stargate twitter event for European fans who were unable to make December’s tweetstorm (on account of it kicking off at approximately 2:00 a.m. their time).

We’re eyeing a 1:00 p.m. EST kick-off which means European Stargate fans will be tweeting approximately six hours later, about 7:00 p.m. their time.

This go-round, we’ll be doing things a little differently.  Trending will be of lesser importance.  Rather than an hour long blitz, we invite Stargate fans worldwide to tweet at their leisure, anytime after the appointed time and for however long they like.  Let us know your favorite Stargate moment.  Your favorite episode.  What drew you to the franchise and why you want to see it make a comeback.

In December, we delivered the message to MGM by tagging @StargateCommand. In a little under three weeks, fans will be tagging the future home of the new Stargate series.  And where is that?  Well, that’s up to you.  Where would you like to see the new series land?  Possible homes include:

Amazon @PrimeVideo
Apple TV+ @AppleTVPlus
CBS All-Access – @CBSAllAccess
Disney+ @disneyplus
HBO Max @hbomax
Hulu @hulu NBCU’s
Peacock @NBCUniversal
Netflix @netflix
Showtime @Showtime
Starz @STARZ
Syfy @Syfy


Let ’em know!

17 thoughts on “January 6, 2020: Stargate Superdrive Tweetstorm – European Edition!

  1. Hi joe
    Anywhere except that last one.
    Yes, I hold a grudge.


  2. Oh hell no to syfy. To hell with Netflix as well. Netflix seems to kill shows after three seasons, Travelers and Punisher come to mind. Both killed great shows that were far from complete.

    1. I am under the impression that Netflix cancelled The Punisher and the other MCU shows because Disney began its own streaming service and wanted back the rights to use Marvel characters that they own. Netflix had no choice but to cancel those shows.

      (I would have loved to have one or two more seasons of Daredevil.)

      1. Test may be true about MCU properties but Tavelers was killed after three seasons as well. Many Netflix shows day at three.

  3. I get none of those networks except the last one and it sure as heck ain’t gonna be that one. But I’m all for getting it on somewhere (except SyFy). Unless you can tell us why CrappySyFy would be a good choice.

  4. Hi Joe. Did you catch Coroner on CBC on Jan 6th? There was a mini-Dark Matter reunion with Alex Mallari jr. & Roger Cross. They didn’t appear together, but I read that Alex will be reoccurring, so I’m hoping they might have a scene together.

  5. Yeah going back to syfy would be akin to going back to a former person whom you were in a romantic relationship with that beat you and verbally abused you and going to Netflix be like hooking up with someone you know will let you fall in love and at that very moment break up with you my vote is for either Amazon or Hbomax.

  6. Apple TV recently picked up For All Mankind, a decent and quality show. It can be a good home for a military sci-fi series. However, it’s online only. I don’t know what that entails in terms of wider coverage.
    The problem with all other distributors is nobody seems to care about space based science fiction nowadays, let alone the military subgenre. Remember that Amazon sci-fi show, Oasis, that only saw its pilot episode and never took off? Everyone is too much preoccupied with terrestrial issues and other nonsense that don’t coexist well with military sci-fi. We risk getting burned again.

  7. Definitely not SyFy. Never again. Never. CBS has Star Trek so that seems unlikely.

    I’d say Amazon or Netflix. These days Amazon seems a better bet though I might be biased at the moment because they are going to be airing the Wheel of Time adaptation and I’m ridiculously excited. If they had Stargate too? Best streaming channel ever.

  8. Please please please… NOT syffy-cup. Those turds have been breaking my heart for twenty years. Just… no. Anyone but them, please.

  9. Amazon already have Picard (in the UK, at least, not sure of the deal the rest of the world) so, if they want to be home of “continued adventures in the realm of your favourite SciFi show” then they’d be the perfect choice, here!!
    HBO, Hulu, CBS, Showtime, Starz, etc, are all pretty much none-existent over here, so adding those to the list is mostly worthless for the people you’re targeting. Even Disney+ hasn’t landed over here, yet.

    And.. yeah, SyFy can [snip]

  10. Amazon def seems to me to be the choice, I saw that they seem to have an MGM channel as all the Stargate series on there was additional fee to prime.

  11. Please, not Syfy, there the idiots that cancelled the show in the first place. If it goes to Netflix it’ll also be cancelled after two or three seasons. CBS already has enough syfy, so my pick would be Amazon Prime or go back to Showtime where it started out.

  12. Amazon would be the perfect choice. It already save The Expanse so now its time to “‘save” Stargate. Apple TV+ would be great too considering they have For All Mankind and are working on a new show based on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. I agree that Netflix wouldn’t be a good choice because they tend to cancel too soon, they are not interested in having originals for many seasons and feels like Netflix quality has degraded over the years. Also, Syfy should not even be on that list, they cancel any good scifi show, they’re the ones that cancelled Stargate and The Expanse and Dark Matter and so on!!

  13. Hi,

    I think you should add CW. Look how how they tray to create tv franchises. They have arrowerse. 3 shows for vampires with the last one Legacies. Evan tried twice to do supernatural spin offs. Brought back name of charmed. And have spin off for The 100. Some of the shows i love some dont. But they tray to make longlife shows. Only thing that i dot like…too much relationship stuff:)

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