There’s no telling who’ll be dropping by for our Stargate tweetstorm on Friday, December 6th, 21:00 EST, 18:00 PST – but expect more than a few surprises.

AND a shot at winning some awesome Stargate and Dark Matter giveaway items.

Like these art department packages – the first from Stargate: Atlantis’s “Kindred Part 1”, the second from Stargate: Universe’s “The Hunt”.

Including various episode-related set blueprints and layouts.

As well as episode-related concept art.

The goal of the tweetstorm is to let MGM know Stargate fandom is still out there and very VERY impatient for a new in-canon Stargate series.  If you love the franchise, spare an hour of your time and join us!

Our Stargate Question of the Day!

5 thoughts on “6 Days to the Stargate Tweetstorm!

  1. This is like waiting for Christmas! I’ll be there for sure.

    That Stargate stuff would look awfully nice on my Stargate wall with my other stuff!

  2. I’d like to see one of the Wraith on Destiny. It should would have shaken things up. 😉

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