People (Generally, those not in the industry) react with amazement when they find out I’m juggling multiple development projects.  I’m sure they imagine me working 24/7, going from one project to the next, with little room for rest.  Sadly, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Much of “development” is waiting.

Waiting for someone to read and get back to you on that outline (average wait time: 2 weeks), waiting for someone to read and get back to you on that first draft (average wait time: 2 weeks), waiting for someone to read and get back to you on that second draft (average wait time: 2 weeks) waiting for someone to weigh in on that series over/bible (average wait time: 3 weeks), waiting for someone to make a decision on that pitch (average wait time: 3 weeks to forever).  The actual work to wait ratio is roughly 1:60.  That is 1 hour of work for every 60 hours of waiting.

Which gives me time for other things – like dinners and lunches with some of the Utopia Falls cast members.  With production wrapped, they are scattering to the four winds – but not before one final meal…

Last night, set producer Ivon Bartok and I took actor Robbie Graham-Kuntz out for dinner at this new(wish) churrasco restaurant.  For those of you who don’t know, the dining experience basically involves you impatiently waiting at your table for the brawny waiter to come by with a giant skewer of meat from which he carves the thinnest of slivers before quickly disappearing.  You can bide your time with conversation OR head on over to the mediocre salad and bread bar.

As it turns out, today is Robbie’s birthday, so we treated him.  You can go wish Robbie a happy birthday HERE.

Then today, Akemi and I had lunch with the electric Mickeey Nguyen.  We checked out a new Italian restaurant, Ascari, that delivered fine food and very pretty plates…

Not content with one delicious dessert (and those custard-filled Italian beignets WERE delicious) we swung by Piccolina Gelato E Altra Roba for – what else? – gelato.


Yo, gelato boy!  I – as always – made mine pistachio.

Okay, back to watching cuts!

2 thoughts on “July 25, 2019: The waiting is the hardest part!

  1. Ok, the waiting … that’s PAINFUL!
    But at least you have lots of time for more good food, meeting up people, catch up on your reading … and work on even more other projects!? XD

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