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May 14, 2019: Two Todds And A Rodney!

Usually, I don’t enjoy attending screenings with screaming children in the audience – but I would have made an exception for THIS!

I suppose this is the equivalent of asking me to play bladder pipe…

I am Lawful Plotter with Neutral Plotting tendencies.

May 14, 2019: Two Todds And A Rodney!

And you?

8 thoughts on “May 14, 2019: Two Todds and a Rodney!

  1. I would sit down to write and end up cleaning the entire house. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the yard.

  2. Just today I read an article (which was really just a collection of someone else’s tweets) discussing the idea of plotter vs pantsers in the context of the, um, controversial final season of Game of Thrones. The person was demonstrating how a change in writing styles can be jarring for a viewer, but doesn’t necessarily mean one is worse than the other overall.

    When I read the article, I immediately thought of you being a plotter, LOL! Myself, I would probably be the same, because I really prefer to outline any task that I have to do and then proceed to break it down into smaller and smaller fragments. It probably comes from years being in IT and with my roots in software development.

  3. Hmmm…I think I’m mostly a Neutral Pantser, with several Plantser tendencies. No… I guess you could say that I have tendencies from all of the Pantser and Planster categories.

    I know random details no one else cares about
    I write things as they come to me
    I write whatever I’m excited about
    I love to worldbuild (more in my head than what actually hits the paper)
    I definitely take personality tests for my characters
    I go off-script and end up in unexpected places
    I have an idea of a plot when I start, then go all frankendraft on it…which is why I never finish anything.

    You could say I’m a Lawneuotic Pantser Plantser. 🙂

    What I am NOT is Plotter-anything. We are opposites, Joey…perhaps that’s why we attract. 😉

    Flies…we attract flies…



  4. From the few times I’ve written (creative writing class and student newspaper human interest articles in college), I’m clearly a “Lawful Plantser” with a tendency towards “Nuetral Plantser” (and if I’m honest, sometimes a “Lawful Pantser” when I get too detailed for my own good).

    On the screaming children in movie theaters, I’ve learned which local theaters are susceptible to this and I avoid them when I can. Guess I’ll need to start the “theater learning process” all over in a month or so when we move to Michigan. I’m anticipating seven months in our RV as we have our new house built…Christmas is gonna be fun with two adults, two college students, and two 50-lb huskies in one camper!

  5. I’m a True Plantser with a few Lawful Plotter moments. That reminds me, I have to write an essay in Karate class. Our sensei makes us write an essay before belt tests. 🙁

    I change my answer for the #DearMeTenYearsAgo. James Gamble’s answer really moved me. I’d wish my ten years ago self would convince Dr Jo. to see a specialist sooner. Her family is in the middle of lawsuit and all the experts testifying say her death could have been avoided with early intervention.

    On a good note, I got a text from Anne (Dr Jo’s caretaker/friend) and the cats are doing great in their new home.

    Also, my son is talking to Virginia (Dr Jo’s sister) about buying Dr Jo’s house. Virginia is in no hurry and that gives my son more time to save up.

    James Gamble: Sending prayers! Thanks for posting updates!

    Das: I’m glad you’re back. I always enjoy your point of view.

    JeffW: Good luck selling the house and relocating. It sounds exciting! Find a good spot for the RV and you could entertain outside.

  6. Mostly a Lawful Pantser here with lawful plantser tendencies… I like having benchmarks to work towards, but I also like discovering the details as I go. I do feel the need to have my characters well fleshed out before I start though, but once I start writing I may end up going a different direction from that which I had planned. As long as the final result is coherent and has no logic holes, and also makes for an interesting story, I do not mind.

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