Well, today has the distinction of being the weirdest day of the year so far. While I really can’t go into the reasons why it’s been so weird, suffice it to say I’d feel safer just going straight to bed. But I have a late dinner meeting to attend – and a blog entry to publish!

So, I’ll keep it short, sweet and Stargatey with this awesome BTS drop.

First a peek at yet another assortment of behind the scenes footage making its way to MGM (and, eventually, your screens):

Adria, the Ori, fights, explosions, RDA in a wave pool, and footage from the SG-1 series finale!

Second, here’s another page from the unproduced Stargate: Extinction script –

Time ship, he says!

I leave you to discuss amongst yourselves.

12 thoughts on “April 26, 2019: Weird Day! Stargate drop!

  1. Well, here’s to a good de-weirding for tomorrow.

    Every page I’ve seen of that script really, really, really makes me want to see the whole thing on screen!

  2. Being from the future myselves, I know how this plays out… Pretty exciting!

  3. I’m glad you are sharing the Stargate:Extinction pages. Any chance we will get a chance to read all of it? And I look forward to finding out more about your weird day.

    My current activities include editing a D&D role playing tournament for our group, the National ASsociation of CRAzed Gamers (NAsCraG) to run at the upcoming GenCon in Indianapolis next August. My job is to turn something that the authors think is perfect just the way it is (because they wrote it and don’t need those niggling details to understand what is going on) into an RPG game that anyone can pick up and run. And to make it fit into a 3.5 hour time slot. And not damage anyone’s fragile ego (at least not beyond repair).. But actually, I really like doing it.

  4. Hey Joe,

    I hope your day was simply weird-weird and not weird-bad.

    On the Extinction Script, I thought Wraith did not have the ancient gene, so how could Todd pilot the Time-Ship? I sure there was an explanation on how Todd pulled this off, so any chance you could fill us in on the twist?

    I’m with you on the weird days lately. I’ve turned into a home-repair-cleanup-zombie…just stumbling from one issue/project to another. All the work just seems to stretch out into nameless days of paint chip and dent repair with no clear end in sight. I even started to mumble to myself…is that a symptom of a pre-home-repair-cleanup-zombie? I’m pretty sure it is. I think the next step is drooling in a stupor. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one. I don’t want any water damage after all…

  5. Um, it’s one of the rules of gossip/conversation/social media that one does not simply declare the having of a weird day without something … more? That’s like canceling my favorite show on a cliffhanger! (Too soon?)

    And … HOLY CRAP A TIME SHIP! I love time thingies. All of them. Thank you.

  6. I see that HBO is releasing a Deadwood movie next month… a full 10 years after the series went off the air. Finally, some closure for that series.

    If they can do it, so can you! Keep the faith!

  7. You sound like my mom. She’ll say, “I read a very interesting article about dogs I was going to tell you about. Now what did it say??”. She NEVER can remember it. Drives me crazy. Stop your teasing Joe.

  8. A time ship? Coooolllllll

    Sorry your day was weird. I think we can all relate to those kinds of days. Hoping things improved for you.

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