Well, this past Thursday afternoon, we pitched Untitled Awesome Project to a broadcaster.  As you may (or may not) know, I’m especially excited about this one as it’s a notion that (like Dark Matter) was many years in the making.  And by “many years in the making” I mean that, like Dark Matter, I came up with the concept and main characters quite some time ago and put them on the back burner, allowing them to bubble and stew while I focused on the projects at hand.  In the case of Dark Matter, it was almost seven years between the time I first came up with the idea (while working on Stargate) to when the show finally got that elusive green light.  In the case of UAP, a show I first conceived while working on the first season of Dark Matter, the timeline may (just MAY) be a little shorter.  I received word late last night that the pitch went over well and, should the right dominos fall between now and end of next week, I may soon be starting work on a pilot script.  Of course we’re talking development, still a ways from a green light, but it’s a crucial step in a positive direction.

Expecting notes on the preliminary series overview of that comic book adaptation later this week as well.  I have much love and respect of the series writer and artist and am looking forward to their feedback.

And, also this week, I’ll be getting together with one of my very favorite horror authors to start the wheels turning on our adaptation of one of his novels.  This one’s going to be a lot of fun.  And very, very unsettling.  I started describing the project to Akemi who was so freaked out she asked me to stop.  She bemoans the fact she won’t have the nerve to watch it when the time comes.

Finally, I’m just putting the finishing touches on the Episode #3 script for UF which I hope to deliver Monday or Tuesday after which I can set my screenwriting software on standby until it comes time for me to write the Episode #10, season finale.

Oh, hey, the results are in on our Which Vegetable Would You Excise From Your Diet For The Rest Of Your Life? poll and the winner is…

With 28.89% of the vote, edging out surprising second-place mushrooms at 20.44%, is – zucchini!  Congratulation, courgette.  Now get the hell out!

Perhaps equally not unsurprising is the fact that potatoes received the fewest votes at a mere 3.11% of the total tally.

So, last night, I had dinner at THE BEST place for fried chicken in Toronto: Home of Hot Taste, aka Buldak.  There, we enjoyed five fantastic varieties of fried chicken – and a spicy squid platter for Akemi.

Fried chicken with green onions, Snow Chicken (with powdered cheese), five spice, garlic, and sweet and spicy wings.

I’ve been doing my research, putting in the long hours and trust me, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better fried chicken experience in this city.

9 thoughts on “November 17, 2018: The Projects, Poll, and Fried Chicken Update!

  1. Here’s hoping UAP continues to get the go-ahead! I’m also really curious to see how the horror novel adaptation turns out.

    All this, plus the possibility of a Dark Matter revival? It’s probably a good thing you’re going on vacation now. You might be too busy later!

  2. Remind me again what “UF” stands for? “United Forces”? “Untitled Fanfic”? “Underwear Fancier”?

  3. Great news update on your many projects! I wish you success on all fronts.

    So what’s wrong with zucchini? It is such a versatile veggie, so many great ways to prepare it. Maybe you just haven’t eaten it prepared in a way you’d enjoy? I remove the seeds and skin most of the time and the flavor is yummy.

    Based on the chicken images… I would try the spicy wings, not so much the others. But glad you all enjoyed them.

  4. Another step forward! Good!
    That build up is unbearable. We demand immediate official announcement and teaser trailer!
    I mean… “PLEASE”.

  5. That chicken looks tasty, had to take a closer look at the Snow Chicken, powdered cheese reminds me of the Kraft mac packets. I did another batch of sugar free cranberry scones, perfect with honey, cocoa and Love Actually.

  6. Send all zucchini my way and everyone’s happy. I’ll share with 2cats though 🙂
    Topinambur is pretty awful in my opinion. I believe it is what steamed tulips must taste like.

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