Yes, it’s true!  Patrick Stewart made the announcement last night:

We’re Getting A New In-canon Series!  Not A Reboot!

Yes, you read right.  An all-new in-canon Star Trek series that looks forward by rewarding the existing fanbase while also welcoming new fans to the fold. A brilliant decision by CBS.  Why you would almost think they’ve been reading this blog!

This is fantastic news for fans of Trek but also probably the best news to hit Stargate fandom in years.  Why?  Because the decision makers at MGM can’t help but take notice – of the overwhelmingly positive response to this news, the excitement it has engendered, and, eventually, the success of a series that pays respect to the past while boldly going into the future.  It’s a win-win, the best case scenario we’ve been promoting all along.  And all it’s taken to be proven right was another franchise to do it first.

Now, it’s Stargate‘s turn and the path to success couldn’t be clearer.  It’s second and goal on the 1 yard line.  Just hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch for the winning touchdown and then celebrate your Super Bowl victory.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Ultimately, you can either be the hero who brings back Stargate for all fans – or, that  executive who launched New Coke, green lit a Stargate reboot, or called the pass play that cost Seattle the Super Bowl.

I am cautiously optimistic.

So, More New Themes

Anyhoo, in other matters, yesterday readers got a look at the first candidate of wordpress themes I’m considering for this blog.  Response to “TextBook” was – mixed.  On the one hand, we love the cleaner layout and color scheme; but, on the other hand, that header is freakin’ huge, the related section runs flush to one side, and there’s a little too much space to either side of the entry texts.  Also, some preferred the original design that saw each day’s entry laid out on a single scroll-worthy page.

Today, we move on to our second candidate, “2016”.  Let’s hear your thoughts!

40 thoughts on “We’re getting a new in-canon series! Not a reboot!

  1. I like this theme a lot. The body text is more readable than the sans serif(which I also liked). Titles in bold sans serif are clean and crisp. I would suggest tightening up the header and removing a bit of space(so you can read the whole title of the blog post on mobile) and making the hero image edge to edge. I would bring in a slight bit of colour blocking in the lower sections to create a visual hierarchy and separate the main content from related section slightly.

    1. Oh and how great will it be to hear “Make it so!” again. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it. lol.

  2. I like the look of this one way better than yesterday’s. It’s very clean and simple. I like how the text runs down the center with informational links on the right. The Blog title “August 15, 2018…” is a little large, so not sure if you can shrink that down.

  3. Yes good news, INDEED. It does open up new hope for us and the series. I can’t help but get excited for the new Rockie coming this fall. Like when I just posted a share of a new young puppy learning to maneuver the stairs for the first time.

  4. Nope sorry. As optimistic as I’ve been for years, I just don’t see it happening Joe. The future if anything will be some crappy cheap Stargate in name but nothing else with Origins stuck on the end. Sadly for me that’s going to be our lot. All the tweets all the emails means sod all to MGM if it did we’d have had a new series of our Stargate before now..I need to accept this and move on. I’ve had enough! 🙁 Long live Star trek…. R.I.P Stargate.

  5. This isn’t terrible but the masthead at the is grainy, the layout is very old style, and I miss the old photos you had before. For your blog I feel like you really need something more classic but modern. You should enlist Rita to help. She built an entire website for me and is an expert at this stuff.

  6. OMG! Joe! YAY! That’s Fantastic news! You best not be messing with us/teasing, eh!?
    Cant wait to find out when we will get to see a new Star Trek! Hope they are beginning production immediately!
    I’ve been so bored without DM and now that the seasons of Hand maids Tale & Humans are done……..
    If Summer TV gets any worse for not so easy to please greek science geeks like me, I’m going to have to resort to petitioning and making desperate pleas to Carl Binder & friends to personally come over and tell me bed time stories! Hmmmmm … what sorta bribes ya think they’d respond to in lieu of my winning the lotto jackpot and offering a big sweaty wad of cash.

    This layout is better/easier. Maybe needs a tad more personality/dressing though?

    1. Drea–Have you watched Travelers on Netflix yet? Outstanding. Lots of Stargate people in it and behind it.

  7. So excited for the new Picard series! I really hope MGM takes the hint with Stargate, there is so much potential for the existing story to continue. Oh and this theme works much better on my mobile than yesterday’s, it’s nice and clean! 🙂

  8. I know it’s the way most sites are done, but I’ve always hated white/light backgrounds with dark text. If something has a “dark” or “night” mode, I’ll enable it every time. I find it much easier on the eyes than a screenful of white light.

    I’m using the “Harmonic” theme on my personal blog and I like it for the reasons above. It also gives a continuous scroll with a snippet from each post on the home page. Check it out and see if it isn’t more comfy on the eyes, although it may not be for you. (Not trying to promote my blog, haven’t posted in over a year).

    1. Hunh. Interesting. I find just the opposite, that the black on white is easier on the eyes. Ultimately, that’s an option offered by this theme.

      1. Agree. The back backgrounds with white text hurt my eyes; I won’t read a blog if it’s that way. Not worth getting a headache, no matter what the topic or who is writing it!

        1. I like this theme better than yesterday, mainly because it’s readable on mobile and desktop. And it doesn’t distract from the stories.

  9. Great news about Patrick Stewart, our favourite of all the Captains!
    I like this theme too.

    1. Yes, eventually I’m going to bring back as many of my dogs as possible.

  10. I went through several emotions when I first saw and started reading this post:

    1. OMG! They’re creating a new Stargate series and Patrick Stewart is going to be on it!
    2. Wow! They’re creating a new Star Trek series with Patrick Stewart and Joe is going to be a writer for it!
    3. Oh, it’s just another Star Trek series with Patrick Stewart.
    4. Waaaaaa! Where’s my Stargate?!?!?!!?

    I missed yesterday’s theme. Is someone grabbing screenshots?

  11. This layout is very readable, but it looks like it could be any-fan’s-blog.

  12. I liked having the links to the previous blog, and the next blog, towards the top, like you originally had it.

  13. I’m liking this one! I tend to like “read at a glance” webpages and this format offers it in a clean package…or maybe I’m just a curmudgeon who doesn’t like change and this format is close to what you had before, so I subconsciously like it? Can’t both be true? 😉

    And I’m all for an in-canon continuation of Stargate and I’m cautiously optimistic. My finger-crossing looks more like a Vulcan death grip crossed with the Vulcan salute (dang arthritis), but hopefully it counts.

  14. I don’t care for that picture in your banner. It is missing someOne. I like your dogs better. Maybe a collage of all your dogs… in outfits.

    Congrats to Star Trek.

    PS: I hate white print on black background. It’s headache inducing.

    1. “It is missing someOne.”

      I see what you did there, and I agree. Never forget, numbers don’t start at Two.

  15. While better than yesterday’s, it has some effects that are for me – disorienting. Kinda like vertigo when trying to play a FPS game. The scheme is “self adjusting” in width to size for that ever the display used. Meaning if you open it on a smart phone, tablet, laptop (11, 13, 15, 17 screens), monitor – 19, 20, 23, etc., you will get the full flavor of the content. If there was only one choice – yesterday vs today, I like today better.

    Meanwhile love the news re Star Trek, Patrick Stewart….and hoping the “smarts” they practice spread to other entities…meaning Star Gate.

  16. I also agree that this is much better than yesterday’s format. And it does seem brighter with the white background, but I don’t know if you can use another shade of white that is lighter or not.

    Very excited about the Star Trek news, but not happy that it is going to be on the CBS All Access that you have to pay for. Will have to sign up, watch them all, and then cancel. That is what I will have to do when the new Disney Streaming Service gets the new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which I am just as excited about.

    1. See, this is what I am beginning to see here. CBS, Disney, and DC are all doing the same thing. Bringing back fan favorites, things fans have been clamoring for for years, as a not-so-subtle attempt to get people to buy into their new streaming service. They don’t actually care about fans and giving fans what they want, they just want people to pay for their streaming service. My first thought when reading about the Patrick Stewart news was: “I guess Star Trek: Discovery didn’t bring enough people to the streaming service, so now they are pulling in the big names to try to con people into paying for it.”

      As much as I want to see new episodes of things like Clone Wars and Young Justice I really don’t want to have to buy in to all of these streaming services. Maybe I’m just too old for my age/generation, but I preferred the days when having cable got you all the good tv shows instead of needing cable, and Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and and and… Pretty soon we will end up with so many streaming services they will outnumber cable channels, then someone will offer them all in one big package and it will just be cable 2.0 only far more expensive.

      Sorry, went off on a bit of a rant there. It just seems like everyone is so excited about Picard returning they are just ignoring the blatant marketing gimmick the whole thing is. Whether or not any of these things actually turn out good, instead of bad quality cash grabs, remains to be seen.

  17. Theme Complaints
    1. There’s a tiny useless border all around the screen, which doesn’t scroll at the top and bottom, and I’m finding that really alarmingly annoying!!
    2. The bottom of the “main page” doesn’t have (or I didn’t notice it) a quick link to get into the comments of a post, so you have to scroll back up to the top and hit the post’s title to get in.
    3. Everything’s curiously crammed into a narrow “middle”, leaving a giant gap on the left and right of the actual content. Bit of a waste.
    4. Font’s a bit big, coupled with the narrow view, results in more scrolling than we’re used to.

    And, yeah, something’s hurting my eyes, too. I’m not sure why that is, as the old theme was also black on white. Is it that the font’s too thin?
    Nah, not a fan of today’s theme!

  18. I see what you did there! Yes, that was great news to read over the weekend. CBS is “making it so!”.

    I like this format. It’s clean and easy to read, and I like the font.

  19. I don’t mind the white on black. For the others that had eye hurts, maybe you could dull the white?

    A new Star Trek show would be good. I don’t have CBS all access because Star Trek Discovery would be the only show I’d watch but….. I might subscribe if there were two shows. I wonder if they will release them on DVD?

    It would be great for them to do another Star Gate. I mean, there is soooo much left to tell. Would they hit you up for writing?

    Drea: Do you like mysteries/police shows? I found a good one on Amazon called “Scott & Baiely”. It seemed like a well done show (five seasons). Drives me crazy when you see the pathologist wear fashion clothes/jewelry while doing a post/at a crime scene but S & B seem to stick to more believable police procedure. Their personal lives are a mess but it’s a strong cast of women.

    Has anyone seen “Spiderman Homecoming”? I’m still shaking my head on this movie version. They made Peter Parker seem like a puppy (all energy and no brains). It was cute but very different from the others. I haven’t read the comics. Is this closer to the print version?

    Maggiemayday: I hope Larry’s feeling better today!

  20. I truly hope MGM gets the hint (or clunk over the head). Everyone put so much effort into the campaign this year. You would have thought THAT would have been enough. But perhaps they will give it more serious consideration. If they don’t, I don’t what else it will take for them to do this. Perhaps they’ll decide to launch it just when reboots become out of trend and thus fail. I don’t see Wright/Cooper canon Stargate would ever be out of trend but they will be very late to the party.

    BTW, a note to that channel that I won’t mention about giving fans a closure. “Timeless” had been on the bubble from season 1 to season 2. They took a very long time to finally say no more “Timeless.” The fans campaigned and while they aren’t going to get another season, they are going to get a two-episode (movie) to clean up the storylines to give fans closure. What that channel did to Dark Matter and to the fans that love the show was criminal.

    As far as the blog theme, I like this one better than yesterday. It is a little bright and my eyes need to adjust a bit, but I think black background with white text would be more difficult for my eyes/brain to handle. I found that reading on the iPad was actually easier for me when I did have time to read something. I think it was because there was light behind the words.

  21. I prefer your original theme with Maximus in the header. This font is too small.

    I’m all for a new Star Trek series but will not watch if it goes into CBS All access. Have not seen Discovery either. I simply won’t pay after already paying for a darn cable bill.

  22. Make it so Number One! My heart was filled with glee when I read the announcement. And yes, I’m hopeful that the studios will finally notice the fan base and reward us with more SciFi/fantasy shows. Look at Supernatural’s long run.

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