While Akemi and the dogs are back home holding the fort, I’m in Montreal to: a) celebrate my sister’s birthday and b) eat!

Day #1 in photos…

Montreal Day #1!

Montreal Day #1!

Lunch with mom and sis.

Montreal Day #1!

Montreal Day #1!

Ribs and friendship cake.

Montreal Day #1!

Handsome Fernando.

Montreal Day #1!

My best buddy, Ralphie.

Montreal Day #1!

Turkish ice cream.  I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and flavour.  The almond was good, but the pistachio was exceptional.

Montreal Day #1!

Meet-up with Lance and Kelli (photo courtesy of Lance and Kelli).

Montreal Day #1!

A dessert medley from Maison Christian Faure.

Montreal Day #1!

Montreal Day #1!

Montreal Day #1!

Check out this former bank turned cafe in Old Montreal.

Montreal Day #1!

Andria and Daisy in deep discussion.

Montreal Day #1!

Montreal Day #1!

Rib-eye steak and lobster tagliatelle at Le Chien Fumant.

Montreal Day #1!

Montreal Day #1!

Salted butter ice cream at Kem CoBa.

And this brings to an end my first day in Montreal – as well as my diet regimen.

Tomorrow’s forecast calls for smoked meat with a chance of chocolate-dipped soft serve.

P.S. I’ve really got to change this blog theme.  It’s driving me nuts.

12 thoughts on “Montreal Day #1!

  1. Happy Birthday, Andria.

    Yup. Turkish ice cream is pretty good.
    Albeit, we Greeks still do pistachio ice cream better!
    So, HA!! 😀

    @Kelli If you’re going for lunch with Joe, you should be fine.
    (He knows where all the good deli’s are).
    If you and Lance are going on your own, just avoid Main street Deli.
    Numerous pals have been telling me
    that place has become a regrettable experience.

    @MaggieMayday Hope you and hubby both get to feeling better soon
    and hope it all works out for that car camping family.
    Sounds like you may have inherited two new permanent household members.

    Joe, has anyone ever gone into that cafe and tried to rob the bank?
    Good to see Ralphie & Fernando looking happy & well. xo

  2. Ah ha!! Andria’s birthday!! Happy birthday Andria!!! Everyone and all
    dogs look fabulous! The food looks awesome!

    I had a call for Baron Destructo today. A girl with a heavy accent called and said she worked at Windows. She wanted to alert me that every time I am on my computer, a virus is loading into it (or something like that).

    Girl: Are you sitting in front of your computer now?

    Me: You should know if you can see what my computer is doing.

    Girl: I need you to get on your computer so I can help you.

    Me: Why are you scamming people? Why don’t you get a real job?

    Girl: What?

    Me: Stop scamming people and get a real job!

    Girl: Shut up! Watch your language!

    Me: Shut up??? I haven’t even started cursing yet!!

    Then she hung up. The sad thing is, I could hear in the background others talking to people on the phone. Wonder how many fall for this.

    1. Bravo! Someone called my mom’s house once. My brother (that has brain damage and doesn’t have a job , house or car) answered and he was told his mortgage was overdue. He kept them on the line for a while. It was funny…

      Thanks for the food porn and say HI to everyone!

  3. Another big happy birthday to Andria (so glad we could meet her!), and hey I know that coffee shop! I camped out a lot there in March, it became my regular hangout for coffee (it’s behind our hotel). Since we scored free breakfast and coffee in the hotel I haven’t been over there this trip, but I was cruising across the ice in the mornings to camp out there and do my first few hours of the work day!

    Fantastic to see you and I hope the rest of your trip is great!

  4. Happy Birthday, Andria!!!
    Waves at Mama Mallozzi.
    Heya Daisy!!!
    Love when Joe visits home and take pictures of everyone!

  5. That bank cafe metamorphosis is actually pretty clever.
    Getting people to trade in their limited cash
    to acquire double the amount in pounds instead
    while submitting work resumes online
    so they can make more money
    and be able to afford a local gym membership
    so they can withdraw the pounds they accumulated while they were
    patronizing that particular bank.
    Kinda gives new meaning to
    The Circular Economy scheme, eh? lol

    Have fun today. Happy Eating! xo

  6. Happy Birthday, Andria!

    Good to see your Montreal family again, Joe. Dogs included, of course. Your mama is looking great. 🙂

    That food! i just ate breakfast but it still looks scrumptious.

  7. So glad everyone had a great time. I already wished Andria a happy birthday but having wishes twice (wait….did I wish her a happy birthday? I’ll go check).

    Glad you got to meet up with Lance & Kelli. Some of my favorite people. 🙂

    Your mom gets younger every time you take a picture of her. How is that? I’d like some of those wonderful anti-aging genes.

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