First, let’s start off with a great podcast interview I did with The Nerd Party’s Lee Hutchison in which I cover everything from the challenges of breaking into the t.v. industry through Stargate and Dark Matter memories to what lies ahead.  

Nerd Party’s Interview with Joseph Mallozzi

Worth a listen:

The Green Light Poll Revealed

Second — thanks to everyone who weighed in on my “Which project will get the green light first?” poll.  Here are the results…


Well, guess that’s that.  Looking forward to all of them.

A Trip Home

Tomorrow, I am off to Montreal for three days of family time and all-around eating. While there, I play to meet up with Kelli and Lance (of Dark Matter FTL campaign fame) for one of these –


Akemi is staying home with the kids, which means that we must split our Apple accessories.  Fortunately, we have two laptop chargers.  Unfortunately, she has the only good phone charger, so I’m going to have to make do –


And hope for the best.

No News Is No News

Finally, from the “It’s not you; it’s me department” — it’s actually NOT me, and probably not you, but everyone else.  I mean, come on, people!  Need I remind you that the clearest path to getting something done is by actually doing something?  Making an offer?  Closing a deal?  Sending notes?  Making a decision?  Returning an email?

Finally finally, I leave you with this bit of wisdom courtesy of the ever lovely Tom Gardiner –



22 thoughts on “Throatpunch!

  1. I remember when I worked in the office for a construction firm, the guy running it read a lot of Zig Zigler and said, “if you don’t get ’em on paper or at least a commitment to contract in that first meeting, it’s going to be tough getting ’em to commit in the second meeting if there is one.” My own take on it is “Get ’em while they’re hot and if they cool off, squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Old timey metaphors aside, I hope you land everything you want to do as your body of work is among the best in the business. You’re our Joe Cool!

  2. I majorly recommend a metal charging cable after having to cat-proof the rest of the house. Or some electrical tape 🙂

  3. Joe. Get a new cable.

    Non-response is one of the most frustrating things in dealing with other people. Can it hurt just to fire off a response to at least say that you’ll get back to someone later? If punching them in the throat doesn’t work, then punch them in the scrum!!

  4. A new Lightening cable with a steel or mesh covering is about $14 for a 6 or 10 foot one. The 3ft one is about the price of that chocolate decadent dessert. You can buy them everywhere : Target, grocery stores, train stations And drug stores. Go ahead and get 2.

    I detest this culture where if you don’t get the interview they never respond back even if you can reach someone for feedback. As a freelance designer that’s the story of my life night agree with Tom. Have a wonderful time with Kelli and Lance

  5. New Lightning cords are available everywhere from convenience stores to Amazon, Joe.

    BTW, anybody have an old 30-pin (pre-Lightning) Apple cord they’re not using?

    1. I have one but I’m using it. Our old original iPod still works. The one that allowed 40GB of music on it. We connect it to our speaker in the kitchen and boom all our songs up until the program wouldn’t sync with it, but we have close to 4000 songs on there.

  6. Safe travels. Have a great time visiting family. Fortify the house before you leave so Akemi and the pups want for nothing except your return.

    Looks like it’s time to replace that lightning charger. It’s seen too many teeth.

  7. One of Apple’s worst designs. And that is coming from someone who had worked with Apple since before the vast majority of so called apple geniuses’ dads got his hard-on (I took a computer science course in 1983 where I wrote programing in BASIC). I had two I used for charging my phone but I wrapped then with electricians tape so when I disconnect them from the charger, which Apple gives out to everything, the cords don’t short. I thought the larger pins from the older iPads was better to work with.

  8. @Joe:

    Unfortunately, she has the only good phone charger, so I’m going to have to make do – And hope for the best.

    I really need to sort out your electronic cables for you the next time I visit. A little bit of fiberglass cable sheathing, some liquid tape and you’ll be good as new. Maybe I can add some LEDs so it blinks like the Raza in FTL? Might be hard to sleep when charging though. 😉

    Need I remind you that the clearest path to getting something done is by actually doing something?  Making an offer?  Closing a deal?  Sending notes?  Making a decision?  Returning an email?

    Seems like we’re in the doldrums of summer…hopefully this listless sea won’t last much longer. Safe travels!

  9. While you are there
    Stop by a deli and grab yourself a hot pastami on rye.
    Always good for what ails ya, no?.
    Had one today served up with some tasty garlic cucumber on the side.
    Definitely feeling a bit better.

    Say Hi to Mama Mallozzi , Andria, Keli , Lance and your moms fur babies
    from all of us.

    Safe Travels. xo

    1. Lance and I are doing that tomorrow; we did that last time we were here and it was so good!

  10. Throatpunchy. I’m going to borrow that. We usually say stabby-stabby in the office here. Has your email address changed? I’m not going to be able to visit Toronto in August because of some drama that’s happened. Alas. But there will be a next time, so I’ll let you know. Great podcast interview. 🙂

  11. Forget all that other stuff. I’m trying to figure out why you are going to Montreal. And why can’t the doggies go? It’s not your birthday yet. Is it your mom’s birthday? Your sister’s birthday? Do you have a business meeting to attend there? Gonna help your mom with something? Hmmm….

  12. Safe travels, have fun and I’ll join the chorus of “buy a cable”. They have them at the airport.

    Say Hi to all the Montreal folks! Do you get to practice your French?

    1. This is just an FYI, did you know IKEA has phone wireless charging built into some of their lamps/end tables? It’s only for the newer phones (they have a list) but I’m thinking of getting one of the lamps for my son. That would be very convenient.

  13. Unsolicited Throatpunch is the name of my punk rock band.

    I am a week out from surgery, have my drain out, and am done with my painkillers. Yay. My husband is off work with a bacterial lung infection/pneumonia, my elderly kitty has a recurring UTI, Boo!

    I am still sitting two delightful young cats, but their family seems to have vanished, so they may be long term fosters. Or my new fur kids. I worry, because this is a family which lost their apartment and were car camping in the canyons last I heard. Two kids who need a stable place because school begins soon, and while a couple months of car camping is tough enough in summer, being homeless is just no good at all. I am trying not to get attached to the kitties. Dang it.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your surgery. Glad you got your drain out. Sorry to hear about your husband. When it rains, it pours. Sorry about the kitty, too.

      That happens a lot to people who do pet sitting in their homes (for pay or for kindness). The family never returns. I think in their POV, if they leave them with a human they at least have a chance and what that human does will be a decision the human will have to make and not them and hopefully that will be a “yes they can be mine now” but sometimes that individual cannot do it so in a way I understand why they did it but also agree it is horribly unfair to assume someone will do that. For people who do it for a living, they have something in the contract that if the owners do not pick up said animals after a certain date, they will attempted to be given to a rescue group, but if not, they release them to bring the pets to the animal shelter. I’ll only let people bring their pets to our house after we’ve gotten to know them for awhile and we had a test visit set up to see if their dog(s) and Boomer can get along. I can only do that with dogs.

  14. We’ll go hours out of our way for a hamburger or chocolates but spend five minutes to replace an iPhone cord?
    No way.

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