Given the fact it’s impossible to get an Impossible Burger here in Toronto (ironic, no?), I thought we’d try the next best thing: the meatless burgers at Planta Burger. To be honest, they were…okay.  Texturally uninspired (I was hoping the “crab cake” would, at the very least, be crispy) and underwhelming in flavor.  The cauliflower was a disaster, almost half the deep-fried portions pure batter.  But the fries were pretty damn great!

Recent Eats!
The Classic (mushroom & lentil patty, in-house smoked portobello, queso, magic sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles) and “Crab Cake” (hearts of palm & celeriac patty, tartar, lettuce, pickles) Burgers accompanied by Buffalo cauliflower and fries at Planta Burger.
Recent Eats!
The “Uji Matcha” soft serve at Butter Avenue.

Devoid of any real matcha flavor, it really tasted more like a berry base (raspberry or strawberry?).  Refreshing, but a bit of a bait and switch.

Had lunch at this casual restaurant on Spadina Ave. (the more laid-back sister of high-end Alo Restaurant), and it boasts one of the best burgers in the city.  Also, some pretty good desserts including the aforementioned ice cream sandwich.  I’m not a huge fan of fruit in my dessert, but Natalie seemed to enjoy the pineapple sundae.  I did enjoy the butter cake portion.

Recent Eats!
A chocolate assortment at Soma Chocolates’ King Street West location.

Akemi and I go so often they should be charging us rent.  Akemi always goes with the bergamot and the jasmine, while my go-to’s are the pistachio and their award-winning peach magnolia.  Not pictured: my mocha and the primo Sicilian pistachio gelato.

Recent Eats!
The Paris Brest at Le Select Bristo.

Here’s another place with a killer burger.  Most recently, we were there for brunch with our old friend Mackenzie Lawrence.  What better way to finish a meal than this glorious combination of choux pastry and praline cream.  Akemi is all about the choux while I’m all about the cream, so it works out perfectly.

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8 thoughts on “Recent Eats!

  1. Of all the beautiful food shown and mentioned, it’s when you start talking about good burgers that I really start to salivate. I’ll eat anything, and usually like it, but for me there’s just nothing better than a good burger. If I had to pick a single food to eat for life, however short that life would probably be, it would be the hamburger/cheeseburger.

  2. The chocolate/coffee ice cream sandwich sounds amazing, but you know I will always have a soft spot for SOMA. I love it there!

  3. Chocolate-coffee ice cream sandwich.
    Pistachio chocolate.
    Pastries with praline.
    NOW yur talkin’!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. We’re in Japan right now and Kanazawa has a great burger place called The Godburger. (We have been in Japan for two weeks already and needed a bit of a break from ramen). They only seat about 8 people at a time but it’s worth the wait!

  5. Soma chocolate! I am in a mode of withdrawal, I am going to try their mail order. my local Pub has a crab cake on the menu that is so large and good, it’s a meal in its self, but looking at the amount of food you seem to have, it would be just an appetizer. Yet eating with a local brew is adding to the meal

  6. Oh my! I wish I could eat with both of you for a day. I don’t think I could keep up but I’d give it a good try.

  7. I’d heard of the Impossible Burger a few years ago and kind of lost track of it. Turns out it IS available in my area. Almost. Burgerbarr, the place that serves it, is closed for remodeling until 8/21. Remind me, will you?

  8. Killjoys is really struggling. I think Dark Matter would have done better.

    Episode 2 – 431k, 0.09 18-49

    Both sad and irritating that there’s no Dark Matter this Summer.

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