I was up into the wee hours of this morning, watching and preparing notes for the director’s cut of episode #104 – and writing a scene for this week’s schedule.  And it looks like I’ll be up into the wee hours of tomorrow morning, watching and preparing notes for the prod cut of episode #103 – and writing another scene for this week’s schedule.  Hopefully not overly wee as I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow to get in for 7:00 a.m. call.  We’ve got TWO units rolling tomorrow!  In addition to the afternoon concept meeting for episode #107 with director Bruce McDonald.  The rewrite on #107 and #108.  Finishing up my cut of #104.  And, oh yeah, continuing work on the script for the season finale.

To those of you asking – No, you didn’t miss the big casting news I hinted at last week.  Rather than post the news on this blog, I decided to go through proper channels first.  Now some of you may wonder: What’s the difference between just making an unofficial announcement and going through those official channels?  Well, last time I checked, about three weeks and counting.

March 3, 2015: Things Are About To Get Crazy.  Er.

They served up cupcakes for our production meeting yesterday.  Check out the cake to icing ratio!

March 3, 2015: Things Are About To Get Crazy.  Er.

And a treat of another sort compliments of director Ron Murphy who kicks things off with Day #1 of episode #107 tomorrow!  One tasty whisky, served up in line producer Norman Denver’s special Hungarian sipping glasses.

March 3, 2015: Things Are About To Get Crazy.  Er.

And the ranks of our whisky club continue to grow.  We’re like Fight Club, but with a lot less fighting and more glasses to clean.

Finally, I came across this curio gathering dust in Executive Producer Jay Firestone’s office.  For the man who has everything:

March 3, 2015: Things Are About To Get Crazy.  Er.

16 thoughts on “March 3, 2015: Things are about to get crazy. Er.

  1. Work hard, play hard, Joe. Good luck with the prep work!

    Whisky club, huh…lucky group you have there. Gotta be such a fun place to work at.

    Mutant X…yes!! At first I though that trinket was a shot glass. Shalimar Fox was my fav char, played by TJ’s wife, Vicky. Gosh, I miss that show…

  2. So is that Mutant X a spirit or a perfume?

    And at some point you’re going to have to review and rank these single malts for us. I’m curious of what you thought of the DoubleWood in comparison to Writer’s Tears, et cetera.

  3. Bruce McDonald!? Cowboy hat Bruce McDonald? Director of Pontypool? I really liked that movie. It was engrossing. You worked with him a few years ago on… something… that shall forever remain nameless… Glad to see him back! Get lots of pictures please. Will you be having any other Stargate familiar directors or will these cycle back around? I’m looking/waiting for the ever so handsome Will Waring!

    That cupcake looks dreamy! You can have the whisky, I’m addicted to milk. It would probably be less fattening to drink whisky.

  4. I don’t drink whiskey but someone who does swears by something called Pappy Van Winkle… I think that’s the right name… how do you function on so little sleep Joe? Take care of yourself and Ivon.

    Cheers, Chev

    P.S. Hope all the blog community are well. I’ve been moving furniture to accommodate some new additions courtesy of my Dad’s move & down-sizing. I think we’ll all be relieved once he’s all moved in in a few weeks.

  5. Yeah, I’d love to see Will Waring and Martin Wood as directors – I felt they had a great dynamic shooting style that still served the characters. Also Peter DeLuise and Andy Mikita – though I think they felt/were more constrained by the house style, so were perhaps not as inventive as they would have liked to be, or as Will Waring got to be, as he got to direct later in the run when things had loosened up a bit (my impression, anyway, from watching and listening to commentaries).
    I also like to see creative shooting styles when it serves the story – I get that a certain amount of consistency is needed, but, hey, we’re SF fans; we’re used to all kinds of far out concepts and narrative structures, so a bit of jump-cutting or flashback or parallel storytelling or varied lighting or colourisation or whatever things I don’t know enough about film to describe properly isn’t going to faze us. 🙂

  6. 3 semaines encore !!
    Just went through “Heroes” part 1 and 2 7th season fo SG1
    Saul Rubinek was absolutly perfect in this role ! Wow!

  7. Oh and The Balvenie 17 years old is a very great scotch for great occasions : just bought one last week for my son who will get married this fall (at 30 years old!)

  8. Three weeks and counting for sure! Tick tock, tick tock.

    It’s nice to see The Balvenie join your Whiskey Club! The DoubleWood 17’s younger sibling, DoubleWood 12, is my favorite go to single malt. And The Balvenie itself, my favorite brand.

    If you can track it down, the Port Wood 21 is amazing. I treated myself to a bottle about 5 years ago.

  9. Rather than post the news on this blog, I decided to go through proper channels first. We don’t want to get you in trouble but that’s a bummer . 🙁

    Is that a red velvet cupcake? I don’t mind that much icing if it’s not too sweet.

    I’m not much of a drinker. You could have had my shot. What’s the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

    How’s Toronto treating the pups & Akemi?

    Are you renting out your Vancouver house?

  10. Mutant X was a fun series. I watched a few years back. There were reasons reported for Season 4 not happening, even though apparently it did well in syndication. Such a shame though.

  11. I imagine if you don’t clear it with TPTB you wouldn’t be able to share as much as you do when they don’t necessarily care. I am patient. I can wait. Three weeks will be here in no time.

  12. That Mutant X thingie is very cool, that takes me back. If you find any Earth Final Conflict gear send it my way.

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