They say that time speeds up as you get older.  Conversely, I can now confirm that time actually slows down when you’re trying to write up the 16 act outline of a miniseries over the weekend.  I started at 8:30 this morning and finished at a little before 10:00 p.m., breaking only for a shake, a quick dinner, and to take my dogs out for a walk.  Eight acts down and another eight to go.  In a weekend.  On Stargate, at my speedy best, it would take me a day to write an episode outline.  I’m operating at x4 efficiency.  Well, x4 speed anyway.

Time speeds up as you get older.  And it also seems to fly when you’re having dinner with friends.  I leave you with these photos as I turn in for the night to start thinking about the tease to Part 2, Act 9, and the fact that Paul still hasn’t come up with those last two acts.

May 5, 2012: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!  But It’s Just The Opposite When You’re Writing A 16 Act Outline!
Carl is in town with Karen. He’s here to run the marathon. Look at the fear in his eyes!
May 5, 2012: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!  But It’s Just The Opposite When You’re Writing A 16 Act Outline!
Carl samples the special draft on tap – a lemon beer that hardly tastes like urine at all. Hardly.
May 5, 2012: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!  But It’s Just The Opposite When You’re Writing A 16 Act Outline!
Lawren and his (much, much) better half.
May 5, 2012: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!  But It’s Just The Opposite When You’re Writing A 16 Act Outline!
Since Carl is in town, I spare no expense. Chorizo burgers for everybody!
May 5, 2012: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!  But It’s Just The Opposite When You’re Writing A 16 Act Outline!
With a hearty meal under his belt, Carl now has the energy to run his marathon!
May 5, 2012: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!  But It’s Just The Opposite When You’re Writing A 16 Act Outline!
Check out that look of fierce determination. I have high hopes for my buddy. Last race, I managed an embarrassing 1500th out of 50 000 runners. This year, Paul and I are expecting nothing less than a top ten finish!

P.S. Start posting your questions for Dark Matter artist Garry Brown!

17 thoughts on “May 5, 2012: Time flies when you’re having fun! But it’s just the opposite when you’re writing a 16 act outline!

  1. Carl looks like, um, well, like Carl. It’s great seeing some of the gang back together. Hope that might be a glimpse into the future with your miniseries? It sounds like you’re running a word marathon trying to accomplish 16 acts in just two days. Are you under a deadline? Is this one of the projects you’re bringing to LA?

    And it’s true, time does indeed speed up as I get older, along with my disintegrating body. After visiting a friend, I had hoped to be crossing through the Mojave desert on the way home and see the Super Moon on the horizon. But my friend was sick, so I never made to the desert. Instead, I went on the Full Moon hike in Franklin Canyon tonight, and saw it rise over Beverly Hills with about 90 people. It was awesome! On the way down, I ended up being the sweep, making sure everyone was off the trail and safe. This was one of the best walks in Franklin I’ve been on in the 17 years I’ve been there. Just a fabulous group of people, and a breathe taking view of the moon and city. And worth every aching fiber in my now pain filled body.

    Good luck to you and Paul tomorrow, and to Carl!

  2. Appears my question for Garry Brown didn’t post on first attempt. Fast & dirty version: is it merely coincidence that his first sketch of Dark Matter’s youngest character looks like my eighth-grade photo?

  3. ~~ Good morning Joe, Leo award noms are out and under dramatic series SGU got one in makeup, and Sanctuary has a couple also, good luck to them all. I was going to try and link it, but, well,,anyway congrats.
    ~~Nice to see the happy faces in your blog and food also, thanks. Write about a marathon runner, if u need some material, Ivon can loan you or Carl some shoes(maybe) to get the picture, good luck to Carl.
    ~~~Garry Brown, thank you for the great work on Joe and Paul’s project.
    Did you have a favorite character to draw in this project?
    thanks for your time!

  4. Hmmm, chorizo burgers and marathons. There has to be an evil plot in that combination.

  5. You’re not that old Joe, you still got another 30-40yrs plus ahead of you.

    Questions for Garry Brown

    1. What drew you to Dark Matter?
    2. What do you think of the story?
    3. What’s your favorite Dark Matter scene?
    4. What character do you like the most?
    5. What has it been like working with Joe and Paul, two greats behind Stargate?
    6. Are you a Stargate fan?
    7. Do you hope Dark Matter will be a long running series?
    8. What’s your favorite hobby?
    9. On a whole what had it been like working on Dark Matter?
    10. Are you a foodie?

  6. Always good to see Carl! I can’t believe your feeding him burgers and beer right before a big marathon. But then, I have found some runners can eat anything. They just mostly do it after the run not before.

    Good luck Carl!

  7. @ Sparrow_hawk – by the way, your japanese garden and house pictures are georgous! It looks so relaxing and tranquil.

  8. Obviously you know Joe that time doesn’t actually go any faster as we get older, it’s merely our perception of it. Now that may seem simplistic, but that is because most don’t realize why that is the case. When you are 10, a year is 1/10th of your life. When you are 40, a year is 1/40th of your life. So, as we get older, a standard measurement of time has the illusion of travelling more quickly because it represents a smaller and smaller proportion of our memories and life experiences.

    Thought you might find that interesting. 🙂


  9. @Tam Dixon: That actually looks pretty good!

    @Deni: NOW she looks like a girlie girl. Love the pink. I got Maddie a pink collar. Now she runs around the house without one because she scratches so much her tags irritate the crap out of us when we are trying to sleep.

    You’ll all know that Patrick is still alive and all of my hair is still on my head. We gave him some 5-HTP and I don’t know if it was that (that took the edge of the OCD-like behavior) or if my whether my method of giving him a negative consequence every time he got out of bed eventually got the message through. Whatever it is/was, I hope it has passed.

    Today I have spent the entire day working on gift bags for 15 teachers for 4 days. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week here in the states. I’ve got 1 more day’s worth of bags to go. Didn’t realize how labor intensive the project was going to be, but my goodness, they deserve medals. Last year we had fewer teachers and the person who was involved with me actually made the gift bags, handed them to the parents and asked them to send them back each day (for whatever day it was) with their kids. That didn’t work out so well. So we are doing it this way to avoid hurt feelings. It’s not that they didn’t mean well, and I’m sure it was just one of those things where they said, “Oh crap, I forgot to send it in.” Tomorrow is organic oranges/apples day. And the very unoriginal: Aren’t You The Apple of my Eye with cartoon-like pictures for the orange, apple and eye. Then on the reverse side, I found beautiful quotes. I pasted the two cards together and then laminated them as gift tags on the bags.

    The finished product:

    The card front:

    One sample card back:

    Tuesday is “Highlighting what you do is impossible” and on the reverse side 15 different ways to say you are awesome. In the bags are 3 highlighter markers and either a sheet of star stickers or a sheet of happy face stickers. Then on Wednesday, it will be: This Place Would Fall Apart Without You, with boxes of Band-Aids wrapped in heart cellophane bags with heart stickers and 15 more ways to say you are awesome and a heart charm attached to their bags on the tag. Thursday is the catered-in lunch with jars being made of their favorite candy and some decoration that my friend is handling. Friday is You Are My Rock day. I got rocks with inspirational words on them and then I found a great song for them to “rock” out to. Might even get them some Pop Rocks to lighten the heaviness. I would have had the lunch on Friday, but Friday is Mother’s Day Picnic for us. It’s been so much fun. One of my rare bursts of creativity.

    I hope Carl did really well in the marathon.

  10. A burger run!! Lol jk hope it all goes well. Anyway I have been reading many websites recently and there have been current spectuclations that SG1 or SGU might be heading back or way in some form or fashion. Well if it is I’m excitied and millions of others as well we really want the stargate universe back on screen!! Hope u are apart of it!! We are waiting eagerly!!

  11. @lt2369 – that is interesting. So getting worse memories as we age may be a mercy.


    I’d probably ask Garry Brown a gajillion questions in a more back and forth format. As it is, my generic curiosity isn’t coalescing into as many specific questions as I thought it would.

    1. What happens to a project if an artist drops out partway through its run, given the need for stylistic continuity for this kind of work?

    2. What can be done within a work group to minimize the risks of losing stylistic continuity in a project?

    3. Please correct the jargon I used in the above questions. I need to know how to express this correctly. You really don’t want to know how much I already cleaned up the language from how I’ve heard it expressed.

    4. How much do you use computers in the early stages of submitting a rough draft of a drawing? How digitized is your final product?

    5. How many iterations of a drawing do you go through working with Joe and Paul? Is that more or less than is typical in this kind of work?

    6. What do you think of those internet sites where artists can bid for freelancing jobs?

    7. Are there any cryptic signatures in your work, like a Stargate director putting a pineapple in each of his SG-1 episodes?

  12. Go Carl. You can do it. I am cheering you on from my comfy easy chair. And enjoying every minute of it. keep on running till the finish line.

    For Garry: Does computers affect or help your work in any way? do you do other work besides comic books and graphic novels? Is it difficult to get jobs? Is it possible to do your work from any location or do you have to be located in a certain city?

  13. Joe I had one more question for artist Garry Brown, if you don’t mind… I think some others have touched on Coloring but what exactly is the job of the Colorist and why can’t the Artist do that too? Why the separation of duties?


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