Well, well, well.  If it isn’t former Stargate: Atlantis script coordinator Alex Levine, pictured here holding up not just one but both recent issues of my comic book series, Dark Matter.  Again, it’s no surprise that I found this pic sitting in my mailbox this morning, the day AFTER I discuss Ivon Bartok’s transparent attempt to get himself cast in the potential Dark Matter television series.  Many may not realize that Alex has similar showbiz aspirations of his own.  I mean, it’s no secret that Alex left Stargate around the same time we DIDN’T cast him for the role of the dreamy Lieutenant Matthew Scott in Stargate: Universe.  Still, Alex has done pretty well for himself.  He’s now a Supervising Producer on Flashpoint and is on track to write a couple of more scripts for the show’s fifth season.  Given his recent success, I won’t feel so bad about not bringing him in for an audition and maybe saving him as a late season addition.  UNLESS – that’s what he wants me to do and is actually angling for a directing gig!  Clever.

Hey, speaking of recent success, word came out a couple of days ago that past Book of the Month Club guest, Batgirl writer, and Smallville Exec. Story Editor and writer, Bryan Q. Miller, has been tapped to write the new Smallville comic book series.  It picks up where the show’s tenth season left off so, for fans, it’s the next best thing to having the show back on the air!  The 11th season comic book series kicks off with a digital release on April 13, 2012 followed by a monthly print release starting May 16th.  Watch for it!

Wow.  This morning, Cookie Monster swore up a streak as blue as his fur after I reminded him that his hosting obligations to our Supermovie of the Week Club required him to screen and review the 1980 Hero At Large for tomorrow’s blog entry.  He was beside himself. going all Grover on me, and only settling down when I referred him to his signed contract with Joseph Mallozzi Enterprises.  A quick call to his lawyer at Abramson Fraggle and Brown revealed it was, in fact, ironclad and that he was committed to the SotWC gig until the end of this calendar year after which we already have Billy Crystal lined up anyway.

Why not help a monster out by joining our Supermovie of the Week Club and screening/reviewing/complaining along with him?  Who knows?  You may actually end up enjoying a movie or two!  Or, at the very least, you’ll end up supporting Cookie.  Misery loves company, right?

I’m going to start collecting Akemi’s old Starbuck cups.  It seems that every time she orders a cappuccino, she is assigned a different name.   Today, it was Atmi – which is kind of cute and, frankly, a whole lot quicker than sounding out all three syllables of A-ke-mi.

I see a lot more home-cookin’ in my future.  Yesterday, we made some broiled halibut with brussel sprouts (steamed, then finished in a pan with fresh garlic, salt, pepper flakes, and balsamic) and oven-baked squash:

The secret ingredient is love. Oh. And plenty of maple butter.

Tonight, I try my hand at Chuck Hughes’ Pork Adobo (seared shanks, braised with leeks, lemongrass, garlic, onions, ginger, soy, veal stock, malt vinegar, and fresh coconut milk).  Will report back my verdict!  What’s been cooking’ at your place?

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to blog regular Thornyrose.

32 thoughts on “February 12, 2012: Alex Levine checks in! Smallville season 11! The Supermovie of the Week Club is back! On the home (cooking’) front!

  1. Yesterday’s post with the okonomiyaki looked pretty good. Although, the description of halibut with brussel sprouts made me drool today.
    I made some more of the roasted kale (LDP’s recipe) and gobbled the whole bowl up myself. I’m kind of glad my boys didn’t like it, more for me!

    Sounds like Max enjoyed life. That is the sad thing about having a great pet, they are so unique. I can sometimes understand why some people want to clone their beloved pet after they pass. Of course, then I go to the humane society and see all those unwanted pups/kitties. The money some spend for cloning would help all those unwanted pets enormously.

    JeffW: Please let me know how your wife likes the cookie recipe. I got rave reviews from my karate teacher. He never remembers to eat breakfast, so I sometimes bring cookies for him to indulge in before a morning class. Dieting people don’t really do well around me. 😉

    Akemi’s ceremony for Max was very sweet. Have you decided to how you want to honor Max’s memory? It seems to be good therapy to do something for a loved one’s memory.

  2. @ Thornyrose – Good to see you, hon! {{{hugs}}}

    What am I cooking? Not much. This cold has me craving hot and salty crap, so I’m eating a lot of junk the last few days…and take-out. Only been cooking breakfast lately. Grits, mostly. Grits (cooked with 1/2 water, 1/2 milk) with habanero cheddar cheese, fresh garlic, and Red Hot sauce. MMMMM!!! You corn haters just don’t know what you are missing! (Yes, Joey, I’m looking at YOU!) This morning I changed things up a bit and made French toast with local bakery-made pecan, raisin, and cinnamon rustic bread. It was delicious!

    In the evenings, however, I’m relying on someone else to do the cooking for me. 🙂


  3. Cooking? What’s that? We “scrounge” from our pantry, fridge, & freezer.

    I’ve come to slightly dislike grocery shopping over past 6.5 years, since first confirmation of digestive /sensitivity issues.

  4. Dang. I haven’t bl.ushed in ages, and then I see I got(not earned) a dedication of the day? You are far too kind a gentleman for this universe sir. And I’m glad to see that you managed to hold Cookie Monster to his contract. Im looking forward to some MSF3K quality viewings, or maybe some more pleasant suprises. Are Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon serials going to classify as superheros?
    Do you have some sort of timetable on the Dark Matters tv project? Are there any studio or network folks we can cajole, bribe, or threaten to smooth the process? Are we going to see a partial reunion of the Stargate pros, or are we doomed to be teased by the photos only? So many questions..
    Thanks as always for sharing, and watching out to see if any of your recipes can be replicated at the station. Alas, staff changes has resulted in a sharp decline of quality cooking there, and I am struggling to raise it up even slightly. I mean, if you insist on mashed potatoes every meal, can we at least not actually make mashed potatoes, and not buy boxes and add water to the contents?And that”s only one aspect of the state things have come to. Ah well, pardon my complaining, and do have a great week.

  5. Cooking at my place tonight is prosciutto, Boursin, tomato and basil pie, a nice salad and nothing for dessert because I’m FED UP WITH COOKING AND CLEANING TODAY. 🙂 Re Hero at Large, is Cookie talking about that horrible thing with John Ritter? Cookie gonna be watching alone, I think. 🙂

  6. BTW, Joe, does the kid in DARK MATTER still look like me? If so, I’m throwing my hat in the virtual casting ring. Too bad I don’t have a talented daughter.

  7. Since it’s so cold out, tonight it’s old school chicken and dumplings with real dumplings. None of that Bisquick crap for me; my grandmother would never forgive me. It’s not fancy but always tasty.

  8. Nothing was cooking at my place today because even with the snow and temps in the teens and twenties we went out to eat. Tomorrow we’ll be making our favorite, Rigatoni Florentine, with red and yellow peppers cooked in a little olive oil with garlic, mushrooms and ham (the cooked, canned kind) until tender and then add chicken broth and pepper and simmer a couple of minutes. Right before serving you add spinach and the rigatoni on top to cook the spinach, then mix together, serve and top with parmesan cheese. Yum.

  9. Oh crap! I didn’t realize the Hero At Large deadline was so soon! I’ll try to drum up a copy tonight, maybe ITunes has it for rent.

    What cooking here? It’s been so busy with personal stuff and overtime at work that I “treated” myself to Subway for lunch/dinner yesterday, and took my step-mom out dinner this afternoon at a country home-cooking restaurant a little way out of town (a quaint place called “Mama George’s”). That’s the closest I’ll come to home-cookin’ for a while I’m afraid, based on what the upcoming week is looking like.

    The Pork Adobo sounds good.

  10. I had some chicken cordon bleu last night that was pretty good, and when we went out to Chili’s on Friday night, their new dessert was excellent—oreo molten cake. Umm Yum Yum!!!

    Today was my older ds’s first baseball practice. It was so cold!! I can’t wait for the weather here to warm up.

    Have a good night!!!!

  11. No cooking today, since Barb and I went out for an early Valentine’s dinner date, but yesterday I made Krispy Kale (sorry, I couldn’t resist the Krispy Kreme style alliteration).

    @Tam Dixon:

    We may be a while before we make cookies…Barb and I are basically taxi drivers now due to scouting events for my son, softball gym sessions (prior to softball season) for my daughter, and teen parties and events for both. We might be able to come up for air sometime around memorial day 😉

    I’m hoping we can get on to some special baking projects in the next couple of weeks though.


    You are calling to my southern roots with those grit recipes! I’ve been trying to be good by avoiding starchy carbs and only having desserts on special occasions. And now you’re posting grits recipes that take me back to my childhood…looks like I’ll need to declare a “special event” and go get some Jim Dandy grits. 😀

    If I can get Barb to free up some time, we’ll have Tam Dixon’s cookies as well!

  12. I’ve been craving eggs lately. (Wonder what that means?) For lunch I cooked fried eggs and toast, and had chocolate milk. For dinner, I finished up the breakfast theme and made pancakes. I’m drinking orange juice now. Yes, I’m wierd.

  13. @Das. Hugs right back. I’ve been watching you hold the fort here. Just so busy havent been able to chip in as much as I’d like. And the year is going to get crazier. Maybe not the end of the world, but it is sure an eventful one. Just glad to have good folks like you around to make it a more pleasant year.

  14. A writer who wants to act? What did you guys do to him?


    I tried my hand at candy-making. I made some caramels and peanut brittle. My extensive jelly-making experience came in handy. I was doing pretty good and shopping for a candy thermometer with a temperature alarm.

    Then I had a bad experience with using way too much waffle syrup before going to the YMCA to work out. Someone as invincible as me should be able to get away with that without crashing. I’m pretty sure I hopped up stadium stairs on one foot after eating Twinkies and pound cake in my younger days. I’m not feeling the love for sweets right now.

  15. Joe I have the best idea lets all mail fox thousands of copies of dark matter its worked in the past to get canceled shows back this time we’ll use it to get a show off the ground what do you think?

  16. Anyone else surprised by Robert Carlyle’s performance in “Once upon a time” ??
    I was so used to have a grave and posed Rush.
    In that new show, Carlyle keeps laughing with that little jin annoying laugh.
    I guess this is the proof he’s a brilliant multi terrain actor.
    BTW, speaking of that show i don’t find all episodes to be equal. Some are just common and forgettable. Some others are remarkable and quite enjoyable (see 1×11 of last week).
    I hope the writers manage to stabilize it !

  17. I’m just catching up. Glad you and Akemi had a safe trip home. And everything you did for Max was out of love.

    My mom went into the hospital last Saturday with an infection. Normally, she bounces back fairly quickly, but her kidneys are becoming a problem. It’s day by day right now as to which way it’s going to go. But hoping for good news tomorrow.

    I went to the humane society to visit Byron yesterday because I needed to see a happy face. I haven’t had a chance to see him since I donated. There was something about this little guy, even from a distance. One of the volunteers evidently thought so too, because now he’s being fostered to adopt. Great news, but dagnabbnit, I never even got to hold him. And it’s turns out he wasn’t a puggle, but a beagle/boston terrier mix. But good to know he’s found a home.

  18. @dioxholster – Wow, no kidding. I hope MGM was getting royalties or something out of that. It’s kind of depressing.

  19. @ Birdy – How’s the tissue nest coming? My nose has stopped, but now I’m a bit hoarse. I just hope whatever I have doesn’t settle in my chest. I feel like it’s almost over, but I’m afeared of an unexpected flare-up, especially after being sick for nearly 6 months about three years ago (was it really that long ago?). It all started out innocently, just like this one.

    @ Deni – THAT sounds delicious! I had a Margherita pie last night for the first time, surprised that I actually liked it (I’m a bit of a cheeseaholic, and wasn’t sure about the tomato-to-cheese ratio on this one – but the basil made up for everything!).

    @ JeffW – Thanks for the ChrisH story! Everyone who has met him says the same thing – he’s very nice and friendly and encouraging, and he enjoys playing with the fans…just like Todd enjoys playing with Sheppard…hmmmm… 😉

    Also, about the grits. If you load ’em up with cheese, you will absorb the carbs more slowly! Of course, you will also get clogged arteries and a fat butt…but sometimes the occasional trade-off is worth it! (Boy, I’m sure glad I didn’t mention topping grits with extra crispy bacon for an added treat! 😉 )

    @ Thornyrose – Am I holding down the fort, or undermining the walls…? *whistles innocently*



  20. I feel like Demi Moore during hell week, only without Viggo’s Studio 54 mustache to warm my cockles. So tired, so cold. Plus I went to the soda machine and I only had a taped up dollar that would not work in the machine. I had to settle for tea from the “communal office bin of discarded teas.” Season 11 of Smallville; I love that show. Actually my dad really loves the show and comics period.

  21. JeffW: Our busy time is marching band season but then we only one kid. He keeps us busy enough!

    Das: I hope you feel better soon. Those head colds can be killer!

    LisaR: It’s cold here too! Two weeks ago it was 70F and my buttercups were blooming. Now it’s freezing with snow, sleet and ice mixture coming at us this afternoon. On the bright side, I have several vases of beautiful buttercups all through the house.

    The cold weather here is making the YMCA pool frightfully cold! I finished my mile of laps this morning but my toes were still numb. It was entertaining seeing other people flinch when they got into the water though. “It’s the little things.”

    What is everyone getting for Valentine’s day? Hubby bought a box of chocolates for us to share. There are three chocolates left in the box and I believe he only got two candies total. You snooze you lose!

    1. @Tam Dixon: Dh told me it’s supposed to be raining/snowing at older ds’s baseball practice tonight. I’m like, it’s not cold enough for that. Ugh!! Temp is supposed to be back in the 60’s by the end of the week though.

  22. @dioxholser and gforce
    Now to make that video more awesome would be a squad or two of armed Jaffa running through the gate to demolish the crappy music group!
    Ah, one can dream…


  23. @ Tam Dixon – Thanks! This has been a relatively mild cold, considering. My sinuses are drying up and the sneezing has subsided, but today I have this constant tickle down around my larnyx. It’s driving me nuts! The only thing that ‘scratches’ the itch is hot sauce, so right now I’m drinking V8 mixed with lime juice and Red Hot sauce. It’s delicious, but once I’m better I’m really going to have to detox from all the salt I’ve had the last few days. 😛


  24. @dasSpoonfuls of honey are great for a scratchy throat. No harm if you want to repeat often either. From the bees guts to us, what a wonderful gift of nature. Feel better soon 😉


  25. What’s been cookin’ at my house? Meat loaf. Pretty damn good actually. I use the recipe that comes on the back of the Wheat variety of Saltines.

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