“What are we going to watch?  The Walking Dead or the scary show?” – Akemi, last night as we were trying to decide between The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.  Ouch.

First, Washington's Tim Hightower. Now, Lulu.

Well, it looks like Lulu’s football season is over.  We noticed her limping yesterday and brought her in to see the vet.  Following a thorough examination, he diagnosed a slight tear of her ACL.  Guess we’re going to have to bench her and give Bubba the carries moving forward.

Today, we continued our tour of Vancouver’s varied food trucks.  And by “we” I mean Akemi and me – and only because it wasn’t raining otherwise it would have just been me.

First stop: Osa Tako Hero

Cha-daah! Serving battered octopus balls with a choice of toppings ranging from nori (seaweed) to maple syrup.
We went spicy sauce and shaved bonito flakes. Alright, a tad overdone, but I'm reserving full judgment until I sample the curry version.
It's not a real takoyaki experience until you sear the inside of your mouth on the molten hot batter!

Second stop: Bada Bing

Specializing in Philly cheesesteaks and poutine (serving up a version called "the animal" that looks all sorts of coronary inducing). I had the Philly cheesesteak and thought it alright. Didn't like the bread and found the meat a little bland.

Third stop: Off the Wagon

Serving up tasty taco variations. I went with the rotisserie pork and onions with habanero sauce. Our favorite food item of the day!

Fourth stop: Dim Sum Express

Serving up a wide variety of dim sum items including - pictured above - barbecued pork buns! Heavy on the bun and light on the pork which didn't really impress.

Hoping for a better turnout next week.  Who’s in?!!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Penny.

41 thoughts on “November 4, 2011: The Great Vancouver Food Truck Tour #4!

  1. Joe@ I was sitting next on the field next to our apartment’s office watching my kids play catch when I did a double take. I could have sworn I saw Bubba and Jelly walking towards me. The dogs were being walked by someone in a doctor’s uniform. Have you changed careers?? 🙂

    That taco looked yummy. Find more like that, and yes, I’m in.

    Penny@hope you feel better.

    Have a great night!

  2. Poor Lulu! Hope it gets better very quickly.

    Alas, I would make a very poor food buddy (unless you did a “Just Desserts” tour). Our palates when it comes to other food are totally different. You–try everything; me–has to be the name of something I at least recognize. I thought trying calamari this year was adventurous.

  3. Ouch, yep very much confine her to avoid a complete tear. 🙁 Dang, poor Lulu.

    Where are you other eating buddies? WHAT QUITTERS!

    @ Penny — feel better soon. 🙁

  4. That taco looks great! The philly sandwich, not so much. If presentation is everything, the philly is.. not much.

    @Penny – I hope all goes well!

  5. @ Penny – All the best! {{{hugs}}

    @ Sparrowhawk – Yeah, I can’t wait to see Space Samurai in action, as well. With any luck, he’s a brooder, too! 😀

    As far as Ghosts of War is concerned, why not let me get a little deeper into the book to see how the story goes. I’d hate for you to run out and get it based on my opinion of the first couple chapters. It does look promising, though, with lots of action right from the start, and The Ghost/Gabriel being a bit self-destructive on the heels of his loss from the first book.

    Mann is a fan of Sexton Blake, and therefore knows our sweet Zenith, as well. I definitely see some of that same pulp fiction style coming through in this, and this book sees to be flowing better than the first. So far. 🙂


  6. Poor Lulu, how does the vet treat the torn ACL?

    I’d be up to a food truck tour but I can’t get to Vancouver. If flights were cheaper!

    So not surprising I left neurologist with more questions then answers! He said that the tumor present is probably not causing my complaints/symptoms. Turns out the Lipoma is in the middle of my brain between the 2 hemispheres! No mention of removing it and I’m ok if it stays so long as it doesn’t get bigger or cause any more issues. But need a CT scan to validate that the tumor is a Lipoma. I go back in January unless he calls sooner. So I may have mystery neurological illness AND a tumor how lucky am I!!

    Thanks for the thoughts, and positive vibes!

  7. So sorry to hear about Lulu.. I hope she recovers quickly!

    How is Jelly’s hip doing? And Maximus? Is he managing okay?

    If I EVER get to Vancouver I would absolutely take you up on a food truck tasting tour! Where do you get your recommendations?


  8. I know how Lulu feels! I have a strained UCL in my thumb and am stuck in a splint. Been 3 weeks with little change. I hope Lulu feels better soon!

  9. @Joe:

    That’s a Philly Cheesesteak?!? Looks more like a cheese hoagie because of the peppers… I’m not too sure about what looks to be BBQ sauce on a cheesesteak either, but to each their own 😉

    Hope Lulu feels better!


    Sorry to hear that the next diagnostic test isn’t until January…hopefully the Doctors can provide some initial diagnosis and treatment prior to then. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. “battered octopus balls” – yikkes!!

    Poor baby Lulu. Dogs have little tiny ACL’s? I recommend holding her all the time. And kissing her little knee every day.

  11. @ Penny: A tumor and a lipoma in your brain? That beats the injuries, lipomas, and resulting scars at my left knee.

    Joe, I ate many cheesesteaks during my college years in SE Pennsylvania. The one in your photo even LOOKS bland.

  12. @ Sparrowhawk – Well, I’m 6 chapters (of 22) in, and so far, so good! Even a scene about SCARS! Woo! 😀

    That said, I’m getting an almost Pendergastian vibe from this one as far as the overall story goes. It’s far more sci fi thrillerish. It’s like Pendergast meets steampunk, where mbwun has metal teeth, a geared brass jaw, and robotic legs. Also lots about spies and war, with more flashbacks. This takes place only months after the first book, so there are references to the first story without rehashing the first story. So far it’s not as obvious as the first book – I really can’t guess what’s going on yet. I wish I could keep reading, but I fear it’ll keep me up tonight…I peeked into chapter 7 and thought…”oooo…this is getting creepy!’ So I put it down before it was too late. I am such a weenie sometimes. 😛


  13. Oh, my – THIS is amazing!

    I saw something similar once (about this time of the year – we do have a lot of starlings here), but not to this degree. This just took my breath away! So awesome!


  14. @Penny
    Hope all goes well with your tests, and that it can be sorted out before January. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

  15. Not a real fan of the food truck tour this week. My two favorites, Philly cheesesteak and dim sum, looked forgettable. And last week when you mentioned them on the menu I held out such hope! So sad that your other food truck tour buddies didn’t make it this time.

    Hope that Lulu gets better quickly!

    @Penny – oh my! Sending good vibes your way.

  16. @das – that IS amazing. So beautiful.

    I meant to add that I’d love to do a food tour, if I didn’t live on the other side of the country! I may be out that way next Spring though so if you’re still up for it I’ll start starving myself now. 🙂

  17. ~best wishes Penny.
    ~nice video @das.
    ~Quick recovery Lulu.
    ~~yes I vote for a dessert food truck run, and see how many volunteers for that one also.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  18. By octopus balls you mean rolled up octopus meat…right?

    Please give Lulu some scritches from me. My cat recently had a cerebral edema due to bonking her little head when she fell off something. She’s fine now but her mama has a few grey hairs!

  19. we ought to set a day and time for folks to do a truck tour. Now that I’ve joined the 21st century with an iPhone, I can even download the app to figure where I would need to be. The octupus ball thing just sounds…wrong. Nothing wrong with octupus for a treat, but the imagery is just horrible.
    I know you have a win at all costs desire for your Snow Monkies, but pushing Lulu until she’s injured? I hope for the best for the critter. Meantime, off to the real world.

  20. @ das — Wow! Awesome Murmuration video. Thanks for sharing.
    @ Penny ~ sending prayers your way

    Poor Lulu, sweet belly rubs for you darl’in.

    I could go out to the yard and make my feeble attempt to rake up fallen leaves, or, I could not. Still deciding. Maybe the cat asleep on my left arm as I write this has a vote, no?


  21. @Dasndanger
    Wow, that vid was awesome & beautiful. 😀 Thanks!
    Plus I have a new word for my vocabulary: murmuration. Lovely!

  22. @ dasndanger That is a fascinating video. I watched it before clueing in that those are starlings. Ballet in the sky!

    @ Penny Stay positive and strong, and think green. Best wishes.

  23. @das: Amazing video. We have starlings by the ton, especially during migration season, but nothing to compare with that. Thanks for sharing it.

    Glad that the book is developing nicely. Keep me posted.

    @Joe: Sorry, but I have to go to Houston next weekend for a family wedding so I can’t make it for the food truck frenzy. But put me on your list for March, as I may be in your area then. Stay tuned for further developments.

    @penny: I hope you get some answers and relief soon. Your name scramble gave me a chuckle, though.

  24. Poor Lulu! How did she do that?

    Penny: Sending good luck vibes on the next test for brain tumor!!!!!!! I hope you feel better very soon.

  25. Takoyaki! Takoyaki! Waaaah, I want some.
    For those who need to know… it is a small piece of octopus in the middle of a round dough ball, cooked in a special round dough ball pan. Normally served with a splash of tonkatsu sauce, and sprinkled with nori and dried fish (which is much, much nummier than it sounds).

    I used to walk by a takoyaki stand on the way home from work in Yokosuka. I started taking the bus to lose weight. Of course, I also passed by four pastry shops, two donut places, and roughly half a dozen bakeries and two superb Japanese sweet shops. Not to mention all the fast food places, the Chinese restaurant, and all the noodle places. And MOS burger was next door to my apartment. Gods, I miss Japan.

    Penny, many good thoughts are with you. Hang in there.

  26. @ Penny — Sending prayers for feeling better now (!), and the docs doing something before January. {{{Hugs}}}

    @ Das — Breath-taking video. A swarm er, mumuration of starlings bending and twisting in the air like a rythmic gymnastics ribbon. Wow…

    @ Tam Dixon — Moving video for sure. Words can change the world, and they did, for that man.

    @ Carl Binder — Carl! It was good to see ya on the blog. Thought of you at dinner this evening. We had pork, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. Cabbage was slow-cooked with the pork. Still dee-rish. 🙂 Mom’s Bavarian-style sauerkraut is also good. Cabbage, caraway seed, and brown sugar, simmered for 2-3 hours with the pork. Mmm…

    Gotta scoot. It’s Saturday night. Just saw this in passing on “House” today.

    Great camaraderie, and a totally unexpected, wonderful TV moment.
    Happy Saturday night! 😀

    House, Foreman & Chase, Midnight Train to Georgia karaoke:

  27. Wait a minute. Are octopus balls rolled up actopus meat and not
    actually… well, you know. 😳

  28. @ Everyone – So glad so many enjoyed the video! I can’t stop watching it…I think the young lady’s expression at the end just sums it up so well…she’s like, “Wow…did you see what just happened?” 🙂 And Carl, since you, for the first time, I believe, addressed me personally, I promise never to call you the ‘s’ word again. 😉

    @ for the love of Beckett – Great House vid! I love stuff like that. One of my favorite Psych moments is an outtake at the end of one episode (this is the complete outtake, which is a little longer than what actually aired:


    Love that! 🙂


  29. I think ‘food whisperer’ might be your true calling. Thanks for keeping track of the go to places in Vancouver for those of us who can only get there so often and need a go to eat list in hand.

  30. @ Ponytail – I’m glad it was you this time, and not me. 😉

    Speaking of balls, I was watching Man U (football/soccer) play today, and the commentator said, “We’ve had a couple lovely balls from Rooney”… 😆 I nearly fell out of my chair!


  31. @ das, couldn’t find the video on the link, but I do like starlings; when they are airborne, the mess the leave behind is another matter! The starlings by my office loved the trees out in front of our entrance and they left little presents for the staff, to the point where I could only enter the building running pell mell to avoid starling spatter. They solved the problem by cutting down the trees, now the starlings favor the bank across the street.

    Many hugs to Lulu’s owie, I read that dextrose is good for healing ligaments. Yep the stuff in smarties and gum drops can heal the body. Not sure if Lulu should be eating gum drops tho, but I’ll eat some out of solidarity.

    I made a terrific greek salad today, with thin sliced crisp red onion, jumbo black olives, asparagus and seedless cucumber on greens with hot buttered toast on the side. Simple but crazy good. Healthy as it was now I’m craving chile and cornbread.

  32. Hey, give me a day and I will bring my wallet! Oh, IN. 555.

    Hope Lulu’s injure is not such the she must get some Tommy John.

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