Despite the fact that I was only on set three days this week, I’m more exhausted today than I have been all year.  Yep, one of those weeks.  Expect to have a lot more of these between now and the end of November…

I thought it was something from props. Turns out it's an energy drink.
Apparently, we're not the only kids on this block.
Look at what I'm missing on set. Tara's houndstooth nails. That and the 11:00 p.m. wrap.
The Germans.
Carl having the time of his life.

Today, we were paid a visit by surprise guest…

Brad Wright was in town for all of one day. He's got some projects in the works and will be back in September.

A usually voracious eater, Maximus turned his nose up at breakfast this morning.  I believe it had to do with all of the supplements mixed into his meal (a little over a dozen).  We scaled down his meds to his pain medication and antibiotics and his appetite magically returned.

Maximus. And his eyeballs.

According to Akemi, he slowed down a couple of times during his walk today.  She had to pick him up and carry him part of the way – and only part of the way because she had a hard time lugging the little porker.

25 thoughts on “August 12, 2011: Work! A surprise guest! And more Maximus!

  1. Not sure what supplements, but many vitamins and minerals can make them really sick. I would stick with things like fastrack (probiotics to help keep the gut healthy). Glad he is eating now.

  2. 12 supplements? Hey, would YOU eat a meal with twelve stinky pills mixed into it? No way!

    When my dog (a lovely yellow lab) needs meds, I always wrap the pill or capsule in a little bit of cheese. Works every time with this one. However, the dachshund I had back when I was much, (much, much) younger was a little less trusting and a lot more clever – she would take the cheese wrapped pill from me, take it somewhere private, then lick all of the cheese off and leave the pill. Little stinker.

  3. (((((Maximus))))) Poor guy. He looks just so sad. I just wanna hug him and kiss him. Still prayin’ for ya li’l buddy.

  4. Joe those energy drinks are horrendously aweful. And I dont think you have explored all the options with Maximus, if I may propose. Give him a couple extra radiation treatments so that when he does recover, not only is he completely healthy, but possesses super powers with which to fight crime. Super Maximus could be your next TV show hit, in return I only ask for 80% of the profits, you’re welcome.

  5. Friends wrap pills etc., in lunch meat which their dogs will scarf up. Pills tossed into the food in the food dish does not work.
    Well, at least he is eating. Needs to keep up his strength.
    Gee, Carl looks sooooo happy. Did someone offer him a “sack of blood?”
    I’ll pass on that drink.
    And, Brad looks like he has some good stuff in the works. Just his happy appearance gives that up.
    Mr. Mallozzi – you need some rest.

  6. Nice nails Tara, nice to see the germans, good to see Brad, has he lost weight, looks great. What did you say to Carl to have him looking like that at you.? hmmm.
    Maximus wants all the good stuff, maybe hot dogs,macarons, pizza, ice cream, you know the stuff…making me hungry, darn. He has such pleading eyes, I couldn’t have resisted that. {{hugs}}

  7. Heh, Max is just too cute. 🙂 Hope he’s feeling better tomorrow – we’re thinking of him!

  8. BRAD!!! …erm…sorry. Just…really glad to see him, I guess. I hope his new venture turns out well!

    And more (((HUGS))) for Maximus!! Poor little dude.

  9. Our dog Taffy was on pain meds for 6 months, we resorted to poking them into chuncks of kielbasa. With Jake I could toss him a smal treat or two an then a pill – and get the royal stink eye when he realized that he had swallowed it.

    Alot of meds can be gotten in liquid form.

  10. Maximus looks like he wants to say something. What is it boy?! Speak! Speak!!

    Are ya’ll going to let “My Babysitters A Vampire” and “Silent Witness” have a sign and you not? Get Trevor to make you a “Transporter: The Series” sign with arrow, and put it up there. Three can play this game.

    It is good to see Brad Wright and his familar face right now. It is comforting, somehow. And no more pictures of grumpy-Carl. I want to see fake-smiling-Carl from now on! That’s an order Carl!

  11. @Sparrow_Hawk That’s too funny. I only have to say the word “cheese” and Maddie comes flying in from wherever she is, even sound asleep in another room.

    At least you figured out it was the supplements and not a side effect of the radiation treatment. That is good news.

    I think Carl is channeling Larry David from Curb there.

    Has Toronto become the new Vancouver for film/TV or has it always been that way. I know you don’t have time to answer questions, but maybe someone else who lives there can answer. I’m glad SOMEONE looks happy (Brad). He’s got that “I know something you don’t know” kind of grin on him, doesn’t he?

  12. I’m glad you got him to eat, like PBmom my first thought was the radiation.

    Love the nails!!!!!

    Cool pics of your friends 😀 .

  13. and maybe think about investing in the dog stroller,,just a thought, get the one that holds more than one,, just to store stuff…(chocolate)

  14. Hi Joe

    I’m so sorry to hear about maximus. But it’s good to hear that you can and are taking advantage of medical procedures that can cure him or at best, give him a lot more time. Time now to make happy times and good memories of a great pup. I’m wishing you strength and good times.

    I found the following clip of a “surfing” bulldog. It’s quite amazing as he seems to “get” the body physics needed to stay on and prolong the “slide”.

  15. Dreamed of two talking pugs this AM. Sadly, neither was yours. I blame MEN IN BLACK II; caught a few minutes of the film in last night’s channel-flipping.

    Hope Max has more energy today.

  16. I just read that bull dogs were bred to grip bulls to control them. Just how small are the bulls in France?

  17. Question: I know from experience that the early drafts for a story are often quite different from the final product. How did your vision of Stargate Universe change?

  18. PBMom… I only have to say the word “cheese” and Maddie comes flying in from wherever she is, even sound asleep in another room.

    Yep! “cheese” works for my Siberian too… and “cheese” means anything good to eat. I cut a slice of bread into 4, spread it with a healthy dose of liverwurst, stick half a pill in it, fold it over and flung it in the air for her to catch – it was gone in no time.. she had to take 1 1/2 pills a day and this worked like a charm…

  19. Peanut butter. It’s pill popping magic.

    My crazy beagle had one of my shoes chewing it on my bed. I wanted my shoe and I wanted her off my bed too. If I go in there and try to get it away from her, she just runs under the bed with it. So I go to the back door, unlock, open it, and yell the house clearihg magic word… “squirrel”!! I kid you not, in less than a second, she is out the door and on the hunt, howling.

  20. Ponytail said,”… “squirrel”!! I kid you not, in less than a second, she is out the door and on the hunt, howling.”

    It’s amazing how these animals seem to revert back to what was bred into them. My Siberian is a pleasure to watch after the first snowfall. She takes giant leaps and dives into the snow. She also likes to leap like a gazelle through the deepest drifts. It’s not for nothing that these dogs pull sleds. My Sib/Malamute mix put my back out when she was 5 months old. These guys are strong, however, some have more stamina than others. They all have different characters, and characters they are – what a pleasure living with them!

  21. Hi Joe,

    Sorry I’ve been MIA of late. My evenings when I used to sit down to read the blog have been filled with gym sessions, weights, cardio, boxing etc…I’ve missed you, your stories and everyone on here.

    Friends alerted me to Max’s illness so I’ve been catching myself up on the week of posts…and ended up in a puddle of tears.

    I’m so sorry to hear the news….hugs to Maximus, you, Akemi, Jelly, Bubba and Lulu. I wish there was something I could do that could help. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

    Now for some well deserved cuteness…check out this pug catching bubbles….have yours ever tried this?

    I’ll endeavour to find a new time in the day to devote to the blog. Its nice to have a space where people treat you with kindness. Hope all in Joe’s blog community are well.

    Lots of love,

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