Check it out! Director Bruce McDonald shows off a new book on his 1996 punk rock "docu" classic: Hardcore Logo.

We were back at TIFF today for the third day of production on episode #102: 12 Hours.  The usual cast of characters were in attendance…

Tara and Robert compare their favorite lines from the script.
Tim Bider was on hand to supervise the tweaking of the signage. Under his watchful eye, TIFF INFO was magically transformed into ROUSSEAU INFO.
Tara feels she's been getting a bad rap on this blog, so she demonstrates her affable side by offering me a breakfast sandwich. I had to set it aside for a few minutes and, while I was attending to other business, our 4th A.D. Lamont ate it. Curiously, he ended up having to go home, suffering from stomach cramps and explosive diarrhea.
Blocking the fight sequence.
Director Bruce McDonald at the helm.
Director of Photography Derick Underschultz spies on the office girls across the hall.
We were shooting in an actual office building and I came across this awesome note in the company kitchen. I mean, seriously. Who would do that?!
2nd A.D. Patrick, the eternal optimist.
Kaitlin Janisse - our Rachel - all business.
Greg Bryk as the villainous Carson Bernhardt.
Bruce at the wheel.
Sassy Erin Daprato from Costumes - Stargate fan! And a fan of Michael Shanks!
Tireless Tara Yelland. What a work ethic!
I stopped by Soma and picked up chocolates for the gang.

Eventually, we head down to the parking garage for the final sequence of the night…

The car stunt coordinator and his drivers hogged the Lamborghini. When it was finally my turn, they called it a wrap and told me I'd have to wait until next week. And I'd bought a special driving hat and everything!
I also sprung for Booster Juice. The second I walked in the door, they descended on me like a pack of wild dingoes. Pictured above, the head dingo is distracted from her feast.
Director Bruce McDonald on a roll.
Simon, Julia, and Robert celebrate another awesome day's shoot.
Shooting the start of the chase sequence.

The weekend is upon us and, finally, I can relax.

Just as soon as I finish that damn rewrite.

23 thoughts on “July 29, 2011: The Transporter – Episode #2 – 12 Hours – Day #3!


    Transporter series looks cool as well….


    All the best,
    Major D.

  2. ok.. meant to say

    Tara IS beautiful..

    not Tara’s beautiful..

    Anyways… 😛

    Have a restful weekend Joe! 🙂

  3. Tara is frickin’ HAWT. Is the whole cast and crew beautiful?

    Is it wring for a fat middle aged married lady to think young women are hot? I mean, I’m not interested in them like that, (hey, I went to college), but really, sometimes I wonder how my brain works.

  4. Who puts milk in their tea??

    Kaitlin Janisse looks like she is saying, “Take your best shot, because next time I wrap that camera around your face.” Remember Joe, ask permission first…

    You’ve got a whole cast of interesting characters behind the camera too. Tara and beautiful and funny. So is Bruce McDonald. And I’m really growing fond of Carl, ooops, I mean, Tim Bider.

  5. I meant, Tara IS beautiful and funny. Damn, I’m starting to sound like a teenage boy (or maggiemayday). 🙂

  6. @Ponytail I used to (put milk in my tea) because that is how my mother and grandmother used to drink their hot tea. I find that I only do that now if I am eating a bagel. I just re-read that in my head and told myself how frakking weird that sounds. I like to dip my bagels in my tea and I like that particular hot tea having milk in it. But otherwise, I am just plain tea — no sweetener (but if I had to use a sweetener for some reason, I’ll take some stevia please).

    For those of you who haven’t seen it, they took out my PICC line:

    Did not hurt one bit until a few hours later — then just a little stinging. Back to normal today. Now we can resume the kidney issue workup after this brief hiccup.

    Patrick went in to the dentist this morning for his cleaning and they have to knock him out because well, he won’t even let the dentist look into his mouth. After 45 minutes he was drowsy, but his head was not falling onto my shoulder like it usually does. They were going to give him more medicine, of course, before they tried to put an IV in him, but when I asked the receptionist what they gave him prior to going back, she said 20 mg of Ambien and 20 mg of Valium. Oh my goodness. That is enough to knock out a horse but not him. He did come home and sleep for 5 hours afterwards. Clean teeth and still no cavities, which always amazes me we have great difficulty brushing his teeth.

    The production of Transporter is getting exciting, especially with all the pics. Love that Erin is a Stargate (and Michael Shanks) fan.

    How’s Ashleigh? Would love to hear how she is doing.

    *Waves hi to Akemi*

    Good luck on the script.

  7. I often tell my economics students that if I were rich I would have a Lamborghini. How much did that set the budget back to rent for a couple of weeks?

  8. Hey Joe. The ancient alien theory seems to be becoming popular thanks to shows such as ancient aliens on the history channel. Ddid that theory influence the writers on SG-1? It seems like the Go’auld and the Ancients fit right into that theory.

  9. Joe seems to be having a lot of fun during production. Toronto can’t be all that bad (although the stealing of milk by coworkers could be a negative… heh).

  10. I see you’ve made a new friend, who also happens to be very attractive. You are a lucky man.

    I checked out Booster Juice, and it turns they have high protein smoothies. Thank you for mentioning them.

    You haven’t written about the dogs in a few days, would you be kind enough to throw in some gratuitous pics?

  11. Congrats on the Transporter series!

    I have a question and it’s probably going to be a no, but I gotta ask anyway. I’ve been rewatching all of the Stargate eps, and in SGA’s Critical Mass, Rachel makes mention of a deleted scene in the commentary. It was a little hug between Carson and Teyla. Is there any way that you’d be able to post that deleted scene on your blog? I know it’s a long shot, but I’d love it so much if you could. Thanks for your time!

  12. Looks like a good crew to work with. Happy to see you are treating them reasonably well, what with the chocolates and all. Hurry up and knock out the rewrite so you can enjoy at least one of your days off.

  13. thanks for the pictures,behind the scenes is always great. we warned you about messing with Tara, you dodged a bullet there, next it might be the chocolate chip cookies like Ashleigh used to bring you, ~~~ miss Ashleigh..
    Have a great weekend, good luck with the rewrite, may inspiration come to you quickly..

  14. @ PBMom – congratulations on getting that contraption out of your arm. Seems like you had to wear that a long time! Hope your all over that now. (Your son is very cute!) Being a Texan, I only know iced tea, with sugar or lemon or things like that. Hey you’re a Texan too! Did you get any rain from that hurricane? If you are done with it, could you send the leftovers up here. The 7 day forecast for Dallas/Fort Worth:

    100 103 105 106 107 104 103

    It has not been below 100 since July 1st. And August is the hottest month of the summer. Still no rain in sight. We are cooking!

    @ LisaR – glad to hear you made it safely to California. Hope everything works out for you and your family. You’ve got a great attitude! Good luck!

  15. Hilarious, I used to leave notes *just* like that in the day job kitchen, sadly they never worked, delighted to say that occasionally leaving produce looong past the expiry (as in on the verge of sprouting legs and walking out of the fridge ;)) had more success 😉

  16. Ponytail: I like a little cream in my English Breakfast tea. It tastes great and it helps cool it off. A friend spent the summer in England and started me on tea.

    PBmom: That much Ambien would knock me out, not to mention the valium. Patrick must be a tough kid.

    LisaR: Good luck! If you are near Camarillo, my cousin is realtor. She is so nice that when she had a fender bender (her fault), the guy she hit, referred his friends to her real estate business. I think she may have inherited all the social skill genes in our family.

    Great pictures! Tara IS beautiful and she must be saint to put up with all this ragging. Ashleigh is probably breathing a sigh of relief.

  17. LOL I drink tea with heavy whipping cream depending on the tea flavor, thank you.

    I think someone is TRYING to make someone poison him so he has an excuse not to finish the script. Too bad Mr Mallozzi, they are on to you– no food poisoning for you sir!

  18. @Ponytail and Tam Dixon:Thanks for the good wishes!
    Tam, we are near San Diego, but if my husband happens to find work near Canarillo (We are staying with my parents now.), I will keep that in mind.

  19. Hmm. I just realized I’ll never be able to watch Transporter during it’s airing (I don’t get the premium channels). I haz deep sadness now…

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