Since work has commenced on the standing sets for Transporter: The Series, fellow Executive Producer Alexander M. Ruemelin and I figured the least we could do was swing by and check out the work-in-progress before redirecting funds and manpower to construction on the sundecks of our new cottages in Muskoka.

Hey, look! It's Frank's place!
Series Director Andy Mikita (who you may remember from such shows as Stargates SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe) says "Tadaa!" (or "Chadaa!" for those of you in Japan).
Stairs leading up to...upstairs! Where else?
Sarah documents everything from the future lawsuit.
The room where Frank keeps his collectibles (ie. comics, Randy Bowen supervillain statues, etc.).
Not sure. Fireplace? I tried testing it out but only got as far as lighting the kindling before I was tackled and escorted off the premises.
Alex presides over construction, offering such helpful input as "Let's move everything two feet that way.".


Tarconi's office.

Getting back to my reminiscing on Stargate: SG-1’s ninth season…


In this episode, a Jaffa undergoes the Rite of M’al Sharran to rid himself of his symbiote – and dies in the process.  The rite was performed a grand total of three times before and only one of those instances proved successful (Teal’c being the rare exception).  Them 25% odds are pretty bleak.  Compare to the Tok’ra extraction process which, if the Tok’ra are to be believed, has a better but still iffy 50% success rate.  Paul and I called BS on that.  Every time we could remember it being performed, it worked beautifully, so it seemed to be more like 100%.  Which brings to mind one of the many amusing stories from our early days on the show.  Way back when we first started on Stargate, Paul and I wanted to know more about this Tok’ra extraction process.  Brad suggested we check out an episode called Pretense.  Apparently, all we needed to know about the extraction process was covered in that episode.  And so, Paul and I fired up the VCR and sat through forty-five minutes of Stargate’s version of Boston Legal and Zipacna walking around with a Carmen Miranda headpiece and, all the while we kept wondering: “When are they going to get around to extraction process?!”.  Then, as the episode was drawing to an end, the character of Skaara was ordered to undergo the “extraction process”.  Finally!  I was all sorts of curious.  Would it be a surgical procedure or something much techier and advanced?  Would Skaara be awake through the procedure?  If so, how would he react?  So many questions about to be answered!  We watched as the court made its ruling, then watched a time cut to the next scene in which the tok’ra trot out the goa’uld symbiote and proclaim the extraction process a success!  End episode.  WTF?!!!
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention guest star Reed Diamond who plays the part of Mitchell’s doomed buddy in the episode.  The former Homicide lead turns in a brilliant performance and, for the record, was terrific to work with.

ETHON (915)

This episode marked the last episode of the earth ship Prometheus, and its unfortunately named commander Pendergast.  To be honest, I would have felt a lot worse for him had he been named, say, Evans or Fitzgerald or even Pangbourn – but Pendergast?  Whenever his name came up in a script, I would always ask where the name came from.  Did some fan win a contest that necessitated we use their name in a script?  Close!  Apparently, Pendergast was the last name of a friend of one of the writers.  With Stargate over, I now regret the fact that I didn’t name one of my characters Jelly.


Look out!  That corn is highly addictive!  Ah, sweet sweet Kassa.  How you’ve been mocked, forced to share ignominious conversation company with the likes of explosive tumors, Zipacna’s silly hat, and Carter infamous “Just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside, doesn’t mean I can’t handle whatever you can handle” line.  Granted, it was one of our sillier episodes that saw the team going undercover decked out as extras from The Road Warrior while, back on Earth, Landry matched wits with the gluttonous goa’uld Nerus (played to pompous perfection by the late Maury Chaykin).  At one point during the editing process, Brad objected to the amount of food Nerus had in his cell on the grounds that it was “over the top”.  !  In my mind, that ship sailed the second Mitchell uttered the line: “Get all the population jonesing for space corn.”

Speaking of silly – a number of fans complained about the fact that the Lucian Alliance weren’t cool enough, that they were a little too silly to be considered a formidable threat to Stargate Command.  Well, to be fair, respect was admittedly an uphill climb considering the concept of the Alliance was introduced by these two lovable members –

Longtime blog regular Paul O’Dwyer gives our little Book of the Month Club a shout-out in the Irish Times (  Thanks to Paul for the mention.  And a reminder that July’s book of the month club  kicks off July 4th with a discussion of Jeff Lemire’s Sweeth Tooth (volume 1) –

A heads up from another blog regular, Steve Eramo, who has just posted a recent interview with actor David Hewlett (SGA’s Rodney McKay) here:

And, of course, opening this weekend: Remember Green Lantern?  Sure you do!

32 thoughts on “June 18, 2011: Set construction begins on Transporter: The Series! Looking back on Stargate: SG-1’s ninth season! Links!

  1. Coucou!! Encore une fois je ne suis pas au lit 🙂 contente à être dans les 1er à commenter votre blog!! 🙂

    Autant vous avez du être triste quand on à démonté le décor de stargate là vous devez être très heureux! ça doit être incroyable de voir son projet se monter sous ses yeux..vous devez être impatient qu’il soit finit!

    La saison 9 est super!! J’adore le personnage de Cam, plus que celui de Jack 🙂 L’épisode “OFF THE GRID” est très drôle 🙂

    Je me pose une question, il y’aura un peu d’humour dans “Transporter” ? car c’est vraiment le petit + qui ma fait adoré stargate…et je sais que vous avez un grand sens de l’humour joseph 😉

    Green Lantern à l’air vraiment bien! il fait absolument que j’aille le voir! 🙂

    Gros bisous!
    Bonne nuit!!!!!!!

  2. Nerus was one of the most believable characters in the entire series – absolutely wonderful. And by the way, the silliness was great, too. Ok, except for Zipacna’s hat.

    Will have a new addition to the family next week. My daughter’s dog, Gumbo (who lived with us for about 8 months before moving to England), is coming back to us on Tuesday. Oy.

  3. Haha, Brad got you good! Everything you needed to know about the Tok’ra extraction process was indeed in that episode. Would you have rather he told you it was four shots from a Zat? 😉

    Also, the Lucian Alliance were the lamest Stargate villains ever. They essentially stole what they had from the fracturing Goa’uld domains, and we beat the Goa’uld, so why would the Lucian Alliance be a formidable threat? They’re just humans, mostly, so when it comes right down to it, we could steal a bunch of mother ships too if we wanted. Probably from them.

  4. héhé number one pour une fois!! Je suis désolé pour tout ces “smile” mais je suis quelqu’un qui souris tout le temps dans la vie…vous aurez bien l’occasion de le voir par vous même un jour ;^) (j’espere♥)

  5. I like seeing how the sets are coming together. It will be interesting to see the finished product. My favorite eps in his batch were Ethon and Off the Grid. Hubby liked Off the Grid too—especially Amanda’s Road Warrior disguise. We’re having a thunderstorm here tonight–there is just so much heat and humidity in the air.

    Have a good night!!

  6. I like the smell of new wood projects. looks like its all coming together, a coat of paint and some carpet, a few pictures on the wall. yep almost there. Maybe you can live there this summer when they are not using it. Oh yeah, make sure they put in the a/c.

  7. @Barry : Would you have rather he told you it was four shots from a Zat?

    OMG you didn’t just write that did you? Weren’t you told the consequences for revealing that secret? Can I have your computer? You won’t need it now.

    LOL men in leather… sorry, what was the episode about? Drool.

  8. OMG! Best day, EVER!!

    Guess who I met??! Guess who I chatted with about YOU, Joey? Hmmmmm??! Okay, give up??! Julia Benson and Alaina Huffman, up at Wizard World Philly! Woo!

    Firstly, they are both so sweet, and so down to earth. And beautiful – did I mention beautiful? Lord…I didn’t even recognize Julia – she looks nothing like James in real life – NOTH-ING. So petite and glamorous, with this bright, beautiful smile. Her husband told a funny story about how he came to the set one day, saw her out of make-up, then left for a bit. When he returned he couldn’t find her even though he was looking right at her, the transformation is that huge. It really helped me appreciate her acting ability because she is nothing like James! Oh, and yeah – we did chat about that sex scene. 😉 She was sorta confused about how I found it offensive, and then right afterward said something about the end of Jersey being shaped like a penis. I told her that sometimes the truck driver in me comes out. 😛 AND we talked about you, Joey. 😈 She actually thinks you’re terrific. Boy, do you have her snowed. 😉 Oh, and she said I was charming, which – I’m pretty sure – translates as ‘nuts’. 😛

    Then Alaina. Wow. What a sweetheart! Again, far more beautiful in real life. We talked about sex and nudity in tv, and I have renewed respect for her and her choices. She is a very intelligent woman. And nice…she even offered me some of her nachos. 🙂 She also wrote a comic, which I didn’t know about, and I really wanted to talk more with her about women in the comic industry, but everytime I came back around her way she was tied up with someone, and I didn’t want to disturb her. I should have asked her if she has a blog or anything. I believe she said she’s seeing you on Monday, Joey, so you guys better talk nice about me. 😀

    Both were so charming, so TINY!, and so very nice. And both sincerely had wonderful things to say about you, Joe. I’m rather disappointed that you’re not the snake I’ve made you out to be. 🙂

    Anyway, it was a great day. Mr. Das loved talking to the ladies, too. They thought he was a handsome fella, and Julia (I believe it was) couldn’t quite understand my preference for the Wraith. 😆 When I get a chance I’ll post the pictures, I’m just too pooped right now.



  9. Joey, almost forgot. Have you ever had a fried oreo cookie? It’s dipped in funnel cake batter and deep fried…and it is TO DIE FOR! However, tonight we did it one better…we WRAPPED IT IN BACON! O. M. G!!!!! GUUUUUUUUUH! While I was eating it, I think I was making those noises usually reserved for the bedroom…which might be why everyone in the restaurant was staring at us… 😛 But I didn’t care! It was out of this world delicious!

    Okay – now I really need to go to bed…sans noises. 😉


  10. @Alex presides over construction, offering such helpful input as “Let’s move everything two feet that way.”.

    All hail king Alex, well until Joe shoots him with a staff weapon, then its all hail King Joe!

    Lol seriously though Joe

    How do you feel watching all the sets come together? Must be very rewarding for everyone after speanding all that time on the scripts, to finally see stuff come together that you’ve been writing for.

  11. Speaking about Off the grid.

    I really disliked this episode, more because it built up the tension, put SG1 in mortal danger, then suddenly they were beamed away, it felt so cheap, were there any other ideas for this episode, like how to resolve the SG1 being captured situation other than beaming Joe?

    I was never really a fan of beaming, I missed the old days where SG1 could get out of a situation with their own cunning, and a little technology, beaming just cheapens it, in my opinion anyway, it let down a pretty good episode overall.

  12. You forgot about the one important thing about Off the Grid…the LEATHER!…for me Michael of course in it…but the others look gorgeous too…I know rather shallow but it works for me! LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  13. i went to the stargate liquidation sale at bridge studio yesterday. I saw the hydroponics props from sgu, alteran and lucian alliance costumes, a broken wraith vest, giant dream catcher like decorations which i assume were used in athosian scenes, and….plenty of military outfits and vests.

  14. the only thing off the grid had going for it was daniel (& to a lesser extant mitchell) in leather.
    and if you (the general you) know anything about the upper class of ancient rome the amount food nerus was eating was typical for some.

  15. Hey Joe,
    I have a question. For a school assignment I have to recreate the kawoosh for a stargate scene I modeled in 3D. Anyway, when looking for reference for the show, I realized something. I assume the effect was reworked for atlantis. If so, how come even after the start of Atlantis, every time (as far as I know) we see the SGC gate activate the same side profile clip is used? Just wondering.


  16. Is that the set that was on the other side of the FX stage at Bridge Studios? I bought a bunch of props/costumes today and I have no clue where some of them are from. If you ever have some free time, could you write about the various baddies or uniformed races we met throughout the years too?


  17. and, its not too late, new series, new characters, Jelly could be in there somewhere….>>>>

  18. Hey Joe!
    Finally I get the time to write again. I can’t believe they are selling the probs of stargate just like that in Vancouver. If they kept some of the stuff and sold it at cons, the actors would be having a much better time making money for their charities or just plain auctions for some good cause or just to get some more money.
    But maybe I’m just disappointed that, again, it’s solely for the Fans in and around Vancouver 🙁

    About the name jelly, damn that would have been a good idea, maybe you fit that somewhere into transporter I’m sure, she would be just as flattered, hahahaa.

    Oh and btw, where was Vala in that episode with the leather? Seriously, have you noticed that Claudia Black always looks hot like hell in leather outfits?!?!?!?! But she does have the body, lol (>_<)''v

    DAMN! I'm so jealous. Would have loved to meet 'em. 🙂

  19. Oh and by the way
    @ Sg1efc
    I totally agree!!! I miss it too. I just got the tenth season for my birthday in Thursday and watched it already…. good times. QQ

  20. I have to ask – was there a reason the Prometheus was destroyed? I mean beyond the obvious plot drivers at hand.

  21. Nice to see Brie and Stewie; the gangs back together! Now they can finally orchestrate their plan for world domination.

    I chose Super 8 over Green Lantern and loved the nostalgia of it and the town of Weirton WV looked vintage All-American.

  22. Wow! Love the pictures. The sets are coming together. It looks like they are building a house.

    Das: So glad you got to meet the ladies. Pictures?

    Just came from a quick trip from Nashville, TN. One of my friends bought a new house in a tax sale. It’s huge and has a lot of luxury items built in. Unfortunately, the previous owners build it so grandiose that they couldn’t keep up the maintenance. My friends tried to have U-verse installed but the installation guy didn’t have a clue how to hook into this:

  23. Why did you guys decide to build sets for the office and house instead of going for the real deal? Budget constraints or lack of time?

  24. @Moriel

    It’s cheaper to build your own sets than it is to keep hiring out a location over and over again, not to mention its a lot easier, that way the writers can go down to a set and visualise what they want to do with a story whenever they need too.

    That and its a more controlled enviroment.

  25. ” Speaking of silly – a number of fans complained about the fact that the Lucian Alliance weren’t cool enough, that they were a little too silly to be considered a formidable threat to Stargate Command. ”

    Which made it all the more inexplicable when they did so well against Earth in SGU.

  26. I always enjoyed Nerus, even if I couldn’t remember his name. In fact, whenever I’d see that actor in other things after that, I’d point and the screen and yell delightedly, “Fat gould!” It’s a term of endearment, really. I still love that bit when he discovers cupcakes. (And I thought the badass leather outfits were a fun treat.)

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