With the first drafts of both scripts out, I woke up this morning prepared to do something different, only to spend the day doing something not so different after all.  Rob dropped me an email  to inform me he’d spoken to a couple of the production’s participants.  They had a few notes.  But, Rob assured me, they were very positive about the scripts and, to reinforce the point, started off the notes session by relaying a few of those positive comments.  Now as someone who has been doing this for a while, I know that “starting with the positives” is the animal wrangling equivalent of approaching slowly and speaking in a calm, soothing voice.  It’s designed to relax the intended victim, lull them into a false sense of security.  Then, the second they let their guard down, they’re ensnared, bagged, and shipped off to some zoo where they’ll spend the rest of their lives waiting for the man with the yellow to bring more bananas and wondering how it all went wrong.  Or working on a script rewrite.  Like most defenseless animals, writers are easily spooked and one whiff of danger is enough to send them scurrying for the relative safety of the high branches, or the bathroom, so that positive opening is very important.  “Hey, good job.  The script was really well-paced and a lot of fun.  I just have a few thoughts…” or “A terrific first effort!  Great dialogue.  Now, if you could just make a few adjustments…” or “Nicely formatted.  Your grammar is beyond reproach.  As for the rest of it – well, you may want to cancel that weekend trip.”.

Starting with the positives can only mean one of two things: 1) They generally liked the script or 2) They generally hated it.  Those initial positives tell you nothing.  It’s the negatives that will give you a sense of what they really think.  For instance, if their notes are few and/or capable of being easily incorporated into the next draft, then chances are they generally liked the script.  If, on the other hand, your notes session: a) at any time finds you raising your voice in defense to the point where you sound like classic SNL’s Mr. Bill, b) runs roughly as long as it took you to write the script in the first place, and/or c) includes the phrase “What were you thinking?”, then chances are they didn’t love the script and you’re going to have your work cut out for you.  Fortunately for both Paul and I, on this day, it was the former.  About a half dozen notes on each script.

Unfortunately, Paul deferred to me on the rewrites as he was busy doing…I’m not sure what.  I think it involved driving somewhere or watering something or promising to help a friend bury someone.  I don’t recall.  Anyway, not a big deal.  I talked to Rob, we bounced some ideas back and forth, and I addressed the notes.  I even found time to finish up those character breakdowns.  Now, all I have to do is write up the story springboards and it’s smoooooooooooth sailing.

Hey, speaking of smooooooooooth sailing, the news went public yesterday: John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War is headed to the big screen:

‘Old Man’s War’ To Be Adapted by ‘The Perfect Storm’ Director

On the one hand, I’m thrilled for John (a Creative Consultant on SGU, an enormously talented writer, and an all around nice/funny guy); on the other hand, I feel bad for the pressure he’ll no doubt be under having to decide who will accompany him to the premiere, me or his wife.

Well, it seemed so remote and unreal only days ago but now, I’m seriously beginning to stress out about this potential move.  Again, nothing is written in stone and I could end up staying in Vancouver, watching Ace of Cakes marathons and  eating cheese out of a can, but all indications point to the very real possibility that I will soon be calling Toronto home.  Of course, to call it home, I’m going to need a home and, with four dogs in tow, I’m going to need that home FAST!  I’m trying to get a sense of the city but the more people I talk to, the more confused I get.  High Park, The Annex, The Beaches – they mean nothing to me.  Even less so Etobicoke which I can barely pronounce. I’m not that demanding but, at the end of the day, it’s all about the dogs.  As such, I need: 1) A house, 2) with a fenced in backyard, 3) central air conditioning for those hot summer months (the pugs and Lulu don’t do well in the heat), 4) a security system (in the event I go out, I want to make sure the gang is secure), 5) furnished (as the last thing I want to do between spinning, breaking, and writing is shopping for spoons), 6) in a nice neighborhood, 7) not too far from work, and 8) within reasonable driving distance of a good daycare.  And, I that’s it.

I’ve been using google maps to chart my prospective routes from the various neighborhoods to the studio and back, and spent last night searching for a potential daycare. That led me to some Toronto pet forums which led me to some threads on the local dog-friendly areas which, in turn, led me to a post about a pug that went missing while playing at a park.  THAT depressed me.  Then, when I continued reading and learned the pug was on medication it desperately needed and that it’s owner had accepted her pug wasn’t coming home but hoped that Rosey’s darling attitude would ensure that whoever had taken her would treat her well, that’s when I got REALLY depressed.  And then, when I continued reading and saw someone’s reply “Please keep us updated on Rosey.” go unanswered – and that the last post in the thread was back in 2004, that’s when I got BEYOND depressed and seriously considered just throwing in the towel and spending the next couple of years here, taking cooking classes, writing the occasional script, watching Ace of Cakes marathons and eating cheese out of a can.

After dinner, I went spelunking in the crawlspace and uncovered a couple more treasures:


What episode was this from? I recall the red dot at the center of the alien petri dish is supposed to be a blood sample.
A gift they handed out at SG-1's 100th Episode party.

Okay.  Let’s end this post on a positive: Volunteer rescue team tracks down elderly AWOL pug

60 thoughts on “February 24, 2011: Nicely formatted. Your grammar is beyond reproach. As for the rest of it – well, you may want to cancel that weekend trip.

  1. I’ve been to Toronto a few times. Twice on trips to montreal by train, and it made a short stop. Didnt see much of the city. Then once 4 years ago on a trip with a friend. Saw the Detroit Tigers take on the Toronto Blue Jays.

    I thought the city was nice. Big city, but nice overall. Probably should get back there someday.

    Hope your move goes well!

  2. Joe, Boyd here.
    The blood sample I believe is a DNA sample from the “ark” ship in Scorched Earth, season 4 episode 9 SG-1.
    I should know, I made them.
    Still one of my very favourite sets, wish more of it was shot in the episode.

    All the very best of luck in Toronto!

  3. went to blue hill at stone barns yesterday. food was good, but on the salty side half the time, but still good. Service was excellent. recommend.

    also went to bouchon bakery. tomato soup was good, but the star for me was the sandwich. i never thought i would like a gruyere sandwich that much. haven’t had the chance to upload pics online yet. going to jean georges for lunch in 11.5 hours

  4. I was going to say that it looked like the thing Daniel found on the ship in Sorched Earth, a DNA sample.

    That was a good episode.

    I definitely want one.


  5. Well, at least they went through the traditional etiquette to tell you and didn’t IM you over google talk…

    Actually, the google talk method ain’t that bad. You get to get your head together then respond with just “k”.

    Did you hear Atlas Shrugged is finally making it to the screen? The trailer is horrid, but breaking it into chunks just may have been its ticket out of development hell.

  6. Just had a look at the Teamsters Union site, with the SGU sets now being taken down I’m guessing we can assume that here won’t be any live action continuation of SGU, and that Brad was unsuccessful?

  7. joe, stay in vancouver!! don’t leave!! the fates are telling you things!!

    or you’re just not really wanting to leave, so you’re taking things are clues that you shouldn’t leave at all.

    or i am.

    i don’t like ppl leaving. :p

    you know, LA is really nice… you could keep your vancouver home… spend some time in a doesn’t-really-have-seasons place, AND do some writing… the dogs will love it…

    or stay in vancouver, take cooking classes, open your own restaurant, write and write some more…

    don’t go to toronto.


  8. OK, it’s official. I need to branch out and watch more on Food Network than Chopped and the Chairman Tyre show. Like this Ace of Cakes thing. I like cake, why wouldn’t I like it. Maybe it’s because my DVR is too full as it is, but come the end of that last SGU episode, Ace of Cakes is definitely on my list.

  9. Hey sorry to hear you and your wife split up. I was kind of wondering why she wasnt ever brought up when you were talking about moving.

    Sad u lose Stargate and then her. Hope things work out, ive been there, and some of us have trouble getting over it and moving on.

    God Bless

  10. glennh73… they split quite a while ago 🙁 but are still friends. He posted about it.

    Moving always a trauma… made worse by the not quite 100 percent sure part. When will you know for SURE?

  11. @hal ehrlich

    Also …..How can I put up a picture on my Avatar ?
    I dont see anywhere to do it on your blog ?

    Easiest way is sign up on Gravatar

  12. They said your grammer is beyond approach? The expression is “Beyond reproach”. Kinda funny that.
    Guess it would be bad form to correct them on it huh?

  13. Joe, if it’s not too much trouble could you go through and delete my posts. I made some embarrassing comments. I talk to damn much and it’s too bad I can’t delete my account and have all the posts automatically go away with it like on other sites.

    Please, at least delete the two long ones on here:

    Actually, I’m surprised you even approved those two rambling posts. If you chose not to delete it than oh well, I tried.

    Sorry about SGU btw. I really wished it would last longer than it did. I look forward to the last 10 episodes or so of it. At least SGU made it past it’s first season. That’s a blessing if anything.

  14. OH!!! LOLOL! When I saw you use the same wrong phrase twice, I thought you did it on purpose, suggesting that the grammar nazi was clueless about…ya know… proper grammar. Here it was just Joey being the clueless one! 😆 I am thoroughly amused! (Some writer you are. 🙄 )



  15. Hey Joe,

    I was in a photo-shoot for one of my books…just before one of the pictures…the publisher whipped out a marker and DREW on my painting. She explained that what I had done would never show up being photographed.

    I was devastated…I knew the kind of control they had…but I thought it came in notes and phone calls. Not at the photo-shoot. I changed how I looked at the world of publishing…it is not always what someone might think. As artist’s we are at the mercy of those that make “decisions”.

    I couldn’t help but smile…and also slightly freak over your experience. The lesson learned…YOURS isn’t yours…it is THEIRS. Hard to let go…you have become a master of it by now. It is just a new “THEIRS” …and so much of your life hangs in the balance of what they are thinking…doing…MARKING! Ha…the life *giggles*

    I’d much rather think of the pups…

    Best to you Joe,


    Cheryl 🙂

  16. I wrote the entry and didn’t have a title, so copy and pasted the section without even noticing. Show you how tired I am.

  17. No excuses, Joey, I don’t want you to ruin the moment. See, you’re just so cute when – in my mind – you’re a ditzy blonde with big boobies, disguised as Italian gigolo. 🙂


  18. That petri prop was from Scorched Earth. I can’t quite remember who wrote it. Such details have likely been lost to history.

  19. I’m moving too. And I’m really nervous about it. It’s only to the next county but I worry about it still. I think thats the nature of all moves. It will be fine, and if it ain’t you’ll get over it. 🙂

  20. Good luck with your script Joe, am looking forward to hearing some series info, like who’s being casted for what etc. Well as and when you’re allowed to reveal such information.

    Also you totally need to set some Q&As up with the shows staff eventually.

  21. QUESTION: Was there a particular reason you guys chose to work with John Scalzi on SGU or was it a long time desire and the schedules finally worked out in time for SGU?

    I was going to post you the link about the ‘Old Man’s War’ film. (as if you would not have heard before any of us) Pretty excited about that. Petersen is a good director. He has done a few stinkers in my humblest opinion but in the entertainment business, who hasn’t.

    I have to admit though, I am less excited about Roland Emerich’s forthcoming Foundation Saga adaptations. ( http://www.slashfilm.com/shocker-roland-emmerich-will-film-asimovs-foundation-trilogy-as-3d-mo-cap-epic/ ) Again in my humblest opinion, anybody who is able to convince a studio to give them a hundred million bucks to make a movie and get the show going deserves to make whichever film he or she wants but I don’t see a successful marriage of subject matter and director in there.

    Don’t even get me started on Wachawskis’ ‘Cloud Atlas’ adaptation. Mind you that is one of my favorite books and I’m uber-protective. At least Tom Tykwer is involved with the script. ( http://www.slashfilm.com/tom-tykwer-adapting-cloud-atlas-for-the-wachowskis-is-natalie-portman-involved/ )

    Anyhew. Toronto. I’d say it’s normal to feel a bit of apprehension about the daunting tasks ahead of you but I think a change of scenery can do you good.At the end of the day when all or most of your setting up house related menial tasks are complete you’ll have a whole city full of restaurants to try. And do not let the 13 hour flight deter you from a yearly visit to Topsy Turvy Tokyo. 🙂

  22. Ahhh the ol’ forgot to proof read. That’s happened to me on too many an occasion. Good for you that the team is liking your work. I honestly thought for a while that you were going to say that you got the “what were you thinking answer”, so good build up on that.

    Oh and yeah that’s from Scorched Earth, 4th season episode, SG-1. I really liked that one because of the moral decisions, good characterizations, good acting, and a great idea for a story I’ve never seen done before.


  23. Dear Joe,

    even if you move to the other side of the Milky Way or just Toronto – I will keep reading the blog you write, despite the fact I’ve stopped watching the franchise quite a while ago, I still enjoy and truly appreciate your witty posts about life, dogs, the universe, food and everything. Keep up the great work!

    Wish you all the best,

  24. JOE SAY : – “What episode was this from? I recall the red dot at the center of the alien petri dish is supposed to be a blood sample.”

    It’s the 409 from SG-1 Scorched Earth, with a mysterious race: The Gadmeer.

    Have a Good Day!

  25. Hi Joe! Funny how when you have the kids, everything becomes all about the kids. 🙂 We’re off to Tampa for the day tomorrow, and the arrangements I’ve had to make for Elway are almost comical. He’s off to vet’s office for the morning and then one of the techs will bring him home at noon and spend the rest of the day here with the 3 dogs. I’ve given a heads up to the ER vet, the ER manager (both friends after so many years) and made sure he has refills on all his meds, just in case. Just in case what? We’ll be back tomorrow night! I’m in desperate need of a day off, a haircut, some lunch/dinner/both out sans dogs, a quick trip to the sci-fi convention to meet Martok and Gowron from Star Trek, and yet it’s so hard to leave. Then I read stories about missing dogs (yeah, thanks, Joe) and really start to worry.

    Did you see the price of gasoline today? Over $4 a gallon in some areas.

  26. How deep is that crawlspace?

    Great visual description of corralling the monkeys. 😀

    You are a good doggie dad.

  27. FYI..

    I was talking to my Boston Terrier loving friend from Toronto (the one who actually got me into SG1) who incidentally always brags about how Dog Friendly Toronto is… sends her dogs to Daycare, hires dog walkers, etc.

    Here are her thoughts:


    Near the water and miles of paved trails to go walking with the dogs.

    Beaches doggie daycare: http://www.twtto.com/home/

    High Park:

    The best thing about High Park is definitely the park. It is massive and has so much going on for both human and dog that it is a can’t miss location for dog lovers. Here is a link for the park itself and he can see everything that goes on there. http://www.highparktoronto.com/

    Here is a link for a doggie daycare I found online in that area: http://www.pawshighpark.com/

    If given the choice between these two areas I would DEFINITELY pick High Park. In fact I may live there eventually, that is my goal. ”

    Best of luck with everything 🙂


  28. Hey Joe – A couple thoughts on your upcoming issues:

    1. Set aside / pre-pack your favorite kitchen implements like your ice cream maker, knives, pots and pans etc. These are things that you may end up missing far more than you might initially expect. Having them pre-packed so that someone can easily ship them to you, if required, is a great relief. I have found, from past experience, that trying to cook with someone’s Farberware knives instead of my J.A. Henckels made me not want to cook at all. Don’t even get me started on trying to cook with pans made of different materials that heat up at different rates. Without time to experiment, you can end up relegating yourself to feeling a sense of accomplishment by not burning oatmeal. I’m guessing time is not something of which you will have an abundance.

    2. For your Tokyo trip, plan a 1 day layover in Vancouver to check on the state of your stuff. It’ll allow you to kill 2 birds with one stone and shorten your flights into more manageable portions.

    Recently I was re-watching Farscape which, of course, forced me to re-watch 200. That episode never ceases to amaze me. I’m looking forward to you guys getting the band back together for some movies someday.

  29. Moving is not fun so I wish you all the best on that. We actually moved twice two years ago—that was SO not fun, but we lived through it.

    Some local job opportunities are starting to come up for hubby. Hopefully, I will able to tell everyone VERY soon that he has a new job.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  30. FROM SYfs blog

    # A) I wrote this article to try and answer any conceivable ratings question, so your answer is here 🙂 —> http://t.co/0HSD8xv 3:27 PM Feb 18th via web

    # Q) @CheyenneSG If someone DVRs a show and watches it later, does it factor into the show’s ratings? 3:27 PM Feb 18th via web

    # (In general, restarting any show is very difficult and costly, especially if the sets have been struck & have to be rebuilt, etc.) 3:25 PM Feb 18th via web

    # …do consistent ratings around its premiere number to try to restart it. We’d love to see that of course, but not sure it’s realistic. 3:23 PM Feb 18th via web

    # Q) @linzeigh Would it be possible to save SGU if we somehow got the ratings up? A) Theoretically maybe. Realistically, it would need to… 3:21 PM Feb 18th via web

  31. 1. I’m excited and at the same time apprehensive about Old Man’s War coming to the big screen! I hope they do it justice.

    2. Delegate! Joe, you really need to contact a real estate agent (I’m sure one of the folks involved in your new project can find one for you) to start scouting Toronto for potential housing! You can’t do it yourself long distance. Decide whether or not you would consider town-homes with decent sized yards as well as houses and then have them start looking. Once they have some options lined up, head out there and take a look at them! Get moving, buster! It will help reduce your anxiety level.

    3. Have a fun time in Vegas!

    @das: I haven’t seen Mister Softee in just ages! I used to love them! I’m almost done with Ghosts and I’ll email you this weekend with my thoughts. You mentioned a scene I should recognize. I didn’t recognize it. What page is it on?

  32. That piece is from a great episode (Scorched Earth) !
    Now Im sad again D:
    Thanks for all this years of quality entertaining 🙂

  33. When you move to Toronto are you going to go and look for wee Rosey? I hate it when little stories like these are left hanging in limbo. People attempt to elicit help by pleading to the general public then when there is an end to the story the person isn’t considerate enough to tell you what the outcome was.

    I saw my first Pug today – toddling out of the Vets surgery when I was taking my little feline Princess Merlin (aka Slasher) in for her annual MOT. It was quite small but bulky – maybe a youngster. It was a cute wee thing. 🙂

    Merlin managed to lunge at me when I was attempting to get her into her carry box. She caught me on the side of the neck, just a glancing blow, but I held her tight and tried to fit her into the bag, keep her in the bag and do the zip up at the same time. She is sitting glaring at me – her brother is staying clear of her too – Frankie is one cowardly tom cat/lion.



  34. @ Tammy Dixon – Yeppers! I hope to pick it up this weekend. Looking forward to it, but I doubt I’ll love Gideon as much as I love Pendergast. Pendergast is just soooo…soooo…odd. Plus I LOVE the whole uber-gentleman thing. I guess it goes back to my thing for Cary Grant when I was younger. 😛 Or maybe because I grew up reading Agatha Christie books, where everyone was in a suit and tie and as formal as can be. It sounds like Gideon is a bit of a rogue, which is nice, but it tends to be something I like better on film (e.g. Captain Jack Sparrow). In literature I really do love The Gentleman. I think they just interpret a bit better in the printed word.

    I’m also a bit afeared that – if Gideon takes off – they will push Pendergast aside. I am SO not done with that man! 😀 God…he’s just so wonderful…

    Here, here’s a picture of Welsh musician/record producer David Wrench. I can easily imagine Pendergast looking a bit like this, only in a dead black suit (and alas, with shorter hair) when he’s snooping around for some creepy-crawly monster-thingy under the bed…




  35. Spoilers for Ghosts of Manhattan:

    @ Sparrowhawk – It’s not a scene-for-scene thing – more like a vibe from a scene, between two characters. A connection between one in the law, and one who operates outside of the law. It just felt very much like the relationship shared between D’Agosta and Pendergast.


  36. Hi Joe!

    Gotta tell you SPACE in Canada (I’m sure you’ve seen them) is showing some incredibly awesome SGU 2.5 teasers nearly every commercial break. God I wish they could pick up a season 3.

    Anyways, I understand move forward right. Well in your potential move to my home province, I offer my 2 cents advice for you. I know a woman in TO who is in real estate, she may have something your looking for. She seems to specialize in more classy kind of places, perfect fit for you and the dogs. Check out http://www.myultimateplace.com and if you want, talk to Jeanette Grant. If you do, tell her I said Hi! Her web site shows some places that sound right up your alley.

    Hope it helps.

    Shawn Cassidy

  37. Good luck packing, house-hunting and moving.

    Do you know what a buckeye is? I thought everyone did, then I told my friend I found a recipe for buckeye cake and she didn’t gasp with a mixture of delight and shock at the certain decadence like I expected – because to her ‘buckeye’ meant nothing. In case it does mean something to you (or if it doesn’t and you feel the need for chocolate and peanut butter) and you have time to think about/actually bake, I just came across this recipe:
    and thought you might enjoy it, too!

  38. Now, no talk of eating cheez out of a can. It is not a far leap to tissue boxes for shoes.

    I had an adorable pug wander into my yard a couple years ago, I knew she was local, I’d seen her dad walking her and another wee beast. Friendly as all get out, but no tags. Clean and such soft fur! We brought her indoors, because although we live on a quiet street, the one over is too busy for little lost dogs. My cats hated her immediately and I learned I was NOT a pug person after five minutes.
    No way to call dad, so I called animal control to come check for a chip. Nope. I told them I knew she lived nearby, just not where precisely. I reluctantly turned her over, after extracting promises she would not be euthanized, but be on the permanent adoption list if her family didn’t come for her. They did, as I’ve seen her being walked happily again.

    Chip your pets dagnabbit!

  39. your list of needs should limit your options to a few dozen houses, of which maybe 2 will be in a condition to actually be livable. The doggie daycare thing is much harder. Rather than risking the loss of a doggie from daycare, I recommend an alternative arrangement. Find either an elderly but fit, tall, lean, high class British accented butler, or a young, athletic/acrobatic teen in need of guidance and a direction in life, and move them into the house with you. Your dogs will then have constant companionship and once you decide to assume a supervil…superhero identity you already have your sidekick or mentor at hand. Actually, skip the teen and go with the elderly Brit. He will ultimately defer to your will, and you can rest assured not only the dogs, but your suits, will be in good hands.

  40. YAY! Old Man’s War a movie. Now I don’t have to read the book 😛 (ducking to avoid a whack on the head)
    On the other hand, movies are rarely as good. However, if I haven’t read it then I have nothing to compare it to. Sounds logical to me 😉

  41. John Scalzi has a great attitude on Old Man’s War being made into a movie. Can’t wait to see it.

    I love Ace of Cakes. I can watch a marathon with you because I must have twenty episodes DVR’d right now. But no on the cheese in a can. Don’t you have any standards?

  42. …Been watching TV a lot lately and Joe, I have to tell you that for some reason, the piece of dust that is stuck between the letters ‘H’ and ‘J’, reminds me of you. I like the little chuckle at the end when he finds his “love”.

    I have to get a life…

  43. I just found an absolutely brilliant use of subtitles with regard to the end of SGU

  44. G’day Joe

    Long time no err, read. wait I have a reason. It is a doozy.
    First Cyclone yasi hit us, without power for a week.
    Then my family and I moved 3000 klms south. We went from the stinkin’ hot to the cold. Summer here at the mo and when winter hits, ain’t we going to know. Hubby and no.1 daughter already have colds.
    So I know what you are going through with the move. It took us one and a half weeks to find a house. We considered driving, two cars, only two drivers, I do not really drive on highways, that what hubbys are for and I was going to have to drive for 6 days. Along with three kids and three cats. So I put my foot down and we flew, sooooo much better. However we still do not have our furniture. At least our ADSL is on now. whooo hoooooo


  45. From a long time Torontonian…
    It’s Etobicoh.
    Your best bet would be High Park (walk to the park) or The Beaches (walk to the lake). Plus they’re both pretty neighbourhoods.

  46. Can’t help you with the househunt over there Joe but if you ever decide moving to Holland – you can count on me!

    Thanks for taking time to write your blogs, I read them everyday and enjoy them a lot. Good luck with your ‘new’ project! If you ever feel the need to send some SG stuff into the world…just mail me 🙂

  47. @Joan001 That Hitler vid is creative (although if you look on youtube similar things have been done with this same clip multiple times) but potentially quite offensive. Yeah, watch SGU because Adolph Hitler is a big fan… Somehow that doesn’t seem like much of a marketing strategy. Wonder how MGM feels about it?

    The other vid, the one with all the FX shots that Joe posted the other day? That was a cool idea and much more uniting and positive for the Stargate fans out here.

  48. Janet: Wow! I hope things turn out well for you and your family. Good luck with the cold weather.

    Das: Other authors write more than one series at a time. I hope Preston & Child will too.

    SyFy is going to run SGU in March. Yes!

  49. @Deni
    $4 per gallon????

    I would cry from happiness at seeing that sort of price!

    In Australia we pay (depending on day of week) between $1.25-$1.40 per litre ($5.5 to $6.2 per gallon)

  50. Hey Joe,
    Renting in Toronto is nuts and I totally empathise with you over finding a place: I myself am trying to find a new home, but haven’t had much luck.
    As for the different neighbourhoods, I am pretty familiar with the Beaches (it’s near the lake, east of the CN Tower if that helps) and it is a very friendly dog neighbourhood. The evidence: tons of dogs of all sizes walking along the lake boardwalk and an off-leash park by the lake in the Beaches district. While your dogs might not be able to benefit from the former perks, it is also cooler down by the lake. And the Beaches, along with the Annex, have some pretty good restaurants and bakeries.
    Anyways, just my two cents, in case you weren’t already concerned enough.
    Aside from that, do you follow Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman?

  51. LOL the Hitler one has been used a billion times and I still laugh at every one of them.

    >>>The expression is “Beyond reproach”. Kinda funny that.<<<
    OMG I can't believe I didn't notice in title OR text… but hey, it could go either way! Could be so bad you couldn't approach it, lol. 🙂

    The other one that bothers me is "I could care less." FOLKS if you could care less then you CARE, which is not what you want to indicate.

    Though, I am ashamed to admit, some way I have begun calling several deer "deers". WTH? My daughter accused me of it, I hotly denied it. But she was right.

  52. for Das, Sparrow, & Tammy Dixon, just read the Amazon reviews for Gideon’s Sword. Yikes. (Scroll down on the link provided above.) Might want to read them before you spend your money.

  53. Dude, just move back to Montreal and commute to TO! Seems like a sane solution to me. But, then again, I left Montreal 11 years ago, so what do I know? Glad to know you are doing (very) well.

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