Went through several more of the boxes sitting in my crawlspace, threw it more stuff, came across more forgotten treasure:

VHS dailies from SG-1. Chances are I'll never get to watch these again, but they're chock full of terrific alternate takes and bloopers (Michael Shanks dances a little jig in one outtake of It's Good To Be King) and I can't bring myself to toss them.
An animation cel from the very series I ever wrote for: The Busy World of Richard Scarry. You'll, of course, remember my breakout script for "Patrick Pig Learns To Talk".
Planet of the Apes premium trading cards. Not the crappy Tim Burton version or the no doubt destined to be crappy prequel presently in the works, but the Roddy McDowall original! And unopened in their individually sealed packages no less!
My Toyfare exclusive yellow daredevil! Fully half of the hundred or so boxes in that crawlspace are packed full of comic-book themed toys, from Batman busts to supervillain action figures.

For lunch today –


Akemi made pork belly sliders in steamed buns.

Alex got back to me today and provided some excellent feedback.  I started work on implementing the notes on both scripts with an aim to putting out the next draft of each  tomorrow.  Meanwhile, have almost completed my preliminary pass on those character breakdowns.

Headed downtown to get my new passport picture taken, exchanged emails about possible Toronto accommodations and car, agreed to head back into the office tomorrow afternoon for the Day 2 mix of The Hunt (and a final office cleaning), took the dogs out for a run (or in Maximus’s case, a leisurely stroll – or, in Jelly’s case, a staggered walk and stand about, eyeing the yappy black lab across the street).  It was a sunny day in Vancouver, and the dogs in particular enjoy sunny days.  Lulu just parked herself in front of the living room window and watched the world go by…

Then, eventually growing tired of world-watching, she retired to the kitchen for a nap –

I finalized my Vegas dinner list.  Guy Savoy is closed on Mondays, so it looks like I’ll have to wait until my next trip to check it out.  Instead, on Monday, I’ll be dining at Scarpetta, a modern Italian restaurant by Chef Scott Conant.  Yes, the same Scott Conant who made my list of The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities That Kind of Get on My Nerves (January 10, 2011: The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities That Kind of …).  Well, his onscreen pesona may be annoying, but his menu looks all sorts of intriguing: puree of chestnut soup with oxtail and smoked robiola dumplings, cream polenta with a fricasee of truffled mushrooms, tartare of wagyu with cured egg, duck and foie gras ravioli, Amedei chocolate cake.  So come March, will I be eating my words?  Maybe.  Will I be eating that Amedei chocolate cake?  Definitely!

After dinner tonight, I got back to work on the script rewrites.  I was halfway through the first script when I heard the front gate creak and clatter.  I opened the door to find my friend Denise, decked out in an adorable chapeau, halfway down the stairs and almost home free, a bag of macarons she had dropped off hanging off my door.  Sneaky, but not quite sneaky enough.  It’s tough to execute a stealthy drop-off when you have to contend with a stubborn gate.  I took some time off to sit out on the front steps with her and chat, then she resumed her evening walk and I headed back inside to resume work on the scripts.

I’ve completed my first pass.  I’ll go over them one more time tomorrow, then send them off.

Back in the office tomorrow.

And we’ve got to start putting together that writers’ room.  Mid-March is coming up fast!

52 thoughts on “February 22, 2011: Well, I guess these scripts aren’t gonna rewrite themselves!

  1. Seriously Joe, you can’t throw out those jewels of outtakes and alternate scenes.
    We need to see them. You need to find someone trustworthy, give them to him/her to record and post on Youtube. You can’t toss that in the trash … Come on, that would be an insult to the fans.

  2. Hey Joe,

    I think I’ll take Lulu’s life…your’s seems a bit crazy…even for me. Do dogs like watching cars the way people like to watch people? hmmm

    Don’t throw things out…YET! Storage…is a better word. You may regret your hasty decisions. You never know…you may enjoy saying “Hey…have you watched a VHS tape lately?” Someone might find it novel… *giggles*

    Best to you, your writing, packing…AND storing Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  3. Why doesn’t Movie Magic speak fluently with Windows 7? As much as I hate dealing with the little ticks in the software I still don’t want to break out the Final Draft. Dunno what I have against Final Draft but I’m sure I’ll remember if I try writing with it again.

    How in the world did Lulu get up on the chair with those tiny legs? Do they need help getting up on the furniture and the bed? Because they’re so very tiny, I can’t see how they make that leap on their own.

  4. Totally remember that Richard Scarry episode. You’ve been part of my TV viewing for awhile. Try and keep that up, hey.

  5. I don’t know whether it’s viewing your lunch on a small screen or not but those buns look … um… suggestive.

  6. Shame you can’t market those outtakes.. Could fund your entire move and many month’s rent.

    Many of us would love to see them.. every second’s worth.


  7. Hey Joe, I’ll take those outtakes of your hands. Promise to give them a good home and not wear out the tapes. And if you ever feel nostalgic you can just drop by. I may even serve food. Deal?

  8. Here’s a question Joseph…

    I just saw a post on Gateworld about promos for the second half of season two just being released.

    Someone mentioned they weren’t going to watch it on Syfy because they didn’t want Syfy to profit whatsoever from their viewership, but they would buy it on dvd when it came out.

    Would that actually work? I know from your posts that Syfy pays some kinda fee upfront for SGU to be made. But for dvd’s, is that strictly between MGM and the studio (and excludes Syfy?).

    I kinda like the alternative way of voicing my displeasure…and if it boosted dvd sales for MGM who knows what other effect it might ..although I know you said the dvd movies were longshots too at this point. It doesn’t really affect me ultimately because i’m Canadian and will watch it faithfully on Space, but i’m sure some American fans might be curious.

    Although if you’d rather not comment on this…I totally respect that as well given how it is important to not burn bridges….unless of course you win the $50 million Lotto Max,lol.


  9. P.S…

    I just watched the SyFy promo on Gateworld.

    There’s a pic of a Stargate in an above ground building. Generators appear to be behind it (hydroelectric plant?). Anyways there’s an incoming wormhole and there are armed men all around it.

    Can you tell us which new episode that shot is from? I’m guessing it’s the one on Kelowna.

    It looked cool….

  10. OOOhh SG-1 outtakes. I think I’m getting the hang of your humor. Of course you weren’t thinking of throwing that kind of gold away.

    My kid’s been watching Busytown Mysteries on Netflix. I’ll keep an eye out for this Patrick Pig character.

  11. Don’t you dare toss those tapes….get them onto DVD’s and sell em!…they would be worth a fortune!

    Seriously don’t get rid of them as they are bloody good memories that deserve to be kept.

    Kriss 🙂

  12. Salut:) ça va bien?

    Moi oui super!

    Si vous trouvez des choses que vous voulez jeter, vous pouvez toujours essayer de les vendres sur ebay :)…moi je suis acheteuse^^!…envoyer moi tout ce que vous voulez, même une chausette, je suis prenante, chaque chose qui vous appartient sont de vrai reliques pour moi^^!

    Passer une bonne journée!
    gros bisou!

  13. My eyes got all sparkly when you mentioned outtakes and Michael Shanks doing a dance. Please don’t ever throw them out! It’s stuff like that that fans like me would give an arm and a leg for and I’m sure that if you really need to get rid of them, there are ways that would do a lot of good. Auction them off to charity, digitalize them like another commenter mentioned, or even giving them away to worthy fans (random drawing?) — anything would be better than the trash bin.

  14. @KevinInNS

    Regarding your someone said they wern’t going to watch the last 10 episodes because of Syfy etc point. Unless they have a Nielson box it wouldn’t make a difference because they wouldn’t be counted. So in respect they’re denying themselves of watching the final 10 episodes sooner.

    I think that person doesn’t understand the way Ratings work in America.

    Speaking of the trailers, I just saw the Syfy one as you mentioned on Gateworld. Oh wow, what a pathetically short trailer. The Space one under it is so much better in so many ways. 13 second Syfy one vs 30 second Space one. Speaks volumes.

  15. agreeing with everyone else–You can’t throw those outtakes away. That would be a treasure for the fans.

    Like the pictures of the dogs. They really know how to ham it for the camera.

    Sounds like you’re being productive.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  16. My son and I watched “The Busy World of Richard Scarry” when he was younger and I remember Patrick Pig 🙂
    I agree with the others when I say do NOT get rid of those tapes! I know I would keep them, and maybe even have them converted to DVD in case VCR’s disappear 🙂

  17. Hey, Joe, sorry you’re having to deal with all of that junk. I’ll take those Planet of the Apes trading cards off your hands.

    I can put them next to my unopened TRON (original) and Pac-Man trading cards…

  18. The only people who COUNT are officially part of a rating program, so not watching on SyFy really doesn’t do squat for most of us.

    Please tell Denise that she can send macaroons my way. She doesn’t have to stealth. She can throw the box on my front lawn for all I care. Thank you.

  19. 1. Lulu’s ADORABLE! 😀 (Caps not random)

    2. You’re a hoarder, Joe…but a tidy one.

    3. Narelle’s a pervert. 🙂


  20. Guillaume said, “Seriously Joe, you can’t throw out those jewels of outtakes and alternate scenes.
    We need to see them. You need to find someone trustworthy, give them to him/her to record and post on Youtube. You can’t toss that in the trash … Come on, that would be an insult to the fans.

    I’m with Guillaume – I know your hands are full, but there must be someone who could do this for you… please

  21. Kudos to the gang at Space who enjoy doing what they do and who have respect for the fans.

  22. Mmm.. Time for a fake Youtube pseudonym! I suggest “MrHappyStargatePerson” or “MrUnhappySciFiPerson”
    Either of those’ll do!

  23. I have a DVD recorder….. If you trust me you could bring them with you to Toronto I could pick them up and have them back to you in DVD format then you could get rid of the bulky VHS formats. are those regular VHS tapes?? Just a thought 🙂

    Your lunch looks goooooodddd!!! I just had pergoies they were NOT home made and over cooked by the bistro at my work so they were kind of really disappointing!!

    I got to chat with Rainbow Sun Franks during last night’s episode of The Listener… He’s such a cool guy!!

    Have a great day 🙂

  24. Joe – a question for the next mailbag:

    As you work with different people on shows and scripts – as you get those notes and feedback – do you find that it makes you a better writer over time? In what ways do you think you have improved? What single best piece of script-writing advice have you received?

    Thankies in advance. 🙂


  25. Joe – it’d rock if ya convert those VHS tapes to digital (or have someone convert them for you). It’d rock even more if they were made available in a future release (re-release) of Stargate DVDs with extra-bonus-features. 😀

  26. Hey Joe,

    At your suggestion, I recently checked out some of John Scalzi’s books — and quickly devoured everything he’s written. I loved all of them, especially Agent to the Stars and The Android’s Dream. Any suggestions on similar book/authors, i.e. light-hearted sci-fi with a fair dose of humor?


  27. About those videotapes… how about releasing them/selling them off to a fan who can rip them into a computer and put them up on the internet for all us fans to enjoy? I’d LOVE to see them! I’ll even volunteer to digitize them and get them up for everyone!

  28. @Lisa R

    Wouldn’t you agree that outtakes like that are best put on a DVD collection of some kind? MGM could make a ton of money off it, a lot of fans love funny/random stuff to do with their favorite show.

  29. Speaking of which, did you ever get a chance to watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Joe? If so what did you think of it? It gets so much more epic later on such as when they’re inside Gluttony, the stuff to do with Kimberly, and Father, people like that.

  30. @Randomness:

    Oh, I absolutely agree. MGM could make a fortune off of those outtakes especially if they were marketed internationally.

  31. Joe,

    Syfy is now airing commercials with the tagline of “Every Destiny has and ending”. Since the final episodes are in / have been in post production, has the production team been able to tweak the previoulsy mentioned cliff hanger ending to provide some sort of conclusion as Syfy advertises, or are we going to get a cliff hanger ending with a fade to black?

    I understand filming was wrapped up prior to the announcement of the cancelation, but I also know that editing can do wonders. Please tell you were able to work some sort of magic to put a period at the end of the series, instead of a cliff hanger.


  32. Draw a blog regular name at random. Send them the out takes. Watch the news for signs of delirium out breaks.

  33. Hello!

    I found your blog through Gateworld, and appreciate your musings as well as the updates on all things StarGate. You really have some treasures in the VHS outtakes–can see why you’re holding on to them. (We have boxes full of movies and old recordings on VHS in the basement.) I agree that it would be worth it to have the SG-1 dailies transferred to DVD or digitized.

    Also, I’m thoroughly intrigued with your new project.

    Love Lulu’s world-watching to nap series–so cute!

  34. I vote for release of the alternate takes and bloopers.

    I wonder why fans are so crazy for bloopers?

    Anne Teldy

  35. Interesting treasures!

    Lulu is pretty adorable. She looks like a good cuddlier.

    I hope you are having a good day!

  36. Did you include Valentina in the show bible? Would be fun to see how that works out.

  37. Wish I could park myself next to Lulu for a day and watch the world go by and ponder the imponderable. Ah, well. Reality. Anyway, just read that Mr. Scalzi’s ‘Old Man’s War’ is going to the big screen. Well deserved. I started re-reading the series over the weekend and was thinking just last night that it would be nice to see it adapted. My karma must be on the upswing. Maybe I should consider a trip to Vegas.

  38. Gina

    Shame you can’t market those outtakes.. Could fund your entire move and many month’s rent.

    Many of us would love to see them.. every second’s worth.

    i agree. if he can find someone to transfer the to DVD, he’d make a fortune!

    to maggiemayday
    that should be the prize for his (whatever number) blog commenter contest.

  39. Hey Joe, so what are your plans with your Vancouver house while you’re in Toronto?
    You might want to have someone check it out on a regular basis just in case Randy Quaid decides to squat there.

  40. heh ya – reminds me of the time someone suggested everyone turning on the tv to “boost the ratings” on some show, regardless of whether they had a neilson box or not.

    Seriously, this neilson box thing has been around for decades but still some people dont understand how it works.

  41. *looks at watch*

    Obviously the blog isn’t gonna be writin’ itself, either. 😉


  42. I don’t know if you have received any comments from the fans of Stargate… so I decided to give it a shot. I would like to let you know that I’m going to really miss SGU if Syfy decides not to renew it for a third season. As a fan of the Stargate series, I have been there since the beginning of Stargate SG-1.

    It’s too bad that the Syfy channel had to move SGU to tuesday nights. I’m not sure if the idea of MGM creating its own TV channel has been thought of, but it sounds promising to me. The new channel could be called “MGM TV”, or “MGM Network”. If MGM had its own TV channel, they could continue to air SGU. The producers and everyone else involved would have a second chance to extend SGU for another three seasons… to finish its five year run.

    Mr. Mallozzi, if you get the chance, please share my idea for “MGM TV” with everyone else involved with the series. Maybe MGM would be willing to consider the idea. Thank you.

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