Ice Cream Weekend!  Some of the flavors I made…

Peanut Butter with Shaved Dark Chocolate. I now recall making a variation of this ice cream year's ago - and running up against the same problem: too much peanut butter! As a result, it feels more like you're eating very cold peanut butter than actual ice cream. Still, very good.

Green Tea with Milk Chocolate Flakes. Now that is some GREEN tea ice cream! Like the peanut butter of the previous flavor, the green tea here dominates - so much so that I added the milk chocolate as an afterthought in an effort to off-set the bitterness of the matcha with a sweet sprinkling. I like my desserts bittersweet, so this one worked for me - but it would probably be even better with a dollop of whipped cream.

Avocado-Coconut with Toasted Coconut. Damn, was this good! Sweet, but not overly so, and buttery with a nice toasted coconut kick. Who'd have thought the more, er, exotic flavor would prove to be the tastiest?

Cherry-Almond. I opted for more natural ingredients, choosing fresh almonds over marzipan and fresh cherries over canned cherry filling. It results in a much subtler flavor.

Maple-Bacon. Believe it or not, do you know what I'd skip the next time I make this ice cream? Yeah, no fair. I prefaced with "believe it or not". The bacon bits are actually a distraction from the spectacular silky sweet and smooth maple base.

For those who asked, here’s my basement home theater set-up:

The guys who installed the system convinced me to paint the walls black, which I think was a great call as I can also use the room for interrogations.

Thanks to all those who sent – and continue to send – their anime recommendations.  I am presently watching the first season of a series called Gintama. I’m two episodes in (of thirteen) and loving it.  It’s over-the-top humor with a slew of in-jokes and Japanese pop culture references, occasionally explained in the helpful footnotes that flash by onscreen faster than you can read them.  This one could give Excel Saga a run for the title of “weirdest anime ever”!

By the way, someone asked what my opinion was in the Dubbed vs. Subbed debate.  Subbed all the way.  I just can’t watch a dub – and that goes for live action films as well.

Continuing the anime discussion with regard to some of the titles you’ve suggested:

Silent Moebius: Jeremy, I did watch the series years ago but it didn’t really jump out at me.  In fact, I don’t remember much about it.  On the other hand, there are plenty of anime I’ve watched and hated that I do remember – exactly because I disliked them so much – so Silent Moebius probably fell into that middle ground of shows that didn’t make a lasting impression on me either way.

Ranma 1/2: Gravy, I watched the first season in a desire to mix in some classics with the more modern offerings.  I did enjoy it, but I can’t say I enjoyed it enough to continue watching.

Fantastic Children: Tissuetalk – yes, Fantastic Children IS part of my collection and I’ve heard great things about it.  I’ve yet to sit down and watch it (possibly because of the somewhat dated-looking visual style on the cover) but will put it at the top of my to-watch list.

Mahou Shoujotai Arusu: Tissuetalk – not familiar with the title but ran it through wikipedia and came up with “The Adventures of Tweeny Witches”. Hmmm. While the visuals are admittedly lovely, I’m not sure if this series would be my cup of tea.  Of course, that’s what I thought about Azumanga Daioh.

Crayon Shinchan, Sazae-san, Doraeman: Tissuetalk – not sure about the last one (seems a little too kiddy-oriented for my liking) but would love to check out the first two.  Sadly, at present, Shin-chan is only available dubbed.

Kimagure Orange Road: Rafael, I try to throw in a classic every third viewing.  I’ve been meaning to check KOR out, but it keeps getting bumped by the likes of Marmalade Boy.

Gauche the Cellist: Rafael – never heard of it.  Is it available in North America.

Captain Harlock: Of course.  I’ve watched Arcadia of my Youth and own the series – which I’ve been meaning to get around to as well.

Full Metal Alchemist: Harold – yes, I’ve watched it and, while I did enjoy it, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other titles I listed (or, apparently, as much as most everyone else).

“the one about where some girl turns into a boy’s right hand”: Jovanna, that would be Midori Days.  Another bizarre little offering from our friends on the other side of the Pacific.  Still, a fun series.

Yakitate: Jovana, now THIS sounds like a series I’d enjoy in that it marries two of my favorite things – anime and cooking!  Sort of like Fighting Spirit with whisks and rolling pins instead of gloves and mouth guards.  Will definitely try to track it down.

Kurozuka: Zoomeister, not familiar with this one but a quick google image search has me quite intrigued.

Angel’s Egg: Zoomeister, another one I’m not familiar with that certainly looks pretty darn cool.  Has it been released in North America yet?

Gaogaigar, Karas, Bakemonogatari, Kaibo, Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Zoomeister, never heard of these ones either.

Alien Nine: Zoomeister, now this one I’ve heard of.  Enjoyable and very, very weird (back-licking aliens?).  Great theme song.  And the creator lists Stargate among his influences.  I exchanged emails with him many years back.

Eureka 7: Zoomesiter – really?  This one gets mentioned quite a bit and, while I do have the first volume sitting on a shelf in my DVD room, it’s not a title that has grabbed my attention.  It looks like a run-of-the-mill mecha-kids series.  Am I wrong?

Genesis of Aquarion: Zoomeister, another one that hasn’t made my radar.  My Japanese friend Akemi didn’t like the series, but LOVED the song.

Saikano:  Zoomeister, I watched Saikano Girlfriend years ago.  While I enjoyed it, it ended up being one of those series I was really expecting to like a lot more than I did.

Cromartie High School: Zoomeister, yes.  One of the better wacky school comedies.

Ghost Hound: Zoomeister, another one I’ve never heard of.  It looks great however.

Dead Leaves: Zoomeister, I hated this one.

Blue Submarine No. 6: Zoomeister, liked it but found the contrast in visual styles off-putting.

Kakurenbo: Zoomeister, saw it.  Liked it.

Noiseman Sound Insect: Zoomeister, I want to track this one down for the title alone.

Genocyber: Zoomeister, I’ve passed this one by on the shelves.  Looks to me like yet another in the long line of similar shows.  Does it stand out in your opinion?

Tekkon Kinkreet: Zoomeister, watched it last year on the recommendation of my friend Krista in playback.  Loved it.  It didn’t make the list because I was limiting myself to series.  BTW – the director is American, a first for a Japanese animated feature I believe.

Chaos; Head: Zoomeister, another one that I’d never heard of until you listed it – that I’m tracking down based on the visuals.

Clanaad: Zoomeister, looks a little soft…

Bobobo bo Bobobo: Zoomeister, never heard of it but my friend Akemi says: “Soooooooo funny!”

Wonderful Days: Zoomeister, yes it’s South Korean and, yes, it counts.  I’ve been meaning to get around to this one forever.

Hell Girl: Zoomeister, saw it.  Liked it.  I believe they’ve released the second season as well.

Macross Zero/Macross Plus: Zoomeister, I’ve watched the original series but have yet to check out the updated versions.

Casshern: Zoomeister, got it but have yet to check it out.

Barefoot Gen: Zoomeister, I had no idea there were two parts.  I watched the movie.  Very moving, but Grave of the Fireflies is the movie to watch.

Brain Powered: Zoomeister, another one that has been sitting on my shelf unwatched.  Looks a tad cheesy, but I could be convinced otherwise.  Convince away!

Fushigi Yugi: Kelly, yes, I checked out the first season.  It was fine.

Full Metal Panic: TBA, I watched it and did enjoy it, but not enough to check out FUMOFFU.

Crest/Banner of the Stars: Randomness, they were one of the first of the many anime series I’ve watched over the years.  I remember enjoying them quite a bit but the details of the series (I believe there were three) has faded from memory.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Tom Jones, I’m not a fan of the magical girl sub-genre.  Of course I’d be willing to allow one to change my mind.  Or make me vow never to allow another similar series to change my mind.  Is this the one?

Seto no hanayome: Tom Jones, haven’t heard of this one.  Is it available in North America yet?  What is it’s English titles?

Moribito: Justnow, the owner of the new Sakura Media on Robson highly recommended this one as well.  I’ve got it downstairs and will move it to the top of the must-watch list.

School Rumble: Justnow, another one that I’ve passed on the shelves.  Worth a look, yes?

Aria: Justnow, not familiar with this one.  Looks a little soft.

Toradora: Justnow – as does this one.

Nodame Cantabile: Justnow, not familiar with this one either.

Ouran High School Host Club: Justnow, or this one.  I see a pattern developing.  Your chotto heavy on the high school romance.

FLCL: Justnow – enjoyable over-the-top with one of the best soundtracks of any anime out there.

Planetes: Justnow – liked it; didn’t love it.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Justnow – now this is the one my friend Akemi has been raving about.

Michiko e Hatchin — Manglobe: Justnow, never heard of it but it does look pretty awesome.

Gintama: Hey, Sparrow-hawk, funny you should mention this series…

65 thoughts on “May 24, 2010: Ice Cream Sunday! And Monday! And more anime discussion!

  1. As a medium for storytelling I find anime to be quite tedious. Too many pans and zooms across still frames masquerading as ‘animation’ for my liking. And the snobbery that comes with the whole ‘subbed vs dubbed’ thing just makes me laugh (does it matter that much? honestly?). That said, I regard Cow Boy Beebop as the single greatest expression of mankind’s creativity – even more than your scrips Joe! 🙂

    But I have one comment from your list above that I had to comment on:

    “Full Metal Panic: TBA, I watched it and did enjoy it, but not enough to check out FUMOFFU.”

    Check it out. Fumoffu is the kind of thing that would (or should) turn me off completely, but the quirky style was quite good. Plus it leads into The Second Raid, which I enjoyed quite a lot (but not as much as the original FMP). The Second Raid is far more serious than the first series of FMP, so FUMOFFU fills the role of the ‘fun’ bits.


  2. As someone who is currently feeling very nauseous that ice cream has my stomach cramping nicely to make sure everything stays where it should be.

    sparrow_hawk – Sadly still trying to get through Selling Out audio book. I just can’t stay awake! Been listening to some educational audio books at night. I seem to be taking some of the information in while sleeping, but not so with Selling Out.

  3. Hello Joe 🙂 Tomorrow will be my 21st birthday~ (25th) Can you dedicate tomorrows entry to me? I’ve been reading your blog for three years now!

  4. Joe, I don’t think you can find Gauche the Cellist here in North America. But you can find it in french at:

    Isao takahata is one of the Studio Ghibli directors, and one of my favorites. You also probably heard of Hotaru no haka, Grave of the Fireflies. The saddest anime ever. Most of studio Ghibli material is very good.

    Also, I’m startled that I forgot about Banners of Stars. Was my favorite space anime ever.

    Also interesting is Royal Space Force – Wings of Honneamise.
    available at amazon.

  5. Do you make Pepto Bismol flavoured ice-cream too? ;-D
    Think I’m just gonna stick to my Chapman’s Chocolate Brownie one!

  6. @ Sparrow_hawk – Thanks for the recommendation! And no rush on Bleach…I’m WAY behind right now on my reading. The last couple of weeks have been crazy, and when I do sit down it’s to multitask – catch up on a couple shows while I peck away at the keyboard and grab a bite to eat. I was so exhausted after work today that I came home and crashed, and now I’m wide awake and Mr. Das is in bed, so I think I’m gonna try to get through a few comics. I have Stephen King’s Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born to tackle – really looking forward to it even if Roland isn’t as pale as I like ’em. 😉

    Speaking of pale – we had an albino raccoon in our back yard tonight! Mr. Das saw it back in the fall, and now again. Kinda cool. 🙂

    And Sparrow – you’re a pathologist??! Where the hell were ya when I was so sick a year ago and couldn’t figure out what was wrong??! 😆

    @ JulieAloha – Glad mom enjoyed! It tickled me, too!

    @ Narelle from Aus – I have had ‘crushes’ ever since I was very young. Fess Parker (actor), Speed Racer, Tom Snyder (news anchor, tv personality), Jimmy Dean (country singer and sausage entrepreneur), Ricky Nelson (singer) and…drumroll please…Tiny Tim!! 😀


    …may explain my fascination with this:

    Ah, yes. Russell. What a hottie! 😀

    Anyway – with the exception of Russell – I had all the aforementioned ‘crushes’ when I was like 4 or 5 years old. I think mom was starting to worry and figured it best to help me understand the difference between fantasy, and reality. Well, I certainly know the difference now and I still prefer the fantasy! 😀


  7. RE: Ice cream.

    The first looks like hummus, the second looks like guacamole, the third looks like…guacamole… the fourth looks like baba ganoush, and the last one looks like butter pecan.



  8. Hey Joe,

    Some more anime recommendations if you haven’t already seen.
    Ristorante Paradiso
    Yumeiro Patissiere (Dream-coloured Pastry Chief)
    Hanasakeru Seishounen
    Sora no Woto (Sounds of the skies) !!
    Natsume’s Book of Friends
    Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 !!

    I’d definitely recommend Arakawa under the bridge. It is still being aired in Japan so no DVD yet but when you can get your hands on it you should definitely watch. Just because it’s so weird and funny.

  9. a girl that turns into a boy’s right hand? its official you guys are crazy.

  10. Love the ice creams pics…and your home…you definitely have one pimped out pad. Those are not words I would normally use but I think it suits your place well.

  11. Are there any novelizations (not graphic novels) of the major anime series. I would rather read a portable paperback than be tied down to a video player. (Which is my excuse for owning but not watching THE ARK OF TRUTH and CONTINUUM.)

  12. Hey Joe,

    Re: “Full Metal Panic: TBA, I watched it and did enjoy it, but not enough to check out FUMOFFU.”

    Some people think FUMOFFU’s better than FMP or Second Raid. FUMOFFU takes a more comedic approach.

    Re: “Moribito: Justnow, the owner of the new Sakura Media on Robson highly recommended this one as well. I’ve got it downstairs and will move it to the top of the must-watch list.”

    I haven’t heard of that one. I’d be curious to read your basic review of it if you see it.

    Re: “FLCL: Justnow – enjoyable over-the-top with one of the best soundtracks of any anime out there.”

    Furi Kuri is CRAZY! You know the type of anime that makes you go WTF?! and then a literal-out-loud-WTFFFFFFF?!?!! …FLCL is that. It’s good stuff! Definitely watch it if you get a chance. It’s not a long series… only 6 episodes I think.

    Re: “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Justnow – now this is the one my friend Akemi has been raving about.”

    I only listed one anime as my own recommendation for you – that one (the Melancholy…etc.) – because it’s currently my favorite anime. I won’t say all-time fav, but more like “favorite for the time being”. 🙂 It is definitely – most *definitely* – worth watching. It has a nice variety of light/silly and dark/serious. The primary plots (and even the little intertwined subplots) are magnetic. I won’t spoil it for you beyond what you’ve probably already seen from a wiki’s description or your friend Akemi’s raving on about it. I will say this: for all of the excitement that you can expect from an anime, you get it with Melancholy, and yet, you also get a couple moments where there is absolutely nothing exciting going on, yet those scenes are enjoyable. It is like they balance everything out, even though they only happen a couple times, given all of the nearly chaos-induced “it’s the end of the world” moments that happen throughout. Melancholy is great storytelling, a fantastic milieu and blending of “the real world” with something quite literally shaped from Suzumiya’s imagination, and you also end up loving the characters. By the end of it, you might feel like they’ve gone “full circle”. Definitely check it out. 🙂


    Sean D.

  13. This is a bit tongue in cheek, but is a great example of the subbed v dubbed debate. Space Battleship Yamato (aka StarBlazers). I bring this one up because it’s another one of those classics that as the American Dubbed version is close to many hearts from my childhood, but when I was older and purchased the Yamato movies I found that I couldn’t watch the Americanized versions anymore.

    From the Japanese POV of WWII, to the memorial scenes of the later renditions, to the desire of the original StarForce to return to their origins and go down with the ship. Yes, I’m mixing my versions with names, but some things are ingrained in my brain.

    And now for something completely different….
    I finally realized why I had no idea what people were talking about over the weekend when discussing the current episodes.. I watch on HULU and their SGU’s are delayed by 7 days… so I get new episodes on Friday, they are just last week’s. I didn’t notice the shift from posting live to delayed, because I actually missed a week and when I came back I picked up where I left off… but now I’m behind.

    No worries though, I am just careful about spoilers and come back and read next week when it all makes sense!

  14. I’ll toss two recommendations in the ring. The first is “Hikaru no Go”, an anime about a boy, a ghost he encounters and the board game Go. Not for everyone but I love it.

    The second one is “Bakuman”. True, it will be a little hard to watch since the anime doesn’t come out until this fall, but the Manga should tidy you over until then. Basically, two boys decide they want to drawn manga and makes that into their dream and we follow them from the start as the make their way up the manga ladder trying to get published in Jump and get an anime. Really good stuff.

    If it adds to the chance to draw you in, “Bakuman” is created by the same Author and Artist that made “Death Note”

  15. @ Rafael – LOVED Grave of the Fireflies – cried, and cried, and cried!

    @ Das – seriously? Tiny Tim? But . . . he looks nothing like a wraith?!

  16. How could I forget Full Metal Panic! One of my favorites.

    Also, try brown butter ice cream next time. or goat cheese ice cream? To go with some warm beets?

  17. G’day Joe

    Do not watch anime. Did watch a few a as kid – yeah know the usual suspects – Voltron, Transformers etc.

    Those ice-creams are weird – way too weird for this little black duck. I am a vanilla girl all the way. Well maybe with a sprinkle of Milo. I am a traditionalist. Although I do try different things and yes I would try your creations but will always go back to vanilla.

    Cheers big ears


  18. ‘Peanut butter and shaved chocolate icecream’

    Two words.


    I used mah manners 😉

  19. @ Das

    Tiny Tim?? You wanted to tiptoe through the tulips with him?

    You know he might have been missing some vital bits with a voice that high pitched. (hint; to quote Capp’n Jack Sparrow – ‘eunuchy snip snip’ )

    Joe who did you crush on when you were younger? Inquiring minds want to know – don’t we??? 😉

  20. Hey Joe, liking some of your anime, you have some good taste, i thought I’d try and persuade you on some of the series you’re unsure and some you thought were ‘soft’ (what did you mean by that) of which imo are real gems and are definitely worth a look sometime.

    Eureka 7 – stylish, great story and interesting characters, it’s not all focused on the kids, and don’t let that put you off, you’d be missing out on a really entertaining ride.

    Aria – Sedate slice of life is the best way to describe it. You said you liked Azumanga so you might enjoy it. It’s just as silly but as i said, a bit more sedate.

    Clannad – Again, don’t let the visual novel origins and character designs put you off. It’s very lighthearted at the start with some funny stuff but definitely gets a good story going about life and family, it can be soppy at times but the plot does pull a few hard emotional punches throughout (especially the 2nd season, After Story).

    Toradora – Entertaining characters and i’d say it has more to it than at first glance.

    Hoping i may have persuaded you, but tastes will differ ofc :).

    Also have you seen The Girl Who Leapt Through time or any of Makoto Shinkais stuff like Place Promised In Our Early Days, 5cm/s, Voices of a Distant Star?

    Loving the blog, always interesting reading and and good way to make yourself hungry from all those food pics.

  21. so, how much of the ice cream was/is going to make it to work? Or was this an all-Mallozzi brain-freeze fest?Thanks for sharing and wondering what you’ll come up with next.,

  22. I believe using a chocolate base and adding in some kind of peanut butter chunks might work better. As for the other flavors, you are a brave man! 😀 .

    Love the viewing room! One day I might have a house big enough to dedicate a room just to viewing. It could happen.

    Das: no, the other libraries wouldn’t work for me, too cluttered. Mr. M’s room is “just right”.
    Loved the joke yesterday! Hubby said, “That is so bad.” But he laughed!

    Mr. M: How can you possibly have bouts of insomnia with that media room in your house? When you have trouble falling asleep, just bring your pillow into the media room 😉 . It might make a good yoga room, too.

    Narelle: go to the dr! Stomach problems were the first thing I noticed when I became P******T, just saying. 😉 . How would Ralph feel about a new brother/sister?

    The end of school is near. Woo-hoo!

  23. @Mr M

    Estimate that you have about 2500 anime disc on your shelves. How many of those anime sets are re-released in multi-discs in regular size DVD case format recently? (e.g. Bones season 4 with 6 discs in flimsy perforated 14mm thick case instead of 6 separate cases)

    On to the MGM situation. Is there any rumblings on definite outcome by end of June. Or is the debt holders still holding out for more money.

    Hadn’t been posting the last few days due to the desktop freezing up. Have to installed new ATI drivers to resolve problem and re-ordering my 100+ desktop icons.

  24. I just saw the pics of your DVD collection. I am so jealous of your shelving. I wish I had the room for all that. Most of my DVDs are in boxes because I have nowhere to put them. But I see you’ve got Farscape DVDs. I’ve heard there are multiple editions of that out. I haven’t bought them yet largely because I can’t decide which edition to get. Any recommendation?

    Also, I finally watched Sabotage. Good to see Rush getting some shipping. Surprises me that it was him who finally went, “Wait, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Sure, it was more about his dead wife than the fact that it wasn’t that lady’s body, but it would totally would have served Wray right if they had had sex. Maybe at least one of the body-swappers would have gotten a sense of what a violation it is to use another person’s body for sex. That doctor’s just lucky she was paralyzed or she’d have been in for some lesbian sexin’, whether she wanted it or not. (And you can’t tell me that a highly qualified scientist who used the stones because they were in desperate need of her gave her consent for her body to be used just however.) And what was with the nurse just leaving her charge in the hands of a complete stranger with no training and a woman who doesn’t know how to work the body she’s in? Yeah, that’s professional.

    But really, it was cool to see a different side of Rush. I loved how clueless he seemed to be until she asked him to come in. I was like, “Did he just fist bump her?” Oh, scientists.

  25. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    Please allow me to take a moment of your time to introduce myself. First, Charlene is my real name. I live in the state of Michigan raising 2 boys, well 3 if you consider my husband! I have an MBA in Accounting, graduated top of my class. I live a typical, average every day life. I work, do laundry, grocery shop, cook dinner, scrapbook, go shopping, go out to dinner, have a second job as a chauffeur (to my kids), etc. I tell you this so that I may bypass any prejudgements made by you or your readers as to my lifestyle.

    I wrote some time ago that during a time of illness I had been directed to maintain bed rest for quite a while. During said period I decided to watch all of my Stargate seasons from SG1 and SGA. It was a thrill watching those seasons; when I ran out of seasons I turned to SGU. I was quite disappointed with SGU and I believe I sent you a very pleasant note stating such. I know it seems very odd to invest so much of ones self to a fictional show but I guess that’s what made the original stargate shows so captivating.

    As I watched SGU and found myself yelling at the tv, I wondered, am I the only one who thinks there’s something seriously wrong with this show? In search of that answer I found the website […]. It was nice to be able to share with others my love for the original SG shows and have somewhere to vent my frustration at the new show. I don’t often have an opportunity to join in on conversations as much as I would like, but when I can I do enjoy the friendships I’ve made.

    I opened my email this morning to find a new […] newsletter. To say I was stunned to read the comments made by you regarding some of the ppl on that site, well….I guess I thought you were more of a professional than that. Fans, hey, fans will be fans. But you, at all times, must remain professional and not belittle people who someday you may want to come back to the show. Why would you so easily alienate potential viewers?

    I find it interesting that you would make the comment ““so long as their opinion parrot that of the site’s organizers.” Does that mean you have visited the site and know for a fact that what you state is the truth? And also isn’t that what you do on this blog, moderate? Please show me I’m wrong and post this message. I don’t expect it.

    I wonder, do you belittle the folks who started Gateworld, or is it only the websites YOU don’t agree with that you belittle so? I’m sure the folks at Gateworld had to spend HOURS of time getting that site started, a site started out of love of stargate. Not to mention that even now many of the fans on that site stay on for very long periods of time. That’s okay, right? But, if someone starts a site for non love of SGU and other people join in on the conversations, well then, that’s childish and the ppl worthy of belittlement…….yea, I’m sensing a little hypocricy here, unless of course you feel the same way about the folks at Gateworld? If you could clarify that, I’d appreciate it.

    I would suggest an apology, made in the same manner which you posted your message. I would also suggest that in the future, you remember who you are and the position you hold and keep your opinions to yourself.

    Thank You.

  26. Absolutely love School Rumble, one of the funniest high school comedies yet with a serious romance factor.

  27. Your theatre is pimp Joe! Is that a fan in the corner though? Does it get hot down there? I’d love to have something like that in my small university appointed apartment one day…ahaha

    Well it’s Tuesday and you reminded me to ask you on Tuesday about the recap music…so here I am. Have a great week Joe.

    Oh by the by, I shouldn’t have done it…but I couldn’t help myself and I went on that other site and possibily started a flame war. I didn’t obviously drop any names other than my own but the names that were hurled at me in about 10 minutes after I posted were quite amusing. Who knew at 29 years of age that I was an emo!? Good times.

  28. Seto No Hanayome means “The Inland Sea Bride” and it was licensed by funimation for a 2009 release entitled “My Bride is a Mermaid!” but it still hasn’t been released.Not sure why. Currently, the only way you can watch it is via streaming online. Not sure how you feel about links to online streaming sites, but if your google-fu is strong, you can find a few sites with it.

    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha *will* change your mind. Sailor moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Pretty Cure… I couldn’t stand any of them, but Nanoha turned me into such a big fan that I write fanfiction of it now. Nanoha is one part magical girl, one part shounen action hero, and one part gundam. The trick is, you have to get past the first 5 episodes, which start out as standard magical girl fare (and an onsen episode). Then the series starts to turn into something else that you don’t see coming. Also, past the fifth episode, there is no more henshin sequences; Nanoha is pretty good in that they do NOT use much stock footage. It’s a fairly high quality anime.

    The first two seasons are released on DVDs, but the third season was never released in North America. Buy the DVD’s to support the show, but I do recommend watching a fansub on a streaming site or youtube, as the fansubs are MUCH better. The first season is decently good, the second is awesome sauce in a can, and the third is quite different, but still good.

  29. Wow!! You made five batches of ice cream, how lovely!! The kitchen at work is going to be extra busy today. REMINDER – Don’t forget the ice cream!!

    I bet if you put a scoop of the peanut butter, mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of whipped cream, between two chocolate cookie wafers for an ice cream sandwich, it would be really good. Or you could make it into a Peanut Butter Pie, fold in the whipped cream, add it to a chocolate wafer (or graham cracker) crust, then drizzle with lots of chocolate sauce.

    Not sure if I would like the Matcha one. I would really like to try the avocado and coconut flavour, I’ve been curious about avocado in ice cream (also olive oil). No, I don’t believe it about the bacon. Bacon is good with everything. So this one I would have to prove for myself, and it would probably take me two bowls to make that decision, as I wouldn’t want to reach a hasty conclusion.

    Really cool home theatre. I would sit in one of the back two seats and throw popcorn at the people sitting in the front seats. You can dress me up, but you can’t take me out…..

    @ Das – I don’t think you would want sparrow_hawk, diagnosing you, cuz you would have to be DEAD first *giggle* Tiny Tim seriously?….Tip toe thru the tulips with me….ahh thanks but no thanks….. That’s just so disturbing…..

    Joe – you must have an unbelievable memory to be able to remember all of that anime, and yet, you can’t remember the ice cream two days running… I sense there’s more to that particular story.

    I don’t think I would want to be a boy’s right hand….especially if…. *never mind just neverrrr miiiiind*

    Have a good one!

  30. I should read more closely, you said ‘some’ of the ice cream flavours you made this weekend. So it sounds like you made more than five. Did you have a hockey get together? At least you had enough ice cream to be able to drown your sorrows….. Canada Out!! Always next year… blah blah blah


  31. Ice cream: Maple-Bacon shocker! I can’t believe there is something out there that bacon does not improve!

    I made a blackberry recipe a week ago, and while it was rich and creamy, it needed the fresh lime that I was out of at the time. Will have to try it again. Right after I make the sweet corn with cheddar chips and a vanilla with which to make Boston coolers. Yep, I found some Vernor’s at an out-of-the-way market!


    Ah, Farscape! I miss that show. I bought the second editions separately, except for season one, which for some reason was not available except at double the price.

  32. Bonjour Joseph 🙂
    Vous allez bien? moi oui.

    Waou!! Super tout ces parfums de glasse!! Il y’en à dont j’ignorai leurs é y’en à même certain qui m’intriguent beaucoup. Lol celle au beurre de Cacahuètes, ça ne doit pas être très diètétique^^! Moi mon parfum préféré c’est au marshmallow miam!!!!!!

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!!

  33. Ah, so that time I was blindfolded, put on a cargo plane and waterboarded in a secret CIA prison it happened in your movie room? I thought those red chairs looked familiar. Good times.

    Instead of bacon why not go the other breakfast route and add bits of pancake to the maple ice cream?

    In Central America lots of people put sugar on the avocado. I’ve never tried it but the avocado ice cream sounds good.

  34. @ JulieAloha & annie from Fremantle – RE: Tiny Tim. Please remember… I was only 5 years old. 😛 I think it was his hair and his flamboyancy…or whatever you want to call it. I do trace my long hair fetish back to TT since he was one of the first guys I remember seeing with it that long (which was longer than the Beatles, and other rock n’ rollers at the time). Also his mannerisms made him almost cartoonish, which appealed to me, just like the Wiggles appeal to little kids today.

    What should be a bigger concern is why my mom let me stay up and watch the Tonight Show when I was only 5 years old. 😛

    And no, he doesn’t look like a Wraith, but he IS pale! And kinda cute in a weird sort of way. Something about him reminds me of Russell Brand…though not quite sure what it is. I have this really bad feeling that if I saw that Carson clip – and Tiny Tim – for the first time just now, I’d still be a bit…erm… intrigued. 😛 😛 😛

    @ Tammy Dixon – Here’s my favorite joke, ever (I’ve probably told it here before):

    Why do cavemen drag their women by the hair??





    ‘Cause when they drag ’em by the feet, they fill up with dirt. 😀


  35. @ Kymm – Well, Sparrow could have at least said, ‘What a coincidence! We had a dead guy in here last week with the same exact symptoms as you!’





    On second thought…probably better she didn’t. 😛


  36. That’s ice cream?!?!? 😮 Looks more like the remains of a bad stomach ach. Guess the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

    OT: I have to comment on the “24” finale…it was FANTASTIC!!! I cried right along with Chloe. Now THAT’S good drama acting, imo. Not to give anything away for those that haven’t seen it, but, I am SOOO looking forward to the movie.

  37. no offence but some of that ice cream looks like you barfed in the tub… they probably taste a lot better than they look…

    the home cinema set-up… yeah… i hate you :p… some thing along those lines definitely comes on my ‘random crap i’d get if i won the lottery’ list [that and the accompanying anime library]… I can imagine you sitting down with a tub of *insert something obscure and popcorn/crisp like* watching SGU on that screen… or are you one of those people who never watches their own work? [i doubt it]

  38. _______________________________________

    Shall have we the chance to see Doctor Mckay on the destiny?
    For a repair of the destiny for example…
    And other characters of stargate atlantis?

    i have another question:

    thinks of you of creating a series in parallel of SGU?

    a series on the origins of stargate. With the creation of stargate.
    The explorations of ancient in the new worlds.

    with alliance of the 4 breeds. And why not, a exploration team with a member of every breed.

    a serie which would answer all questions that they settle since the beginning of stargate.




  39. Joe,

    I like Tammy’s idea of using a chocolate ice-cream base with peanut butter chunks – you could use pb chips or pieces of pb cookies – add some marshmallow creme, mmmmm! For the maple/bacon, I think you need to only use the softer, fatty parts of the bacon – the lean gets too crunchy and hard when it is cold.

    A friend made a dark chocolate cake last w/e with chocolate & chili pepper mousse filling – nummers!

    Smiles, Julie

    @ noelm, Shawna – missing Aeryn and John and wondering how little D’argo is, here *sigh*

  40. Just wanted to say two things: 1) seeing a post from you in my bloglines always makes my day. 2) Where can I find the recipe for the avocado-coconut ice cream?!?

  41. Nice movie room, although I’d have gone with chocolate for the walls rather than stack black. The lack of wall art makes me twitchy to hang frames.

    The ice cream looks good. I’d like to try the avocado-coconut, although they all sound tasty. Green tea is tricky, not sure about the chocolate with it. The maple made me think of ice cream sandwiches, with a peppery chocolate cookie. How about wasabi ice cream? Wasabi-macadamia?

    Can tasty ice cream be made from almond or rice milk? Rice milk may be a bit thin, but surely the high fat almond milk would be suitable? I really, really miss ice cream.

    Re: teen-age crushes: Gene Wilder, Michael York, and the dudes on Alias Smith and Jones.

  42. Sigh. “stark black”, not stack black. I need to start wearing my reading glasses.

  43. @ Das – Yeah, I don’t think sparrow_hawk would have been at all reassuring, if she had said that. Those emoticons are cute!!

    That caveman joke is a real groaner…. I have a favourite joke, it’s the only one I can ever remember actually. However, the delivery of the joke relies heavily on tone of voice. So it wouldn’t translate well to the written, but it makes me giggle every time I think about it. Maybe I’ll video it and put it on YouTube with a link. We’ll see….

    …and speaking of bacon, Joe, these look interesting. They might give you some ideas for more bacon combos for ice cream.

    Plus, have you ever heard of the site Bacon Salt? They have Baconnaise, lip balm, envelopes, and various flavours of bacon salt. They have now come up with Bacon Popcorn. Last year I ordered 5 flavours of the salt and some of the Baconnaise and light Baconnaise. It’s not bad actually, for not really containing ANY bacon. It’s franken-food, but I was curious and wanted to see what it tasted like.


  44. you are missing out if you dont watch Eureka 7, I watched this show expecting a run of the mill mecha anime, what I got was one of the most emotional journeys ever! I got teary eyed on several occasions, bye the time you watch the first 26 episodes I promise you, you would have cried or teared up at least 5 times. the show gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, its about love, love between 2 characters(Renton and Eureka). trust me, this is a must watch!

    also check out Darker than Black – amazing show, love the 2 episode mini arcs with an over arching plot woven in, everything form the soundtrack to the story lines to the characters, they are all so diverse and well established and explored through out the series, you wont regret it!

    To aru majuistu no index/A certain magical Index – you will enjoy this show, most stories are told in 3 episode arcs with a little bit of an over arching plot line. Its a great show to watch on a lazy afternoon, kind of liking watching a movie. Bonus :there is A LOT of lolicon humor/fan service in this show, I mean a lot but surprisingly it doesnt distract or take away anything form the great story at all.

  45. if you hadn’t said the green tea ice cream was what it was, i would think that was spinach.
    i wouldn’t mind trying the PB/shaved dark chocolate, the green tea/milk chocolate flakes or the cherry/almond, you can keep the other 2.

  46. Das: ok, that one was kind of cute but sick, oh so sick….

    Mr. M, I saw a recipe in the local paper (wish I had saved it) for buttermilk peach ice cream. Yes, it must sound tame to you but have you (this includes the bloggers too) tried that flavor? I

  47. How about maple and toffee chips, not real creative, but sounds good….that one looks the best of all,picture I know what you were up to when I was missing your post.

  48. “the one about where some girl turns into a boy’s right hand”: maybe it’s just me, but omg 🙂

  49. @Kymm @das

    Catching up from yesterday (I think): I enjoyed the discussion you had about home design and decor. Das, I’ve always thought a stone wall in the kitchen would be pretty cool – not sure about the open fire, though. I’m sure I’d wind up as a crispy critter. Still, it would be a convenient place for a grilled side of wild boar, or else Carolina-style barbecue, or. . . well, whatever I could get in there before tripping over a log and becoming toast. – Oh yuck, wish I hadn’t said that.

    Kymm, I like your ideas about leather. On couches. Although, I hear stains can be hard to get off, which could lead to some dampening of spontaneity – if, say, you and your S.O. just suddenly had to have. . . uh, pizza, for instance. . . during a hockey period break. — Also, given your interest in a monochromatic palette, I thought you might enjoy checking out this site:

    I’ve admired this man’s photography for about eight years now, and have several of his prints plus an original photograph that has pride of place in one of my rooms – really, really nice effect.

    Y’all have a good one.

  50. Since someone mentioned Clannad, I too think you should watch Joe, if anything because this series is really depressing and has really sad undertones, you’l be watching and will probably feel like crying, or at least feeling sorry for certain characters situations, it plays on the dramatics a bit. If I could give a non spoilerific intro, basically Tomoya goes to a high school meets a girl who lacks in confidence, hears about a mysterous girl who randomly appears giving people gifts.

    Anyway if you ever do watch, make sure to note any times you feel like crying if you ever talk about it Lol, it’s one depressing series.

  51. Joe, the ice cream looks fantastic, even if the green tea didn’t quite work out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, blah blah, but very true in the kitchen (as you know well). I would soooo love to try the avocado-coconut – sounds great for those who prefer their ice cream more buttery than sweet. – Looking forward to hearing / seeing responses of The Bridge Gang.

    Gilder – Sorry this is belated: Felicitaciones por tu y Steve por vuestro aniversario! (Did I get that right? Couldn’t find initial exclamation point. The sentiment remains the same. *smiles*) – I have a great movie quote from Robert Townsend’s movie Hollywood Shuffle (very cool flick) related to “nasties,” but it would probably be out of place here. (Unfortunately, since it’s very funny.)

  52. @ Otros Ojos

    I’ve actually owned leather furniture for a long time. It is actually the opposite for staining, although I think it depends on how the leather has been finished. I am such a klutz, that I usually end up wearing my diet pop more often than I drink it. Or upending peanut butter toast or dropping the nail polish bottle etc. etc. etc. So leather, for me, is ideal. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth, and rub in some leather cleaner/conditioner every so often. Plus, there is a company here with a mobile leather repair service. I have only had to have one repair, (movers tore the back of one of the chairs) and you can’t even tell where it was repaired. I also think leather is great for people who own pets.

    I do love black and white photography, especially when there is fog or hoar frost. I have a black and white picture that I got in Montreal that I just love. That guy from your site link has done some beautiful work, some nice sepia as well. I was clickin’ around his site and found this photo, check out #6, hmmm it kind of reminds me of…. ah….. ahem… that Muppet Gonzo, no? *grins broadly*


  53. My husband and son recommend Kekkaishi which is on Hulu and subtitled, The house of five leaves, and Nabari no Ou.

  54. Hey Das!

    I LOL’d when I saw the amorous Kangaroo mime skit done by Mikey Robbins in Good News Week on Monday!! Hilarious!

  55. Hi Joe,
    I happen to be Genenut’s hubby. Just started watching on Hulu a very graphic bit of anime.

    Shigurui: Death Frenzy

    Two damaged warriors share a twisted and violent past. Now they must face off within a brutal samurai tournament arranged to satisfy the bloodlust of a cruel tyrant overlord.

    and a bit of info for you on The House of Five leaves
    Hulu sometimes has availability notes for the anime,
    HOFL Availability Notes: We will be able to post a new House of Five Leaves episode within 8 hours after the episode airs in Japan.
    Just to give you how new this one is.

    Hulu also will give recommendations for other titles that they have based on the title you pick to watch.

  56. @Joe: I’m glad you’re enjoying Gintama. And I agree that there are some superficial similarities to Excel Saga, mostly in the cultural references and trans-anime spoofs running rampant. But I found the characters in this series more appealing than Excel and her pals. And it’s not just because the hero is a silver-haired guy. No, really, it isn’t. 😉

    Hey, thanks for asking for anime recommendations. Now I have a few more for my viewing list, too.

    And give Eureka Seven a try; it’s not your typical kids and mechs anime. If you lived closer, I would loan you my copy.

    @Kymm: Pathologists do a whole lot more than autopsies. Most of what we do is looking at tissue removed at surgery, from little tiny biopsies of a mole on someones face to big gross stuff like colons, to make a diagnosis. We do an initial exam of the specimen the first day and cut out small pieces of areas we want to look at under the microscope. Our technicians process them and the next day we look at glass slides under the microscope to look at the cells and figure out what the disease process is. Pathologists also manage the rest of the lab, so we supervise all the blood tests, throat swabs, microbiology cultures, blood transfusions and much more.

    @das: Tiny Tim, eh? Tall, pale, skinny, long straggly hair… Yeah, that makes sense. Nice caveman joke. I’ve got one for you.

    A man finds a woman buried up to her neck on the beach. “Please help me” she cries. ” Dig me out of here!”
    “And if I do, what’s in it for me?” he asks.

    @Narelle: Sorry you’re not enjoying Selling Out. I didn’t enjoy any of the books quite as much as the first, but they were pretty good light entertainment. I think I liked the third one Going Under a bit more than the second one. I’ve never tried audio books, but I suspect that unless I was listening to them while driving or flying, I would get distracted and wander off (or fall asleep).

  57. Hi Joe,

    Would you comment on what you hated about Dead Leaves? It’s very strange and a bit heavy with the low-brow humor, but the visual style is pretty great IMHO.

    It’d be great if you could follow up with a list of non-series recommendations (I.e. Movies/features) Have you seen Mindgames?

    I’ll add another vote for Eureka 7. Great mix of surfing culture and techno dance culture. The story gets kinda weird later on as well.

  58. Hi Joe,

    This has been bothering me lately, maybe you could shed some light on this:

    1. If Destiny is millions of years older than Atlantis, why is Destiny a 9 chevron address and not 8 chevrons?

    2. Was something previously an 8 chevron address that was later replaced by Atlantis or did the 8th chevron sit unused for millions of years on the off chance that someone would get around to using it.

    3. Could Destiny dial 8 chevrons and get to Atlantis if the power was available?

  59. Watch a movie dubbed, and then watch it subbed its like a different movie. It annoys me when people laugh at the poor dubbing mocking an otherwise excellent movie. I tell them to watch it subbed, the usual reply its too hard to follow… whatever.

    Secondly, all the tentacle cock porn has given anime a bad name. Scratch that, maybe some of you like it no offense. However, if I ever mention a good anime film thats the first thing people assume, that and cartoons are for kids.

    I guess they can stick to watching football, or whatever sport is currently on, reading the sports articles then repeating everything the next day as if it was their opinion.

  60. Hey Joe!

    It’s my first time actually commenting on your blog so for starters I gotta thank you for all your work on the Stargate franchise, I’ve seen it all and loved it. About Universe, I’m loving this new direction you’re heading with the franchise, it’s raising the standards of sci-fi to a whole new level in my opinion, I’m really enjoying it.
    Now I just had to comment on your anime topic and suggest you watch .hack//SIGN, it’s kinda old but I really like it! That and Chobits!

    Anyway, keep up the good work on your blog and on screen!

    Greetings from Portugal.

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