Thanks to the gang at SFSignal ( for directing me to this ( video of Director Quentin Tarantino listing his Top 20 Movies of the Past 17 Years (1992 to the present). Interesting selections. Some, I agree with. Some, I disagree with. Others I haven’t seen so I’m in no position to judge.

The fact that Battle Royale is his #1 pick is both surprising yet – given it is Tarantino – not all that surprising. It would certainly be in my top 20, but I don’t know if it would occupy the number one position. The movie’s subject matter is sure to offend – which is why, despite suggestions to the contrary, no one will ever succeed in remaking a North American version. Still, the controversial premise didn’t stop the movie from doing BIG business in Japan. Other Asian films making Tarantino’s list are Memories of Murder (a disquieting little murder mystery that would definitely make my top 25), the brilliant JSA (Joint Security Area), the Korean monster movie The Host (that everyone seemed to enjoy a lot more than I did), Jackie Chan’s Police Story III: Supercop (which I enjoyed, but nowhere near enough to put it in my top 20), and Takeshi Miike’s Audition (an incredibly unnerving film that starts off quietly enough but ends with a scene so horrific that some of the people attending the movie’s New York premiere actually got up and walked out). If I was making up my own list, I would definitely include Audition and JSA. Memories of Murder is an almost pick. I’d drop Supercop and The Host but look to some other Asian movies, like my favorite Japanese film Fudoh: The New Generation (a film so over-the-top that after seeing it, then Visual Effects Supervisor James Tichenor vowed to never again attend one of my movie nights), the brilliant and surprising Oldboy (that I’m surprised didn’t make Tarantino’s list), and the movie that redefined the horror genre: Ringu (a.k.a. The Ring).

I haven’t seen six of Tarantino’s entries – Anything Else, The Blade, Boogie Nights, Dazed and Confused, Dogville, or Friday – so I’ll simply move onto the last eight:

As much as I loved Lost In Translation which perfectly captured the feeling of being a gaijin in Tokyo, I wouldn’t put it in my top 20. The Insider and Speed were also great movies but, again, wouldn’t make my top 20 list. It’s interesting to hear Tarantino’s view that The Matrix would have been a lock at the #2 position had they not made the sequels that ended up tainting his opinion of the first movie. While I loved the movie’s visual style, I felt the premise wasn’t anything new, so I give it full half marks. Two other entries, Fight Club and Team America, were movies I enjoyed but, like The Host, not to the extent many others did. Shaun of the Dead made Tarantino’s list, another movie I liked although my overall enjoyment was greatly muted by the incongruous sequence in which our hero must come to terms with the loss of his mother. Finally, Tarantino rounds out his list with M. Night Shyamalan’s (or, as Quentin refers to him – Shamalamadingdong) Unbreakable. Hmmm. Don’t know about this one. I remember seeing this movie with Peter DeLuise. As the credits started to roll, I threw him a look. He was sitting there, mouth agape, outraged beyond comprehension. As my writing partner pointed out – in filmic terms, it’s a movie with only one act. More surprising than the fact that Unbreakable made the list is that The Sixth Sense didn’t. It would certainly make mine, as would two of Tarantino’s films: Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

So, if someone asked me to name my Top 20 Movies of the Past 17 Years, my list of personal favorites would look something like this. In alphabetical order:

Audition: This one lulls you into a sense of false, comfy security, and then pulls the rug out from underneath you in thoroughly harrowing fashion, culminating in a horrifically squirm-worthy final sequence..

Bad Santa: I like my comedies dark, and it don’t get much darker than this one. Billy Bob Thorton is the worst department store Santa of all time.

Battle Royale: It’s the not too distant future. Every year, a high school class is chosen at random. The students are dropped off on a secluded island, armed with everything from darts to machineguns, then set against each other in a violent fight for survival and, of course, the coveted title of champion of the Battle Royale.

Donnie Darko: Troubled teen Donnie Darko dreams of the end of the world. Well, more specifically, he dreams of a creepy-looking guy in a bunny outfit who informs him that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Has Donnie glimpsed the future? Or has the recent decision to stop taking medication to treat his paranoid schizophrenia somehow contributed to the vision? A clever riff on the predestination paradox.

Fresh: A twelve year old chess prodigy, trapped in a world of drugs and violence, takes his game to the next level, applying smarts and strategy to manipulate and conquer those who threaten him. Brilliant.

Fudoh: The New Generation: Follows your typical Yakuza kingpin and his underlings as he attends high school, knocks off rivals, and orchestrates revenge for the death of his brother.

Hard Candy: Although most recognize her for her work in Juno, I’ll forever know her as the flirtatious young teen who meets a 30-something man in a coffee shop after an online chat, agrees to follow him back to his place – and then turns the tables on him in shocking fashion.

JSA: The DMZ (demilitarized zone) separating North and South Korea is the scene of an investigation after two North Korean soldiers are killed, setting both countries on edge. A South Korean soldier has admitted to the shootings but, it turns out he’s not being completely forthcoming, leading investigators to realize there is more to this case than meets the eye…

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels: The movie that made Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, and Vinnie Jones is masterpiece of complexity. Individual storylines loop, cross, and criss-crossing in this clever British heist flick.

Maria Full of Grace: A 17 year old girl working in a sweat shop in Colombia is offered the opportunity to make some quick easy cash as a drug mule. Unfortunately for her, the experience proves neither quick nor easy. Swallowing 62 cocaine-filled pellets, she makes her way to New York – with disastrous results.

Oldboy: What lengths some will go to for revenge! Our protagonist is whisked off the streets of South Korea while in a drunken stupor and deposited in a tiny hotel room where he spends the next fifteen years of his life. Then, one day, he is mysteriously released. Who kidnapped? And, more importantly, why? Whatta surprise!

Pulp Fiction: Tarantino is at the top of his game in this stylized, darkly comic, brutally violent, thoroughly unconventional crime film.

Reservoir Dogs: A heist gone horribly wrong lands a handful of crooks in an abandoned warehouse where they must hide out from the law and try to piece together exactly what went wrong and, ultimately, who among them sold them out. Slick and smart.

Ringu: The Japanese movie that redefined the horror genre. Surprisingly, the North American remake was pretty good as well. Still, there’s nothing like the original.

Run Lola Run: An AU story with no sci fi elements. Just a breakneck pace, pounding soundtrack, and the story of a woman, Lola, racing to save her boyfriend from not-altogether-certain death. Great fun!

Scream: The North American horror film had become rather plodding and predictable until this wildly self-referential movie came along to totally revitalize the genre. At it’s most basic, it’s an intelligent and witty movie, but it also operates at a whole other level for those horror aficionados among out there.

Shaolin Soccer: Seriously, what goes better than soccer and kung fu? Hong Kong star Steven Chow is at his hilarious best in the story of a down-on-his-luck kung fu master who must teach a bunch of misfits the finer points of shaolin soccer. The team meets with some initial success, but their road to the championship is blocked by the corporate-backed Team Evil. Yep, that’s what they’re called. A great comedy.

There’s Something About Mary: Hey, speaking of great comedies, I would be remiss if I didn’t include this Farrelly Brothers laugher concerning a lovable loser obsessed with a high school sweetheart – thirteen years after graduation. Lunacy abounds!

Tombstone: Yes, my favorite western of all time sees Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer (giving a career performance) as Doc Holiday taking on a bunch of ruthless outlaws in this altogether and utterly cool retelling of The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Yeah, I know. That’s only 19. What am I missing? You tell me.



JYS: “I’m staging at Fuel again. I snapped this while I was there on Friday…”

Answer: Fantastic pic. Just ate lunch and I’m hungry all over again.

Luis writes: “Joe How is the Comic book series that you and paul are working on comming along?”

Answer: We haven’t actually started writing it yet. Timing may be an issue.

Tawny writes: “Do any of the stargates that have been seeded on worlds have DHDs?”

Answer: Nope, no DHD’s on the planets.

Otros Ojos writes: “If you have the time and interest, and can squeeze this in among all the sci-fi and related commentary, I’d love to read a few of your thoughts on Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, which is high on my to-read list.”

Answer: Ivon Bartok recommended the book to me. I’m only about 120 pages in but, so far so great.

Cyn writes: “Deny it all you want, but when a woman’s body is used for intercourse without her consent it is rape. There is no ambiguity.”

Answer: Given that you are posting your opinions on my site, I’d appreciate it if you’d do me the courtesy of at least reading what I’ve had to say on the subject before putting words in my mouth or making assumptions about my attitude. I’ve already addressed this scenario and my opinion is, in fact, the opposite of the one you’ve bestowed upon me.

Cyn also writes: “You can defend all of this to your heart’s content. You can laugh it off and say I’m being overdramatic…”

Answer: I have neither laughed off the criticism nor have I derided the critics. I have no idea who you’re responding to here but it’s certainly not me.

AnneTeldy writes: “Have I missed something? Where in the sides, the apology, or Mr. M’s blog entry/comments does it say Rush actually has sex with Perry/Camile? Everyone seems to be assuming he will.”


Answer: True.

Yumenoko writes: “I’ve been curious to know, though: Do you always look for restaurants with eclectic or non traditional offerings, or do you also enjoy the best of everyday dishes?”

Answer: I enjoy a wide range of foods, from the high end to the very simple. I also have some ramen stops and tonkatsu restaurants on my Tokyo restaurant list.

Pol writes: “I’m very familiar with how the sides don’t often come close to the final script, but as a woman writer (and a lesbian at that) I can see how the tone of those sides can look to the rest of the world – and how they – at first blush – didn’t even raise an eyebrow with your mostly all-male team when they were released.”

Answer: We were on hiatus for almost the entire month of July. Many of us didn’t read Sabotage or provide notes until the beginning of last week. I can assure you, there was some very spirited debate about this script and the issues raised.

Dovil writes: “If you look at the forums on Gateworld, your viewers, you’ll see that attitude alive and well. But it has been very enlightening having a group of mainly men telling a group of mainly women the definition of what rape is and isn’t, how there are shades of rape (tell that to the victim), how we’re over-reacting, and that rape should legitmately be served up as entertainment for a show that aims itself at a male audience.”

Answer: Actually, we have viewers on both sides of the issue. As for the group of mainly men telling the group of mainly women – who exactly are you referring to? Because, again, I can assure you that there are men on both sides of this issue.

Dovil also writes: “And as a sidenote: the black guy is nicknamed PSYCHO?! Jesus, because making every main black male character on stargate be the tv trope Angry Black Man wasn’t subtle enough, so it had to be spelt out? Quick, get him hooked on crack and get him to hijack the Destiny so he can roll over a convenience store for money for hos.”

Answer: The character was obviously created before the role was cast and, originally, his name was Ron “Psycho” Stasiak – not exactly a typical name for a person of color. We auditioned many actors for the role by the way, and Jamil was ultimately cast because he was terrific. FYI – our second choice happened to be Caucasian. Similar story for the Lieutenant Scott character.  We cast a wide net for the auditions. Like every other role, we weren’t trying to find a type. We were, first and foremost, trying to cast the best actor for the role. And we did.  Had we, however, cast a person of color in the role of Scott (which would have been the case had we gone with our second choice), some would no doubt be complaining that it reinforced another stereotype because the character was initially envisioned as a bit of a player and a lady’s man.    

Nieuksaouibyi writes: “The Destiny seems like a large ship. But I’ve seen blueprints for rooms in it and pictures of the rooms. It seems like these rooms feel small for a ship of its size. For instance, the infirmary looked so small for a ship that big. Is there an explanation for this?”

Answer: Our crew only occupies an isolated section of the ship. There is much, MUCH more to be discovered over the course of the series.

147 thoughts on “August 18, 2009: My Top 20 Films of the Past 17 Years. And still with the freakin’ mailbag!

  1. I thought Snatch was a good, but not AS good, reworking of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

  2. I’m trying really hard not to find out things about the thing. I’m having a harder time of it.

  3. You mean my Japan trip? Would you prefer I hold off on any further restaurnat discussion and just read about it once I’m there?

  4. Whaaat? Yet you were able to make it all the way through Snatch? Was it the Pitt factor?

  5. Wow…. now that’s a list!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    I too am tired of the spoilers! Can’t wait for Oct 2nd!

    Cheers Mr. M.

  6. I feel completely uncultured! I have seen only a couple of your top movie picks! Alas, I shall hang my head in shame.

    Have I said thanks for the blog lately? Thanks for the blog, Joe. I know it makes you the target of temper tantrum-throwing twits, but the rest of us do enjoy and appreciate the glimpses into the Stargate world, the snark, the food, the dogs, etc. etc. etc.

    Sending hugs from Montana, USA! 🙂


  7. It wasn’t through NOT wanting to watch it. It was one of those nights where I kept on getting interrupted so I gave up.

    As for the Pitt factor, I didn’t even know he was in it when I first saw it! Believe me? 🙂

  8. ‘True’ indeed 😀 Good answer Joe, I think that at this point it’s best left neither confirmed nor denied. Let people consume assume, so long as they recognise that it’s an assumption, because there’s enough semi-spoilers about Sabotage already, and releasing any facts about it would just give people the opportunity for more controversy. And I guarantee they’ll take that opportunity.

  9. Hi,

    Spoilers appear to be the bane of your life (at the moment at least). How is their release controlled? Are they encouraged to increase interest, or are they released in response to demand?

    How do you go about preventing unintended spoiler leakage? Or curtailing it from happening again?

  10. ya know, if, when Sabotage actually airs, there is no sex between Rush and WrayPerry (whoa, if you say that out loud it sounds like Rapery!), no one is ever going to believe that you guys didn’t remove it as a result of the furor over the leaked sides/casting call.

  11. Joe, I guess I’ve pretty much said my piece about the sides and my concerns about what is going to show up in the episode. However, I also want to say THANK YOU you to you for providing us with a forum to discuss our concerns in a civilized manner AND most especially for understanding the objections and clarifying your own views. It means a lot.

    That said, your dogs are too cute for words. I have even been thinking of getting a pug or a Frenchie, yours are so adorable. However, I have two cats who would not appreciate a dog in the family. One is a very domineering but hearing impaired – read totally deaf – Norwegian Forest Cat with lots of claws, and the other is a fat calico who looks like a pug herself and wants no more animals in the house and is still displeased by the adoption of the Norwegian Forest Cat. But I do enjoy the pics and videos of your dogs.

    I’m not sure about dressing them up, though. Cats don’t usually allow you to do such things.


  12. Thanks much for your answer to my question re: A Walk in the Woods. I’m anticipating more of Bryson’s sometimes needle-sharp humor, which spares nothing and no one (including himself).

    Tombstone: I’m not that much of a fan of westerns, but I’ve watched this one four times, and have stayed fully engaged throughout. Utterly cool, absolutely. Some quibble over a few issues of romanticizing – apparently Earp’s autobiographical tales were sometimes a tad (or more) exaggerated – but the movie as pure entertainment and part history/folklore is a complete success from my POV. And now I have a nifty phrase, “Val Kilmer giving a career performance,” to use instead of just repeating, “Kilmer as Doc Holliday is *freaking awesome*!” Love it!

    While I think There’s Something About Mary is an excellent comedy and a definite Top 20 choice, I think I’d give a higher rating to Little Miss Sunshine. The raunch factor is a little high for some, but in fact that helps turn a statement about society into a hysterical climax toward the end. And two or three potential warm fuzzies turn out to be genuinely affecting moments. With that exception, this movie had me laughing till I ached, from start to finish. Top-notch ensemble performance.

    As soon as I can, I’m going to watch Shaolin Soccer based on your recommendation.

  13. das – You look like something from The Benny Hill Show 🙂 Now run really fast to the Yakity Sax theme, while waving a feather duster at the policeman just to make sure.

  14. Jelly, my eldest pug, grew up with cats – much to their chagrin. She would get a running start and then barrel into them in imitation of a bowling bowl. A perfect strike every time! Of course, they were a lot more easygoing than you’re cat.

  15. Joe, if Robert Carlyle ever tell you about the time he was watched by a creepy kid in a light blue shirt while he relaxed inbetween takes of “Human”, understand that that creepy kid was me.

    Yes! After yesterday’s bitter disappointment at missing Robert Carlyle, Michael Shanks, and Robert Cooper (not to mention seeing the fabulous crew at work), I spent the whole of today at UBC, stalking the Stargate production.

    Things got off on a good start when I spotted Robert Carlyle the moment I got out of my car. It was so sudden, like “oh shit, that’s Robert Carlyle!” I had a smile on my face for quite a few seconds afterwards.

    I started out my real stalking at the Epiphany Chapel, where I sat on a rock (more of a sign made of a slab of rock) overlooking the chapel. From there, I cast an ominous shadow over the few feet of grass in front of me. Still, from down by the chapel, where Robert Carlyle sat for a while, this lone watcher must’ve been creepy. I sat there for about an hour and a half. I also spotted Robert Cooper as they prepared to disembark for their next location.

    I told a crewmember that I was looking forward to the show. I think he smiled in response. That made me happy.

    Then, I tracked the crew to the Vancouver School of Theology, where I sat on a bench for 3 hours watching the crew adjust the lighting outside the room where the filming was taking place (at one point, the window had to be opened, and then closed – I realized that, when the episode airs, and I see that window closing, I’d know that, if one were to look out that window, they’d see me). I said hi to one of the production assistance, who told me this was the boring part of the job.

    On the contrary, it was stimulating! An incredible sight it was, watching the Stargate crew at work. That, combined with multiple incursions of bees into my personal space, meant that the 3 hours just flew by. Robert Carlyle came out twice, and during the second time, I siddled up to that PA, and talked to him for a while while Robert Carlyle was about 5 meters in front of me.

    It was surreal. I wished that I could’ve worked up the courage to talk to him, but having a random stranger strike up a conversation with you would probably be annoying and bothersome. Oh well.

    Question: Joe, why do you like horror movies so much? What is their appeal?

    I ask because I hate hate hate horror movies. I hate them so much that I just want to kill them, slowly and painfully, and make their children watch.

    Maybe it’s because I have an overactive imagination combined with a bit of OCD, so that I tend to go over the same disturbing thoughts over and over again, each time more vivid and disturbing than the last, but…no, actually it’s probably exactly that. Ugh.

    Nothing wrong with you enjoying them though, of course.

    Anyways, out of your list, I’ve only seen There’s Something About Mary (not that I wanted to; a friend invited me over to see it) and Shaolin Soccer. The former didn’t really do anything for me, but the latter was AWESOME.

    I’m very much a “lowest common denominator” when it comes to movies. For instance, I liked both Armageddon and Independence Day. What? They were fun.

    I also avoid non-Scifi movies pretty religiously. I know that, if I open those floodgates (i.e. to all the other movies), I’d be watching movies forever. For now, my favorite movies are The Lord of the Rings and the Star Trek. So, uh…yeah.

    Wait…I liked The Waterboy and Soldier too. That was back when we had Pay Per View. Yeah, Soldier was pretty sweet.

    I’m gonna have to think about this. I saw a lot more movies than I thought. I LOVED Unbreakable, and K-PAX was pretty interesting. Hmmm…

  16. pg15 – We can be the only two that will sit down and watch Independence Day on DVD (when I save up for the new TV and Blu Ray it will be one of the first purchases). I love that show. It’s so bad it’s good. Plus Joe, you mentioned the Pitt factor earlier, not an influencer for me. However The Smith factor, you’ve got me there.

  17. I want to see Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels. I really liked Tombstone — bawled my eyes out when Holiday died. Ringu is excellent — scared the bejeezuz outta me! I watched it at a friends house, and decided I couldn’t go home after that and be alone, so I called in sick to work and stayed at his place. XD I can’t get into Tarantino at all, though.

    Damn, it’s really heard to narrow it down to twenty, much less put it in an order1 So in no particular order (and counting sequels as one — I’m such a cheater):

    Star Wars 4-6. Mark Hamill was my first crush. The trilogy has had a huuuuge impact on my life, being one of my first fandoms (I was only one year old when it came out).

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. my stay-home-from-school/work movie. A few years after seeing it, when I went to college in Chicago, I passed by some of the landmarks on the way to school every day, and went to other locations while I lived in the city, later. Whenever I’m homesick, I watch this.

    Ghostbusters. I was already something of a fan of Murray and Ramis, thanks to Stripes, but this cemented my adoration, and added Ackroyd to the mix. It’s funny, fun, imaguinative, and utterly quotable.

    Trainspotting. I rented it on a Friday, then bought it the next day and watched it like four more times that weekend. And I couldn’t stop talking with a Scottish brogue for like a month. It’s somehow simultaneously depressing and funny.

    Spider-Man 1-3. Yes, I even loved 3, depressing as the end was. I had grown up watching thr first threeanimated series, and have always adored the web-head; this franchise was worth the wait and the hype, in my book. (And that mask is something of a kink for me. Rowr.)

    Harry Potter 1-6. In particular, 3 is where the young actors really started to find themselves as actors; 4 had that fantastic scene with Harry crying over Diggory; radcliffe knocked it outof the ballpark when Harry was possesed by Voldemort in 5; and Felton was amazing with Draco in 6.

    Home Alone. Kevin is clever and precosious, and it’s a feel-good holiday film.

    Iron Man. I wasn’t even really into the character before this film, but Downey Jr pwned the role! Good plot & good characterisation as well.

    Coraline. The best stop-motion animation I’ve ever seen! And a fun story!

    The Last Unicorn. Strong characters, deep concepts, a great soundtrack, and gorgeous art. Made me a Peter S Beagle fan early on.

    The Fifth Element. A visual feast, a thrill ride, and funny as hell. Also utterly quotable.

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I don’t even like Tolkein and I love these movies!

    The Emperor’s New Groove. I had no expectations going in, and it’s become one of my very fave Disney films. Another film that’s funny as hell! (Hm. Except hell’s not really funny, is it? Well, funny as whatever the funniest thing is.)

    The Nightmare Before Christmas. I *must* watch this every year. Even better now that it’s in 3-D!

    Howl’s Moving Castle. Fun story (even if it is, in some ways, quite different from the book, it’s also often *better*), and, orf course, gorgeous animation.

    Spirited Away. Original, beautiful, and charming. (And I know one of the vocie-actors, so I’m a bit biased. ;D)

    Lady and the Tramp. I fell in love with this movie when I was a child, and have an extensive collection of L&T stuff all these years later.

    A Knight’s Tale. Gotta love anachronisms! Plus this was my introdution to Paul Bettany, whom I went on to adore in Wimbeldon. RIP Heath Ledger ….

    White Christmas. A sweet, feel-good holiday film with great music. Gotta love Danny Kaye & Bing Crosby! 😀

    It’s a Wonderful life. A film that, to me, for it’s time (and compared to many other later films as well), is so genius, no words are adequate. MUCH better than the story it’s based on.

    Runners up:

    The Sound of Music. Romantic, great music that it feels like every girl knows, and fond childhood memories of watching it with family.

    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Stunning animation, engaging story, interesting characters. Saw it three times in theatres.

    Rock and Rule. Very underrated animated adult comedy, great music. I was deliriously happy when it was put on DVD.

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A bit more mature in theme than most of their animated films, and sooo lovely!

    TMNT. I didn’t exactly have high hopes, so this one really floored me! Great animation, fantastic characterisation. I’m a long-time Shellhead, and I have never adored them so much as here.

    You know, I could keep going and going … *sigh* I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff that would displaxce some of these, too …

  18. @PG15 Allow me to express my jealousy at your stalking/excursion. While I would LOVE to talk to the actors, I would probably have more questions/comments for the crew as well… I mean, they make it GO!

    I need to watch more movies. I have seen exactly zero movies on that list! I would put forth that Stargate: Continuum is clearly missing from the list, because it was awesome, but I haven’t seen the rest of the movies on the list, so I guess I can’t really judge. People (Oscar voters mostly, actually) seem to only think a film has merit if it is super long, depressing, and has expansive stretches of boringness. I prefer a plausible plot (fantasy and sci-fi are okay, if the universe has rules), under 150 minutes, happy or sad with a point, and no pointless or boring scenes.

  19. @wolfenm See now, I’ve actually seen most of the films on your list. But they didn’t all come out in the last 17 years. HP6 was awesome (for me anyways) just because Rupert Grint has such a perfect sense of comedic timing. His love/love potion scenes pretty much stole the show!

  20. Your missing Stargate :p

    Good points on casting methods, and love the fact you were looking for the right actor for the job even if some cant see past steriotypes. Thats one thing I liked about the stories behind the Galactica casting process, most of the actors originally went for one of the other roles but were asked back for a different one. Nice to hear equal opportunities works occassionally.

    Looking forward to the show coming over to the UK, loving all the behind the scenes glimpses as always.

  21. Austin Powers, not just for the sea bass with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads, but mostly because of that.

    Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, for its many lessons in what makes a movie great or bad. It started out being a miraculous example of a preposterous story concept actually working. Then, someone let a 12 yr. old write the rest of the script starting at the sciencesyness scene (you’ll know it when you see it). The full review is available if you want to implement the first Regular Blog Reader B Movie Amateur Review segment in your blog.

  22. To clarify, I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but just knowing the subject matter is still a quandary. But I’m good at forgetting things.

  23. @ytimynona *Doh!* I forgot about the 17-years thing! Well, if you cut out Star Wars, Bueller, Home Alone. White Christmas, Last Unicorn, Lady and the Tramp, & It’s a Wonderful Life, then I can add Hunchback, TMNT, & Vampire Hunter D to the main list, as well as the latest Star Trek, X-Men 1&2, Being John Malkovich, & Identity! 😀

    And yes, Grint did fantastically! I was very pleased with his stuff, especially seeing as many of my fave moments form the book were Ron/Hermione moments — I was relieved to see all my fave scenes in that film, seeing as it’s my fave of the books and so many of my fave moments were left ouut of previous films. Thought the poisoning scene played out *brilliantly*. Really, they *all* did a great job in that one!

  24. Tarantino…

    Oh, he just had to mention Woody Allen. Is that a WGA requirement?

    Best line: “It may be easy to take Speed for granted now.”

    Tarantino does great revelations. At #19, he reveals he’s been yanking our chain by including Team America: World Police and Unbreakable (without Sixth Sense).

    Now, I was okay with Unbreakable, but not putting Sixth Sense above it was Tarantino’s wink at us.

  25. Not sure if I should feel deprived or sheltered or just uninformed. With the exception of Sixth Sense, I have not seen anything on your list Joe. Did see many on wolfenm’s. I can join pg15 and Narelle with the Independence Day viewing; actually I already have the BluRay.

  26. @ Narelle: Indeed! Now that I’ve grown up a tiny bit, and read all the writing wisdom Joe has revealed to us, I can recognize all the stupid ass writing…but it’s still fun and hilarious (and dammit, that speech by Bill Pullman is still every bit as inspiring as the first time I watched it!). Besides, shit blows up!! 😀

    Smith is awesome. Loved Men In Black too. I,Robot was pretty good as well. Also enjoyed Wild Wild West quite a bit.

    Woah, hey, wait…I’m just checking out IMDB for Smith’s filmography, and it says that he’s been cast in an adaptation of…wait for it…


  27. @ wolfenm: Ahhhh!!! The Fifth Element!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. Scifi? Check. Humor? Check. Mythology? Check. Uniqueness? Check. Just all around a beautifully put together movie with some of the sharpest wit I’ve ever seen. With most shows and movies, the editing merely serves to cut from scene to scene, but in this case, the editing adds a huge amount to the story and how much fun it is.

    @ ytimynona: I agree. If the crew weren’t so busy, I’d totally try to strike up a conversation. They seemed like such nice people. As soon as there is eye contact, they smile and offer a friendly greeting. Such great people. Stargate is truly gifted with a great crew.

  28. “Answer: The character was obviously created before the role was cast and, originally, his name was Ron “Psycho” Stasiak – not exactly a typical name for a person of color. We auditioned many actors for the role by the way, and Jamil was ultimately cast because he was terrific…We cast a wide net for the auditions. Like every other role, we weren’t trying to find a type. We were, first and foremost, trying to cast the best actor for the role. And we did.”

    How grand of you! Believe me, the POC who saw Ford turned into a drug addict appreciate it.

    The point that you’re completely missing is that once you cast a POC, you should’ve gotten rid of the nickname. EVERYTHING changed when you cast him. I know it might be shocking to you, but the world sees black men differently than white men. What are the racial implications to attaching “Psycho” to a white man? It is disturbing to me that you could honestly think they’re the same as they are for a black man. Seriously, comparing “psycho” to “lady’s man”? Horrible and unequal comparison.

  29. “The point that you’re completely missing is that once you cast a POC, you should’ve gotten rid of the nickname.”

    Actually, it’s you who is missing the point – or, rather, making assumptions. The character’s original name was Ron “Psycho” Stark. That was changed to Ronald Greer. Where exactly have you seen him referred to as “Pyscho”?

    And my point, which you clearly missed as your were tripping all over yourself to chastize me, was that some people could interpret either character as a stereotype even though race wasn’t a consideration when they were created.

  30. I’m not into horror movies. (I couldn’t watch the basement scene in A Dog’s Breakfast without peeking through splayed fingers first. Not horror, but you see where I’m coming from.)

    I did sort of watch Ringu, but I didn’t like it.

    The Ring made a lot more sense to me because I needed to be watching in my own language during that moment–the structuref–k scene replay where you realize what she really meant and you have to reassess everything you’d been assuming so far.

    I didn’t like The Ring, either, until that moment and now it’s one of my favorites to reminisce about and recommend, but I’m not brave enough to watch it again.

    The Ring inspired me to write a story where an early line can be understood later in a different context, but I’m still searching for another concept where the reassessing will be as pivotal as it was in The Ring.

  31. pg15 – While feeling under the weather a couple of weeks ago I did the I Robot, Men In Black, Independence Day trilogy while creating a Narelle shaped dent in the couch. It was gooooooood.

    The Fifth Element – “Autowash”. My line whenever I come out of anything dripping wet, cold and stuttering.

  32. May be it me but I am loving all the controvers about the body swap storyline. To me this is what scifi should be about and I love the SGU is tackeling the issues.

    I guest technically is all come down between the deal between the two people I mean if the person who body she takes agree for her have sex with someone on the ship then it not rape. An as we all know people tend have sex in tight spaces the NIA would included a clause in the contract allowing that use just for legal reason and to avoid hassle an arguments.

    A question why was it decided to make the KINOs non sentient, it would have made more interesting non human character especially if it was only the audience that knew they were sentient imho.

  33. Speaking of Wil Smith movies, I am Legend would have made my list if they used the alternate ending and he was the only human left.

    It would have been close enough to Matheson’s novel at that point to give the same insight into the nature of the MC’s existence (reassessing again, good stuff), but they had to go with the Hollywood Plot Generator Ending.

    @Narelle – that trilogy sounds heavenly. I’m a big 5th Element fan, too. I can watch it over and over.

  34. Narelle: That sounds Awesome. Can’t really do it here though, since I don’t have the DVDs.

    Also, LOL. 😀

    Oh and…what’s going on tonight, Joe? It’s 1am and you’re still up? That’s very unlike you.

  35. Hello Joseph!!!

    ça va ?? Moi super!!! Je suis trop contente, Ben Cotton m’a accorder une interview pour mon blog!!! =D IL est vraiment gentil, ça me rempli de plaisir!

    Waou! Vous avez répondu à certain par un commentaire! Ce soir je ne dort pas!! Je veux être la 1er avous mêttre un commentaire!

    Moi je regarde surtout des films comiques ou fantastique. Merci pour ce Top!

    Bonne journée!
    Je vais surement repaser!

  36. Just finishing up this phase of my Tokyo restaurant round-up. It’s quite exhaustive but I’m narrowing down my choices. I have 12 dinner selections and 8 lunch picks. 2 more dinners and another 6 lunches to go.

  37. “The Fifth Element” would be my choice for your list and mine. I haven’t seen many of the movies you have choosen, but over the years I have had children in tow.

    Watching all the back and forth is actually quite entertaining. Makes me thankful for my own thoughts even if I don’t always share them here. Today there are many long posts so I will spare you here.

    Thank you for taking on this task of this blog everyday when I know you must be tired. I have come to see that you are dedicated.

    If the skies were clear and I could see all of the stars in the heavens, I would wish upon them all, praying that they might shine upon you and those you love…to bring you a greater portion of the magical joy that you have shown others.

  38. I don’t understand how it can be claimed that rape shouldn’t be used as entertainment. Murder, suicide, drugs, etc are all routinely used for entertainment. But rape is curiously elevated to a special status.
    I also don’t like how you specified that because it is for a mostly male audience it is even worse. Men aren’t beasts of impulse who, upon seeing a rape scene on television, will rush out the door and bed the nearest woman they see.
    I don’t think the tone of the scene was intended to be “LOOK AT THIS HOT RAPE GUYS OMG OMG AWESOME”

    From what I’ve read, it seems debatable that it even is rape 😐
    What happened was wrong, obviously. But rape? maybe not.

    I envy you, pg15 :O
    Being that close to one of the world’s most famous actors, wow!

  39. Hi I’ve posted once before but otherwise I’ve been a long time lurker. The content in the post today has inspired me to break that silence, In particular this section:

    ‘Dovil writes: “If you look at the forums on Gateworld, your viewers, you’ll see that attitude alive and well. But it has been very enlightening having a group of mainly men telling a group of mainly women the definition of what rape is and isn’t, how there are shades of rape (tell that to the victim), how we’re over-reacting, and that rape should legitmately be served up as entertainment for a show that aims itself at a male audience.”

    Answer: Actually, we have viewers on both sides of the issue. As for the group of mainly men telling the group of mainly women – who exactly are you referring to? Because, again, I can assure you that there are men on both sides of this issue.’

    I certainally don’t want to start a fight and I’ve just got home from an evening of having my brain melted by Joyce at university so please forgive me if I cause offence through a careless turn of phrase.

    But I do get frustrated by this perception that women are the only people who can talk about rape. I am a man who was a victim of sexual abuse by a female when I was a lot younger.

    It took me over five years after the fact to admit to myself that something wrong had happened and decade after the event before I could even begin using the term sexual abuse. I am still unable to bring myself to use the word rape.

    Why? Because it can’t happen. It is something men do to women – at least that is the view taken by the collective unconcious of society and at the time it happened to me that was the legal definition of rape where I live.

    I certainally don’t blame people for having that view conditioned into them – I still struggle with that conditioning myself. But as a victim it is incredibly frustrating to deal with – particularily when talking about the issue is part of the recovery.

    I’m a student of English literature and rape is a subject that comes up in literature all the time – many of the great works have a discourse on rape in some major or minor way – and almost without exception it is a man raping a woman.

    When I first encountered a woman standing up in class and making a case for the inability of men to understand rape I felt like I had been punched in the gut despite knowing intellectually that this view was out there.

    Of course I kept silent that day because to enter into a dialogue on that occasion would have been to publicly reveal myself. I feel a great deal more anonymous here so I can at last speak about it for the first time in some manner of a public way.

    I feel compelled to write about my experience but have extreme difficulty doing so – this perception is one of the many hurdles to be overcome, and I know I should not let it be, but in my moments of doubt this issue is something that stays my ink.

    A dark deep rooted doubt that I have no right to speak of it simply because my reproductive organs are on the outside instead of the inside. (I’ll cut this line in the final draft)

    So in response to the above quotation I would make the following points.

    Rape is not gender specific, and while I completely acknowledge that it is something experienced far more by women than men, no gender should be excluded from discussing the subject.

    Talking about rape should be encouraged. Saying the subject is off limits because it appears in ‘entertainment’ is a fallacy. Every text, regardless of medium, has something valuable to say even if it is only to be discredited at a later date. Placing judgement on an that episode sight unseen doubly so.

    I would also contend that Stargate, in any of its forms is not targeted at a male audience. The majority of the most passionate fans I have known have been female.

    Lastly I’d like to thank Mr Mallozzi for his response stating that there are men on both side of the issue. It was refreshing to see this point of view and only slightly more surprising than what he is prepared to let past his lips.

    And if he actually read all the way through this post – More pictures of Carl goofing off on set – Dance monkey dance!

  40. Hi Joe, “Maria Full of Grace” left me uncomfortable and disturbed. Great movie!

  41. Indeed, Ringu’s one of my faves for the exact reason that DP suggests.
    It’s the fact that there’s a whole thing going on, which in the end was completely wrong and worthless! Fantastic film, and one of those that I’m really happy I bothered to sit down and watch, whilst waiting for my video taped episode of Star Trek to rewind 😉 (Was it THAT long ago!!)

    Loved Battle Royale, too, and even bought the book, although I still haven’t bothered to read it. .. Yet! BOTMC?

    A bit creepy that we’re all listing these as our favourites, especially since I’m honestly not that much of a Horror Movie fan.

  42. I’ve only seen two movies that are mentioned in your entry today – Unbreakable, and Speed.

    Unlike you, I think Unbreakable is brilliant. I loved the twist at the end – LOVED. IT. Heroes and Villains and how they come to be. The best scene in the movie is the one around the kitchen table, when the son realizes the father is truly a hero. Excellent. The father/son story made the movie real to me…made the entire thing real to me. I consider this the best ever superhero movie because it was so real…it could almost happen.

    I don’t watch a lot of [new] movies (I like the classics from the 30s and 40s, mostly)…but let me see if I can come up with 20 (in no particular order). I am not one to say a movie is great just because everyone else says it’s great…a movie is great to me if it entertains me, not the guy sitting next to me.

    So, here it goes:

    Unbreakable – for the reasons I gave above.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl – this movie – and Captain Jack Sparrow – lifted me out of a 2-year depression. I love it to pieces for that alone. I watched it 15 times in the theater, and each time I sat there with this bigass grin on my face, from beginning, to end. Best feel-good movie, ever!

    The Incredibles – My second favorite superhero movie. Pure genius! “No capes!” 😆 This was probably the last animated film I’ve seen that was both smart, AND funny.

    X-Men – While I’m at it, my third favorite superhero movie, simply because it introduced me to Wolverine. Before that, I just thought Wolvie was a Freddy Krueger knock-off. 😛

    O Brother, Where Art Thou – One of the most hilarious movies I’ve ever seen! Excellent cast, excellent characters, and an excellent soundtrack. This is near the top of all-time favorites. And for those of you who don’t get it…well, I am truly sorry for ya. 🙂

    Hellboy II – Fourth favorite superhero movie, even though I liked it for the villain. 😉 It makes my list for both the Elricesque Nuada, and – more importantly – the beautiful imagery, costuming, and set designs, and action sequences where you could actually see, and appreciate, the action and skill of the actors/stuntmen. It is a visual treat for the eyes, and not just about things blowing up.

    Ed Wood – A cast of quirky characters, yes. Insightful and deeply touching? Hell yes. A very special movie, imho…a movie about people, and friendships, and overlooking flaws. Loved it.

    Chocolat – I cannot watch this movie without a pound of dark chocolate, and a bottle of Zinfandel sitting next to me! So deliciously decadent – it makes me fall in love all over again! (This is our ‘special’ cuddly movie, and probably the only chick flick I own, outside of BBC/A&E’s Pride and Prejudice, which doesn’t make the list only because it was a made-for-tv miniseries and not a proper movie.

    Galaxy Quest – Right behind O Brother as one of the most hilarious movies I’ve ever seen. It was a spoof done right (for a change), and it hit on just about every cliche in traditional sci fi television in fine fashion! This one would probably make my top ten of all-time favorite modern films.

    Sneakers – Whew! Under the wire with its 1992 production date. This was the movie that started it all – all the ‘hacker’ movies to follow. But this one was smart and funny and just entertaining all around, with a good bit of suspense and without relying on graphic violence. Hubby and I always order a pizza and watch it during the first snowfall of winter… 😉

    What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – A very personal movie for me…brings back memories of a childhood friend and his family, and growing up in a rural town. I’ll leave it at that.

    Mystery Men – Yup. I said it. Fifth favorite superhero movie – it even beats out Iron Man! Why? Just because! I like quirky, what can I say!

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Yes, I like quirky Depp movies (I haven’t seen a few of his more recent ones like Sweeney Todd…just because I’m lazy, but they would probably make the list, too). Loved the visuals in this movie – and the songs! LOL! And Willy was TOTALLY wonky! It amused me greatly. 😀

    Live Free or Die Hard – I’m just including this one because Die Hard falls outside the 17-year range. Besides, I loved this movie – it was like the end result of what was started in Sneakers.

    Finding Neverland – Whoopsie. I own three chick flicks. 😳 My bad. Anyway – this was a beautiful movie, with an equally beautiful soundtrack. Was it a ‘great’ movie? No…but it was a very special movie.

    The River Wild – Loved this movie! Loved the action and suspense, loved the family relationship, loved the dog! But mostly, it was good to see a real woman in a strong role. The rapid scenes were totally awesome on the big screen, too.

    The Client – Loved this movie for the relationship between the boy, and his lawyer, and the development of both. It was a very good movie, but I mention it with bittersweet feelings as it also spelled eventual doom for a boy who couldn’t handle fame, Brad Renfro.

    Casino Royale – Best Bond ever. I particularly enjoyed the ball-busting scene. 😀 Also loved it for toning down the sex, the schtick, and the cheese.

    Dead Man – Reluctant to put this here simply because I don’t like depressing movies, and I don’t think I could watch this again. However, I cannot deny its brilliance. I saw it once, and it’s still stuck in my mind’s eye, like super glue, and Neil Young’s acidic soundtrack still plays in my head.

    Finding Nemo – Because I AM Dory the fish!! Again, one of the last animated movies that was both smart and funny. It’s been mostly downhill since this and The Incredibles.


    Okay, that’s about it. Keep in mind that I haven’t seen many movies in the last twenty years – most of the movies I watch are made-for-tv BBC or ITV productions. And there are others that I have seen that are fabulous when I see them, but they just don’t stick with me. These are the ones that have stuck…not really sure what it says about my personality, but I’m sure there are no real surprises there.


    (No time to proofread – forgive any errors!)

  43. I think my taste in movies is probably much different from yours, but one of the first films from the past 17 years that popped into my head was The American President, starring Michael Douglas and written by Aaron Sorkin. I highly recommend it.

    On a slightly different note, thanks to everyone who sent me and my wife good wishes on the birth of our daughters. I’d reply to each one of you individually, but the lack of sleep precludes it. 🙂

  44. Just want to share, my favorite band Orange Avenue has a new album check it out

    These guys are really talented, I guess you hafta kind like alternative music to begin with, but they have a chemistry and are very personable.

  45. Hi Mr M!

    If you are going to be so chatty …will somebody wake me up!! Not fair!!! All you North Americans!! C’mon…wake up us Europeans! Sheesh!

    Interesting list… Again most of these I have not seen. I actually bought Old Boy last week with a view to watching it.
    Given, the style and genres you have chosen my suggestions may be a little out but…Cinema Paradiso and Amelie would have to feature for me. From Sci Fi…Blade Runner / Star Wars (Ep V) / Pan’s Labyrinth

    Hmmm…more later.

    Best to all Mr M! and any sign of John Lenic / Joel Goldsmith Q and A???

    Also, am beginning to worry about Ashley??? Has she Czeched out?

    Best to all


  46. Tombstone is awesome. I loved Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday – he was my favorite character, and I still quote him!

  47. I too haven’t seen half of the films on your list. Perhaps I’ll check them out one of these days. I have no clue what my top twenty would look like, I know Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense and A Room With A View would be on it.

    I’ve been staying out of the fray with all of the depate on the body swapping. I suppose it comes as a shock to me to see all the contraversy, not sure why I should realize by now that the main purpose of the internet is to make assumptions based on little information and make a ruckus out of it. I prefer to wait until the episode airs to form an opinion about it.

    Secondly anyone who has been watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse has already had these discussions about what makes a person a person. If your memories and personality were removed from your body with your permisssion then what? Fans of Dollhouse are having incredible conversations about consent and is it possible to give blanket consent not knowing what your body will be used for while you are away. I love that these discussions are taking place, that a television show is capable of causing such intense thoughts, questions and debates on these issues. All of this is taking place in a fictional world where things beyond our imagination are possible. It isn’t a black and white situation where we can use our real world ethics and morals to declare what is right and wrong. Its far more complex, considering what rights do you have once you are in possession of a body. I love that sci fi makes you question, discuss and wonder well outside of your comfort zone.

  48. Joe, you mentioned ramen places, but what about soba or udon? Personally, I like udon better than most ramen. Though last trip I had a great pork ramen in Kanazawa.

    Top 20 movies of the last 17 years? That’s tough for me. Movies, like books, are a matter of personal taste. I go to see movies for entertainment, not to rate the quality of the direction, special effects, etc. And why 17 years?

    Strangely, I have only seen the Japanese movies that made your list. I loved Battle Royale and Ringu. Never saw the American remake (the Ring) so I don’t know how it compares. Saw Audition but it creeped me out and would not make my top 20 list. I guess they would probably make my list.

    Have you ever seen Densha Otoko (Train man)? A wonderful little movie about a Japanese nerd and his fantasies. Look for it!

    I think Howl’s Moving Castle was delightful and was one of the best animated films of the last 20 years. It wasn’t exactly true to the book, but it was wonderful in its own right.

    The Fifth Element – I saw it years ago and remember enjoying it, but can’t remember the details. I just added it to my Netflix queue!

    Tombstone: Love Doc Holliday – how did I miss this one. Another addition to Netflix.

    I would add Chocolat(2000) to the list. A marvelous romantic little fairy tale about the subversive nature of chocolate and its effect on a small conservative French town. And it has Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp.

    And without a doubt Don Juan DeMarco with Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando and Fay Dunaway.

    Other movies I really enjoyed:

    Finding Neverland: (yeah, it’s Johnny Depp again) a semi-biographical tale about J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan.
    Hellboy II (maybe not a “great” film – but very entertaining: wonderful effects, good use of mythology and it gave me Prince Nuada)
    Pan’s Labyrinth: surrealistic and sad, but gripping.
    Amelie: another romance.
    Lord of the Rings, all three: I know seems to be out-of-fashion to admit liking the movies, but I really don’t care.

    You may have noticed a distinct trend toward fantasy and escapism in that list.

    @narelle: I’m with you on Will Smith!

  49. Hi Mr Mallozzi. Your blog is great! Thank you for taking the time.
    I thought I would add my favorite movie, of all time!
    “The Red Violin”. Beautiful.
    Have a great day, CANNOT wait until October 2nd.


  50. “Synecdoche, New York” (written & directed by Charlie Kaufman)


    “Kingdom of Heaven” (director’s cut) (written by William Monahan, directed by Ridley Scott)

    Those should be your top two. Though, based on your list, I dunno if they’re gonna be “up your alley”.

  51. RE: Rape Issue. Yes – there are ‘shades’ of rape, unfortunately. Those who want to justify it or romanticize it or make excuses for it have all sorts of angles. It’s why so many rape victims don’t come forward, because they know the blame will probably be put on them. Only when a child is raped or the victim killed does society as a whole seem to take rape seriously. It’s shameful that it often has to come down to something like that for people to see rape as a real crime.


  52. Narelle wrote: “das – You look like something from The Benny Hill Show…”

    You don’t know how true that statement is! It was for a costume party, and all night long this old guy who was overseeing things followed me around, telling me how much he liked my costume. It was kinda creepy… 😛


  53. Sorry about all the comments in a row – it’s been a weird morning – lots of distractions, and a bad night’s sleep due to thunderstorms, and restless cats. I’m reading the blog in bits and pieces…

    RE: Psycho. Because of our last name, I often joke that ‘psycho’ is my nick…it is rather fitting, at times. 😉 I’m Scottish/German/Danish/English, and about 1/32 African…or black…whichever you prefer. I don’t consider ‘Psycho’ to be a stereotyped nick for a black man…it really knows no racial bounds, and I suspect that most people think of the very white Norman Bates when they hear ‘Psycho’ anyway. Having him named ‘Uncle Tom’ or ‘Stepin Fetchit’, or – as Joe hinted at, ‘Playah!’…well, then that would be highly offensive. But Psycho? Nah…that’s okay, although I do prefer ‘Psych’ – it just sounds cooler.


  54. Sorry, not MIA just trying to digest all of the arguments over the past week or so. I’m gonna wait and see what you come up with rather than cross the bridge before the bridge is even built. I like Science Fiction to challenge my ideas and sometimes there will be dark themes. I actually liked the Miller’s Crossing episode and the extra layers the Wallace situation gave the Sheppard character. I wish there were more of those Sheppard scenes but we ran out of time. I didn’t like the whole Lucius thing, because there seemed to be no consequences for his criminal actions, or Rodney’s actions for that matter, but I guess that reflects life. While we’d like to see justice, sometimes there isn’t any.

    Curious about what SGU will be rated. Are you writing it for a particular rating? Still an M?

    Cheers, Chev

  55. I think I mentioned how I “watched” Audition before, but every time I had to walk into my kitchen when my husband was watching it in the living room (he owns the dvd) I literally had to put my hands over my eyes and run across the room so I wouldn’t mistakenly catch any glimpse of it.

    Tombstone is your favorite western? Really? No Clint Eastwood spaghetti for you, huh? Not even Unforgiven, or Open Range? Or Silverado! Those last two movies are the only reasons I don’t want to punch Kevin Costner in the face (I saw Waterworld in the theater, ugh).

    What did you think of Battle Royale II? And did you see this bit?

    Maybe you can do this for your next trip (after this upcoming trip) to Tokyo, but I think you should have had some sort of “Readers’ Choice” pick!

  56. Quentin Tarantino is one of those people that you would love to have dinner with just to pick his brains about film. He would be a riot at a dinner party. (Though you may lose your appetite by dessert.) I’m not a great fan of all the violence in his movies but at least you really get why it’s there because of his openness about the films that have influenced him and that he loves. Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite films, hands down. Another film that I found very psychologically disturbing within the last 17 years is the The Butcher Boy by Neil Jordan. This film is definitely not for everyone. And, I have to agree with The Ring and Ringu – probably among the scariest and creepiest films I’ve ever seen. They really creeped me out.

  57. Wow. I used the word ‘quirky’ just one too many times. 😛

    I forgot a great movie…ugh. Can I make it 21 movies?

    Okay…thanks! 😀

    I forgot this one because I don’t own it…shame on me. But it’s one that I never miss when it’s on tv – it reminds me of all I loved about the old Shaw Brothers flicks. Love the action, but especially love the story – Kung Fu Hustle. Besides, Stephen Chow is totally hawt in it! 😉

    (Warned ya that I’m shallow!)


  58. @david wrote: I guest technically is all come down between the deal between the two people I mean if the person who body she takes agree for her have sex with someone on the ship then it not rape. An as we all know people tend have sex in tight spaces the NIA would included a clause in the contract allowing that use just for legal reason and to avoid hassle an arguments.

    Ugh, @david, I assure you that if I ever consented to loan my body to someone via a long range communication device, the very LAST thing I would do is sign a consent form allowing that person to have sex in my body. I cannot see the NIA, the NOC, SG command, or any government agency ever thinking such a form might be a good idea. Given the hue and outcry amongst people when they heard about these spoilers and the discussion that is still raging about the topic, and assuming that the people involved in the Stargate program (whether military, civilian, or scientist) are supposed to be real people with real human reactions, what makes you think the characters in the Stargate universe would react any differently if faced with a form that essentially says: sorry, you don’t own your body, after all.

    Not to mention, even signing such a form brings up a whole other can of consent worms. If the NIA/NOC/SGC/whoever did come up with such a form, you’d basically be signing a sheet of paper that said, if you want to see your loved ones via the long range communication devices, then you need to understand that whoever has your body can do with it as they wish, up to and including having sex. That’s strikes me as emotional blackmail and coercion, at the very least.

    Finally, speaking from my own personal experience here, the very last thing on my mind when I was in a ‘tight situation’ was, “Oh, now’s a great time for sex!” Frankly, I was far more concerned with not dying horribly. YMMV.

  59. My favorite movie ever is Shawshank Redemption! It should be on your list! Great list by the way. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is great.

  60. Quick list of my top movies from the last 17 years, probably not in order, that changes, although the top one doesn’t:

    1. While you were sleeping.
    Sandra Bullock, a lot of great lines and the funniest scene ever when the newspaper kid falls off his bike. Fave movie of all time.

    2. Clueless
    What? I totally paused.

    3. Speed.
    Get on or get off. Keanu & Sandra, yeah!

    4. Mystic River
    Totally absorbed in this story. Fantastic.

    5. Friday Night Lights
    Best football movie.

    6. The Sixth Sense
    I was like woah.

    7. Almost Famous
    Fantastic story, fantastic soundtrack

    8. Shawshank redemption
    I think I like movies with narration by one of the main characters

    9. Star Wars Ep III Revenge of the Sith
    Wow, the final battle

    10. LOTR: Return of the King
    Again the battle.

    11. Undercover Blues
    My name is Muerte. Stanley Tucci. Brilliant.

    12. March of the Penguins
    So touching, the narration again….guh brilliant.

    13. Apollo 13
    Could watch this anytime. Amazing story. Gripping even though I knew what happened.

    14. The Lake House
    Very clever

    15. Cypher
    Loved this. Lucy Liu was stunning – great performance and the scene with Jeremy Northam and David Hewlett was brilliant.

    That’s what I’ve got so far….

    Cheers, Chev

  61. @ tinypenny – Nuts. Forgot Shawshank Redemption. Hey, Joe – can I make it 22???! 😀

    (to match the 22 posts I’ve made this morning… 😛 )


  62. Morning Joe, always wondered what goes into naming a character. What do you have to check? Why have some been changed? Which SG character name suited the character the best?

    How’s Jelly today? Been worried about her. Do the other dogs look after her? Who is the leader of the pack?

    Cheers, Chev

  63. Shaolin Soccer was such a great movie but I wouldn’t put it in my top 20, unless it was top 20 imported movies.
    I would have put Black Hawk Down as my #1 and The Rock as my #2, also would have had Matrix 1, The Hangover, Wanted, and maybe Titanic. I say maybe Titanic because it was such a freaking long movie in which we already knew the ending!

    As far as the debate goes, but correct me if I am wrong. Everyone is debating whether or not is it OK to have sex with someone, while you have swapped minds and are in another persons body?? This is absolute insanity!! Its a sci-fi TV show with which people have little information and are speculating. Did this kind of stuff go down when Bicentennial Man came out? Do robots deserve rights? Can I marry my computer?
    No matter what you do in the public eyes you are doing it wrong, and with the internet they now have the “power” to be heard. And the worst part is these people that criticize you, are then the ones who complain when the show is cancelled. Forget them Joe, keep on doing the great job you guys have been doing.

  64. So many movies, so little time. I love Bad Santa, and Lost in Translation got under my skin. das has a good list. I adore Galaxy Quest, even got the patches for my jacket. I am so there for Independence Day! I was nearly an extra in the scene where the vehicles are driving across the desert (Bonneville Salt Flats) but we were on a tight schedule and couldn’t stay in Utah long enough to be sure we’d be there for filming. As for narrowing it to the last 17 years … nope, can’t be done.

    I couldn’t make one list, I’d make a list of lists: Personal Favorites, Bad Movies, Fun Movies, Really Good Movies which make me Think, Really Good Movies which Make me Cry, Animated Movies, Sci-Fi, and Movies which Shaped my Life. And movies which remind me of Burning Man. And so on.

    Movies no one has mentioned yet, some well outside of the 17 year thing:

    Some Like It Hot. Marilyn Monroe “like Jello on springs”. “I’m a man!” “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

    The Blues Brothers. You had to be there. Same with Animal House. yes, I actually had a 0.0 gpa that semester.

    Allegro Non Troppo. Animated riff on Fantasia. (I detest The Mouse, except for Finding Nemo. And I even hate that movie on principle.)

    Moulin Rouge and I don’t care who knows it.

    Serial Mom. Kathleen Turner. “Pussywillow”. Best dark comedy ever. At least for today. She should marry Bad Santa.

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Hunter S. Thompson just gets better and better. Oh yeah, and that Depp guy.

    Shrek. Because it is only kinda Disney-lite. And only the first one.

    Rocky Horror Picture Show. Seriously.

    There’s more, so much more.

  65. I’ll have to think about it, although I think I’ll be hard pressed to come up with 20 I consider “cinema” from the last 17 yrs IMO been pretty slim pickings. By “cinema” I mean movies outside the comic book, book-based, and established franchise type. I watched Audition based on your recommendation and yes, it will make my list. Also watched Ringu after seeing The Ring, and I’ll list Ringu instead. Excellent stuff. Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction will make my list. M Night’s Sixth Sense will make my list. I’m not fond of westerns but I agree, Tombstone might make my list because of Val Kilmer, what a fascinatingly great and abysmal career he’s had.

    Question: Joe, why do you like horror movies so much? What is their appeal?
    Offering my opinion, for me it’s the surprise/shock value of well made, stylish horror that I value. And vampires. You can keep bloody, obvious slasher flicks (hello, Quentin?) gore for gore’s sake holds no interest for me. I did my requisite Elm St, Halloween, Jason time when I was younger and yeah, it was startling the first time. But can’t rewatch them anymore.

  66. Hi Joe have you ever read “The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers” by Christopher Vogler?

  67. I really should read all the comments ALL the way through before posting. Otherwise, I sound like Mallozzi… 😉

    I’ve never seen Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, but I want to, and I own Reservoir Dogs (hubby picked it up recently on a sale table), but haven’t watched it. Another one I’d love to see but haven’t yet is Hot Fuzz. I tend to get British humor – light or dark – better than American humor (just shoot me if I ever have to watch a Will Ferrell movie…ugh…un-funniest man on the planet). However, I tend not to like British violence…it’s often too intense for me. So sometimes I wait for the edited tv versions, but then it often edits out the funny bits, too, and then everything is lost, and I just end up skipping movies altogether.


  68. What Joe’s Blog Means to Me
    – A vertical essay to thank Joe for his blog

    Stargate News
    Weird Food Purchases
    Dog photos

    Don’t fall for those distractions.
    He’s addicting you to snark.

    It’s too late for me.

  69. Wow, I am really impressed and humbled by Finch’s post about how sexual assault & rape don’t just happen to women and the bravery it took to do that. He’s so right.

    Because rape is really about power, not sex. Rape is taking away another person’s control over their body *through* sex. “I can take what I want from you and you can’t do a thing to stop me.” That can happen to anyone.

    And that’s what we’re concerned with, here – yes, there are a lot of other issues, too – but the bottom line is that whether or not actual intercourse occurs, Camile Wray’s body is not under her control and because she is not there to give consent, *both* Eleanor and Rush are guilty of sexual assault. Both of them use Camile’s body for their own gratification. It doesn’t matter if tab A gets inserted into slot A: both of them use Camile’s body for sexual pleasure. It’s not just Rush.

    And for the folks who say “it shouldn’t matter since Camile’s not in her body at the time, I have to ask; anybody ever borrow a sweater or your car without asking? How’d you feel about that? Betrayed? Violated? Used? Yeah. Your body’s more important than a sweater.

    You *expect* the Golden Rule; do unto others as you would have be done to you. You expect others to respect your choices and your boundaries (don’t borrow stuff without asking, don’t go joyriding in my car). Allowing someone to borrow your body requires a certain level of trust that they’re going to take care. And it would be natural to make the assumption that your collegues are not going to take advantage of your body while you’re out. The same sort of trust you’d have for friends not to harm you while you’re unconscious.

    From what information we have, it very much sounds like that trust is betrayed by the woman possessing Camile’s body and Rush. Kissing Rush while in Camile’s body is not something Camile would be behind. She doesn’t like Rush, she’s married, and she’s gay. That in itself is a violation and the further it goes, the worse it is, but *any* act that takes away Camile’s ability to be in charge of what happens to her body is wrong. It’s wrong of Eleanor to initiate and it’s wrong of Rush to let it continue and participate.

    All of this may be addressed in the episode, I don’t know. Given the track record of the SG franchise to pass of murky sexual pecadillos – “Irresistible” and that wacky fun date-rape herb, that we were treated to *twice*, played for laughs to name the most obvious, female characters used in part to let the geek get the girl (Hi Jennifer Keller!) and on the flip side, Laura Cadman taking Rodney’s body for a spin and flirt while he’s asleep – we’re horrified and not so willing to wait quietly while characters are used – literally, physically, sexually used.

    There’s a history there. A disturbing history. So when the casting list is leaked….oh boy, there are some pretty disturbing phrases in that thing. “Useless body,” “Experience intimacy for the first time.”

    I know The Powers That Be say that someone lower down the tier wrote them and there have been a lot of re-writes, etc, but see? A company, any company, takes on the personality of those that lead it. Those words? Came from somewhere. Attitudes and phrases and behaviors trickle down. The lowly casting call person didn’t just pull them from the ether.

    And those words and the direction the show seems to be taking disturb me on many levels, as a woman, as a partially disabled person and as a rape victim. While I am straight, white and not “Callista Flockheart” thin (thank god), I’m disturbed by those words, too.

    Science fiction is about the possibilities, the “What if?” Letting the disabled chick use the Asian chick’s body to have sex with some guy sounds like a horrible mashup of ideas that don’t seem to be saying something new.

    And if so, that’s not science fiction; it’s horror.

  70. Unbreakable was fascinating to me because of the connection it made between comics and real life. I’m a character person in that my favorite plots are the ones that stretch the person beyond themselves. Sixth Sense is my least fave of his movies (I actually half figured out the end at the start. During the whole flick I kept thinking “this reminds me of Ghost… he’s probably dead). It’s the same reason I loved The Village. I grew up in church culture – bible belt – and the people of this movie were doing exactly what i’ve seen real people do (obviously not as extreme) and so there was a strange allegory for me. As for Unbreakable – I saw it right after having taken a class on the history of comics – so perhaps that is what endeared it to me.

    Hmmm other movies I love – The Sound of Music, Cars (Inhave a toddler and sadly I noticed that children’s movies get overlooked simply for being for children, but having suffered through many I have found that just like “regular” movies, there are varying degrees of art and storytelling); Pan’s Labrynth, Memento, Silence of the Lambs, Pirates of the Caribbean (only the first one), Kung Fu Panda, Star Trek…

    Oddly I dislike the Stargate movie. I have found the tv show so much better – stronger characters, interesting mythology. I look forward to SGU.

    Sorry for grammar/spelling errors – I’m typing this on my iPod.

  71. Is the problem with Unbreakable that the whole movie is about accepting the call to action? So was the Matrix.

    Neo’s answer to the call was better tied to the rest of the movie, though.

    Shyamalan swings away at the rules because people will only applaud way out there and good from him, not just good, but just writing this post has shown me where he’s getting lazy.

    Learning about writing makes me hate movies I liked before. I’m sure you have some insights that will ruin the 5th Element for me, too.

  72. Wow. I’ve seen exactly none of those movies.
    I’d have to say Lord of the Rings (RotK being my fav) and nu!Trek would have to be at the top. Although Aliens was pretty good, even though I don’t like horror movies. Revenge of the Sith was pretty epic. Finding Nemo was an awesome kids movie, and I don’t care if the whole world knows it! The Pirates trilogy was awesome too. Gah, too many movies to choose!

  73. Joe, I’m sorry if you get this several times. My internet connection is spotty and I’m having to re-submit the comment.


    First off, I’m sorry someone did that to you. I myself was molested as a child and am still dealing with psychological repercussions 17 years later, and I’m very close to a few rape victims.

    But you are right. Women are overwhelmingly the victims of these crimes, and men overwhelmingly the perpetrators (something like 90% of victims are female and 98-99% of rapists are male). The problem stems from the idea that all men are total horn-dogs and can’t be raped, because they want sex all the damn time. Women live in perpetual awareness of rape. I should be able to walk to my car at night and not be scared. I should be able to go to a bar and have fun and maybe get tipsy without worrying about what could happen to me if I leave my drink alone for two seconds. I shouldn’t feel the need to cross to the other side of the street when a small group of guys approaches. I should be able to wear a cute dress outside without getting catcalled, honked at, or, god forbid anything happened, BLAMED because the skirt is six inches over the knee. But I can’t. Because I’m female.

    I think there needs to be discussions between men and women to dispel these myths. You can’t stop rape if only a few people are trying to prevent it. Men and women need to work together on this to end abuse and assault. There needs to awareness and education on both sides and myths about both genders need to done away with. Because what happened to you is every bit as bad as what happened to my friends.


    “RE: Rape Issue. Yes – there are ’shades’ of rape”

    I think what you mean to say here is that the reactions towards victims are varied. There really aren’t shades of rape. Either someone is forced, groomed or coerced (and I think excessive pressure towards sex the person otherwise wouldn’t participate in is rape) into sex they don’t want, or they do so willingly.

    A child is equally as raped as an adult woman or man. People should be every bit as horrified when a 25 year old is raped as they are when a 7 year old is. Hrmm… this might be coming off wrong because I don’t think I’m making my point right…. I realize that for a child these events are traumatizing and debilitating, but I think people overlook how traumatizing and debilitating it is for an adult as well. I’m not trying to say “it’s not as bad as everyone thinks it is when a kid is assaulted”. I’m trying to say “It’s just as bad when an adult is assaulted as when a kid is. Don’t dismiss the victims’ pain”. People seem to think that adults can bounce back from these things a lot easier than kids, when really, I don’t think that’s true. The trauma is there whether it’s a child kidnapped off the street, a girl passed out at a frat party, an elderly woman whose home is broken into, a man with an abusive domestic partner, or any other situation you can think of. A woman who is drugged and raped is no less so then a woman held at knife point in an alley.

    And my opinions elsewhere…

    As far as the episode goes, “intimate” can mean a lot of things, not necessarily sex. Assuming it does mean sex occurs, then (and these are regardless of Wray’s sexual orientation, she could be straight and these points would still hold)-

    1 Unless Wray and Eleanor have a detailed discussion of what is permissible that does cover the possibility of sex in Wray’s body, then it’s rape.

    2 Assuming Eleanor has sex in Wray’s body without Wray’s permission, Eleanor and Rush would both be guilty of rape. Even if Rush is unaware of the circumstances at the time, it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s rape. If you hit and killed someone with your car, even if you didn’t mean to, you’ve still killed someone. Same here.

    3 Even if sexual intercourse doesn’t occur, the possibility of assault (which encompasses many sexual crimes including rape) or abuse is still there if Eleanor doesn’t have Wray’s permission and something sexual happens.

    This is all on the assumption of something sexual happening. “Intimate” could also mean “curled up on the couch wrapped in a flannel blanket in front of a fire drinking hot cocoa making goo-goo eyes at each other and watching Pretty Woman”.

    I second Shawshank Redemption (or really anything with Morgan Freeman’s voice), and also The Land Before Time, because it’s the most awesome dinosaur movie ever. Also The Neverending Story. And I eighth or so Lord of the Rings. And pretty much everything Pixar has ever done.

    Also, Joe, I’ve been revising this argument for an hour. What kind of chocolate would recommend I relax with?

  74. Hi Joe! I would include Pan’s Labyrinth on my movie list, as well as Chocolat. Also Finding Neverland.

  75. @Bead – Very well said. Thank you for saying what I’ve been struggling to articulate.

    @Finch – I know four people (including myself) who have experience sexual abuse/assualt. Two of those are men. They were both young boys and both have had struggles similar to yours. Know that there are women out there who understand and empathize.

    To the PTB – Can you not see how the actions of some men colour my world view? How women’s bodies, and young girls bodies, are seen as fair game and that at any moment it can be declared open season? Everything about this episode only enforces that – it does not deconstruct it in a thoughtful and empathetic manner.

  76. If you can track some down – Amadei Chuao. Failing that, a good Pralus Papouasie.

  77. @ DC – Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. That’s why I put the little quotey things around ‘shades’, to add a little sarcasm to my use of the word. I find it very disturbing that so many people take a ‘so what’ attitude towards rape. ‘So what? She wasn’t injured.’ Ugh…I’ve actually heard people say that. A violent attack is usually taken more seriously, which tends to make people think that a non-violent attack is somehow lesser and easier to get over.

    I know a girl who was sexually assaulted (not raped) by her boss – her boss who happened to be her old teacher, coach and was currently the captain of a beach patrol. He was well-respected in the community. Because ‘she was not injured’, and because ‘she shouldn’t have allowed herself to be alone with him’, and because ‘she probably had it out for him’…she was literally run out of town for bringing a complaint against him. I believe her ordeal – she’s not a spiteful or aggressive type, and I can’t even begin to imagine her lying about such a thing, considering that she knew it would become public knowledge, and she’s not an attention-whore. In the court of public opinion, when it comes to rape and sexual assault (especially acquaintance rape), the victim often ends up the accused, and the accused manages to make himself out to be the victim.

    It’s no wonder so many women live in silence with the emotional scars of sexual assaults. But I think it’s even worse for men who are victims of assaults and rape, since I believe it is even harder for them to come forward to report an attack.


  78. I bet you hate that spoilers are leaked to the internet, even when they probably won’t be true. I do look forward to SGU’s first season.

    I’ve never really understood the appeal of Pulp Fiction. There were some great performances in the movie, I just didn’t like it. Not sure why. Oh boy do you have lots of horror on your list. Not my cup of tea. I’m more of a Raiders of the Lost Ark kind of gal, although it’s a little scary at the end. I just can’t stomach horror movies.

    Can’t wait to hear about the upcoming food choices for your trip.

  79. I have to say, I prefer Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch” to Lock, Stock and while I’ve never seen Shaolin Soccer, I’m a huge fan of Chow’s “Kung Fu Hustle”.

  80. @dasNdanger

    The victim blaming for rape is ridiculous. Why would a woman make something like that up? So she can be ostracized by her peers? Please. I think it’s disgusting that society in general jumps to defend the accused in so many cases. Rape is very rarely ever falsely reported. People seem to think false reports are a lot more common than they are. “She shouldn’t have worn that short skirt.” “She shouldn’t have drank so much.” “Why didn’t she fight back?” It makes me want to scream.

    Women are conditioned from an early age to be polite, never be rude, act demurely. The second we start to assert ourselves we’re labeled bitches. Too many times, we’re stuck in a bad situation and can’t get out because the idea to be nice is too ingrained in us.

    The first time I was molested I was 5. I was at my babysitter’s house and the boy who did it was also one of the kids she sat. Guess who got sent to the naughty corner for a time out? Apparently, I should have known better. The boy’s father was told quietly to find a new sitter and that he couldn’t come back. When the sitter’s teenage son and his friend took to doing the same things a few years later, I told no one. To this day, I’ve never had a serious relationship with a guy, and the only men I fully trust are my dad and my brother (and sometimes not even them). I get nervous around men I don’t know. I don’t like being alone with men, even ones I do know, in tight spaces. The scars are there, you just can’t see them.

    Joe, I’m sorry I’ve used your comments page to become Ranty McRanterson. Thanks for letting us vent.

  81. I said “If you look at the forums on Gateworld, your viewers, you’ll see that attitude alive and well. But it has been very enlightening having a group of mainly men telling a group of mainly women the definition of what rape is and isn’t, how there are shades of rape (tell that to the victim), how we’re over-reacting, and that rape should legitmately be served up as entertainment for a show that aims itself at a male audience.”

    Answer: Actually, we have viewers on both sides of the issue. As for the group of mainly men telling the group of mainly women – who exactly are you referring to? Because, again, I can assure you that there are men on both sides of this issue.

    Mainly doesn’t equal ‘only’ and you seemed to have lost my point in suggesting that it does.

    Gateworld might be wrong, but on the the casting slides the only two characters that specified ‘all ethnicities’ was Tamara (Asian preferable) and ‘Psycho’.

    Considering Stargate’s history of potraying black men by their physicality and temper, it might have been nice to break the mold instead of once more having a an Angry Black Man (tm stargate) in the cast. But at least he’s not an alien!

    I think at the end of the day it just comes down to the fact that just because a television show includes a diverse cast doesn’t mean that it’s intended for a diverse audience.

  82. Joe, I know you’ve answered this before, and that you’ve mentioned the script for Extinction is complete, but there are new rumours circulating that suggest the SGA movie is not going ahead due to “…a lack of fan interest.”

    Have you heard anything new about the status of the movie? Is production on the movie still indefinitely postponed, or has the direct-to-DVD movie idea been binned?

  83. @Deni, 2 days and counting!! If you can , g-mail me and let me know when you are leaving and comming back. Are you taking a laptop? Excitement abounds!! Sheryl

  84. Hi Joe,
    Saw on Twitter today that the Atlantis movie has been confirmed as being shelved due to lack of fan interest.
    I am so bummed.
    So sorry for us fans, the writers and the cast.

  85. Well, I was going to add my 2c, but Bead, Das, DC and others have already expressed it far better. So I’ll add 1/2c.

    My problem isn’t with the possibility of Perry using Wray’s body for straight sex. My problem is that given the Gates’ track record, I don’t think it would be *portrayed* as anything particularly awful, and I don’t think there would be lasting consequences for anyone. E.g. for me, Irresistible didn’t become Irredeemable until the very end. Instead of treating the events and LL as something horrific, the attitude was as though everyone had sufferred a regrettable lapse in judgment. Sort of, “OMG I got drunk at the office party and snogged JimBob – how can I face the lunch room again?!” The fact that they were all *victims* of this creep didn’t even come into it – instead, *they’re* embarrassed, and Rodney even gets his science experiment joke in. The re-appearance of LL only reinforced the impression: TPTB just didn’t get it. Sadly, comments on the DVD and elsewhere only confirmed it – y’all just didn’t see this as a problem.

    So given what leaked out…yeesh. I am really hoping that the episode bucks your history and takes a different view.

    ***FWIW, the whole regular body-swapping idea has me somewhat skeeved out about this series. Nobody in his right mind would be comfortable with this! Yet from the sounds of things, it’s going to be a regular feature of the story.

  86. Finch: Great response!

    I’ll wait until I see the show before I start digging into the plots.

    Mr. M, Your movie list is a little dark for me. I think I will stick with my favorite movies such as, “Galaxy Quest”, “Curse of The Were Rabbit” and let you have the dark ones. Maybe, that is why you are having trouble sleeping? 😉

    I’m exhausted! Dealing with relatives at my MIL’s funeral was hard work. Then to see the jackal like attitude toward her possessions was equally hard to see. Next up, probate the will. Why can’t death be simple?


  87. Have to admit to not having seen several of the movies that made your list. Or the list of others, for that matter. I’ll be looking forward to hunting some of them up and trying them out, once my trek is complete. Thanks for the daily entertainment.

  88. @ DC – I was just on my way out the door, but felt compelled to tell you this…

    I know of a case where two girls were molested and raped repeatedly by their much older half brother, whenever he’d come home to visit. They were too scared and mortified to tell anyone. When, years later, they finally did speak up about it, THEY were blamed for not fighting back during the attacks. Recently there was a young girl (about 9) gang raped by several boys (9-14 years of age), here in the States. Her parents blamed her for the attack and for disgracing the family. In one instance the people were white middle-class Americans, the other African immigrants. Seems pointing the finger at the woman knows no cultural, ethnic, educational or economic boundaries.

    Just know, however, that there are good men out there. Mr. Moorcock is one who advocates women’s rights and aid for rape victims (he’s mentioned it on his site). There are men who respect women, who cherish them…and would cut off their own arm before they’d ever abuse or mistreat one.

    I’m kinda hoping Joe here is one of the good guys.


  89. O_O je suis là fidéle au poste je tient le coup, j’attend votre prochaine mise à jour avec impatience!! Alala qu’est-ce que je ne ferai pas pour vous^^!

  90. I agree with Unbreakable! It is my favorite movie of M.Knight…I really think people expected another Sixth Sense and that is why people were scratching their heads…I know I was at the beginning with all the shots of comic books but I LOVE this movie. I am actually excited about his new one coming out next summer…he might just redeem himself!
    Have you seen Boondock Saints, Brother of the Wolf, or Dark Portals: The Chronicles of Viquoc? These are three of my favortie movies of all time. Wonderful stories and great actors to boot…who will ever forget Willam Defoe crying out

  91. Bailey said: Saw on Twitter today that the Atlantis movie has been confirmed as being shelved due to lack of fan interest.

    EXCUSE me? Is this for real? Lack of MGM solvency is one thing, but lack of fan interest? Who the fuck is buying all the DVDs then?

  92. 1. I particularly loved the Grindhouse duo of “Planet Terror” and “Death Proof”, although it loses a lot after the theater experience is taken out. Still, two great movies.

    2. After reading your blog and comments answered in the mailbag for awhile now, I’m starting to wonder if people aren’t just picking fights to have their comments posted.

    3. Looking forward to the new show!

  93. @Finch

    I’m glad you found a place to share your story. I’ve said a prayer for you to be blessed.

  94. Hi Joe. The latest word about the SGA movie not being made, is that just more rumors or is it official?

    So much stuff circulating about this that I never know whats real or just speculation anymore.

  95. Hi, Joe,

    Speaking of casting guests for the final three of Season One (¡ojalá que sí!), any word from Syfy about plans for a fan walk-on?

    Now to go bug Craig, the Syfy exec on Twitter.

  96. I have a hard time with people that choose to ignore what you are saying and continue to beat their drums loudly to drown out the opinions of others. They don’t want to hear what you are saying but they sure as hell want acknowledgement that you agree wholeheartedly with their views. Be it rape, animal cruelty or any other socially sensitive subject. If those people would devote a little time in the real world to, say, the prevention of animal cruelty or the support of rape victims it would go a long way to enhancing their credibility. Instead they choose to criticize a theoretical outline of a fictional depiction in a storyline that is yet to be set in stone. Your gracious responses to their ramblings are far more than they deserve.

  97. About the decision to stop the SGA movie. I’m a fan, one of many, and I’m interested! Give us our SGA movie.

  98. My favorite Ghost Hunters is starting a new season tonight. I wish Stargate Atlantis was too. I’m not complaining (I’m done doing that), I’m just saying…

  99. Bon, je viens de regarder toute la saison 7 de Malcolm, il est maintenant 3 heure du matin et je ne sais plus trop quoi faire ^^

  100. @Tim H If those people would devote a little time in the real world to, say, the prevention of animal cruelty or the support of rape victims it would go a long way to enhancing their credibility.

    Oh man! I am so shame faced. What was I thinking forgetting to mention any volunteer work or charitable donations that I’ve made because otherwise any points made were automatically invalid. But it’s good to see that someone with obviously razor sharp listening skills who is able to ignore what has been said is berating other people for theirs. Nice work there. Nice work. You must have learnt that as part of your extensive voluntary work.

    Also thanks for bringing up that this is just fictional with the implications it is therefore not important, which is so true considering the amount of time that people spend watching TV and discussing it on the internet and off. It’s obvious of course that fictional content has never had an impact and I now declare all English and Media Studies departments closed. Wheee! Lets burn some books and toast some marshmallows to celebrate!

    Opps, I guess I should have written this out in caps in order to drum you out. THAT’S BETTER! /end ramble

  101. Dear Joe,

    I just hear the news about there’s not going to be a SGA movie. I have to admit that I’m really upset, but please don’t take it personally cause at least you put in an effort to do a script.

    How can it be said that the fans have no interest? I can’t speak for all, but alot of us miss the show and the way the series ended left me wanting something more. I want my hero to be happy. He deserves it IMO.

    If some fans have lost interest then it might because we feel cheated. Cheated out of a 6th season for a show that wasn’t running atm. I think that lack of respect for the fans lowered my feelings for the franchise, but not the show and characters.

    How can fans show that we actually care? Farscape fans pooled money to get their movie. Can SGA fans do the same?

    I hope you can address this problem and let those that disbelieve in us fans, that some do want it.

    Thank you for your time.

  102. Without a doubt, you need Grosse Pointe Blank on your list! Cusack in top form. Ackroyd the funniest he’d bee in years or since. Joan nearly steals the film with only 9 minutes of footage. Jeremy Piven, nuff said. Yearly viewing for me.

  103. @ Tim H – Not sure who you’re addressing your comments to, but keep in mind not all of us are talking about the show, or Joe’s comments regarding the show. Also keep in mind that you do not know what any of us do in real life to help others…it might surprise you.


  104. Oh come now Joe, you forgot one of the cinematic classics of all times. I speak of course of the masterpiece that is Blazing Saddles. So what do you think?

  105. @Tim H.

    If those people would devote a little time in the real world to, say, the prevention of animal cruelty or the support of rape victims it would go a long way to enhancing their credibility.

    And how do you know we don’t? And is that drum you’re banging to drown out our concern your credentials?

    The very words we are writing are our credentials; we’re talking and fighting and begging to be heard about the treatment of non-white-male characters in yeah, a fictional program. But we see poor treatment of women on tv all the time and wow, here’s an opportunity to maybe make that better.

    TV is an important medium for entertainment and information and learning; its stories become part of our popular culture and popular consciousness. Stories are important. They help us figure out who we are.

    So some stuff leaked that raised concerns, big concerns, and so a lot of us spoke up about it. Obviously the Stargate world has been one that has been important to us, even while we struggled with some of the stories shown.

    The thing is, we do hear what they are saying. There was an apology and some explanations and it’s not that we want a wholesale agreement – which granted might be hard without giving the entire storyline away – it’s that we’re missing acknowledgment that we’ve been heard, that TPTB get what we’re saying. That hasn’t fully happened yet. Joe came the closest to acknowledging the rape issue when he responded to a previous comment: did he understand that using Camile’s body for sex was rape? And he said yes. (I’m paraphrasing.)

    What we’re looking for is not an agreement but the ackknowledgment that TPTB get the layers of issues of consent, of ableism, of race, and sexual preference and not hand wave all that in order to showcase their cool body-switching toy and have that be a good thing and yay.

  106. Oh, and one last thing: Joe is very gracious in letting us use his blog for this discussion. Thanks, Joe.

  107. On that subject of favourites, has anyone not watched Defying Gravity? It’s a really good Sci fi show with Christina Cox and Laura Harris in the 2 lead female roles(You might remember them from guest appearances in Atlantis).

    The show in general is on the verge of being cancelled, which is a shame because it actually isn’t that bad. The ratings are taking a downward spiral every week.

    Probably a show best suited for Syfy instead of ABC 😀

  108. I just read a synopsis of “The Audition”, and now I feel queasy. Remind me to never listen to you again Joe.

    About anything.



  109. Oh by the way, I realize I went over the 17 year limit with my recommendation but hey this is Mel Brooks and it is Blazing Saddles.

  110. Désolé mais là je tombe de fatigue =( je pense qu’il faudrai mieux que je me léve trés tôt pour mêttre l’un des 1er coms sur un article de votre blog.

    Bonne nuit, demain le reveille sera dur.

  111. The film you’re missing is The Shawshank Redemption. Not only is it one of the best films of the past twenty years, it’s one of the best films of all time. Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins have never been better.

  112. Hey Joe,

    I’m surprised that not one of the Land Before Time movies made your top 20 list. I mean, there are 13 of them to choose from! 20 if you count the sing along.

    Trish 😀

  113. @Bead “Given the track record of the SG franchise to pass of murky sexual pecadillos – “Irresistible” and that wacky fun date-rape herb, that we were treated to *twice*”

    Yes, and let’s not forget the uber-creepy Hathor storyline from SG-1.

    How is the fanbase not clamoring for an SGA movie? Aren’t we? We are!

  114. @dasNdanger

    The rational part of me realizes that there are good guys out there, and that most guys aren’t that bad. The instinctive monkey part of my brain doesn’t.

    One more horror story for you. I remember reading a post on Livejournal not too long ago. The woman related the story of how one day her step-father beat her and raped her. Her mother accused her of seducing him and beating herself up to make up the story. She was 12 at the time.

    As for the Liberian family, the girl was 8. The boys are age 9, 10, 13 and 14. The 14 year old is being tried as an adult. The 9 and 10 year olds have been taken away and put into foster care and are to undergo corrective counseling (The both were found unfit to stand trial. They think the 10 year old can be rehabilitated, but they aren’t sure about the 9 year old). All the accused’s families have lost their refugee registration papers, which work like a passport, so that they cannot leave the country.

    @ Tim H

    Please actually read the comments before putting your foot in your mouth. If you must know, every pet that I’ve had, with a few avian and aquatic exceptions, have been adopted from the ASPCA. I donate to homeless pets at the pet stores. I’m an avid knitter/crocheter and have begun making scarves for Threads of Compassion ( Because airing your opinions and experiences in somewhat open forum that might lead someone to change the way they perceive something has never helped anyone ever, am I right? Boy I just got told. /sarcasm

    And Joe, do those movies have to be made in or after 1992? If so, The Land Before Time was made in the late 80’s and therefore not eligible. I’d like to replace it with the best Disney movie ever: The Lion King.

    Also, I will be a sad panda if there is no SGA movie. I haven’t had a decent dose of Todd in like, months. I am going into withdrawls. But hey, you’ve already written the script so that’s a step in a positive direction.

  115. @Randomness: I’m watching Defying Gravity, but it’s fast losing my interest as it seems to be all about people pairing up romantically. I’m far more interested in the mysterious Beta and the science experiments.

    Given that you seem to be enjoying the show, may Iask what it that draws you in?

  116. @ Caltrix

    Oh dear, it seems I’d successfully forgotten that one. With the whirlpool tub and the…. ::shudders::

    Man, I mainlined SG-1 right before Sam got transferred to Atlantis; watched ten years in about three weeks. Sadly, unlike Jonas, I didn’t remember everything.

    I’d love to see an SGA movie and find out how they get the city back where it’s supposed to be!

  117. Joe —

    According to the Livejournal grapevine the SGA movie is now a no go because Brad Wright has decided there isn’t enough fan interest. Is this true?

  118. @ DC – Yeah…I’m going through Todd-withdrawal too. I miss the big green guy lots. It’s like breaking up with someone – I’m ‘jumping in bed’ with anyone who comes along… Elric, Zenith, and now this Hathaway character from Inspector Lewis. Oh, and Neil Young…young Neil Young. Old Neil Young just kinda looks like me dad… 😕


  119. Here’s hoping this goes through before Joe updates.


    What? Breakup with Todd? Never!

    Here I made you something :3 It’s still processing, so it might not work right away. But in the spirit of Swiffer commercials…:

  120. Oh, GEEZ!!! I didn’t realize that was you, dolfynnchick! THANKS so much for the plushie Todd vid!! Heh. Love his t-shirt. 🙂

    Yeah, I’ve been a real slacker in the Wraith Defenders Club. Sorry. My heart’s just not in it right now…and I don’t want to get my hopes up for the movie until I know it’s a go.

    Thanks again. I’ll never stop loving that squishy green fella! 😀



  121. Ok so all of the arguments seem to be centric on what occurs on the Destiny, on the flip side Wray ends up in on Earth and by the sound of it has intimate time with her other half, so if this indeed happens then Rush, Wray (, her girlfriend/wife) and Perry are all as guilty as each other!

  122. Donnie Darko? no that one sucked. i would pick sixth sense and crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…nah just kidding that movie sucked, i hate foreign movies. and i dont know what the last 17 years were sheesh. the matrix was great though especially if you were a kid whose only idea of existentialism came via toy story.

  123. Thank you so much for the list. I’m always looking for new movies to add to my Netflix queue!

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