Nihongo benkyo o shitte imasu! I’m studying Japanese! It’s well known that the quickest and most comprehensive way to learn a foreign language is total immersion. As a result, I’ve told my friends and co-workers that, for the time being, I will only address them in Japanese and I ask them to only speak to me in Japanese as well (Nihongo hanashite kudasai!). There were some complaints. And no wonder. Their Japanese language skills are atrocious! All the more reason for them to take part.
 I’m amassing a bunch of questions in the mailbag that I’ll start tackling tomorrow. For today, to those asking whether I’ll be blogging while in Tokyo – of course! I’ve blogged through two of my Tokyo trips, the last one starting with this entry: 
Following in the footsteps of Spambait ( and the Weird Food Purchase of the Day (, and ( today I kick off what will hopefully be a recurring feature: the Caption This feature.
How it works – I post an awkward pic and you guys provide an appropriate caption to describe the photo. The winner gets…well, I haven’t decided what the winner gets. But it will no doubt be something very cool that can be cherished forever, like a piece of prop fruit, a personal video message from Script Coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, or a pair of Louis Ferrera’s shoes I’ll sneak out of his trailer.
 Contest rules: There are none. Enter as many times as you like!
Contest ends midnight (PST), Monday August 3rd, 2009.

Okay, we all set? Here’s the pic. Caption this:


So, 45 pages into the season finale and only partway through Act III, I face a tough decision. One script or two? I poked my head into Brad’s office today to give him the heads-up. He’s doing the pass on Sabotage but has planned to write Episode #17. Given that #17 is the only story we have yet to break, it will probably be shifted to season 2 (provided we get that much sought-after pick-up) if my one script becomes two, so I didn’t want him actually starting work on it in the days ahead. Just in case.. After some discussion with the other producers, it was decided that I would proceed and simply write the script I want to write, then take stock at the end of this long weekend. If it’s only slight longish, I’ll simply trim it down and end up with a very tight single script. If I’m outrageously long, I’ll reconfigure the act breaks and end up with two scripts.. All good, except that there’s a just as likely third scenario I fear: I‘m long, but not outrageously so, and end up with a firm script and a half.
Well, guess I’ll know by Tuesday.
In today’s pic ensemble, let’s check out the Stargate: Universe crew in action…
Camera Operater Ryan Purcell and Director Peter DeLuise working out that low angle shot.
Camera Operater Ryan Purcell and Director Peter DeLuise working out that low angle shot.


When he's not directing, Andy Mikita works as a bouncer onboard Destiny.
When he’s not directing, Andy Mikita works as a bouncer onboard Destiny.


Notoriously camera-shy Director Will Waring.
Notoriously camera-shy Director Will Waring.


In the infirmary.
In the infirmary.


Director of Photography Jim Menard and co.
Director of Photography Jim Menard and co.


1st AD Alex Pappas with Gaffer Bruno Bittner
1st AD Alex Pappas with Gaffer Bruno Bittner
Setting up to shoot a scene from Justice, Episode #10.
Setting up to shoot a scene from Justice, Episode #10.


209 thoughts on “July 30, 2009: Sukoshi hanesamasu demo zenzen wakarimasen! Enter the “Caption This” Contest to win…uh…something cool! Episode #20, somewhere between longish and outrageously so! The SGU Crew!

  1. konichiwa!!!! (sa veux dire bonjour en japonais)

    y a pas a dire, la bouffe vous aimez sa!!!!!

    come on to France, near paris(val de marne)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ever writing my question on your last message.

    new question:
    what is the title of episode 20, and it is a cliffanger?


  2. Heya Joe,
    Cool contest. Love the rules/no rules.
    Great news you get to write the script that you want. And of course, love the idea/concept of Season 2.
    Thanks for the pixs…all of them.

  3. Photo caption: Carl, in rehearsals to take over the lead role in the Karate Kid remake

  4. Hey, great idea with the captions. I’ll have to get back to you on mine…we can caption all those pics, right?

    Learning Japanese should be a bit easier for you because of all the anime you have! A few of my friends who studied it at university started watching anime purely for the language immersion (and ended up loving it), so hopefully it helps you learn faster (I remember you saying that you’d picked up a few things from watching subbed stuff).


  5. “I wan’t a small tree here to add some color to the corridors. Nothing too big, it should look like this”

    haha great competition idea Joe


  6. I know nothing of Japanese, except that if you weren’t born there, becoming fluent (reading, writing, and speaking) is virtually impossible. Good luck!

    Caption: You should’ve seen this ship after it landed on the ocean! The water was THIS DEEP!!!

  7. Kombanwa!

    Gambatte, Joe-san!

    よく学びよく遊べ Yoku manabi, yoku asobe!

    (Translation: Do your best, Joe. Study hard and play hard)!

  8. Caption: Invisible midgets! 😀

    @ thor94 – Thanks. I couldn’t figure out why that word just didn’t look right to me.

    @ Joe – Tomatoes? Sure it isn’t lemon-basil pot?? 😉

    @ Narelle – The adventuress in me died a long time ago. There was a time when things were much different, but now…now I just live vicariously – it seems – through pallid fictional characters. 😛

    @ whoever cares – Speaking of vicarious, Justin Chancellor just has to be the most phenomenal bass guitarist in rock music today. Just had to say that. (The connection, of course, is Tool’s song, Vicarious…so, no worries…there was a logical train of thought here. I’m not nuts. )


  9. PS…and yes…my comment would have made much more sense yesterday.

    Cut me some slack, it’s been a long day. Good day, but loooooong.


  10. “So I grabbed Mallozzi with one hand and Mullie with the other and I said, ‘Remember, there’s been a regime change around here, losers” and I tossed them out on their asses.”



  11. Caption: “I’ll get to that re-write just as soon as my nails are dry….”

  12. Caption #2: “‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night…and no one’s gonna save you from the beast about strike…”



  13. Hey, saw Martin Wood on the News Hour today. Seems it was about 41 degrees on their “India” set and only 28 degrees in the real place 🙂

    As for a caption: Caw! Caw! Caw! Captain Crow will smite evildoers (read: Baron Destructo and LAME) with his “Wings of Doom”.

  14. @ Summerland Key Guy – 😆 Ya know – I was gonna do one very similar about Mallozzi, but I like yours better! 😀


  15. Caption: Carl’s suggestion for a crane shot is again mistaken for a bird.

    Is the audience pov for SGU through the Eli Wallace character in the first episode, much like it was through Sheppard in SGA?

  16. Re to caption contest:

    Another example of working at the Quik-E-Mart for more than 96 hours: you start flying around like a hummingbird.

  17. @dasNdanger- Thanks, anytime I can throw something at one of my fav Stargate writers, and get away with it, I’m happy:) Same thing with directors, like with that questions for DeLuise thing. I asked about making Ba’al clones with the Stargate and the Dakara device, knowing that he would laugh as he answered it lol. By the way, my old name on here was Thomas John Brown.. Look it up sometime, it’s funny how DeLuise answered it!

  18. Caption:
    “So…when you say we need to cast two short aliens, are we talkin’ Gary Coleman-short or Billy Barty-short?”

  19. Caption:
    After seeing a hypnotist at a bar the other night, anytime Carl hears the word “Action” he becomes a Chicken.

  20. Caption: “In the event of a crash, use the emergency exits located in the fore, aft and amidships of the Destiny…”

  21. Hello Mr. M,
    The Caption contest concept is awesome… I’ll get back to you on that one!

    I do have one question I am hoping you’ll answer. Is Peter DeLuise scheduled to direct in this second half and if so, which episode would that be?

  22. caption contest – “we were gonna name the ship feeniks – you know, like the bird?” “The Bird?!? You know…rises from the ashes and all that? “It’s a phonetic thing”

  23. Caption: “I feel pretty,
    Oh, so pretty,
    I feel pretty and witty and bright!
    And I pity
    Any girl who isn’t me tonight.

    I feel charming,
    Oh, so charming
    It’s alarming how charming I feel!
    And so pretty
    That I hardly can believe I’m real.

    See the pretty girl in that mirror there:
    Who can that attractive girl be?
    Such a pretty face,
    Such a pretty dress,
    Such a pretty smile,
    Such a pretty me!”

  24. caption 1: jackson tribute: “i can believe I can fly”

    caption 2: He is super top my cameraman!!!!!

    caption 3: trespassers will be prosecuted

    caption 4: Help me!!!!! there is a monster!!!!!

    caption 5:It’s hot in this room

    caption 6: Jim->i am the new santa claus
    other->hurry up, we are late for the round.

    caption 7: bruno->It’s my papa (dady in french and japanese)
    pappas-> It’s my son

    caption 8: staff-> today: cinema break: “nigthmare on board of Destiny”

  25. Caption: I’m a lethal weapon! Stand back!!! I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt while I show the ladies the awesome round house kick I learned while watching Road House!”

  26. Hey Joe,

    Loving the “no rules” caption contest… No ideas yet, but I’m sure enjoying reading other peoples’ suggestions; some of them have made me laugh pretty hard.

    Random question of the day.. Which do you prefer: this hot weather, or the cold winter weather?

    I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about it.. People who like the cold say they can just bundle up; lots of people seemed to prefer this heat… My favourite response was this woman from Winnipeg who said “try 56 degrees below zero, and wind chill and then tell me you’d rather have the winter”.

    I myself prefer the hot weather; I was down in the Galapagos Islands (for a school trip) a couple years ago, and next to that this isn’t really that bad… However, all the stories about the fires that keep cropping up are a bit worrisome, and the air quality seems to be getting worse…


  27. Joe-san, konnichiwa.

    Your Japanese is very well!!
    But there is some mistake. I’ll teach you 😉


    “Sukoshi hanasemasu”

    “Nihongo o benkyo shite imasu!”

    “Nihongo de hanashite kudasai!”

    Mata Nihongo de blog o kaite kudasai.


    …and then the giant space terradactyl swoops down and carries off Dr. Rush. How long is Carlyle’s contract for?

    …and then I started playing both keyboards at the same time! Man, those days with Genesis were the greatest!

    …and then I said, “Joe, you take one more picture of me and I’ll kick your ass. Word.”

    Paul said this Team America shirt makes me look thiiiiis big!

    …you put your hands out like this and make clucking beaks twice before you do the flapping wings with your arms…


  29. Oh, forgot to mention.. My brother and I finished “Last Exile” yesterday. Good thing too, now I can get back to studying for my Biochemistry class 😀 (Just joking.. My first midterm actually went OK)

    I *really* liked Last Exile. There were a couple things about the way it ended with which I was not happy (I really liked Dio), but for the most part I thought it was great…

  30. @Kathy H – I love your caption, I wish I had thought of that!

    Quick question Joe – How much of the crew would you say is continuing on from Atlantis. Are those people mostly the same as in years past, or with a new show, does that mean those are new people as well?

  31. :} SHERYL got here first with my first thought! Although… I was going to fine tune it with “…Walk like a Goa’uld…”

    ;-] Guess I’ll have to come up with something else more pithy!

  32. Ack! What a horrible day to have a broken keyboard!

    Long story short, I spilled water on it and now I have to “type” with the on-screen keyboard. It sucks, hard. My fingers are going stiff with all the clicking!

    Ok, caption:

    “Ok Carl, hold that position for just a little bit longer, I’m just focusing the camera…”
    “Is this going on the blog?”
    “What? Oh, no, of course not. I would never let the fans see you in such an embarrassing position.”
    “Aww, you’re always so nice to me. :D”
    “Right. Ok, don’t smile.”



    At the Bridge Studios, Chrismas in July is celebrated with the decorating of the Carlsmas Tree.

    Thank you for the pics of the crew! Truly, they are the unsung heroes of the production. Have you watched the SGU Comic Con panel yet? In it, Brian J. Smith gives a very sweet shoutout to the crew. It was awesome.

    Don’t look now, Joe, but one of the crew members in that last pic is giving you the evil eye.

  33. for santa claus (jim is same as woody allen on santa clause movie)

    Caption 1v2: “further to the budget restriction, i learn to you to make an alien chicken without special effect”

    caption 4v2: Please!!!!Don’t clear me!!!please!!! Nooooooo!!!!

    caption 5v2: people with short->today, elastic jump, don’t worried, we have just finished the infirmary!! well almost!!

    the man with blacksuit: sigh!!I am damned!!!!

  34. Caption:
    Keep the noise down, guys. Joe might be doing some thinking.

  35. I know that Richard Dean Anderson did a lot of ad libbing, and that consequently all the other actors were forced to do some as well. My questions are: 1. How much did that happen on SGA? and 2. How do you, as a writer, feel about it?

  36. Not fair! Not fair! Others already took mine!

    Caption: Don’t touch me, I just had my nails done!

    Caption: For that scene we will be needing 2 midgets about this tall.

    Caption: Let me entertain you..let me make you smile…

  37. Okay… try this:

    “…Joe..? Put. The. Chopsticks. Down… I swear, I *did* pay the entire dinner bill at Fuel… The receipt… it’s in my pocket… I’m just going to reach in… slowly now… and show you… Okay…?”

  38. Caption: “Give it up Mallozzi! My Flying Crane Style will overcome your Fighting Pug Style any day!”

  39. Caption contest entry: “Joe, if I pose awkwardly like this, will you take a picture for the blog?”

  40. Caption: Carl Binder: Nobody leaves this room until I find my blue Atlantis cap.

  41. Caption… “I should have listened better during those tight rope walking classes”

    Do you have any idea why on the season 8 DVD’s “Threads” is the only episode without a commentary? Actually better why do DVD’s of season 4-7 have commentaries on all episodes” but the later season have it on “most”… I’d have loved to hear what would have been said about Threads… (same goes for SGA too on the one’s missing commentaries there)

  42. caption 3v2: you to pick a quarrel with me????

    caption 8V2: theme song “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
    black T-shirt people:”what did you do, yesterday between 2:00am and 4:00am?”

    White: “euh!! I was in my room, to make a diagnostic”

    red: “What diagnostic?”

    white: “it is a secret’

    black” It’s not a secret, we know that you used the KINO to spy the men during their shower”

    white:” No it’s wrong, I tested the KINO mobility”

    red: “And it was necessary to test his on my shower? I have seen the sphere.

    White: “but!!”

    Red and black: ” Not but!! Your are guilty.
    The sentence: You will be sent on knickers during a day on a desert planet, and the KINO will transmit our action on all the ship.

  43. Carl Binder: The man with three arms.

    (Seriously, anyone else see that piece of flesh under his left arm?)

  44. Okay, just one more. Poor Carl. He’s going to kill you Joe!

    Caption: Do I have any sweat marks under my arms?

  45. caption 2v2: ryan->I have an anecdote: deluise had wee-wee at bed until 9 years old.
    deluise-> I kill him!!!!! I vow, that I will kill him!!!

  46. 😆 Thanks for the laughs, everyone!

    Joe – this might just be a bigger hit than your party! *thumbs up*


  47. caption: “and this is where the unfinished manual override navigation controls would have been”

  48. My caption:

    No, Joseph-san. I’m pretty sure when he did that nifty “crane” move he was balanced on the right foot. Next move we learn is “chocolate on, chocolate off.”

  49. Caption:
    “If you find one of the Destiny’s hidden trapdoors, assume this position.”

  50. caption: These are my two imaginary friends. They’re sensitive about their height, so no short jokes, alright?

  51. Caption: “Look, Geppetto! I’m a real boy now…aw, crap. Can somebody cut these strings, please?”

  52. Caption this: Carl whining yet again… “I don’t know why they made Noah Wyle The Librarian. I mastered the Language of the Birds first. Caww caww chicka chicka caw.”

  53. Caption: Carl trying to sell his ‘fortune telling dead parrot ghost for a DHD’ idea. Again.

  54. Love the caption idea. Can’t think of anything appropriately brilliant for this one, but hopefully later ones will inspire me.

  55. caption 1:(sissy voice)
    behhhh!! I get dirty , to touch the destiny!!
    help me!!! where i can wash them!!!

  56. Note to self: Do not read captions from other people while drinking water at the computer. Water and keyboards do not mix.

    Hey, y’all took my captions.

    Carl: Caw, caw (that’s all I could come up with!)

  57. Caption:

    “Don’t taze me bro”

    or My favorite

    “You need to be at least this tall to ride”

  58. Carl practises for next week’s directorial methodology lesson – using puppets to show the actors their moves.

  59. Oh you guys are good!! You have me laughing my ass off!! If only it were that easy! 😀
    Caption this: “Carl Binder doing his best ET impression”

  60. Hi Mr M!!

    You just KNOW I love Caption Contests:

    No 1 : “Thank you for flying Destiny Airlines, our top speed will be FTL, drinks will be passed around shortly, The Emergency Exits are here and here”

    No 2: “Hey guys…ah….Charlie Cohen was on the phone…we’ve gone WAY over budget…so…ehmm…I the tree in Scene 2….OK?”

    No3 : “C’mon guys…that’s not funny…you know I NEED those Oxygen cylinders….they were RIGHT HERE!”

    No 4: Destiny Cheer Leader Extraordinaire: Carl Binder:
    “GIMME AN “M” For MALLOZZI”….Goooooooo SGU!”

    No 5: Carl still has flash-backs to the failed Script Pitch for a Disney Remake of Swan Lake….

    No 6: Carl still has flash backs to the failed Walk on Role for Bruno

    No 7: “I’m a little Tea pot, short and stout…….”

    More later!


  61. Hello Joseph!! ça va ?

    Contente de passer un peu sur votre blog!!
    Merci pour ces photos ça fait plaisir de voir toutes les têtes de la production =)

    Moi mes vacances se passent super bien =) en plus il fait trés beau!!

    Passer une bonne semaine
    Bisou, à bientôt!

  62. Quick question, does anyone know the dimensions of the Destiny, it looks big, or it did on my 42″ screen but then looks tiny on my 10″ screen, so anyone know what the actual dimensions are meant to be, how many decks it has and so on….

    oh and caption = “I want the insane killer sparrow to go like this…..”

  63. Cool, I love competitions.

    Caption 1: Next week I’m trying out for Canadia’s Next Top Hand Model. Is this fierce enough?

    Caption 2: The hairy-lipped screenwriter defends his territory with a flamboyant display designed to warn off any curious rivals.

    Cheers, Chev

  64. Captions Continued:

    “So, by the time the jaccuzzi stopped….the crew were up to here in water”

    “Have you seen the fan-mail for the SGU cast already?….It’s up to here”

    “Remind me NOT to play basketball for 5 hours continuously”

    More later


  65. Caption

    “I plan on hiring two dwarves this high to spin the gate”

  66. Nothing for the caption — too early in the day! — but dang, dang, dang. I’m not so sure I can stand keeping up with your Tokyo blog. As a Japanophile (who will be going back again Sept for 5 days just to see some concerts in Osaka) I can’t help but always be jealous of folks who get to go *and* live it up. My budget keeps the eats on the yasui end, where there is obviously no lack of fabulousness in Tokyo, but still, I’m gonna be raging the jealous as you report in from the upper end of the foodie spectrum. *sigh* I gotta find me a rich otaku or something. XD

  67. One more and I’ll stop….promise…

    “OK People, I know the “Only mission is Survival” but can I have 2 cup holders in my chair please….”


  68. Caption: Carl re-enacts his favorite music video: Walk like an Egyptian!

    Have a great weekend!

  69. caption: I do not mince! This is how a REAL man walks

    Kudos for the Japanese learning Joe, remember it’s like that wise old Japanese man used to say

    aitsu hokyu tamanikizu kotoniyotte hashi benjiru mokutekiwotsuranuku nanimokamo

    or something like that depending on who you ask.

  70. CAPTION:

    I’m sure this is how the Macarena goes…



    …and this pterodactyl came out of nowhere and ate the huge fish I’d just landed.


    ..and it was like….oh…and I was like Eww, and she was like NO WAY….

  71. Caption 1:
    “Look, I can play TWO invisible pianos at the same time!”

    Caption 2:
    “Flying? Don’t tell me you can’t do it.”

  72. Hi Joe!

    Here are 2 my daughter and I came up with:

    “Please keep your arms and feet in the ship at all times”
    “If you want to go throught the Stargate, you must be taller than this.”

    Have a great weekend!! 🙂

  73. Caption:
    Carl presenting his ideas for 1st Lt. Matthew Scott’s new alien love interest – “So I’m thinking more like WINGS…”

  74. Caption: “When I woke up this morning my arms were frozen like this….amd my legs were like……”

  75. Caption This entry: “Now that the third season of Torchwood has aired, I was thinking that maybe we could borrow their pterodactyl. We never actually got to see the T. Rex on Atlantis, so we can totally get away with a dinosaur planet on Universe. Whaddya think? Guys? Guys, where are you going?”

  76. Oooh, just thought of another Caption:
    “After a pair of Sodan cloaking devices go missing from the Prop Department, Carl Binder thinks he may have apprehended the people responsible.”

  77. Caption: Half way through trying to explain Karate Kid to David Blue, Carl realizes he can’t balance on one leg.

  78. Joe, Just read about Japan having some unemployment problems, Good that you are going, to help stimulate the economy and have fun too, and the anime is in trouble too, not sure what thats all about, but thought you should case you want to shop for me, I mean you…hmm, Have a great day.
    I don’t know what the heck Carl is up to in the shot,
    –Put your right hand in, put your right hand out,,,whats up. I want to do both at the same time..

  79. Ha! You didn’t have to translate the Japanese for me, at least! Your romanji is actually pretty good, too.

    “Carl recounts how he blew his audition to be the Indian chief in the Village People: I could never get the Y quite right…”

    “No, no. The Furlings in this scene are THIS tall…”

  80. Caption:
    “If the plane … uh, spaceship – crashes in water, please use the emergency exits on this and this side. Thank you for your time and enjoy the ride through the universe with Destiny Fly.”


  81. I forgot that I wanted to ask a question.

    Are you planning on having any guest directors on SGU this year? I was thinking about David Winning, whom I’m sure would be delighted to come back for an ep.

    You appear to be very good with languages; not surprising since we use the same side of the brain to write as we do to speak. You also seem to have a great interest in Asian culture. Where did that stem from? Do you ever see yourself living and working in Japan?


  82. Caption:

    “Inconceivable, you say? Well. Trust me, if you flap long enough the power generated will grow a hydropondic tomato!”

  83. Not a caption for submission, just a personal indulgence: “And if there had been a season 6 of Atlantis, I planned to write an episode where all the Wraith were fops and walked around like this.”


    Joe – I do not envy you your task! Too many funny ones! How will you ever choose??! Eenie, meenie, miney, moe?



  84. AARG-H-H-H! OMG — everyone here is TOO funny, I’m choking & laughing simultaneously.

    My entries for the contest:
    Caption 1 “…in scene 4 the F302’s come sweeping in to save the day, like this…”

    Caption 2 “What, you never heard of the Sicilian Binders? I talk with my hands — okay? Get over it.”

    Caption 3 “Just so I’m clear, we strap Mallozzi down and then do what to him…?”

    Caption 4 “Joe, drop that camera and let me lean on you ‘bro”

    Caption 5 “A little help here guys?! I can’t drop my arms… owzies! ”

    I admit, I can’t compete with the true funnies that have gone before…


  85. Caption: I am NOT impressed with Brad’s mainicure skills. Look at these tips! What a hot mess!

    Have fun in Tokyo!

  86. “Are you sure the Destiny is powered by human flapping?”
    “Yes, Carl. Shut up and get on with it.”

  87. Caption of the Week:
    Rob: Carl you idiot, There is only one spout on the teapot!
    Carl: How should I know, I drink coffee.

  88. Caption: “Oooooh! Can we have it be like ‘Flight of the Navigator??!?!”

  89. So you’re learning Japanese… Well, that way you’ll soon (hopefully) be able to watch anime without downloading subtitles, hehe. Learning Japanese is also on my list of to-do things in my life, just because it’s cool to say ‘I can speak Japanese’. And of course because Japan is such a beautiful country.

    Regarding the script: please make it two scripts, two episodes. You don’t want to have another Enemy at the Gate, which was the most disappointing episode ever for me. The story was good and very interesting, but everything was done so rushed and so quick… Yep, there’s a border between fast-paced and rushed, and EatG crossed that very border. There was no build-up to things at all, everything just seemed to happen. And how can you have a good climax when there isn’t any buildup? (and don’t let me talk about the wormhole drive… I almost thought it was put in just to annoy us. ‘the hive ship has already arrived at Earth!’ ‘damnit, and we are nowhere near… with this hyperdrive it will still take a couple of hours.’ ‘oh, but I just found some ancient research to a wormhole drive! it can instantly warp us to Earth!’ ‘wha…’ ‘yep… it’s very dangerous though.’ ‘Okaaaay… do it anyway, so we can arrive before the commercial break’.)

    And since you’re (presumably, that is) in a question-answering mood, can you give a few words on the ‘Destiny is the Clava Thessara Infinitas’-theory? (no comment counts as a few words too)
    – Clava Thessara Infinitas = key to infinite treasure
    – the universe is infinite
    – the ancients were explorers, for them a whole universe to explore would be a treasure
    – the Destiny is the ‘key’ to exploring the universe
    – Destiny is the key to infinite treasure
    – Destiny is the Clava Thessara Infinitas
    – Dialing the Destiny requires 9 chevrons
    – Cla-va Thes-sa-ra In-fi-nit-as (nine parts, nine constellations, 9 chevrons)
    – The last chevron is the point of origin, in this case for the Destiny it’s ‘as’. Thus, dialing the Destiniy requires ‘as’ as the point of origin.
    – Which explains why they dial the Destiny from Icarus Base instead of SGC or one of the alpha/beta etc sites. Icarus Base is built on a planet which has ‘as’ as point of origin.

  90. Caption: Carl practicing for his marionette puppeteering.

    Nice idea fora feature on the blog!

  91. In this rare behind the scenes look at the new “STARGATE UNIVERSE”….. Carl Binder explains to the cast the scientific and technical attributes of the Destiny’s “(F)aster than (L)ight (A)dvanced (P)ropulsion (S)ystem” or F.L.A.P.S. for short.

  92. Caption: Cue music:
    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread my wings and fly away
    I believe I can soar
    I see me running through that open door
    I believe I can fly, I believe I can fly
    I believe I can fly.

  93. Caption: Carl Binder exhibits the deadly Canadian Flapping Crane style of directing.

    Do itashimashite.

  94. WARNING: Do not read this blog entry and responses while at work. Spontaneous human combustion could occur while laughing your ass off. Uncontrolled tears from laugher will not put out the fire.

    So much to choose from…! Hilarious! (Again, poor Carl.)

  95. Caption :
    Carl – “Sure, it’s been done before… and I know it sounds expensive… but these Hobbits are invisible!”

  96. Caption: “Yeah, so, like, Das sent us some way cool brownies and I ate some, and then, like, man, I feel like a loon…”.

    Elway’s in the hospital today, was not right this morning, high temp, ataxia, wish us luck. I’m worried. I’m tired of worrying. He’s “ok for now” (doctor), but we’re keeping a close eye, many blood tests, the works. Oi. Later, guys.

  97. Caption: A quick pit stain check before the real photo.

    Caption: (inspired by suziesbluefeather) There is a writer standing here with wet hands.

    We’ve had the coolest July since ’84 around here, BTW.

  98. Oh, someone beat me to the wet hands thing. Oh well, at least there’s a cool breeze coming through my window.

  99. Captions:

    “Good, Neo. Tank – load the Jump Program.”

    “My Life a a Very Bad Mime.”

    “Great, Carl. Now, bark like a chicken and cluck like a dog.”

  100. Wow Joe, looks like your caption contest is popular! I haven’t seen this many comments since…your 1000th entry party, but besides that, not for a long time!

    Caption: Uh, Carl…that’s not how you dance to “I’m a little teapot”

  101. Oh and my question for the mailbag: The nineth cheveron leads to destiny. Is that all it leads to? Will we find out more on this and can you elaborate more on the subject?

  102. Caption: Carl trieing to explain how deep the perverbial @### is getting on budget issues!

  103. Caption:
    The Stargate group had the battle of the bands all but won until Carl got confused about Chuck Berry’s famous duck walk.


    Pretty fly for a white guy

  104. That caption contest is great, I’m ROFLMAO here…

    “Okay people, we’re short on building material, so instead of a bar and tables, the Destiny night club will have several eh.. dwa… eh.. midge… what do you call ‘em? Little people, about yay high, that you can lean on, and the good thing is, they will hold your drinks for you.”

  105. Caption: The Karate Kid can be totally cool in space…Think about how long we can hold the pose in Zero-G!

  106. caption: ‘and the first prize for the scarecrow competition goes to…’
    Carl – ‘pick me! pick me!’

  107. So, how’s your Spanish?

    I learned today that the Fox TV show, Mental, is filmed in Bogota, Columbia.

    From the article, “ Fox hit TV series ‘Mental’ brings Hollywood to Colombia”:

    Producers chose to film the 13 episode drama series, set in the psychiatric department of a Los Angeles hospital, in a 1,500 meter square Bogota TV studio.

    Why Bogota?

    “Basically because of production costs,” Samuel Duque, the vice president of Fox Telecolombia Production and Operations told El Colombiano.

    “To make the show in Colombia costs about half of what it would cost to make it in an L.A. studio,” Duque said.

    I originally thought the show was being filmed in Vancouver because I recognized so many actors from Stargate and other Vancouver-based shows.

    I had no idea until I read the article that your buddy, Mike Dopud, must have flown to Bogota for his recent gig on “Mental”.

  108. Captions:
    1. And then DeLuise says to David Blue, “I swear everyone in the cast walks through the gate like this”

    2. This is how you surrender to Ewoks!

    3. Ya, go ahead, try and get the handcuffs on me now!

    Shirt ‘n Tie you were the first to get my favourite: I’m a little tea pot.

    This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

  109. Caption 1: I have jets in my hands…just like Ironman. Really!

    Caption 2: The fish was this big! And gay to boot!

    Caption 3: And this is mine. And this is mine. (Only funny if you watch Red Dwarf)

  110. @ Waybeyond… ¿Colombia? ¡Qué padre!

    Trans.: Colombia? Cool!

    If anyone wants to hire an interpreter/translator, Joe knows how to reach me…and I am semi-serious about the offer.

    BA Spanish, fluent 30+ years, planning to take post-grad translation courses. I’m pretty sure my passport’s up to date, have been told I sound Colombian, and have been regularly watching “Betty la Fea” for comprehension.

  111. Caption: So has anyone seen my two besties? They’re about yay high and answer to the names of Francine and Jimmy?….No? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  112. CAPTION:

    Carl re-enacts his audition for the new Thunderbirds movie.

    or, how about…

    No, no, no…I’m sure; THIS is where the Atlantis ‘Piano’ was.

  113. Ok, I have to quit going to bed and checking this blog the next day. 185 postings this time, and chockful of captions. I’ve skipped reading most of them, but I’ll go back and do so once I come up with a few captions myself.
    As a child, I spent a year living in tokyo, and while I was never fluent in the language, I had picked up a bit. Alas, that does not translate into reading Japanese words. Or remembering what those words mean once I hear them. I have found that watching Samurai movies helps me remember fragments of the language though. And were I masochistic, I have some old VHS tapes with Japanese soap operas on them….if you should want to borrow them, let me know. I can also burn them to dvd. Just the thought of you watching those oldies is enough to make me snicker. Looking forward to the mail bag later today.

  114. @ Deni – I hope Elway will be okay.

    Kinda busy, but I gotta ask…why does everyone think I’m a pothead? 😆 I have never ever smoked…anything. However, back when I was a kid I did pull out a marijuana plant that was growing in my grandparent’s back yard…just to prove that it grew wild in Iowa. Did I smoke the plant? No. Did I eat it? No. You know what I did with it?? I did what every good geeky nerd does and taped it in my scrapbook, where it stayed until it dried up and disintegrated.

    That’s as close to ‘cool’ as I ever got. 🙄


  115. hi joe, not sure if you would allow swearing in the caption, but here goes

    “See this, here, this is MySpace! Don’t give my any of that Facebook crap!”

    sorry if this offends anyone that prefers Facebook to MySpace, I prefer facebook, it’s just that MySpace made more sense for this picture!

    Question for Joe, was there any filming held up during the time that Lou Diamond Philips was on I’m A Celebrity Get me out of here? It was on a short while ago over here in Britain and I wasn’t sure how long ago it was broadcast in the states. was filming delayed waiting for him to come out of the jungle or was i’m a celebrity… all wrapped up before SGU filming commenced?

  116. “Jonathan Livingston Binder.” Nice. I like that one.

    Also “Pretty Fly for a White Guy.”

  117. Caption: check this out noobs, this is what you look like after you pass through the stargate, you guys got that?

  118. @Das: Never ever thought you were a pothead darlin’, just a little, well, kooky 🙂 We all love you, you know that!

    Elway’s home, sleeping since he got here, but we’re hoping that cutting down on his Potassium Bromide will help. Poor guy, hate seeing him like this. I’ve gotta try to get some sleep! Have a great night, everybody!

  119. Caption: This is my area, this is my personal space, i know we are bonding and all but honestly you guys go too far with the touching.

  120. You sure you didn’t subconsciously want the script to go long so you’d get to write two episodes instead of one? I ‘spose longer is better than shorter, right? 🙂

    Still trying to finish SOD. Gotta get reading. Up to pg 119, only 300 to go.

    Cheers, Chev

  121. This caption thing is cool but I hope it doesn’t kill the regular comments and discussions.

    So Joe, have you come across My Japanese Teacher? I like the Japanese slang.

    How’s your accent tho’? Do you sound even a little bit Japanese. Even when I learnt another language in high school I still sounded so Australian. Just not good with languages. Perhaps you could video yourself saying something in Japanese.

    Cheers, Chev

  122. Caption: Ok now I want you to move your arms just like a bird, but an awkward one.

  123. Caption 1: Carl is showing everyone on the set, the impressive moves he’s learned in his ballet classes yesterday!!!

    Caption 2 :Carl Binder is distracting crew members and actors with a “séance” of “Guess what “while Joe leaves the set to sneaks out a price from Louis Ferreira’s trailer for his new caption game.

    Caption 3 :Carl is practicing in front of an audience, the number he plans to present in the Canadian version of America‘s got talent.

    Caption 4: Carl’s re-enacting the moves of the YMCA song. He was actually saying just before he was cought on camera: ” Yes, I’m telling you, it was like that, I’ve done it a million times”.

  124. Caption attempt: “And to demonstrate, the Ancient two-step goes something like this…”

  125. “… and then you shake your tailfeather. And by ‘tailfeather’ I mean ass. I swear, it’s the best exercise ever – it’s how I stay trim. Seriously, line dancing is for losers, guys.”

  126. Captions ( I got a little carried away!)

    1. “I’m telling you I saw a couple of the Fourth Race, about so high, running around the Destiny set. And for the last time they don’t look anything like Ewoks Eli!”

    2. ‘Bird flu has found it’s way aboard the Destiny, because the writers didn’t feel being stuck on the other side of the Universe was bad enough’

    3. ” I was watching Karate Kid last night and thought Chloe Armstrong could try the crane kick on the first bad boy she sees.”

    4. “I know this isn’t my best idea but I was thinking, for lack of a pair of red shoes. The Destiny crew could lift their two arms to shoulder height stand on their right leg and drop their elbows three times, while bobbing their heads back and fourth, saying ‘We wish we were back home in the Milky Way Galaxy’.”

    5. “Joe, I’ve got it! Run!”

    Ichiroheian o inoru Joe.

  127. Hello, Joe,

    Happy August!


    “Furlings, Furlings! You know, little guys, like the Nox…stand about this tall…Have you seen them?”

  128. Captions:

    1) Did anybody see my two Furlings? They are about this size.

    2) Spread your wings and fly away, fly away, fly away. ….

    3) Hula dancing competition – just imagine… a lei, a Hawaiian shirt, …

  129. Captions (probably lame, but hey, may as well join in!):

    1) Carl enacts the big bird mating dance of planet ‘Sez-am-ee St’reet’.

    2) Carl distracts Joe and the crew with his ‘dance of the two snakes’ while Ashleigh, behind him, prepares a surprise for Joe…

    3) “I’m telling you, that Ancient machine gave me levitating hands – see?”


  130. Captions


    Confuscious say person who strikes pose like this has much success in their television endeavours and shows they are involved in get renewed for many seasons!!


    Da plane, da plane!!!


    Wait I’m chanelling the Asgard!!


    It appears Carl is also Ashleigh’s puppet…

  131. Caption(s):

    –“I’ll do it when my fingernails dry!”

    — “Caw!”

    –“This is how the birdies fly!”

    –“If I move my hands, I’ll fall over.”

    –“Balancing is such a chore.”

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