Several weeks ago, when SyFy (sic?) and MGM first approached me about becoming the official behind-the-scenes voice for the new Stargate: Universe series and simul-posting on (sic?) I was admittedly leery.  As someone who has made it a point to post a daily entry going on 2+ years now, the last thing I need are restrictions as to what I can write about and when, and I made that clear.  Even though I do love the show and the people I work with, I really think I’d be hard-pressed to produce a Stargate-themed post every day.  Sure, at the beginning it would be all thrilling behind-the-scenes snaps and episode teasers but, three or four months down the line when I’m dedicating entries to what I saw actor Jamil Walker Smith eat for lunch or how director Will Waring has been combing his hair differently, we’d all be sorry. 

Some people drop by this blog to get the latest info on the Stargates (SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe) while others stop in for our genre-specific book of the month club discussions and guest author Q&A‘s, while still others visit for the restaurants reviews, Baron Destructo’s inspired correspondence with overseas scammers, and the Weird Food Purchase of the Day video installments.  But a thoroughly unscientific study reveals that the vast majority of you frequent this blog for updates on the gastrointestinal issues that plague my dogs on a semi-regular basis.  So, how to be fair to all the Stargate fans, literati, foodies, voyeurs, dog-lovers, people with nothing better to do, and those who mistakenly stumble upon this blog while surfing the net for funny pictures of hairless chinchillas?  Well, the easiest thing would be for me to do what I’ve been doing – keep this blog’s topics fresh and varied enough to ensure that all of the different target audiences are bored and/or offended in equal amounts.  The gang at SyFy suggested a compromise whereby only the posts I categorize as Stargate-related would make an appearance on 

All well and good, but what exactly constitutes a Stargate-related post?  I mean, take today’s entry for instance.  I’m talking about blogging, specifically about blogging about Stargate, but I’m not really blogging “about” Stargate.  If, say, over the course of an entry dedicated to an account of the pleasant evening I spent opening every bottle in my liquor cabinet to sniff their various contents (Hey, root beer schnapps really smells like root beer!) and I happened to mention something like the fact that one of Earth’s battleships will be making an appearance in the SGU series premiere or, just out of the blue, post a picture like this –

Peter Deluise (foreground) directs actor Justin Louis (background) on the Destiny gateroom set (Stage 4).
Peter Deluise (foreground) directs actor Justin Louis (background) on the Destiny gateroom set (Stage 4).

– should that entry be deemed worthy of a Stargate categorization?  Or what if I spend the entire entry yammering on about how I’m pretty sure they changed the recipe to Fresca because I remember the old Fresca being a lot more bitter even though I admit that my opinion could have been colored by my much younger and more impressionable taste buds and then happen to answer a Stargate-related question in the mailbag, would that warrant a Stargate categorization? 

Hard to say, hard to say.  Well, one thing’s for certain.  Now that my entries are being simul-posted on, all those behind-the-scenes and on-set pics and videos are being fast-tracked through the approval process and, as a result, you’ll soon be treated to sneak peeks of the Destiny set, the shuttle in Stage 2, and footage of actor Brian J. Smith changing his shoes between set-ups. 

As for those of you who have been following this blog on a regular basis, continue posting your questions, comments, macadamia nut brownie recipes, and involved conversations amongst yourselves that have nothing to do with me.  It’ll be business as usual here.  Except for the following slight changes:

1. Instead of our ongoing book of the month club in which we read and discuss selections in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, we’ll be doing a paranormal occurrence  of the month club in which we watch and discuss selections in the fields of Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, and Unexplained with George Noory.

2. Instead of guest authors, the Q&A’s will now focus on your favorite SyFy Channel network executives.  Today, I start taking questions for Junior Chief Financial Officer in Charge of International Salary Disbursement and Accounts Receivable Judith Lepkowtiz.  So start posting those questions!!!

3. The adorable dog videos I’ve been uploading will be doing the occasional crossover with original SyFy programming.  In next week’s episode, my pug Jelly joins the Destination Truth crew in a trip down the Amazon in search of the legendary Crocophantski – part crocodile, part elephant, and part Polish on its mother’s side; while, in an upcoming home video, Eureka’s Colin Ferguson chases my French bulldog Lulu around the backyard for 45 seconds, then stops to eat mud with her.

4. My Weird Food Purchase of the Day video installations will continue, except that instead of trying weird or exotic food and drink, I’ll now be sampling pieces of the weird and exotic monster suits, prosthetics and animatronics featured in the various SyFy original movies.  Mega Snake tastes just like chicken!  Mansquito, not so much.

5. Less restaurant critiques and more wrestling reviews (ie. The hitherto mundane match was elevated by a hint of suplex, surprisingly subtle in its delivery, that segued into a delightful pumphandle fallaway slam.  I was intrigued by the ensuing course, a delightful gorilla press accompanied by generous helpings of arm drags and a soupcon of dragon screw leg whip.  Although the spinebuster failed to impress in its artistry, events were topped off by an inspired inverted atomic drop.  Service was prompt and courteous.”            

And that’s it.  Hopefully, these minor changes won’t impact your enjoyment of this blog.

Today’s entry is dedicated to long-time reader and recent graduate Belouchi.  Congratulations.  Now go get a job!

P.S. My French bulldog Lulu has only vomited a couple of times since I switched her over to that raw food diet. 

P.P.S. It’s taking forever for those two Cornish game hens in my fridge to defrost.  I’m thinking of moving them into the vegetable crisper.


No.  YOU!  Michael Shanks back in familiar surroundings.
No – YOU! Michael Shanks back in familiar surroundings.
Today’s mailbag:

PG15 writes: “1. What is episode 10 of SGU now?
2. Was “Space” moved because a). one of the episodes before it was expanded into a 2-parter or b). another episode (it could be a whole new one, or one that was later than Space, but was moved ahead of it) was added to the line up before “Space”? or c). none of the above?
3. Has the episode “Justice” been renamed “Judgment” like you wanted, or was that just a typo?
4. With Lawren being the script coordinator, does that mean that he will take over Alex’s duties on the SciFi Stargate blog as well?

Answers: 1. Episode 10 is now Justice. 
2. d) one of the above.
3. No, it’s always been Justice.  Though, in retrospect, I think Judgment is more appropriate.
4. I believe so.

PG15 also writes: “ […]  I don’t know how to feel abou this. Are they expecting you to be more “formal”?”

Answer: Yep.  I now have to wear a tie while composing my blog entries though, interestingly enough, the contract fails to include a pants clause.

Elissa writes: “Can you please tell us if Ben Browder is going to be in the third SG-1 movie? We’ve heard about everyone else already….hell, you’re even holding things up for Amanda Tapping.”

Answer: We are?  Heads up – I think you may have dreamt that part.  Also, the secret location of the hidden treasure revealed by your neighbor’s cat.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Will water’s events include young and Scott being stranded somewhere together?
2. Will sgu still have the normal dose of stargate action?
3. Will Martin Wood be directing universe anytime soon?
4 Will there be any crossover races in universe?
5. Have you read Fahrenheit 451 yet? If you did did you like it?
6. Which SGU character are you most interested in so far?”

Answers: 1. Sounds great.  I can’t wait to see if this plays out when the episode airs.
2. Yep.  Action, adventure, humor, pathos, gravitas, veritas, demi-tasse.
3. Nope.  He’s busy on Sanctuary.
4. No plans to have any crossover races in the new show.
5. I have.  I preferred The Martian Chronicles.
6. Like any right-minded parent who is asked to choose between their beloved children, I would say that the intensity of my love and order of favorites varies from day to day,  dependent upon the show material we happen to be shooting, watching, or reading.

Grace writes: “Speaking of Comic-Con, will you be gracing us with your presence this year?”

Answer: Don’t know.  Last year the budget was kind of tight (poor Executive Producer Robert Cooper had to share a hotel room with that monkey from Speed Racer) and I ended up deferring to Martin Gero who did a terrific job as panel moderator (only tasering three fans – down two from last year!).  As for this year, in the words of The Jetson’s Astro “rI ruh roh”.

StellaByStargate writes: “We know RDA is making a guest appearance on SGU…and we know AT is also making a guest appearance on SGU. Is there any chance that they might actually be appearing in the same episode, or would that be entirely too much to hope for?”

Answer: Far be it for me to crush your hopes and aspirations, so long as those hopes and aspirations don’t involve you making a sequel to Crank 2.  Then we’re cool.

Belouchi writes: “1. After the events of Enemy at the gates, all three earth ships were diabled after the battle with the super hive…. however we don’t know what happened to the Sun tzu…. will it be salvaged or written off like the Korolev?
2. Joe, out of all the planets in the Pegasus galaxy with a stargate or mentioned in the Ancient Atlantis database… what would you say the percentage of them visitied by the team through the five seasons?”

Answers: 1. The Sun Tzu is still out there.
2. Roughly…mmm…I don’t know.  I’d imagine that, over the course of the expedition’s five year stay in the Pegasus Galaxy, they maybe got around to exploring 10% of the gated worlds “in the Ancient database”.  If the show had been picked up for 45 more seasons like we’d planned, then they could’ve explored them all.

Ruffles writes: “  1. How much time has passed since Enemy at the Gate?
2. Why is the team split up?
3. Any good scenes with Sheppard and Todd or Ronon and Todd?
4. Will our favorite supporting characters (Lorne and Zelenka) be featured?
5. Any Shep whump? (Come on! We’re dying here!)
6. Will any SG-1 or SGU characters be involved?
7. Any details on when production might start?”

Answers: 1. Well, it aired January 9th, so almost three months.  Oh, if you’re wondering about in relation to SGU – maybe days.  And if you’re wondering in relation to the Atlantis movie – maybe a week.
2. The explanation is too long and involved for this blog.  It might be easier if I just sent you a copy of the script.
3. “Good” is such a relative term.  For instance, my wife insists that, over the course of her life, she has enjoyed a “good” kiwi – something I find very hard to believe.  Do I think there is a good Sheppard and Todd or Ronon and Todd scene (or scenes) in the movie?  Yeah, I do.
4. Yep.  Both will be making significant contributions.
5. Yep.
6. Nope.

Airelle writes: “How is the short story coming? ready for proofreading yet? Have you heard back from the astronomer fellows on the Q&A?”

Answer: I plan to complete my first draft of the short story next week, send it off for feedback, work on the re-write, and then send it to my editor by month’s end.  He is, no doubt, impatiently awaiting its arrival.  Or, more than likely, has forgotten all about it.  As for the Q&A with potential-killer-asteroid-co-discoverers Dave Tholen and Roy Tucker – the boys have had their hands full with cosmic matters but will be sending their responses my way in good time.

Shawna Buchanan writes: “Would you ever want to do a “canon” Stargate comic, like Joss Whedon has done with Buffy?”

Answer: No personal interest in doing a Stargate comic although I do have an original series I’ve been kicking around…

Narelle from Aus writes: “Want me to go away again?”

Answer: No, Narelle, I keep telling you – I need you around to scare off the riff-raff and raccoons.

AnneTeldy writes: “1. Did you get my letter?
2. Some time ago, you mentioned a very slight possibility that Major Anne Teldy and team would be in the movie. Will I they be?”

Answers: 1. I did.  And I’m on it.
2. Alas, they won’t be in the Atlantis movie.  Maybe the next one?

Sandra writes: “have to ask: what kind of camera do you have? How much do you do manually, and how much do you let the camera do automatically? How long do you take setting up a shot? Do you bring your camera with you everywhere you go? Do you have trouble focusing in macro?”

Answer: I use a 60 GB, 10.2 mega pixel, 1080 HD Sony Handycam – although I should everything in SD.  I let the camera do everything it can automatically on account of my inherent laziness, but will switch off the flash so as not to distract the actors on set or wake up actor David Blue while he’s sleeping.  I take no time setting up a shot (and it shows!).  I bring my camera with me almost everywhere.  And I have not trouble focusing on macro but this script rewrite is another thing entirely.

Patricia Lee writes: “Will you be doing any more WFPoTD and what ever happened to the tasting of the weird alcohols you and Carl and Ivon were going spend a weekend demonstrating for the amusement of your faithful blog readers?”

Answer: When the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be doing both.  Right now, I’m still recovering from a chocolate hangover.

Ascended Tauri writes: “How much has Mr.Scalzi been contributing the Universe progress? Has he stopped back in Vancouver since he was there originally?”

Answer: While he hasn’t been back in Vancouver, John has been reading and supplying notes on all the scripts to date.

Davidd writes: “Do you ever watch the TV show called “Entourage”?”

Answer: I watched the first three seasons.

Kaycee writes: “What sort of areas would you direct someone to look to for starting to write their first screenplay?”

Answer: Pick up one of Syd Field’s book and learn the craft, then read a bunch of existing scripts and screenplays.  If you’re thinking of writing for television, watch a lot of t.v.  If you’re thinking of writing for movies, watch a lot of movies.

Narcissus writes: “The Vancouver Set Tour 2009 included a visit to the set of the U.S.S. General Hammond, does that mean it’ll make an appearance in Stargate Universe?”

Answer: It’ll certainly be making an appearance somewhere.

TBA writes: “Regarding the SGA movie: is there any chance the Genii and Ladon Radim might pop up?”

Answer: Nope.

TBA also writes: “How much backstory do the Universe characters have?”

Answer: They vary with each character, but we’re making it a point to explore all of their backstories over the course of the show’s first season.

Trish writes: “How are the doggies doing? Has Brie been visiting more?”

Answer: The doggies are fine – except for Jelly’s hip, Lulu’s sensitive stomach, Maximus’s paw infection, and Bubba’s recent limping.  Brie hasn’t been by in a while.  She’s been laid up since polishing off a stick of fertilizer.

Anais33 a ecrit: “ 1)Dans SGU vera t’on des Jumpers?
2)Dans SGU vera t”on des méchants de sga ou sg1?
3) Pensez vous que les macarons de Ladurée son les meilleurs du monde?”

Reponses: 1) Non.
2) Non.
3) Je prefere les macarons Pierre Hermes.

Translation: 1) No puddle jumpers in SGU.
2) No SG-1 or SGA villains either.
3) And I prefer Pierre Hermes macarons over those of Laduree.

Angelus writes: “It’s been said SG-U is going to be filmed like a sort of documentary. (Cloverfield style).  My question is, Does that mean we’ll get lots of shaking and out of focus camera shots like what was done in the Cloverfield movie?”

Answer: No.  In fact, I believe Rob made it a point of stressing that we won’t be doing a lot of shaky cam.

AV Eddy writes: ““Santa ClausE” Really? Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

Answer: My bad.  It’s the lawyer in me.

David writes: “David writes: “ (1)Is there anything at all that you can say about the destiny ship, like official size, type or number of engines, the ship colour, the smallest of info would be great full.
(2)Have all the season episodes been filled.
(3)One thing that annoyed me about Star trek voyager was that the background characters extras kept on changing. Just wondering if anyone keeping a list of extras for the show so that random actors do not just appear out of know where.
(4)Will the Destiny have drones as it only weapons system or will the be other weapons onboard.”

Answers: 1) Not yet.
2) Nope.  There is one slot still open.
3) Yes, we’re trying to remain consistent, seeding in characters earlier in the series run ahead of potential storylines and payoffs.
4) No drones.  But the ship will possess an alternate defense systems.”

DasNDanger writes: “And speaking of that jumpsuit…back in Enemy at the Gate, was Todd allowed to change in private, or did Sheppard watch??”

Answer: Are you kidding?  Sheppard actually helped him change!

93 thoughts on “April 29, 2009: Simul-posting, Stargate, and the SyFy Slant.

  1. Please tell me that you were being sarcastic, which is what I read, and would not REALLY change your blog! Love it just the way it is!

  2. Oh, I’d just LOVE to see SyFy’s reaction to my postings in a “paranormal event of the month” club setting. Got to admit, I have mixed feelings about you now being an official spokesperson, as it were. Its definitely a compliment to you, and I can’t think of a person associated with the show I’d trust more. At the same time, I have to fear what effect having to weigh your words will have on the more entertaining aspects of reading your blog every day. You’ve managed to voice most of the reservations I have well enough that I won’t belabor the point. I’ll just wish you the best and see how things play out.
    Thank you very much for the nice lengthy mailbag. I’ve almost caught up on my worked induced sleep deprivation so I may be able to backtrack and work out the episode list for Universe myself by the weekend. At least that will help distract me from how long it will be before we will get to see an actual episode of Universe, never mind the more highly anticipated (by me at least) Atlantis movie.
    And one more request. As long as TPTB got you doing an official blog, can you use that to get those same PTB to let you put up more photos?

  3. Hi Joe,

    I enjoy your blog for all the reasons you mention – the diversity of topics is what makes it interesting and worth reading. But I will look forward to the wrestling reviews. I am sure your crack analysis will explain the wrestling connection to the science fiction or “Syence Fyction” genre. It’s something I have often wondered about.

    This does sound like a job for Baron Destructo.

    Good luck.

  4. Kiwi !!!!! Thanks Joe. You just reminded me I’ve got a couple of avocados stashed away in the refrigerator.

  5. Hi, Joe.

    Thanks for the updates and the new photos.

    I also noticed (so far) at the version of your blog, they’re a couple of days behind your original blog, and there doesn’t appear to be any way of asking question on your blog.

    I’d prefer to stay with the original blog!


    Best wishes.

  6. Hey Joe…

    Wow, that was one heck of a mailbag! Did I mention to you that my play is premiering soon? Yep, next week….really excited!! And, I have another audition scheduled for tomorrow…….wish me luck!

    Remember a little while ago when that guy randomly walked into your house? Did you ever hear anything else about it? Did they catch those guys??

    Thanks Joe!

  7. Hi Joe,
    Yeah i agree with debra. Please keep your blog the way it is. Also, thanks for answering my questions. I love how you answered my first question. I wish you could give me a straight answer. ITS KILLING ME( Even though i am sure thats your somewhat spoiler free way of saying, “you nailed it Major D. Davis”). Oh and thanks for the shanks and fire picture. It means a lot to us fans. Oh and please don’t totally leave stargate related posts in the dust. I mean, I LOVE posts about the dogs and food, but i really like stargate related posts. Or at least if you are not going to dedicate an entry for stargate, just include a picture or two or three or video clip from the set. As much as i would enjoy an all stargate blog and mailbag everyday, behind the scenes stuff would get old and i would run out of questions(even though one summer at boy scout camp, someone nicknamed me 20 questions). Oh and i have a follow up question.

    Do you enjoy me commenting regularly at your blog or should i leave?

    Sure i suffer from self esteem problems but i would really like you to answer this question

    Thanks so much

  8. so amanda and rick *are* appearing in the same ep? if that was what you were trying to say, without actually saying it, in true joe fashion, then YES!! 😀

    if not, ignore my post. 😛

  9. Oh and one thing.

    I really think you guys need to do some shaky cam and quick cuts for action. I mean as much as i loved atlantis and sg-1 action, a lot of it was not as cool as a lot of action in movies. At first i thought they are on a tight budget, but then i watched stronghold and a few similar episodes and realised you can do some incredible action sequences. Like take for example this no budget short war movie,

    it was shot for little or no budget but was amazing in quality, except for after effects, which you guys have no problem with.
    It’s the way they shot it. I really think this kind of weapons action could fit in to SGU. I mean the style of gritty action and cool effects and quick cuts. Don’t you think? Does any body else agree with me? Das? pg15? Shirt’n’tie? Anne Teldy?

  10. Alright Joe! Fight the power! Don’t let the Man bring you down and force you to write what He wants you to write! Write on!

    Hilarious blog entry today. Those “changes” had me all hilaritized and stuff.

    I think it’s a certainty that some of those who will read your posts on will love your brand of humor enough to come here to read the non-Stargate entries, which means a baby boom in the Joe Blog Family! I hope the newbies will be well-behaved. 😉

    Thank you for answering my questions and posting those pics! I can’t wait to see more! 😀

    But of course, us Joe Blog Family members are here for your thoughts on life, the Universe, and everything and not just the Stargate goodness that you deal out. Like drugs.

    Speaking of drugs, here are more questions:

    1. What is episode 4 of SGU Season 1?

    2. What is episode 5 of SGU Season 1?

    3. What is episode 6 of SGU Season 1?

    Yes, I’m being sneaky. 😉

  11. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the pics and thanks for the update on how your blog will/won’t be SyFyed.

    Follow up to my question/comment and your reply:

    AV Eddy writes: ““Santa ClausE” Really? Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

    Answer: My bad. It’s the lawyer in me.

    Was the lawyer covered in chocolate or grilled with lemon pepper and a little olive oil when you ate him? *burp*

    Your reply to Das…

    DasNDanger writes: “And speaking of that jumpsuit…back in Enemy at the Gate, was Todd allowed to change in private, or did Sheppard watch??”

    Answer: Are you kidding? Sheppard actually helped him change!

    …will definitely have an entire subset of SG fandom hooting, hollering, and writing angsty fanfic. (Not my subset, but I’ve seen a few of these types around, y’know?)

    Even though I’d rather discuss the interesting ending to The Land of Laughs, I think I can add to “new discussion topic” of the paranormal-occurrence-of-the-month. I was listening to an Oct 2008 podcast of This American Life, and they were offering an explanation for one house haunting that could be applied to many hauntings of the 1800s (the year, not the address). Basically, people who were hearing ghosts and seeing spirits were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning from their home gas lamps.

    Interesting, no? No? Oh.

    Anyway, have a lovely night, hope the pups feel better.


    P.S. Simon, my Black Lab, is doing much better. He still has his afflictions, but is gaining weight and has much more energy.

  12. No personal interest in doing a Stargate comic although I do have an original series I’ve been kicking around…

    Awesome. When you get that going, just say the word and I’ll be sure to buy them.

    Don’t suppose you could tell us what such a comic would entail? Superheroes? Aliens? Journalists? Superhero alien journalists? Oh, wait…

  13. Questions for Junior Chief Financial Officer in Charge of International Salary Disbursement and Accounts Receivable Judith Lepkowtiz:
    a. How do you get your title to fit on your business cards?
    b. How have your personalized your cubicle to make your workspace more like home?
    c. Can you give Joe Mallozzi a raise?

  14. Hahahaha!!! Thanks for the incredible laughs!!!

    Hopefully you’re not joking about the getting pictures posted earlier!!!

    Ivon Bartok told us on Twitter today that he might have shot too many special features to fit them onto the DVD. Any chance we’ll get to see what gets left on the cutting room floor on this blog instead???

    Joe Said: If you’re thinking of writing for television, watch a lot of t.v. If you’re thinking of writing for movies, watch a lot of movies.
    I like that advice!!! “Hey Mom, I gotta watch the TV now. I’m learning my craft!” 😉

  15. 😆

    Thanks! That was well worth the wait! 😀 Of course, now I have this rather disturbing image in my head… it involves Todd, Sheppard…and a faulty zipper… 😕 “You know how to undress me, John Sheppard!”

    Yeah…I better stop there.

    Hope your babies get to feeling better. Give ’em smooches for me! Each of my 4 cats has an ‘issue’, but whether it be China licking all the fur off her butt, or Big Girl Kitty’s mouth ulcers, or Marbles’ insatiable need for attention, or Cowboy’s rather inappropriate ‘hey, we’ve got company! I think I’ll hump my catnip toy right here in the middle of the living room!’ floor shows 🙄 …I still love ’em all!

    @ Narelle – Tell Joe it’s not working! I’m still here! 😀

    I do know I’m one of those guilty of having “involved conversations amongst yourselves that have nothing to do with me.” 😛 Joe – just so you know – it’s ALWAYS about you…only, in secret code. 😉

    Thanks again – great entry, great mailbag!


  16. Thanks a lot for the shout out Joe…… “Today’s entry is dedicated to long-time reader and recent graduate Belouchi. Congratulations. Now go get a job!” ….. but I do… check my site out sir….

    take care sir

  17. “Eureka’s Colin Ferguson chases my French bulldog Lulu around the backyard for 45 seconds, then stops to eat mud with her.”

    Is it weird that I really hope that happened? Okay, maybe not the mud-eating (okay, yes, mud-eating too), but Colin Ferguson chasing a large furry bullet around a yard? YES. Please say there’s footage. If there isn’t, please manufacture some. You can do that, right? As the sciiiyyfiiieeeeyy blogger dude? TELL ME YOU HAVE THAT POWER.

    Thank you.

  18. So, no Mitchell then? No wonder Ben was so evasive in the interview about his indie movie.

  19. My choice would be someone else being the official behind-the-scenes voice on Then we would get two different viewpoints of bts material — yours in your blog, as always, and someone else’s on

    Many of us in LA recommend people wanting to do screenplays read Linda Seger’s “Making a Good Script Great” and “Creating Unforgettable Characters” — she was a student of Syd Field’s back in the day, and her books are somewhat easier to learn from.

  20. Watching “Letters From Pegasus” again, and it makes me crazy every time. It’s “regimen,” not “regime”!

    Sorry. I’m deeply pathetic that way. And I’ve had too much caffeine and too little sleep.

  21. First: I developed a new pet peeve today. It involves people talking on their cell phones, not noticing the 25 GALLONS of gas going into my parking lot, and I having to call 911. (for those that are confused I got laid off of my cumffy administrator position 2 weeks before christmas and have taken refuge in my local BP station. 6 Months, 2 pay raises and a promotion to assistant manager I still have them fooled as to what I’m really capable of.)

    Second: question for Junior Chief Financial Officer in Charge of International Salary Disbursement and Accounts Receivable Judith Lepkowtiz.

    1)How do you handle the changes in the conversion rate of currency in reflection to the hourly work conversion to USA dollar? And do you have to use a calculator when you do it?

    2)What type of calculator do you prefer? I prefer the 2 tone red and black, 14 digit models myself.

    3)When working with spreed sheets do you write out the formula or do you cheat and hit the button at the top of the screen?

    4)Do you love it when Joe tries to fool around with us. I do.

    Third: Dude Fresca has so changed it’s taste and the canned is so much better the the bottled. You should try this out… 2 parts Fresca, 1 Part Pomegranate Blueberry juice, and 1 part vodka. Poor over ice. So Freaking Good! Now if you don’t like Pomegranate Blueberry juice you can sub for what you like.

  22. Thanks for the pic! I hope to god that they don’t stop or SyFy blocks certain ones….

    Only one comment why did the guys change the ‘old’ sets…even Star Trek didn’t change the ‘old’ sets when they used them in fact they went into so much detail to make sure they looked the same even down to using the same manufactuers for certain things…can understand a paint job but seeing some pics looks like they have changed the whole design…sorry to sound down about it but people hate change in general and the gateroom and the SGC are as much of the show as the characters…don’t mind new sets on different planets ships etc but NOT the good old SGC…

    Oh and I don’t mean the new Star Trek movie as I have issues with that probably won’t go to see it but as a fan will buy the DVD…

    Btw only just got up so if this makes no sense at all I am sorry…LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  23. Answer: Are you kidding? Sheppard actually helped him change!

    Now, Joe…will SyFy let you post such reactions? Do they have the usual “opinions expressed within are not blah blah blah” disclaimers? You might put the Shep/Todd shippers in a frenzy with that one! And I don’t think SyFy condones cross-species relations…;)

    And please don’t change your blog! Certainly not losing the BOTM club. What will I do this summer when I don’t have homework except read?! lol

  24. Well Joe,

    this is a perfect example how the executives are trying to use you for their marketing campaign for SGU. They can’t force a censorship on your blog entries, since it is a private blog. Your blog is a wonderful and colorful mixture of your daily life and many people enjoy it a lot. I think the visitors counter of your blog says it all. Keep up the good posts.

  25. Joe wrote:

    No, Narelle, I keep telling you – I need you around to scare off the riff-raff and raccoons.

    Hmmm, now that you mention it, I do have that effect on people and raccoons. At least I’m good for something. And with your new position as the smiling, snappily dressed, mostly good humoured PR man for SGU, you may need my services more than you realise.
    A few things first.
    Do I get a badge saying ‘Official Keeper of the Blog Peace’?
    And if someone steps out of line do I get to tap my badge with a virtual baton while giving a disapproving shake of the head so the offenders scatter back to Gateworld, I mean the dark where they came from?
    By the way, have any tips for spotting commenting raccoons? If it were Beavers I could at least check the logs. Logs. Get it? No? Ah well. Stop shaking your head.

    I may just have someone who can assist with the Ghost Hunting aspect of the new format blog. My business partner has a friend who buys odd things off the net. His recent purchase; a Geiger counter. Wondering if their consumption of spicy foods may be a cause for this recent purchase, it turns out it’s for detecting ghosts. Google says so, so it mustbe true. After asking my business partner, “Really?”, he replied “Yes”, so I asked again. “Really?!” He replied, “Yes Narelle”, now I was just asking to see how long it took him to beat me to death, “REALLY?!”, “YES!!!”, I’ve asked him to keep me informed as to his friend’s progress. Happy to pass along any breakthroughs. I’m tempted to ask if I can go along for his first outing with the Geiger-meister. What do you say Riley? Want to go on an outing with someone we don’t know and track ghosts? You bring the dip, I’ll bring the wine.

    Das – I accept cash donations (or direct debit if that’s more convenient) for those on the riff-raff/raccoon list who wish to continue their presence here. Looks like I’ll have to be bribing myself on this one. **rubs chin**

    Major D Davis – If Joe hasn’t kicked a lot of us old time regulars out after a couple of years of bugging him (and on occasions we’ve certainly test his patience – like right now) then you should be pretty safe. I do say pretty safe. Just don’t ask to watch an episode of Friends with him or request to sing a Beatles duet at karaoke. You will be beaten and thrust out into exile with the rest of your life to think about what you did wrong. All while I tap my badge and give you the “You were warned” look. I’m drunk on power. Or Sauvignon Blanc. Bwaha-mwhaha-mwahahahahahaha-oops. Hang on, there is no wine.

  26. That last question was too much! 🙂 Thanks again from this mostly silent fan. Then again its the quiet ones you need to watch out for. And best wishes to Fondy and the dogs too.

  27. Shawna Buchanan writes: “Would you ever want to do a “canon” Stargate comic, like Joss Whedon has done with Buffy?”

    Answer: No personal interest in doing a Stargate comic although I do have an original series I’ve been kicking around…

    Is that a original series in the stargate canon or something completly different??

  28. If you want to defrost meat in a hygienic and fast way put it in a bowl under cold running water. Works a treat!

  29. …and some of us come here for our daily dose of the Joe M snark and charm that we all love in equal proportions 😉

    Or to pester you with totally irrelevant questions, such as ‘When is Brad Wright’s birthday?’ 😀

  30. @Morjana

    lol hopefully not hathor.

    and Joe, did the ancients all ascend at the same time? and why did they want to abandon their projects? is ascension more rewarding than seeding gates? or is it the same thing but on another level. but how can a society that made a life of itself as creators all of a sudden be passive and uninvolved. If they are responisble for life in the galaxy why dont they feel that way? i dont know, does any of this relate to SGU by any chance?

  31. Hi Mr M!!

    Greetings from Sunny Tipperary!


    I particularly liked Marty G’s tasering only two fans last year…..

    Am rushing around today, but will have a worthy question for Junior Chief Financial Officer in Charge of International Salary Disbursement and Accounts Receivable Judith Lepkowtiz….. later.


  32. Oh, and I’m sorry to hear that Martin Wood is too busy to help you out with SGU. I guess you’ll just have to muddle along without him 😉

  33. Hey Joe,

    I was wondering the same things… how WOULD you know which blog is a *Stargate* blog? And does SyFy even know what your blog entails? To cut out all but the SG stuff would be very uncool.

    I do come here for more than just the updates on your dogs. 🙂 But I’m thrilled to know that Lulu is doing better since you switched her to the raw diet.

    Are you serious that Brie ate a stick of fertilizer? 😯 That’s terrible if that’s true. I hope she’s ok.

    Thanks for keeping this sandbox open for us regulars. My life wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t read about what Das’s latest obsession with the wraith is, what new insight into the world that pg15 has stumbled upon, how Narelle feels about Das’s latest obsession with the wraith, how Deni’s doggies are doing, what Patricia Lee is wanting to know from you, etc, etc.

    I guess that means a lot of us come to your blog because of the others that come to your blog. Originally I came here for you (and still do). But I have discovered some very cool fans out there thru this blog. I’d miss them something fierce if I couldn’t read their comments as well.

    Good to know nothing really will be changing around here. 😀

    Now I literally have to take out the trash. Jeremy (the brat) is in Vegas and I get to do the single mother thing for three more days.


  34. OH!!!! GHOST HUNTERS!!! The other best show in SciFi..other than SG and BSG of course…

    You know, just like to make a very off topic observation…why is it that its just stuff in the genres of science fiction and fantasy that have the abberiviations??? LOTR, SG-1, SGA, SGU, BSG, HP…and a million others…

    Anyway…back to GH and GHI….Love those shows. LOVE THEM…and this just recent season of GH…the best yet. But the bets episodes are the live Halloween specials… gives me something VERY entertaining to do on my favorite holiday…and it actually creeps me out. It actually scared the shit out of me the first time I watched it when they were at the Stanley a few years ago…and that was the first episode I EVER watched..

    Looking forward to those conversations..

  35. I bow to you Master of Sarcasm and Dry Wit.

    Thank you for the much needed dose of laughter.

    And why does everything inevitibly end up tasting like chicken? Is the taste of chicken so indistiguishable from other meats?

  36. Ok! Questions for Junior Chief Financial Officer in Charge of International Salary Disbursement and Accounts Receivable Judith Lepkowtiz:

    Um…um…hmmm….yeah, I got nothin’.

  37. Oh goody! I can’t wait to see Colin & Lulu eating mud!!!!

    (You were serious about that one, right?!)

  38. I’ll be staying here, thank you. I know writing a personal blog is reward in itself but hope you get compensation for WORK related syndication.

    Thanx for the MS pic!!

  39. Thanks for the shot of Mr Shanks…looks like he’s having fun there!…any more will be gratefully received from eager fangirls…

    Deeds xx

  40. Oh cool! We’re going to start discussing Ghost Hunters? Wow, I might actually have to read your blog more often! Good stuff. Jason and Grant are totally cool. 😀

    Hmm…do I detect a hint of jealousy Mr. Mallozzi? I mean the reason that GH got renewed last year for another two seasons is because they actually have a strong viewership. And they’ve been approved for another spinoff.

    We make a night of it when watching Ghost Hunters. We prepare a big feast, snuggle up, and enjoy the spookiness! Besides, they helped out my cousin who had spirits terrorizing her and her two young children.

    I mean seriously, what else are you going to watch on sci fi right now anyway? Eureka vanished, and everything else is in reruns. Ghost Hunters is one of the coolest shows around, and I’m absolutely thrilled that Destination Truth will be returning soon too! Josh Gates rocks! So be sure to add that to your paranormal list. 😉

    You should definitely contact Amanda Tapping and find out how she got on Ghost Hunters last Halloween…I think you’d be an awesome guest star. Ghost Hunters 2009 Halloween Special with Sy Fy’s own Stargate Universe writer Joe Mallozzi guest starring! 🙂 What do you think? You’re pretty great with a handy cam.

  41. Joe,
    Any word on when the whole Series of Atlantis will be released on DVD, like SG-1 was? Or is that a question for MGM? Also, can’t wait for the movie!

  42. Hey Joe,


    Now that both SGU and SGA are “off-air”, are there any plans to publish any of the scripts of the series? If not, do you know of any place aspiring writers might be able to find copies?


  43. Thank the lord for no shaky cam, I would hate to have to be pounding back the Gravol because someone thought they were being artistic. “I Am Sam” left me in tears because I was so nauseated from the wiggly camera shots. I ended up missing large chunks of the movie and became intimately familiar with the cinemas questionable floor.

    Thank you to Rob for not letting that happen.

  44. “…Eureka’s Colin Ferguson chases my French bulldog Lulu around the backyard for 45 seconds, then stops to eat mud with her.”

    I bet he would. That’s guy’s a nut. 🙂 Speaking of which…

    “…macadamia nut brownie recipes…”

    …sound really tasty. I may have to experiment this weekend.

    “Michael Shanks back in familiar surroundings.”

    Woohoo! The doctor is in! With SG-1 being only movies now and Doctor Who‘s reduced schedule for the year, I’m seriously deprived of my boys in brainy specs. Thank goodness for DVDs.

  45. Hey Joe,

    You’re dropping below the 10% quota of answers to my questions. So I’ll ask 10 questions and see if you answer one. Enjoy!

    1. What’s with the delay in selecting and announcing the winner of the SGA Fans Choice Bluray DVD cover competition? It’s been over a month.

    2. What’s the title of episode 3 in Season 4 of SGU? ROTFLMAO

    3. What special meal do you remember your mother making for you as a child? Do you still love it? (Mine is chicken broth served with cooked rice)

    4. Are your dogs well behaved at the vet? (My cat has scratched 2 different vets the last 2 times I have taken her)

    5. Will they (SyFy) be making you put a SyFy logo on your wordpress blog?

    6. Does this “new deal” mean you can’t swear on your WordPress blog?

    7. Are you planning on doing an international book tour when your short story is published?

    8. Are there any pen-clickers amongst the Stargate writing staff?
    Pen clicking a Geiger counter for stress

    9. Would the Air Force enforce a no-go zone on the water, to make sure some sailor doesn’t crash into cloaked city after EatG? Wouldn’t people start to ask questions?

    10. Will there ever be full disclosure of the program to the public in any of the movies or Universe?


    Cheers, Chev

  46. Great blog today Joe! You are always a joy to read first thing in the morning. Gets my day started off just right! Just wanted to pop in to say “hi” and have a great day!

    (Detroit Red Wing Fan-can’t wait for Friday against Anaheim!)

    Patty O

  47. “DasNDanger writes: “And speaking of that jumpsuit…back in Enemy at the Gate, was Todd allowed to change in private, or did Sheppard watch??”

    Answer: Are you kidding? Sheppard actually helped him change!”

    And thus a thousand fan-fics are born…

  48. I really can’t take any of those Ghost programmes seriously, not since Derek Acorah got through to a womans dog and it said “woof woof” I kid you not!!

  49. Ok I could not find my brownie recipe so your getting this instead. MMM… Cookies

    Soft Chocolate Chip Macadamia nut Cookies

    1 C. butter, softened
    1 C. granulated sugar
    ¾ C. light brown sugar, firmly packed
    2 tsp vanilla extract
    ½ tsp salt
    2 large eggs
    2 ½ C. all-purpose flour (shifted)
    1 package of instant vanilla pudding
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 chocolate chips
    1 C macadamia nuts, chopped

    Heat oven to 375°.
    In large bowl, cream butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, and salt.
    Beat in eggs,
    In a separate bowl mix flour, baking soda, and instant pudding.
    Slowly add to butter mixture.
    Add Chocolate chips and macadamia nuts.
    Spoon 1 inch balls onto un greased cookie sheet.
    Bake 8-10 minutes will look to soft but hardens after a couple minutes cooling on sheet.
    After cooling on cookie sheet a couple minutes remove to wax paper to complete cooling.

  50. Hi again Mr M!!

    Questions for :
    Junior Chief Financial Officer in Charge of International Salary Disbursement and Accounts Receivable Judith Lepkowtiz.

    Hi Judith, and thanks for agreeing to do this Q and A with Mr M!
    (1) Do you feel that with the name change to SyFy that a potential Y2K problem will occur with PayRoll? and that the payroll stationery changes could make payroll stationary?
    (2) Is it true you got your big break in International Salary came after that particularly impressive Team Stapling Relay Event at The Accounts Receivable Con (2007) in Ontario?
    (3) What’s the skinny on Melissa and Todd in Accounts? TMZ says that they are “friendly”?

    Thanks again Judith for taking the time….and please try and get Morgan F. Scnkikelcrass to swing by and do a Q and A…I have been a big fan of his work with Spreadsheets since FOREVER!


    @ Major D Davis: Yes, video good, however some of this type of camera stuff makes me feel a bit queasy after a while….also, suggested title of film should be “GO! GO! GO!”

    RE: Photo of Mr Shanks: Is that the Eye of Ra I see? Nice tie in for the fans!

    OK, that’s my comic genius entry for the decade done with!

    Best to all at The Bridge (and Wrestling)


  51. @ Narelle – I’m just amazed that Joe puts up with all us old harpies. 😀

    Oh, and the check is in the mail, btw. Just don’t drop it… 😉

    @ Trish – My latest obsession with Wraith, eh? Wanna know what it is?? Huh, huh, wanna??! Well, gonna tell you anyway! 😀

    If Wraith have a heightened sense of smell, then why can’t they sniff out humans who have invaded their ship/facility? Afterall, even with a stuffy nose I can smell a good steak cooking a mile away, so why can’t a Wraith smell Rodney skulking around in the next corridor?!

    So…why can’t they do this? And why are they never portrayed as having their hunger stimulated by human scent? Wouldn’t being in a room full of humans be to Wraith like Joe in a room full of decadent chocolates? How can they be so stoic surrounded by the food they love most?! I mean, you’d think Todd would be on Sheppard like a Cocker Spaniel on Uncle Bob’s crotch the second he walked through the door!

    So, why doesn’t this happen? Why aren’t Wraith all sniffy-sniffy around people? Would it be a sign of weakness to do so? Have they simply evolved beyond that point? Or do they purposely hide their appetite, putting on an air of self-control and composure to lull humans into a sense of security?

    See…stuff like this I really wanna know! It’s IMPORTANT! 😀 (well, not really…but it sure does kill time when one really should be working on payroll, taxes and balancing the checkbook… 😛 )


  52. Bonjour =D

    Yééé super cette article!! Merci pour les photos et pour toute les questions au quel vous avez répondu ^^

    Quoi pas de Jumper ou de méchant que l’on connait ? O_O….je comfirme sgu sera vraiment diférente des autres stagate^^!

    Moi j’ai bien quand vous parler de stargate, de nourriture ou de vos activités mais pas trop quand vous parler de livre car j’ai du mal à traduire.

    Bonne journée =D Merci encore!!!!!

  53. Hey Joe been a few days since I visited and seems like I missed a lot, lol.

    Glad to hear that Lulu is doing better now that she is on the raw food diet.

    Uh, I *had* a question for you regarding a recent observation while rewatching “Rising”, but cannot remember it for the life of me.

    I’m pretty sure that my brain has morphed into an existential blob of goo between my English(Philosophy), PolSci, and Math classes. Though I think that my English professor is quickly learning he does not want to tick me off as I will mock him in a truly unique and nutty fashion( I.e. in discussion of Plato’s theory of the chicken and the idea chicken from our current text- “I have discovered that I despise this book, though in true testament to its ability to teach me I must wonder- which came first the idea of despising the book or the actual act of despising it?”)

    Oh I was curious however- have you ever read “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder?

  54. Je voulais aussi vous dire merci de m’avoir répondu sur la question des macarons, je ne connais pas Pierre Hermes, mais croyez moi à mon prochain voyage à Paris je ferai un tour là bas=)

    Je voudrais savoir pourquoi vous n’avez pas twitter? je trouve ce systéme trés sympas, je m’y suis mise il n’y a pas trés longtemp et ce qui est bien c’est que cela m’apprend l’anglais car tout mes contacts ont un rapports avec stagate lol XD

    Aller bisou =D

  55. Isn’t SyFy part of GE?

    This entry reminded me of a graphic I used to have of a Borg cube with one whole side embossed with the GE meatball symbol. Resist. For the love of humanity, resist.

  56. As a newcomer to your blog, Thank you. I have been enjoying reading your daily doggie dilemmas, food commentaries and the inside scoop on SG shows.

    I’m glad you can keep your sense of humor about your new “job”. Sounds like a bit more pressure on you, though.

    Let us know when you have your own project out.


    p.s. I can send you a mailing/e-mail address for that copy of the SG movie scripts. Just let me know when.

  57. Thanks for posting the picture of Michael Shanks on the “Universe” set. I really hope that SyFy/MGM will let you post more pictures of him.

    So……… considering that you’ve always been able to post pictures of Michael and ‘most’ of the other actors without ‘going through channels’, so-to-speak, what exactly does this mean? Will you have to get approval before you can post pictures during filming of the third SG-1 movie? What about the “Atlantis” movie? Since that movie will be shown on SyFy first, will you be restricted in what you can post? Or does this just apply to anything related to “Universe”?

    Having followed you blog since your Gateworld days, I would hate to see you limited in what you can and can’t share. In my opinion, your very capable of making those decisions yourself.


  58. @Das: Well… and I have thought LONG and hard about this… maybe it’s because of their *buggy* parts? Bugs, in general, aren’t too sniffy-sniffy. Or they *sniff* in different ways than mammals do. So maybe that has something to do with it?

    See… you thought I was being sarcastic but truth is, I DO wanna hear what you have to say! 😀

  59. @das–but whether it be China licking all the fur off her butt, …My friends cat licked about all the fur from his back legs and butt area, she read in a book that sometimes this happens due to a protein deficiency in their food, and for sure she was feeding it a science diet food she got from the vet, something to help keep their weight down so it had less protein, and wala,,(right word?) about 3 weeks later now after changing his diet, he has fur again,,,not sure if this will help Chinas problem..I hope. 😀

  60. Joe keep up the great blog, whatever you do is working here. Talk about whatever you want, I say, its your dime. (thanks for sharing)

  61. @ Trish – Okay. That makes sense. I am satisfied. For now.

    See how easy that was, Joe. 😀


  62. why not just do a stargate blog twice a week for syfy but also use it here for that days blog?

    also any word on when Stargate Legacy will be back?? The ebay auctions for props? I just took out a $10,000 loan so I can win the box of fruit loops from Window Of Opportunity.

  63. @ Airelle – Thanks for the info! I automatically thought it was because she was traumatized by Big Girl Kitty (a.k.a. Kitty Pryde; Miss Kitty), our latest addition. China is a bundle of nerves, poor thing. All of our cats save one (Marbles) were ‘pre-owned’, and who the heck knows what their previous owners did to them. Marbles is my ‘normal’ kitty, just getting clingy in her old age. I try to keep a very quiet, calm house, and god forbid I rearrange furniture, or create too much disorder on house-cleaning day, because a couple of them will freak out, and it’s hard to get them back into their routine.

    So…I thought it was just China’s nerves. However, I switched their dry food over the winter to a ‘mature’ formula, which is supposed to have higher protein. China’s fur grew right back in! Then, I had to add a urinary tract formula for humpty-dumpty Cowboy, and now she’s licking again (I mix the foods because we have a small house, and they all share bowls). Maybe I’ll try to isolate her feeding area, and see what happens if I go back to 100% of the mature formula. Thanks for the info!


  64. “… it involves Todd, Sheppard…and a faulty zipper…”

    “…I mean, you’d think Todd would be on Sheppard like a Cocker Spaniel on Uncle Bob’s crotch the second he walked through the door!”

    Oh. my. goodness. Das. Don’t do that to my imagination!

    BTW, someone tossed a kitten over our wall a couple of days ago. Luckily he is a plucky young thing and howled his lungs out and was found pretty easily. He is so tiny, soft ginger fur with eyes still with a trace of blue in them.

    The teenager instantly named him Dobby (Harry Potter rules the world, it seems)

    I estimate he is about 6 weeks old. Luckily he seems okay, but I will always wonder why someone would do such as thing as toss something alive over a wall. It would have been far kinder to have rang the bell and then run like hell.

    The world is a strange place, no matter where one lives.

  65. Blog dedication request

    To honor our

    Brand new DISHWASHER!!!!!

  66. that’s exciting news for you. For us, too, of course. I, for one, have been dying for your thoughts about wrestling. Just don’t stop posting about the dogs. Their cuteness balances out the edginess.

  67. Hi Joe, – I’ve been reading a while but I don’t post much. Since reading today I have to comment

    PLEASE do not change your blog! It’s fantastic just the way it is. Tell those SyFy (?) network weirdos they have to leave off or so help me I shall send the heavies over to the network!

    However, you do such a great impression of Astro that I wondered if you would consider a one off blog entry entirely voiced by Astro? Maybe Maximus and Lulu can help you while they’re recovering – hope they feel better soon. I love your videos of Lulu.

    Sorry to hear about Brie, although I must admit I laughed my ass off when I first read about the fertilizer stick…I know, I know – I’m going straight to hell. Hope she’s on the mend too though.

  68. Well, it looks like we are contributing to the unempolyment rate here in the USA, my husband lost his job yesterday. I hope I can keep my job, I carry the insurance, for that we can be thankful.

  69. Syfy mai kyss mai hyny.

    Dear god, you’re meta-blogging. Makes it stop, it hurts my headses.

    Ghost Hunters. Wrestling. See comment re: SyFy above.

  70. When I read the first couple lines of this blog entry I started to get nervous. I’m in the midst of my second migraine of the day (Narelle, they must be contagious and don’t you dare go away again) and not thinking too clearly. Then I got to the list of small changes and I realized… Oh,never mind.

    Thanks for the fun mailbag and I’ll read it all tomorrow when I can think straight again.

    And I’m still trying to understand why the CDC listed “travel to Canada” as a risk factor for H1N1 flu but still listed individual counties in California and Texas. Do they really have no idea how big and spread out Canada is? Have any of them actually ever looked at a map. Sorry. Ranting. That’s okay because no one will read this as it is about time for you to post Thursday’s blog.

  71. @Das: Ha! Maybe Joe should move over and I should start answering ALL your wraith questions! 😈 *runs off feeling quite proud of herself*

    @Sparrow_hawk: Uuuugh. I got TWO migranes this week. And right now I feel another coming on. They are just so totally evil… and apparently contagious as you pointed out. BUt they are so far only affecting the cool people. 😉

  72. Joe…quick question…

    You said that the SGA movie script came up a little short (or something to that effect), but figured that action sequences would fill in the gaps. You also listed a slew of characters who will be appearing in the film, mentioning that several will have significant parts. With so many characters appearing in a film that may be coming up short, it seems to me that there’s a risk of cramming too much into two hours (well, an hour 45, or whatever the actual running time is), at the expense of good character development.

    So, if there is some wiggle room, why not just add a couple meaningful lines here and there, perhaps fleshing out some of those character moments we love so much?


  73. Did not see pics of Fondy did she make the choclate party???? everyone at the party looked great….

  74. Hey Joe? You said photos (as in, plural) of Michael Shanks, and all we get is one? Where are the others? Are you teasing an old woman? Have a good night!

  75. Hey Sparrow_hawk,

    Hmmm…California = big. Texas = very big. Canada = friggin’ huge!

    Weird that the CDC said that, but maybe they were trying to simplify things for people (unlike me) who don’t travel to the Great White North?

    Dunno. Hope all gets better with this flu thing before the summer (which I expect it will). I gots plans! Canadian plans! 😀


  76. Was that Gero who tasered me? All I remember about that day was stepping onto the Midway to attend the “Continuum” premiere and I walked up to Gero to say, “Hi,” then everything went dark. lol.

    If you get the chance to come out to S.D. and you’re looking for some mean Mexican food, you need only look one place –my Mom’s kitchen. I swear most of the friends my brothers and I have only come over for my mom’s cooking (and my baking). =D

  77. Hallo Joe,

    so many fans would like John and Teyla come together.
    Is there any possibility? Please give us hope!


  78. Honestly I hope that your blog stays just the way it is. I look forward to reading it every single day. And wouldn’t want it to change.

    As they say”If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!!!’

  79. So who’s the red haired chick with Michael Shanks? Is Dannyboy dating Hathor again? Lol 😉

  80. Hi

    I’ve looked a trailer for the “2012”. I was interested in this theme.
    Please advise me a good site on this topic.
    And what do you think about the end of the world 2012.


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