Author Brian Lumley
Author Brian Lumley

When it came time to make a horror selection for this month’s BOTMC, I decided to defer to editor/avid reader/occasional ninja Lou Anders.  Lou suggested Brian Lumley, a legend in the field of horror.  Coincidentally, around the same time I announced we would be reading Lumley’s seminal novel Necroscope, another friend to this blog, SFSignal’s John DeNardo, published his own review of the book (  Well, in addition to Lou and John’s recommendations, it turned out that a number of blog regulars were also fans of Lumley’s work, and Necroscope in particular.  And, after reading the book, so am I. 

Brian has kindly taken the time to drop by and answer some of your question.  If your question didn’t get answered or if you missed the opportunity to ask one, fear not.  Check the blogroll on the right-hand sidebar for the link to the author’s home page.

Over to the Q&A…

Ytimyona writes: “Questions/comments for Brian Lumley:

1. Several people have already mentioned the graphic imagery they found while reading Necroscope. I, too, found that the “movie in my head” was very vivid. Do you just write straight from your imagination, or do you go “on location” to write such vivid descriptions?

2. I really enjoyed the math-y bit of Necroscope! Do you have a math background, or was the math just another way to show Harry’s new talent? On writing: Do you outline or does it kind of take on a life of its own?”

(QS 1 & 2) Answer: You mean did I specialize in math during my schooling? No, but I’ve always been interested in numbers – even numerology, the metaphysical – and the way math seems to govern space and time, and certainly rules relativity and the universal laws of physics. The math I use in Necroscope® is basic: mental arithmetic, more or less; a matter of figuring it out for myself. Once you begin to look at simple numbers close up you see some remarkable things. For example: how do you work out the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 100 inclusive? Well, if you split a hundred dollars with a friend, what do you get? You get fifty-fifty, right? And that’s the answer: 5050. It works for 10, (55) for 100, 1000, a million, and so on. That’s just a start, but it can lead to so much more…

And of course you are right: I used this sort of mind trick – a bit of numerical magic – as an illustration of certain of Harry Keogh’s weird skills. (Hey, if you’ve got it flaunt it, why not?)

You also ask if I outline my stories. No, I just write them. And no second or third drafts for me. What goes down the first time around stays down. I may seek and destroy any obvious ambiguities later, but that’s about it…

JBPiggy writes:

“Having read so much of Mr Lumley’s works I find it hard to narrow down the quetions I have to just about the one book, but three stand out :

1. How did you come up with the idea to have the hero continue his exsistence in incorporeal form?

2. If you could possess any of the abilities you’ve written about which would you chose and why?

3. and finally is there any truth to The Necroscope movie rumours?

Thank you for the years of pleasure reading and re-reading your books have given me and my family (yes, I even convinced my mother to read them).

And thank you Joe for giving me the opportunity to ask these questions.”

(QS 2 & 3) Answer: I would choose instantaneous travel via the Möbius Continuum. Why? I can’t stand long journeys anymore! We’re not long back from the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. I was a Guest of Honour and they gave me a “Howie”: a really wonderful statuette of HPL, for my work in that genre. Very nice – but the journey from the south-west of England to the west coast of America and back again was murder! And I came back with conflug: that’s like flu, lethargy, and a strong desire to die combined. Also, I used to like visiting friends in the Greek Islands. But it’s got so the air, ferry, and bus routes are just so tortuous and time-consuming that we don’t bother anymore. And what about all those big World Conventions I could attend, eh? And all the old army pals I could visit without eating into my writing time? Oh yes, definitely the Möbius Continuum.

As for a Necroscope movie: yes, Necroscope is under option and has been for three or more years. And right now it seems there’s a sudden rush of new interest in the project, so I’m reasonably optimistic. But I won’t say any more because to talk of these things is like the kiss of death.

HorrorDemon writes: “Hello Mr. Lumley,

Thank you for coming here to answer our questions and, more importantly, thank you for writing so many wonderful books. I have some questions if I may –

1. I read somewhere that, growing up, you were a fan of science fiction. What works of SF would you say shaped you as a writer? Have you ever given thought to writing science fiction?

2. Also at an early age, you were influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft among others. How do you think contemporary horror writers measure up to the master? Are there any you would single out?

3. Before the advent of film and television, audiences would get their scares from reading a good horror novel (ie. Dracula, Frankenstein). Today, all it takes is a trip to the cinema or your local dvd store. Since you were a fan of horror growing up, did you enjoy the scares of a good horror movie as much as that of a frightening book? If yes, are there any in particular you would single out?”

(QS 1 & 3) Answer: Yes, I used to enjoy SF, but I can’t say I was much influenced – well, except of course by H. P. Lovecraft’s SF, such as Mountains of Madness and Shadow Out of Time. And I have written some SF: try Screaming Science Fiction, from Subterranean Press; or the Titus Crow novels, which are pretty much SF/Horror. What about Necroscope: The Touch? Or The House of Doors?

On your question number 3: it sort of links up with what I’ve just said. It’s mainly SF/Horror movies that I’ve most enjoyed recently. Stuff like Alien, Predator, Terminator, which have all been big earners. But when I was just a kid the Universal Famous Monster movies were still reasonably new. And there were some decent horror movies around from other outlets, too. I remember a guy called George Zucco in a black-&-white something called The Flying Serpent. And in my teens I remember going to see a certain film with a really corny title. I took my girl just for a laugh. But we didn’t get to laugh a lot watching it, because the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers was one killer movie!


Hello, Mr. Lumley. I’ve enjoyed the entire Necroscope series for years and I’m thrilled you’ll be answering questions at Joe’s awesome blog. We love Joe. Joe is like …. incredible chocolate.

1. If there really was a necroscope, do you believe the teeming dead would embrace someone being able to speak with them? Why or why not?

2. I once heard there were discussions about making your Necroscope novels into movies. Would you want to see the books made into films? If so, do you imagine it along the lines of the “Hellboy” or “300″ variety (live action), or perhaps an animated/computer graphics film?

3. I’ve often felt sorry for Harry because of his gift. He had trouble relating to “normal” people, but was at ease with the dead. Do you see Harry’s gift in a similar way?

4. As the novels progress, we’re given a lot of detailed descriptions of the Wamphyri – their reasons for being, conflicts, passions, etc. You describe their world in such detail, I could almost SEE it through your eyes (Starside/Sunside, for example). Where do you draw on that kind of detail? You remind me of Tolkien!

5. At the time I first read your books, only one other writer of vampire fiction had grabbed my imagination with them – Anne Rice. You, however, gave them another spin that was unforgettable. Was it difficult to carve a niche in vampire fiction? Do you still enjoy writing them, or do you prefer to move into other areas of the genre?

Thank you for all the nights I spent unable to put down your books. You’re a master of the art!”

(QS 3&4) Answer: No, Harry had no problem relating to normal people, but because of his gift people had difficulty relating to a distant-seeming, daydreaming, and lost-in-his-own-world sort of kid. As for his relationship with the dead: how could he be other than at ease with the Great Majority when his Ma was their spokesperson? Still, I understand the question … let’s face it, Harry is a very complicated fellow!

But hey Kaz, be careful! The Lord of the Rings fans will chew you up and spit you out in little bits! Sunside-Starside sort of wrote about itself. What I needed was a planet where the Wamphyri would be safe in their own domain in daylight, and Lords of all they surveyed by night. A good start would be to build Barrier Mountains to keep out the sunlight. And the rest followed on without me needing to think about it too much…

KellyK writes: “Mr. Lumley,

1. One of the things that struck me about Necroscope was the care with which you fashioned the characters, particularly the villains. Like Joe, I found the character of Max Batu especially interesting because, even though he was a villain, he seemed to be a lonely, lost soul. Was it your intention to have the audience feel some sympathy for him?

2. What kind of research did you do into vampire lore to create your own unique version of the wamphyri? Historical and cultural as well?

3. Finally, in the event you hadn’t followed a path to literary success, where do you think you would have ended up? Was there a back-up profession you were considering?”

(Q1) Answer: Yes, it’s possible that was what I intended. And the same thing applies to the dog-Lord (werewolf) Canker Canison, in the Vampire World Trilogy. What’s more, and despite that Canker is a real villain, he is one of my personal favourite characters, and most of my readers seem to think so too! Then again they also like Faethor Ferenczy a hell of a lot… Go figure!

Mkspivey writes: “Question for Brian Lumley –

1. – Of all the books you have published to date, is there one you are most proud of? Which one and why? I’ve often been surprised by how authors have answered similar questions. Their favorite is often not the obvious choice nor necesarily their most popular title.

2. – What was it about the works of HP Lovecraft that inspired you to start writing in the first place? Is it safe to assume he was your greatest literary influence? And were there any non-literary influences that led you to become a writer?

3.- Finally, a non-literary question. I see by your website that you do a fair amount of travelling. Is there a country or city you’re particularly fond of?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions.”

(QS 1 & 3) Answer: Well my favourite “I-wrote-it-book” is my most popular. Necroscope was my breakthrough book, a hit in more than a dozen countries, and after 22 years it’s still selling. As for the ones I most enjoyed writing: that would have to be my Hero of Dreams stories. I had lots of fun with those.

I love the Greek Islands; the light, the colors of the sea where it meets the land, the talcum powder beaches in some places and marble pebbles in others, the simple foods and wines. It’s the only place in the world where you can drink retsina … bring it home and it’s like so much vinegar! But out there under the Mediterranean sun – on a beach where the tide goes in and out just six inches twice every twenty-four hours – for some strange reason it’s delicious.

As for cities: I just love Las Vegas because it’s so goddam sleazy! And I also like Boston, Phoenix, and almost anywhere else in Arizona; and New York just to visit but I couldn’t live there. It’s just too fast! And I’m at that time of life when I’ve started to slow down…

69 thoughts on “November 16, 2008: Author Brian Lumley Answers Your Questions

  1. Must read that book! Another great Q&A and managed to learn a math trick and all.

    I’ve been hiding from your blog Joe while all the Remnants discussions happen.

    Did the vets say what was causing the white blood cell issue?

  2. Joe wrote a few days ago:

    – 10 kg Metacam + ½ tablet Pepsid served with her breakfast + 1 capsule glucosamine and chondroitine

    With 10kg of Metacam in her system, I’m not surprised she needs drops for her eyeballs because she’d be ever so slightly OFF HER HEAD!

  3. Many thanks to Mr. Lumley for participating in the blog today. I see that I share his impressions of both NY and Vegas, and I envy him the experiences in Greece. I’m looking forward to checking out some of his other books in the future.
    So Mr. M, how is Maximus? Thanks as usual for a fun and fact filled blog.

  4. Narelle from Aus

    I’ve been hiding from your blog Joe while all the Remnants discussions happen.

    Hey Narelle!

    I was wondering where you were. I totally understand. Sometimes people give away the entire plot. All I’ll says is that it was great. John Sheppard getting whumped **sighs**.

    Cheers, Chev

  5. Hey Joe! Great interview with Mr. Lumley. That’s the first horror novel I’d ever read. Wish me luck trying to get my tonsils to shrink down and fever to go away… all the while working at a used dvd store full of hicks and idiots.

  6. Joe said: (12 Nov) – … the premise of SGU is simply more intimate – a limited group of people trapped aboard a space ship hurtling through distant space – and therefore necessitates a more intimate form of storytelling …

    Something like the first season of Farscape??

    Connor Trinneer has a new job

    check out the photo on this page; loving the darker and slightly longer hair.

  7. Joe said: (12 Nov) – … the premise of SGU is simply more intimate – a limited group of people trapped aboard a space ship hurtling through distant space – and therefore necessitates a more intimate form of storytelling …

    So its Gilligan’s Island on a spaceship.
    Just kidding sorry. Honestly I am looking forward to SGU, I’m sure it will be great.

  8. Watched Remnants. Here’s my take on Sheppard’s tortured soul:

    In my mind, if little Sheppard ever told his parents he wasn’t feeling prepared enough for a recital/competition/test whatever, they’d have told him he hadn’t worked hard enough and that “you’re going in there just so everybody can see how much you suck, so you’ll know to work harder next time!”. Or maybe he was really proud at something and then got told he was the worst excuse for a (musician, sportsman whatever) they’d ever seen.

    I’m not a psychologist but in my surroundings all the really tough people had a dominant mother and were either the only, or the eldest child. They probably expected him to be a mini-sized adult from a very young age. A lot was expected, and it was never good enough. Maybe his parents were actually very proud, but didn’t tell HIM that out of fear he would slack off or become arrogant, or maybe a baby brother was more the centre of their love. It’s a good thing Atlantis cast a capricorn for the role of Sheppard by the way – capricorns generally have that high-aspirations saturn-ruled dark-dark-place thing going on deep down.

    At any rate, Sheppard came to expect nothing but perfection from himself, and every faillure made him insecure – maybe compounded by parents who’d say stuff like “you have two left hands” whenever he was clumsy (wouldn’t surprise me if that’s why he got his left hand cut off!). The reason he didn’t take up the family business was probably because he didn’t want every of his ‘errors’ measured out. He found something he was good at, the military, and that gave him the chance to do what he was trying to do – get away from his parents as far as possible to break their powers over them. Trouble is, even in Afghanistan he couldn’t hide, because that “you’re the sorriest excuse for a…” and “let everybody see what a faillure you are!” would’ve now been something he would be telling himself. Which is probably why he loved Antarctica so much. There was nothing about piloting a helicopter that he would be able to screw up, and ex-wife, family and problems wouldn’t have existed in those wide white plains. He would’ve been out of sight so nobody would be nagging about everybody who did “better” than him. The only place further to run than Antarctica would be Atlantis. It wasn’t the going to the Pegasus that scared him – it was that he could screw up there, and work with people who knew about him being a wash-out.

    Truth is, there IS no satisfaction in life for people like that. Any goal you actually achieve – you’re looking up to the next and completely forget about what you achieved, or goals are set so high you can never achieve them. So the joy in life is very short, very fleething, and the darkness is there permanently. When he talked Jeanie’s kidnapper into committing suicide at Todd’s hand, he probably figured he was already going to hell and one more person he let die wouldn’t matter. So the value he actually puts on his own life is very low. Most the time he does things not humanly possible (like suicide missions) he probably figures “someone had to do it, might as well be me” and it’s not that he wants to die, it’s just that he figures if someone’s got to die it might as well be him cuz he’s got nothing to lose back home or anywhere. And plus, he probably thinks that him failing to die each time is just the universe’s wicked sense of humor, that the talent for survival was given to him as an apology for all the stuff he lacks.

    I also think he’s afraid that everyone he cares about, dies or goes away – I think that’s why he reacted so to Teyla’s pregnancy, and likes to pretend him and Rodney aren’t friends and why he feels so comfy with Ronon – cuz he knows Ronon is not the type to die. I think that’s why he went after Teyla heavily wounded – he thought she went missing because of him, cuz he got close to her. “Everyone I know goes away in the end, and you could have it all, my empire of dirt, I will let you down, I will make you hurt” kinda thing – it’s appropriate he’s a fan of Johnny Cash.

    I’m kind of guessing “hurt” by Johnny Cash is his favourite song:

    At least – that’s Sheppard in my mind. Probably so different from what he is in yours, Joe. Sorry this post is so long. Just rambling, I guess. Loved that Shep was able to smile at the end. We haven’t seen him smile in a long time. Love the pat Rodney gets from Richard. Felt like Weir was missing, but still. Love that the team’s a team at the end. Seems appropriate with just 5 episodes to go that the story is coming full circle.

    Thanks, Joe.

  9. Greece is gorgeous… I’m kind of jealous Mr. Lumley has friends there!!!

    And yay for clever math tricks 😀

    Thanks for bringing in all these cool people to your blog, Joe!!!

  10. Hey Joe.

    I haven’t been able to walk for the past couple of days because I had something wrong with my toe and the doctor had to cut off like half the nail. I have to keep it elevated for a week…….at least I can skip gym class 🙂

    I don’t know if you’ve already answered this question, but will the budget for SGU be similiar to that of SGA or SG1? Or will be higher or lower?

    Thanks Joe.

  11. Chev – Keeping away from Joe’s blog = an increase in productivity.

    I see/read that you are now not waiting for the DVD’s to be released 😉 I don’t know how you managed to hold out for so long. I’m 5 weeks behind on Atlantis because I’m waiting until a lot of the discussions aren’t as prominent in my memory so I can watch it in blissful ignorance of who did and who did not like the episode.

    On Friday night I was watching Unending and I realised that was the episode that caused me to find Joe’s blog.

    The first time it was on TV I was watching it with Hubby as we had come to do on a Thursday night. At the end when they walked off through the gate I said “I think that was the last episode of SG1”. I wasn’t part of fandom so I wasn’t expecting it at all. So I went online to find out for sure if it was and next thing you know I found myself here, and it seems here to stay, until Joe tells me to go away. Sorry Joe, sometimes bad things happen to good people.

    I know that episode wasn’t intended to be the final, but it must have had that feeling for me to think it was the last without being privy to the details prior. And I love that ep.

    Georgia – That’s horrific!

  12. Joe, I finished my exams and now I had to catch up on about 2 weeks of your blog entries, I hope you enjoy your Tokyo trip, and make sure you stay away from those Nintendo DS piracy things, since there were a few arrests recently.

    For anyone who wants to know about a recent thing Peter DeLuise did, check out Might want to google the movie name too, interesting poster. Joe, I think DeLuise chose his own name for that move, and what else is a better name than “John Sheppard”? Ok, sure the release dates were much earlier this year, but I only just recently found a poster for it (and lost the link sorry)

    I hope your dogs are fine, I’m assuming it’s starting to get into the colder weather up there, so maybe try keep them warm and roll out the mats? (Cold tiles are aweful!!!)

    Oh yeah, thank you for getting JXIIH onto the blog, gave me a damn good reason to buy his books. It was an interesting interview too.

    Joe, are you planning to watch any of the soon-to-be-released movies anytime soon or don’t you have the spare time?

  13. Oh yes Joe, another thing, are there going to be more auctions on the Stargate Legacy eBay page, or am I already too late?

  14. It has been a loooong, grueling weekend…just now, after 2 am, catching up. 😛

    (This is the ‘not-that-anyone-cares,-but-I’m-gonna-share-anyway’ bit 😀 ) Okay – first, a word of advice…when you have a 16’x8′ – porch/Florida room – which is more like a hallway between the front door at one end, and the living room door at the other…DO NOT attempt to rearrange the current furniture pattern without first downing a whole bottle of valium…and a beer. It took me TWO full 13-hour days – one with hubby’s help, to 1. toss out the loveseat, 2. move the tv cabinet to where the old china cabinet used to be, 3. rerun all the satellite cables, etc., 4. clean all 5 exterior windows, and 2 large interior sliding windows, 5. wipe down the ceiling, walls and floor, 6. PURGE THE SPIDER POPULATION! *shudder*, 7. clean the area rug, 8. receive delivery of the two new recliners (“Whoa! They looked a lot smaller in the store!”), 9. find new and interesting ways to make room for the new chairs, without losing valuable tchotchke display space 😀 , 10. run to Lowes to pick up a cheapy shelf-thing when it’s discovered that the old furniture is too bulky for the new chairs…especially if we actually want to recline in them 🙄 , 11. run the surround sound, 12. tend to the plants, including my crazy idea to train the philodendron to grow up along the tops of the windows (in lieu of suffocating curtains), 13. display tchotchkes! (it’s a cat-themed room…some made of wood and clay, some…real 🙂 ), and 14. plop down in the new recliner to watch a movie, and fall asleep with two big fat kitties napping on me.

    Yeah, totally wide awake now.

    @ Joe – Finally had a chance to read the write up on Remnants. I have to admit to watching SGA only half-heartedly now…and in doing so I miss several things. The write-up has helped me appreciate some things I didn’t pay much attention to, and now I do want to go back and watch it again.

    I do remember those pictures of the cliff, though! I just wanna know how much acting ability it takes to make it seem like one’s life is in danger when your feet are touching the ground, without laughing hysterically at how absurd the situation is. It’s like acting with a green screen – totally amazes me that actors can do that stuff without feeling really, really stupid. Makes me appreciate that even an average actor is still an actor, doing something that I could never pull off in a million years. (NOT saying JF is ‘average’, just speaking in generalities.)

    The chopped hand was NOT too much…I mean, if it was good enough to do to a Wraith, then why not Sheppard. Afterall…they are more alike than you know… 😉 I think it was perfect, and as I said before, I wish it was real and the true direction of the episode (I’m sure some way would have been found to re-attach it, or something). Now – to explain why I would have liked it to have actually happened…hmmm. Perhaps it’s the only way I can feel sympathy towards Sheppard at this point. But even then, it all depends on what he does with it. I have to watch it again – I got the self-loathing bit, and would really like to know what in his past has made him this way. However, I would still like to see that acknowledgment that he’s no better than his enemy.

    Side point here – it’s like Teyla condemning Michael for acting out of ‘vengeance’ when she, in The Queen, maliciously slaughtered Wraith because she had the power in her hand to do so. What makes her morally superior to Micheal? It would seem she is motivated by the same sort of spite and bitterness – yet, when she does it, it’s heroic, and when he does it, it’s ‘evil’ (mind you, I did see Michael as a villain, albeit one of man’s making – but I still hate seeing the villain condemned for doing the same exact things the Lanteans do). This is the very thing that is making the human characters so unlikeable to me. So, for John to show his conscience (which he did very nicely in eps like Miller’s Crossing…and, ugh… part-something of The Siege regarding Sumner’s death), is one thing, but it’s quite another for him, and the others, to acknowledge that many of their actions have been just as reprehensible, if not more so, than the Wraith (or even the Genii, for that matter – Coup D’Etat comes to mind).

    Yeah…gonna drop that now because I know you just don’t get it…or, perhaps it’s better to say that you just don’t get me (don’t worry, I sometimes confuse my husband, too…). 😛


    PS: Ya know, a perfect ‘green’ episode could have revolved around how the Wraith help prevent environmental destruction and pollution by keeping the human populations at bay… 😉

  15. Ok then, Das is just as looney and depraved as me then. Thinking about hyperdrives, stunners and edward sleezyhands. What fun.
    So. Wraith sex ed class Joe. We wouldn’t be the only ones who found it interesting.

    Are all your puppies in good health now? Hope so.
    bye Joe

  16. Narelle from Aus said:

    Chev – Keeping away from Joe’s blog = an increase in productivity.

    I see/read that you are now not waiting for the DVD’s to be released 😉 I don’t know how you managed to hold out for so long. I’m 5 weeks behind on Atlantis because I’m waiting until a lot of the discussions aren’t as prominent in my memory so I can watch it in blissful ignorance of who did and who did not like the episode.

    On Friday night I was watching Unending and I realised that was the episode that caused me to find Joe’s blog.

    The first time it was on TV I was watching it with Hubby as we had come to do on a Thursday night. At the end when they walked off through the gate I said “I think that was the last episode of SG1″. I wasn’t part of fandom so I wasn’t expecting it at all. So I went online to find out for sure if it was and next thing you know I found myself here, and it seems here to stay, until Joe tells me to go away. Sorry Joe, sometimes bad things happen to good people.

    I know that episode wasn’t intended to be the final, but it must have had that feeling for me to think it was the last without being privy to the details prior. And I love that ep.

    Joe – put your hands over your eyes for a minute.

    Yep, sure have. I made the decision when they cancelled Atlantis and Mum, Dad & I were coming to the end of the season 4 dvds. I really wanted Mum to see particular Season 5 episodes – Search and Rescue, The Shrine, Prodigal & Enemy at the Gates and couldn’t wait for the dvds.

    I’m up to First Contact, however I have seen Prodigal and Remnants so I have 4 episodes to watch.

    Joe, you can start reading again


    Narelle, I loved watching Unending Friday night. Who’s journey on Unending did you identify with or really feel for. I felt for Mitchell. His time on the ship was so sad. He was the odd one out with nothing to do. I really loved his freak out scene. What about everyone else, who did you identify with?

    Cheers, Chev

  17. From yesterdays post:

    We have seen people in the transporter as they’ve been transported; in First Strike with Weir and Keller, and in Seige III (i think) while Shep was hunting Ford. At least.

  18. Hi again Mr M!

    Love the break down of Remnants…. Carefully picked my way through avoiding too many spoilers!
    Thanks for the tip re: Pineapple
    *Shakes fist at Will Waring* – “What Pineapple? indeed!”

    Recently started to re-watch some of the old SG1 eps way back in Season 1 and 2. A thought suddenly stuck me….Much like we have seen the Replicators pop up in Pegasus… Might there be an as yet undiscovered branch of the Go’auld lurking somewhere out there? I’m thinking how cool it would be to have the SGU crew stumble across the Go’auld who are still lording it over the hapless humans of another part of the galaxy? Mmmmm…just a thought. Love to see the glowy-eye guys one more time!

    Hope the packing goes well!

    Best to all


  19. Sessy Great assessment of Sheppard.

    I don’t think John pretends he and Rodney aren’t friends to hurt Rodney. It is just at those times it is more of him trying to not get to comfortable in that friendship. Maybe if he acts like he doesn’t care then it won’t kill him to lose the closest friend he has ever had.

    Those Johnny Cash lyrics are perfect.

  20. I just watched remnants and it was absolutely terrific to be honest.
    I just hate episodes or movies were you know exactly what is going to happen and what is going on. With your episode I was constantly suprised.

  21. Coucou Joseph!! Sa va ??

    Journée calme, mise a par l’heure de handball qui ma beaucoup fatiguer, je suis cool aujourd’hui =)!

    Je vais faire peut être partie de l’équipe de Stargate convention =)

    Sa vous ne ferez pas plaisir de venir le 22,21 févrire à Paris?? Vous avez des choses de prévues?
    Please venez !! au moin pour me voir lol!

    Passer une bonne journée! Bisou!!

  22. @ chevron7 – I never thought to tell Joe to cover his eyes before! I gotta start doing that…unless he just does it automatically now everytime he sees one’a my posts. 😛 But lemme try it anyway and see how it works..

    Joe – put your hands over your eyes for a minute.

    @ BlueJay – Looney, yes. Depraved? I dunno. You gals get pretty far down into that gutter…bellycrawlers, the lot of ya! 😉 I prefer to imagine the Wraith as pure, unadulterated creatures…ethereal beings who prefer bocce ball and the finest Barolo wine over the more base desires common to other living things. (You can’t count my thing for Edward Sleazyhands. No one is immune to that lascivious grin of his, or his oh-so-naughty ‘strap me on and ride me like a zpm through hyperspace’ slouch. I’m pretty sure that he’s the only male Wraith who’s not a virgin. Either that, or he spends an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom, ‘reading’ Playwraith and Penthive magazines. 😉 )

    Joe, it’s safe to look again…

    So, how’d that work out for ya?


  23. Hey Joe!

    I know, I’ve been MIA again. It’s just so much work here at home. And Ziggy has now been renamed as “The Destroyer of Kitchen Chair Cushions and Rose Plants.” Don’t laugh at his new name. He’s scary if you are a cushion or a plant.

    Just wanted to say I loved Remnants. It was great to see Robert Davi again. He’s just such a great bad guy. And there was a lot for me to laugh about in this epi. So, thanks for an excellent epi! 😀


  24. Das: Sympathies.. and empathies too. I personally try not to rearrange any furniture in my house as it usually ends up in broken limbs (mine), nervously cowering under the bed (the dog) and several weeks of violent cursing until i’ve remembered where everything is.

    As for the spiders.. well, they have to be pretty damned big for me to be able to see them. And at that point, i’m quite happy to throw the dog at them (anyone else have a pooch who’ll happily chew the meaty parts, but leaves a tidy bundle of gangly legs in the middle of the carpet?)

    Re: ThatRugbyListYouPostedAndIForgotToCommentOn..

    Ooops! Sorry 😛

    Actually, after reading it, I did laugh. Then I got to thinking of a Pegasus Cup and how that’d play out. Hmm.. semi-fianls could look something like Wraith v Asurans and Lanteans v Genii.. and if I really start to go into rucks, tackles and good old fashioned brawling, I could lose myself for at least a couple of hours in silly grins and chuckles 😉

    “The chopped hand was NOT too much…I mean, if it was good enough to do to a Wraith, then why not Sheppard. Afterall…they are more alike than you know…”

    Haven’t we done this conversation before? 😛

  25. @ Perragrin –

    RE: Spiders. The big ones got tossed out the door – I prefer not to kill them because I know they serve a purpose. But the vacuum found the tiny ones…too small to save them all. And my cats stay away from spiders…they prefer the crunchy goodness of crickets. 😛

    RE: Pegasus Cup. Well, my dream would be a Wraith v Atlantis final…not sure who would actually win the match, but we KNOW there would be a lot of illegal hands in the ruck. 😉 (I wonder if a Wraith sucky palm makes it easier for them to hang onto a slippy ball? If so, they’d obviously have the upper hand…*snort* Yes, yes, yes…there are a million bad Wraith rugby hand jokes to be had with this one. )

    My only problem with this whole idea is the mental image I get of a team of Wraith – with their lovely silvery locks and pasty green skin – dressed in shorty shorts and bumble bee-yellow and black striped knee socks. 😕

    “Haven’t we done this conversation before?” 😛

    Hey, it’s MY dead horse, and I can beat it all I want! (And no, I’m not quoting sleazy Eddie… 😉 )

    Oops. I forgot to tell Joe to cover his eyes. My bad. 😳


  26. @ dasNdander and Perragrin

    personally i love spiders. I cultivated them in my bedroom for a while until half the ceiling was covered in cobwebs. They’re fantastic against mosquitos!!!

    Scary – thanks.

  27. Hey Chev,

    I could relate to each one of them in some way.

    Carter had the continual responsibility which must have been an enormous burden.

    Mitchell was trying to keep routine to stay sane but I think we could all relate with his tantrum. Sometimes things just get like that.

    I always shed a tear when Daniel speaks the way he does to Vala. She may be a bit of a nutter but she still has a heart. I did like them together.

    Teal’c was Teal’c. It was fitting when he asked what would happen if it didn’t work and Carter’s response that he will die along with the rest of them. He showed his loyalty and the value of their friendships by wanting to die with the team. Very fitting.

    Re-watching Season 9 and 10 has made me realise one of my favourite concepts in Stargate is the SuperGate. It reminds me of the very corny line that us people from this region know well, “That’s not a gate, THIS is a gate”.

  28. das – With what you mentioned the other day in relation to wishing the Wraith were real, I could write an entire scene involving Todd and him talking about an overwhelming flavour of anger and ignorance during the feeding process on those particular people.

  29. hi, joe,

    this isn’t a question, but…

    i wish the movies (sg1 and atlantis) were being made *now*, instead in next year.

    it hasn’t been stated yet, but did the sg1 movie officially get the green light to be made?

    sally =)

  30. *Note to self: Never, ever have a sleepover at Sessy’s… 😛

    @ Narelle from Aus – Ah, the in-laws. My in-laws were very opposed to our relationship because I’m six years older than my husband, and they assumed I was just out to catch meself a fine young buck (which I was 😀 ). He was 20, and I was 26, and they didn’t make it easy for us, not at all…especially the silent treatment and overall coldness. However, they transformed just before we got married, and are now as good to me as my own parents. My father-in-law thinks I’m a bit saucy (which I’m not, I SWEAR!), so we get along really good now, especially when it comes to exchanging jokes. 🙂

    So, even though we have a good relationship now, I know what it’s like to have a bad one. It’s true – you don’t just marry one person, you marry the entire family, and if there’s tension between you and them, it can make the rest of your life miserable. Alas, no Wraith around to dispatch them handily.

    Hey…maybe you should try telling naughty jokes to your father-in-law – it worked for me. 😀

    When did you get married? We were married on March 31…many years ago. 😛 I looked on your blog – were you married in March, too?


  31. Hey Joe,

    I was wondering if I could get some early birthday blog love today, since I will be out of the country on a cruise for my 30th b-day this saturday. Thanks so much, I am looking forward to SGU!

  32. Hey Das,

    I really do wish it was that simple. It’s been 5 years of hard work and contains oodles of stories that will have you pulling at your hair and yelling “You’ve got to be kidding me!” (or is that just me?) and I don’t want to fill Joe’s blog with all of that 🙂

    Got married in September of 07 (despite what the typo on the video says) but didn’t get a chance until March to put something together. And even then I think I could have spent that 20 minutes putting together something a little better!

  33. “It’s been 5 years of hard work and contains oodles of stories that will have you pulling at your hair and yelling “You’ve got to be kidding me!” (or is that just me?) and I don’t want to fill Joe’s blog with all of that.”

    Why not, Narelle? I do! Though it’s really just by accident. I come here with every intention of typing just a line or two, and end up writing a novel. I think my fingers are possessed. 😛 I mean, I KNOW how obnoxious and self-promoting a long post looks…made twice as annoying when over-smilied…and yet, I just can’t seem NOT to do it. I guess it feels more intimate here than a discussion forum, so I just find myself sharing more than I should, like now…

    But I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so many problems. Ever consider moving out of the country? I hear New Zealand is nice… 🙂


  34. Das wrote:

    Ever consider moving out of the country? I hear New Zealand is nice…

    It’s definitely an option! Queensland way if we decide to stay in Australia, Thailand if we move out of the country.

    Queensland will be if I stay in software programming as the company that just purchased mine is based there so I know I have a job in there or anywhere in this country (with options in US, Canada and London), but Thailand will be the big leap of faith where I ditch my career as I know it, start with a new idea I have, and live a simple life, preferably never wearing more than a bikini and shorts.
    Now that’s more like it 🙂
    Who knows we may even feel like having kids once there is only the two of us in the relationship 😉

    How did I do with the smilies? 🙂

  35. @ Narelle – You did great with the smilies! Not nearly as obnoxious as me… 😛

    Thailand…you’re young…this is the time for those leaps of faith. But sometimes you exchange one problem for another. Why not make the easy move first, see how you do with that. If all goes smoothly, then think about bigger things. (I only suggest this because I’ve learned how hard it is to do certain things together without wanting to murder each other in the end…like…say…oh, I dunno…remodel a bathroom?! 🙄 (In comparison, the porch project was a piece of cake!)


  36. das – We are thinking alike 🙂
    I take calculated risks.
    Hubby and I have said Brisbane or Perth first. Stay there for a couple of years and see how it all goes.

    At 31 and 30 with no kids (other than furry ones) we have the luxury of making these decisions so I know we are just lucky to have options.

    In four years we have:
    1. Bought a house
    2. Had the financing stuff up, almost lose the house
    3. The company I worked for made our department redundant
    4. Purchased that side of the company with my business partner
    5. Launched the company
    6. Hubby’s boss went bankrupt and he lost his holiday pay/super/entitlements
    7. He opens his company
    8. Got engaged
    9. Hubby closes his company
    10.Got married

    We’ve been through a hell of a lot since meeting and we’ve got through it together.

    I didn’t do a four year uni degree to become a programmer, it just happened to be something I picked up when I was 18. After 12 years in the caper it wouldn’t bother me to move away from it, but it gives me a good income while I work out what I really want to do, hence the Thailand idea. Hubby is a tradie and loves it so he’s just happy doing that wherever we decide to go. Thailand would be more difficult for him. I think it is more of our dream destination rather than a practical one.

    I’ve spent my entire life taking risks (it’s hereditary) and fortunately they have paid off with a LOT of hard work… but isn’t that what taking risks is all about? 😉

    I guess I’m not tired of taking the risks, just the extreme hard work that follows. I’d be quite happy to just be for a while. Hence the selling of the company and removing some responsibility. Aaaah, the feeling of becoming nobody in particular. Feels rather nice.

    Sorry about hijacking your November 16 entry Joe!

  37. @ Narelle…I think Joe understands…understands how things like this become a sort of ‘community’. Besides, where do you think he gets all his material from?? I betcha I show up in some show of his as the obsessed fan who can’t accept her favorite character getting killed off. 😀

    Oh, wait. That’s like…95% of us here… 😛


  38. Hey Joe **waves**. Still have November 16 hijacked. Promise to give it back soon.

    Das – It is very much like a community. And not like one of those communities where you all gather at 5am in your white sheet and start reciting passages from a religious text followed by the sacrifice of a young animal and mass suicide. You know, a good community.

    I’m hedging my bets. Sheppard and Todd are equal favourites for me 😉

    Well Joe, which actress do you think will be best to play Das?
    One of my friends is a comedian on TV and radio. I was listening to him one morning and then realised “Hey! He’s talking about our dinner the other night.” It’s quite bizarre when you become “material”.

  39. Joe – avert your eyes…

    @ Narelle – “It is very much like a community. And not like one of those communities where you all gather at 5am in your white sheet and start reciting passages from a religious text followed by the sacrifice of a young animal and mass suicide…”

    It’s NOT?? Dang. 🙁 *stashes white sheet and ceremonial knife back under the bed*

    “I’m hedging my bets. Sheppard and Todd are equal favourites for me.

    I used to like Sheppard…maybe he can still win me back. At least I don’t hate him as much as I hate Carson. 😀 But Todd… *sigh* He IS the show for me now, and if anything bad happens to him, it would make me sick to ever watch another episode again (thus the reason I’m keeping the white sheet – for the ceremonial burning of S1-S5 box sets, and/or the movie should ‘the bad thing’ happen in that). I mean, for Wraith fans, he’s all we have at this point. At least the fans of the human characters can fall back on another human character…there’s just nothing for us to fall back on. *sniffle*

    I do love Sheppard’s relationship with Todd…it’s about the best ‘friendship’ on the show (maybe ever), just because of all the obstacles that have to be overcome (though they do need to have a moment like Shep and Rodney on the pier – something like they had back in CG – it’s overdue). But I can’t get my hopes up for Todd, just as I have little hope of the Lanteans admitting that they’ve ever been wrong (not just the twinges of conscience), or realizing that the Wraith aren’t inherently evil (although I have a glimmer of hope that something good will come from Infection…but I really doubt it, judging by the way things are going so far this season).

    That’s what I loved about del Toro’s handling of the ‘villain’ in Hellboy II. It was a film – and character – that made me think…think about who’s really right and who’s really wrong (which was del Toro’s intention, and even he had trouble calling Nuada the villain). I got it almost immediately, whereas many (guys especially) were disappointed that he wasn’t this intense ‘ultimate villain’, like The Joker…but that’s not what he was supposed to be. But the real beauty of Hellboy II is that, in the end, the ‘heroes’ finally got the message, too.

    This is something we have yet to see in SGA…will probably never see… until, maybe, it’s too late. There was yet another disappointment in Teyla’s self-righteous superiority over Michael, especially knowing how horribly his very being was defiled by Carson & Co. Somebody, sometime, has to take a good look in the mirror – just once – and admit what they really are. That’s why I’m so impressed by del Toro’s storytelling…he can show both sides equally, never totally justifying one over the other, with the heroes eventually able to see both sides, too.

    “Well Joe, which actress do you think will be best to play Das?” O

    I already have a twin in television…but I’d rather not say who in front of Joe…lol.

    “One of my friends is a comedian on TV and radio. I was listening to him one morning and then realised “Hey! He’s talking about our dinner the other night.” It’s quite bizarre when you become “material”.”

    I think we’ve all been ‘material’ in one form or another. I can only imagine the comments made about some of us when the subject of ‘fans’ come up. 🙄 Just makes you wonder which group annoy them most – the whumpers, the shippers, the haters, the whiners/fretters/naggers, or the over-analyzers. I think I’m a bit of everything…though just becoming a hater, and not really a shipper at all (unless it’s a joke). And I only like whumping when a human’s on the receiving end. 😀

    Gonna shut up now…at least we’ve kept this out of the current discussions….we should get points for that. 😀 Thanks, Joe – you’re a sweety. *smooches*


  40. These back blog discussions are much more calming. You can state an opinion without the reactions you sometimes get. You know the ones, “What would you know? I’m the biggest Stargate fan ever and I’m telling you that you are wrong and everyone else thinks you’re wrong and you’re stupid.” Those ones. I do wonder how old some of these people are sometimes. But they also exhibit many of the qualities of my in-laws so they could very well be just immature 60 year olds. **sigh**.

    Interesting what you say with Hellboy. My theory is that the only difference between good and evil is the side you are standing on.

    Each side will be able to justify their actions based on their beliefs so to them they are in the right, their enemy in the wrong. Wraith, Ancients, humans, countries, neighbourhood disputes; they will all justify their actions. The hard part is putting yourself in their position and trying to find a Common Ground in which you can then work to resolve your issues. It may not be that you are having each other over for dinner, but peaceful co-existence, wouldn’t that be nice? So yes, Commond Ground is one of my fav’s.

    It represents acceptance and acknowledgement of their differences and the two lines at the end between Sheppard and Todd summed it up “As I told you, John Sheppard, there are many things about Wraith that you do not know”. And vice-versa. Ignorance causes so much hate.

  41. Narelle – I love you. I wish I could say what you just did…but for some reason, I still haven’t grasped the concept of ‘simple, clear explanation’. 😛

    It does matter what side you’re standing on – but as you so nicely pointed out, it’s the acknowledgement (of differences, of missteps, of whatever) that I often find missing in this particular show, with only a few exceptions, such as CG. I hope this is corrected in SGU…I hope we see more understanding, and less closed mindedness and self-justification.

    As far as HB II…well, seeing as how so many Wraith fans loved this movie, I think it’s suffice to say that it delivered what we’ve always wanted to see…1. that the ‘villains’ aren’t always driven by evil intent, 2. that when someone, or something, unique dies – good death, or not – the world will be poorer for it, and 3. that it’s really okay for the heroes to show understanding (compassion/sympathy/empathy – whatever form it may take) towards their enemies. It was a strangly satisfying movie for me, considering.

    And yes – I agree…it’s much more comfy down here in the basement, away from critical eyes. Meh…they really don’t bother me that much…unless they’ve misunderstood my intent. But if I put myself out there, I have to be ready to take the backlash – at least that’s how I see it. Still…I much rather a friendly exchange to ‘are you off your meds again?’ comments. 🙄 I’m quite sane…just overly passionate about a few things, and not afraid to show it… 😛


  42. As long it’s a healthy “I Love You” and not like a work friend that thought a change in orientation might be fun for her and said after making the above statement “So how ’bout it?”. My eyebrows are still waiting to be peeled off the ceiling of our old office.

    You must have caught me on a rare day where I had the ability to be succinct.

    I’ll definitely check out Hellboy II. The first one I had a good laugh through. Wraith like creatures will make it even better. And to think when I saw the first ep of Atlantis I almost never watched again because the Wraith creeped me out. Ha! How some things work out.

    I think the Wraith, Human, Ancient dynamic is extremely complicated. Each with their own motivation, each with their own concept of right and wrong. It’s tough to manage such a complex issue within a storyline without it getting too bogged down in the philosophy and losing the action and adventure aspect. It would be an extremely tough job writing for such a broad audience.

    Ah the backlash. It always takes me by surprise when you have made a broad, sweeping statement and someone thinks you have particularly singled them out amidst the masses and then start on a personal attack. Fun times, fun times.

    I think we need a shag pile rug and some cushions here.

    Just kick us out Joe when you need to go to bed… or want us to move onto a current day entry… or just shutup. Whatever works for you.

  43. *gets snuggly in the shag rug*

    Narelle – the ‘I love you’ was in a totally non-creepy kinda way. Trust me…I’ve said it to Joe, too. 😀

    Prince Nuada isn’t Wraith-like (outside of his appearance) – I mean, he doesn’t feed on people. 😉 He’s a bit more delicate, for lack of a better word, which is a nice contrast to what he is capable of. I’m going to shut up now – before I ruin the whole thing, or – worse – have you expecting someone fantastic, and then being disappointed. 😛

    As far as the Wraith, human, Ancient thing goes – best way to fix that is to get rid of the godawful Ancients! Boring things that they are…I really can’t tolerate them at all. Get rid of them, then we just have human/Wraith interaction. I know it’s a difficult balancing act, but not an impossible one…hell, aren’t they doing it now with the Twilight book/movie? It’s not really my cuppa (since I like the insectoid aspect of the Wraith, and not the undead, soulless aspect of vampires), but it seems this writer has found a formula that has really worked, and she’s got a hit on her hands. Of course, it involves romance (also not my cuppa), but still…obviously she knows how to play to an audience – good vamps vs bad vamps. It makes everyone happy – the human lovers, the vampire lovers, and the vampire haters. It also seems to be something that appeals to that oh-so-coveted ‘younger audience’.

    Same basic formula could have been done a few seasons back with SGA, and maybe it could still happen – but with hopes of only one movie, I really doubt it. Time’s run out for the development of such an arc…besides, most people see the Wraith as a joke anymore because they fall too easily, and – with few exceptions – haven’t been a threat since The Rising. Too late to make one faction of Wraith totally ruthless and badass (that should have been est. day one), and another more like Todd – tolerating humans as far as it is possible to do so, forming occasional alliances – but still being very Wraithy and unpredictable.

    As far as backlash goes – well, I must admit that sometimes I do say TOO much – not broad, sweeping things, but specifics…and then I get called on it. But I think it’s because it’s too hard to really express what you mean in type…at least for me it is. Sometimes I do come off sounding like a real git, but in real life I’m not that way at all…in fact, I’m just about the most un-gittiest person there is. WEIRD, yes…git? Nah. It’s just that my speaking brain expresses itself one way, and my typing brain another. (My typing brain is smarter, too…my speaking brain really has very little to say.)

    And yes – it’s 2 am and I’m tired, and this shag rug is comfy, and I’m not making much sense anymore.

    Thanks, Joe…for letting us crash here for a bit. I love you. 😀


  44. You, my dear, are definitely not a git.

    On occasions it’s easier to express yourself on a blog because ultimately if something goes wrong you can just back away from the computer and never come back, but at the same time it’s in print, so you can be called on it if you are still around. Tough balance. I like to keep a few things back because I also like being able to change my mind. Which seems to be something that is illegal to some people. Wouldn’t know it with how much I prattle on here though!

    He’s a bit more delicate, for lack of a better word, which is a nice contrast to what he is capable of.

    So is he more like Todd crossed with a bit of Elf?
    Either way it has piqued my interest so with this cold of mine in full swing I may have to track it down on the weekend, which fortunately in Australia, is in about 15 hours. Yippee!

    I have to say the Ancients haven’t impressed me very much in SGA, but I can also see from their point of view where they are coming from. They would see Humans as still evolving with a lot less knowledge than them. It would be like if Neanderthal man had populated Earth and then we came back. Humans are naturally condescending to seemingly lesser beings so I think we would react in a very similar way to the Ancients. Look at the damage we’ve already done in Pegasus with our apparent superior intellect! Ancients also don’t seem to accept responsibility for their screw ups, so they’re exactly like humans 😉

    Imagine if we did really understand the Wraith. Think of the benefits on Earth if we learnt to develop our technology in a completely organic way. Global warming eat your heart out.

    Must away to battle the sniffles and sore head in a meeting. Can’t wait for today to be over.

    I’ll pick up a coffee machine for November 16 while I’m out.

  45. @ Narelle – Woo! Coffee pot! I’ll bring the Tim Tams! 😀

    RE: Prince Nuada…NO, he’s not Todd. Much more Steve, with a little Bob thrown in. He IS mad, afterall…broken by the damage man has done to the planet, to his world. And then there is the thing hinted at with his sister. Del Toro calls him an ‘incestuous little bastard’…so I’ll just leave it at that… 😉

    He is a character of passion – passion for his cause, for his father, his sister, his friend, his people…even for his ‘enemy’, Hellboy…all expressed in different ways. There’s an element of passion/love threaded throughout the film – with everyone and everything – so even if you don’t care for Nuada, or see him the same as I do, you can’t help but be impressed by the beauty of this film. Very lush, very visual…and very passionate.

    The Wraith – ah, yes – imagine if we really did understand them. We would feed them our corrupt corporate heads and child molesters, and they would open up hair and nail salons on every corner. 😀 In all seriousness, though – yes…their technology…I’ve really never thought how much of a benefit that would be to us, to our planet – to our sanity. Self-healing technology…no more hours on the phone with tech support in India! Woo!

    As far as the Ancients go – I never really got them, but then again, I’ve never seen SG1. Maybe I would understand them better if I had watched the first show – but what I have seen of them in SGA doesn’t inspire me to learn more about them. They are just so stiff, so anal, so…NOT entertaining. One of my favorite 2-parters is The Return I & II, just because they get their comeuppance. I really don’t get the whole ‘self-righteousness’ thing with these characters – humans and Ancients. They remind me of some governments (use your imagination) who try to shove their ideals down everyone else’s throats – claiming moral superiority while doing some very nasty things behind closed doors.

    Ya know – maybe it just makes sense that the humans and Ancients are the way they are – afterall, they are written by humans…and human nature is universal. If humans see nothing wrong in their real life treatment of those that are different, if they see nothing wrong in their own hypocrisy, it only makes sense that writers would portray their human characters in the same way, and probably not see anything wrong with the way they are acting. But I just get so tired of that aspect of human nature – like politicians or corporate heads caught with their pants down and still justifying themselves, incapable of seeing how wrong they are.

    For instance, the American auto makers just went to Washington to beg for a financial bailout, since it looks like the three big American car companies might all soon collapse. So, when the lawmakers in Washington questioned why these men – all begging for money – each arrived in Washington in their own, individual, multi-million dollar corporate jets…they were mute. When asked if they would consider returning home on a regular airline, they were mute. They just can’t see their own corruption…just like the Ancient, and the Lanteans.

    On the other hand – the Wraith come at you from a totally different angle. You can’t call them hypocritical for complaining (not that they do) about being targeted by the likes of Michael, while they themselves are feeding on humans. It’s two totally different things – Wraith kill out of the ultimate necessity – whereas Michael killed out of hate, and the humans kill out of a combination of hate, fear, and self-defense. However, we’ve actually seen a lot of killing out of hate – Teyla in The Queen, and perhaps, in her handling of Michael, Sheppard’s murder of Bob, Ronon – though usually shown killing in self-defense – is totally driven by vengeance, and Carson…well, he’s a real Josef Mengele, isn’t he? How does the saying go – ‘Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it’? You see a lot of that in this show…repeating mistakes, over and over, because they never really acknowledged them first time around (with the exception of the occasional, ‘oh! my bad!’). Of course, we do have them asking Todd nicely to be a guinea pig, instead of forcing experimentation on him – perhaps that’s an acknowledgement that they were wrong in what they did to Steve and Michael, but I still have to see how it plays out before I can tell.

    Oh well, as most of the Wraith fans have said – time to move on. There’s nothing we can do about anything (other than whine), and we have accepted that what we had hoped for is very unlikely to happen, especially since the series is done and so no further indepth development is even possible. Most have just given up and turned to fan fic (which I just can’t get into), and I…well…I have my incestuous elf, John Druitt & Bigfoot (and now Henry…lol…Ryan Robbins with nipple piercings just did me in… 😀 ), and looking forward to the Wolverine movie. Oh, and then there’s always Mr. Das…big sweety that he is for putting up with all my imaginary men. 🙂

    Hey – do you think we should start paying Joe rent? 😛


  46. Not just a coffee pot, I went all out and got the coffee machine. It is true that us Melbournianites are coffee toffs which is why Starbucks shipped out of this latte drinking town.

    Tim Tams… nice choice!

    Went to the video store (and when are they going to be renamed to DVD stores?) to get Hellboy II but alas, not until December 31 despite them having it on their website. It will have to be some Summer watching then.

    I’m hearing you about the manufacturing industry!
    I’ve heard you say it before about the struggles of running your own business and you have to take the good with the bad. Also as a business owner, or ex-business owner in just over a month (!), when our company is going great it gives us some breathing space, but when things get tight then as the owners we make the sacrifices. I’m pretty sure I signed a document to that effect when we opened this business.

    The company that purchased my company has a lot of Government contracts so I think it was good timing that we got out as Government will be increasing expenditure to keep money in the market. Australia has had billion dollar surpluses for about 8 years now, despite a horrific trade deficit, so they will be using that to try and keep us afloat.

    The media needs to be careful on this one. They love causing wide-spread panic and seem to be doing a bang-up job of scaring the bejesus out of everyone. Consumer confidence; we hear it all the time, but I don’t think the media accepts the responsibility they have in this measure.

    True the financial crisis is bad, but ALL countries are suffering and when looking at a solution, that is far better than just a few. With everyone suffering it means that there is more chance of an agreement being reached to help the economy out of this… that’s if ego’s can be put aside. With billions being wiped from the personal fortunes of some individuals, they won’t allow that to continue happening. Personal greed was a big part of what got us into this mess, but I have a feeling the same motivations could be the catalyst to getting us out.

    Poor Obama! It’s like buying a house only to find the previous owners had a farewell party that lasted 8 years, stained the carpets, broke the windows, used the pool as a garbage bin and left the front door open when they left.

    Australia is seen as a bit of a joke economically speaking, but we have a huge resources sector which will continue to be in demand, despite a pull back by China, so I think we are pretty lucky. I do work for a Government department which monitors all oil and gas deposits in Australia. They have the most amazing 3D chart up of all the known deposits in Australia. I was looking at it one day when the head of IT came up. He noticed I was impressed. He pointed out how many of the deposits were “untapped”. Tasmania is surrounded by gas deposits. And from what I could gather from these guys, gas generally is a sign of oil laying deeper. I don’t agree in the mining of oil – the Earth created oil there for a reason, not for it to be replaced by water, there must be consequences down the track – but as far as a bargaining chip goes for our economy, it’s pretty good to have gas and oil in reserve.

    Back to Stargate!
    The Ancients in SG1 I found different to the Ancients in SGA. You’ll correct me if I’m wrong Joe. The Ancients in SG1 came across as more Teachers than Preachers, as they seem to be in SGA. Perhaps this is because of the Daniel Jackson storyline where he was needing to learn more about the Ancients but they in their “non-interfering” ways would just talk in riddles for Daniel to have to work out. Plus SG1 seemed to have more “rogue” ancients, those going against the rules to help which made them more interesting.

    Whenever the military is involved, and sorry if I offend, but particularly the US military, there is the cowboy attitude of just get there and do it, rather than careful planning and thinking of consequences. I know this wouldn’t be the writers intention in SGA but when you discuss a lot of the issues above it does resemble the real-life attitude of a lot of military operations. Elizabeth Weir seemed to try and think of the consequences but with snap decisions needing to be made to save themselves, not always the right decision was made. I would like to have seen Carter around for longer. She seemed to have a good balance of military understanding vs human compassion and respect for alien races.

    Do you think there would be a greater understanding and acceptance amongst everyone of the motivations behind other religions and races if we were all able to discuss it out in the open, like we do with the Wraith and Ancients, rather than be silenced under the guise of political correctness?
    My business partner is Asian (family from Hong Kong originally and his wife is Vietnamese) and we have a great time discussing our childhoods and the differences in our cultures, both good and bad, but also amazingly the similarities. I was at his wedding in a silk Chinese print dress, he was at our wedding in thongs 🙂

    I completely agree what you said about history. Humans have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over. The other problem with History is it is written by the winner of a conflict. If the World Wars went the other way, there would be a very different group of people up on war crimes charges.

    And this entry just goes to show that I should never have a laptop in front of me while lying in bed with a cold and doped up on Codeine. Yes, a lesson for us all.

  47. *wriggles into comfy jammies, and comes shuffling in with a glass of wine, and spicy Dagoba xocolatl chocolate*

    I’ll save the Tim Tam Slam for morning! (And yup – I’ve tried it many times! 😀 When Tim Tams are in short supply, Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies suffice – not nearly the same, though.)

    “I was at his wedding in a silk Chinese print dress, he was at our wedding in thongs.”

    Wait. What?! Thongs? 😯 Like…the leopard print kind Edward Sleazyhands wears?? *blinks*

    Maybe by the time you see Hellboy II, and my lovely Prince, you will have forgotten my hype, and you won’t be disappointed. I’m always afraid that – after I’ve praised the living hell out of something – people will watch it and say, ‘meh’. Doesn’t matter to me if someone doesn’t like the same things I like (so don’t ever be afraid to say ‘meh’ to me), but I feel bad that I may have influenced people to waste money on something they didn’t like. That’s why I’ll never recommend a restaurant to Joe. 😉

    As far as business goes, it’s not ‘my’ business, but a family business – dad’s the boss. However, he’s so old school (and, well…old) that he really needs to give up some control, but he’s also a control freak…so…no matter what changes I want (often NEED) to make, he just resists all the way…but then blames me when things don’t go right. It isn’t easy – but they’re my folks, and my sister moved away, and my brother just isn’t business material (he’s quite a bit older, and very set now in his ways) – so, I’m all they’ve got here, meaning that a lot of responsibility falls on my shoulders. So, I have to be the ‘boss’ while not really the boss…which is like trying to drive a car without the steering wheel.

    BAD thing about it, though, is that I’ve never been a social person…and dealing with employees all day, or a problem customer, has made me not want to do things with people in ‘real life’. Last night we were supposed to go out, but one of our employees was going to be there…and I just didn’t want to be around him, or his wife. I don’t want to talk shop when I’m ‘off-duty’ (I don’t know how Joe does it, actually…he either loves his job, or hates himself). So, I stayed home.

    So, we went out tonight, to our local seedy bar 🙂 , just to spend some down time with my husband. The place was packed – band playing, free food – and there was our head mechanic. He’s the one who wanted to be laid off so he could go fishing. Well…that shot my evening to hell. His wife, who obviously had a bit to drink, came over and started chatting and doing the whole ‘Woot! Let’s Party!’ thing. Mind you, she’s about 50…which just made it…awkward. Besides, I’m not that sort of person…I’m more the sit in the corner hovering over my drink sort, just quietly watching people, wondering which ones are the perverts, and which ones are the murderers. (Doesn’t everyone do that??!)

    Anyway, she made a remark about her husband not working, to which I snarked back, ‘Well, maybe if he wasn’t fishing all the time…’. Oh, did I get the look! Then I sent my husband out to dance with her…just so I could have some time to study the perverts and the murderers… 😉 We couldn’t get home fast enough after that.

    Your job sounds quite interesting…a far cry from what I do. When I took the school aptitude test, it said I should be a mechanic, and not a bookkeeper. Well, I’m a bookkeeper/office manager – and I hate it. I would much rather be working with my hands, building things or problem-solving in some way. But, alas, I’m stuck in an office all day, doing what I hate most. I worked in a library years ago – I loved that job, but quit it because I was young, and stupid. So now I live with my decision to help family instead of doing my own thing. Sometimes…when you’re young…it’s really best to do your own thing, and not feel so obligated to family. Now I’m stuck. 😛

    I totally agree about the panic the news media is creating. Not that there isn’t a problem…but they saw this coming – they knew it was coming – and they remained mute until it was too late. I hate all the manipulation…all the brain-washing…all the lies…all in the name of greed. I watch the news a lot, and see right through it…but maybe that’s because I’m rather cynical. My husband is different – he believes everything he hears…just a very good, trusting person.

    Anyway (and yes, I am rambling….), my grandmother – born in 1900 – lived through the Great Depression. I’ve learned a lot from her…namely, be ready to walk away from it all…be mentally prepared for the worst, and make due with what you have. I hear people trying to protect themselves financially now – but what if all is lost? Money won’t help us then, only soundness of mind – so if their heads are in the wrong place, if they define themselves by how much they have and what they own, then they’ll lose it. Only those who keep things in perspective will manage. Of course, I know this stuff…but I’m the panicky sort, so not sure how I’ll react in the end. Maybe I’ll curl up in the corner, sucking my thumb and hoping it will all go away. We never know until we’re actually up against it.


    First, the Ancients. Perhaps, if I had watched from the beginning, I would feel differently about them based on what you’ve described. Unfortunately, they’re too ‘religious cult’ for my tastes. Not that it’s about religion…but that same mentality (isolation, mistrust, superiority, etc). They just annoy the crap out of me.

    As far as the miliary influence in the show goes, I actually agree with all you say. My brother went to prison instead of Vietnam…so, needless to say, I’m not warrior material. I feel too much is ‘solved’ recklessly with a gun…without thinking things through first. Yes, it is a cowboy mentality. I don’t mind it in small doses, but too much just becomes disheartening. So, when this sort of mentality becomes part of my ‘entertainment’, it stops being fun, starts to make me question whether or not I want to be entertained by mindless killing. After seeing how many Wraith and humans have been killed in the show, without the team having any emotional affects from it just becomes a bit unrealistic (except Sheppard – he does show emotion at times (remorse?), and yet…he can’t seem to stop). It’s only easy to kill if your a sociopath, or something. Again, I go back to Wolverine – he kills in the comics, and it really affects him. Makes him antisocial, makes him keep people at an arm’s length, makes him question his morality. But the Lanteans just slaughter (sometimes in very gruesome hand-to-hand fighting), and then…they just go about their merry way as if nothing’s happened.

    I tell ya, if they existed in real life, they’d be a hellava lot more scary, and dangerous, than Wraith. Humans who kill without conscience are more dangerous because…well, first…Wraith kill to feed, they are not guided by a moral conscience in this regard. There’s is an act of necessity. But humans have options – we can find other ways to do things, and add to that the fact that we have a moral conscience, especially when it comes to taking a life. So, that conscience must be affected by a killing in some way…and if it’s NOT, then there is nothing to stop a person from becoming a cold-blooded murderer.

    As far as discussing things to solve problems…to find ‘common ground’ – nope, not gonna happen. I just see it in discussion forums – some people will ‘agree to disagree’, but so many – maybe the majority at times – just want to argue. Not state how they feel – but to tear down, to ridicule, to intimidate. I’m not talking about an angry or frustrated moment, but an overall attitude, one that just refuses to see things a different way. Religion? There are religions who are willing to share what they believe, some even will come to your home – but what happens? They are ridiculed for it. Race – ha. I’m white (Danish, German, Scottish, English…primarily)…but my great-great-great grandmother was black, a slave or servant in the Roosevelt household, and her daughter (my great-great grandmother) was recorded in an obituary as being the half-sister to Theodore Roosevelt, a President of the US. When I learned this, I was elated! What an exciting family history! So…I told people…and more than one white person said, ‘don’t tell anyone, they’d never know you’re black.’ 😕 I’m like – so white it’s not funny…but because I have a fraction of black blood, white people tell me to keep that part secret. Ha – like I’m gonna do that!

    But I learned from this just how deep prejudice runs. Sure, you have those who are accepting…but so very many, deep down inside, harbor prejudice…prejudice that just simmers inside until one day the heat is turned up, and it just boils over into violence. Germany, Rwanda, Bosnia, and so many other modern examples of how this has happened – whether it is religious or ethnic prejudices – nothing seems to be able to stop it.

    I guess I have a poor view of human nature. I try to be different, but even I know I can do rotten things. I’m certainly no saint…not at all. And I do acknowledge that there are many good people on this planet…but the bad ones just overshadow them all.

    Wow – THAT was a depressing post. Maybe I’m PMSing. 😆

    On a brighter note, I actually enjoyed SGA tonight! Woo! 😀

    Shutting up now…besides, I gotta go pee. 🙂


    (Ugh…I’m not even proofreading all of that…please forgive typos, misspellings, and thoughts that seem incomplete or just plain weird. )

  48. Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies – I haven’t had the girl scout bit, but mint biscuits are generally the clear winner in this household. Sorry Joe, stop gagging.

    I don’t envy your situation with work. And avoiding those work related outside of hours can be tough. When Hubby was feeling overwhelmed by his business he started to not head down the street or go out worried he would run into someone that was linked to work. It was getting him so down during business hours that the last thing he wanted was to be reminded of it when he was trying to unwind.

    These hard financial times will show a lot of people’s true character. Some do well under pressure, other’s crumble. Generally those crumbling will be looking for someone to point the finger at, no matter how wrong they are in their accusation. Unfortunately it sounds like you are the easy to find target.

    Joe, I also don’t know how you can be immersed in work-related tasks almost 24/7, but that could also be due to doing something that you really enjoy 🙂

    I had to reset Hubby’s brain to get him back into a more balanced frame of mind after he shut down his business, hence why I dragged us off to Thailand. We both needed it, and even now when something might seem a bit overwhelming, we talk about something that we did/saw in our travels, fall into hysterics and feel a bit better. There’s always the need for time out.

    I guess my job is interesting. I get to work with a lot of different organisations which I love. Finding out how these people become successful is invaluable. To see those that make it while never abandoning their principles, while watching others who feel the only way to be successful is to walk over others.

    The interesting part is overshadowed by the part of it that’s extremely hard though. Software programming is not natural for me, but I seem to be able to translate what the user wants into programming language and vice versa which there is a demand for.

    I finished a presentation to a forum of users a few months ago and the MD of the supplier I was presenting for whispered in my ear, “Always the pragmatist Narelle”. I’ve known this guy for a number of years and know they way he works so I replied, “Well, I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. From most people I’d take it as a compliment, but knowing how much you are just about the sale I think you see that as a weakness in me.” It’s that kind of political crap that makes my job tough. I’m not only having to stay on top of the technology and my clients plus the running of the business, but be brought into these games with the suppliers who will lie while staring you in the eye. So frustrating and such a waste of energy.

    The CEO of the company that has purchased mine will be dealing with that from now on. **sigh**

    That’s fantastic heritage!

    Do you think Grandparents are the great teachers of perspective? I think back to what my Grandparents and Parents went through growing up and it’s a bit of a slap in the face when you need it.

    My Nanna was the youngest violinist in the San Francisco Philharmonic. She travelled from Scotland to the US when she was 19 in the late 20’s, played there for a number of years then lived in Tahiti for 5 years (how I would love to do that) before settling in Australia where they built their house a floorboard at a time and my Dad slept on the patio when his sister came along so she could have her own room. Can you imagine people of today doing that? They would claim some sort of discrimination if they had to save and build as they went rather than getting everything now.

    I’m glad to see that someone else sees the blatant desire in some posters just to abuse, insult, disagree. It’s as though they are looking for a fight and will say anything to start one. I found Joe’s blog through Gateworld, but the most I’ve ever done there is had a look around, got this extremely negative vibe and left again. I wonder what is really going on in their lives to have that level of anger and to direct it at a bunch of people that have done nothing wrong other than state their opinion which is exactly what they were doing!

    After reading some post airing of an episode comments I imagine Joe sitting in a room with lots of candles burning, whale sounds in the background and letting out a big “Woooooooosa” in order to refrain from getting itchy fingers and going to town on the keyboard. Nice show of restraint Joe!

    It does seem that the number of twats, gits and morons is increasing at an exponential rate. Courtesy has gone out the window and apologies, what are they?

    I got road raged last week over something that wasn’t even my fault. I get targeted a bit by smarmy guys because I drive a BMW. This man wanted to cause me serious bodily harm over something that he had done wrong. I said to him that if he wrapped himself around a tree he’d be doing the gene pool a favour. That’s very NOT me to be provoked! I’ve been dubbed as a pacifist by most of those around me, but it’s as though sometimes the hate seeps into you and I reacted. I said to Hubby (Nath) when I got home that it’s reminding me of Ghostbusters II out there. The hate is festering and feeding. He said it wasn’t the best theatrical reference but agreed.

    I feel for the hospital workers and police who are on the front line of this aggression at the moment.

    So what can be done? Do you think we are just doomed to go the way of the dinosaurs?

    That links nicely back to the Ancients. The arrogance of the ancients that they were invincible and superior, will the same characteristics in us cause the same downfall?

    My bus partners wife was talking to me about kids and why we hadn’t had any yet. I said lots of reasons. She came out straight away with that she was scared to bring a child into this world at the moment. I agreed it is one scary responsibility especially when it’s into a world you don’t think is a particularly good one.

    According to one of the Universities that are our client, their studies show that those who are economically able to bring large numbers of kids into this world are choosing not to due to them understanding not just the financial commitment of having a child, but also the time commitment in giving them the parental guidance and education it needs which would cause a deficit in the child’s life if there were many siblings, however, those that are not financially set up to be bringing children into the world at all are doing so at a much greater rate which is causing issues now within the education sector. Their concern is that if they cannot educate a lot of these children “for free” then they won’t get an education, which affects their job possibilities, which therefore causes issues with welfare and crime. Nothing is ever cut and dry, it’s all connected. But I can definitely say that the head of this department is at a loss. There is a lot of pressure on them to provide free education, but how can she when there isn’t enough money which means the education will be sub-standard.

    Das, you sound like the person that would benefit from heading off to a place like Fiji or the Thai islands, maybe even Samoa. The people there are still respectful and polite. You spend time around them and you regain some hope in human nature. So is it because they still live a simple life that they do not take what they have for granted? Who knows. But I’d quite like to live there for a while to find out 😉

  49. Oh! I forgot about Joe’s aversion to mint! LOL! I love mint – especially with chocolate. But I don’t like the combo if it’s a cheapy chocolate with an artificial or overpowering mint.

    Girl Scouts are like Girl Guides – and every winter they have a cookie sale drive. I buy a few boxes of their thin mints, and freeze them, just so I have them for the entire year.

    RE: Work. We do a lot of work in restaurants. During the summer when things are really crazy here, I always go to this place on the bay to unwind – an open deck restaurant/bar where we can see the sunset. They’re not customers of ours, so it’s a real escape…I just can go their and not worry whether or not their freezer is working.

    As far as being an easy target – I am, but I’m not. I’m easy because I’m a girl and the men feel bigger if they go after me instead of my old pa. But at the same time, I do payroll…and you NEVER mess with the person who does payroll. 😀

    Thing is – we have work…the guys don’t want to work. We had a couple slow weeks, so the guys panicked, and asked to be laid off so they could collect unemployment. But once things started picking up, and we started calling them back…suddenly they had other things to do. Or they start pointing fingers, complaining that they have to work while another guy gets to sit at home and collect. I am very close to calling unemployment and saying that we have work, and they’re refusing it…but my dad is nicer than me in this regard, and he’ll let them slide, but gripe to me about them instead. Yeah, funsies.

    This is why I don’t have children – I have employees – THAT’S enough. 😛

    My husband is an uber-responsible workaholic. Can’t turn anyone down when they ask for help, and can’t sit still…must always be working. I’m always telling him that I can do with less, I’d rather have him, but he’s worked since he was a young teenager, and just doesn’t know how to turn it off. So, he works maintenance for a big hotel in town, and has a part-time business to boot. Plus, he’ll do anything anyone asks him to – both for payment and as a volunteer. I worry about him, but he has the energy and drive to do it, and seems to balance all his responsibilities well, and still have time to goof off in the evening. And we always set aside days to do things together – whether work or play, and that keeps our relationship close, and balanced.

    And as far as laughing about something we’ve seen or done…lol…that IS our life! My husband tends to do very funny things (not on purpose, mind you), and we end up laughing over it for weeks and months, even years. He’s a very good mimic, too…so he can do all sorts of voices…like the time when – in the heat of passion – he called me ‘Sheppard’ in Todd’s voice… 😯 It ALMOST ruined the moment, but…well…I just really said WAY too much, didn’t I? 😆

    As far as seeing people who have become a success without abandoning their principles vs others who feel the only way to be successful is to walk over others… well, I’ve never seen the latter have ultimate success, because – sooner or later – it catches up with them. I think of my dad – a real bastard as a father (verbally abusive, loud, often angry, not affectionate unless he was drunk – that sort), but as a MAN? He’s a good one. Has always tried to be honest in his dealings, has always been generous even when he’s had nothing, and has never screwed anyone over. Not a man to hold a grudge, or to wish evil on others. On more than one occasion people have told my mom how much they respect my dad, and trust him…so even though he may not be rich materially, he has a good reputation as an honest and fair human being…and in the end that’s what really matters. It’s your name – good or bad – that lives on, not the money.

    Software programming…not easy, I’m sure. I’m horrible with computers, but slowly learning how to fix one infested with bugs. 😛 My home computer got a really nasty infection (somehow it got past my security), and I’ve spent the last three weeks trying to fix it. I think I’ve got the worst of it. I know where I got the infection, but just not sure how it got past my security…which scares me a little since it totally hijacked my system.

    Of course, the worst they found out about me is that I google ‘wraith’ and ‘Prince Nuada’ more than is healthy for a woman my age to do so. 😉

    A pragmatist, eh? See…you’re good…you gave a good, strong answer. I usually turn things into a joke…which isn’t very professional. My only strong tactic with something like that is to turn it back on them with a question, like, ‘what is that supposed to mean?’ With the ball in their court, there’s a chance they’ll hit it straight into the net.

    Thing with being a woman in your line of work is that men think they can get one over on you. I have little time for what I call ‘the old boys club’ – and I call them on it. Now, I’ve said before that I do not like dealing with women in positions of power…and this is why. Women play a different game, one that’s hard to figure out (because it’s rarely played the same way twice). But men? The old boys’ games go back for centuries, so you know how the play goes – and you know what you must do to stay in the game (1. never blink, 2. price around, 3. know people, etc…). You may not like it, but at least you are aware of it.

    And when worse comes to worse…cry. Men just do NOT understand that…plus, they wouldn’t dare brag about making a woman cry. See…we can’t do that with other women…so we lose our advantage over them. But with men? Tears throw ‘em totally off’a their game. It’s like…kryptonite. 😀

    ( And I’m totally full of shite on that last part.)

    As far as grandparents teaching us perspective…hmmm. Depends. With my dad’s parents – no. They were good mid-western folks…grandfather 100% Danish, grandmother mostly English/Scottish. They were frugal and a bit cold – just not generous in any way – and judgmental. I would have learned little from them. They never had any hard knocks in life, except what is common to us all. But my mom’s mom…my ‘nan’ as I called her…now SHE was an education all wrapped up in one tiny woman. She’s the one related to Roosevelt. Moved up from South Carolina when she was 8, quit school at 14 when her mom died, and went to work for a milliner, then when the US joined the War, she went to work for the Quartermaster at age 16. Worked for the Quartermaster and Navy Yard until she retired – and managed to raise two children (she lost one child 3 weeks after birth, but raised a niece, and my mom). She took care of her father until he died, lived through the Great Flu (Spanish Influenza) of 1918, survived the Depression, maintained a home, did laundry by hand, cooked Sunday dinner every week and always gave a plate to the passing hobo or bum…oh, the stories I could tell.

    My favorite story (well, one of them) is when – soon after they were married – my grandfather (German – specifically what is referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch in the US) became very ill with a sort of arthritis, and he couldn’t move. My grandmother heard of this doctor in Philadelphia – a man who had lost his license for making his own medicines. Well, she heard he had a cure for what my grandfather had. Now, this was back in the 1920’s…and she didn’t drive. So, she had to take a trolley to the river, take a boat across the river, and take a trolley to where this doctor lived. She did this late at night, sneaking through the streets of Philadelphia. When she got to his home, she had to give a special knock, and only then was she let inside. He gave her the medicines, and told her that – after a few days – big blood blisters would erupt all over my grandfather’s body. She would have to burst and drain each one, but then afterwards, he’d be fine.

    Well, she did as instructed – she gave my grandfather the medicine, and in a few days he was covered with these horrible blisters. She broke and drained each one, and sure enough…he got better, and never suffered with any sort of crippling arthritis again. Never really knew what he had, or what he took to get better – but it worked. She was a very courageous woman….and her reward was to live to be 101, her mind always sound even though her body eventually gave out

    And thanks for sharing about your own Nanna! What an incredible life she had!

    And no – I can’t imagine people today doing anything that may be an inconvenience. Like after the hurricane hit New Orleans, people just…lost it. Not weeks later, but less than 24 hours later. They panicked, in such a way I’ve never seen people panic before. It was an eye-opener for me. Hurricane Katrina was like every bad disaster movie come to life…kinda scary, really.

    RE: The internet. When I first started out (about 2001), I found a nice little community on A&E’s Hornblower discussion forum. Long story short, after about 2 years there were some misunderstandings, and I had my first taste of forum drama, and I made the mistake of taking it personal. At first I got defensive…but then…not so much. I stopped taking things personally, ignored the trolls and other jackasses, learned to laugh at the insanity that is on-line communication (esp. forums/fandoms). Ever since, I’ve been quite comfy on-line, even braving such places as IMDb where the trolls abound…I just don’t feed them what they want. Beauty of on-line communication is that you do NOT have to reply. You can just let people go off on their little tangents, and walk away. They soon loose interest.
    Sometimes I will play with them – have actually made a ‘friend’ or two when I didn’t crumble under their attack. THAT is the most beautiful thing to experience…to see the person come into the room, guns ablazin’…and then half a dozen posts or so later, you’re sitting in the corner with him, sharing a pint and a laugh. Nothing more satisfying than that. 🙂

    Gateworld is negative – but most fandom forums are. Now – I’m negative, but only because I don’t want the Wraith exterminated, or Todd killed. My negativity is primarily a fear of my characters dying. Then there’s the whole self-justification thing the Lanteans have going on, which I also find distasteful. However…if the Lanteans would just – for once – stop blaming everything they’ve done on the Wraith, and grow from there (instead of reverting back to their old self-justifying ways in the next episode/movie), then I would feel differently. The Wraith – well, I really have no hope for them, so it’s hard for me to think positive things about their future, not even for Todd.

    Still, I try not to piss on everyone else’s opinions (except maybe the writers 😉 ) …we all have a right to say what we like, and what we don’t…and we can’t expect everyone to see it our way. Except Joe. I expect Joe to see the Wraith exactly as I see them because – well, because I’m right. 😀 (That was just a test to see if Joe is actually reading this stuff…and, although I AM right, I don’t expect him to ever see it my way, unless he suddenly develops the hots for Todd, too. )

    I suspect Joe does one of three things when he sees an episode’s backlash: 1. Makes faces at the computer screen while he reads the negative posts, 2. rolls his eyes – A LOT, 3. ignores the constructive criticism and justifies everything in the episode, no matter how bad it was. 😉 Then he goes out to some fancy restaurant and eats fried apple-crusted crispy pig brains in a Belgian chocolate sauce, or something.

    ”It does seem that the number of twats, gits and morons is increasing at an exponential rate. Courtesy has gone out the window and apologies, what are they?”

    Society is breaking down, and only a few see it. It’s held together with a very fine string…won’t take much to break it. Most ‘adapt’ to what’s happening, and often mock those who point out the downfall. But some – perhaps you, perhaps me – are not so complacent.

    You know – this is EXACTLY what I loved about Prince Nuada. He was the only one who noticed what was happening to the earth, the only one who cared…the only one who wanted to save it. The rest of his kind had become complacent, they were content to live in the sewers instead of the forests. He was the last of his kind…the last warrior…the only who still had passion and fire burning inside of him. It reflects very much what is happening today – those who see what is happening are often helpless to stop it, and the others just turn a blind eye to it and accept it as ‘normal’.

    So, all you can REALLY do is maintain your own integrity. It’s the only thing you really have control over. If you can do that – then no matter what else happens in the world, you have won.

    And we won’t count your road rage incident as a compromise of your integrity. 🙂

    As far as what can be done…well, what the heck – if I can defend fictional life-suckers, I can defend my own beliefs. In a nutshell – I don’t think we happened by accident, and I don’t think the One who put us here is happy with our horrible mismanagement of this beautiful planet and the living things upon it – we have failed miserably, and He will correct it. I come to this conclusion through an examination of human nature, science, history and faith…not through some emotional experience. And I’ll leave it at that.

    Basically, I don’t think we can fix it. Humans just seems to be going from bad to worse – the more enlightened we become, the more brutal we become…it’s not getting better. Sure, we know more – but we care less. We are desensitized, we look out for ourselves, we make excuses for everything. In order to change, we must change our core…our soul, and as long as there is hate and prejudice and greed and a fascination with violence and cruelty, then such a change will never happen. People say they want peace, but do everything in their power to counter it.

    So, it goes back to the individual. Maintain your integrity. Perhaps you can influence someone else to do the same (we learn by example…so, one volunteer will often inspire another to volunteer, or one act of kindness often inspires another act of kindness, and so on). But you can’t force people to change. A person has to want it for themselves. We can do our part, and hope that we influence just one other person to do the same. Otherwise, we would too easily become disheartened by the increasing callousness around us. I am already disheartened, but at the same time I have hope that someday it will change, even if I’m not here to see it.

    As far as children are concerned, I never had a strong mothering instinct. As I got older, and started seeing those childbirth videos, and hearing pregnancy horror stories, I lost all interest in having children. Now, the idea of being pregnant makes me think of the Alien movies. 😆 And right now, I am very glad I don’t have a teenager. Sure, a child can be a blessing, but any more…they can equally be a curse. And the world is a rough place, made much worse by bad parenting and a lack of personal responsibility. So much wrong with everything – it goes back to being nearly impossible to fix – so we just have to fix ourselves, and try to influence others in a positive way.

    Ah, Fiji…Thailand, Samoa…HOT, and BUGGY. If I was courageous enough to move, I would go to one of two places: Scotland, or New Zealand. Scotland would be my first choice – cold, wet and simple. New Zealand my second choice – but for the rugby. 😉

    Wow. THAT was a long one. But I am really enjoying this discussion. A lot more I could say, but then I’d be writing twice as much, and I’d probably sound like a total nutcase. I do have strong opinions, I am a bit cynical, and maybe I have a few unpopular beliefs, but – ya know – at least I still care. Indifference…that’s what I’m afraid of…so, no matter how much it hurts, I don’t want to stop caring.


  50. I stumbled into here by accident looking up information on any movie for Brian Lumley’s books. I read them years ago and still have vivid mental movies about them. And after seeing that Twilight crap fest I am looking for a REAl vampire movie!

  51. Reading about your Nanna reminds me of a line that’s been popping into my head of late…

    “You now need to choose whether to do what is right, or what is easy”.

    I think I read that you and Mr Das have been together for 18 years. That’s quite an achievement these days so congratulations! He sounds lovely. We are coming up to 5 years. Not that long, but the time has flown.

    Our story is extremely similar as far as timeframes go.
    I lived the Footballer’s Wife life when I was with my ex-boyfriend for almost 6 years. AFL is the elite of football in Australia and they know it. They’re pin up boys who like having their trophy blondes. After years of a life that made me miserable, when I left, I left quickly. Packed up whatever I could fit in my car, packed up Jack my Kelpie and left. Never went back for the rest of my things. Never spoke again.

    I met Nath 6 weeks later.

    We had known each other our entire lives with never having had a conversation. My cousin needed a male tennis partner when he got to 11 so I got ditched for Nath. In High School my PE partner was obsessed with him and used to carry his photo around – it drove me nuts. We were at the same functions and parties. Our Brother’s are the same age so we knew all of the same people, but never met, until 15 years later.

    6 months after meeting we bought a house, got engaged after 15 months and married a year later. So I’m with you when people have a go at the McKeller romance. Everyone and every situation is different. Just because it’s not the same as what they have experienced doesn’t mean it is not possible or wrong.

    Scotland or New Zealand hey?
    My Dad’s Mum is from Scotland. Not a very good part! I’ve heard that the best part of Dundee is leaving, but I’d still like to go and see where she lived. You must like the cold!

    My Gran on my Mum’s side, we found out the day after she died she was adopted. We were so close with her but she had never mentioned it. We sat with her until she was gone, she was at every family event, played footy with my Brother, yet she never told any of us about being adopted.

    New Zealand reminds me of Australia 10 years ago… just a lot colder. Gooooood wines. I live in one of the main wine regions in Australia yet I still buy Marlborough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines.
    If you ever make it to Aus I’ll take you on a wine tour 🙂

    As for the boys club, wow, it’s bad in my profession. I’m the only female in Melbourne, and nationally there is a grand total of 2 of us!

    It ranges from being told by a man who looks and sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger if he never went to the gym, “Women have a role in IT and it’s installing Office onto PC’s”. You couldn’t get much more of an insult if you tried, then you get the Supplier bosses who love to use intimidation and play games. Sheesh! Can’t we all just go and do our jobs? I’d rather be at home with my dogs and Husband than playing freaking mind games and being insulted by you so let’s get to it. Have you noticed how much people love the drama? If they don’t have something to gossip about or be all “woe is me” then their life isn’t complete. That was very cynical of me.

    Then again, I just got off the phone then with one of the most charming men in the industry. Early 50’s, polite and respectful. If it’s raining he brings an umbrella to pick me up from the office, always asks if now is a good time to talk rather than just go ahead. There aren’t many like him left.

    I guess it’s like what you were saying the other day, there are good people, but you just seem to notice the bad ones.

    Ok, so Thailand, Fiji and Samoa are hot, but I will argue about them being buggy. Comparative to Australia that is, which is awfully buggy. I may have got attacked by a sacred monkey, got stabbed in the neck with wooden stake, got left on Maya Bay and cheated death on the back of a Scooter through Thailand, but mosquito bites, not one!

    I’m always interested to hear people’s viewpoints on the bigger picture. Being raised of no particular religion has given me the freedom to explore belief and not be forced into it.

    Buddhism is close to my heart because of what you learn about human behaviour, the teachings of thought discipline and the huge part that balance plays in relationships, friendships, the Earth and that it is not about forgiveness of sin but about being the best person you can be now.

    This planet’s balance is at the point where it could reaching breaking point very soon. There’s so much going on that it will only take one more small thing to create a chain reaction. Look at the response to the economic crisis. What will happen if the Earth decides to do another major dummy spit while this is happening? Will people join together like what happened with the tsunami or fall apart and become a scene from Lord of the Flies like Katrina. When I heard what was happening in some of the shelters to the women I felt as though humanity had failed.

    Well enough of my rambling because I have to join a conference call. Joy! But I do laugh everytime I sit around the speaker because it looks exactly like the Genii symbol on their flag.

  52. Joe – I think this is a duplicate. My other one went to the spam bin, I’m sure. I took out a link, and reposted – just to make sure it went through because it took me an hour+ to type. LOL. Anyway – please delete one, keep` the other. Doesn’t matter which…thanks.

    Narelle –

    “You now need to choose whether to do what is right, or what is easy”.

    I must remember that one…

    Whoa – you dated a footballer? That had to be one hell of a life…based on what I know about most athletes, esp. pros. Was he in one of the big clubs? I’m mostly familiar with Western Bulldogs, Adelaide, Brisbane Lions, Carlton, Essendon, and Hawthorn…but only because we don’t get all the matches, so I watch whoever happens to be playing, and those are the teams I’ve seen the most. I don’t really follow the game like I do rugby, so teams don’t mean too much to me. Plus, they usually air the games in the middle of the night here, so – unless I record it – I don’t get to see many.

    Aussie Rules is actually the very first outside-the-states oval ball game I ever saw – back…mid-80’s, I guess it was. I had come home after a night out, and stumbled upon a match on one of the sports channels. It immediately interested me, mainly because the guys are so incredibly hot (I’m so shallow!), and some of their jumps/marks were amazing. I probably watched it for a couple of years, on and off. Many years later, when I was flipping through my new tv stations, I saw these men in shorts running around, and thought it was Aussie Rules. So, I stopped on the channel, and it took me only a second or two to realize it wasn’t Aussie Rules, but something different. I remember saying to myself, ‘this must be rugby…’

    I had never seen the game before, only brief passing mention of it in some British show I was watching, or something…but I knew it was different than anything I had seen before, and I was immediately hooked. Now, even though I get union rugby, and AFL, and league rugby (I do enjoy State of Origin), and Gaelic football, and football (soccer)…I still love union rugby best.

    But you could probably care less about all this sports talk. 😉 I thought I hated sports…except hockey, I was a huge hockey fans back in my teens, but then our ‘local’ team, the Philadelphia Flyers, just started playing like crap, and it was too hard for me to watch (kinda like watching Wraith get killed all the time 🙄 ). So I stopped watching, and now I have rugby. I guess I really DO love sports, I just hate basketball and American football. I have actually watched cricket…and I did NOT hate it…lol.

    My first intro to cricket was in Jamaica. I was 13, my sister was 18, and there were these two young Jamaicans about our age working at the resort. On their day off they took us, and my mom, down to this really remote beach to hunt for seashells and stuff that couldn’t be found along the touristy beaches. We brought fresh papaya, and they brought a cricket bat and ball. They just batted a few balls, but I was all like, ‘you’re holding the bat wrong!’, thinking it was like baseball. They explained the game to me – which I really didn’t understand – but it still piqued my curiosity, so the first time I saw it on tv, I watched. It’s a REALLY long game. 😛

    Sounds like your Nath is a gem, too. Nice thing about my husband is that he is a bit of a kid himself, too…so we both love comics and geeky things (he’s just not obsessive, like I am), and simple things…a simple life…we are not trying to keep up with anyone. But the best thing about him – what made me fall in love with him – is that he is very kind to animals…and old people. That tells me a lot about a person’s heart. He’s also straight as an arrow – not a big drinker, never smoked – anything – hard worker, good to his parents…just a really decent person. I am a very fortunate woman. Only ‘bad’ thing is that he’s a bit of a worrier, and a nagger – like me…but where I focus my frustration on the fictional, he focuses on the reality. So, while I’m nagging Joe about not killing the Wraith, hubby is nagging me to get off the computer and do the laundry. 😆

    Here’s where you and Nath are like me and David. We had mutual friends, but I’m 6 years older, so when we were at functions together, we never looked twice at each other because of the age difference – I mean, when I was 21, he 15! I just wasn’t into spotty faced lads anymore! His mother’s best friend was my sister’s best friend growing up…most of my friends knew him …but we never met until one day when he came for a visit, and sat behind me in church.

    And that’s why I know there’s a God. 😉

    Yes, I would love to go to Scotland, or NZ. I do like the cold, and cooler weather in general. Anything over 75 degrees F. is hot to me. I also LOVE rain. Love rain more than cold, more than snow, more than sun. Just love it…gentle rain, hard downpour…doesn’t matter. Probably because I don’t live in an area prone to flooding from rain (tidal flooding, yes), and where we live – on a peninsula – tends to be drier than the rest of the state, so we have a hot, dry summer…and rain always feels like such a release of tension.

    Best thing I can compare it to is a movie from 1947, Black Narcissus.

    The movie focuses on the increasing emotional tensions of the characters, their passions and their sins, until it reaches climax, at which times the rains come, and the tension is broken. That’s what rain does for me…too much heat and sun, and I become very irritable…the rain just breaks that tension, and makes me incredibly happy. And yes, I have been known to sing Singing in the Rain while jumping around in puddles, just like an idiot. 😀

    @ Joe – Now that I’ve reminded myself, Black Narcissus is an excellent study of human nature and relationships between people living in close quarters. A movie made well before its time, and one that has many elements I wouldn’t mind seeing in SGU.

    Scotland – my sister has been there a few times, has friends there now. She loves the Highlands, and nearby Inverness. I would love to go for a visit, but, alas, I don’t fly anymore…long story, but mostly the more I flew, the more it freaked me right out. So, until the bridge is built, I’m only going to places I can reach by car. And don’t bother trying to change my mind – I will never get into a plane again, unless I’m unconscious, or dead…I hate it THAT much (notice, I said ‘hate’, not ‘fear’).

    My fav NZ wine – probably just for the name – is Cat Phee (pronounced ‘pee’) on a Gooseberry Bush – a light, crisp savignon blanc. Mostly right now I’m into (red) Zinfandel – and that primarily comes from California. It’s like a cab, but not, usually not as oaky as a cab, and more complex (imho). It’s classed as dry, but has a smooth – almost sweet – finish, making it an excellent pairing with dark, 70%+ chocolate. Mmmmm…!

    It’s nice to know that you have at least one guy in your industry who’s still a gentleman. We have few, but they are the old guard, and the younger generation is much more cutthroat. Maybe, with age, they will learn…but I’m not holding my breath.

    …” got stabbed in the neck with wooden stake…”

    😯 Care to elaborate? (You’re not a vampire, are you? 😆 )

    Buddhism interests me in concept, but I still believe in a higher being, that’s just too much a part of me. However, much of Buddhism is compatible with Christian thought – IF Christians acted like the one they’re supposed to emulate. Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Unfortunately, that is all too true.

    So, I don’t base my belief in God on people…I base it on what I see. And what I see is too complex and beautiful a planet, so full of life in such a variety and abundance that earth stands out as unique in all the solar system, perhaps even the only one of its kind in all the universe (because, honestly – we just do not know, no matter how much scientists speculate). This planet is a masterpiece – a work of art – something too magnificent to just brush off as mere chance. I could go on and on, but – needless to say, I am a real tree-hugger, and the more I learn, the more I see a loving touch in everything on this planet – from the sheer beauty of a sunset, to the extraordinary flavors of an amazing meal, to the simple joy a pet gives us when it curls up beside us. Life, and this planet, when used properly is meant to bring us joy – is meant to fulfill our every need and desire – it’s truly a gift. We are the ones who take it for granted, and perhaps we do because we don’t view it as a loving gift, given to us to enjoy…but as some rock that just happened to spring forth with life, a rock to be exploited and used up until it’s dead again.

    As far as the Katrina reports – *some* were exaggerated. But some were real, like an incident where police shot a couple guys in the back…guys who were just trying to find a way out of the city, and not committing crimes. People went insane. But even with the tsunami, people used it as an opportunity to exploit, to raise money for the victims when they were actually pocketing it for themselves. We have a friend in Chennai, India (he’s my foster sister’s cousin)…we contacted him and he was fine, though he almost lost a friend in the tsunami. He didn’t need anything, but if he had, we would have sent the funds to him directly…not to some shady ‘charity’ that can’t be trusted (even the Red Cross has misused funds – very few can really be trusted to do the right thing).

    Here I go, getting all cynical again. 😆 Bottom line – bad people make the earth bad, and the good go unnoticed, and unappreciated – seen as ‘weak’ and low on the food chain (I’m not talking wealth v poverty – many good wealthy people, and bad impoverished people, and visa versa). Will we destroy ourselves? I don’t think so…but we will make life miserable for ourselves. I don’t believe in some doomsday, planet-destroying catastrophe…the planet, I believe, is stronger than that…we are the ones who are weak. And that sort of thing is mostly hype, anyway…makes for good sci fi. 😉 But I do think we are in for a rude awakening, a downfall before there can be a rebirth. Man will survive…the planet will survive…but not without a great deal of suffering first.

    Now…I must eat, get dressed and make my comic book run! WOOT! 😀

    As always, thank you, Joe, for the use of your space. It is much appreciated.


  53. Of all the things I’ve learnt about you during our back blog discussion here is that even though we have grown up in different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, we are awfully similar. Except for the cold part. And the flying. I can’t function in the cold (so you can have the cold that comes my way) and I like flying because of what waits for me at the other end. Coming home, not so much fun, but seeing the dogs again makes it all worthwhile.

    You don’t have to worry about me trying to get you to fly again… your life, your choice. I would never force anyone to do anything, there is no value in that. People change their minds because, well, something has changed. Until that happens there is no reason for you to want to fly. That probably didn’t make sense at all.
    Here’s hoping teleportation comes to fruition soon so you can journey off to Scotland and NZ!

    What happened in India today. So, so horrible.

    It relates back to what you said about religion. Most religions are, at their core, the same and mean well. It’s the lunatics around the edge that cause the problems. They blindly follow without ever questioning. I still argue that religion is a way of controlling the population, but when people are inspired and go and do good then I say yay to it. When you see the suffering it causes in the name of something that no one is yet to categorically prove, it makes me extremely scared for the fate of the people on this planet. One nut-job with power, some enriched uranium and a God-complex is all it takes.

    I like that Buddhism does not have a God. It’s that everything on this Earth is connected and we need to maintain the balance. We have figureheads, much like that of Jesus, that we learn from in the way they lived their lives, but they make no proclamations about being divine or originating from a higher place. They were just normal people that did good things.

    Ascension in Stargate has parallels to Buddhism (as I’m sure a lot of religions do). You continue to be re-incarnated until you reach enlightenment and then ascend. As for whether this is true or not, it does make for great Sci Fi and I’m sitting on the fence with a bunch of other agnostics. Only death will tell!

    If a or any God decided to make an appearance I really wouldn’t mind. I’d almost be “Meh. Can we stop the fighting now?” Most of the fighting is over the same entity – which is the part I can’t fathom – it seems to be the validity of the prophets claims in each religion that there is contention about. But that’s just an outsiders viewpoint. Either way, it’s not going to change the way I live. I’d like to think I do the best I can, so if there is a Judgement Day, shouldn’t it just be about the way you’ve lived your life and not about who you followed? If there is no higher power, then I’m still living my life the best way I can because it feels right. I haven’t been “guilted” into the way I live.

    The Dalai Lama has admitted that if science proves Buddhism wrong then Buddhism will change. And that’s one of the reasons why I love the guy. I don’t have to believe in what he believes in just because he says so, he wants people to explore, to learn and understand. I guess that’s why I’ve ended up reading a lot of Buddhist texts. I’ve gone on that learning journey and found myself in a way of life that naturally leans towards their teachings.

    I agree that the Earth is one strong organism. I’ve said it once before that I believe it has a natural survival instinct. Stand in a storm and try not to feel like an ant. It will do what it needs to to survive.
    What do you think of the Mayan 2012 prediction?

    Joe – Whatever happens, 2012 will be a sad year for you if you decide to move South. California’s ban on the production of foie gras will take effect.

    You say you know the Western Bulldogs? My ex retired from the Bulldogs after 16 years, about 6 years ago now. Hubby hates footballers because of him. He said if he ever ran into my ex he would want to hit him, then he saw a photo of him and decided that in the best interests of his limbs and his teeth, he wouldn’t. Along the way we’ve ran into some of Steve’s old team mates and they have all been great to Nath, so when Nath says he hates all footballers, he always says, “Except for…” and then lists the ones I’ve introduced him to.

    I was still dancing when I met my ex so we were both dedicated sportspeople, and yes, any professional sport it is an all consuming profession.

    I retired after the first year of being together when I got told I was starting to sever my spinal chord – “Oh, so that would be what the excruciating pain is” – and once I was out of it and could see how the other half lived, it changed the dynamic of our relationship. I was suddenly free from the burden of staying fit, eating well, going to bed early and continuous rehearsals, but it only got more intense for him the older he got. He was 6 years older than me, so his injury prone body and physically demanding position on the field would get the better of him. A string of family tragedies in a short amount of time made it even worse. He was not a bad person, just a guy with a lot of responsibility and being the sole male left in his family, was not going to show or share the toll it was taking on him. If someone does not want to be helped, what can you do? I still do wish him all the best and just hope that he is finally happy.

    Talk sports all you like! While I may not live it anymore, I certainly still watch it and take note. Having met more than my share of League players I will say this, where do they keep their necks until retirement? Excuse the phrase, but “built like a brick shit-house” accurately describes their size!

    Cricket is just part of our Summer’s DNA here. Boxing Day Test, stinking heat, BBQ’s. It’s the way it is. And a game that goes for 5 days, it’s just craziness. I try not to think too much about the rules of cricket because after attempting to explain it to some Californianites over a few beers when I was in LA it makes your head hurt to try and find logic in it.

    I love The Simpson’s episode when Homer goes to the baseball and doesn’t drink. I’ve never sat through an entire game, but would love to go to a game.

    We are in the middle of some amazing thunderstorms right now. I know what you mean about rain. There’s something cleansing about it. Especially with the drought we are in, when it finally rains it’s as though all the trees, plants, ground let out a big sigh.

    The wooden stake involved not one vampire sadly. Would have made for a much more fun story!

    We were walking along this steep track in Ao Nang at night and some other people were coming down the track while we were going up. I moved over the right to allow them through, but when I went up another steep step, the stake that the light was attached to went into the bit between my neck and my shoulder. OUCH IT FREAKING HURT! Nath said to stop being a girl, as he always says, I continued on. The next day when he saw the stake he asked if he could retract the previous night’s “stop being a girl” comment. I have no idea how it didn’t do more damage. I just had a massive bruise to go with my monkey bite. I’m expecting the twitching to start anytime soon from the bite, the deep cut in my foot and the stake.

    I hope you got some good comic books!

    Oh, and the thongs that my business partner wore to our wedding, were the ones on his feet 🙂 The mental image you presented I am attempting to not have resolve in my frontal lobe, and can I say he is also attempting to do the same thing.

    I’m going to go and sit on the back decking and watch the light show (especially since I’ve had vertigo the entire day). I love that our dogs enjoy storms and don’t get frightened by them. Means they act as nice foot warmers while kicking back 🙂

    Once again, it’s been a pleasure Das.

  54. Joe’s gonna start regretting being so nice to us…

    ”Of all the things I’ve learnt about you during our back blog discussion here is that even though we have grown up in different parts of the world, with different backgrounds, we are awfully similar.”

    Scary, innit?? 😀

    As far as the cold goes…I love a good, hard frost/freeze…everything dies and everything feels…clean. Fresh, crisp, clean. In the dead of winter I take a day to venture out into the scarier parts of my garden, thin out the ivy and trim back the bushes, just get everything ready for spring. I *need* a few months of garden/yard down time, a few months when I don’t have to worry about keeping things alive. Plus, it’s good snuggling weather. 😀 When it gets cold – especially if it snows – all I want to do is bake cookies and make a big ol’ pot of chili. Mmmmm!

    And, like you, I find the rain very cleansing, too. Especially when it washes all the bird poop off’a my car. 😀

    Still watching the stuff from India…just horrible. Now 125 dead, over 300 injured. I expect the numbers will go up. And for what? Hate? Intolerance? Religiopolitical mumbo-jumbo? I had this discussion yesterday on the comic book creators’ forum …and some were hating on religion. But it’s not ‘religion’, per se…but fanatics within whatever system they may be a part of – whether it’s religious, political, or social. Fanatics tend to act the same, regardless of their inspiration – what makes it worse is when the two combine to create a new kind of monster…which is what is happening with terrorism. It’s not just religion, or politics, it’s a combination of both, and it’s damn scary.

    Several years ago I heard a discussion about terrorism on the radio (with an author, the book may have been Hatred, by Willard Gaylin ). He brought out some interesting points, noting the difference between someone who acts out of a mental illness, such as schizophrenia, and someone who acts out of hate, and someone who acts out of anger. In schizophrenia a person often fixates on whatever the he views as ‘superior over all’. If he believes in God, then it will be God. If he does not believe in God, then his fixation may be with the government. If he believes in nothing at all, but loves his dog – then the fixation will be with his dog. So, when he snaps, it will be either the voice of God, or the government, or his dog, telling him to kill.

    Then he described how people act out of anger, such as with road rage. Anger is not as dangerous as hatred, since a person can learn to control their anger, even before they lash out. Anger also springs out of a cause – some direct act that riles up a person, often within a short period of time, and not over months or years.

    He then went into the mentality of hate…how there’s usually no logical reason for it, but it just starts to fester inside of a person or culture – perhaps because of some misconception, or lack of understanding, or ancient misdeed – but not necessarily due to a direct trigger. Worst of all, it’s contagious – it can be spread to others. It is such a hard thing to control because it takes root so deep within a person’s psyche…and once it’s there, it is capable of just about anything. It was very enlightening, and the one thing I took away from the discussion was that it is nearly impossible to reason with someone who hates.

    I have since avoided a lot of confrontations just knowing that. 🙂

    Buddhism is very interesting. I do like some elements of it, especially with balance, since I am a very imbalanced – I’m all or nothing – drives me nuts. I use a few Eastern relaxation/focus techniques to try to combat my OCD and ADD, with minor success. My head is just all over the place sometimes – wanting everything, and yet not doing anything. Very frustrating. Like now – just got hubby off to work and it’s a holiday, so I’m off…all day. I want to be here, but I have to clean my windows, and it’s a beautiful day, so I should be doing yard work…and then there are the 18 comic books I picked up yesterday. 😛 Guess what? I’ll get none of it done! Woo!


    As far as most fighting being over the same entity – too true. I never know whether or not to do a face/palm, or head/desk whenever I think about it. Thing is, it’s man dictating what that entity wants, regardless of what that entity may actually want (did THAT make any sense?). So, God is blamed for everything (scapegoat), while man – who is actually pulling the strings – gets off scot free. I just wish man would stop blaming everything he does on someone else, and just take responsibility.

    Again, goes back to my problem with SGA where the Wraith are blamed for everything, while the Lanteans just keep justifying their bone-headed actions (‘yes, we killed half the galaxy, but we did it to save you from the bad guys!’). 🙄 Same is true in real life. Man – whether he is religiously-inclined, or not – has substituted himself as God. He does what he wants the way he wants, and when it backfires in his face, he points heavenward and says, ‘it wasn’t MY idea, it was His!’

    Ascension. Question is – what is true enlightenment? I have always thought of enlightenment as a very selfish thing (another reason I can’t stomach the Ancients – it’s all about ‘them’). To me it seems so self-focused, self-centered. In my mind, enlightenment shouldn’t be about a personal quest, or goal. It should be just the opposite – about selflessness and sacrifice. I really believe that those who are most enlightened are those who realize ‘self’ doesn’t matter. We would call them heroes, but most do not accept such a title. I think of the person who races into the burning building – or plunges into a river – just to save a stranger. To me such a person is truly enlightened – he has come to realize that his life isn’t all that matters – that sometimes you have to set aside self to save another. Not many people are able to do that – to be that selfless. I’m not talking about soldiers or policemen or people like that – people trained to take such risks – people whose job requires them to put their life on the line. I’m talking about the person who has the choice to walk away and save himself…but doesn’t.

    If I could put it in the context of SGA, I’d compare it to Todd in The Last Man. He had the option to walk away and save himself…he wasn’t there to fight Ronon’s fight. But instead he took the risk and stayed, just so Ronon’s men could escape. There are other examples, but that’s the one that stands out in my mind, for obvious reasons. 😉

    Mayan 2012 prediction? Is that when their calendar ends, or something? The way I look at it is this – the Mayan calendar was made by them, for their culture, their society…not for the world. That culture and society ended a long time ago…well before 2012. So already it has failed…it is an obsolete calendar, just as their culture is now obsolete. I don’t buy into specific predictions, especially end of the world stuff. Such an end has been predicted over and over, and never happened. Now – an end to society as we know it – that I believe will happen. When? No idea…but if it keeps spiraling downward at the rate it is now, I don’t give it much time. A hundred years? More? Less? Who knows, but we can look to the past to see our own future, and the past tells me that – unless we seriously get our collective acts together – society as we know it will fall into ruin. Then we’ll be left to pick up the pieces, and start the cycle all over again….unless we finally learn this time.

    Western Bulldogs – yup, I’ve seen them play. Do I know individuals? Nah – not like in rugby. But if he was playing 22 years ago, I just might have seen him play back when I first discovered the game, but like I said, I only watched hit and miss. I think I got satellite (with the channel that showed AFL, rugby, etc) back around 2001/02, right about the time he retired. I might have seen him play if he was still active in 2002.

    Funny about hubby hating footballers because of him…my husband kinda hates guys named Steve for a similar reason (not your Steve or Wraith Steve, but another Steve 😆 ). ‘My’ Steve was a lumberjack – hubby wouldn’t mess with him, either. 😀 But my Steve was pretty innocent – our relationship pretty innocent. It was more of a friendship that lead to a little snogging, nothing more…but still, hubby is terribly jealous of him. I’m thinkin’ it’s the muscles. 😉

    OUCH! about your spinal cord! I guess you don’t think of dancing as being a dangerous sport, though I know such things as ballet can be killer on the body – but I usually think of the feet as getting the worst of it – never the spine. And it makes sense that when you stopped training, it would change the dynamics of your relationship. At least you seem to have a healthy view of what happened, and about him – you seem to understand him, and why he is who he is. Now I hope he’s finally happy, too! (I am such a sap at times. 😛 )

    About the way these athletes are built – it totally amazes me. In American football many players are just FAT…not muscular. But I went to a rugby tournament – about 20 amateur teams…not even pro. These guys were MASSIVE, without an ounce of fat on their bodies. I never thought it possible, but you could actually smell the testosterone in the air. And no, it wasn’t sweat. It just permeated the air, like an aura around them…or…maybe something like a tractor beam. 😆 David even sensed it, because – next thing I know – he’s a touch judge! LOL! Afterwards, I said, ‘you don’t even watch the game, how can you be a referee?’ He said, ‘they handed me a flag, and told me what to do…and I just couldn’t resist!’ It was a great day!

    Cricket supposedly has the most rules of any sport, followed, I believe, by rugby (not 100% sure on the rugby). Amazing how complicated we make things that look so simple to play.

    As far as baseball goes – it is a GREAT game to watch in the ballpark (boring on tv). It’s so nice sitting out in the sun, eating hotdogs and peanuts and washing it all down with beer, just enjoying the game. It’s almost like going on a picnic where someone just happens to be playing baseball. However, I had really close seats (behind the dugout – where the players sit) every time I’ve gone…not sure it would be as much fun sitting up in the nose-bleed section.

    Lightning?! I’s afeared of lightning… *hides under bed* If it’s far away, yes – I can watch and enjoy it – but when it’s right overhead, I turn into a big ol’ chicken and hide! LOL! Yes, I AM a weenie!! 😀

    Wow – that was a steep bit, wasn’t it? Nice picture, though…reminds me of a place up in New York State called Ausable Chasm. Beautiful place. It had some steep bits, too…but a lot was washed away in flooding and ice storms a few years back, so they had to change the walkways.

    LOL…I’m usually the one telling David to stop being a girl. 😳 But, wooden stake, monkey bite, and a cut foot – WHY do you even go out of the house??!

    And yup – got some good comics – mostly Wolverine, but one about his son, Daken (means ‘mongrel’ in Japanese), and Iron Man, and Spider-Man. I am such a geek! But the best is a new comic – X-Force – new, not in name, but in team and style. X-Force is an elite group of X-Men given a license to kill, a black ops team lead by Wolverine. This is new ground for the X-Men, who have always tried to avoid taking lives. What makes it so great is that it also deals with their individual struggles with conscience, the angst and self-doubt…and Wolverine being all self-loathing with himself for turning kids into killers. I’m really surprised it’s not a MAX title (adult line) because it is pretty gory, but I guess as long as no one shows a nipple, or says a bad word, it stays in their regular line. Good, angsty stuff, but – by the looks of the cover of this new issue – I’m thinking it’s gonna be more about Wolverine getting laid than anything else. 🙄

    I must go! This has actually helped take my mind off of the mess in India (though I still have the tv on), and now I wanna clean my windows! Woo! I’m inspired!


  55. If Joe isn’t already regretting being nice to us that is.

    I’ll keep this short-ish then 🙂

    The author makes good points. The more you understand what motivates the actions of a person the more you can also attempt to predict them. Sadly some people use that ability to manipulate. It would be great to use that skill in conflict resolution.

    Interesting what you say about enlightenment. In Buddhism, enlightenment cannot occur if you are selfish. It is the complete understanding of how everything comes together. And a big part of their teachings towards reaching that goal is that each person and their actions have a direct effect on those around them. It’s like the journey McKay went on in Tao of Rodney! The basic mantra is to help wherever possible. If you cannot help then make sure you do no harm. I laugh because it is what my parents always said whenever a sick animal was brought to our house. They weren’t quoting anything or anyone, that’s just what they believed in.

    What are your thoughts on the Evangelists based primarily in the South of the US who have so much hatred for all non-Christians?

    Ausable Chasm looks like a place to just sit and wonder at the beauty of things.

    The Mayan’s are very SG1 Ancienty with a small side order of SGA Ancients. One theory of their disappearance is that some are believed to have ascended, while those not able to do so died out. Depends on who you ask and what you read.

    The Mayan prophet Pacal Votan said in the 7th Century, “If Humanity Wishes To Save Itself From Biospheric Destruction It Must Return To Living in Natural Time”.

    Their calendars are based on cycles, so it’s not that it just ended, it was the way that they see time (26,000 year cycles). To them, a new calendar is due to start after December 21, 2012. 2012 is believed to be a time of awakening, a massive change in our evolution. The hysteria that was caused by the firing up of the LHC was nothing compared to what will happen as we get closer to 2012.

    No matter your thoughts are on the validity of the subject, it’s really a fascinating read!

    I love reading about Mayans, Egyptians, Native Americans, Aborigines – ancient cultures that have seen so much.
    I’d also like to hear what a shark and a crocodile have to say about the dinosaur fiasco 😉

    The spinal chord – I don’t think it would happen these days. There is much more monitoring and education of dancers, especially at the elite level. When I was doing ballet, gymnastics and a local sport called Calisthenics (which incorporates all forms of dance) these 3 sports together were causing a massive amount of strain on my muscles and spine.

    Gymnastics and ballet are like oil and water. The bad part is when gymnastics wants to use a particular muscle for power and ballet would like the same muscle for flexibility. Creates a lot of strain as there is different training required for each purpose and one does not compliment the other.

    I had the figure of a ballet dancer but gymnasts are usually short and stocky. They called me the Tumbling Gumby at gymnastics. I was physically more suited to Rhythmic Gymnastics but I love to fly, so Artistic Gymnastics it was.

    Even with the long-term side effects and the pain I experience, I still wouldn’t swap those times for the world.

    I believe in the testosterone in the air!
    And what I used to find amazing, they never smelt. Even with all the sweating I could never once say that his bag or him smelt like he’d just lost 6kgs of sweat in a game.
    He started at the Bulldogs in 1988 and finished in 2003. He would have been the guy either getting the c**p beaten out of him or dishing it out to the full-forward of the other team. He always seemed to be in the middle of some controversy.

    Life is one big learning game. As sad as I was during that time (which I have only realised completely with hindsight), I also wouldn’t change it either because I learnt so much.

    Hope you are enjoying the pile of comics and good job on the nap! Ah, sleep, my favourite pastime.

    Speak soon.

  56. Heya, Narelle!

    Joe’s so intoxicated with desserts right now, I don’t think he cares if we started posting pictures of boobies! Let’s give it a try and see what happens:

    I just love that picture – it makes me smile! It will probably also land this in the spam bin. 😛

    I’ll keep this short-ish, too…mainly because it’s Monday morning, and I have to pretend to go to work. 🙂

    About Tao of Rodney – even though I know he did good things for others, I still felt it was all about ‘him’. Of course, that could just be because it was Rodney, and it IS always about him, so maybe that prevented me from seeing anything different. It was a great episode, but it still didn’t make me feel any kindlier towards the Ancients and their whole ascension thing.

    At one time some Wraith fans discussed ascension as it may, or may not, apply to Wraith and their worshippers. We discussed the Wraith/worshipper relationship – a worshipper who chose such a life, not a human forced to be one through the feeding/gifting process. What if a worshipper (male or female – we were not talking ‘ships’) truly had affection for his Wraith master? It is not unheard of, even among slaves and their masters. When a slave (or a worshipper) comes to love his master, he will do anything for him, including sacrificing his life.

    Of course, a willing worshipper would be one who understood the Wraith’s nature, knowing that what they do is not out of malicious intent, but instead a necessity for their survival. So, it wouldn’t be about brainwashing, or blind devotion – but about free will, and informed choice. In such a relationship, where the worshipper knows his Wraith master is not driven by evil desires, but out of necessity, then – if the worshipper willing gave his life to his starving master in a dire situation – would not that worshipper be worthy of ascension based upon his self-sacrifice? (We could extend this to Wallace, who willingly gave his life so Todd could live, though Wallace didn’t do it out of affection for Todd, but in recompense for what he had done.) See…something like that would have more meaning to me than someone who just has become a better person.

    As it has been presented in the show, I see ascension as…well…almost like what Scientologists believe in…finding enlightenment in self-improvement. (Of course, I really haven’t looked too far into any of this – not in reference to Stargate, or other faiths. I’m a way too comfortable in my self-loathing, lol. )

    My thoughts on Evangelists? Well, it goes back to what Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” To be fair, I am Christian…I’m just not someone who chooses to judge others …except the Atlantis team. 😀

    I’m sure my opinions on this would be far more controversial than my opinions to let Wraith feed at will…so…maybe it’s best we keep this to e-mail, and not on Joe’s blog.

    Thanks for explaining the Mayan thing…I really haven’t read up on it. Since I know a few people who are of Mayan ancestry, I’m guessing their society was absorbed into others, and just evolved into something else. As far as buying into it? Well, some believe in the Bible, while others dismiss it as the work of man. Some believe in the Mayan calendar, while others dismiss it as the work of man. The list can go on and on. I do think it’s fascinating to learn about such things…but I’m careful about what I put faith in…ya know, just to avoid that whole ‘hysteria’ thing. 😉

    I have a great interest in Native American culture – primarily that of the Plains Indians, and the Apaches (their culture was rather unique among the others in the Southwestern US). I spent my youth reading all that I could on their different cultures, and it is nothing like what has been portrayed in movies and such. My one main problem is with the whole ‘mystical Indian’ thing…they were no different than you or I. Some good, some bad. They had no special powers or gifts – and their Great Spirit could not prevent their cultures from fading away. Still…and depending on tribe…it was often an amazing and beautiful culture, despite their warrior nature and often brutal society.

    I could discuss this on end, but I will share one thing that you may – or may not – know. Some tribes, especially those of the Plains, found facial hair to be unattractive, so they plucked it all out, eyebrows included. I think spending my youth looking at old portaits of eyebrowless Indians is one reason I find the Wraith look so appealing…I really do love the clean look of a hairless brow. 🙂

    😆 @ the shark and the crocodile and the dinosaur fiasco. No matter what science reveals, it keeps raising more questions about things we may never have the answers to. There is much about earth we do not know… 😉

    Thanks for sharing your experience as a dancer. I wish I could dance – I wish I was flexible. I am more like…a brick. LOL. Feet firmly planted on the ground, unmoveable. Not in size…just in style. I am just not made for sports, even as a kid (though I might be a good loosehead prop…lol). Weight-lifting – yes…running – no. I was the ‘artistic one’…drawing, painting…stuff like that. I really don’t keep up with it like I should, but here is a Wraithy sketch I did:

    It pales in comparison to what some are able to do – some amazing Wraith artwork out there. But I’m happy with it…he’s a pretty thing, at least. 😉

    Well, I am off to the foot doctor – hurt my foot this summer, and it developed into plantar fasciitis…a real pain in the…foot. I have had some improvement, but not sure it’s enough. We will see…hopefully I won’t have to have the cortisone shot.

    Talk later! Any time you get bored with this and want to move ‘upstairs’, lemme know!


  57. Nice boobies das 😉

    I can see how Tao of Rodney would be seen as you have.
    He is an interesting character. Extremely flawed, extremely selfish, yet at the same time he’s growing. He seems to have a deep-rooted fear of rejection. When watching Tao of Rodney I still saw Rodney, but just growing at a faster pace. I’m not sure whether he started putting others before himself due to the evolution of his brain (non-selfish), or because he felt it was part of being able to ascend (fear of death – selfish).

    The way it was played I would say it was part of the process of his brain evolving and him seeing the bigger picture that helping others brings inner peace. That’s just my hippy viewpoint 🙂 I’m getting the hang of these smiley things!

    With the Wraith worshippers and their sacrifice, I would place Wallace in the “Oops, I screwed up” category as opposed to self-sacrifice. It appeared he accepted the consequences of his actions. That along with a fair amount of self-pity and the thought of the emptiness the rest of his life would have without his family caused him to sacrifice himself. It came across as a suicide without the self-infliction. Which I guess wouldn’t then make it suicide, but I hope I made sense then.

    Sadly when I read about Wraith Worshippers sacrificing themselves for that of their master, Mumbai came to mind. They may think they are making a rational decision in the name of their Master, but is it the right thing to do?
    I guess Wraith Worshippers aren’t harming anyone else by sacrificing themselves, but if that Wraith lives and goes on to feed on other humans, can it be said they are then responsible for those deaths? The argument against that is the Wraith feed to live. I could just sit here and have a debate with myself.

    Take the good parts of Native American culture and it is beautiful; but I say that about most cultures. They all have their good and bad parts. A friend from High School is a Navajo. What you said about the body hair is interesting as he was hairless through genetics – except for his head (long, black, straight hair), as for the rest of him, well, he was just a friend, so not sure about that 🙂 He said it was a trait passed down. One beautiful creature he was. He had an presence about him.

    I have three fish named Apache, including my new ugly one, as they have the markings much like those of the Apache horses. And I’ve forgotten the real name of the breed of the horse at this moment in time. It’s on the tip of my tongue! It’s not as though I have to call them to get them to come to me so I can get away with three fish being called the same. They do have slight differences in their names; Apache, Apache Jnr and Google Apache. It should be Goggle Apache with his orange goggles, but he is also named after the search engine close to my heart.

    I learnt a lot about Native Americans and the structure of the tribes while doing work for an organisation who tests the software for all Pokie machines in Aus, Vegas and South Africa. I bet the Aborigines here are thinking “Maaaan, why didn’t we think to ask for the gaming industry when we were being kicked off our land?”. Hindsight guys, yes, hindsight.

    The dinosaur era is extremely interesting. I spent an difficult, yet enlightening 3 years with a work colleague who deemed me evil due to the fact I believed dinosaurs existed. Very, very interesting 3 years. So many stories, so many times you would find yourself, in your words das, either head/desking or palm/facing.

    Loved your sketch! I am extremely jealous of people with that kind of talent.

    Hope your foot gets better. I know the pain of a torn planta fascia so I’m wincing for you.

    Take care. Speak soon.
    Joe, do you want us to go?
    Sorry, what was that? I can’t understand you with your mouth full 😉
    I am now the winky queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

  58. *pounces on Narelle*

    Woo! I think I’m getting a cold! Know how I know??! I’m hyper as hell! For some reason, when I first start coming down with something, I feel GREAT! Clear mind, energy…if I can just ignore the body aches and stuffiness. Two days from now, I’ll be miserable…but right now, I’m taking advantage of the energy (it could be an allergy attack, too – cleaned some of my garage, and dusted and vacuumed the house, and cleaned the office…so…ya know, stirred up a bunch of stuff today).


    I never watched SG1, but from what I understand, Rodney has grown a LOT since his appearance in that show, and he’s certainly made progress in SGA. My only problem with Rodney lately is that some of his humor – which seemed so natural in the past – is a bit forced lately. I’m thinking he just has TOO many words to say, and although he was chatty before, now it’s almost too much. Not in every ep, but I have noticed it over the last two seasons. Before that, not so much. But he rambles so now, that he almost seems out of breath, and it’s distracting at times. Still…I like the character, especially when Todd’s playing with his head. 😀

    “The way it was played I would say it was part of the process of his brain evolving and him seeing the bigger picture that helping others brings inner peace. That’s just my hippy viewpoint.”

    Ah, okay. Next time I watch it, I’ll try to keep that in mind. To be honest, I’ve only seen it once, so…ya know…I’m going on a very faulty memory here.

    Agreed about Wallace – it was basically ‘suicide by Wraith’ – and for all the reasons you brought up.

    As far as the Wraith/worshipper relationship goes…to me it’s nothing like the terrorists for one simple reason – it’s about a physical need, not about hatred for another race, or religion. The fact that I see the Wraith as a different species, not a different race, helps. Some prefer to think of them as human, but I just can’t get my brain around that, since everything we’ve been shown so far – outside of their human-like appearance and tastes in clothing – is based more upon insects than on humans. It’s what I love about them – they’re walking, talking bugs with fashion sense! I’m afraid Infection will alter my perception in this regard, and I’m not sure I will enjoy them as much if they are just green humans with extra nostrils on their face.

    Since I see them in this way, and just cannot view them as evil (at this point…I’m sure the writers are hard at work trying to change that). So, for a worshipper to save his master by willingly offering his life could be a beautiful thing. Of course, it would have to be handled in a very specific (and sensitive) way to get the real point across and NOT make it look like some suicide bomber carrying out the will of Bin Laden.

    I have the concept of what I mean in my head, but it would be too hard to explain here…and it would take me forever. But I know what I mean, and – trust me – it’s nothing like the terrorists.

    Yeah, Native Americans have very little body hair, as a rule. Take Johnny Depp…he’s about 1/4 Cherokee, and can’t grow a real beard to save his neck! In fact, much of his beard had to be painted in for Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s made comments about it, too…like the time they labeled a picture of another actor, one with a noticable five-o’clock shadow, as Johnny in an unauthorized Depp biography. When asked what he thought about the picture, Depp said something to the effect of, ‘Obviously it’s not me. For one, this guy can grow a beard’.

    I had a ‘boyfriend’ who was 1/2 Cherokee. We were in kindergarten together – he was my first kiss! He moved down to Florida right after that, and I didn’t see him again until I was about 16. At that time he gave me a beautiful arrowhead that he found in a nearby canal. I thought it was so nice of him, seeing as how it was part of his heritage, not mine. He fell for me, but I wasn’t interested in guys at the time so we agreed to be friends, keeping in touch over the next few years via mail and phone calls. Well, when we were 19, he made arrangements to come up and see me. I was older now, ready for a relationship, and he had developed into a very handsome and kind young man. Well – it wasn’t to be…a week before he was to come up, he was hit by a car and killed. I’ll never forget him…he holds a very special place in my heart.

    If you’re interested in modern Indian culture, I suggest watchig the movie, Smoke Signals. It will give you a bit of insight into what it’s like living on the reservation today. The problem today is drug and alcohol abuse, and I’m not sure the casinos are helping. I’ve heard different things, but overall it sounds as if the extra money doesn’t always go to where it should, and that – for others – it just helps to feed old habits. What Native Americans faced when they were stripped of everything they were and herded onto reservations is much like what the Wraith are faced with now – a loss of purpose and identity.

    And yeah, seeing that parallel just makes me even more defensive of the Wraith. 😛

    The horse you are thinking of is a pinto, or paint (I think). A paint is a specific breed of horse, but a pinto can be any breed with the distinct light/dark coloration. Usually when people think of Indians and horses, they think of ‘pinto ponies’. Mustangs are the wild horses of the US, the offspring of Spanish horses that escaped and bred in the wild. A mustang with the patchy light/dark coloration could also be called a pinto, if referring to it by markings, and not by breed.

    Now I have to see pictures of your fishes! 😀

    Ah, dinosaurs. Always amazing when people say they didn’t exist. But, ya know…there are just times when you have to be content in your knowledge that they did exist, and leave it at that. Otherwise, you’re gonna give yourself a concussion. 😉

    Thanks for the compliments on my sketch, AND on my boobies! 😀

    Talk later!


  59. Hey, Winkie Queen…is there a cliffsnotes version of it? 😉

    Well, it’s 5:30 am here…just woke up and yup – I have a blazing sore throat. What I thought was starting out as a cold seems to be, perhaps, strep throat judging by the pain – something I haven’t had in years (I used to get it once a year when I was younger, but not anymore and haven’t had to take antibiotics in ages. Looks like that’s about to change, as I’ll be off to the doc to get some today. Ugh. I HATE strep).

    Anyway – the book looks quite interesting. Now, if those aliens look like Wraith, I would be quite tempted to read it. 😉 What I find interesting is that sometimes, when a book like this comes out, people believe it as if it’s fact – like The Da Vinci Code. I remember when that book was big, one of our then employees just swore up and down that it was all fact. Wait til he gets his paws on this one! He’ll be preparing for an alien attack!

    Ya know – speaking of aliens…my mom saw a flying saucer back in the late 1960’s…no drugs involved. 😉 She was with her girlfriend and they went down to Florida for a little ‘get away from the kids’ trip. It was nighttime, and they were on the road, with a tractor-trailer in front of them. Up ahead, they saw two bright lights above the roadway, and aimed out towards them, as if a car – a car like a Volkswagen Beetle with big, round headlights – was sitting sideways on an overpass. But as the tractor-trailer got close to the lights, they could see that it wasn’t an overpass because the lights barely cleared the truck. The truck slowed way down, and went underneath. A few moments later my mom and her friend passed under it – and mom, the passenger – leaned out the window and looked up. She started laughing hysterically because she couldn’t believe what she saw – it was round, with tiny slits emitting light all around the circumference. As they went under, she heard something like engines start up, and in an instant the thing went up into the sky, and was nothing more than a star in the night.

    Does she think it was aliens? Nope (she hates science fiction, btw – thinks it’s totally asinine and freaky). They were near Cape Kennedy/Canaveral Space Center at the time, and she feels whatever she saw was some sort of government experiment, or a spy plane from another country. Not sure if deep down inside she thinks it was aliens, but if she does, she ain’t sayin’.

    I guess we will never know for sure, unless…of course…2012 comes to pass.


  60. Hey das,

    How you feeling? Hopefully all mended and fighting fit. Getting sick is a good excuse to pull out your favourite Wraithy eps and Hellboy II 🙂

    I’m finding I’m losing the ability to view Atlantis episodes through my eyes as I seem to always be evaluating episodes from the viewpoint of different aspects of fandom. So I can’t really respond as to how I’ve been finding McKay of late as I don’t trust that it will be how I really see it! Sound bizarre? My head has been buried in code today so I’ll be surprised if any of this is even English.

    I would like to introduce you to Goggles, the Apache fish, here and to get an idea of the size of his eyeballs, here.
    He says Hello and I thought posed rather well. I’m a relative newbie to the fish caper (2 years), but am now enjoying making low maintenance water features containing fish that you can put at the front of your house, out the back on a decking, whatever. My main tank outside is made from an old wine barrel cut in half. Has a flowering Lilly in it and 8 fish, mainly goldies (some giant ones, other’s tiny). The one out the front is a more traditional pot with slate in the bottom and a flowering Iris and 10 itty fish. I don’t do many non-work things so it’s a bit of fun.

    Sorry about the passing of your friend. I know it was a while ago, but when someone that close to you goes so young, you always carry it with you. Forever Young.

    Thanks for the movie recommendation! I’ll check it out.

    We have a similar issue with our Aboriginals. So talented and gifted, but the culture of alcohol and petrol abuse (just as a starter) means most have little hope. It’s an extremely sensitive subject politically in our country as there is no common ground in which we can work to a resolution of peace.

    Our Government throws so much money and housing at them, but that isn’t fixing the problems. A culture that is 40,000 years old needs to be protected. They know this land, and it’s a harsh one, we need to listen to what they know. With our dams in the Southern States not that far off empty, it’s the long-term knowledge of this land that we need to be listening to.

    I’m not sure where the 2012 alien idea came from in this book. During my reading I haven’t heard that one, which is probably why it has been turned into a book.

    Now you said your Mum wasn’t on any drugs during her alien sighting, but you didn’t say anything about alcohol 😉

    My Hubby is anti-Sci Fi, yet he’s always the first one to have spotted an alien through our telescope. I cannot deny his levels of alcohol consumption during these observations 😉

    Hope you are well.

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