The Many Faces of Carl Binder...
The Many Faces of Carl Binder...

After speaking with Paul on Sunday, it was decided that we would head back into the office Tuesday morning so that we could, at the very least, start spinning the SGA movie. I rolled in at around 10:00 a.m. to find Carl, Martin, and Alan conferencing in Martin’s office. We got up to speed on one another’s lives (amazingly, no major developments since Saturday’s wrap party), then moved on to our individual business. Carl got to work on his beat sheet, Alan made some calls, Martin cleaned up his office, while I responded to some emails, approved some promo pics/footage, and cleared up my desk. Rob was already at post, working on an unfinished director’s cut of Vegas. Brad arrived soon after and retired to his office to deal with SGU matters. Paul – well, my writing partner never showed. When we called him up to find out whether he was, in fact, coming in, he seemed genuinely surprised. “Did we say we were going in today?”he asked.

“Yes.” I reminded him: “You were the one who suggested it.”

“Really?“he asked as though I‘d just informed him I‘d seen a flying mongoose perch itself atop the hood of my car. Yes. Really. After some discussion, it was decided that we would reconvene on Thursday to spin AND watch a Day 1 mix of The Prodigal.

Well, while all may be quiet on the office front, things are decided busy on the blog front. In addition to some behind the scenes pics and vids I’ve been saving, we have upcoming visits from various guest authors, SGA personnel, Baron Destructo, and Cookie Monster. There’s also that “list of episodes that never made it to your living room” I’ve been meaning to get around to. Which reminds me – if you have any questions for actor Tyler McClendon, the newest wraith on the block, or any more questions for author Glen Cook (The Black Company) start posting. And, finally, check out the bottom of this entry for some further discussion on The Black Company, the mailbag, and a behind-the-scenes video snippet from the last day of shooting.

And now, it gives me great pleasure to turn this blog over to one of my top 5 favorite Stargate Atlantis writer-producers: Carl “the truth” Binder. As many of you online stalkers already know, Carl’s professional background is both interesting and varied. Well, varied anyway. He got his start in the biz as an NBC page (imagine a geekier version of Kenneth from 30 Rock) where he made the acquaintance of such show business luminaries as James Stewart, Cybil Sheppard, and Markie Post. He also once shared a limo with Gallagher. He served as a Production Assistant on Punky Brewster, a show for which he received his first writing credit on an episode titled “Loved Thy Neighbor” (formerly titled “Neighborhood Witch”). From then on, there was no holding him back. He wrote for Adderly, Friday the 13th, War of the Worlds, The Black Stallion, Neon Rider, and then wrote the screenplay for a little movie called Pocahontas. You may have seen it? (I didn’t, but I have a problem with singing raccoons). After being touched by that Disney magic (I can assure you, not inappropriately), he blazed a trail for former production assistants everywhere by assuming the reins of Executive Producer on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, followed by Little Men, Mysterious Ways and, finally, Stargate Atlantis. Carl continues to frequent The Bridge Studios where he can still be found to this day – writing, producing, reading scripts penned by friends and family members, and eating take-out Italian. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the distinguished Carl Binder…

q-ball-er writes: “What was the most difficult scene to shoot during the filming of Tracker? And will you be working on Universe?”

1) That’s more a question for Will Waring (the director), seeing as during the filming of Tracker I was holed up in my comfortable office writing episode 14, The Prodigal. 2) Yes, I hope to be a part of Stargate Universe.

Linda Gagne writes: “The device you had gerrick use for dissappearing was similar to the sodan warrior’s device, was that intentional?”

No, Linda, any similarity wasn’t intentional. The Sodan device was for cloaking. Kiryk’s device was for teleportation.

Patricia Lee writes: “What was your favorite scene in Tracker and why?

I’m partial to the swinging log gag. I just love it when McKay starts to get back up and Ronon shoves him back down. Also the final scene of the episode. David and Jason were perfect in that scene. Oh yeah, and the doll scene between Keller and Celise (“He’s not mean. Just pretends to be.”).

It looked like it was very cooled in the forest on the day you shot the scene when Rodney was first confronted by the wraith… were you on location when they filmed this part and was it really cool or did they CG the breath effect? Was there anything interesting that happened when you were on location?

Yes, it was very cold on location that day. The breath was not CG. It was real. It was also raining the day we shot the scenes at the Stargate. But no, I was not on location that day. I was back at the office (wimp!).

This is my favorite Keller episode to date! She deserves an Emmy nod for this one too!

Mine too.

Sulien writes: “I don’t watch episodes with the active intent of reading subtext into a given story, but I can’t help but notice that the subtext between McKay and Sheppard most definitely exists, especially when the subtext just reaches out and grabs me. I noticed that John seemed to be quite put out that Rodney was using his day off to go off world with Keller in the first scene of “Trackers” and there have been numerous other instances where the subtext was pretty obvious. Do you, or any of the other writers that you know of, intentionally write the scenes to include subtext?

While it is true we very often try to put subtext into scenes, this particular scene is not one of them. I was going more for Sheppard finding it odd that Rodney was volunteering to work on his day off rather than him being put out by it.

Squeakiep writes: “I so enjoy your episodes. I find them quite character driven and I gain so much insite into the lives of the people I have come to love on Firday night. When you sit down to write an episode, how do you decide how much of the character to reveal? Or does that just happen as the script falls into place? Do you specifically “grab” the character episodes, or do they just happen to fall into your lap by rotation?”

Thanks for the kind words, Squeakiep. Quite often these types of episodes fall into my lap by rotation. But I also tend to gravitate toward them as well. When the guys first told me about this story (from a pitch by writer David Schmidt), I jumped at the opportunity to write it for two reasons: 1) After last year’s Missing, I really wanted to do a follow-up Keller-facing-adversity story, to show how she’s changed and grown during the last year; and 2) Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to put McKay and Ronon together tracking in the woods?

flygirl writes: “Keller states that the tracking implant in Kiryk is more complex than Ronan’s. Would this mean that Kiryk was made a “runner” later than Ronan, using better technology?

The use of the defibulator to create an eletrical malfunction in Kiryk’s tracking device was very innovative. Did you research this to determine if it could really happen?”

1) Yes, that was our intention. 2) My friend, an I.C.U. nurse, assured me that a defibrillator dialed to 360 joules would definitely disable most implanted electrical devices, including a Wraith tracking device.

MyNameIsNada writes: “1) It feels like when John walks into Rodney’s room (great shot with the mirror, by the way) that there is a missing scene-as if John had the same interaction with Ronan earlier. I kind of feel that John would be more curious that both are volunteering to go with Keller as opposed to Rodney going on his day off. Am I right about this one? 2) Read in an interview that Jason feels that Keller is wrong for Ronan, but I’m more curious to see how Ronan would grow within a relationship than Rodney. If Keller chooses Ronan, how do you see his character changing? 3) How come we haven’t seen any of the sparring sessions? 4) Was it wrong of me to feel that Ronan and Rodney jump to the conclusion (albeit correct) that Keller is missing too quickly? Finally, and this question has nothing to do with Tracker, rather with a comment that Joe made at comic con (just watched the video on the website). Ok, maybe this itself is more like a comment. Anyway, the question was thrown at Joe as to how he’s seen his character grow over the course of the series. He commented that that has been one of the larger arcs, but I have to disagree. I feel as if there is one character that resembles themselves the most from the first season it would be John. However, I see this as a good thing. I feel that his character provides a foil for the others-he enables them to change and grow through their interactions with him.”

1) There was no missing scene. In my mind, Sheppard wasn’t aware that Ronon was also going off-world with Keller. Sheppard merely finds it odd that McKay has volunteered to work on his day off, nothing more. 2) I’m curious to see it, too. 3) We wanted the surprise of seeing Keller actually fight. Seeing the sparring sessions beforehand would have diminished (in my opinion, anyway) that surprise. 4) In my mind, as soon as McKay radios Keller and gets no response, they would realize something is wrong. 5) I agree with you, MyNameIsNada.

Michelle writes: “Is Ronon really interested in Keller, or is he pulling Rodney’s chain?”

Or perhaps he thinks this won’t be much of a competition.

Wraithfodder writes: “1) Where was the sunset filmed? It was gorgeous!

2) Oh, not Tracker but just general: What will you be doing now that SGA is done? Do you think you’ll move on to SGU or another series? I have enjoyed the episodes you’ve penned.”

1) That sunset is actually re-used from the episode Harmony. It was shot in Widgen Park, B.C.

2) Thanks, Wraithfodder! Yes, I hope to be part of the SGU team.Stclare writes: “Who’s decision was it to have Rodney be unable to load his gun properly and why? as I found this aspect beyond annoying and can not figure out why this was done.

Well, since I wrote the script, I guess I’m to blame. But I can assure you that was not my intention. McKay had emptied his clip and needed to reload. Quickly. I just felt that sometimes, when we have to perform a task while someone dear to us is about to be fed upon by a Wraith, we might not be able to do said task as smoothly nor as quickly as we’d like.

Ive never felt that Ronon was great friends with Rodney but felt there was a great deal of respect there. However I did find some of the banter harsh and unnecessary towards Rodney and wondered where the respect had gone. Was there a concious decision to portray there banter this way or am i missing something here?”

There is respect between them. But they are two completely different personalities. Ronon has an abrupt, in your face quality. So if someone is slowing him down while he’s pursuing the man who’s kidnapped someone dear to him, he’s going to let him know. I did not intend for it to be unnecessarily harsh, just Ronon being Ronon.

DasNdanger writes: “1. So, in your mind, why do they hunt – for sport? For training? And do ALL Wraith hunt in this fashion, or just the elite? Or, is it reserved for those who have a more sadistic taste for the kill, who savor human suffering more than those who simply feed in order to survive (in other words, are the hunters Mallozzi-Wraith )?

2. Since when did the Wraith become the Keystone Cops? Seriously, these guys are predators – hunters by nature – and yet an entire army of them is taken down by Mad Max McKay, Ronon, Rambo Keller, dude that just had a heart ‘attack’, and an unconscious kid. Really, now.

3. Would the Wraith have fed upon an ailing child? After what happened to Steve, I doubt any Wraith would opt to feed on someone so ill, unless it was absolutely starving. So, was it your intention to suggest that the Wraith was about to feed on the child, or just kill her outright? If so, is this (attempted killing of a child) your way of turning them back into monsters in viewers’ minds, perhaps to counter the enlightening episode last week?

4. Since I thought he’d be stunning as a Wraith, I asked Alan M. if he’s ever considered shaving off his eyebrows, slapping on some green face paint and plopping a cotton mop on his head, and he said no, because he’d look like you. Do you take that as a compliment? “

Thanks for the kind words DasNdanger.

1) I think only a few Wraith partake in this activity, for training as well as sport. 2) Several Wraith were killed, but I would not call what we saw an “entire army.” And nowhere near all of them were taken down. Some were killed by Ronon and Kiryk (both Runners experienced in the art of killing Wraith). A few were killed by McKay, who needed to fire many shots to bring them down. As for Keller, she fought with a Wraith for a few seconds (more or less distracting it while McKay reloaded his gun), but if McKay didn’t then immediately shoot that Wraith several times, she would have been fed upon as well. 3) Yes, a Wraith would feed on a child. 4) Yes. Looking like a Wraith would be a huge improvement in my appearance.

Scary writes: “What inspired to have Rodney make mention of Fort MacMurray and Whitehorse? Should we assume that Rodney spent a portion of his childhood up north?”

Yes, but not as far north as Whitehorse. In Miller’s Crossing it was mentioned that, as a child, McKay got lost in the Edmonton mall. So I needed a Canadian city near Edmonton for McKay to mention. As luck would have it, we have a staff filled with Canadian writers to assist with such research.

Quade writes: “Are you optimistic about SG: Universe and how was your last day on Atlantis?”

The last main-unit shooting day on Atlantis was sad. It’s never easy saying good-bye, especially to characters you’ve become quite fond of. I will miss them, and the incredibly gifted actors who gave them life. As for Universe — I’m very optimistic. From what Brad and Robert have pitched to us, it sounds great.

Fred writes: “When writing “Tracker” (fantastic episode, by the way), how did you differentiate between all the various forest locations in the script?”

Thanks, Fred. To be honest, we don’t have a huge selection of available forests up here in which to shoot (and getting smaller), so there isn’t a whole lot of differentiation other than specific places within the forests (i.e. the stump McKay hides behind, or the clearing where the Stargate is located). For the cliff scene, we had to travel further out. And that cliff needed some help from VFX to make it higher.

Rose writes: “Have you ever been given a “note” from the studio that required you to take a story in a direction that you didn’t agree with? Can you give us any examples, if so? Thanks again.”

Not on this show. The stories are pitched to the network beforehand, so when they get to the script stage, the notes they give don’t send the story veering in a completely different direction. They do, however, often give notes that help make the story we’re telling better. For instance, with Tracker, Keller trying to escape from Kiryk by making a run for it, as well as McKay and Ronon coming upon the Wraith caught in one of Kiryk’s traps, were network suggestions.

Riley writes: “Did feel, though, that the Runner’s traps were a little too intricate to be whipped up so fast… can you explain the reasoning?”

You’re not the only one who thought so. I just figured, hell, this guy is really good. And if the Extreme Makeover guys can build a house in seven days… But yes, I know, I was pushing the limits of credibility with this.

(Note from Joe: I’d like to weigh in on this one. When we broke the story and talked about these traps, in our minds Kiryk was not building this traps along the way. He had heard of Keller’s visits to this village and planned her abduction. Part of his plan involved creating traps well beforehand to help him stay one step ahead of any pursuit).

Trish writes: “My question for Carl Binder: How are you so awesome? I totally loved Tracker! I’m such a sucker for the self-sacrifice stories. Thank you for a great epi.”

Thanks Trish! I’m also a sucker for the self-sacrifice stories.

Antisocialbutterflie writes: “A lot of your scripts seem to focus on individual character growth or one-on-one interpersonal growth. Do you prefer writing these sorts of scripts over the action-centered team-based episodes?”

Yes, I do like the smaller, “character” episodes. Preferably ones with a moral dilemma. But a good shoot-em-up like Midway, or a monster movie like Vengeance are a lot of fun too.

Thornyrose writes: “What is your all time favorite episode to have worked on?”

Wow. That’s like asking which child is your favorite. So I’ll pick four — one from each season (2-5) I’ve been on staff: Michael, Phantoms, Missing and The Prodigal.

Sherwood Forest Maiden writes: “My question for Carl Binder is, how difficult is it to work on personal writing projects when working for a franchise that requires weekly input??”

Very difficult. Especially for me. I don’t multitask well. So it’s all Stargate, all the time.

Perragrin writes: “a. What initially inspired you to want to write stories? And is there a specific genre that you prefer to delve into above all others?

b. If you were given the opportunity to travel back in time and meet one significant person, who would it be?”

A) I’ve always had an overactive imagination. And a deep-seated fear of things that go bump in the night. Writing is a kind of therapy. Difficult to get through, but I sure feel better afterward. As for a specific genre — I do love the supernatural. I’m mocked mercilessly by the other writers about it.

B) I would travel back in time to meet Joe Mallozzi’s parents. To warn them.

Uh. Yeah. Thanks to Carl for that.

The Black Company Discussion:

KaziWren writes: “I was sufficiently terrified of The Lady, Limper, Whisper and the rest of the Taken. Come on, who in their right mind would want to work side by side with The Taken?!”

Answer: Not I, although I was greatly reminded of a story editor I once worked with when I read Cook’s description of The Hanged Man: “He was improbably tall and lean. His head was twisted away over to one side. His neck was swollen and purpled from the bite of a noose. His face was frozen into the bloated expression of one who has been strangled.” Yep, takes me back.

Thornyrose writes: “I also love the sense of decay, of loss, morally and physically the permiates the book. This could be a pessimist’s bible, with each chapter demonstrating more strongly than the last bringing on a stronger sense of increasing entropy.”

Answer: Well said. In fact, I found the book so unrelentingly grim that I was actually depressed after reading it. The visceral description of the climactic battle is particularly unsettling.

Thornyrose also writes: “ My biggest disappointment was probably in the character of Raven. He almost felt like a character visiting from another novel, though he was certainly dark enough a creature through most of the book. Perhaps it was his stereotypical aptitude with his knives, and his too-close-to perfect combat skills. I don’t think the removal of Raven would have skewed the outcome of the plot significantly.”

Answering: I found Raven an interesting contrast to Croaker. Croaker was a healer; Raven a killer. Croaker was well-loved and respected by his fellow mercenaries; Raven a distrusted outsider. Croaker, as the Black Company’s historian, embodied the past and future; Raven lived for the present. So it was fascinating to see how things developed for them – Croaker becoming the favorite of the dark and merciless Lady while Raven risks all for the love of the sweet and innocent Darling.

Terry writes: “ JM said: (I thought the story would have really benefited from some insight into the cultural, socio-political or economic backdrop of the land they were fighting over)” Do you think this would have made the current situation more understandable or the characters more sympathetic?”

Answer: While I don’t think it would have made the characters more sympathetic, it certainly would have helped ground me in the world of The Black Company. Although the accounts of the various battles are disturbing, I believe that the story could have been served by a little more depth in the background of the various factions and the lands they were warring over.

Terry also writes: “Did you find anything sympathetic or redeemable or engaging about any of the characters in this book?”

Answer: I’ve always been a big fan of darker characters and, as a reader, have always gravitated toward stories with morally flawed players. Often, beneath their dark exterior, these characters possess hidden traits that are often appealing, sometimes even worthy of respect. A great example is the character of Glokta from Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series, a frightening, seemingly reprehensible torturer who, despite his many flaws, still manages to redeem himself over the course of the three books. In The Black Company, it was a lot harder to connect with the characters on this level because we were never really offered any insight into their inner workings. Even Croaker, our narrator, was in most respects unfathomable.

The mailbag:

Tina writes: “how are your canine sidekicks????”

Answer: Great!!!! Maximus and Lulu have taken to hanging around the garden so that they can pluck cherry tomatoes off the vine and eat them when no one is looking.

Maggiemayday writes: “The good wishes must be helping, my brother is now making his own white blood cells, which means the stem cell transplant took. Yay! Progress. I am doing cautious happy dances.”

Answer: We’re all wishing the best for him. Please keep us posted on his progress.

Alicia writes: “Joe would you rather do a couple episodes instead of the movie?”

Answer: Yeah, a bunch of episodes would be preferable. Say, 20.

Abbas Karimjee writes: “ Will the Atlantis movie wrap up the wraith storyline?When will the members of the production who were at Vegas be finished with their filming?”

Answers: 1) No comment. 2) The Vegas shoot starts and wraps next week.

Luis writes: “When SGU goes into production will all the SG1 AND SGA crew members be there or will it be a much smaller crew?”

Answer: It’s a safe bet that most of the SGA crew will find their way over to SGU.

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  1. What an expressive face your Carl Binder has!
    Almost as moving as Lulu’s.
    Thanks for the interview.

  2. Must be a strange feeling walking back into the office.

    Do you ever watch the news, see all of the violence and the nastiness and think, “You know what this planet needs? A good ol’ alien invasion.”?

  3. Thanks Joe! Thanks Carl! Good luck with SGU, I’m not thrilled about it but will give it a chance and I will be sure to watch the episodes you wrtie.

    I can’t believe Carl didn’t give any spoilers! I was sooooo hoping he would slip while answering a question and of course you would be too eager to get it posted to your blog and wouldn’t have caught it…but I would have..right before you had a chance to change it…well, thats how it played out in my mind 🙂

    Good night 🙂

  4. Thanks Carl & Joe for the answers to my question about the traps. Actually, thanks for all the answers!

    Maximus and Lulu have taken to hanging around the garden so that they can pluck cherry tomatoes off the vine and eat them when no one is looking.

    Awww! Obnoxiously cute!

  5. Oh dang, I didn’t realize Carl’s Q&A was today. I had a question to ask. So I’ll ask you, Joe.

    Given the fact that Carl writes such good episodes, why does he seem to revert to 1st season McKay sometimes? I’m thinking mainly “Quarantine,” the worst he’s written in recently memory as far as McKay, and even parts of “Tracker.” When other writers are commenting on the scripts, has anyone ever mentioned the continuity with McKay’s fighting abilities, or lack thereof when necessary?

  6. hi, joe,

    you said: “Brad arrived soon after and retired to his office to deal with SGU matters.”

    my question: is brad still writing/working on the 3rd stargate sg1 movie?

    sally =D

  7. It was great to hear from Mr. Binder. I won’t even hold the movie Pocahantas against him( I loathe cute helpful raccoons, teapots, and other unnaturally talkative animated creatures). I hope he is brought over to Universe; if you’re going to cancel the project you have your A team working on, at least put that team on the next big project. Whatever production Mr. B. ends up on next, I’ll be following intently.
    Thank you for the breakdown on the work day; I consider my question of yesterday answered. Truth is, I’m sufficiently shaken by the cancellation that I want the reassurance we are at least getting the movie.
    Re Black Company. I admit I’d not looked at Raven’s character in the way you had, and I’ll have to re-evaluate my opinion of the character. It certainly clarifies why the author paired Croaker and Raven in some of the more dangerous missions.
    Looking forward to more guest appearances, especially that of Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster. They must have gone off on holiday with your pooches, who we’ve also not seen of lately.(hint hint). Thanks again for a extremely satisfying blog posting, and enjoy the first week of autumn.

  8. Hey Joe,

    I find it funny that it rains on many of the alien planets of Stargate in both galaxies. Got to love filming on the coast!

    I was wondering, have you ever wanted to go into directing and direct an episode you wrote like Martin just did or do you prefer to just write and produce?

  9. I took this photo while away. Does anyone else think the guy at the bottom left of this photo looks like Zelenka with his new hairdo? It’s not exactly a quality shot, note the number of fingers that made it onto the lens, but it’s hard to look casual while taking a picture of someone you don’t know.

  10. Very interesting, thank you Mr. Binder.

    Thank you for the good thoughts for my brother, I’ll post when I know more.

    I’ve heard tomatoes are bad for dogs, but I’ve also heard they’re not harmful. Tell the kids to be moderate in their cherry tomato theft capers. Personally, they’re poison to me, I have a nightshade reaction, makes my arthritis flare, quite painful.

  11. It’s so darn great to get this insight to the work you guys do, it really is.

    With regards the Ronan vs McKay for Keller – I’m sorry, it makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s that Keller knows exactly whats she’s doing or moreover, the effect she’s having on both men.
    Too near the knuckle and if it was a reality that was in my own life – I would simply walk away with quite a serious loss of respect for the other ‘players’.
    But hey, it’s thankfully not reality.

  12. Mr. M wrote:

    Carl got to work on his beat sheet

    Beat sheet for what? A Universe episode? An SG-1 movie? A second Atlantis movie?

    Wait a minute. Scratch that last one. You were there to spin the first Atlantis movie, so why would he be writing a beat sheet for the second movie before the first is even in production? Unless you’re going to film two at a time?

    I’m pitiful. Wishful thinking, huh?

    Anne Teldy

  13. Thank you very much, Carl, for answering my questions. I wasn’t expecting such…straight answers…especially to the ‘Keystone Cops’ one, and especially from anyone guest blogging here in JM’s little playhouse. 🙂 Just a few quick words in reply:

    1. I like the concept that it’s only a few who participate in hunts, and that it’s both for sport and for training. I suppose we’ll refer to those Wraith as…the Republicans.

    2. Let’s face it – I love the Wraith and want to see them win (which will never happen). So, naturally, I will always be disappointed when they are incapable of overcoming a handful of humans. On second, third…okay – tenth 😳 – viewing of the Rodney/Wraith chase scene, I must say that it was my favorite part of the episode. That, and when a whole bunch of ’em went through the gate after the runner. I hope they feasted well. 😀

    3. I have no problem with that…especially if they suck on the bratty ones.

    4. Don’t put yourself down, you’re quite attractive. I first noticed it when I watched the silly walk video, and saw you laugh and smile. Mostly before that, I only saw pictures of you making funny faces at Joe’s dinner, or Martin. 🙄

    Thank you again, Mr. Binder…and I hope I didn’t just skeeve you out or anything…


  14. glochidiagirl wrote:

    Re: The Black Company

    As to Joe’s comment about the lack of information on the land they were fighting over; I don’t think that would have felt right to include that, given that this story was being told by a mercenary who was used to going from one job to another. It gives you the feeling that those kinds of details aren’t important to the job at hand, and thus aren’t important enough to be included in the Annals. To me this lends a sense of realism to the story.

    This is an excellent point.

    Do you think, perhaps, our desire for more information about the land and the participants in the war is not so much because the story needs it but so we, the readers, can better weigh the protagonists on the good/evil scale because we’re so used to having this information spelled out for us by the author?

    Anne Teldy (who really hopes this makes sense as she’s having a bad health day)

  15. Damn! I missed the chance to ask Carl about Jane Seymour, guess I’ll never get to know now.

    Joe I recently went to Selfridges here in England and happened upon some 100% chocolate.

    I recognised it from a series of programmes about a man who wanted to make a chocolate which was far superior to any available on the market today.

    I couldn’t resist buying it as I know of your love of chocolate and that you may need cheering up after the end of Atlantis (the series, here’s hoping for the movie soon).

    If I send it to Bridge Studious will you get it or are you off on holiday soon?

    Last question could you give the address of the studio so I can make sure it gets to you?

    Don’t worry I promise not to send citrus fruit of any description through the post to you.


  16. Excuse my rudeness in not saying thank you to Mr Binder.
    Joe, your introduction for Mr Binder had me wondering whether the sarcastic font should have been used, but some of it seemed rather familiar.
    It’s a bad, bad, brainmush day.

  17. I just thought I’d point out that none of the animals talk OR sing in Pocahontas. Although Grandma Willow Tree does both…

  18. Thanks Carl. I did see the traps as Joe did that they were placed there well in advance to carry out his plan.

    Das, you must be excited to ask Tyler a question. Watch out that day, you will probably take up a whole page (lol).

  19. Sorry I really didn’t know how to ask that question. What I meant was 102 episodes or 100 and a movie? I’m not sure if I should ask again. HELP

  20. Joe,

    About your first paragraph: If the show has wrapped, what beat sheet is Carl working on? From what you guys seem to be saying, SGU isn’t staffed yet.

  21. To anneteldy:

    “Do you think, perhaps, our desire for more information about the land and the participants in the war is not so much because the story needs it but so we, the readers, can better weigh the protagonists on the good/evil scale because we’re so used to having this information spelled out for us by the author?”

    I hear what you’re saying. Personally, I didn’t see it as needing Mr. Cook to spell out the background. I actually found the hints about what the Black Company had been through in previous generations rather intriguing. I found myself wanting more information simply because it was interesting stuff. 🙂

    To Joe:

    “Not I, although I was greatly reminded of a story editor I once worked with when I read Cook’s description of The Hanged Man….”

    *snicker* There were a few of the Taken who reminded me of people I work with …. Do you see my horror now? 😉

    What did everyone think of Mr. Cook’s use of magic in his story? Did it add to your enjoyment of this fantasy title, or did it detract from it?

    Did you like the character names fitting the individuals, or did you find it a little silly?

    Oh, one thing that I didn’t really connect with was the military campaigns. I don’t know if Mr. Cook chose not to bog down the story with details of the various battles with the rebel, but I wanted to see these bad-ass mercenaries use their “special” skills more. Not only the wizards, but the rest of the company.

    And what’s with the Raven hating? *grin* The poor man had his wife and lovers rob him blind and destroy his life. Can’t you forgive a little knife play and anti-social behavior? 😉

    Side comment: Carl, thank you for a great guest column. I enjoyed the peek into your mind! 🙂

    Trish in Texas

  22. Regarding the weird food video from yesterday. Possibly the best one I’ve seen yet. A sofa cushion left out in the sun? How unpleasant. And also very funny. And yeah, I have to admit, not a fan of calamari. I have a thing with weird textures. Don’t like them.

    Ah, I need to have more time online to pose questions! I just keep missing these deadlines. Alas. Anyway, a great Q&A from Carl. Thanks to you both!

  23. Those were some great Q&As.
    “After last year’s Missing, I really wanted to do a follow-up Keller-facing-adversity story, to show how she’s changed and grown during the last year”
    And I really think you did a fantastic job!!! I absolutely loved Tracker. It’s such a great feeling when the episode is done and you realize how much fun you had watching it!
    Mr. Carl Binder, Keller is my favorite character and the reason I started watching SGA. So, thank you for such awesome episodes!!! I love the character because she is so real. She is the average person placed in that position. Who then learns how to survive. She’s a unique character, imo.

    ““Is Ronon really interested in Keller, or is he pulling Rodney’s chain?”
    Or perhaps he thinks this won’t be much of a competition.”
    I loved that scene. Everyone has their own interpretations, but that’s how I took it. Ronon had never examined how he felt, which was really established in ‘Quarantine’. When McKay asked him about it, Ronon really had to consider it, and then wondered if he should tell McKay he did or not. I think what he said was genuine, and that the purpose of the scene was to show the respect they have for one another- and also give a few laughs. Ronon believes he has this one.

  24. @ Linda Gagne – I’ll do my best to behave. 😉 I’m very tired, so that helps. However, if all the other Wraith fans prove to be shy and don’t step forward, I will! Of course, I’m going to ask the ‘what do you think this means’ geeky-type questions, which should leave plenty of space for others to ask the good ones.

    Speaking of which…

    @ Tyler McClendon –

    First, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your Wraithy performances, Tyler – you had big boots to fill, and you have done so quite nicely. I really enjoyed your roles so far in Broken Ties and The Queen, and look forward to any future appearances. Too many favorite moments to mention, but I will say that I love how you’ve played the whole ‘irritated Wraith’ thing, and in such a way that isn’t over-the-top. It made Kenny quite entertaining, especially with his ‘I do not know, I’m not on the ship’ line, and then when – without a word – he obeyed Sheppard’s order to head to the nearest gate, giving him that ‘Happy now?’ look afterwards. Very well-played!

    Which leads me to my first question:

    1. How difficult is it to convey expression/emotion with your face concealed under all of that make-up?

    2. Was it ever explained to you – or do you have your own ideas – as to what the Wraith finger armor is supposed to be for? Is it a tool? A weapon? Just ornamentation? (I am determined to find this out!)

    3. In your mind, why did the Wraith in Broken Ties want worshippers? Is it just a power thing, an ego boost, or something else? And what was his motivation behind turning Ronon in particular? In some ways, it almost seemed like he was trying to make Tyre jealous. 😉

    4. Some Wraith actors have said that they do not see the Wraith as inherently evil, though they are portrayed as the villains. What is your perception of them?

    5. Was that really you who visited us on Gateworld as ‘tubbs’? If so, thank you again. I hope we didn’t scare you too much. 😆

    That’s all for now…I’ll leave something for others to ask. Thank you, Tyler, for your time, and for being a part of Atlantis, and especially for creating exciting new Wraith characters for us to watch and enjoy and discuss. We love these guys, and really appreciate all you’ve done in bringing them to life.

    @ Joe – Are you proud of me for not going on and on about Kenny’s beautiful hair, or how fetching Tyler looks with no eyebrows, and extra nostrils on his face? 😀

    It wasn’t easy, lemme tell ya…


  25. Thanks to Carl Binder for taking time to answer our questions! And thanks to you Joe for “pestering” him into doing a blog!

  26. Thanks to Mr. Binder for a delightfully informative Q&A. I found the answer to the last question particularly revealing (read: I made a cat fall off of a chair because my cackle was so loud and unexpected).

    You did a wonderful job introducing him, Joe. 🙂

  27. Thank you Carl! You are handsome in my eyes! When I saw your picture on Joe’s blog last year, I even asked Joe if were married, and darn it, you are! Oh well, I wish I had gotten a picture with you when I was at production offices at Bridges Studio on August 22nd. Darn my 50 year old failing mind! Does your wife mind if your adoring fans want to ogle you! You Rock, Carl, don’t let anyone tell you different!

    And Joe, thank you for bringing back the smarminess in your blog, I laughed out loud at your intro for Carl appearance. And thanks for telling us of Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster eminent return! Can’t wait to see what’s on their minds these days!
    Patricia Lee

  28. Hey Joe – A question I’ve had rattling around in my brain for a while. When the wraith feed, it drains the life force out of the victim and they appear to age. Would that mean that kids would have even more life force to drain, as they have further to age? I guess that’s kinda morbid. Huh.

  29. Hey all you Mallozzi fans… check out the recent addition by Anne Teldy to Hey Nielsen!

    Come on…weigh in and let your comments be heard!

    And don’t forget to keep up your opinions and comments on the lost of our beloved SGA at

    We may not be able to change the minds of Mr. Wright, MGM & SciFi, but the least we can do is let them know we LOVED this show and are extremely disappointed at it untimely demise!


  30. So that Das isn’t the only fangirl out here posting questions for Tyler. 🙂

    My questions for Tyler McClendon:

    1. While filming on the Wraith sets (I believe it’s Stage 2?) did you encounter feeling funky, strange or even ‘hungover’ from the atmosphere there, as other people have reported in the past?
    2. In your previous acting experience, had you ever gone through this much make up and costume before? And now that you have, would you ever do it again?
    3. Any hope of seeing you in the SGA movie(s) as Wraith or human?
    4. You and Aaron Cravon seemed to get on quite well, at least according to Joe’s blog video clip. Anyone else you struck up a friendship with or bonded with while you were on set?

    I would love to hear you talk ad nauseum about what it was like to play a Wraith but I’ll be merciful and just leave it at those questions. I’d also like to add my thanks and congrats on playing two of the most outstanding Wraith characters on the show. In Broken Ties you were creepy, sadistic and yet alluring. I loved Kenny – he was snotty yet endearing. Bravo for those amazing, memorable performances. Hope to see you on the small or large screen again soon.


  31. I’ve been trying to come up with decent questions for Tyler McClendon all night, and I’ve got next to nothing. Das always beats the rest of us to it and asks all of the good ones (if we all really were wraith worshippers, I’m pretty sure she’d be the village leader). I hope I don’t repeat anything anyone else has asked.

    Here goes:

    1) If you had to pin point one thing, what would you say is the most difficult part of the costume/prosthetics to work with? What is the easiest?

    2) What made you decide to take the role?

    3) How much creative freedom were you given in playing your characters?

    4) Running on the assumption that it was actually you who dropped by on the Gateworld forum, on a scale of one to ten, how crazy do you think we all are? 😀

  32. Mornin’, Joe

    “I would travel back in time to meet Joe Mallozzi’s parents. To warn them.”

    “Uh. Yeah. Thanks to Carl for that.”


    Nice to know when you’ve made a lasting impression, isn’t it?

    Thanks to Carl for putting in a quietly brilliant Q&A and personally, I think you look nothing like a Wraith. That said.. I have a Guide Dog and can’t see past the tip of my own nose, nevermind anyone else’s. Soo.. take from that what you will.

    Just the quick post today. Apparently, i’ve been summoned to teach a class of eight-year-olds the difference between using art to express themselves and not as an excuse to redecorate the walls. Personally, I prefer the latter and as the media is my choice.. we’ll be using something more permanent. Like oils. Black marker pens. Glittery things that are gonna take weeks to get out of their hair and some obnoxious scrubbing to remove from the skin.

    For safety’s sake, Jenks is gonna be shrink-wrapped in an obscure corner somewhere.

  33. Ah I see Carl at his most natural in the last pic! What’s that vid of exactly?

    Oh and it’s my birthday tomorrow!!!! (46 yrs young aaand kidding myself)

  34. No way, Carl wrote Pocahontas?!? I saw that film once when I was six, burst into hysterical tears and I haven’t watched it since… uh, yeah, I’m not saying it was bad! In fact, it was good if it made me cry at that age (it seems as the years go on, I become more emotional; I’m going to be a constant blubbering mess at 40).

    Here’s a question for you (I always seem to time these really badly): when you say things like ““Really?“ he asked as though I‘d just informed him I‘d seen a flying mongoose perch itself atop the hood of my car” out loud what sort of reaction do you get? Usually I get an immeasurable amount of cackling from my sister and funny looks from everyone else.

  35. “I would travel back in time to meet Joe Mallozzi’s parents. To warn them.”

    Coolest answer I have ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plz shake the mans hand for me. XD
    Thanks for entertaining us again Joe with another great entry.


  36. Hi there Joe,
    saw a shot of Todd with straight hair, was it from a cut scene or was it a new look that was tried out but then discarded?

    @DAS I just had to go out and get arsenic and old lace on dvd, i love that movie. Your right, Michael would be Jonathen, both creepy. Rodney could be teddy!
    Also ended up getting Robin Hood with Eroll Flynn, another movie Todd could star in and being green already he wouldn’t need the whole costume, just the hat!

    Questions for Tyler

    We named the Broken Ties wraith Rhys, did that wraith have a name that was used on set?

    Provided Kenny survives the season and you were available would you continue this role in the Atlantis movie? (hint hint Joe)

    Which eps are you in this season and how many different wraith do you play?

    What have you done that could find its way onto the dvd blooper reel?

    How do you think Kenny felt about his commander playing nice with the humans? About having humans on the ship to begin with?

    We see Kenny take an order from sheppard, to take them to the nearest Stargate. Standing orders from Todd made him obey? just glad to be rid of them?

    Todd has been betrayed by his fellow wraith before, do you see Kenny as the loyal type?

    Thanks for your time.

  37. Hey, the raccoon in Pocahontas didn’t sing! However, Mel Gibson did. And the willow tree.

  38. Hello! Sa va Today? =)
    Moi oui trés bien, j’ai poster votre carte!
    Vous me direz quand elle arrivera?

    Impatiente de voir le film!!!
    Merci pour cette video!!!!
    Demain je ne serais pas là demain car j’ai des côntrols et je rentre tard.

    Donc a Vendredi!!! BiSoU!!
    Je vous adore♥

  39. Thanks for another great Q&A thanks Carl

    a bit late
    The Black Company
    I was just out of high school when I first read this series. You got it, THE DARKNESS!! I was full of stuff by Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, Tolkien et al, the whole “Light over Dark” and The Black Company absolutely broadsided my ideas of all that. And I LOVED it, I had already been leaning towards anti-hero types not to mention my growing collection of vampire-sympathizer books at the time (for which I blame my affinity on my mom, she was an avid watcher of Dark Shadows and thus me too) Hands down, my fave Company character is Croaker, who narrates this book, I didn’t have any trouble following the story or the action. I like the narrative brevity, my imagination filled in quite a bit. I liked just about everyone in this outfit. I agree that the depictions were quite realistic, no apologies, tough, gritty, deadly, bloody, the very vision of “war is hell” to me… still. Remember I was just a teen when I first read this, and so I think the emotional impact has lasted all these years because of it. If I had read this for the first time now, I may not have been as impressed. But over the years I’ve read all the books to date in this series despite not really liking military fiction- The White Rose is my biggest fave so far. And my question has already been answered- that the character depictions were based on real experiences.

  40. Hi again Mr M!

    As “Tracker” hasn’t aired here yet, I withheld a question for Mr B., but I promise to back track here once the ep has aired. My thanks in advance to him for same!! And…….as one who has seen Pochahontas some……257 and half times… three little girls also so “thank you” to Mr B…(I think)

    Any-hoo, re: Spinning the Atlantis movie…Hey, no rest for the wicked…. Back in the mists of time, you mentioned that Marty G had “created” an Irish team member for Atlantis….…..namely Paddy O’ Shamrock (*wink*)… I for one look forward to his appearance in the upcoming movie and will fly back to Vancouver should there be an open-cast calling for same…I have been working on my Irish accent for some 36 years now, and almost have it down pat!!

    On a more serious note, when are you taking holidays / vacation time? We fans worry about you not getting proper rest!!!! Gotta take a break before the movie I think!!…And no your mother hasn’t put me up to this!!

    Hope all is well at Bridge and my regards to all

    Best Wishes


    PS Did you get my postcard?

  41. I’ll third the SG1 movie question…… I miss my SG1

    I hear tell that the new race we meet this season has ties to something from the Stargate history……any truth there?

  42. Are you still taking questions for Joel Goldsmith?

    I have one or two:

    Joel, I read about your evolution of the Atlantis theme on your website, but what about the evolution of Sam/Jack’s theme? It seemed to start out as Alt!Sam’s theme and then turned into Sam/Jack’s love theme, but in season 7-8 the theme changes? why? the theme sounds simpler, sweeter and angstier, is that why? (haha) all I know is that I laugh out every time I watch Moebius part 2 with the return of the classic Sam/Jack theme in such a profound way! 😀

    So… when are we getting best-of-each-season of Atlantis on CD??

    I also just want to thank you, I love your music and you’ve put me in tears many-a-times. Most recent being “Ghost in the Machine”. I look forward and hope you’ll be doing as many stargates as possible in the future!

  43. Please tell Carl thanks for answering my questions 🙂

    And yes, I’ll chime in with “if we send a letter/package to actors/crew on the SGA set, will they still get it? Is there a forwarding system?”

    Thanks mucho.

  44. ANd one more thing… I notice little emoticon/monsters next to everybody’s posts. How are those assigned? Because I rather do like my pink square squid thing 😉

  45. *lol* your interactions with Paul are hilarious (the non-existent speech, meeting on Tuesday)
    it’s really a miracle how you two managed to write even one episode together 😉
    and then there have even come out so great episodes as “The Last Man”…. strange ^^”

    thanks to Carl for answering questions, but I’m gonna still believe that Sheppard didn’t only find McKay’s day-off-activity odd but was clearly jealous (it’s just much, much more fun for a shipper-heart that way 😉 )

    the Black Company really sounds great (I always welcome dark stories), more books to read for me o.o” (pile growing larger and larger and time’s just slipping away into nowhere)

    to the vid: green screens are really made of an ugly green o.O”

  46. A few questions for Tyler McClendon:

    – How does it feel to play a Wraith? Does the behaviour of the people around you change when you appear in fully make-up and clothes? And what about your behaviour? How much does your appearance influence your way to talk, walk etc?

    – What do you think about the Wraith in common? About their culture, their social behaviour etc.? Do you like them?

    – Have you ever been tempted to leave the Bridges Studios – in fully make-up! – to drink a cup of coffee somewhere or go by bus, only to see how the people outside react? 😉

    – I really love the hair of the Wraith – especially of that one of Broken Ties – btw: one of the most handsome Wraith I’ve ever seen. This Wraith’s hair seems to be really soft and thick. How does the hair of the Wraith feel in reality?

    – Is there any character you would really like to play someday? And what kind of roles do you prefer as an actor: comedy, drama, action films or love stories?

    Thanks for answering our questions and my best wishes for your future. Hope to see you in the movies.

  47. Hi Joe
    I’ve been very sad since the announcement of no season 6, but I’m taking consolation from the possibility of SGA films and the new SGU series.

    Just out of curiosity, since I just picked up a newish one at my library, have you read any of Jennifer Fallon’s books?

  48. Hi Joseph. First, I’d like to say your pics of chocolate Atlantis made me drool terribly. I have such a soft spot for chocolate…

    I have a question regarding Stargate Universe, now that you know more about it. You said actual SGU will be much more cerebral and mature (to quote your words) that what fans are fearing, but can you tell us more? Without giving the plot away, of course, can you compare it to past SG-1 or SGA episodes? Or if it is really different from everything Stargate, can it be compared to other shows, similarly to “Whispers” with horror movies?

    Here are my questions for Tyler McClendon:

    First of all, I want to say that I enjoyed the wraith you played so far, especially Kenny. While not as impressive as Todd, I loved his calm assurance and sense of superiority (and I loved he outlived the episode *sigh*). He seemed to think “stupid humans!” whenever they were asking stupid questions. 😀

    So, here are my questions:
    1. Was it really you who came on the “Wraith Defenders Club” GateWorld forum? If yes, I must say I admire your courage to affront us crazy wraith fangirls. 😉
    2. Did you discuss wraith topics with Chris Heyerdahl, especially for “The Queen”? How much backstory do you add to your characters, beyond the episode script itself? I know Chris added a lot of personality to Todd: Did you do the same with the “Broken Ties” wraith or with Kenny?
    3. How do you view Kenny’s opinion of Todd’s relationship with the humans from Atlantis? Is he considering it a mistake, or on the contrary an interesting opportunity? Or does he simply follow his Commander’s decisions without questioning them any further?
    4. Do you feel underused as an actor, since we can’t really recognise your real face? (Actually, I find it even more impressive to be able to display emotions with wraith makeup, but I’m curious about your opinion.)
    5. Kenny is named on-screen, but when your wraith is not, such as in “Broken Ties”, do you invent (the crew, or you personally) a name for him? If yes, how did you name the “Broken Ties” wraith?
    6. You must know that some of us (dasNdanger, I, and a few other rabid fangirls…) immoderately love wraith. How do you view our fascination for the “bad guys”? Are we scaring the crap out of you? 😉 Do you feel sympathy for the wraith despite their need to feed on humans?

    I’ll transmit questions from Degilwen in the “Wraith Defender Club”:
    1. How do you feel under all this make up and with long hair?
    2. Do you know that girls love you in this Wraith Costume?
    3. Have you problems to eat with this make up?
    4. What do you think about the fact that SGA “Close the Gate” and make now a new Show/movie?

    Thank you for your answers!

  49. Funny thing is. The lemons that were sent to the studio in anger for cancelling Atlantis and their anger for Universe.

    Funny since Lemons are citrus and citrus is DEADLY for Rodney. Why send something that could kill on the charactors of the show you are trying to save. Unless it is the charactor you are trying to get rid of!!

    BTW…Joe you rock. And I agree with everything you have said about Universe.



  50. Will we find out how the McKeller relationship works out before the end of the season or will it be an ongoing thing in the movies?

    I’m just a little bit of a McKeller fan.

  51. I don’t know if anybody has linked you to it, but someone has written a pretty good meta/essay on the character of Keller (not Jewel Stait, but Keller, and no it’s not character bashing).

    I know it’s too late because SGA is now more or less over, but it might give you (and your fellow writers) an insight of what some in the fandom think about her (without being in the dreaded ‘anti-Keller’ group of extremists)(who knows, if we ever get at least one movie, it might even be interesting to see development on that point).

  52. Hey Joe,

    Since you’re doing a Q&A with Tyler McClendon, I’ll venture to ask again: “Todd” was named after FX master Todd Masters, was “Kenny” a nod to Evil Kenny?

    It was my eight-year-old’s birthday yesterday. Brian is a HUGE fan of SGA, I’m sure he’d be thrilled to get a mention here (I forgot to ask earlier, oops).

    Thanks Joe!


  53. To Ann-Marie Soan,
    I think the lemons were, in part, meant to play off of Rodney’s aversion to citrus. As in, we had the same reaction to the cancellation as he does to citrus fruit – in this example, lemons.
    I wonder if any of the “big wigs” actually received them or the lemon postcards/letters?

  54. Will the Wraith storyline continue past the movie?Are the rest of the cast done with their filiming at vegas?

    I hope you answer my questions.[I have been asking for a while now!]


  55. Anne Teldy wrote:

    Do you think, perhaps, our desire for more information about the land and the participants in the war is not so much because the story needs it but so we, the readers, can better weigh the protagonists on the good/evil scale because we’re so used to having this information spelled out for us by the author?

    Makes sense to me (and I hope you feel better soon). I think, too, some people like this information so they can better picture the action. My mom is sort of like that—she has to come see every place I live or work, so she can visualize where I am when I am talking to her. The only detail that I would have liked is a map of the land so you could see where things were taking place—especially in the later books when Croaker talks about how far they had come and how many miles between the various places they have traveled. That would be something I could see being included in the Annals for future generations of Company members.


  56. Hi Joe!

    Finally back in the “world,” after twelve days away from the Net and my home. Stupid Hurricane Ike.

    Had a pretty good time on my “hurrication,” in central Texas. Spent my time semi-constructively. On my last day away from home, I enjoyed a few S4 & S5 eps via my iPod. SGA makes me smile. 🙂

    No damage to our Houston house, and my turtle survived in its outdoor pond! We lost some food/condiments due to 9 days of power outage at our house. (Wicked stinky!) 🙁

    Just downloaded (iTunes) The Queen and Tracker. Looking forward to watching them in the next day or so. Also looking forward to reading your blog, especially discussions of the eps and The Black Company. Don’t think I have time to catch up on 12+ days of blog, but I’m gonna try!! 🙂

    Final thought – no matter how big a TV screen is, crappy reception is crappy reception.

    Best to you and the Blog Gang!


  57. Questions for Glen Cook:

    1. I read somewhere that when you first started writing, you were holding down a fulltime job at the time on an assembly line. You would write in your head while you worked the line, then quickly jotted down your thoughts on papers during short breaks, then resumed working the line and writing in your head. How does your approach to writing differ today?

    2. Some readers have commented on the lack of backstory elements in The Black Company. There are a lot of unanswered questions. Is this because you approached this as the first book in a longer series and intended to fill in the backstory in later volumes?

    3. You have a very unique militaristic approach to fantasy. Are there any authors that you feel influenced your work?

    Thank you.

  58. Just got caught up on your blog entries! Nice interviews. I especially liked Mika McKinnon’s. Very infomative (and organized)!

  59. Hi Joe,
    Say Thanks to Carl for the Q&A. I always enjoy reading what a writer was thinking when he wrote the episode. I wish you would do this for the rest of SGA’s season. Maybe as a Thank you to the fans?

    God, I really can’t believe that SGA is really not going to come back for another season! :::shivers and hugs self::::

    I’m still fighting though by sending lemons, emails, postcards, and going to Hey!Nielsen to post my opinion on this cancellation. I’ve learned from Team Sheppard, never leave a man behind!

    I’ve heard that SciFi was really the one who canceled the show and that MGM would not mind if SGA was picked up by another channel. Have you heard anything about moving the show to another channel? Or this just another desperate straw that fans are grasping at to hold on to hope of seeing another season of SGA?

    Joe to help soothe this torn and battered heart, can you please include a group hug by John, Rodney, Teyla, and Ronon in the SGA movie? Somehow, someway, get them into a situation where they engage in a group hug and say that they will be alright, they will survive and get home.


  60. Joe, is there an email to send Stargate ideas to the writters?

    It would be cool for the fans to send the writters input and know its not getting tossed out the back door of the MGM mailroom.

  61. A few questions for Tyler.

    1. What first interested you in acting?
    2. Who have been your favourite people to act with/interact with on and off the SGA set?
    3. Any funny bloopers on the set you can tell us about? 😉

  62. Carl, thanks for your answer. I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who can’t multi-task when it comes to my writing!! 5 story lines and can’t get going on any as I have to study for my exam. Soooo frustrating :S

    Joe said “…actor Tyler McClendon, the newest wraith …” What happened to James?? Does he not appear as the ‘lead male Wraith” anymore??

    Thanks for the video. I had to look twice to see that it wasn’t JoeF. LOL silly me!! Too much reading of my stats text book – without my glasses.

    Happy Friday!!

  63. The Black Company:

    “I’ve always been a big fan of darker characters and, as a reader, have always gravitated toward stories with morally flawed players. Often, beneath their dark exterior, these characters possess hidden traits that are often appealing, sometimes even worthy of respect. A great example is the character of Glokta from Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series, a frightening, seemingly reprehensible torturer who, despite his many flaws, still manages to redeem himself over the course of the three books. In The Black Company, it was a lot harder to connect with the characters on this level because we were never really offered any insight into their inner workings. Even Croaker, our narrator, was in most respects unfathomable.”

    I realise I’m a way late comer to this little discussion and this comment will probably never be seen, but if I don’t say this I’m liable to punch out one of my co-workers today.

    If you find the innerworkings of these characters unfathomable, you need to get out more and probably missed out on a big part of growing up. The Black Company series had (to me) the most realistic cast of characters I’ve ever read about. What bothers most people I’ve tried to force these books down the throat of (Sorry to my wife) is the lack of drama. So, Croaker’s not a high prince or some king in waiting from unknown lands with deep and delvy origins. Who gives a crap? He’s just a guy. He grew up in a crummy boring town from crummy boring origins. That, to me is the epitomy of realism, just like every other character in the stories. Goblin and One-eye, like any couple of bastards that have ever grown old together. You get into some stuff when you’re younger and though you may never forgive them, every experience brings you closer together, cause who the hell else remembers that broad from 20 years ago? So you banter and curse eachother constantly, but deep down you’re best friends. It’s these sorts of characters that make this story worth reading.

    Croaker has simple thoughts and simple motives in the beginning, but throughout you’ll see his character emerging as he goes through a moral change. He mentions several times throughout the story that he doesn’t believe in absolute good or evil and that it’s all just perspective. But you’ll see as his life goes on that all the dirty deeds start to catch up to him. He has more and more trouble convincing himself that it’s okay to be doing what he’s doing and eventualy he decides to throw away his life and that of the entire company, his family, in a bid to finaly correct the mistakes that he’s made and make his own personal vision of “Right” a priority.

    This book is about good and evil just like most fantasy stories. Only in this one, the poles aren’t really painted for you. Croaker isn’t really a viallian. Hell, most of the taken were alright sorts of people when you got to know them. Even Lady, queen of darkness throughout the story ends up being just a scared little girl in the end.

    I’ve been reading and re-reading the series for years now. I remember in highschool, the firstime I read the books, Croaker’s moral journey changed my life. I continue to read them to keep the lessons fresh in my mind.

    Croaker is my Sidhartha.

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