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Alex L.
Carlie B.
Carlie B.
Robbie C.
Robbie C.

I was just backing into a spot when I got the call. It was Carl and he sounded genuinely panicked. “It’s closed!”

“Closed?” I stopped the car. “What do you mean closed?”

“There’s a sign on the door. It says they’re closed for a special event. The staff took the night off to go watch a baseball game!”

So much for multifarious wings and deep-fried Mars Bars. I could just imagine what was running through Carl’s mind. This would never happen in the U.S.! But if he was thinking it, he didn‘t voice it. Instead, he said: “Hey, I passed a place on the way up that looked pretty good. It’s a hamburger place…”

I knew the one he was talking about. “Splitz Grill.” Fondy and I had discovered it just last month.

“That’s the one!” Panic had given way to elation. Carl’s faith in Canada had clearly been restored. “See you there!”

So the four of us ended up at Splitz Grill (4242 Main Street) instead of Wing Nuts. In all honesty, I wasn’t too bummed about not having the wings. It was the deep-fried Mars Bars I was going to miss. In an attempt to lessen the pain, I ordered a milkshake with my meal. “What flavor would you like?”I was asked by the woman at the counter. “You can choose from any of the ones in the ice cream counter.” A quick perusal of the selection and I chose the Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream. Alex opted for Cookie Dough. And 2hile he and Rob went with straightforward cheeseburgers, Carl and I proved more adventurous, going with the Italian sausage burgers.

I had mine with cheddar, cucumbers, Splitz sauce, then topped it with pancetta bacon and fried onions. And, of course, onion rings, fries, and a Greek salad for the table. It was a crazy good burger. All were mightily impressed, especially Carl who I’m sure was already planning his return visit as he snapped up that last onion ring.

Of course that great meal meant I had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. this morning and resume my work-out regimen. Forty-five minutes of squats, lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, and laterals and I was feeling terrible. But GOOD terrible! I shuffled up to my room like an octogenarian with two wooden legs (minus the knee joints of course). I intend to be back down to my fighting weight by summer’s end.

A quiet day in the office today as we wrap an early week. The production is shutting down for Comic Con as three of our actors (Bob Picardo, Jewel Staite, and Joe Flanigan) head south for a fun-filled weekend. Marty G., Brad Wright, and various members of the SG-1 cast will also be on hand. The Continuum and Atlantis panels will conclude with a video tribute to the great Don S. Davis.

Alan finished his rewrite of Infection, Martin is prepping Brain Storm, Carl is poised to prep Identity, and Paul has broken ground on #20. With less than two months to go, it looks like it’s going to be a mad dash to the finish line.

And, of course, for those of you wondering – I did swing by Stage 6 today and checked out David² in action. Lots of fun. Between scenes, we talked Vegas, the as-yet-untitled episode #20, and beyond. Who knows what the future holds? Well, hopefully we will sooner than later.

Mailbag returns tomorrow.


86 thoughts on “July 23, 2008: Burgers then Back on the Program then Remnants Day #2

  1. Ooooo…one of the first to comment.

    Thanks for the pics of the Davids in action, and Chuck too, that’s a nice bonus.

    I like your choice in milkshakes (burger was a bit ambitious for me) but what, may I ask, is a deep fried Mars Bar?

    Oh, also a belated thank you for answering my questions two weeks in a row. You did skip one though.

    When are we McKay whumpers gonna get some lovin? (besides The Shrine)


  2. Joe, I was listening to the commentaries and several times the writers, producers or directors mentioned how the actors made choices with their characters. If an actor wants to go a certain way with a line or how he or she presents themselves in a scene, and it is not how the director sees it, how is that worked out.

  3. Hey Joe!

    Nice pics of the Davids…Did you happen to notice that the penlight or whatever David Nykl is holding looks like Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver? Thats the first thing that popped into my head, just wanted to check and make sure I’m not making insane connections. Not to say that’s a bad thing…

    And by the way that milkshake sounded fabulous, I’ve always been of the opinion that chocolate and peanut butter are the divine combination when it comes to sweets!

  4. Do you feel like you have reverted back to your childhood when you have a milk shake?

    When indulging in a Chocolate Swiss Mountain Malt (mmmmm) I feel as though I have to sit on my feet, hover over the top of the big glass and slurp away on the straw. No hands of course.

    Or is that just me?

    Have a good evening. Don’t forget to stretch tonight before going to bed. It’s the second day after a tough workout that has you pleading for someone to shoot you.

  5. Thanks for the lovely Zelenka pics! It’s always fun to see the two David’s together!

    And now I have a sudden desire to go out to the local ice cream place and get a milk shake.

  6. So when does Prodigal start shooting? I thought for some strange reason that was eps do to start shooting after you got back from hiatus.

    And Remnants looks intresting.

  7. Thank you for guilting me back into a workout schedule. Two weeks of exercise-free vacation and I’m feeling the difference. And I did more than one shake during that time, so I will have to wait awhile before rewarding myself for sticking to the regimen. The burgers sounded great. And someone linked me to Alex L.’s Sci Fi blog; loved what he said about you. Thanks for the really great pics, and while I’m eager to see production carry on, at least that lets those of us non Comic-Con attendees look forward to a nice mailbag. Here’s hoping the workouts get less terrible quickly.

  8. CHUCK! Aw, thanks Joe. You made my day with that pic.

    Will the vid tribute to Don S. Davis be available for viewing to those of us who aren’t going to Comic Con?

    Hope you aren’t in too much pain,


  9. Shouldn’t it be Alexie L.?

    Thanks for the photos! That thing looks like an Uber Naquada generator. That’s what it is, isn’t it? I knew it. I’m so good at this.

    And 100 is still untitled? Why is that? Is it SOOOOO AWESOME that any regular name would be an insult? I certainly hope so.

    It’s lovely to know ythat ou guys are going to pay tribute to Don S. Davis like that. I think by the end there won’t be a dry eye in the house. I wish I were there just to watch that. He was a great man indeed.

    Alright, back to marathon time!

    Affinity: Erica Durance is so freaking HOT. I have neither shame nor hesitation in saying that. Anyway, this episode seems to get some flack from people because…or…Pete? I don’t know. Either way, I found it much more enjoyable than the 1-star rating Gateworld gave it. I think it’s mostly to do with how awesome I’ve come to realize Teal’c and Chris Judge is over my marathon. He’s awesome. Awesome. So yeah, watching him beat up street punks was just great, and made me cheer for T-dawg. I also enjoyed watching him being a “fish out of water” in the real world. Those things are usually clichéd now, but watching an established character go through it after all these years is just plain fun. The training sessions were nicely shot, and the music was pretty good too during those parts. Meanwhile, I also enjoyed the Pete part of the episode-

    *Dodges chair being thrown*

    Ha, thought I didn’t know that was going to happen, did you? Well, I know better! Ahem. So anyways, I liked how Pete used his skills. With secondary love interests, you usually don’t get much more development than “oh he/she is hot, and he/she likes our main character, and our main character likes him/her back! Hooray!” And every time that love interest appears, the scene is basically spent on that particular romantic storyline. Not so here; the Sam/Pete scenes were mostly professional in nature, and it showed that the two had a good relationship even if they weren’t makin’ out like bunnies. I think this really could’ve worked. And I did think the kissing scene at the end was cute.

    *Get’s hit with flying potato*

    Ouch. Twice? With a flying potato? Well, that’s a new one. I gotta remember that for Threads. Of course, this Pete thing also gave rise to some hilarious and touching character moments in the episode involving our main characters; namely, the NoviceRomancer!Sam moment when she was ranting about love to Daniel and Teal’c while they thought they were talking about Krista and Teal’c; that scene was freaking hilarious and one of the few times where Amanda Tapping’s comedic talents were brought out to shine. On the touching side, we had that Sam/Jack scene, which I loved. So many things were said with facial expressions alone and unspoken…ness. It was just lovely.

    …What? Nothing? I complimented them for god’s sakes. Fine. The Trust stuff, our first inkling of what form they are in now, was pretty cool. I liked how…planned they all were. The snipers, for instance. They were definitely a plotting bunch.

    So overall, this was a pretty good episode. Gotta give T-dawg his props. Yo.

    Sacrifices: A solid episode, with one big flaw: I cannot stand Jaffa-speak for a whole episode. It just becomes tiresome how unnatural it is, and the performances on anyone but Chris Judge, Neal Denis, and Tony Amendola suffers as a result. The others are just not used to this. It’s then no surprise that the scenes involving those 3 actors and their characters are my favorite parts of the episode. For instance, I loved the scene where Bra’tac tries to be extra nice to Jack so they can have the wedding on the base (“O’Neill of Minnesota…”), as well as the touching sequence where Bra’tac counsels a training Rya’c who’s angsting over Teal’c’s disapproval of his wedding. It harkens back to their arc of whether Teal’c and Rya’c trusted in each other’s abilities and strengths. Wonderful. Of course, there were also hilarious stuff involving our other characters. I loved the O’Neill-Danny walk-and-talk at the beginning, including the patented “O’Neill walks away down the wrong hallway not paying attention”. I gotta say, having Danny just going on and on and on because that’s way he is when even a simple question is posed of him was a great way to get the exposition out of the way in a quick and hilarious fashion. Also, loved the Ping-Pong-of-hurt scene, especially how Jack “got one in” at the end. Anyway, there were many hilarious scenes in the episode, and they made the episode, but as I said, it did suffer from excessive Jaffa-ness. I don’t know…I don’t want to blame anyone, but it’s hard not to blame the actors, as their performances all came out so artificial and cheesy most of the time.

    How they got rid of Moloc was pretty damn cool though. Haha, doomed by a laser pointer. So overall, a solid episode. Could’ve used less Jaffa.

    Endgame: Another solid episode. I love it when plot threads are tied together and this is just what happens here, when the stuff from Affinity and Covenant is finally wrapped up and revealed. The Trust’s plan was an ingenious one, and yet another of those moral quandaries that I don’t think our heroes should’ve brushed off so easily. Obviously we don’t want to kill off the Jaffa like that, but the Trust are pragmatists and if they were allowed to complete their mission, then the Earth would pretty much be saved from any future Goa’uld attack. Does the end justify the means? It’s difficult to say in this case. It really is, all considering. The SGC side of things was pretty plot-heavy, as with many of these NID/Trust episodes. However, I usually enjoy those plots so I liked it here as well. As a result though, there weren’t many character moments, but there were still some; I loved the little banter between Jack and Daniel before the latter beamed up to Osiris’s ship (“just because I don’t have a better idea is no reason to do anything.” Hilarious). Oh, and Amanda is drop dead sexy in that leather number. On the Teal’c side, the thing I enjoyed the most was how epic it felt seeing a field of dead Jaffa. The music helped in that regard as well. So overall, another solid episode that entertained me fairly well.

    Underground: Ok, so I said that Poisoning the Well was basically Atlantis hitting its stride. Well, there’s bound to be a few bumps and this was it. Though it now lies on the bottom of my list of Atlantis episodes, it doesn’t mean it was particularly bad. It was just not as good as the others, and not by a big margin either. I don’t think I’ll ever find a Bane or Hathor of Stargate Atlantis, if you know what I mean (well…we’ll see what happens when we get to Irresponsible. No offense, Joe). Anyway, let’s actually talk about the episode. There wasn’t really anything really BAD about it; it’s just that there weren’t many great moments that I can latch onto. For the first part, it seemed like your average “team explores primitive people” plot, while the latter is the “team goes on an infiltration mission” plot. Added onto that is the fact that I knew the twist of the Genii so that wasn’t that impacting…well, not too much. It was still kind of cool. However, that isn’t to say there weren’t things I enjoyed. The thing I loved most is how “cool” you guys made Rodney. I can totally believe (and bow down to) the fact that Rodney made a nuclear bomb for his 6th grade science experiment. That is the MEANING of BADASS for gerds (geek-nerds) such as myself. From there it just gets better as he spouts off knowledge of nuclear power plants like it were an auction as he examined the Genii’s equipment. Another thing I liked is the hilarious fact that the mission to the Genii spiraled into horrible oblivion. As Weir said, they went there for food, and at the end that spiraled into a mission where they infiltrate a hive ship to gather intelligence on where to put a nuclear bomb. That’s just hilariously surreal. I also loved Sheppard’s trap at the end. Very cool, and very smart; a perfect setup for things to come. So yeah, a solid episode, though I find the rest of the season better (so far).

    Home: Well, I see that you and Paul Mullie wrote this episode (did you write it, or did Paul write it? Or did you write it together?), so congrats be to you, as this is the first episode I found more entertaining than both parts of the pilot! Even when I watched this for the first time, I loved this episode, and now that I know the twist…I still love it! It’s currently #1 on my list of Atlantis episodes I like from best to worse. There are just so many things I like about this episode, so I’ll go through them one at a time.

    At the heart of the episode is the character stuff. The excellent writing enabled the great actors to deliver a wonderful portrayal of these characters that we just got to know. First of all, seeing how the characters react to a way home was cool. McKay thinks he’s needed everywhere, while Ford just goes with the simple “I want to see my folks”, which is just sweet. Sheppard and Weir tease each other over whether they’d go, and Teyla’s eager to set foot on a world untouched by the Wraith. Things get even better when they get there. I loved McKay’s bachelor pad, complete with hilarious shirt, Twilight Zone episodes, and old chips. And a couch. And a hot neighbor. Weir’s reunion with Narimon was just so intimate and heart-felt. And of course, we got to see Sedge! It was so cute how Weir reacted to him. It’s a him, right? The character stuff extends across the episode, even after the obvious flaws of the reality begins to gnaw at our heroes. Seeing Teyla being so impressed by Earth’s “markets” was hilarious, and I wished we could see more of that, Teyla being on Earth I mean. Some of my favorite McKay lines are in this episode, namely “It’s like looking through a microscope at a cell culture and seeing a thousand dancing hamsters! It’s impossible!” and “This might as well say, “Bing tiddle tiddle bong.” It’s complete gibberish!” I laughed my ass off over those. Although I must say, David Hewlett’s sheer anger at being led astray after the Hamster remark, and smashing the ZPM actually scared me. I think this is the only time where McKay’s anger was supposed to be frightening as opposed to humorous. He was REALLY pissed here. Finally, we have Sheppard. Joe Flanigan did a masterful job portraying a man who’s obviously questioning his reality. The way he played around with that, saying things like “I bet there’s some beer in the fridge” and there being beer in the fridge, it was surreal. And at the end, it was just chilling how casually he revealed that his buddies were supposed to be dead. It got even scarier when he pulled out the gun, and started swigging his beer. Just…awesome.

    But enough about the characters. The writing was great too, and I don’t mean the character stuff. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the small hints that littered this episode that led to the eventual twist. The difference in clothing; the difference in attitudes; the difference in who actually went to Earth; the fact that Shep and Teyla never interacted with Weir and McKay, and how one group was supposed to be on Earth; the different situations playing out; Weir’s problem with Sirim’s kiss; and later on we had Shep obviously feeling the strangeness, and McKay’s physics problems. These were EXTREMELY well-laid hints and I applaud you guys for it. Really. It created a horrifying, creepy atmosphere. Adding to that is the directing, switching from one view to another with that swishing thing at the end of the episode. What I really found interesting here though is how, when 2 scenes conflict (i.e. the McKay scene where he tells Hammond of his ZPM plans, followed by a Weir scene where Hammond had no knowledge of the plan), the directing DOES NOT DWELL ON THE DIFFERENCE. And so, those not paying attention would just completely miss the hint. It’s just so subtle, some of these hints are, and that’s what makes them distressing, because you realize that they’re living in these imaginary realities where subtle differences are all over the place, and if they’re not careful, they’ll miss it. I loved that. Just…loved it so much. Of course, there were also differences that will completely skip you by if you don’t think about it. The obvious one is…why the hell is Hammond in command when it’s supposed to be Jack? The other one, which I just realized on this viewing, is how they can possibly use the Taonas ZPM when Jack gave it to Ba’al in Zero Hour? These were obviously hints to how this reality was fake, but that 2nd one…so subtle! LOVE IT.

    Then there is the music, namely the theme of the episode heard mostly near the end as the mist people explains to us everything. I loved that music so freaking much. It’s hard to describe, but it gave me a feeling of…infinite possibilities, of new discoveries, of new revelations, of the alien world they were on, and the alien concepts they were dealing with, that this was a much bigger place than what they were used to. See, I told you it was hard to explain. Whatever it means, it definitely achieved its effects. For the first time in a long time, the aliens seemed alien. Extremely alien. And again, I loved that. Of course, the VFX of the mist world helped too. It was just beautiful, the opening and ending shots. Mist as far as the eye can see; a star field above it, and the only structures poking out of the mist were the Stargate and a few stone pillars. Like I said, a truly alien world. It’s too bad we can’t go back.

    Finally, I gotta give props to Don S. Davis. He was brilliant in this episode. There is the Hammond feeling, particularly in his scene with Shep in the elevator, but there is just something amiss about him most of the time. Like he’s too serious, that the warmth he exudes is gone, which obviously fits with who he really is. Just wonderfully portrayed.

    So yeah, a gem of an episode. Loved it.

  10. Hi Joe,

    I have been faithful reader for quite some time. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to keep us fans up to date on our favorite show. You always manage to get a smile or a laugh out of me everyday. Love season 5 so far! Can’t wait until Friday! Really looking forward to Remnants.


  11. Ooh yes…Bring on the chocolate/peanut-butter shakes. Good stuff there. 🙂

    *chuckles* Oddly enough, I had some honey-mustard awesome wings from a local place here for supper tonight…

    COOL pics from the set.

    *alas* ComicCon would be so awesome but flight prices are a tad cost prohibitive… You should recruit Brad or somebody to click some pics for the blog. 😉

    Question/Curiosity of the Day: Re: Product Placement. Quite often I’ve noticed that the laptops Rodney ‘n crew employ are all Dell notebooks. Do you guys have some sort of contract with Dell to as a particular product placement deal?

  12. Onion rings, excellent choice. I love good onion rings. Milkshakes … yum, but I prefer chocolate malts. Don’t have them often, as consumption is literally painful, that amount of milk protein make my arthritis flare and I lose the ability to use my hands and feet effectively for a day and a half. I slip up now and then, but I pay heavily.

    Interesting device … that’s el-wire in there isn’t it? Lights up instead of reacting to light shining on it? Love the el-wire. Like miniature neon lights you can twist into any design; comes in many colors and diameters and there are all kinds of sequencers …. sorry, burner ramble.

    JojoB … A Mars Bar is a candy bar. Dip it in batter, deep fry it. I’ve not had the pleasure, but then I don’t need it, my arteries are clogging up thinking about it.

    Speaking of deep fried sweets and Vegas, down on Fremont Street you can get deep fried Twinkies or Oreos at the Mardi Gras Casino. MyLArry prefers the Oreos, says they taste like a deep fried chocolate donut. I suppose that’s a Good Thing if you enjoy fried chocolate donuts.

  13. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the sweeeeet pics of Davidx2. And Chuck as a bonus?! And Carlie and Robbie and Alexie too? Ahhhhh….where’s Joey?

    Question for RCC / Ark of Truth: Hi! My first question is from my hub, who had to ask why bring back the Replicators? For me, those critters will always be good creepy nemisii. BTW, he was more curious than denegrating.

    My second question is from me. When Teal’c is talking to Tomin in the Odyssey’s mess hall, Teal’c talks about not being able to forgive himself for the atrocities done in the name of Apophis, that Teal’c has to just try to do good for others. It’s a very dark take on his situation I hadn’t considered before seeing AoT. Was this concept always present in the writing of Teal’c during the series – that he carries a very, very heavy burden forever – or was it first really created/developed for AoT? It was a beyond brilliant scene by Chris and Tim.



  14. Ah! people with food, you have outdone yourself and such nice people! Love the pictures, everyone!! Those french fries, are they done in peanut oil, yummy.. David/David,Chuck, cameraguys,food eating guys, ok well “all the guys”,,,so easy on the eyes,(great) thanks for sharing…
    My favorite kind of milkshake, the kind you eat with a spoon, nice and thick. no calories though, Don’t really care for the workout that follows. Do they make that kind,,would make a lot of money if they did, and still have flavor.
    Enjoy the day!! 😉

  15. Nice, finally a meal I would like (not your burger choices, but a burger).

    Chuck is back! The Davids look like they are enjoying themselves. Now for Joe!

    I wish I could go to comic con. Didn’t know they existed until I got into reading all this stuff in Feb. maybe next year.

  16. How do they make repairs to the city when it is damaged? Do they use the do it yourself ancient repair kits or earth based materials?

  17. Joe,

    How does your work friends feel about the candid pictures of them on your blog? Not that I’m complaining about them. I enjoy reading your blog!

  18. Joe, I gain weight just reading your blog. 😛 If I ate like you – squats or no – I’d weigh a ton. I am soooooo jealous!

    So – mailbag tomorrow. Does that mean I have to go back over the last few days, find all my questions and re-ask them again here?


  19. Maggiemayday said, “JojoB … A Mars Bar is a candy bar. Dip it in batter, deep fry it. I’ve not had the pleasure, but then I don’t need it, my arteries are clogging up thinking about it. ”

    Thanks for the answer. I’ve heard of a Mars Bar (never had one), but I was wondering how they fried chocolate. Don’t think my cholesterol would benefit from something like that either.


  20. Yeah, I worked out this morning for the first time in at least a few weeks. Whenever I go this long without it, it always makes me feel even more out of shape that it’s gotten so hard.

    I wish the Stargate people were around on Sunday, as that’s the only day I’m going to Comic-con, but I didn’t see them on the schedule for that day, so I guess I’ll miss them.

  21. pg15 said:
    *Dodges chair being thrown*


    *Get’s hit with flying potato*

    sorry i had to do it, pg, but really, you ARE insane! 😛

    sally 😀

  22. Hey Joe!

    Great pics! Ahhhh! The Davids squared! I am doing the *happy dance of joy*. 😀

    And how weird. Usually I avoid red meat but for some reason I have a massive craving for a juicy burger and some very good onion rings. Also a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top would hit the spot.

    Darn it! Sometimes you are KILLLING me with your food descriptions! *sigh*

    Mailbag tomorrow, eh?

    Ok… Allie really wants to know a) when will Whispers air? and b) Will it be up there with Stephen King type suspence?

    Allie has decided King horror is her favorite type of book to read right now. And too think that her poor mom is STILL not old enough for that scary stuff!

    Allie would ask herself but she’s at science camp. Waaah! I miss her. Shhhh… don’t tell her. 😉

    Anxiously awaiting mailbag tomorrow!


    p.s. Naurelle, you and I need to be milkshake/malt drinking buddies. That sounds like waaaay too much fun to have alone! I would be quite happy to sit on my feet and drink my favorite milkshake without hands! 😆

  23. Re: Mailbag
    I don’t believe you. I defy your honest promise! Defy! Fie!

    Re: Rest of Entry
    Deep fried candy makes me think of the South (U.S.) Deep fried oreos, deep fried candy bars, deep fried…well, nothing’s sacred. God’s kicking himself now for marking “Thou shalt not deep fry that which was not made to deep fry” out of His first draft, me thinks.

  24. WOOT! pg15 has now officially surpassed me for longest post on JM’s blog! *does happy dance* 😉

    pg15 – I meant to tell you a week or so ago, when you posted about Poisoning the Well, that I totally agreed with you about Steve. Not to take away from any of James’ other performances, or those of other Wraith actors, but I consider Steve’s few moments on the screen the absolute best Wraith performance to date. Every action – every expression (love his pout!) – every movement – was pure perfection. Like you, I appreciated the feeding scene, and how he sized up his meal, and was a bit finicky at first, but still couldn’t resist taking a suck. I hate the episode (for obvious reasons) and can’t watch it in its entirety, but I do watch Steve’s scenes over and over, and it never gets old. The most amazing thing about what James was able to do is that he totally convinced me that Steve’s the prettiest flower in the bouquet, and he (Steve) knows it. As far as sci fi space aliens go, he’s the most beautiful creature in the universe in my eyes now…and a really hard act to follow.


  25. Another questions for RCC / Ark of Truth: At the end, is Adria destroyed by Morgan or do they go battle it out on a higher plane, like Oma and Anubis?


  26. Thanks for the teasing photos. The barnacles on the, what ever it is, are very intriguing.

  27. If I don’t say these things now I will NEVER say them. Soooo…. here goes:

    @das: I’m so glad your sis is helping out. Ironically my baby sis flies in TOMORROW! Even though she’s my baby sis by *cough*eleven*cough* years, she’s my rock. We are totally wild when we get together. We laugh so much it should be illegal. I’m very happy that you have the same relationship with your sis. 😀 It makes life much better.

    Also, I hate rouge winkies, too!!! I read that and laughed and laughed. And laughed and laughed some more. Poor Jeremy is playing his 360 (what else is knew?) and said, “Ok. What’s funny?” I had to say, “You won’t get it, sorry!” And that made me laugh. And now you see how totally insane I am. 😛 I’m glad I’m not the only one to be the victim of a rouge winkie. 👿

    @Naurelle: I swear the word perplexted is my favorite new word. Really. Why do you people live so far away from me??? Life is really not fair. Anyway… I need to tell you what happened to poor Allie last night. She was packing for camp and talking to both her dad (standing in her bedroom) AND her friends (on the computer, all boys). She was telling *all the guys* where she’d been at camp that day. “First we drove in the van. Then they took us to a sports bra.” 😳 At that precise moment, poor Allie was packing a sports bra into her overnight bag! The REAL irony of the story? She had been to a sports BAR! So you see, VERY close to what she’d MEANT to say. But for a 14 year old girl talking to ALL males, it was very embarrassing, indeed! Irony. Gotta love it!

    As her mother, I take no shame in admitting that when she told me the story I laughed until I cried. 😆 I’m so cruel, right? I thought you’d enjoy this story because it makes a typo here and there seem, well, almost better. 😉

    Okay, sharing is over!

    Trish 😀

  28. just quickly, Hi Joe.

    loved all the aussie quips from yesterday everyone, good to see the flag again.
    Seriously Joe you need to make it to Australia at some point in your life. Just look at how many of us are on here and would love to meet you.
    gotta run.

  29. I was wondering, do the mars bars need to be frozen before dredged, battered and dipped? And, who decides which lucky few go to comicon? Are there short straws involved? Names in a hat? Darts?


  30. Over the past several years we’ve seen little change in the naquadah generators, you’d think they’d have learned a thing or two about the subject since season 7 of sg1… is thii something we’ll hear anything about this season, even if it’s only incidentally?

  31. I’m a sucker for a good, crispy onion ring! Can’t stand the soggy limp ones you get once in a while (Blech). And milkshakes – who can refuse! Well, besides those who are lactose intolerant…

    Loved the photos of the David’s !! I’m a big fan of the double dose of sarcasm that flows between Radek and Rodney.

    And it was great to see Chuck thrown in there, too!

    As for waking up at 6am to exercise… The only time I hope I’m ever up at 6am is to fluff my pillow before going back to sleep again. Soooo not a morning person.


  32. Yaaaay, the Davids!! And Chuck, too! Thankee, Joe! 😀

    Is Zelenka using one of those lights they use to detect blood??

    @Mercie, re: the crystals — yeah, that’s what I had thought too, that it was Asgaardian, until I saw Rodney messing with them in Ancient tech, the mini-drone machine, in “Harmony”. Unless the Asgaard emigrated from Pegasus? …

    @PG15 ~ you’re welcome! Enjoyed today’s, too! 😀

  33. Deep fried Mars bars??? Pardon me while I use the porcelain telephone.

    I visited the Cadbury factory in Dunedin (NZ) some years ago and they produce a bar (Moro) which is very similar to a Mars bar, and the group visit coincided with the production of said Moro bars.

    The group I was in arrived at the Moro bar production line just as Moro bars were coming off the machine – all freshly coated in chocolate. We were invited to take and try one. YUCK!!!! it was still warm and sticky and really blechkk!!

    Off to the gym – it’s too cold outside to go for a walk and I am having problems getting my cat to wear a collar and lead 😉

  34. question for rob cooper.

    hi rob. i am 10 and have never posted before, but i like stargate alot and have ben watching it most of my life. i would like to ask will we ever see jonas ever return? i mean jonas quin not the jonas who almost maried sam. 🙂 i miss seeing his cheerful face in stargate and i think he is a very good charcter who should come back. it would be cool to see him in a sg-1 movie or the third tv show. he worked good with daniel and sam and he is very smart.

    thanks rob. please bring back jonas.

  35. Yay! Pics of the Davids! I adore those two together. Thanks for posting these pics. 🙂

    I have come to the conclusion that fried Mars bars are for other people who are not me. I can’t say it without gagging. The idea is just…too much.

    “I could just imagine what was running through Carl’s mind. This would never happen in the U.S.! ”

    Having worked in a food establishment that wouldn’t close during a tornado, I’m inclined to agree with Carl on that point. I’m still giggling over the fact that they closed up shop to go to a ballgame, though. That’s rock ‘n’ roll. 🙂

    ” Forty-five minutes of squats, lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, and laterals and I was feeling terrible. ”

    Wow. Reading that makes me feel terrible. It sounds like torture. Especially at 6AM. I prefer my exercise to be less hardcore (unless you count contact frisbee as exercise, but even then I don’t play it often enough).

  36. That workout thing, this is good. However, if it’s not followed by a dietary chaser, then you could be on the fast track nowhere….

    After that “meal”, two words, Big J : arterial plaque!

  37. Dear joe,

    Long time I havent logged a comment, hope you have been doing fine and all is well with you and your family. Just wondering about the pictures you snapped, what episode are they from. Also, do you know what back half of season 5 episodes will be heavy on space ships ans space fights.

    thanxs buddy

  38. Ha! When you started this post I thought you meant the cast and crew had left the filming, and I was like, “Oh, that couldn’t have been good…”
    I’m glad to hear that wasn’t the case and you were able to enjoy a decent meal instead. (Definitley a better option.)
    If I may, why hasn’t #20 been named yet? Is the story so complex you’re still considering the name, or is it you just don’t want to release it yet for drama?
    Also, I’m glad to hear mailbag is returning… I posted some questions on the July 21 post, and I was really hoping you might answer at least one or two.
    Here they are just in case:
    1. In “the seed”, as the new hive ship was growing, it obviously would have needed inhabitants; is it designed to convert its human host into a queen, and from there the queen would populate it?
    2. The ancient ship “tria” is still between galaxies, with its hyperdrive damaged; couldn’t earth just overhaul the engines with their own, even of asgard design, then make use of it through people with the ATA gene? It would probably be easier than having to build an entire ship of “daedalus” class, and might even be more powerful since it was entirely ancient design.
    3. The Wraith have hive ships and cruisers; the ancients had Aurora class battleships, but did they have a second type of ship like the wraith?
    4. How many Wraith cruisers belong to each hive on average?
    Thanks; and remember, don’t overworry about burning calories. (I’m sure you need all the energy you can get to deal with those crazy actors…)

  39. pg15, I’d throw something at you, but I think you’ve had to dodge enough. But what did you expect? There’s hundreds of us. One of us is bound to have a good throwing arm. Plus, Sally beat me to it, lol.

    But honestly, I don’t hate Pete. *swims to the bottom of the gutter and hopes breath can be held long enough for all objects to be gone* I don’t like him, but he had a purpose, imho. He helped Sam grow as a character. We hardly ever saw her outside of work, and it was a welcome change. It gave the viewer a chance to see her as a woman, as well as a soldier and scientist. That’s not to say I’m not glad he’s gone!!!

    By the way, how do you quote things others have said? Is it like GW, were you just type whatever into [][/], or is it something different?

    Speaking of milkshakes…I love going to Fredericksburg, VA. They make old fashioned milkshakes at this one store, and I LOVE them!!!! And they’ve got barrel pickles, but that’s another story…

  40. @ Trish – yeah, my sister and I are so crazy together! She’s about the only person who can get me laughing hysterically, so much so that I end up in tears. She’s my big sis by five years, so she also tends to try to mommy me a bit. Right now she’s tryng to convince me I have Asperger’s, just because of my current obsession with pale, eyebrowless things. Sheesh. What does she know? She bases this on the following: “[Aspergers] usually have a circumscribed area of interest which usually leaves no space for more age appropriate, common interests. Some examples are cars, trains, French Literature, door knobs, hinges, cappucino, meteorology, astronomy or history.”

    JUST because I’ve had interests in astronomy, Native Americans, bugs, Japan, mbube music, ships of sail, rugby, tractor-trailers, gypsies, fossils, cheetahs, snowflakes …

    Okay. yeah. I’m totally nuts. 😛 But in my defense, I’ve NEVER been obsessed with door knobs!! Never, I tell you – never, ever!

    Keys, on the other hand… 😛

    Anyway, my sister is quite opposite from me. Maybe that’s why we get along – no competition. I’m dark, she’s light. I like the cold, she likes the heat. I like the Wraith…she likes Ronon…

    Wait. Judging by that, we should be killing each other. heh.

    The Rogue Winkies. Sounds like a naughty British film, or something…

    I find that the rogue winkies come up when you put a period next to a parenthesis…I’m trying to learn to use the brackets instead, but I keep forgetting. Probably because my mind’s too preoccupied obsessing about bugs or gypsies or something… 🙄


  41. Thank you so much for the David H and David N pictures—-as well as CHUCK!

    You’ve given me a hankering for a milkshake now………

  42. Hi, Joe!

    Stargate Hits a Quad-Fecta on DVD Sales!

    From SciFi Wire:

    Top Ten SF&F DVD Sales

    Stargate Continuum
    Stargate SG-1 complete series
    Batman Begins (Blu-ray)
    Stargate Atlantis season four
    Heroes season two
    Eureka season two
    Iron Man (Blu-ray)
    Birds of Prey complete series
    Stargate: The Ark of Truth
    Batman Begins



  43. Thanks for all the pics – nice to see the Davids and Chuck.

    I’m celebrating because my students’ pcr experiments worked, although I have to fake some data for their restriction digests so they can write their lab reports.

  44. Trish – If you are ever in these parts be sure to drop by for some malty goodness. You can hang around for a cliché Aussie BBQ on our decking with some NZ wines.
    If there is one thing we know how to do around here, it’s cliché! We use the company’s projector to play DVD’s outside. I’m sensing some Stargate DVD’s may have to come out??

    If it makes Allie feel any better here are a couple of clangers I’ve been involved in of late:
    1. During a training class of all men, the opening page had my Title listed and when projected onto a nice biiiiiiiig screen I’d spelt it Conslutant.
    My lesson to type slower.

    2. Being on the receiving end of an awkward moment. In a meeting where I was the only female, the very nervous male presenter asked me if I would mind if he took his shirt off.. instead of asking to take his jacket off. I thought he was going to pass out when he’d realised what he’d said.

    It’s good you both can laugh it off. My parents taught me this at a young age by embarrassing me regularly…
    I’m still scarred by them recording me singing Dragon’s “Rain” when I was about 7 with a big set of headphones on.
    The horror. The horror!

    What about you Joe? Embarrassing moments of late?

  45. TrueRomantic wrote:

    By the way, how do you quote things others have said? Is it like GW, were you just type whatever into [][/], or is it something different?

    As it’s been a while since I’ve posted this — and I can’t seem to get to sleep — I am again including instructions for HTML coding:

    1. Remember to change square brackets [] to angle brackets >< when using these tags.

    2. To make bold text use [b]text[/b]

    3. To italicize text use [i]text[/i]

    4. To indent quoted material use [blockquote]text[/blockquote]

    5. To create a clickable link use [a href = “URL OF TARGET WEBSITE”]text you want clickable[/a]

    You can learn more about the basic tags at HTML Goodies: Basic HTML.

    The tags may be used in combination. Here is how I coded your comment at the top of this message:

    [b]TrueRomantic wrote:[/b]
    [blockquote][i]By the way, how do you quote things others have said? Is it like GW, were you just type whatever into [][/], or is it something different?[/i][/blockquote]

    Anne Teldy

  46. Hey Joe.

    Seeing as today was my last day in Victoria we all decided to goto a Chinese buffet. It was the best buffet I’ve ever had! Usually I get only 1 plate, maybe 2 at the most…but tonight I had 7 plates of food! Honestly, next time I’m in BC i’m definately going back there!

    I want to know what is the one thing you like the LEAST about the Stargate franchise?

    Thanks Joe!

  47. Narelle from Aus said …

    During a training class of all men, the opening page had my Title listed and when projected onto a nice biiiiiiiig screen I’d spelt it Conslutant.

    Okay, that officially trumps my Graphic Design teacher’s story in college, when she was enforcing the importance of proofing our work (a lesson I obviously didn’t learn very well). She told us that at an Art Insititute function, some bigwig there handed her a business card that read “Art Instititi” (as in sounds like “titty”). XD

    @Anne Teldy ~ get well soon! 🙁

    @ Das ~ if you ever come down here to visit your sister, you both need to hook up with us (Trish, Kimberly, and I). Specifically, come during the mid-season hiatus — you two can keep us entertained during the wait for the new season! XD … Seriously, though, I hope things are going well for you. 🙂

  48. Coucou joseph =) Sa va ?

    yééé! sayer je suis sur mon nouvelle ordinateur, j’ai encore un peu du mal a bien l’utiliser, mais sa viendra avec le temp^^!!

    Cool! Merci pour ces photos de tournages =)


    1)Quel est votre moment préféré de la journée?Pourquoi?
    2)Le casting est difinitivement terminer ou il réste des rôles à pourvoir?

    ps: “pourvoir” veux dire “donner”

    aller bisou!!!! bonne journée! je vous adore ♥

  49. Great job getting us some pictures, I do so love the McKay-Zelenka scenes, always fun! Those burgers look awesome and now you’ve made me hungry… or hungrier than I was. I hope you’ve been piling up questions from the last couple of days because there have been a lot and the people demand answers… *cough* mostly me *cough*

    I would of course love to see some more Chuck pics, maybe more Lorne as well, they may not be main characters but they’re loved just the same! I like people who keep their promises so I hope you won’t give me a reason not to like you 😛


  50. “When are we McKay whumpers gonna get some lovin? (besides The Shrine)


    An entire eppy dedicated to Rodney’s plight isn’t enough? The whole team around his bed as he’s dying (again) Like Tao where he gets to be all emotional and so does the team not enough?

    I don’t know…as a Rodney fan. I prefer this type of in depth stuff than the randomness everyone else gets.

    Quality over quanity.

  51. Hey Joe, that food looks great, although it reminds me of something Carter said to Jonas in Season 6’s Nightwalkers.
    I believe it’s to do with hardened arteries.

    I believe that exercise that you do makes up for it though, so no big harm done I hope!

    Oh yeah, there was a topic on GateWorld about Joe F. playing a Nintendo DS at the end of S&R, although my internet just got capped and I can’t load it right now.

    Do you know why Joe F. was playing a Nintendo DS, and more specifically, what he was playing? (You can always ask after filming perhaps.)

    Narelle, that must’ve been very embarrassing then. Good thing i’m probably not going to enter a business that wants Powerpoints/slideshows.

    Oh yeah Joe, one last question and a half: for some of the characters of SGA and SG1 (Namely Sheppard, O’Neill, Lorne), when they signed onto the Air Force, what did they initially sign up as? (Like did they first join as pilots, or something else?)

  52. Just a few days absent and so many things to catch up on. Thanks for all the great pictures. Wow, and a lot of guests.

    I’ve seen SGA 4 up to Travellers so far. Just terrific. 🙂

    The Seed – Woolsey: First, I’m not anti-Woolsey but neutral (just still sad about Weir). He has changed compared to his past appearance and seemed like a nice person with power to make decisions. But I’ve had the feeling the writing tried a little too hard to show him like that. For example, there were scenes in which Sheppard wasn’t acting as usual. He was more restrained. Reading the comments, that’s probably just my impression.

    Will there be scenes in Season 5 in which Woolsey and Sheppard have an (serious) argument about which way is the right one to act?

    It’s probably too late for the questions?:

    Robert C. Cooper:

    To compare the available shooting-time for Ark of Truth (under 2 hours) and a whole Season: Are you satisfied with the way the Ori-story ends? Have there been things in your mind you would have liked to tell but it wasn’t possible because of the limited time?

    What are the differences in writing a film story compared to an episode? Which one is more difficult?

  53. Your burger looks and sounds amazing, if a bit messy. Sort of wishing I had that kind of a burger joint where I’m at…though granted, one can get buffalo burgers at it. But otherwise it’s rather standard fare.

    Good to hear scripts are going well! And thanks for the pictures! Looks like a fun day on set. And wow, sure wish I was able to make it to Comic Con. Next year, maybe…

  54. Um Joe, Does your Doctor ever ask to do a cholesterol test? My cholesterol levels just rose reading about a deep fried Mars Bar.
    And thank you, I’ve finally got to see The Seed and I see the potential in Woolsey. (But I always did.)

  55. Hi again Mr M!

    So things are winding down as they all head off to Comic Con eh? Feels a bit like School’s out for Summer with all the head teachers gone!!!

    @PG15: As always I enjoy your reviews…Agree about SGA : HOME…. My fav part is the Shepperd line: “Looks like we’re having a p-a-r-t-y” *nodding his head*

    On a Comic Con type note, I shall be off-line for a week, as I have some serious appointments with Sand Castles and a beach with very small people…

    No major spoilers in my absence please!!


  56. GREAT pix thanks SO much!!!!! Since the invention of Lactaid & Java Chip, milkshakes have become way better. As a kid I had plain chocolate ones sitting at drugstore counters. Didn’t like malts! And always wondered why food was served in a pharmacy.

    JM: Who knows what the future holds? Well, hopefully we will sooner than later.
    I think we’ll have a fair idea by the end of August. Any word on Live + 3day DVR numbers yet?

    Awesome pix at MGM for Broken Ties, and on ATL’s blog he says I understand Ivon Bartok will be including the entire sword fight in a behind the scenes featurette that will be on the season 5 DVD’s. So that’s something to look forward to. […] In Joe’s opinion, it’s the little moments that really uncover character, and you’ll see a lot of those moments in Broken Ties. YES!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! Hope you get a chance to post some behind the story here, I love reading those.

    I would love to see the Don Davis tribute, hope someone sees fit to get it up on a website somewhere.

  57. @ wolfenm – That proposal sounds…

    dangerous. 😈

    “…you two can keep us entertained during the wait for the new season!”

    Stand-up comedy act – $120.00

    Song and dance routine – $185.00

    Five SGA fans getting together for a mega gushfest – Priceless.



  58. @das: Um… I’m worried. I have, on occassion, been obsessed with door knobs! 😮 Now that I think about it, it may explain a lot about me. Also, the rogue winkies (which does sound like a naughty British film!) can be avoided if you use an extra space with the paran. I try to remember that. I forget the brackets, too. Good luck! 😀

    As for my sister and I: we are opposites but very similar if that makes sense. I dress conservative, she is trendy. She has TONS of tats and a few body piercings, I have pierced ears and NO tats. We can finish each other’s sentances. I doubt she’d say I’m like a mom to her. We mutually exchange advice. She’s very strong-willed and would never let me boss her around. Even when she was 3. 😉

    Wolfie is right, you need to hook up with us when you are down in Florida! Tampa area. 🙂

    @Narelle: Firstly, I think I managed to spell not only “new” wrong (as knew… duh!) but I think I spelled your NAME wrong! 😳 I could lie and say I was *trying to make you feel better* but, well, the truth is way funnier. I’m just an idiot. Also, I would love a cliche Aussie time! BBQs are great! And if you are ever in Florida, I will make sure we do all the cliche Florida things! Such as:

    1) see an alligator
    2) go to Disney World
    3) swim in my mom’s pool
    4) watch a lightning storm

    All the tourists do that stuff. Including swimming in my mom’s pool. I think the AAA has her place rated as a 4 star or something? 😉

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your awkward/embarrassing moments with me! They made me laugh out loud for real!

    Plus, I think we must be related! 😀

    As for embarrassing stories, I actually have one that trumps all. I just can’t share it here. It’s JUST THAT BAD! 😳

    @Anne Teldy: Get better really quickly!

    Trish 😀

    [b] P.S. Yes Joe! Aside from the WTF dating moments, any embarrassing moments you would like to share? They don’t even have to be about you. Just things you have witnessed. [/b]

  59. Anne Teldy—-

    Thanks for the info on the quotes,I too was curious,wasn’t sure if word press was picky.
    — Joe have you ever tried frozen zero bars, I know a frozen candy bar, but it seems to get better with cold..

  60. Wow, I think my electrical engineering professors would have a heart attack if they had to deal with those atlantean wire system! or maybe I just would… I don’t understand wires… I prefer code, lol!

    When can we start posting questions for Mark Savela?

    I just saw the photos that GW posted for The Shrine, that has to be the coolest screencap I’ve seen yet! Whose idea was it to put the team in a situation where they’re have to be on top of the stargate? I already have that set to my desktop wallpaper 😀

  61. Wow! The burger you ordered sounds great and no one can never go wrong with onion rings!

    Great pics.

    Enjoyed the blog and have fun with the working out (urg!).


  62. Will any Wraith get named in season 5? I’ve read about Kenny, but I’m not sure whether he’ll be named outside of the script.

  63. Hi
    Cool pics. I’m back in school and will be taking a launguage soon, most likely French, since I had it in high school are you available for tutoring?

    I’m trying to teach my Quaker Parrot French, she has quite the vocabulary. She’s got the basics – “Thank you”, “Good Morning “, “Night Night, ” “I love you”, “You stink”, She speaks simple complete sentences too. So anything she speaks in Englsih, I’m trying to get her to say in French, I’m finding this is a slow process. She plays peek-a-boo too, how do you say peek-a-boo in French?

  64. Hi Joe,

    What’s your fave part of the shooting week? First day, last day, on location, when things go boom?

    Cheers, Chev

  65. Hey Joe!
    Just wondering, who’s idea was it to put a photo of Daniel in Sam and Jack’s “imaginary” wedding in Sam’s office in Atlantis?
    Because I’m just thinking, how can you have a picture from a wedding that never took place? ARE they really married?

  66. Another question for your full mailbag:

    Why is Sheppard always the one to save the day? It has annoyed me over the past seasons. Can’t he, just for one time, NOT save the day and be saved by someone else?

  67. Will Teyla’s new situation force the other team members to look at their own lives and ponder what else life can hold for them?

  68. @ Trish – My sis is over by Melbourne. I’ve only been there once – don’t fly (no wings, you see), and it’s a looooong drive from Joisey. If I get down, maybe we could hook up midway, or something.

    As far as sisters go – my sister is very fashionable, I hate clothes…and shopping for clothes. She likes to entertain and stuff, I like to be alone. She’s shy around strangers, and – oddly enough – I am NOT. I’m strong-willed (or, bull-headed, as they say), and she’s…hell, she’s bull-headed too! 😀 And yes, we do complete each other’s sentences – like we’re telepathic, or something…:P


  69. *I don’t understand the ratings system for TV programmes. What does the number – 1.35 (or whatever) actually mean?

    And what is a good score and what is a bad score?

    *I saw the second episode – does nobody put the lights out in Atlantis – it looks pretty glowing in the dark, but what a waste of ZPM power.

    *When Carson fell out of the freezer whould he not have just fallen forward instead of to the side?

    *In the 100th episode – is there any chance of Lulu (or Mars) doing a cameo as a sniffer dog of some kind. The dog could lead Colonel Sheppard to the suspect – or the mess hall.

  70. Wow Joe, first you spoil us with pics of both Davids and then you throw in a pic of fan fave Chuck too!

    *does happy dance* 😀

    Comic-Con sounds like it’s going to be so much fun – wish I was going. 🙁

  71. Jess
    Hey Joe!
    Just wondering, who’s idea was it to put a photo of Daniel in Sam and Jack’s “imaginary” wedding in Sam’s office in Atlantis?

    Could be that it was a Daniel + _________ wedding 😉

    That makes me think Joe; will we find out what Daniel has been up to,when he visits Atlantis in season 5?


    Hi Joe,
    I’ve been a Stargate fan for almost a decade now & discovered your blog about a month ago & enjoy it very much! Thanks for writing it 🙂

    I usually don’t comment, but I read this article (linked above) & wanted to share it with you. I think this research, at the University where I work, sounded like it could make for an interesting medical drama, should Atlantis go to a season 6 (which I hope & pray it does, of course!).

    Anyhow, thank you for the spoilers & pictures that we all crave.

    My best,

  73. Oh, & one other thing: my husband discovered some quite yummy chocolate treats that you may like. They’re Triple Chocolate Klondike Bars! The best part is, triple is an understatement because there are 5 different chocolate parts to it! There are 3 stripes of ice cream, with one each of milk, white, & dark chocolate, which are then covered with a layer of chocolate fudge, & then encased in the usual hard milk chocolate! They are wonderful, chocolate-y goodness. I think I’ll have to stop & get some more on my way home tonight 🙂

  74. Hi Rob, a couple of days ago when someone asked Joe if Sam and Jack are together now said you TPTB are split on this. What I want to know where do you stand on this as I have the impression (from the last 2 seasons) you tried to get Sam and Cam together?

  75. yum, hamburgers sound really tasty right now.

    I’m fairly sure I have something in my eye, which is rather irritating. That reminds of something you wrote in one of your entries a while ago about one of your eyes. Insulation, was it?

  76. Hey Joe, just wondering but why was Sheppard willing to shoot Keller in The Seed even though he knew the antidote thing worked on him?
    Oh, and is that how Wraith ships are normally grown, by use of a host? Better question, were the ships first introduced by the Wraith or did they ‘evolve’ by themselves?

  77. >b/bi/i<

    Every time Rodney gets whumped anymore he’s sick, laying in bed while everyone else is trying to save him. When he’s shot or something else, it’s played for laughs and he’s made fun of again (a la “Phantoms” or “Sateda”). Whenever Shep (or Ronan or Teyla for that matter) is whumped, he’s super brave and it doesn’t matter what happened to him, he’s back on his feet in minutes.

    I am looking forward to “The Shrine” just to see David’s performance, but just once I want to see McKay fight through some injury to be the hero. Or see McKay captured by himself and have to be brave without the support of others.

    Sorry, just my opinion.


  78. Love the pictures, Joe.

    I’m so glad that there is going to be a video tribute to Don. He was such a huge part of Stargate. He will be sorely missed.

    After reading Alex’s blog, am I correct in assuming that Martin, Michael, Amanda and Rick will no longer be on the “Continuum” panel, even though they are listed on the Comic Con site?


  79. Grrrr…I did something wrong on my last post, it was in response to Tracey saying:

    An entire eppy dedicated to Rodney’s plight isn’t enough? The whole team around his bed as he’s dying (again) Like Tao where he gets to be all emotional and so does the team not enough?

    I don’t know…as a Rodney fan. I prefer this type of in depth stuff than the randomness everyone else gets.

    Quality over quanity.

  80. Mailbag:

    @ majorsal: But that’s what makes me so likable. 😀

    @ das: Oh, I’ve posted longer before. 😉 And about Steve; I do believe that was the first time we got to really talk to a Wraith, so I can see how it would be impacting, though of course Steve was just cool in and of himself. My favorite’s still Todd though. 😛

    @ wolfenm: Thank you again! 😀

    @ TrueRomantic: Well, thank you for not throwing anything. Haha. I agree, Pete brought out a side of Sam that we rarely saw in the past, and that’s good. I did like Pete to an extent though, since he tried so hard and he reminds me of me and my dorkish ways. XD

    @ Shirt’n’Tie: Thank you! Yes, that was a great line too, and at that point you can still see Shep disbelieving everything around him. Joe F. was great playing that “double reality” stuff, trying to immerse himself in the reality while questioning it at the same time.

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