The headman's axe for #518
The headman's axe for #518
Production Designer James Robbins shows off the finished product.  I think the blade may still need a little work.
Production Designer James Robbins shows off the finished product. I think the blade may still need a little work.
On second thought, I like it just fine the way it is.
On second thought, I like it just fine the way it is.
A close shave
A close shave
Tamlyn says hi!
Tamlyn says hi!
Hey!  Look at what I got in the mail!
Hey! Look at what I got in the mail!

It looks like the next month or so is going to be very busy around here. Upcoming guests to this blog will include:

Artist/Illustrator/Designer John Picacio.

Stargate Atlantis Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela.

Author Lois McMaster Bujold.

Author Catherynne M. Valente.

Author Stephen Dobyns.

Stargate Atlantis Production Designer James Robbins.

Stargate Atlantis Director of Photography Jim Menard.

Writer-Producer Alan McCullough.

In addition to the aforementioned, Stargate Writer/Director/Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper has agreed to drop by later this week to discuss the very first Stargate:SG-1 feature: Ark of Truth. If you have any questions for Robert, start posting. I’ll gather them over the next two days, then send them his way on Wednesday.

I also exchanged emails with Mark “the Chairman” Dacascos who will be reprising his role as Tyre in this Friday’s episode of Stargate: Atlantis, Broken Ties. Mark too has kindly agreed to put in a guest appearance. I’ll start gathering questions for Mark this weekend and hopefully we can arrange for him to drop by next week.

Several more guests in the works. Ideally, if I can get one for every day of the week, I’ll never have to post my own entries again.


The first thing I did when I got in this morning was go over the changes I’d made to Remnants before handing it off to Alex. Given that the revisions impacted over half the script, the latest version went out as a full blue draft. Once that was done, the producers took a stroll down to the lot where we checked out the (and hilariously named) reefer truck that Marty G. will be using for Brain Storm. The guys from SPFX were on hand to offer demonstration of the “burst pipe” sequence. Chilly!

Actress Tamlyn Tomita (aka I.O.A. rep Shen Xiaoyi) stopped in to say hi today. She is, of course, in town to shoot her scenes for Remnants and seemed genuinely excited about her character’s role in the episode. After the preliminary script talk, we moved on to more pressing issues – namely, food. She highly recommended a cow cheese with black truffle called sottocenere that she enjoyed at one of Mario Batali’s restaurants in New York, then gave me the lowdown on a shop in Pasadena that makes these incredible seasonal peach dougnuts. I’m not a fruit and dessert guy but the description she gave did sound fantastic.

We finally got to read a first draft of Vegas, written (and soon to be directed and produced) by Rob Cooper. I told Rob that one of the great things about this show is that the series premise allows you to tell a wide variety of stories. Vegas is very different from anything we’ve ever done on Atlantis before. Different in a very good way. And I’m sure the fans will agree.

Remnants starts shooting tomorrow.  Time to recharge my camera batteries.

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It’s cool to hear that you have an interest in sharing so many different perspectives on your personal blog via guests.

A few questions about “Atlantis”…
1. In “the seed”, as the new hive ship was growing, it obviously would have needed inhabitants; is it designed to convert its human host into a queen, and from there the queen would populate it?
2. The ancient ship “tria” is still between galaxies, with its hyperdrive damaged; couldn’t earth just overhaul the engines with their own, even of asgard design, then make use of it through people with the ATA gene? It would probably be easier than having to build an entire ship of “daedalus” class, and might even be more powerful since it was entirely ancient design.
3. The Wraith have hive ships and cruisers; the ancients had Aurora class battleships, but did they have a second type of ship like the wraith?
4. How many Wraith cruisers belong to each hive on average?


Joe writes: “…she enjoyed at one of Mario Batali’s restaurants in New York, then gave me the lowdown on a shop in Pasadena that makes these incredible seasonal peach dougnuts. I’m not a fruit and dessert guy but the description she gave did sound fantastic.

Ok, now I’m excited because I know exactly the place Tamlyn is describing! I’m pretty sure it’s The Donut Man in Glendale outside of Pasadena! The peach donuts are heavenly…if you can get one before they’re all sold out! But hey, even if they are, the strawberry one’s aren’t bad either!

Oh, and from an earlier posting Beverly responded to me by saying, Now, I might be oversensitive, but the word “ignorant” is rather harsh, don’t you think?

Sorry! I certainly didn’t mean to imply anything past a lack of knowledge or being unaware! I should have worded it differently. But Jewel did let a few things slip…


Oops! My mistake! I meant to say Glendora, not Glendale! If you get the chance Joe, try one! I’m not a donut fiend either but the moment you see them you start to devour them with your eyes anyway…so why not go all the way?


After finally getting around to reading yesterday’s blog, I must say…Alan M is quite a handsome fella. smile


What’s the brand of sneakers that most of the people wear on Atlantis? I want a pair.


MOP rules! Niiiiiiiiiiiice penguin Joe!

Resistance is…well, you know.



Had to come out of lurkdom to comment….

Love the Penguin, Joe smile

A Honshuu
A Honshuu

Do the questions for Mark D. *have* to relate only to SGA? … or can we toss in an extra not related to the show?

And I just wanted to let you know that my sisters & I are chomping at the bit over the “Vegas” ep, what with all the tantalizing tidbits you keep feeding us readers — especially the “Vegas is very different from anything we’ve ever done on Atlantis before.” comment. I think I’m probably one of the most rabid believers in “different is good” out here!

Hope the rest of your week goes well…


Hi Joe~~
Just wanted to let you know that last week’s episode was really good. Woolsey really surprised me…I was going into it not liking….mmm…can’t wait to see this week’s show…

Linda Gagne
Linda Gagne

Wow, I can’t wait, yeah remnants! Although I only tease myself by reading your blog. I am now quite certain though that if I hung out and ate meals with you, I wouldn’t have to worry about gaining weight. Where does everyone get their appetite for some of the food mentioned here. Don’t get me wrong, I somewhat envy your palate. Mine is boring. On a plus side, I am with you on the chocolate though (except for the really wierd flavors you mention). Oh to be daring.

We would miss your wit if you always had guests for your blog. Oh and the passionate comments from your readers. Sorry, I was one of them yesterday. Couldn’t help myself, it is all good though. Takes the meaning of extreme fan base to another level.

Thanks for your dedication to us!


Well, Avatar’s done. Now I can focus all my energy back to Stargate again.

But man, what a series finale that was. It just blew my mind. I think I can honestly say that that was the greatest piece of entertainment I have ever seen. And yeah, that includes Stargate. Sorry Joe, but it’s THAT good.


Thank you for all your hardwork getting those guest-bloggers! But don’t forget one thing, Joe. This blog started with just you, and we’ve stuck to it because you’ve constantly entertained us with your entries. A few guest bloggers are nice and all, but we (or at least I) still hope to see you blogging most of the time.

Oh, and thanks for the spoiler poem answer!

Narelle from Aus

When did Gateworld stage a coup and take over Joe’s blog?

I started reading comments from the last few days and was a bit perplexted. Did a double check of the URL, yep, definitely says at the top.

Then started noticing a lot of the regulars missing.
Hmmm, so what could the answer be?

Ok, who has him hostage? And what have you done with the normal people?!

Narelle from Aus

I may have also been perplexed…


I’m not a fruit and desert person either, but a place that would experiment with donuts might be worth checking out. She didn’t happen to give you a name, did she?

Trish (aka whovian)

@Narelle: I’ve been perplexted AND perplexed myself! Guess what my new favorite word is now? razz

Don’t ya just love wordpress and it’s inability to let you spell check?

Oh I know! Perplexted is what happens when your 14 year old daughter sends you a phone text in teenager code and you can’t understand it’s meaning! lol

Okay… I’m done teasing you about it. It’s just that I’ve made so many typos recently and you are so very wise, funny and cool. It makes me feel like I’m in great company.

I hope this hasn’t perplexted you. wink

Yes, one last one! I couldn’t resist! And you better believe I’ve checked my message a PLETHORA of times. grin

Narelle, thank you for making me laugh! I need it.

Trish grin

P.S. Oh right! This is Joe’s blog! Um, great news about all the guest speakers (writers?)! But do understand if you have someone else writing your blog every day, not only will the title become incorrect, but I might suffer massive Joe withdrawl! I think all the regulars are with me on this one. smile

Michele Blue

Hey Joe,
very cool weapon. wow, very close shave!

I have my 9 year old daughter sitting here with me, she wants to tell you, “[The Seed] was a really cool episode…and i really liked it!” (she is too shy to say that she liked McKay the best.)

Also, Tamlyn stopping by to say hello is a nice treat! She is amazing on Stargate/Atlantis, and she was also wonderful on Eureka! It will be great to have her back on the show in the future.

i’m very new to chatting it up with other Stargate/Atlantis fans (i keep my fandom to myself normally), what’s with the penguin? Inside joke of sorts or is that just a random thing?

i second that comment made by ChevronSeven about Alan M. wink

Vegas? Wow, an ep with that title, i can’t wait to see that!

I’m not a big question kind of person, i hope that is ok. I’d rather just sit back and enjoy the show! I’ll leave the questions for the fans who probably know what they are talking about.

thanks again for a wonderful show and keeping up with everyone on your blog.

Michele Blue


Hiya Joe! I’ve been thrilled with the first 2 eps of SGA so far. As a Shep whumper, I’ve been particularly happy. I hope that bodes well for the rest of the season.

Questions for you: In Search and Rescue, Teyla names her son Torren after her father. Is Tagan (from Rising) her mother? Will we learn anything about our team’s moms?

Who was in charge of Atlantis when Sam left? She thought she was coming back, Rodney didn’t know she was leaving and Sheppard was on his way to surgery. Did she leave Lorne in charge?

I really enjoyed the nods to the past in The Seed – mentions of Conversion, Carter, Weir, The Kindred, etc. That really adds to the ep.

Question for Robert Cooper: In Ark of Truth, the priors are exposed to the truth and suddenly Morgan Le Fey is able to fight Adria. My assumption is Adria was weakened because of the priors’ exposure. My question is why? Just because the priors stopped worshiping, did the humans stop? What made that happen? I thought the Ori needed human worship for their power. If a pastor falls from his faith, that doesn’t stop the people in his congregation from believing. Why would it work in this instance?


oh wow! I look forward to these guest entries grin


Oh wow, reefer truck, burst pipe, that can’t be good, I mean warm, uh,..
I am reading Ms Valentes book, wow,hard to put down, couldn’t find Cordelias Honor, so will have to sit that discussion out, will continue to look, sounds like a good read.
And if you sharpen that blade a bit, it just might cut up a few chocolate bars..

Narelle said:
Ok, who has him hostage? And what have you done with the normal people?!
–what exactly constitues normal,,LOL!! and He was here just a minute ago, maybe went to get some more wonderful chocolate!


Hi Joe,

That axe looks kinda lethal.
Awww cute little penguin!
Have you tried chilli chocolate?
Are the human replicators gonna make an appearance in season 5?
Have any authors inspired you over the years for your writing?

Take care & happiness always!



I was wondering how the expedition makes repairs to Atlantis when all those explosions and other mishaps creates those gapping holes in Atlantis? Do they use drywall or are they spare ancient wall repair kits lying around the city?


Nice job with the delegating!

Emma’s stem cell transplant is tomorrow. Being a helpful aunt, I sent her Atlantis DVDs (I know, she’s too young, but her uncle will appreciate them when he’s babysitting) and some police badge stickers. I’m told she loved the stickers, and promptly plastered them all over herself…and the furniture. I told her mom I’ll send more right away.


Questions for Robert Cooper:

Regarding the scene where Mitchell fought to his “almost” death:

(1) Was this scene purposely longer than a usual “whumping” scene in order to make the viewer cringe a lot? (If so, it worked with me!)
(2) Was the scene originally longer and edited down to what we saw?
(3) Has anyone else told you that halfway through that scene they yelled at their TV, “Make it stop! Make it stop!!” (I’m not saying *I* did! Or, at least there is no proof I did!)

Also, what was your favorite scene in the Ark of Truth?


hey just wanted to say the seed was creepy and woolsey wasn’t horrable.

I wanted to submit a question for Robert C. Cooper for the Ark of Truth Blog that he is going to do.

What did the Cast think of the Script when the first read it?


The Donut Shop in Glendora is:

Donut Man
(626) 335-9111
915 E Route 66, Glendora, CA 91740