The headman's axe for #518
The headman's axe for #518
Production Designer James Robbins shows off the finished product.  I think the blade may still need a little work.
Production Designer James Robbins shows off the finished product. I think the blade may still need a little work.
On second thought, I like it just fine the way it is.
On second thought, I like it just fine the way it is.
A close shave
A close shave
Tamlyn says hi!
Tamlyn says hi!
Hey!  Look at what I got in the mail!
Hey! Look at what I got in the mail!

It looks like the next month or so is going to be very busy around here. Upcoming guests to this blog will include:

Artist/Illustrator/Designer John Picacio.

Stargate Atlantis Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Savela.

Author Lois McMaster Bujold.

Author Catherynne M. Valente.

Author Stephen Dobyns.

Stargate Atlantis Production Designer James Robbins.

Stargate Atlantis Director of Photography Jim Menard.

Writer-Producer Alan McCullough.

In addition to the aforementioned, Stargate Writer/Director/Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper has agreed to drop by later this week to discuss the very first Stargate:SG-1 feature: Ark of Truth. If you have any questions for Robert, start posting. I’ll gather them over the next two days, then send them his way on Wednesday.

I also exchanged emails with Mark “the Chairman” Dacascos who will be reprising his role as Tyre in this Friday’s episode of Stargate: Atlantis, Broken Ties. Mark too has kindly agreed to put in a guest appearance. I’ll start gathering questions for Mark this weekend and hopefully we can arrange for him to drop by next week.

Several more guests in the works. Ideally, if I can get one for every day of the week, I’ll never have to post my own entries again.


The first thing I did when I got in this morning was go over the changes I’d made to Remnants before handing it off to Alex. Given that the revisions impacted over half the script, the latest version went out as a full blue draft. Once that was done, the producers took a stroll down to the lot where we checked out the (and hilariously named) reefer truck that Marty G. will be using for Brain Storm. The guys from SPFX were on hand to offer demonstration of the “burst pipe” sequence. Chilly!

Actress Tamlyn Tomita (aka I.O.A. rep Shen Xiaoyi) stopped in to say hi today. She is, of course, in town to shoot her scenes for Remnants and seemed genuinely excited about her character’s role in the episode. After the preliminary script talk, we moved on to more pressing issues – namely, food. She highly recommended a cow cheese with black truffle called sottocenere that she enjoyed at one of Mario Batali’s restaurants in New York, then gave me the lowdown on a shop in Pasadena that makes these incredible seasonal peach dougnuts. I’m not a fruit and dessert guy but the description she gave did sound fantastic.

We finally got to read a first draft of Vegas, written (and soon to be directed and produced) by Rob Cooper. I told Rob that one of the great things about this show is that the series premise allows you to tell a wide variety of stories. Vegas is very different from anything we’ve ever done on Atlantis before. Different in a very good way. And I’m sure the fans will agree.

Remnants starts shooting tomorrow.  Time to recharge my camera batteries.

92 thoughts on “July 21, 2008: Special guest bloggers and office happenings

  1. It’s cool to hear that you have an interest in sharing so many different perspectives on your personal blog via guests.

    A few questions about “Atlantis”…
    1. In “the seed”, as the new hive ship was growing, it obviously would have needed inhabitants; is it designed to convert its human host into a queen, and from there the queen would populate it?
    2. The ancient ship “tria” is still between galaxies, with its hyperdrive damaged; couldn’t earth just overhaul the engines with their own, even of asgard design, then make use of it through people with the ATA gene? It would probably be easier than having to build an entire ship of “daedalus” class, and might even be more powerful since it was entirely ancient design.
    3. The Wraith have hive ships and cruisers; the ancients had Aurora class battleships, but did they have a second type of ship like the wraith?
    4. How many Wraith cruisers belong to each hive on average?

  2. Joe writes: “…she enjoyed at one of Mario Batali’s restaurants in New York, then gave me the lowdown on a shop in Pasadena that makes these incredible seasonal peach dougnuts. I’m not a fruit and dessert guy but the description she gave did sound fantastic.

    Ok, now I’m excited because I know exactly the place Tamlyn is describing! I’m pretty sure it’s The Donut Man in Glendale outside of Pasadena! The peach donuts are heavenly…if you can get one before they’re all sold out! But hey, even if they are, the strawberry one’s aren’t bad either!

    Oh, and from an earlier posting Beverly responded to me by saying, Now, I might be oversensitive, but the word “ignorant” is rather harsh, don’t you think?

    Sorry! I certainly didn’t mean to imply anything past a lack of knowledge or being unaware! I should have worded it differently. But Jewel did let a few things slip…

  3. Oops! My mistake! I meant to say Glendora, not Glendale! If you get the chance Joe, try one! I’m not a donut fiend either but the moment you see them you start to devour them with your eyes anyway…so why not go all the way?

  4. After finally getting around to reading yesterday’s blog, I must say…Alan M is quite a handsome fella. 🙂

  5. Do the questions for Mark D. *have* to relate only to SGA? … or can we toss in an extra not related to the show?

    And I just wanted to let you know that my sisters & I are chomping at the bit over the “Vegas” ep, what with all the tantalizing tidbits you keep feeding us readers — especially the “Vegas is very different from anything we’ve ever done on Atlantis before.” comment. I think I’m probably one of the most rabid believers in “different is good” out here!

    Hope the rest of your week goes well…

  6. Hi Joe~~
    Just wanted to let you know that last week’s episode was really good. Woolsey really surprised me…I was going into it not liking….mmm…can’t wait to see this week’s show…

  7. Wow, I can’t wait, yeah remnants! Although I only tease myself by reading your blog. I am now quite certain though that if I hung out and ate meals with you, I wouldn’t have to worry about gaining weight. Where does everyone get their appetite for some of the food mentioned here. Don’t get me wrong, I somewhat envy your palate. Mine is boring. On a plus side, I am with you on the chocolate though (except for the really wierd flavors you mention). Oh to be daring.

    We would miss your wit if you always had guests for your blog. Oh and the passionate comments from your readers. Sorry, I was one of them yesterday. Couldn’t help myself, it is all good though. Takes the meaning of extreme fan base to another level.

    Thanks for your dedication to us!

  8. Well, Avatar’s done. Now I can focus all my energy back to Stargate again.

    But man, what a series finale that was. It just blew my mind. I think I can honestly say that that was the greatest piece of entertainment I have ever seen. And yeah, that includes Stargate. Sorry Joe, but it’s THAT good.


    Thank you for all your hardwork getting those guest-bloggers! But don’t forget one thing, Joe. This blog started with just you, and we’ve stuck to it because you’ve constantly entertained us with your entries. A few guest bloggers are nice and all, but we (or at least I) still hope to see you blogging most of the time.

    Oh, and thanks for the spoiler poem answer!

  9. When did Gateworld stage a coup and take over Joe’s blog?

    I started reading comments from the last few days and was a bit perplexted. Did a double check of the URL, yep, definitely says at the top.

    Then started noticing a lot of the regulars missing.
    Hmmm, so what could the answer be?

    Ok, who has him hostage? And what have you done with the normal people?!

  10. I’m not a fruit and desert person either, but a place that would experiment with donuts might be worth checking out. She didn’t happen to give you a name, did she?

  11. @Narelle: I’ve been perplexted AND perplexed myself! Guess what my new favorite word is now? 😛

    Don’t ya just love wordpress and it’s inability to let you spell check?

    Oh I know! Perplexted is what happens when your 14 year old daughter sends you a phone text in teenager code and you can’t understand it’s meaning! 😆

    Okay… I’m done teasing you about it. It’s just that I’ve made so many typos recently and you are so very wise, funny and cool. It makes me feel like I’m in great company.

    I hope this hasn’t perplexted you. 😉

    Yes, one last one! I couldn’t resist! And you better believe I’ve checked my message a PLETHORA of times. 😀

    Narelle, thank you for making me laugh! I need it.

    Trish 😀

    P.S. Oh right! This is Joe’s blog! Um, great news about all the guest speakers (writers?)! But do understand if you have someone else writing your blog every day, not only will the title become incorrect, but I might suffer massive Joe withdrawl! I think all the regulars are with me on this one. 🙂

  12. Hey Joe,
    very cool weapon. wow, very close shave!

    I have my 9 year old daughter sitting here with me, she wants to tell you, “[The Seed] was a really cool episode…and i really liked it!” (she is too shy to say that she liked McKay the best.)

    Also, Tamlyn stopping by to say hello is a nice treat! She is amazing on Stargate/Atlantis, and she was also wonderful on Eureka! It will be great to have her back on the show in the future.

    i’m very new to chatting it up with other Stargate/Atlantis fans (i keep my fandom to myself normally), what’s with the penguin? Inside joke of sorts or is that just a random thing?

    i second that comment made by ChevronSeven about Alan M. 😉

    Vegas? Wow, an ep with that title, i can’t wait to see that!

    I’m not a big question kind of person, i hope that is ok. I’d rather just sit back and enjoy the show! I’ll leave the questions for the fans who probably know what they are talking about.

    thanks again for a wonderful show and keeping up with everyone on your blog.

    Michele Blue

  13. Hiya Joe! I’ve been thrilled with the first 2 eps of SGA so far. As a Shep whumper, I’ve been particularly happy. I hope that bodes well for the rest of the season.

    Questions for you: In Search and Rescue, Teyla names her son Torren after her father. Is Tagan (from Rising) her mother? Will we learn anything about our team’s moms?

    Who was in charge of Atlantis when Sam left? She thought she was coming back, Rodney didn’t know she was leaving and Sheppard was on his way to surgery. Did she leave Lorne in charge?

    I really enjoyed the nods to the past in The Seed – mentions of Conversion, Carter, Weir, The Kindred, etc. That really adds to the ep.

    Question for Robert Cooper: In Ark of Truth, the priors are exposed to the truth and suddenly Morgan Le Fey is able to fight Adria. My assumption is Adria was weakened because of the priors’ exposure. My question is why? Just because the priors stopped worshiping, did the humans stop? What made that happen? I thought the Ori needed human worship for their power. If a pastor falls from his faith, that doesn’t stop the people in his congregation from believing. Why would it work in this instance?

  14. Oh wow, reefer truck, burst pipe, that can’t be good, I mean warm, uh,..
    I am reading Ms Valentes book, wow,hard to put down, couldn’t find Cordelias Honor, so will have to sit that discussion out, will continue to look, sounds like a good read.
    And if you sharpen that blade a bit, it just might cut up a few chocolate bars..

    Narelle said:
    Ok, who has him hostage? And what have you done with the normal people?!
    –what exactly constitues normal,,LOL!! and He was here just a minute ago, maybe went to get some more wonderful chocolate!

  15. Hi Joe,

    That axe looks kinda lethal.
    Awww cute little penguin!
    Have you tried chilli chocolate?
    Are the human replicators gonna make an appearance in season 5?
    Have any authors inspired you over the years for your writing?

    Take care & happiness always!


  16. I was wondering how the expedition makes repairs to Atlantis when all those explosions and other mishaps creates those gapping holes in Atlantis? Do they use drywall or are they spare ancient wall repair kits lying around the city?

  17. Nice job with the delegating!

    Emma’s stem cell transplant is tomorrow. Being a helpful aunt, I sent her Atlantis DVDs (I know, she’s too young, but her uncle will appreciate them when he’s babysitting) and some police badge stickers. I’m told she loved the stickers, and promptly plastered them all over herself…and the furniture. I told her mom I’ll send more right away.

  18. Questions for Robert Cooper:

    Regarding the scene where Mitchell fought to his “almost” death:

    (1) Was this scene purposely longer than a usual “whumping” scene in order to make the viewer cringe a lot? (If so, it worked with me!)
    (2) Was the scene originally longer and edited down to what we saw?
    (3) Has anyone else told you that halfway through that scene they yelled at their TV, “Make it stop! Make it stop!!” (I’m not saying *I* did! Or, at least there is no proof I did!)

    Also, what was your favorite scene in the Ark of Truth?

  19. hey just wanted to say the seed was creepy and woolsey wasn’t horrable.

    I wanted to submit a question for Robert C. Cooper for the Ark of Truth Blog that he is going to do.

    What did the Cast think of the Script when the first read it?

  20. Thanks for the opportunity, Joe!

    Questions for Mr. Cooper re: Ark of Truth:

    1. One of the best things about this movie (and S10) was the development of Tomin’s character. Did you have this arc in mind from “Crusade” or was it something that developed over the course of figuring out the stories?

    2. Are we to assume Adria & Morgan are in the same limbo as Oma & Anubis? Or was the battle a bit more favorable to Ganos this time around?

    3. Was the Replicator storyline a Season 11 episode idea? It seemed…disconnected from the rest of the storyline of wrapping up the Ori/Ancient saga.

    4. General question: What is your favorite story arc/secondary character/type of tale to write?

    Questions/comments for *you* Mr. Mallozzi:

    I recently rewatched…um, I forget the title, but the S4 ep where Ronon meets up with his Satedan buddies. (If this is covered in the dvds, forgive me, I haven’t listened to the commentaries). In watching, I suddenly realized why the one man looked so familiar, it’s the Chairman! I can’t watch Iron Chef America the same way since. Foodie that you are, did you ever discuss that particular gig of his during the two times he’s guested on SGA?

    Enjoyed the development of Woolsey in the Seed (have loved Picardo since “China Beach”).

    Nit to pick with you on the Seed (stop rolling your eyes! heh)….Woolsey arrived on “Daedalus” after a “three week journey” from Earth to Atlantis. And Sheppard said they’d been back from the planet a month. But “Daedalus” was already in the Pegasus Galaxy a month ago because they helped with Search and Rescue. So…how’d it get back to Earth in less than three weeks to get Woolsey? I know, silly little trivial continuity detail. We pick up on these you know. It’s a blessing…and a curse. 😉

    Have a lovely week!

  21. It’s an exciting lineup you’re offering us on guest bloggers, but hopefully you’ll grant us a night or two each week of just you. After all, we have to be respectful of the guests, while we can treat you like family, i.e. with rudeness….(just a joke folks) I’m a bit behind on getting the BotM club selections read, though I’ve already read Bujold’s works. And have a few days off yet, so I can try to come up with some questions that won’t make me appear as stupid as I really am. Love the pics, though in regards to the axe, how about a little discoloration of the leather? The blade looks great, but the handle looks a bit new. And oh, I love the fact you’re teasing us with those pics, as well as SGA Vegas. Many thanks for all the time and consideration you give us here; we owe you (debt collectable on the fifth Tuesday of each month that has a blue moon).

  22. Aw! That penguin is adorable.

    Did you know that great white sharks don’t eat penguins? It’s true. I’m a fountain of knowledge never seen on Jeopardy.

    Good to hear that Remnants and Vegas are coming along.

    And I’d totally go for a peach donut. Especially if they used fresh peaches. Oh, I’m beyond full right now, but I still want one.

  23. Oooh Remnants starts tomorrow? That’s lovely!

    And uh… are you still not putting up pics of JoeF? You could just sneak a few here and there, you know? 😉

    Okay, so if you could describe this season in three words, what would they be?

  24. I have a question, I don’t recall the replicators ever using drones, is there a reason for this?

  25. Hey Joe!

    The penguin is downright adorable, although I prefer puffins myself! I’m going to have to scrounge around in my scattered brain to get some questions together for Rob Cooper!

    @pg15–Hooray! You’re back to Stargate marathon! I’ve missed your reviews, although, from what I’ve seen of Avatar, I understand the distraction! Looking forward to hearing more wonderful reviews of great episodes (and you’re always nice, even to the not so greats)!

    Must be off to finish up planning the horseback riding trip I’m taking for my birthday!


  26. Well camping has been a riot, and so has summer vacation, but sometimes you gotta get back to reality – and SGA!

    I know the comments have already come down in previous entries, but I had to add my two (or two point five with inflation) cents … I’m loving season 5! And yeah, there’s only 2 shows into it but… I just watched The Seed for the second time today (yay for time-skipping and DVR’s) and the episode was awesome! I loved the interaction between the characters, and Woolsey was wicked cool. His whole admission at the end really brought him to life. And poor Shep. 🙂 Just get’s himself healed and he’s right back in the infirmary. Is this going to be another underlying theme? Shep in the infirmary in each episode?

    I did want to ask (not sure if it’s been brought up too much recently) is Kavan going to be in many episodes this season? I really like Lorne’s character and would love to see more of him.


  27. Joe, I always like to think you have a plan for the twists and turns you do, but what is up with super healing Shep. How do you go from near death by having a building dropped on you,and being gutted by a plant to looking like there,s nothing wrong. Wraith retrovirus, nanites, whats it going to be.

  28. Hey Joe.

    I wanted to know…what is your favourite part about the Stargate franchise?

    Thanks Joe.

  29. Ok, who has him hostage? And what have you done with the normal people?!

    Sadly, all the “good” Jack/Sam news has brought the shippers out of the woodwork. Just when I’d thought they’d finally given up on “getting what’s owed them for 10 years of loyalty” too! I guess my 10 years of anti-ship loyalty isn’t worth anything. Whaaaaaa. 😉

    While I’m in a snotty mood, one question for Rob Cooper:

    Do you see any danger in being producer, writer, and director on an episode or movie? That is, might there be a lack of checks and balances on your creative decisions? For example, did anyone try to tell you you were nuts for reintroducing old-fashioned Replicators in AoT, or did they just salute and press on? It must take a large pair of ’em to do all 3 jobs with the future of the franchise hanging on your decisions. Thank heavens it turned out well and made someone a boatload of cash. 🙂

  30. ark of truth questions for stargate writer/director/executive producer robert c. cooper:

    1. how much of an effort was made to work in o’neill or hammond? or did you decide to save them for continuum?

    2. was the story any different in the movie than it would’ve been for an 11th season?

    3. regarding teal’c vs. tomin as to who did more to feel guilty about, i.e. who caused more pain, suffering and death, some say teal’c did worse things than tomin. what’s your opinion?

    4. were the replicators always going to be included? if there would’ve been an 11th season, would they have made an appearance? in the same way?

  31. Joe,

    Thanks for posting the penguin’s pic. This adorable little fella was sent by me and more are on the way as part of a friendly campaign by the Sam and Jack Shippers. BTW, a letter explaining the significance of our penguins and cards was to precede this fella. Oh, Brad and Robert are also to be recipients of penguins in this our enthusiastic, playful, and genuine request for CONFIRMATION.

    Regards, Christine

  32. Yay, I can ask questions about Ark of Truth! Oh. Wait, wait for it .. yep, I’ve gone completely blank. I am certain I will wake up in the middle of the night with a great question come Thursday.

    Ramble: Reefer truck … hubby drove one of those before he started his skateboard gig. See how truckerly I am? Using skateboard for a flat bed truck? Anyway, when I rode OTR with him I learned to sleep with one of those reefer units directly behind me; the cab on the tractor is right up against them and they cycle a lot. I now can sleep anywhere.

    Fangrrrl : Vegas, oh yeah. I can be there anytime. Not that I would, I just like the idea of being this strange woman sqeeeing quietly on the sidelines and taking pictures. But hubby delivers there three times a week and I can ride in the truck ….. two words. Shooting schedule? Yeah, well, I didn’t think so.

  33. Hey Joe,

    I was wondering if you will get a chance to be a guest judge on the Iron Chef? I think it would great, with your love for food and that you have had Mark on your show. I think it only seems fair.

    Keep up the awesome work! I am a High School band director in Texas and Stargate gets me through football season. The best way to de-stress after a High School football game is to come home and watch Stargate! Thanks!


  34. Very clever Joe; gather enough guest bloggers and you can get a whole month off! And you’ve got some great guests coming up. I’ve been a fan of Mark Dacascos since I saw him in “Brotherhood of the Wolf.” And I’m really looking forward to the BOTM discussion when Lois McMaster Bujold visits. I’m so excited! She is one of my all-time-favorite authors.

    Just a quick comment on Teyla in “The Seed”: I loved seeing her do the little mommy-sway while she was holding the baby and talking to Keller, but she didn’t look nearly frazzled and exhausted enough. Those Athosian moms are certainly made of sterner stuff than I am. And I second everything that Trish said about colicky babies — it’s all true. I’ll spare you my the colicky baby stories 😉 but I will say that incessant infant screaming and sleep depravation will drive even normal, sensible people to do the strangest things in pursuit of a little peace.

    As as working mom, I’m interested in seeing how you folks handle things with Teyla and her dual role as mother and SGA away team member.

  35. Cute penguin!!! You haven’t, by any chance, gotten anything else in the mail lately, have you? In the form of postcards or letters? Or more penguins? You’ll be seeing quite a few more of them before the month is up (and maybe after, depending on how fast the mail gets delivered), from people all over the world.

    As Nell (Christine) said, we humbly and playfully request CONFIRMATION.

    Oh, and in regards to another poster (maybe Michelle?), who’s to say anti-shippers are any more normal than shippers? Or, maybe it just the people that don’t like sci-fi that are crazy. It’s all a matter of opinion and perspective. And being human, that is going to differ from person to person.

    Hope you have a great day(night?) Joe, and thanks again for posting Nell’s penguin!!!


  36. I recently read an interview with Hewlett where he called Season 5 “Stargate Atlantis: A Season in Bed” – because of all the time team members spend recovering in the infirmary this season. After seeing the first two eps – and hearing the plot summaries for upcoming eps like Remnants, Broken Ties and The Shrine, I can see what he meant….not that I’m complaining.

    Along with others, let me say I’m loving Season 5 so far. The episodes have a different feel to me this season but I haven’t yet put my finger on exactly what that difference is. I’ll let you know when I do…

  37. Just some quick comments, and a question or two…

    1. I watch science fiction because…well…it’s science FICTION. I don’t expect it to stick to real-life rules. Now – that doesn’t mean that a glaring ‘mistake’ or overstep isn’t distracting, but I usually don’t notice the flaws until someone else points them out.

    2. I think the ‘soap opera’ feel to SGA is being created by the chatter of the fans, not the show itself.

    3. I had to go see Hellboy II, just for a Prince Nuada fix. But next time I won’t go after havin’ a couple’a beers, ’cause now everyone in the theater knows that I was there for the ‘hot albino elf-guy’. 😛

    4. Sheppard HAD to force the Wraith to give Larrin her life back. That way, we learned that the process ‘felt kinda good’, to which John agreed. THAT juicy little tidbit probably had all those Todd/Sheppard shippers out there pecking away at their keyboards for hours on end, cranking out more slash fiction than you can shake a Wraith stunner at.

    5. Joe – some are wondering if the Wraith have suddenly lost all their hair brushes. Even though nothing will ever compare to Steve’s perfect hair, I’m personally liking the new wigs. They’re more natural-looking than the granny wigs used last season. And I’m just really pleased to see Tyler Wraith’s hair so long (in the backlot pics, not sure what episode)…just lovely.

    6. Dr. Who is NOT cheesy. It is CAMPY. There is a difference.

    7. Two episodes in, and I’m really missing Todd. Are you pleased with Chris’ work so far this season?

    8. A big bowl of fresh, burgundy-black, crispy bing cherries is better than a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream any day!

    9. The above is even better when enjoyed with a bit of dark, chili-infused chocolate!

    10. I have no idea why I can’t lose any weight. 😛


  38. So you start shooting ‘Remnants’ tomorrow? Well, I think more than a few of us would appreciate a photo or two of JF if he agrees (it would certainly brighten my day after the biology lab I have to teach tomorrow).

  39. Mercie writes:

    @pg15–Hooray! You’re back to Stargate marathon! I’ve missed your reviews, although, from what I’ve seen of Avatar, I understand the distraction! Looking forward to hearing more wonderful reviews of great episodes (and you’re always nice, even to the not so greats)!

    Hey! Thanks! Yeah, I was pretty distracted alright…too distracted to even catch up on any reviews. Heh. I’m actually 13 episodes behind on reviews and I’m stressin’ about it (I’m writing it not just for you guys, but also for my own sense of obligation, or something). But no worries! More will come!

    And yeah, I’m generally nice about it. Heh. It’s just hard for me to write anything horrible about a show that’s given me hours upon hours of entertainment, even if the current episode I’m watching is not up-to-snuff. The show’s earned my respect, and I just can’t be nasty towards anything or anyone I respect. God I sound pretentious. But another reason is that I know that a member of the staff, Joe, is reading it. I certainly don’t like to see any of my work bashed mindlessly, even if it’s “bad”, so, you know, gotta be tactful.

    Unless, of course, Joe actually doesn’t read any of these reviews since they’re ridiculously long now. XD

  40. Hi Joe,
    I’m readin’ your blog for some time now. It gets me a little bit closer to what’s goin’ on there in Stargate world and your “Food world” ,hihihi.
    In Poland, there are many Stargate fans,too.
    Thanks for all your writing.
    As for question for Mr. Cooper, at the moment I have no idea what to ask for. Say hello to him from Poland fans.


  41. Dear Joe
    Love the penguin. Thanks for putting him in the blog. He really is a cutie.
    WTG MOP!!!


  42. Trish said:

    It’s just that I’ve made so many typos recently

    Then you will definitely have company at least for the next 12 days. Over the next week and a half you will be witness to a spectacular decline in brain function as I edge closer to my 3 weeks off.

    It will end in a stunning climax of dribbling and me just making vowel-like sounds while using the word “thingy” and wildly pointing at whatever the “thingy” is in an attempt to communicate with others. It’s already well in motion. Perplexted was just a small glimpse into the downward spiral that is occurring.

    Riley – The noise is incredible. EVERYONE IS SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER! And you know that by the amount of CAPS angst mixed with bold, italic and quoting text. I’m waiting for some virtual slappy fights to break out and Joe is going to have to step in and break it up. **sigh** To hear people complain all of the time I might as well stay put in my real life… or just hang out at Gateworld. Oh oh, here comes the virtual stones from Gateworld **duck!**

    Airelle I say that sanity is in the eye of the beholder.. or is that beauty?… but applicable in both cases. When MaggieMayDay mentioned world experience, I guess that’s part of my sanity gauge. Can you just have perspective or is it something that you must learn through experience?

    Joe – How you doing back there?
    Finished all of the Old Man’s War books. The last line of The Last Colony had me shouting “Nooooo! He can’t finish the series there!” (Yep, talking to myself – what did I just say before about sanity?) Such an addictive read. Thanks for the recommendation. Onto Cordelia’s Honour now.

    As for the first two eps of Atlantis. Most enjoyable thank you. I like to be taken on the season-long journey before thinking too much about the individual episodes and the technicalities.

    Maybe it’s from running training classes for so many years. There’s nothing more frustrating than 2 minutes into a 4 hour session when you are only up to how to log in that you get the PIA in the back asking questions like “So, how do I run reports? It’s not very good if I can’t run reports”. How about you just SHUT THE HELL UP until I get to the section on running reports before jumping to conclusions. At least that is what I think rather than say.

    Yeah, needing that holiday.
    Have a good night.

    PS: Das, hope things are starting to settle or at least not getting worse.
    PPS: Crazymom – all the best in general to you, Emma and all in the support group around her.

  43. @ChevronSeven about Alan M, I was thinking the exact same thing o.0

    I wish I had a question for Robert but, honestly, it’s been a long time since I watched Ark of Truth, and my friend kept distracting me from what was actually going on in it because she’d seen it so many times before. Oh well.

    Sky finally started showing Season 4 of Atlantis over here, leading up to the airing of Season 5, and I thought the SFX in the first episode, Adrift, were amazing. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode *chews on already non-existent nails*.

  44. I’m sure you get this complaint a lot on your blog but…

    Your entries make me hungry.

    If you ever come down to the states and find yourself somewhere in the south check out The Chop House. It’s certainly not the fancy quisine looking stuff you’re used to, but the salmon is divine. There used to be a restaurant called Chop’s Grill that served this incredibly affordable fish dinner that mom and I shared but it’s gone from Knoxville, TN. The Chop House should still be there but it’s a bit less affordable for us.

    The Macaroni Grill is really good too. And if you’re in Knoxville try to come on a night when an opera singer is there so you can be serenaded. Also, ask for crayons (they won’t bring them to you if you’re not under 10) to draw on the paper table cloths. I suggest any of the pasta choices. But be wary of the fried cheese. Cheese encased in a fried exterior might seem like a good idea at the time but later in the day you’ll realize the consequences of overindulgence.

  45. Thanks for posting the pic of the penguin Joe – good to see the MOP stuff is getting to you OK! Any more pics would be awesome to see too 😉
    And while I’m coming out of lurkerdom on this blog, a big thank you for all the great shippy tidbits lately, keep ’em coming! 😀

  46. Hey Joe,

    You didn’t answer my question but someone else has asked it so I can only hope you’ll answer it next blog. Also I just feel that I should inform you that this morning I got my top braces taken off! I was so happy, STRAIGHT TEETH!!! Alas I still have to get the bottoms off but here’s hoping XD

    I have my school Formal in three weeks, Thursday the 7th of August to be exact, I already have everything planned and it’s going to be a blast.

    Your penguin is really cute, although I’m not a firm sam/jack shipper, I do believe they are more likely to end up together than jack/daniel which would be just so cute! Anywho just curious, how do you pronounce penguin? I pronounce it PING-guin while most everybody else pronounces it PEN-guin, I think I’m just weird in doing that but hey, everyone’s different.

  47. Hey Joe!
    Love the penguin! I sent my army to Rob and Brad…sorry. I did send you a little something though…should be there in about a week…I hope!!
    You gotta love MOP and the shippers. We’re not such a bad bunch. Deep down…we’re cuddly like the little fella you got.
    Have a great week Joe. Take care and have fun.
    Luv Chelle xxxx 😀

    PS…I was going to make that friendship cake that your mum made a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately I got sick 🙁 and then had to work the following weekend so fingers crossed I can attempt to make it this weekend. 🙂

  48. Hello again Mr M

    Greetings from Tipperary!

    Been off-line for a couple of days, so lots of catching up to do! LOL….WKRP In Cincinatti…One of my all time favs! Johnny Fever had a poster of U2 hanging from the Studio door for a couple of episode in 1981 (!!)…before they made it to the big time, whoever was in charge of Set Decoration is due major kudos (On a related note, I know that the band was hugely impressed and flattered that the poster appeared on the show!!, particularly Bono)

    With regard to questions for Mr Cooper:

    Hello Mr Cooper,
    Saw you in the distance at the Continuum Screening, but alas did not get to shake you hand and say THANK YOU for all the wonderful work on Stargate.

    My question is this:

    In all the time of producing Stargate since 1997, what has been the single most defining change (technology wise) to affect the day to day production? I know in the commentary of AoT you mention about changing film type (with Peter Woeste) that it? or more green screen?

    Many thanks and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!


  49. Hey, now I’m really excited about Remnants because Tamlyn Tomita’s in it. It’s been a while!

  50. i’ve been reading other forums and someone made a good point that i wanted to put to you – we’re having an all-girl team this season, will we also be having an all-black team? if not, why not?

  51. Hi, Joe Can we ask Rob questions that aren’t strictly about Ark of Truth, but more about Stargate franchise in general: how he views some relationships (Daniel/Vala, Sam/Cam) or about the third movie or Stargate:Universe?

  52. @das: Those are 10 reasons why I love you! 😆

    I suppose you are right. Dr. Who is campy! I love me some campy, anyway. 😉

    I don’t recommend watching Hellboy II sober, though. I wished I’d had a double margarita when I’d seen it. It paled in comparison to the first one. And yes, that is a pun on your new-found crush! 😛 Get it? PALED! I crack me up.

    OH!! My question to Robert Cooper: How are you so awesome?

    (I think poor David needs a break from this one.)

  53. Hey Joe,

    The penguin looks cute, please upload a photo once they’ve taken over the office. That would be a sight to see – Joe in a sea of penguins. 🙂 At least I can see the mail is working – I don’t think my parcel ever arrived. I’m imagining a postal worker feasting on Kavan and your chocolate macadamias. So much for that peace offering **sighs**.

    Narelle – LOL! Do I count as normal?

    My questions for Rob (thanks heaps for doing this):

    1. In Ark of Truth, when Teal’c went on his journey to Celestis, how did he know which direction to go? Did Morgan le Fay direct him?

    2. Cam and Sam have always had a “sibling relationship” to me. Is this how you see them? Was the scene between them in the infirmary (AoT) supposed to be so flirty or was that a direction the actors took it?

    3. If they transported Atlantis from Earth to the Pegasus Galaxy they would have had ZPM’s on Earth. Any chance of a hidden stash in Antarctica?

    4. Do you find it difficult to stop writing once you’re “in a zone”?

    Cheers, Chev

  54. narelle from aus said:


    What are you doing up and approving comments at this time of morning?

    Aww, he got up early for us 😀

    ‘night Narelle. ‘morning Joe.

    Cheers, Chev

  55. I think there’s one thing that could make Woolsey more likeable – a dog. Captain Archer had Porthos, not that Archer needed a dog to make him likeable, but Porthos added a humanistic feature to the Enterprise. I think Maximus would be a great choice. Which brings me to another idea, what about Scott Bakula guest starring with Connor Trinneer in an episode? Dean Stockwell guest starred on Star Trek ENT, it was cool to see Scott and Dean together again.

  56. OOOOH! NOW I see the penguin. I had NO idea what everyone was on about. Too cute!

    @ ChevronSeven – RE: Handsome Alan M. That’s exactly why I think he’d make an even handsomer Alan Wraith. 😀

    @ Narelle from Aus – Thank you for asking. YES, things are getting better. My sister is up for a month from Florida to help me out with the folks. She’s like a superhero, her two main powers being able to soothe the savage parents, and make me giggle non-stop.

    Or, that could have been the beer…

    @ Trish – 😆 You crack me up, too! First time I saw Hellboy II I was totally sober, and still liked it (and absolutely loved Nuada!). Last night I was just a little giddy since my sister is here, and enjoyed the movie even more! You know the great thing about having my sis here? I can blame ALL my bad behavior on her now! 😀

    Now, to convince her that dudes look better without eyebrows…


  57. Well, Joe, we had family staying with us for several weeks and I wasn’t able to watch the first episode, but I did get a chance to watch “The Seed”. I really enjoyed it, and although I’m going to miss Sam, I thought Woolsey was great. I’m, also, glad to hear that Sam might be in the last episode. The only thing that would make it better for me is if Daniel was in the episode too. *g*

    I’ll probably post a few questions for Rob later today. Right now I need to get back outside and finish mowing down 10 acres before it decides to start raining again.


  58. Hey Joe,
    Thanks so much for the penguin pic! MOP rules, Sam/Jack forever and all that shippy sentiment!

    Don’t know if this question has been asked before, but even though Teyla’s now in a relationship with Kanaan, do you have any plans to rekindle Shep/Teyla if you get a sixth season? *crosses fingers*

  59. When you are writing a script do you try to imagine the actor saying the lines and what percentage of the time do they same them how you imagined it in the final cut?

  60. Hey Joe!

    Wow, talk about a ton of special guests! I love it! 🙂

    I have a question for Robert Cooper: Hey Robert, great job with the Ark of Truth! My question is, who thought of involving Replicators in the storyline (who expected that? 😛 ) and how did you folks work at it all the way to the RepliSkeleton? Thanks!

    Thanks as always, and watch out for that axe-wielding James Robbins!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  61. 1)Will Carson’s storyline for this season be an intensely emotional one?

    2)Does any one person display a significant sacrifice this season, something that effects the lives of all Atlantis?

    3)Will any on-screen relationships go farther than seasons past?

  62. Hey Joe, got a question for ya,

    Did you always want to be a writer? Or perhaps an inter-galactic superhero was more your thing?

  63. Thanks for the info Joe, I’m looking forward to all the upcoming guest blogs. 🙂

    Oh yeah…

    cute penguin! 😀

  64. Hi. I just caught up with the comments for the past couple of days… busy.

    I just wanted to say to wolfenm who had commented –
    @ ltcoljsheppard and friedag ~

    Please forgive any harsheness in my tione — consider it confusion, not anger.

    Certainly no need for forgiveness. I too sometimes come across a bit heated and it’s not meant to be. Call it passion for the show and the characters.

    However, I never intended my comments about Sheppard’s lack of character progress to be focal on the past two episodes. Not at all. I love, as you saw in my last commentary, the entire team thing… but no, not at the expense of my favorite character not being allowed to progress in “personal depth” as the others have.

    Some people see it that he has, I do not. As you said, Sheppard fans will always want more of him. But I don’t hate McKay, I like him alot. I don’t “hate” any of the characters at all. I just don’t appreciate the comments from those who do write and produce the show saying the things they’ve said. I only react to what they themselves have said. Have they ever said that any other characters are “not special anymore”? What an awful thing to say about a character, especially to his fans.

    However, I was referring to his growth in general the past couple of years, not simply these past two episodes or the coming season.

    I appreciate your level-headed response and you do make clear sense and I do agree with you, especially about the different fans’ pov on each character’s “worth”.

    Thanks for the opportunity to discuss opinions. 🙂

  65. Joe…
    I’ve been wearing down my new S4 DVDs thin since I bought them! Good stuff!

    Anyway… came across something that’s been itching my brain… In “Kindred”, Michael says to Teyla, “… I reached across ten thousand light years of space and touched your mind. There is more of a bond between us than you know…” — This got me to pondering… *IS* Michael the Wraith scientist who gave Teyla’s ancestors the Wraith DNA in the first place…??!

    And another nagging question – one I’m sure *many* have secretly wondered about — “Where” are the *toilets* in the Jumpers?!! Is there a seat cushion that lifts up or something…? As per MIDWAY, 6 guys in a Jumper for X-many days waiting for rescue… Let’s face it, Kavanaugh can only piss himself so often before the Marines chuck him out into space! Which also brings up another question, how long did it take for Daedalus to get to them FROM Earth?!

    Oh, BTW, any news on whether if you’ve all been picked up for Season 6? *Hoping* so!!


  66. Hey joe,

    ^__^ Glad to hear things are going good for you. ^__^ I am sooooo looking forward to Continuum. And guess what… comes out on my birthday! ^^ july 29th^^ It’s my 17th b-day and i will be sure to get the movie on my b-day lols ^_____^ I just thought i should share that information lols.

    Peace, love and chocolate in the galaxy,

  67. Well, I consider myself a “regular”, though I do not post daily. I READ daily and am always entertained, enlightened and delighted. Thanks again for this blog Joe… Huzzah!

    Why do most of the men you’ve pictured working on staff at SGA wear shorts? In many posted shots I see hairy legs… so, are you the only sophisticate that wears a suit? Does everyone else have a Peter Jackson complex? Is the building air conditioning failing? Hey, maybe those tendrils got in the ducts!

    Enquiring minds and all that…

    Gee, I work at a pharmaceutical and we can’t wear shorts. Even capris for ladies are frowned upon. I feel deprived.

    Carol Z

    Tues, Wed, Thurs, FRIDAY… counting down to Broken Ties!

  68. My question for Mark D: After playing dark and intense characters on The Crow and SGA, how was it playing the irreverent Sensei Ping on Middle Man? I had to do several double takes to make sure it was Mark behind Sensei Ping’s Lucha Libre mask. Does he want to do more comedy in the future or does he prefer the broody hero types?

    Oh, and thanks for the Tamlyn Tomita shout out, I’ve been a fan since Joy Luck Club and I cried buckets (and buckets) over Kim and Henry’s tragic romance on Eureka….darn it, there I go again, sniff!

  69. Hey Joe, me again. In your opinion what is the most romantic scene in SG-1 and in Atlantis?

  70. Hey there Joe!

    Just wanted to say “The Seed” kicked butt! This little Shep Whumper was delighted with this episode.

    You mentioned you’re starting “Remnants” (??) tomorrow. Have you already done “The Prodigal”, or are you shooting out of sequence?

    Thanks…..have a great day!

  71. choice said:

    we’re having an all-girl team this season, will we also be having an all-black team? if not, why not?

    Then we would need to fill the 20 episodes each season ensuring we have an “all (insert cultural/minority group) episode” to make sure no one is hurt or offended.

    One thing that Sci Fi shows such as Stargate highlight, is that it’s no longer about the individual groups on Earth, it is about all of us forgetting that and working together for the survival of humanity.
    Much. Bigger. Picture.

    Trish I’m still blushing from your kind words. I’ll get you to write my CV for me should the need arise.

  72. A couple of questions for Rob Cooper:

    1. My favorite scene is the one in the cell between Morgan and Daniel. There was a long gap where Daniel wasn’t on screen leading up to that scene. I was curious if there was a deleted scene, or if you wrote it that way so that the scene would be even more powerful?

    2. As a director, which scene did you find the most challenging to film and why?


  73. I think its cool how you’ve opened your blog as a way for fans to interact with various people with franchise. From writers to visual effect’s people. That’s an amazing level connection and really impresses me.

    Thank you.

  74. Hi Joe,

    I knew it, Grimili’s axe was designed by this designer lol
    I have just seen “the seed” and somehow it remembers me Doctor Who and Farscape. ^^ Hem but I have some questions.( yes I know big surprise)

    1)Why did this thing not happened in “phantoms” or in a other episode.

    2) Will in a near futur be some angst story around a stolen baby…for example Teyla’s baby?

    3) Can you give me some book’s tip in science fiction genre?I want to improve my Englsh ( just start to study it 2 years ago).

    That’s it ^^

    P.S : don’t forget to recharge your camera batteries

  75. Narelle from Aus – you don’t think an all-girl group is a token gesture? if it’s silly to have an all-black group, why isn’t it just as silly to have an all-girl group?

  76. @ choice & Narelle – Personally, I’d like to see an all-Wraith group…or…a woodland elf group. Hell, right now, I’d even settle for the Edgar Winter Group. 😉

    (Only old people will get that…)


  77. Bonjour Jo,

    Je voudrais savoir s’il est possible qu’un jour l’ancienne Elizabeth Weir, celle d’avant les Asurans, soit de retour dans la série ?

    Thanks, Kali.

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