Prisoner portion.
Prisoner portion.
"This'll tide me over 'til second lunch."
"This'll tide me over 'til second lunch."
Alan M. keeps an eye on me keeping an eye on his lunch.
Alan M. keeps an eye on me keeping an eye on his lunch.
Les macarons!
Les macarons!
I have the same backpack in blue
I have the same backpack in blue

I would be remiss if I didn’t report on Friday’s quasi-successful lunch, especially since I went to great lengths to detail Carl’s general unhappiness with his previous day’s order (just run a search for “curry cartilage” if you’re all that interested). Friday, we ordered from the Jagerhof Schnitzel House and while it wasn’t exactly a home run (I direct you to a pic of the prisoner portions) it was a solid double (the schnitzel was very good, the accompanying spaetzle not so much). My father would occasionally quote from some unknown source “You should always leave the table feeling hungry” (which was kind of ironic given that dad never actually put this theory into practice. Well, not intentionally anyway.). I was reminded of that saying as I finished off my very last shred of red cabbage, all the while eying the slow-eating Alan McCullough’s lunch order. Perhaps sensing my intentions, Alan pulled his meal closer and picked up the pace. Two hours later, because production was pushed, we were able to scurry down to the truck like a bunch of hobbits and enjoy “second lunch”: lamb, baked brie, and an ice cream sundae.

On a totally unrelated note, I seem to be putting on a little weight of late. Sure, I’m still the lightest guy in the writers’ room, but I think I may have to increase the intensity of my morning work-outs. It may be that my body has grown accustomed to my present routine or it could just be my metabolism slowing down with age. I’m not sure.

Incidentally, here is a boxful of macarons Fondy picked up for me from Granville Island. My favorite flavors in descending order: pistachio, chocolate, green tea, caramel, raspberry, and lemon.

Speaking of eating – since my sister-in-law and her boyfriend are in town, we decided to hit the Richmond Night Market yesterday. Well, it’s a step down from previous summers. Sure, you can always be assured of going there and finding yourself a pair of Japanese cartoon character pyjamas (Like my Mashimoro PJ’s. No, I‘m not kidding.) or an iFarted t-shirt, but the once varied food stand selection has been reduced to octopus balls, sausages, and squid. What happened to the okinomiyaki or the Korean spicy noodles? I circled the place three times and ended up settling for a Bavarian dog with fried onions. Not exactly the Asian feast I was looking forward to.

Finally, our friend Paul William Tenny over at offers an interesting editorial on the plight of writers working in Hollywood titled “Why Does Hollywood Hate Writers?” ( It’s not that Hollywood “hates” writers. It’s more that they’re indifferent toward them, often disrespectful. It’s nothing personal.

Today’s mailbag:

Amz writes: “So you do watch Dr Who! You know the commentaries for the second (recent) series talk about Stargate, right?”

Answer: Nope, wasn’t aware. I haven’t checked out the DVD extras on the second series. Who said what?

Katie writes: “I mean even the mid season two parter seems heavy on McKay and Jackson. And “Remnants” doesn’t could for Shep since that’s only 1 of a 3 tier plot line that includes McKay.”

Answer: I’m afraid you can’t have it both ways. The McKay-Daniel storyline is one of three separate storylines in the mid-season two-parter, just like Sheppard’s storyline in Remnants is one of three in that particular episode.

Thornyrose writes: “I have one major gripe with the episode though. I know it’s nitpicking, but it was something jarring enough to bring me out of the story and start screaming at the tv set. Namely, the medical treatment of Sheppard after they tested the antidote on him.”

Answer: Perhaps we need to update our on-set med tech?

Fan writes: “Also why didnt the tendrils attack him as they had ronon the moment he got out of the jumper?”

Answer: In the case of Ronon, he was a direct threat to them, firing at the wall of tendrils and causing some sustained serious damage. In Sheppard’s case, it is the jumper that causes the brief but sudden damage. By the time the ramp has lowered and Sheppard has stepped out into the room, HE is no longer perceived as a threat – until he delivers the cure.

Fan writes: “what is up with carson becketts hair? is it a wig? and his makeup makes him look like he has had a facelift. is this a deliberate choice to separate his look *the clone* from the original?”

Answer: The make-up is no different. The hair is a bit of an issue. There was no attempt on the part of the production to differentiate his look.

Fan also writes: “there were so many people on the planet for S$R, how could they confine so many of them and have guards posted outside their rooms? wouldnt it have been smarter to just put them in one place?”

Answer: The idea was they were confined to quarters, not imprisoned.

Fan also writes: “if all the people who were on the planet got infected, then this includes Col Carter,do they explain this in the new SG1 movie coming out in a couple of weeks?”

Answer: Carter was quarantined back at the SGC for the duration of the events taking place on Atlantis.

Wonderingbrit writes: “Speaking of Dr.Who… If you had the opportunity to have a hand in that production – would you improve upon?”

Answer: I don’t see that it needs any improvement. It’s a good show.

Moms2398 writes: “First, I felt disappointed that we didn’t see any REAL reaction to the news that Carter was being replaced by Woolsey.”

Answer: Given that this episode takes place at least 3 weeks after the events of Search and Rescue (given the time it would take for Woolsey to arrive on the Daedalus), the team would have already had these discussions.

Moms2398 writes: “Where’s Chuck?”

Answer: Oh he’s still around. He’ll be popping up again over the course of the season.

Angelus writes: “How did Sheppard flying a Wraith Dart to safety with a baby in his arms and the team in the transport buffer after which the Daedalus blew the crap out of Michaels Hive ship suddenly lead to Teyla mentioning having spoken to Kanaan? Were not all of Michaels followers blown up with the Hive ship?”

Answer: Nope. You’re assuming that Teyla, McKay, and Ronon were the only ones stored in the transport buffer.

Paloosa writes: “I was also wondering, as you get notes back from the network and studio: (1) Has it ever happened that their comments conflicted in any aspect of a script (structure, dialog, etc.)? (2) If so, how do you resolve that? (3) Do the network and studio each have a dedicated executive or story editor for the show? (4) Who has the final say on the script before it goes into production?”

Answers: 1) Yep. 2) We try our best to address the notes without compromising what we have intended for the script. 3) Yes, they do. In the case of the network, it’s Chris Sanagustin. In the case of the studio, it’s Deb Curtis. 4) Fortunately, it has been a very collaborative season and never once reached the point where anyone has had to draw a line in the sand.

PG15 writes: “Well, since I’m here, I might as well beg you to reveal the line in the spoiler poem that relates to The Seed.”

Answer: “The city assailed by mutations infective”.

Morjana writes: “In next week’s ‘Broken Ties,’ is that Ty Olsson speaking with Shep, McKay and Teyla in what appears to be another off world bar (scene was in the MGM Stargate trailer).”

Answer: Nope. That is actor Sean Campbell who is reprising his role as former Satedan Solen Sincha (last seen in Trinity).

Shawna Buchanan writes: “One little bit did catch my interest, though, and that was when they were talking about Michael escaping the hive ship before it exploded, saying how someone had stolen a jumper, then Woolsey (was it?) pointed out that someone would have to have the ATA gene to pilot a jumper.”

Answer: Carson was a guest of Michael’s for quite a while. Let’s just say that this won’t be the last of Michael’s surprises in that respect.

JoJoB writes: “Was the name of the drug, The Phage, a homage to ST Voyager and the Vidian plague of the same name?”

Answer: No. A phage is a virus with a bacterial host.

Ykickamoocow writes: “In a recent interview Jason Momoa refered to the fact that Ronon and McKay are not friends. I was just wondering is this something the writers planned or is it something which just happened over time?”

Answer: I’m sure Jason was simply referring to “friends” in the traditional sense. While Ronon and McKay aren’t exactly best buddies, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an unvoiced camaraderie and mutual respect there.

Alexandra writes: “Why doesn’t Teyla have a problem with Kanaan being a Wraith/Michael-collaborator?”

Answer: She has more of a problem with the fact that Kanaan, as well as many other Athosians, were transformed into hybrids. They weren’t collaborating with Michael of their own free will.

Alexandra also writes: “Also that baby does not look like he could be Teyla and Kanaan’s child. Any chance there is something Michael-induced going on with his DNA/parentage and Kanaan is not actually his father?”

Answer: Nope. Kanaan is the daddy.

Kanadra writes: “I was wondering if the baby is Rachel’s real baby?”

Answer: No, it isn’t.

Deb writes: “If you haven’t read it allready, check out the classic “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Robert A. Heinlein.”

Answer: I have read it and it’s one of my favorite classics (and Mike one of my favorite SF characters).

Aeon writes: “Hi Joe, I noticed you’ve written ‘Ripple Effect’ and I have a little question: In the AU where Janet and Martouf came from, Sam was on maternity leave, was she married to Pete?”

Answer: Nope. She was married to Jack.

MajorShipper writes: “ 1.Who’s idea was it to have the Keller/Mckay thing?

……Answer: In real life, Kelly, love aint so easy. There are times when two people may share a mutual attraction but be unable to get together due to circumstances.
2. Kindalike the Sam/Jack relationship?”

Answers: 1) Not sure where to give credit/assign blame on this one. I know that back when we were spinning season four, I pitched out the idea of Ronon and Keller because I thought that Ronon’s lost love who was also a medical practioner (see Sateda) bore more than a passing resemblance to Jennifer. I think we got our first hint of the possible McKay-Keller ship in Trio, so I’d say it was probably Marty G. who first floated the idea.

M writes: “It is well past time for SGA to stop trying to push Sheppard/Teyla. It’s immoral, it’s sexist, it’s racist, it subverts everything that’s been established about these characters, and it has no place on this show.”

Answer: Sexist and racist? How so? Also, the fact that Teyla is presently in a relationship doesn’t preclude the fact that she may have once had feelings for John.

111 thoughts on “July 20, 2008: Tipping the scales, okinomiyaki no-show, and mucho mailbag

  1. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for today’s blog and so many mail bag answers. Wonderful! Since Broken Ties is up next, I’ll ask my question again…

    When Mark Dacascos came back for Broken Ties, did you ever talk with him about being a judge on Iron Chef? I think you’d make a great judge on that show! And I know the foodies that follow your blog think that too!

    What do you say… wanna be a Judge on Iron Chef??? We can always start a petition to the Iron Chef producers!

    Patricia Lee

  2. Hey Joe!

    Those macaroons look great, and the schnitzel…well…to be hoenst I have never had it before, though it does look good. Make sure you keep an eye on your food when Alan is around as well. 🙂

    Also, if you truthfully have that backpack, I dare you to take a photo of it while you’re wearing it. 😛

    “The Seed” was amazing, especially the set-work and team correspondance (just like S&R). Greatly looking forward to your episode next week!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  3. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    You answered Angelus’ question by saying that the hybrids were all in there with them; exactly how people can fit in one buffer?

  4. Also, I agree with Patricia. You would make an amazing judge on Iron Chef: America!

  5. Answer: Nope, wasn’t aware. I haven’t checked out the DVD extras on the second series. Who said what?

    I was just recently listening to the commentaries on the Season 2 Doctor Who DVDs and there were a couple of mentions of Stargate… the main one I recall was one of the FX guys (from, I think, Millenium FX) talking about the gas guns they used in the two-part episode The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit and how they’d looked at getting some better guns – he is obviously a fan of Stargate as he referenced the “very cool guns” they have in Stargate and how they’d looked at getting something like that but the cost (with the added cost of ammo and having to have an armourer) was prohibitive when you’re only going to use them for a couple of episodes.

    There was another mention of Stargate on a different commentary but I can’t offhand recall who said what.. but I know it was complimentary. I think it was on the commentary for either Army of Ghosts or Doomsday. I’ll check and get back to you on that one. 😀

    P.S. Oooh those macarons look lovely! There’s a nice French patisserie stand in Victoria station in London and every coupla weeks when I’m down there I find it very hard to resist snagging a macaron while I’m waiting for my train! And darn it, I’m there again this week! If I give into temptation, it’ll be all YOUR fault! 😀

  6. Joe.

    Cool freakin’ beans.

    “…Sam was on maternity leave, was she married to Pete?”

    Answer: Nope. She was married to Jack.”

    Small happy dance happening here!

  7. Hi Joe — here’s a little hint about the weight gain — step away from the Ben & Jerry’s! 🙂

    Seriously, with all the wonderful food you eat, you must have an amazing metabolism. Consider yourself VERY lucky!

    I read where Brad Wright is working on a re-issue of Children of the Gods. Is there any talk about re-issuing the first years of the DVD’s with commentaries? We are currently re-watching season 2 and I find myself wishing for the commentaries.

    Thanks for the time you take to answer our questions and share the behind the scenes tidbits with us.

  8. Hey joe, so this’ll be my last comment for a while. I finally got the call that “They’re ready!” and so I shall trudge off to the pea fields for another fun and exciting season of harvest. I’m hoping to keep up with the episodes, but doubt that will happen so here’s hoping that y’all get good numbers and (most) everyone’s happy with them.

  9. Thank you for putting up with my rant with such patience; and yes, I believe you could solve the problem by making sure your resident med tech is ACLS certified to the 2006 standards. Heck, they make it so easy we can teach ACLS to just about anyone, from firefighters to Doctors’ office nurses.
    Loved the pictures, especially of Mr. McCullough. He looks like he is doing more than guarding his food; there is a glint of “I know something you don’t” in his eyes. You didn’t by chance forget to wear appropriate outer garments, or have some errant seagull “decorate” your head did you? And the Q&A was enjoyable and informative as usual.
    I’d like to submit a few questions for Mr. Savela, if it’s not too early. If it is, I’ll repeat them later. 1) How did you first get into the business? 2) What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? 3) What do you think has been your best work to date, and what one work might you wish to redo if the opportunity arose? 4) In the future, do you see yourself moving on to working on movie Fx, or do you prefer television? Or is it a bit like acting, where you have to seriously consider any offers, due to the inherent instability of the profession? Finally, What sort of educational background and early employment history should someone work towards in order to break into the business? thank you for your time and participation.

  10. Aeon writes: “Hi Joe, I noticed you’ve written ‘Ripple Effect’ and I have a little question: In the AU where Janet and Martouf came from, Sam was on maternity leave, was she married to Pete?”

    joe/Answer: Nope. She was married to Jack.

    😀 😀

    this sure is a WONDERFUL time for s/j shippers!! just great and positive and positive-for-the-future comments coming left and right!

    sally 😀

  11. One question I have about Friday’s episode is what made the disease manifest itself as it did for Keller, but nobody else? I understand that everyone on the mission had the bacteria in them, but why did it come out in Keller? Unless I missed it, which I may have done, I didn’t see that explained.

    Also, if I wanted to send you an e-mail, how would one do that?


  12. It is well past time for SGA to stop trying to push Sheppard/Teyla. It’s immoral, it’s sexist, it’s racist, it subverts everything that’s been established about these characters


    Wow, I know I’m a bit of a S/T fan but there is just so much about that statement I can’t even wrap my brain around.

    Joe, old boy – I have to say that I was confused about where the Athosians came from a little surprised by the cavalier mention in The Seed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they survived, but I’m pretty sure that John didn’t even mention them at the end of S&R. We certainly didn’t have any hint that Shep and team gathered them up before escaping Michael’s ship. Are there any plans to actually SHOW any of the Athosians, Kanaan in particular? Bad enough that we’d never even heard of the guy before Missing, and never saw him until Kindred.

  13. I wil never be able to see the word okonomiyaki without thinking of Ranma Nibun no Ichi‘s Ukio, the “Japanese Pizza”-making, cross-dressing martial artist. *G*

    M said …

    Sheppard and Teyla have never shown any mutual attraction. They’ve been too stiff and formal with each other for the past four years to believe that they have any secret desires for each other.

    That’s your opinion. While I’m a McShepper, and Teyla took a while to grow on me, even I can’t deny the chemistry they’ve had in the past, and how they have shown affection/demonstrated how they care for each other. He does the head thing with her, they joke around, he kissed her when the retrovirus took his self-control — to me, they have shown attraction repeatedly.

    Teya has had a child with another man, a man that she apparently loves enough to have carried on a secret relationship for years, and has risked her life and the life of her child to save. For her to suddenly show romantic interest in a man who is NOT her child’s father, while that father is still out there and there is still a realistic chance that Kanaan’s condition can be treated and he can safely return to Atlantis without posing a danger, will only make Teyla look like a slut.

    Secret relationship for years?? She herself said that she and Kanaan were just childhood friends, and that the deepening of their relationship was a *very* recent thing. And who said anything about *Teyla* going after John at this point? Joe and the others haven’t done anything in the past two episodes to indicate that she’s giving Kanaan up for the idea of dating John. She had feelings, she didn’t think he reciprocated or else thought it was inappropriate to feel that way about him, and she moved on. That doesn’t mean her feelings evaporated. It doesn’t even mean that Teyla can’t *still* have feelings for John, if he’s the one she had the crush on that she mentioned in “Sunday” — human emotion isn’t so cut and dry or convenient. Knowing you can;t have something doesn’t mean you can stop wanting it, no matter what your head says. Being in love with two people doesn’t make a person a slut, it simply means they have a complicated emotional state. Not to mention that people don’t always stay in love with the person they have children with — so is every woman who gets a divorce or decides not to marry the father a slut? Or just a person who has had a change of heart?

    And for Sheppard to try to pursue a relationship with Teyla, knowing that she still has feelings for Kanaan, knowing that there is medical help for Kanaan, will make Sheppard look like a homewrecker.

    That doesn’t mean that John can’t still have feelings. There’s no indication thus far hat he’s going to <Iact on them — but even if, in the heat of the monet, he does (which I doubt will happen), it would just make him human, not a homewrecker. A homewrecker goes after a married person and doesn’t care who they hurt. John, at least to some of us, had feelings for Teyla (that he either didn;t recognise for what they were or felt they were wrong to act on, given that she;s on his team), and so if he ends up expressing his feelings, it will be to adress a pre-existing situation (and really, short of him being drunk, I can’t see him doing that). He would never intentionally wreck her relationship; he’d want her to be happy. But that doesn’t mean she can help being in love with her, if he indeed is. It makes the story more dynamic and interesting, that bit of strife.

    It is well past time for SGA to stop trying to push Sheppard/Teyla. It’s immoral, it’s sexist, it’s racist, it subverts everything that’s been established about these characters, and it has no place on this show.

    Immoral? Only if your religion so. I’m a bi-poly pagan, thanks, so for *myself*, it, conversley, seems immoral to deny one’s feelings or expect one’s mate to deny their own.

    Sexist? Sor something to be sexist, the story would have to be presented in a way that’s setrotypically demeaning. How is a story of two people who could have had love in other circumstances, and who struggle with how things worked out, secually demeaning to either of them? So because Teyla thought she couldn’t have John and discovered that she could have a meaningful relationship with her dear friend, but still holds John in her heart, even as just a very dear friend, that makes her a slut? For loving two men who are very dear to her? A slut, last tme I checked, was someone who slept around without emtional attatchement and without caring about the consequences.

    Racist? How is it racist? Because the ACTRESS is black? Even if it could be argued that the character is too, despite being an alien, what bearing does that have on the situation? How does her possibly being in love with two men equate to portraying blacks in a demeaning fashion/enforcing some sort of notion that black woman are more promiscuous that white women? (If it’s a sterotype, then I’ve never heard it before). So if she were white, it’d automatically be okay? People of colour should never be placed in circumstances that might be morally ambiguous, only white people? That’s limiting a person of colour’s story potential quite a bit, then, isn’t it? Saying that Teyla’s skin colour has *bearing*, one way or another< on the storyline is a racist notion, not the story itself. If a viewer can look at the story and say “Because Teyla is still in love with John while pursiung a relationship with Kanaa, the writers must be saying that all black women are sluts,” then I’d say the VIEWER is the one with the problem.

    Me, I look at her and I just see Teyla, a really cool, nice alien from the Pegasus galaxy who’s life is a wee bit complicated. Half the time I don’t even not her sex, much less her skin colour, although, as a woman, I appreciate female characters who are not held back by their gender — just like I appreciate male characters who don’t fall under male sterotypes either. I only notice skin colour wehn people beat me over the ehead with it/shove it in my face; otherwise I see everyone as individuals. (I look forward to the day when gender doesn’t occur to me either.) And I think most viewers do too, as well as the writers, so I’d appreciate it if you’d not assume the worst of everyone.

  14. I just saw S&R and I loved that Lorne seemed to be more part of the Team when they’re in the collapsed building, but then after they are rescued he was nowhere to be seen. Was there a reason for that?


    And I loved the video of the dogs sleeping! No shame whatsoever 😀

  15. Hey Joe!

    Great mailbag. And I honestly believe you have a blue Hello Kitty back back. It would match your Beast tee. 😉

    I’ve very excited about this Friday’s epi! 😀

    Allie is asking when “Whispers” will air. She’s been reading everything and anything Stephen King.

    I guess my questions are:

    When will “Whispers” air?

    Will “Whispers” be scary or creepy enough for a Stephen King fan?

    I thank you, Allie thanks you!

    Trish 😀

  16. Hey Joe (again),

    Forgot to ask this. When you wrote:

    “…Sam was on maternity leave, was she married to Pete?”

    Answer: Nope. She was married to Jack.”

    You sounded pretty emphatic. Was/is there a script/cut scene that mentions that?


  17. Hi Joe:

    I understand that Samantha Carter hates macaroons. Is there a connection to your interest in them? Was it a bit of character development that came out of the macaroons in your life?

    The teslan asked:

    You answered Angelus’ question by saying that the hybrids were all in there with them; exactly how people can fit in one buffer?

    I would like to know as well. Is there a limit and if so, what is it?

    Patricia (AG)

  18. Joe, Just recently found your website and am enjoying it.Another show you will enjoy, if you have not already seen it is Torchwood on BBC America-Do you get that or something like it in Canada?Its a spinoff of Dr. Who- really wonderful! Same type of CGI stuff aS DR. WHO. The husband and I are BIG sci-fi fans, so we haVE WATCHED SG1 AND SGA since they have started. It seems( sci-fi )actors sometimes go on to another sci- fi show, which is fine with me! Have you noiticed this ? Another blogger asked if you have seen Dr. Horrible-Joss Weadon-firefly- writer. Its wonderful-check it out – on i-tunes. ok
    one last tirade and question- sg1 continuum movie out next week–(oh hurry please) if there are going to be more movies-WE ALL HOPE- PLEASE-something with Jack and Sam TOGETHER -not sure weather you write those- you know , there are plenty of ways to do it , cant you just give us a tidbit?Yes i am rambling-sorry , thanks alot

  19. Hi Joe!

    *big old shippy grin*

    So…in TbftGoG Sam and Jack were engaged…in PoV Sam and Jack were married…and in RE Sam and Jack had a child. Can we hope we’ll someday get to see similar progress in *our* universe?


  20. Hi Joe, it’s been a hectic 2 weeks with the rugby test in town and then my niece’s netball tournement (herr ep team came 3rd overall), so a pistachio macaroon or 2 would go nice with a coffee about now.

    I havemhowever, managed to watch a small clip on YouTube of Joe Flanigan on the Chelsea Lately show from the E! network and I have to say I am a bit disappointed that he was a little bit discourteous. He told Chelsea that “I have been instructed by MGM to give you this” and dropped the S4 dvd set on the coffee table. Surely he could have used the word ‘asked’ instead of ‘instructed’ and put the gift into her hands instead of dropping it on the table.

  21. Okinomiyaki … I havent had any since we left Japan 10 yrs ago . That and a good katsu donburi (the real thing with the raw egg added last) I missed greatly since we left.

    We liked okinomiyaki so much we even bought one of the pans to make it in and used it til it gave out 5 yrs after we left. Ours was never as good as the native chefs though.

    I envy those in english speaking areas that can get good japanese cuisine… I’m in northern new england and while my little town boasts 4 chinese restarants and 3 thai restaurants we have no japanese restaurants. Chinese and Thai , while good, are not the same thing.

  22. Gross! You watch Dr. Who! chhhheeesssyyy. sorry. I just can’t believe you can watch that….never mind.

    Well I have to say that I have really enjoyed the season so far. I really liked the season premiere especially. I have to say that’s one of my all time favorite episodes of anything in the Stargate franchise. Along with “200”, “critical mass”, The Seige I II and III, etc. I really like where the seasons going. It’s good to feel that the good guys are winning. I feel that that’s something to be encouraged. However, it shouldn’t last too long.

    I also want to thank you so much for getting rid of the replicators. I’ve held the opinion for a long time that I feel that the entire concept is old definetly needs to come to an end forever. 🙂 That may just be me, but when I saw The Ark of Truth and saw the replicator, I just groaned. I know you guys are going to have some replicator stuff later on in the season, but please just eliminate it as soon as you can!!!!!! I might die…

    I want to give a constructive compliment: You guys shoul probably find new villians. in SG1, there were only 3 major villians that were throughout it’s entire time on the air. If you guys were able to invent new villians every 2 seasons or so, it’d be a lot more interesting, and by far, more realistic. I started really getting into Stargate a couple years ago while watching it on tv, but it was into it’s 8th season, so I had no clue what was going on. So I bought the earlier seasons and watched them, and thinking numerous times, “When are the Gould gonna finally die? Why haven’t they come to earth and wipe everyone out?” So I feel if a villian or evil race doesn’t stay in the fray for to long, it’ll make things more spicy and be more realistic as well.

    In closing, I want to be a little bit more of a snob: There’s a couple of things in the series so far that has kinda’ve annoyed me. There’s been certain aspects of the show that have been sorta’ve sprung upon us without any prior buildup. 1. The Hoffan disease engineered by Michael: I sit down and watch a Stargate episode, and all of a sudden Dr. Keller mentions in a casual tone about a new disease in the galaxy. You gotta have build up man!!! This may just be me, but I felt there should’ve been an episode where the team gets some intel about the disease and then they go and check it out, and have a first hand look at what was going on. It has drama. Instead, they’re already searching for a cure to this disease that we haven’t even seen in action yet. Yes, you may see some evidence of the disease in “The Last Man,” but it’s rather out of context with the real Stargate time. So those are my thoughts on that.

    Then, Shepherd and Teyla. Those two are meant to be together. Another thing like this new disease, Kanaan was just sprung upon us with no prior notice. And he’s really no one of significant importance…he’s just a guy. There should’ve been an episode establishing that first of all, Teyla does in fact visit her people. Second, that everything was going fine on New Athos, and Thirdly, that she was interested in someone. For the shows sake, Teyla should be with John. It was mentioned in the episode Carson died that Ronan thought Shepherd and Teyla would be a good couple, and Teyla named her baby after John too.

    Lastly, (thank goodness, I’ve practically written a paper!)
    Dr. Keller. I’ve never liked her character very much, and seeing as you’ve promoted her to a full time character, that won’t change. But she’s so cheesy!!! I mean, in “Trio”, wheneveryone falls into the pit, she says, “This place is a tetnus shot waiting to happen.” I was like”………” She has so many weaknesses and quirky ways of saying things, and I suppose that makes her intersting, but it also makes it distracting. Such as the episode when Teylas people had been captured and she was stuck on the planet with Jennifer, their conversations show just how different they are, how Jennifer and Teyla are practically the complete opposite in terms of their upbringing. It provided an interesting dynamic, but it was also unrealistic. Just in the episode: “The Seed” Jennifer’s talking about how her dad would drive her around as a baby to make her fall asleep…….like anyone does that??? I feel that it’s just overly attempting to make her look like she has such a different experience from Teyla. Another example of this would be how Jennifer had all these drugs on her. lol. She’s talking about Ibeprophin(however you spell it)…….her character ultimatley has been an empty shell. You just have to eliminate her corniness and reveal her strong side!!!

  23. Wow to the mailbag questions. Some are pretty harsh. As for kanaan, I presumed he was in the wraith beeming device, but never even gave much thought to the other hybrids and never associated it when they mentioned it at the conference table I just went along with it.

    As for the medical stuff, I just figure it is a given during the intermittant time frame of things going on that certain things just take place (can’t show everything).

    Interestingly a question has come to mind since the end of season 4 and now season 5 (really silly question, but a question). Do the newer cast members wear their ear pieces on the right side on purpose where the original cast wear it on the left side or is that just coincidental? Yes, I notice dumb things like this, but if you look, every new member has it in the right ear (new control room girl, Keller, Woolsey and even Sam).

    Will there be more sheppard/mckay episodes? I mean like more interaction like they used to have. It just seems like so far they are briefly together and I have always loved them playing off each other.

    For Mark: What is the most challenging of request when it comes to visual effects?

  24. Doesn’t “The Seed” just add fuel to the proverbial Pro-Becket/Anti-Keller fire? Having Keller get infected and Carson save the day just seems like cannon fodder to those of that crowd.

    I personally don’t understand the whole Beckett/Keller love/hate thing from some of the fans, but this can’t be best way to try to sway them. I know it was Keller that figured out how to keep Beckett alive when he’s thawed out, but that will quickly be glossed over by Beckett being the overall hero.

    It was Jewel coming to SGA that got me interested in Stargate (I now own all of SG-1 and SGA on DVD), so I just find the whole situation uncool.

  25. @ Trish – 😆 at Maddenozzi. I’m not sure I actually found the pineapple, though…or just a lump of stuff.

    @ Joe – RE: Alan. I’m a’wonderin’ how’d he look in a white wig and green face paint. Think you get him to shave off his eyebrows and give it a go? 😉


  26. Was the pun in “The Seed” about Keller not having just “a case of the hives” intentional?

  27. I had some questions for Mark Savela, if it’s not too late. First of all, the special effects in this show are absolutely incredible and well-deserving of the Emmy nomination. Good luck with that!

    How long does it take from the time (the writer?) says “Can we do this?” to the final, delivered product?

    Have you ever been asked about doing a special effects that just about made your heart stop, given the complexity of what was being asked?

    How many people work on any one special effects sequence?

    Do you ever reuse elements from previous special effects to create one that looks totally new?

    Do you enjoy working on a sci-fi show? How does doing sci-fi effects compare to doing effects on non-sci-fi shows?
    How did you get into this type of career?

    Was special effects something you always wanted to do, or did you just kind of stumble into it? Is there a field of study that TV/Movie special effects people generally go into, either in college or on their own?

    Wow, that’s a lot of questions. I’d be happy with whatever Mr. Savela is willing to answer. And tell him and his team thanks for all of their hard work. It makes watching Stargate that much more enjoyable.

  28. I was wondering how repairs are made to Atlantis itself? I am guessing that the materials the Ancients used to first build Atlantis is not available to the Stargate personnel and wondered what they did to fix the many holes to are created each week.

  29. Heya, Joe! 🙂 Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed the last episode of SGA (mostly because of Carson, mind you).

    I have a couple questions for you: 1) Why hasn’t Teyla or Ronon been given the ATA gene therapy? Wouldn’t it make sense for them to have it since they’re on Sheppard’s team?

    2) Why didn’t we get to see a scene with Rodney telling Carson goodbye before he went back to Earth? Personally, I think that would have been more interesting than the ending Woosley scene.


  30. Hi! This is probably my second time commenting. I’m more of a lurker. 🙂 But I just wanted to drop by and say hello. Thank you for sharing the pictures — those macarons look delicious!

    I had a comment/question regarding Teyla. You mentioned that she is currently in a relationship with Kanaan. 1) Will we be seeing more of the relationship between Teyla and Kanaan this season? 2) Is there going to be any Teyla-centric episodes to look forward to?

    Thank you!

    P.S. It’s so great to learn about other fans of Doctor Who!!

  31. excuse me, i’m new to any and all blogs, so i don’t know how they work really. (actually, i’m so new, i am reposting this comment because i’m not even sure the first one went through)
    i have a few questions about the plot of sg atl., and i don’t know how else to make contact…
    they are: in “the seed”, as the new hive ship was growing, it obviously would have needed inhabitants; is it designed to convert its human host into a queen, and from there the queen would populate it?
    second question: the ancient ship “tria” is still between galaxies, with its hyperdrive damaged; couldn’t earth just overhaul the engines with their own, even of asgard design, then make use of it through people with the ATA gene? it would probably be easier than having to build an entire ship of “daedalus” class, and might even be more powerful since it was entirely ancient design.
    if possible, please contact me via my email or in some obvious place on your blog that i’ll be able to easily find; i also have other questions if it’s possible to answer those later.
    thank you

  32. Hello Joe, I want to know why your previous poster “M” thinks a relationship between Sheppard and Teyla would be immoral, sexist and racist? From the very first episode of SGA you could tell there was an attraction between them.
    Also, what happened to Teyla in the last 15 minutes of “The Seed”?

  33. “Answer: Perhaps we need to update our on-set med tech?”

    Maybe you don’t have to update him. Maybe he justs needs a reboot. 😉 Okay, yeah, I’ll go over here and be good.

    The macarons are certainly colorful. What are they? Are they like cookies?

  34. Answer: Carson was a guest of Michael’s for quite a while. Let’s just say that this won’t be the last of Michael’s surprises in that respect.

    Michael with the ATA gene? That’s…. wow, I love the implications of that. I’m sure someone would argue that its a convenient plot device, but it makes sense that he’d take advantage of the therapy. Though I’d have thought that Beckett would have mentioned it at some point in his initial debrief.

    Oh and that reminds me…. Regarding “The Seed” and the revelation of how a Wraith ship is made, does this mean the ships are sentient? Or does that only last as long as it takes the ship to reach maturity and exhaust the host body?

    Anyway, if you’re still taking questions for Mark Savela, I’ve got a few. Of course, this late in the game I figure they’ve probably all been asked, but here goes.

    1 – What drew you to this line of work anyway?

    2 – How does one get into visual effects work?

    3 – What are some of the hardest effects to pull off on the show?

    I’m really curious about #2. After seeing a behind the scenes special on Star Wars and their model shop, I wanted to work at ILM or the like and build all these neat things, but South Mississippi back then wasn’t exactly a hot bed for movie magic and I never did figure out how to make that dream come true. These days I take my electrical engineering schooling and a little Googled knowledge and content myself with seeing how well I can replicate things like the turtle brooch from “Hide and Seek”.

  35. Alan M.’s glance at your looked quite sexual. Any big announcements Joe? I did ask, but I won’t tell…….

  36. Hi Joe – enjoyed The Seed, although I was a little horrified that Sheppard was used as to test the cure – as ranking military officer on the expedition, I’d think he’d be considered too valuable to use as an experiment. Woolsey’s behavior was interesting and I enjoyed watching him, but then I really like Robert Picardo.

    One question – why did Rodney go in to see Jennifer on his own? Shouldn’t Carson have suited up and gone in with him, or at least a member of the medical staff?


  37. to fattimah:
    While I am not normally a member of the Keller Appreciation Society, my dad and mom used to drive me around in the car when I wouln’t stop crying as a baby. It’s the motion and sound that is soothing to a young child.
    And I am not actually disliking Keller so far this season, just her being shipped with Rodney.

  38. Hi Joe,

    Long time lurker just wanting to thank you in advance for my birthday present. Yes, I know you probably didn’t plan to make my day, but next Friday is my birthday & you earlier stated that the episode airing is the one with McKay’s bathtub scene! WooHoo, thank you very much! I just met David at Shore Leave & what a gracious man he is. So, I feel just a little ashamed about being so excited to see him, hmm, in the tub, but I’ll get over it.
    As for the McKay/Sheppard debate, I started watching the show in the 3rd season (after catching a few of the excellent earlier episodes like Duet, 38 Minutes, & Hot Zone), so I must say I really did think it was the McShep show cause the 3rd season, especially the back half, had so many good episodes pairing the two of them. I see the importance of featuring all the characters in individual shows & I love the team shows (as long as they aren’t just window dressing for the special effects. Yes, I understand you boys love to blow things up. ) One thing I would say to the unhappy Sheppard fans/ I Hate Rodney contingent is there is a tendency for the Sheppard specific episodes to focus much more exclusively on him vs. his interaction with the team (Epiphany, Common Ground, Travellers, Outcast) Of course, McKay had Grace Under Pressure, Ronan had Sateda, Teyla had Missing but these are not the trend as the Shep ones are. At least the Shep fans get their man for nearly the full epi while the fans of the other characters have to share their fav with the rest of the cast.

  39. “I have the same backpack in blue”
    That would be your office earthquake preparedness kit, right?

    Thanks for the writers info. It’s so sad. Writers seemingly have to win an Academy Award or Emmy before anyone really believes they have any importance or value.

    Oh…about the weight thing. It’s not your age. You’re too young. It’s the macarons.

  40. Joe:
    Just wanted to say that I love the thing with John and teyla. I loved John and Weir together as well, but think the touching sequence between the two of them this year is fantastic. Have a great week. I will either have a good or bad one as my medical clinic is downsizing, let us know on friday so we couldnt screw the whole week’s worth of work up. They asked for volunteers, yeah like we’re going to give them that out. The place is a cronick firing. The first 6 months I was there they fired 15 people. I’ve been there for almost 3 years. Anyway there are 3 people in my department, and although i’ve been there the longest, that will not be a factor. One of us will be fired tomarrow and we’ll get a two week severance pay. Whoo Hoo. We all worked our butts off to get everthing caught up because we were behind and now because we did they’re firing one in our department and one in another. What a nice way to tell us we did a good job. Needless to say i’m a little bitter. Well enough self loathing. I can’t wait to see more ep’s from this season and by the way 2 episodes with Shep in the hospital bed, FANTASTIC! Have a great week, Nicole.

  41. Joe, a couple quick questions…

    1. Will we learn why Michael seems so intent on gaining Teyla’s understanding/validation, and is it the Wraith in him seeking it, or the human?

    2. Will we ever be treated to a Wraith preening scene? I know it sounds a bit self-indulgent, but it could add interesting insight into their culture. I mean, I can’t imagine how a little Wraith hair-brushing scene could be any more disturbing than Rodney in a bathtub… 😕


  42. Hi Joe,

    First time posting but have been a long time reader of your blog :).

    Not sure if you’ll be able to answer my questions or not but as a long time fan of the John and Teyla relationship, I’ve been wondering where the writers are planning on going with their relationship. Since last season reading spoilers and interviews, at times it seems like the possibility of John and Teyla is still in the writers mind and then other interviews it seems like it is something the writers will not pursue. I know Kanaan was brought in to explain Rachel’s pregnancy and their relationship will be explored this season. Also as mentioned before, John and Teyla do have a mutual attraction for each other and it definitely shows on screen. My opinion of course, because i know others don’t see it and that is fine.

    My question is, is there even still a possibility for John and Teyla in the future?.

    On one of your interviews i think with TV Guide. When someone asked if they were going to get together romantically, you said “Romance blossoms in Season 5 of Atlantis but, alas, not between Sheppard and Teyla. Last we left our favorite Athosian back in Season 4, she had a man in her life — or, more accurately, a half-man half-iratus bug with very conflicted feelings. ”

    Did you mean we will see Teyla have “Conflicted Feelings” towards her relationship with Kanaan…and dare i hope John?. If so, are we going to see Teyla struggle with her feeling for these two men?.

    I personally, and it’s just my opinion, love the relationship between John and Teyla since season 1 and the possibilities it could have. I understand putting obstacles and circumstances in their relationship which keeps them apart. But last season and from the looks of it this season as well, it just seems like what we saw in the first 3 seasons will not be pursued and that whatever possibility John and Teyla had, is now going to be forgotten. I really hope not because S&R definitely gave me hope that the chances are still there between these two and that i shouldn’t count that relationship out just yet.

    Even if you can’t answer it, just want to say thank you for even taking the time to read my post.

  43. Just wanted to chime in after watching “The Seed”. As always, another enjoyable episode, but I felt the need to comment on the spectacular shots of the city (they look new, I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen them before), especially the nighttime shots. That alone is worth a second viewing (although I’m hoping they pop up in future episodes, too).

    I was also wondering, who watches Teyla’s baby while she’s working? I think it’s very fitting with her character that she’s already hard at work (I wouldn’t be surprised if she was kicking wraith butt the day after having the baby) but I am curious where he is while she’s on the screen. Are there nannies on Atlantis?

  44. Thank you for the link and visiting the site. I’m always a bit tentative writing about writing, so it’s nice to see some positive feedback. I’ve been very happy with Search & Rescue and The Seed, for what it’s worth, you guys are off to a great start.

    So long as I’m lurking, I do have a question related to this:

    Given that this episode takes place at least 3 weeks after the events of Search and Rescue (given the time it would take for Woolsey to arrive on the Daedalus), the team would have already had these discussions.

    Who was in command during those three weeks?

  45. Any news on when us brits will see S5, because the reaction seems much more positive than for some of S4?

    I was watching unending yesterday(again), and I understand that the scene where Daniel lays into Vala was pitched by Michael Shanks & Claudia Black.

    Does this happen often, do the actors come up to you and say, my character would never do/say this?

    How often do you take their suggestions on board?

  46. Okay so someone asked this question a few days ago but you didn’t do the mailbag the next day and I was curious to know the answer.

    Teyla says that she named her child Torren after her father but in the first season, in Rising she says her name is “Teyla Emmagen, daughter of Tagan” So which one is her father? Or was that some sort of mix up?

    I didn’t even realise the difference until someone pointed it out and it’s been bugging me ever since. Please explain.


  47. Hi Joe, thanks for answering my question; I loved the Seed, but I’d expected more antagonism between Woolsey and the Atlantis team, will we get to see that in future episodes?

  48. Nyssa wrote: One thing I would say to the unhappy Sheppard fans/ I Hate Rodney contingent is there is a tendency for the Sheppard specific episodes to focus much more exclusively on him vs. his interaction with the team (Epiphany, Common Ground, Travellers, Outcast) Of course, McKay had Grace Under Pressure, Ronan had Sateda, Teyla had Missing but these are not the trend as the Shep ones are. At least the Shep fans get their man for nearly the full epi while the fans of the other characters have to share their fav with the rest of the cast.

    Um Nyssa I think you’re forgetting Duet, McKay and Mrs Miller, Miller’s Crossing, Tao of Rodney and Trio. Up until this season the amount of Sheppard and McKay eps were about the same. This time it seems the emphasis is on McKay and sadly not upon McKay and the team, but McKay and his love life.

    I fear that the Sheppard and McKay episode I usually look forward too each season has now been replaced by a McKay and Keller episode.

    And also, I don’t “hate” Rodney…I just hate the direction his character is moving with Keller. 🙂

  49. Looks like Alipeeps said as much about the Doctor Who commentary as I could offhand. I remember it was all good though.

  50. Hi Joe, I just want to start off by saying that I enjoy reading your blog, you seem very down-to-earth and you connect greatly with your readers as you give us those really insightful answers of yours. Now, I’m an aspiring author, or at least thinking about it, and I wanted to ask you…

    1) What is it that makes you want to write, what is it that attracts you to writing and coming up with new story ideas for the show?

    2) What’s it like, working as a writer on a popular show as Stargate?


  51. Hi Joe,
    Not that I want to get in the middle of the discussion (much), but was it the writers’ intention to originally ship Sheppard and Teyla together? I remember the scene in Rising where Sheppard puts the necklace on Teyla and thinking that it seemed as if it was the start of something, but apart from a few hints later on (Ronon talking about them in Sunday etc) nothing ever came of it. Is it something you all started but then changed your mind about? If so, why?

    I hope that made sense.


  52. Answer: Carson was a guest of Michael’s for quite a while. Let’s just say that this won’t be the last of Michael’s surprises in that respect.

    Ooh…heehee (<– *evil giggle*). Have I mentioned how much I freaking love Michael? And yet I love Carson, too. …Why can’t they all just get along? 😉

  53. Hello Joe,

    I got a question I wanted to ask regarding the Hybrids. Back in “Kindred” we learnt that Michael wanted Teyla’s child in order to improve on his Hybrids. Improve in what way? Would they be stronger? The genetic changes more stable?

    Anyway, take care Joe!

  54. Any chance Lucius pops up once again and he’ll get punished for his actions? He’s a rapist after all, and forced people to do things against their will. In my opinion he’s worse than the Wraith, for the Wraith have no choice to feed on humans – and Lucius certainly knew what he was doing.

  55. I have a question about the Athosians. When we saw Hollan and the Athosians on Michael’s base there was no mention of Jentoo. Wouldn’t Hollan mention his son? He was such a devoted father and really there was an episode with Jentoo as one of the main characters (sorry bad with names – the one with the black mist that he released) The only thing said was many of the people had been taken, but wouldn’t Teyla ask about Jentoo? That kinda jarred me out of the story. Just a passing line would have been good.

  56. Joe –

    I am so sorry to report that it has been a month since I have read your blog. I have had no serious medical condition or fabulous vacation to use as an excuse. Work is simply kicking my ass and I was just too tired to read your words. I will from this point on make an effort to read your blog each night before I head to bed.

    In the meantime, did I miss any earth shattering news or revelations?

  57. *waves* I’m still stopping by, mostly lurking. The mention of brie made my mouth water. I love brie, but rarely have it.

    You’ve probably had the experience of a favorite author or show making changes that detracted from your enjoyment of something you once could hardly praise enough. But sometimes you still hang in there, because occasionally you’ll see flashes of the old magic, as it were…that’s where I’ve been for awhile now. Still watching, but it’s just not the same for me.

    I hope you are well. Take care.

  58. Fattimah said:
    “Just in the episode: “The Seed” Jennifer’s talking about how her dad would drive her around as a baby to make her fall asleep…….like anyone does that???”

    Yup, people do. Mom did with sis, more recently my manager did with her twins. THough not so recently that the gas prices are where they are now. 😛

  59. Macaroons. I love em but I have to smile every time I see em because of Sam not wanting to eat the ones Mitchell attempted to make. Not a Cam fan but I sure liked his grandmother’s sayings.

    Sherwood Forest Maiden: a small clip on YouTube of Joe Flanigan on the Chelsea Lately show from the E! network and I have to say I am a bit disappointed that he was a little bit discourteous.
    I didn’t think so. Who gave this woman this job? holy crap I felt so sorry for JF that he had to do this segment. It was like being fired at and not being able to duck for cover. Talk about not being able to get a word in edgewise, I almost thought this was a comedy piece instead of a talk show and the joke was on Joe. I woulda given her a piece of my scathing wit. *scratches Chelsea off list*

    Joe M: Also, the fact that Teyla is presently in a relationship doesn’t preclude the fact that she may have once had feelings for John.
    Just my 2 forints, to me it’s John who’s had the sexual attraction to Teyla since day 1 but never Teyla to John. I think she’s grown to love him dearly- like a brother- and he knows that, its why he’s not been willing to push his feelings on her (except as a mutating bug) and why he’s so very reluctant to hug her close. He was *really* hurt when he found out about Kanaan, I think Teyla didn’t tell him because she knew he would be, but she also knew it was inevitable he’d find out- hello pregnancy! so there was never a good time to say it. John’s initial anger was completely understandable to me. And now, because he knows she is even more “unattainable”, not just because of work but because there’s another guy, the fantasies grow stronger (S&R). Guess we’ll see if it persists. He’s good with kids and I see him getting really close and involved with Torren, not only as genuine affection (Unca Shep) but as a way to stay close to but not touching Teyla.

    MysteryMadchen: best wishes to you, layoffs suck.

  60. fattimah said: “Jennifer’s talking about how her dad would drive her around as a baby to make her fall asleep…….like anyone does that???”

    Um… yeah. A lot of parents do that. As Bailey mentioned, the motion is very soothing to babies and young children, and it often lulls them to sleep. When you’ve got a crying baby, you will do *anything* to get them to stop and go to sleep 😉

  61. Good mailbag, Joe, I know I never ask pertinent questions, but I enjoy the responses you provide. Most of the time … you, sir, are a patient man. I read some of the questions and want to beat on my monitor and scream, “Pay Attention! That was IN the show!!” What are you people doping while the episode is on? Not watching it, obviously.

    Okonomiyaki … I miss it! We even had an okonomiyaki place within walking distance of the house in Yokosuka. We do have a couple Japanese restaurants here in Ogden; I can get good kastu-don, but okonomiyaki is too low rent for their menu. I can fake making “Japanese pizza”, but it isn’t the same. And octopus balls, I adore octopus balls. Can’t get the hang of them though. Do you like octopus balls, Joe?

    Dear Fattimah,
    My parents used to drive around to put me to sleep, and this was in the days before seatbelts, much less infant carriers. The depth of your world experience is underwhelming. Tip of the day: “cheesy” is an adjective which you use far too loosely and too often; Stop It. I have the impression you wouldn’t know your gruyere from your gouda if they both bit you on the rump. Don’t try to out-snob me. Ain’t possible, lovey.

  62. Hi Joe,

    Just saw “The Seed”. I loved it and I was very surprised that by the end I was actually rooting and feeling sorry for Woolsey. I didnt like that character at all previously but for me he has been somewhat redeemed in this episode, which is cool! I know alot of people have had problems with it but I loved the McKay/Keller undertones, I thought it was quite cute how Keller seemed so fond of Rodney:) People seem to be having issues with John/Teyla for some reason that I don’t get. I mean its been obvious since the start that there was always going to be undertones that due to circumstances (Johns her superior, they respect each other too much, the small matter of Teyla having a baby and a significant other etc) were never going to be acted upon. Its just harmless! I like it!

    Overall fantastic episode! can’t wait for “Broken Ties”!

  63. Hi,
    I have a bit of an obscure question about atlantis that I’ve been wondering about for many years. I hope you can answer it.

    The team wears these vests when they go off world that have a lot of pockets. What’s in those pockets besides Mckay’s PDA? Powerbars? the actor’s cell phones? Big chunks of foam to make it look like there is stuff in the pockets?

    Also I’ve seen the same last names a million times on different television shows. Cadman and Cavanaugh are ones that jump to mind. Is there only a limited pool of last names to draw from? I know you have to clear names before you use them, but each of those names about 10 time on various shows. What’s up with that?

    Excellent job on the show. We have to take atlantis to season 7 at least.

  64. Joe Mallozzi writes: Answer: I’m afraid you can’t have it both ways. The McKay-Daniel storyline is one of three separate storylines in the mid-season two-parter, just like Sheppard’s storyline in Remnants is one of three in that particular episode.

    Long time reader, first time poster here! Sorry in advance for the length of the post.

    I’m not really sure the point you’re making in this comment Joe. Because all spoilers, episode descriptions, hints, and innuendo released by you and other sources thus far indicate, whether intentionally or otherwise, that it’s a Rodney McKay season on Atlantis.

    No other character is given the depth of material, or the important material (300th franchise episode The Shrine! McKay slowly loses his mind!) or the amount of material as McKay (McKay paired up with the highly touted return of Daniel Jackson in the mid-season two part episode, First Contact/The Lost Tribe! Oh let’s watch the dialogue written by Martin Gero fly!) Tracker (McKay and his love triangle! Which poor sap will win Keller’s heart!), Brain Storm (McKay and his gal pal go Earthside! Danger ensues!)

    John Sheppard, supposed/former lead of the series, rarely figures anymore unless someone is needed to drive a shuttle through a wall or save the day! Poor guy has to wait for the end of the season to even see the sun rise on his “character driven” episode, Vegas….never gets laid (bye-bye Larrin don’t let the door hit you on the way out!) and horror of horrors he’s being replaced in the buddy-buddy Sheppard and McKay episode by, none other than new fan-favorite Jennifer Keller! Sorry Shep!

    I’m sorry to be so facetious but reading your denial of two recent posts to this effect surprised me because, well, it’s kind of obvious to many fans, and I’m not saying all, some are still in the dark, that McKay is the favorite character of most of your writing staff and this idea shows through in both the dialogue and episode concepts. McKay is the character who gets most of the dramatic episodes, episodes written specifically for him and in important episodes (First Contact) he’s at the forefront. And most amazing of all, for such an ill-tempered, irascible, arrogant character, McKay’s the only one ever involved in any long term relationship situations (Katie Brown, Keller…he’s even got a romantic arc this season!) Huh, go figure.

    So Season 5, oversaturated with McKay and a side helping of Keller? Don’t deny it Joe…just embrace it!

  65. Freidag wrote:
    Um Nyssa I think you’re forgetting Duet, McKay and Mrs Miller, Miller’s Crossing, Tao of Rodney and Trio. Up until this season the amount of Sheppard and McKay eps were about the same. This time it seems the emphasis is on McKay and sadly not upon McKay and the team, but McKay and his love life.

    No, I didn’t forget them. I just noticed that all of those included the team interacting with Rodney, some more-like Tao if Rodney, some less-like Miller’ Crossing. And Trio was just that, as much a Sam & Keller story as McKay.
    Not sure why you think there is more McKay vs Shep stories this season as the season hasn’t aired yet. It seems Rodney gets 1 story in the front half (The Shrine, which again, everyone has said is a team show spotlighting McKay) & 1 in the back half. The midseason two parter is said to have 3 running stories, I believe. McKay’s bit was only highlighted because of his scenes with Shanks.
    Just a guess, but I think the lack of love perceived toward Shep this year has a lot to do with the fact that this blog isn’t showing pics or videos of Joe F. as in previous years.
    I too hope that the McShep pairings will continue cause I think they work beautifully together. I like the McKeller direction cause it’s just fun to watch two geeks fall for each other. And I always find flustered Rodney amusing. But I understand why others would be put off. I thought it was ridiculous that Sheppard would demand the wraith bring Larrin back to life, much less like her. Are you serious? I lost a lot of respect for Sheppard’s character in that one, maybe cause I’ve never been into S&M. But that’s just me. But I also understand being the top military commander on Atlantis means Sheppard has limited chances of being free to be in a relationship with someone on base. As with Sam/Jack, he can’t be with Teyla, not at least while they are on the same team. It would work for him to fall for a scientist, though. No taboo there, maybe a fun-loving, rock climbing, wind-surfing paleontologist? But I degress.
    It’s not my intent to use Joe’s blog to hash out who’s right & who’s’ wrong, as it is a strictly a matter of preception. I just got a bit tired of all the (preceived) McKay
    bashing by a few of the posters & (seemingy) endless questions about Shep whomp, Shep episodes, Shep/Teyla shipping, Shep, Shep, Shep. See, it’s all about Shep! 😉

  66. Hi Joe,

    I’m sure you get hundreds of questions sent to your blog, as well as comments and suggestions. Have you ever found yourself scratching your head and REALLY wondering what show it is some people are watching when they write to you? (Lucius Lavin a rapist?? Boggles the mind, that one does.)

    Do you just chalk it up to the viewer’s lack of comprehension skills, or do the writers actually talk about the biggest disconnects (like the Lucius thing) and figure out how to prevent that from happening in the future? Though I guess you’d go crazy trying to be all things to all/most people, huh?

  67. Does the gross factor of some of the eps ever cause crew members to lose their cookies? Keller’s Big Veiny Growth was the grossest of the gross-out eps so far. I don’t mind the blue Wraith snot-webbing but that red veiny snot stuff is just….shudder! And to see it growing out of a person was…yeesh.

    The pulsating Giant Iratus Blood Tick on Shep’s neck has now been relegated to second grossest ep in my book. I vote that SGA only use the blue Wraith snot and not the red. The red is way, way too early Martin Scorcese.

  68. With ref. to all this talk about character relationships, my feeling is (for want of a better phrase) ‘you don’t screw yer crew’.
    The perceived distant tension is much more enjoyable and is more likely to keep the main characters in play.

    I’d like to see more of the multi-national emphasis of the Atlantis mission I think, something than can be used for many things. However, you couldn’t have other nations military forces in it so much as they work so differently to each other, albeit a SAS man would be a useful as a ‘in case of emergency break glass’ kind of character.

    While working with scripts, story lines and developing character personal attributes, SGF has for obvious reasons has delved into some pretty serious technology and deep biological sciences – how much of this do you have to actually learn to get it right, or do you still use a fair amount of poetic license?

  69. @fattimah: Not only did my parents drive me around and most of my sisters and brother to quiet us in the wee hours of the morning while we were screaming infants, but I had to do the same with my older daughter, Allie. Both my girls had colic but only Allie would be soothed by driving around in the car. For Erin we had to run the vacuum cleaner. That made us popular with the neighbors because Erin loved to scream at 3am.

    Do you have any children and have they suffered from colic?

    Any parent with an irritable baby will do the oddest things to help comfort the baby. Including putting a heck of a lot of towels into a washing machine and setting the baby in a car seat on top of the washer during the spin cycle. I tried it with Allie and it only worked once. The second attempt made her scream worse.

    You know that life sucks as a parent when you are barely awake, standing in your laundry room at 2am, washing an enitre load of already clean towels, holding your baby on top of the washer in the hopes of helping her sleep.

    So not only do people drive their babies around and around to help them sleep but they do even more unusual things than that.

    Trish 🙂

    p.s. @das: hmmmm…. Maddenozzi I like it! 😆

  70. Alrighty. I’ve seen the episode. Don’t ask me how. I really don’t feel very good about it.


    It was very interesting learning about the Wraith ships.

    I’m actually a bit disappointed, though, at Woosely’s caving in so much. I was hoping for a little more static between him and the team. But I suppose we’ve seen example of Woosely (good Lord, am I spelling that right?) making decisions by the rules and being overruled via not following the rules and admitting that the latter way was a smarter course.

    I suppose the fact that Woosely was not quite nasty was forgiven by his statement at the end of the episode where he admitted that without regulations and rules he was lost in how to lead the expedition. This gives my imagination some juicy possibilities for further conflict. Seeing as how Woosely and Shepherd are two completely different people in every way I can’t see how they can’t butt heads at every important decision along the way. But, I gotta admit, one day Woosely is going to have the better idea and he’s going to have to convince everyone and that’s going to be a real leadership test, right there. I mean, maybe. I dunno what’s going to happen.

    Heh, Rodney’s wimpy “I’ll go.” Poor guy, he’ll get there.

    A bit of a quick fix for Jennifer but that’s to be expected, I suppose. I’m intrigued as to how you’re going to incorporate Carson in future plots. It’s gotta be awkward for him. “Hi mum…no, not dead. Heh, surprise?”

    Where was Teyla’s baby while she was gallivanting around being part of the plot? I suppose with her people being a very tribal people there’s lots of women who would help her take care of the little one.

    Alright. Hm. One more thing. Has Zelenka lost some of his accent?

    Okay, that’s all. Yes. Not even going to reread that to make sure everything’s right. That’s right. I’m a rebel like that. (Actually I’ve been rereading as I go.)

  71. I can’t find the pineapple! (And I am usually very good at finding the pineapple.) I’ve watched the scene (several times) where Sheppard gives Jennifer the antidote and I can’t find it! Can you give me a hint? (i.e., left side, right side, center…)

  72. Hiya Joe – I was playing with my new neice this weekend and I found out that bouncing a four month old up and down and then bopping noses with them is apparently very high on the baby humor scale. And lifting her up and mock biting her tummy evokes gales of high pitched giggles. Figured I’d pass that on as research into baby humor.

  73. Hi Joe,

    Been lurking for the last half year or so, always a great read! And all the pictures are particularly grin-inducing!

    I’d like to ask a question that’s been rattling around my mind for a while:

    In reading your blog, you make it pretty clear for fourth, and now fifth season, which of the episodes, credited to both you and Paul, were written by yourself and which were written by Paul. I’m curious about seasons 1-3. I find it interesting, comparing all the writers’ different styles and slight variations on the characters, etc. and I’d like to know for certain who’s written what. Of the episodes you share the writing credit, which are yours and which are Paul’s?

    Also, on a side note, as one who currently lives in Japan, my sympathies on not finding Okonomiyaki! One of many, MANY foods I will sorely miss upon my eventual return to the States.

    Looking forward to ‘Broken Ties’!



  74. Drat, I wasn’t going to post again, I swear it. Honestly, I read your blog regularly – I love many of the books you do, your love affair with food – you’re a cool guy – but damn, every time the show starts up again, this is like a soap opera!

    Stargate Atlantis is an action show but suddenly it’s like…high school! “Will Keller choose Ronon or McKay?” “Will Sheppard end up with Teyla or the new what’s-her-name that you guys are pushing?” “Where’s Kanaan and who will he end up with? Cadman?”

    Whatever happened to plain old shoot ’em up, blow ’em up, fly the jumper, kiss the alien princess, Rodney snorts, Teyla bumps heads and Ronon says, “Let’s just shoot ’em”?????

    And now the fans are counting LINES? And who has more air time than someone else? HOLY COW! (yeah, I know, I’ll be counting Picardo’s lines and screen time, but that doesn’t count because, well, you know, I’m special ::tongue-in-cheek::)

    I both feel for you – and figure you deserve some of this (offers you one of my own spice-rubbed pork chops) since you (meaning the universal Stargate writing team ‘you’ as opposed to blaming you specifically – I’d never do that ::grins::) kind of dug the hole this series seem to have jumped into.

    Is it too late to dump the soap opera and get back to the show?

    Okay, promise not to bug, berate and nag post anymore. I swear it. At least until the next time.

  75. Nyssa wrote: “…It seems Rodney gets 1 story in the front half (The Shrine, which again, everyone has said is a team show spotlighting McKay)…”

    Sorry Nyssa, but even Joe said both Brain Storm and The Shrine are Rodney centered (see his response to me in one of the last two posts). That makes two episodes for McKay this season. And if all the other characters have one “character centered episode” and McKay has TWO, then, I’d say it is rather concentrated on McKay this season by two to one.

    Your response implies I’m making this all about Sheppard. So with your words in mind… Until this season the character episodes have basically been equal between Sheppard and McKay and each season usually featured a Sheppard and McKay episode I always enjoyed, The Defiant One, Trinity, The Game, and yes, god help me, Harmony.

    Now Sheppard fans have to wait until Vegas airs at the end of the season to see a show focused on their favorite character while McKay has two big episodes Brain Storm and The Shrine, the most focused part of Lost Tribe alongside Daniel Jackson (please don’t pretend otherwise!!), and as JasonGee says above (good post by the way!), McKay also has a major story arc playing throughout the season with Keller…I’m trying not to think about Tracker. So, a McKay heavy season…I think so, yes.

    But just because I think Atlantis is becoming all McKay, all the time, doesn’t mean I hate McKay and I’m certainly not a McKay basher! Some people say the same about Sheppard. I love the entire TEAM…and sorry but I don’t include Keller as a part of that ensemble. In fact, although I didn’t think it was humanly possible, I kind of resent and dislike her more for taking my Sheppard and McKay episode away this season! Because that’s exactly what’s happening.

  76. hey Joe,

    you ate Schnitzel – that’s really cool. i’m not a fan of spaetzle either, here in Berlin we eat Schnitzel with rosemary potatoes and red cabbage with cloves. But every family’s got it’s own recipe 😉

  77. Great Mailbag Joe and nice answer to ‘M’s question about John and Teyla – seriously I don’t think they’re watching the same couple of characters that the rest of us are, in making comments like that. I know that not everyone is a J/T shipper (although I am) but I think that most viewers would admit that there’s been a MUTUAL – and that’s the key word here – attraction between the two over the last four/five years.

    Oh and as for the Sam/Ripple Effect question – The “She was married to Jack” comment has made my day!

    *does happy S/J shipper dance* 😀

  78. Wow Shep/Teyla immoral, racist, sexist and subversive I think you left out alienist as well.

    *Note to ones self go back over last four seasons and look for all the immoral, racist sexist, subversive and alienist bits*.

    M it does work putting a baby in a car and going for a drive the motion of the car and the low drone of the engine lulls them to sleep. I had to do this with all three of mine and believe me if you’ve got a screaming child you’d drive any distance just to shut them up.
    You just have to remember to bring them back and to avoid the temptation to leave them at the side of the road.

    M I’m sorry you don’t like Dr Who, I’ve watched it from the very beginning as well as most of the science fiction series which followed in its wake and built upon its innovation and foresight.
    To call it cheesy is a bit disrespectful if we don’t acknowledge the foundations of the genre we risk losing sight of the premise of science fiction which for me is writing entertainingly and rationally about alternate possibilities in settings that are contrary to our known reality.

    Dr Who….45years…..751 episodes enough said!


  79. Nyssa don’t knock the shep episodes. A lot of people started watching the show because of the character, I for one am one of them.

  80. 1)Will Carson’s storyline for this season be an intensely emotional one?

    2)Does any one person display a significant sacrifice this season, something that effects the lives of all Atlantis?

    3)Will any on-screen relationships go farther than seasons past?

  81. Oh yeah!!! Thanks for reminding me Pauline!!!

    Dr Who!!! Who said it was cheesy? HUH? WHO??!! Lemme at ’em! 👿

    My mom always says that Dr. Who *now* is great. But her first love (and mine) will be the really old epis with the really low budget.

    My mom says the daleks are scary and good in the newest episodes. But she really misses the rubber tennis shoes that used to stick out from underneath the daleks in the old episodes.

    *sigh* I miss them, too! Mom is ALWAYS right. Don’t make me have her come on here and tell you how right she is!

    As Pauline pointed out, 45 YEARS (older than me!! 😆 ) and over 700 episodes!

    Proof that MOST people like cheese! 😛

    Cheese is good for you!

    So there!!!!

    Trish 😀

    (wannabe Timelord)

  82. Thanks for answering two(!) of my questions. I really appreciate you doing so (and what sounds like juicy future John and Teyla drama).

    However, the reason I asked the question regarding the Michael collaborators was that Kanaan was repeatedly shown purposely (in the legal sense) assisting Michael. I understand your answer to be that Teyla is okay with this because he didn’t do it of his own free will and thus didn’t do anything wrong; therefore Michael collaborators should not be held accountable because they acted under duress or out of necessity. I do not believe that legally they could not meet the burden of proof required to establish this in a court of law.

    Were the United States to try Kanaan or another hybrid collaborator for various war crimes and they have jurisdiction to do so since he committed acts against US military personnel and citizens and is in US military custody, he could be tried in a federal district court under federal law or in a military tribunal as a person subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice under Section 2, Article 2(a)(9) [as a] prisoner of war in custody of the armed forces; (10) person serving with or accompanying an armed force in the field; and also (11) and (12) of the same subsection.

    Duress is an incomplete justification defense, the equivalent of pleading guilty with only partial culpability. The Supreme Court held in 2006 that under federal law, the duress defense will be held to the common law rule. Duress is one of the hardest justification defenses to prove and under common law requires the defense to show beyond a reasonable doubt that: (1) the threat was of serious bodily harm or death; (2) the harm threatened was greater than the harm caused by the crime; (3) the threat was immediate and inescapable; (4) the defendant became involved in the situation through no fault of his own. While elements (1), (3) and (4) could probably be argued easily, I do not think Kanaan (or any other hybrid that assisted Michael) could meet element (2), since under the common law there is no justification for taking the life of a third person, even to save your own or that of many others. This is an old precept of the law holding even a single human life sacred, applicable to duress and necessity and codified under the infamous British cannibal sailor case of Regina v. Dudley & Stephens, 14 QBD 273 DC (1884).

    In a necessity, the excuse defense overlapping duress that has rarely been successfully used, the defense argues that there was a situation of such an overwhelming urgency that a person must be allowed to respond by breaking the law. Under the common law, the defendant must prove beyond a reasonable doubt all of the following elements: (1) the harm he sought to avoid outweighed the danger of the prohibited conduct he is charged with; (2) he had no reasonable alternative; (3) he ceased to engage in the prohibited conduct as soon as the danger passed; and (4) he did not himself create the danger he sought to avoid. Again I believe he would fail the harm threatened outweighing the crime committed test. Nor could he argue that he committed these crimes for the greater good, which is when necessity is usually applied.

    If he were tried in a military tribunal, he would be hampered further by the much narrower definition of duress under military law and most likely would not be allowed a defense of necessity since it is almost never used in military courts. Additionally, duress may not be argued as a defense to killing a third person in a military court.

    He could receive the death penalty under military or federal law.

    The IOA could also choose to prosecute him concurrently under international criminal law in the International Criminal Court as a court of last resort (trials for this court can be held anywhere, even Atlantis). While I recall Sheppard saying once that the Geneva Convention didn’t apply in Pegasus since the Wraith would have eaten everyone if they had attended, he was most likely incorrect; many parts of the Geneva Conventions, Geneva Protocols, Rome Statute and Hague Conventions and Rome statute that would be applicable here are customary law and binding upon all nations including non-signers and objector nations. While the area of space law is still largely undefined, jurisdiction over cases in the Pegasus galaxy and justification for application of American or international law by extension there could be found either in the language giving the United States jurisdiction in criminal cases in space involving its nationals in the 1998 International Space Station Agreement or under the above international agreements, depending on whether Atlantis and SGC assets and sites in Pegasus are considered American or international territory.

    Having argued my case, please let me say thank you for having the creative courage as writers and producers to keep the messiness of moral ambiguity, the issue of American manifest destiny and imperfect heroes making flawed choices in the show and not going for the easy “the hero is always right and everyone lived happily after” cliche. Showing that is what makes true drama in my opinion. It’s a rare thing to see onscreen and I’m sure fans give you flack for it but at least you are stimulating debate on ethics and morality. I look forward to the trial episode, which sounds like it an exploration of this theme.

  83. All this talk about how many eps Shep gets and how many Rodney gets is a bit ridiculous IMO…….They should think themselves lucky they get these two on so much…….Just think about the poor Ronon and Teyla fans who get they’re token ep a season then for the rest of it have to play second fiddle to the Shep/McKay show…..

    Anywho,i must say i’ve enjoyed both eps in S5 so far…One thing i’ve enjoyed greatly was no overextensive use of Rodney’s whining,it gets rather too much alot of the time and i find myself looking for the mute button on the remote..Plus there’s been no overuse of Rodney either….I hope this continues throughout the rest of S5…

    I liked The seed but a couple of things that are bothering me……Half way through the ep where did Teyla vanish to,one minute we see her the next she just vanishes for the rest of the episode?

    Couldn’t you let Ronon do the daring rescue this week,two weeks in a row Sheps gone on a daring rescue….Is it only him that can be the knight in shining armour…

    What’s with all the Shep whump in the early parts of S5,isn’t it about time someone else was getting a chance,maybe Teyla getting some good whump for a change,or i don’t believe i’m gonna say this,but even Rodney getting some whump?

  84. Nyssa wrote:

    I thought it was ridiculous that Sheppard would demand the wraith bring Larrin back to life, much less like her. Are you serious? I lost a lot of respect for Sheppard’s character in that one, maybe cause I’ve never been into S&M.

    Ridiculous? You lost respect for John because he ordered the Wraith to restore another human’s life? I’m the one who has to ask: “Are you serious?”
    *scratches head* This is the first time he gets the chance after the Common Ground events to save a human being that has just been fed by a Wraith. The only reason he didn’t demand the same for others before is because he didn’t know until Common Ground that the Wraith could do that.
    So, are you saying that you would’ve respected Sheppard more if he hadn’t cared to save Larrin? Why? Just because you don’t like the character? Would you have thought the same if he demanded the Wraith to bring back Rodney, Ronon, Teyla, Jennifer, Sam or any other character, or just Larrin?

  85. Sorry, I haven’t seen any Shep/Teyla, ever. They are friends, period. The emotions between Ronon and Teyla are far more than any emotional bonds I’ve seen between Shep and Teyla. Now Teyla has a baby with Kanaan. So be it. He can be daddy and recurring and we can move on with the show. NO Shep/Teyla, and NO Keller/anyone. In fact, I’d like NO Keller at all.

    Woolsey can stay though. He was much better than I thought he would be.

  86. Answer: Nope. She was married to Jack.

    Another one for us shippers!

    I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out, but The Seed is reminisent of an Enterprise episode called Vox Sola.

    I Know you’ve mentioned that you like some ships, and I was wondering which ones you support?

  87. I was watching the deleted scenes on Season 4 DVD and in the deleted scenes for Miller’s Crossing, does McKay have Carson’s turtles in his quarters? Thanks for the wonderful blog. I look forward to reading it everyday!

  88. freidag says:

    “…while McKay has two big episodes Brain Storm and The Shrine, the most focused part of Lost Tribe alongside Daniel Jackson (please don’t pretend otherwise!!), and as JasonGee says above (good post by the way!), McKay also has a major story arc playing throughout the season with Keller…I’m trying not to think about Tracker. So, a McKay heavy season…I think so, yes.”

    Now, you know for a fact that the most focused part of Lost Tribe will be the part with Daniel Jackson and McKay – what do you know that the rest of the world doesn’t – or are you just assuming that to be the case. It’s interesting that a lot of people seem to be jumping to conclusions without a whole lot of evidence – just a few spoilers.

    Also, where did anyone get the idea that McKay has a “major story arc playing throughout the season with Keller” – he’s taking Keller as his date back to earth in Brain Storm – that qualifies as a major story arc? Again, everyone is assuming that Ronon and McKay will be doing some major fighting over Keller in Tracker – but do we know that for sure? Until the episode airs, it is all just supposition.

    Which leads me to another point – they are only shooting episode 14 now – Prodigal, I believe – correct me Joe if I am wrong. There are still 6 more episodes to go, and changes and rewrites are still going to be made. Can anyone tell me absolutely, for certain, that there won’t be another episode that is Ronon, Teyla or Sheppard centered. Things get shuffled and changed, sometimes at the last minute if something else is not working – take, for example, the inclusion of Teyla’s episode, The Queen, in place of the shelved Sheppard episode, Hexed.

    By the way, Nyssa is correct about The Shrine – although as Joe says it is a McKay episode – the whole cast (including Jeannie, Rodney’s sister) is in it and interact with McKay (if anyone is interested, I got that information from David H’s blog – and he should know).

    So, I think everyone should relax and not speculate and jump to conclusions until the season is over – then the bitching and moaning can start.

  89. Namiko says:
    (Lucius Lavin a rapist?? Boggles the mind, that one does.)

    Well he slipped a whole lot of women drugs (new improved! No need for a mickey in a drink!), so he could marry have sex with them, so I think that pretty much counts as rape since he removed any choice they had.

    Plus from the transcript:

    WIFE 2: And from that day forward, we saw him for the wonderful man he truly is.

    SHEPPARD: And before that?

    WILLA (bowing her head): I am ashamed to admit that I refused to share his bed more than once …

    So basically he was going back to women who had already said no (repeatedly), drugged them so they couldn’t say no again, and raped them. You can’t get more premeditated or calculated than that.

  90. Mirroring Jessica’s (comment #50) question, Joe. I get the feeling this is driving a lot of fans nuts.

    Could you help us all out?


  91. Dear Joe,

    I was also going to ask about what happened to Teyla in the second half of The Seed, but some have already asked. So, I hope you don’t mind another question. Please forgive me if you’ve already answered this. Will the Teyla get to go to Vegas too? I know it was mentioned she was on Earth in Midway, but not beyond the SGC’s walls. It will be nice to see a team ep. Will it be all serious or do they get to have some play time too? It is Vegas after all. 😉

  92. Beverly says: “…Now, you know for a fact that the most focused part of Lost Tribe will be the part with Daniel Jackson and McKay – what do you know that the rest of the world doesn’t – or are you just assuming that to be the case.

    I agree that all this fighting over screen time is quite silly but to say that you’re not sure if Daniel Jackson will be the primary focus of The Lost Tribe is kind of ridiculous. I’m sure Michael Shanks wouldn’t film an episode of Atlantis if he was going to be shoved to the back burner! And who is Daniel paired with in this episode? McKay! DUH.

    And Beverly also says: By the way, Nyssa is correct about The Shrine – although as Joe says it is a McKay episode – the whole cast (including Jeannie, Rodney’s sister) is in it and interact with McKay (if anyone is interested, I got that information from David H’s blog – and he should know).

    Your point is? The Shrine is still the first of two McKay concentrated episodes this season according to Joe, and seemingly very much along the lines of Tao of Rodney. (Also pivotal and dramatic…and quite important too. The 300th eppy in the franchise.) The other characters will get a chance to interact with McKay? You don’t say? Lucky cast!

    And Beverly adds: Also, where did anyone get the idea that McKay has a “major story arc playing throughout the season with Keller” – he’s taking Keller as his date back to earth in Brain Storm – that qualifies as a major story arc?

    You saw the Seed, right? Stammering Rodney has started already! And if Rodney is taking Keller as “his date” in episode 16 out of 20, I’d say it’s a good bet it plays out over the season. Unless you’re ignorant of what Jewel hinted at during Shore Leave and actually think Ronon has a chance? It seems like a character building/changing/ story arc to me. Much like with Katie Brown, Rodney gets to have another romantic relationship with a real live girl!

    So, I’m sorry but I have to agree with Freidag and other similar posts. These posters are only reacting to the information given out so far. This season seems all about McKay. McKay and Daniel Jackson, McKay regressing, McKay in a love triangle with Ronon and Keller, McKay taking his best girl back to Earth. For gods sake we’ve even had hints of McKay in a bathtub! Now that’s one scene I’m really looking forward to watching!!!

    As for Keller, I don’t like her and she doesn’t interest me. As far as I’m concerned she alienates Rodney from the team. And no Shep and McKay episode? Atlantis you’ve broken my heart. 🙁

  93. Answer: Carson was a guest of Michael’s for quite a while. Let’s just say that this won’t be the last of Michael’s surprises in that respect.

    Good to know I was right in guessing that. I had to try to explain it to another fan who didn’t understand how it could have happened. Made sense to me!

    Answer: Nope. She was married to Jack.

    That’s what I hoped. I loved SG1 where it has always seemed S&J were meant for each other in a lot of universal variants. I recently read a novel where the main character was married to a different person in each reality they travelled to. Which, very well may be true (given alternate realities exist). But I have to admit, I sort of prefer the more romantic notion. Destiny vs timing and all that jazz. 🙂

  94. Hey Joe, remember that book recommendation for City of Pearl?

    Well, I jumped on it and now I’m hooked. I read that one in record time, then discovered it was part 1 of a 6-part series on the Wess’har.

    Since then I have downloaded and read, Crossing the Line (book 2), The World Before (book 3) and tonight am beginning Matriarch (book 4). Waiting in the wings are books 5, 6 (Ally and Judge) respectively.

    I’m using Adobe Digital Editions to read the pdf files in book page format, kinda nice. The software was a horror to load correctly, they don’t warn adequately about using Firefox browser. But worked well once re-loaded with MS Explorer. Ah, the values of keeping 2 browsers on the desktop.

    I find Karen Traviss to be a wonderfully creative and descriptive writer. Fascinating that she has a background as a British defense correspondent and TV/newspaper journalist. I had always thought journalistic writing was a far cry from fantasy/scifi. Honestly though, she really works hard to bring you into the moment of her created worlds, full of lush imagery, described down to scent and touch. Really vivid character development too. The heroine is someone I wish I could meet in person. Some may not be fond of the British cuss words and colloquial slang, but I’m an old fan of BBC programming, so I don’t mind a bit.

    I highly recommend this series to anyone wanting a roaring good story, full of strong, well shaped characters and some lovable aliens, (well, some of them are lovable). A few are really icky, but oh well.

    Two thumbs up from me for the series thus far… book 4 here I come! 😀

    Carol Z
    I’m sorry to be out of sync with your book club selections, but I have to go my own way when I find a good author. 😉

  95. dignan50yp said:

    “Unless you’re ignorant of what Jewel hinted at during Shore Leave and actually think Ronon has a chance”

    Now, I might be oversensitive, but the word “ignorant” is rather harsh, don’t you think? I am unaware of what Jewel hinted at during Shore Leave, as I wasn’t there.

    The only point that I was trying (perhaps badly) to make was that everyone should just relax and see how the season plays out, rather than speculate and jump to conclusions based on tidbits and spoilers.

  96. Hey again, Joe.

    First of all, I’d like to tell you that, should you ever consider going on a holiday to The Black Forest, you’ll see nothing but trees, trees, trees, sharp turns with sometimes a house in between, trees, villages that are made out of 5 houses standing together, and oh, did I mention trees yet? Although sometimes they’re a bit bigger, those villages. Basically in the mountains you’ll see how your life can end very quickly, because those things are dang high! Not some place you wanna go speed and see how far your car will fly with all those trees standing in the way, because, trust me, it won’t be far! And the end result will always be the same.

    Today I enjoyed my first ever watch of Outcast (I’ve now seen every ep of season 4, and dang, it’s a good season!), my second view of The Seed (yup, it’s very much worth a repeat!), and then Submersion and Vengeance again. (I can never grow tired of those eps!) Yup, you hear it. I’ve watched 4 episodes of Stargate again today, and that means life is good. 😀

    Anyway, on to my questions. 😛

    1) In “The Seed,” Teyla said, about Kanaan that: “He is himself once again in every way.” A bit later they mention the retrovirus having some success in transforming the Hybrids back into humans. But what exactly does this mean for Kanaan? Does his DNA still contain ‘The Gift,’ the very thing that made it happen that his and Teyla’s child was and remains so special to Michael?

    2) A bit later on, we have the scene with Keller laying in her bed. Carson tries to see what’s going on with her, and then suddenly Teyla says: “Carson, step away from the bed.” Was it that she saw a tendril on Keller’s body, or did she sense something special?

    3) You said to das that you couldn’t answer her questions about “The Seed” yet. Would it be correct to assume that Todd will answer those questions for us? It would be interesting to see, of course. If not, will Atlantis find out themselves in an approaching/planned episode?

    I should probably stop there, for now. 😛

    I’ll let you know if I have other questions for you, later on.

    Take care,


  97. Hi Joe,

    You said (in reference to the quarantine in The Seed): Answer: The idea was they were confined to quarters, not imprisoned.

    I couldn’t help noticing the guard outside Sheppard’s door. Is this perhaps in deference to his previous habit of breaking quarantine? Looks like Woolsey really has been reading their mission reports. *g*

    (Also, for people confined to quarters, they sure moved around a lot.)

    Loving season 5 so far!!

  98. Major shippy happy dance for SamJack fans over your comment that she was married to Jack in Ripple Effect.
    Lots of SSSQQQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEE going on around the world.


  99. Thanks for answering my question about the baby.

    I have noticed you have not tried to answer any questions about what Keller was turning into. So are we to assume this will be answered in a latter show or you guys don’t know your selves.

    It also amasses me that no one seemed to pick up on The major showing singes as well as Keller. Then again i missed the pineapple.

    As far as Sheppard getting every one on board He did ask how do we get off the ship. To me implied more then just the team and Teyla has made it clear all last season she would not leave the father of her child . So in order to remove Teyla from the ship they would at least have to take Kannan with them. She is also very of her protective of her people and would not try to rescue them and help them return to normal.

    I am just amazed how much people are missing. But then again i missed the pineapple.

    Well now that i have vented i should go so you can get on with your stuff. thanks connie

  100. The first Lily quoted me as:

    Nyssa wrote:

    I thought it was ridiculous that Sheppard would demand the wraith bring Larrin back to life, much less like her. Are you serious? I lost a lot of respect for Sheppard’s character in that one, maybe cause I’ve never been into S&M.

    Ridiculous? You lost respect for John because he ordered the Wraith to restore another human’s life? I’m the one who has to ask: “Are you serious?”

    Nyssa responses

    No, I lost respect for Sheppard because he was smitten with a woman who repeatedly beat the crap out of him & threatened his life, even after his saved hers, hence the S&M reference. But I must admit I’m still conflicted with him bringing her back to life because I found no humanity residing in Larrin. Though death by wraith is cruel & unusal punishment for anyone.

    But since it is abundantly clear that Stargate Atlantis is about to be renamed The Rodney McKay show, I guess we can put the debate to rest.

    And now I remember why it’s a good idea to just read the blog instead of posting on it.

  101. Just wondering, in Ripples, how come there were no teams where Jack was still part of SG1, where maybe he hadn’t taken the promotion?

  102. Dear Joe,

    Does it boggle your mind that anyone wants to bring back a season 3 character just to see them punished for a crime that was not intentionally written as such?

    Does it confuse you that people read attractions and relationships into scenes where none was intended?

    Do you find it strange that people think it is okay to come onto your blog and snipe at each other and argue over which characters are getting more episodes? Aren’t there message boards for that?

    Do you think anyone knows that Vala was Cameron’s date for his high school reunion on SG1, but there was no relationship between them?

    Do you think anyone believe that it’s possible for a man and woman who work closely together to have deep affection and mutual respect without it *having* to mean romance?

    Am I a total hypocrite for asking these sarcastic questions about other comments? (I can answer that one. Yes, but I don’t care because some people are just plain ridiculous.)

    Now, I might be oversensitive, but the word “ignorant” is rather harsh, don’t you think? I am unaware of what Jewel hinted at during Shore Leave, as I wasn’t there. Unabridged
    1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
    2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
    3. uninformed; unaware.

    Ignorant is not harsh. It is accurate. Ignorant means you don’t know something. You didn’t know.

    I’m all for “Stargate: McKay”, personally. 😀 I think it’s amazing how the character has gained such popularity. I’m not sure how it equates to hating Sheppard. I happen to like all the characters. Well… I’m still working on liking Keller. I think the writing is getting better for her, but still needs some work. And you know what? I don’t feel a particular need for her to be a strong female character. Quite frankly, not all women (or men) are all that strong, even on an expedition like Atlantis. “Strong” female character doesn’t always equal “good” or “well-written” female character.

    Mmm. This post was much longer than intended. I need to watch the episodes again before I really have a question. Mostly, I’m hoping there’s a way to grab people for commentaries that’s not on a weekend or well after the filming is over. Think how convenient to film an ep, finish early one day and then kick back for 43 minutes and just do commentary on an ep that just finished post. I do love the behind-the-scenes commentaries. I actually found myself surprised to be missing the actors’ commentaries. I don’t have season 4 yet, so I have no idea what’s on there, but I’m hoping for a nice mixture this time around.


  103. little late but…
    :D:D:D:D:D married to jack hun 😀 love to hear that in our reality. just caus im curious what about the 15 or so other sam’s?

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